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Meg Tallmadge is a veterinarian at a clinic in Laramie, Wyoming. She’s got a great job, great friends, deep ties to the family ranch, and big plans for her vet future. Sure, there are bumps in the road, like her mom’s continued denial about who Meg is and her painful and infuriating attempts to make Meg a “proper” woman. Then there’s Meg’s recent breakup with a girlfriend,Meg Tallmadge is a veterinarian at a clinic in Laramie, Wyoming. She’s got a great job, great friends, deep ties to the family ranch, and big plans for her vet future. Sure, there are bumps in the road, like her mom’s continued denial about who Meg is and her painful and infuriating attempts to make Meg a “proper” woman. Then there’s Meg’s recent breakup with a girlfriend, which has her wondering why she can’t seem to open up to relationships. But Meg knows that life is messy, and sometimes all you can do is get through and shake it off. What she can’t seem to shake off, however, is her past. It’s been almost ten years to the day since she met the love of her life, and about eight since she let her go. Meg has a hard time admitting that maybe she didn’t really let go, and that maybe some things you never really get over, no matter how hard you try. But her past is half a world away, caught up in her own life, relationship, and journalism career, and Meg isn’t one to chase the ghosts of past relationships. Even if they send you a birthday card and nudge what you thought were the closed-off parts of your heart. After all, second chances are the stuff of fantasies and movies where the good guy always gets a happy ending. You can’t count on something like that. Or can you?...

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From the Hat Down Reviews

  • Kurt
    2018-11-12 16:54

    I enjoyed "From the Boots Up" from this author and all too quickly purchased this sequel. I didn't love it. At first I appreciated the description of 'country doc' helping the animals of Wyoming, big and small, but seemingly endless descriptions of this life didn't work. There weren't any zany customers to break things up or anything which allowed Meg's character to really shine as it did in the first book. As the story begins Meg is in the process of breaking up with someone with apparently little effort. It seems she is always dreaming of Gina, the one who got away. Then the tease of them reuniting begins and goes on and then on some more. Most of the book it turns out.Mild spoilerGina doesn't show up in person until one has read 70% of the book. That's a lot of vet stories, reminiscing about past happiness mixed with memories of regret to wade through. There is so much filler here, with descriptions of the most banal simple activities. I was expecting some emotion from me at the end and I never felt it.There was a British television show once entitled "Doc Martin" and there they knew how to fill some "pages" and it wasn't all about Doc Martin. One learned about other unusually eccentric characters in this small town. Here we are in Meg's mind too much and there isn't enough variety of thought to keep the book going. There were nice bits and then a very strong desire to skim.

  • Agirlcandream
    2018-10-19 16:49

    Ten years after they agreed to pursue their careers, Meg as a veterinarian and Gina as a globe trotting journalist, Marquette brings us back into their lives with the focus on Meg. The writing is top rate and the friends and family of the two protagonists are entertaining and add a lot to the story. I especially liked the intern Haley and wished we would have got more of her backstory. It would have added some much needed tension. The pace is slow and I wondered whether this was symbolic of the life Meg was leading in Wyoming while she pined for Gina. It's too bad because the overall pace of the book took away from some lovely moments. (view spoiler)[ The vows and the whole ceremony at the end of the book are worth the book purchase.(hide spoiler)]3.5 stars

  • P. Industry
    2018-11-08 19:53

    The first thing that must be said that although this book is clearly meant to stand alone to some extent, absolutely a reader who hasn't read the initial "From the Boots Up" is going to be annoyed. Gina and Meg have broken up since the initial story of Boots Up, and have since been apart no small length of time. Eight years have passed since they called it quits, and five years have passed since the two even saw each other face-to-face. In the meanwhile life has gone on: Meg has fulfilled her dream of becoming a vet and has stayed put in her beloved Wyoming; Gina is the globe-trotting ace reporter she always promised to be. Both have dated others, but for Meg at least nothing has really worked out. Lovers accuse her of holding something of herself back, and Meg has reluctantly come to agree with them.Spoilers are going to start now, albeit mildly. You've been warned.Frankly, this book would not work half as well without "From The Boots Up", because in that novella we got to know both characters - Meg and Gina. This book is again exclusively from Meg's perspective, but whereas Gina in the first story is actually around for most of it (allowing her actions to speak for her character) the primary tension in this novel is that Gina is *not* around. She literally only shows up in person 75% of the way through the book, albeit scattered emails and phone calls are in the text before hand. This is NOT a bad thing if you have read Boots Up, because the chemistry the two characters had in that story was amazing, and this story flows naturally on from that. It makes sense for the main character to be understanding her present in light of her past and move forward from that. But if you haven't read Boots, then the strange preoccupation Meg has with Gina is going to grate. The decisions she makes are going to seem contrived, and it is going to be inexplicable in the worst and creepiest of ways. I repeat, Hat Down is excellent if you have read Boots Up, but I am not sure it's going to be as satisfying without that prelude.Certain plot elements that threaten to be underdeveloped just squeak home at the posts. Meg dreams Gina a fair few times and it is heavily implied that these dreams are somehow 'true', especially when Gina is involved in a terrorist incident and Meg "sees" that something has happened. But after that dream, nothing is spoken more about them, and they never happen again. Normally such a subplot would annoy, but in this case it seems sweet and there is a good possibility it's just a weird coincidence. Probably speaking more about such dreams would just weigh the plot down with either the necessity to suspend disbelief, or the annoyance of having something subtle spelled out for the reader like we're dummies. I am almost happy, therefore, those dreams didn't overstay their welcome. They are not as big a part of the story as the amount of words they're given in this review might suggest, either.Another interesting side-story - Meg's relationship with her mother - finds resolution in Meg simply having to cut her out of her life; a mature Queer person having to do so is unfortunately true to life, but is a under explored in literature as a viable resolution. I am almost proud that it is being held up here as a potential solution, and something for which people should be unashamed of having to resort. On the flip-side of the coin, a small and clever aesop is juxtaposed against the trials Meg has with her mother; in turn, Meg takes up the responsibility of mentoring a young person as they also go through their experience of being Queer with an unaccepting family. This is very welcome. Many novels deal with the other side of the equation - being on the journey of discovering yourself. This is one of the few novels I can think of where the rewards and responsibility of being a mentor are also stressed.Andi Marquette is a fine writer and a talented storyteller - this is a very worthy addition to Boots Up (albeit much longer and in some ways less controlled). I would highly recommend this book to anyone who read and enjoyed Boots Up (which should be a quite significant portion of the lesbian-fiction reading audience). Very high four stars.

  • Ted
    2018-10-16 16:08

    So I read this a little over 3 years ago. And when I finished doing a re read of From the Boots Up I glanced at the blurb for this book and was like, whaaaaaa? I didn't remember the story line, which prompted *this* re read. You *could* read this without reading From the Boots Up but I wouldn't recommend that. You really need to read Meg and Gina's origin story first I think. Right. I looooooooved this book. It's chock full of good feels. Great set of secondary characters. Meg's BF Sean, Haley the intern, etc. Excellent all around. Loved it. Couldn't recommend it more TBH.

  • Eva
    2018-11-11 13:10

    I am a bit parcial to cowgirls' stories so you'll have to bare that in mind while reading this review.I kind of enjoyed this one because it was one of those rare books where there is a plot besides the love story, and the main characters do not live in a totally unbelievable lesbian land. Of course I still found some predictable topics that bothered me such as the brooding handsome and almost perfect cowgirl, but overall it was an easy read and not too cheesy.

  • Margaret
    2018-10-18 17:06

    I found this such a disappointment after the joy of From the Boots Up - and I wonder if it would have done better as a novella likes its predecessor rather than trying to pad out to full lengthActions and settings are constantly (over) described in minute detail. So many times it was 'I took the [brand] beer from Sean. I put the six pack in the fridge. I took out two beers and closed the fridge door. Then I pulled the top off both of them and handed one to Sean. Over and over again about everything. It really bought me out of the story.I also found myself disengaged from the sub-plots and, given that they make up half the book, this was problematic. I found myself skipping large chunks of the text just to get back to the bit where Meg and Gina start rekindling their romance. But even then, I found the constant 'I love you'. 'NO I love YOU' x 100 irritating.This book did have its moments where my heart fluttered happily for our main couple but... if I was reviewing this book as a stand alone I would have given it 2 stars -- but in combination with the first I've rounded it up to 3 -- if only because my sentimental heart enjoyed reconnecting with Meg and Gina

  • Pin
    2018-10-20 20:05

    A rather slow-paced but a very nice love story. Meg and Gina are a really likeable characters with a great personality and a great chemistry together. I strongly suggest reading the prequel novella From The Boots Up, because some important nuances in the relationship may be lost on you otherwise.

  • Megzz
    2018-11-13 18:51

    From the Hat Down is incredibly romantic. Clearly, Andi Marquette believes in love at first sight and soul mates. It's refreshing, it's optimistic, and it's beautiful.It's the sequel of From The Boots Up which was short but amazing (I rated it 5), and if you haven't read it then you should absolutely read it before reading From the Hat Down. Not only because it is a great book, but it will also help you get a better feel of who Meg and Gina are and how they met while reading From the Hat Down.Because Gina is hardly in this book. At least physically, and it's maybe what makes it so interesting. This novel is like nothing I've ever read before, and not only plot wise, but also in terms of narration. It focuses on Meg and a clear moment of introspection after her break up with Kate. She's realising that maybe, Gina was the ONE, but she let her go 8 years ago...and for 3/4 of the book, Gina and Meg communicate via emails and letters and it's so different and exciting to read. Gina is still that irresistible, funny, smart and charming woman from From the Boots Down, and Meg is still that sensitive cowgirl. It keeps the readers captivated towards the actual moment where Meg and Gina reconnect physically. And how romantic it is...! The chemistry is still there between them, and sparks are flying. Why not 5 then?There were some chapters I didn't care about. They made the book unnecessarily long. I found myself skipping some of them just to get to the parts that included Gina in some way. For example, the scenes in the clinic with Meg treating animals weren't of much interest to me. Also, out of all the new characters that were introduced in this sequel, I only liked Sean, Meg's best friend, who's kind and funny. The others don't bring much to the story. Irene, Meg's mother, is unbelievably thick and her conversations with Meg were a bit repetitive (I guess that was the point as well, that Meg has to come out to her every single time, but still, it's a bit frustrating for the reader)Also, I would have loved to read about some moments that happened between them when they were together 8 years ago, in the form of real flashbacks (because in the end we hardly know anything about them as a couple since From the Boots Up ends with them getting together and From the Hat Down begins 8 years after their breakup). Instead, whenever Andi Marquette refers to the past, it's almost always Meg remembering something that happened in From the Boots Up: like nothing happened in the 2 years that followed. I also would have liked some angst, including maybe flashbacks about when their relationship came to an end, how they both dealth with the breakup in the years that followed. Of course, we get the general ideal, but I guess I need more concrete things and dialogues from that time.In any case, GREAT read, and Andi Marquette is an incredible writer! Beautiful words, refreshing story, and lovely characters.

  • Ivanka K.
    2018-11-08 18:49

    It has been on my "want to read" list for so long and now that I've finished reading it I'm a bit disappointed.The love story angle was very good, a five star worth rating, but the pace and the multitude of anecdotes of vet practice lowered to 3. This book it's a very low (low!) paced reading and sometime I felt like we were just procrastinating just put number of pages in between the interesting parts. Don't get me wrong, I very much like books that build up the suspense, even the angst is ok, but the description of the day to day life of a veterinarian practice was quite boring after the second and the third time the animals got "the shots".

  • Hesch Aut
    2018-10-17 19:13

    In "From the boots up" Meg and Gina fall in love and it's sweet to read about their journey to their feelings for each other. This here is the sequel. And not only have 10 years gone by now, but the two are not together anymore :-O! And who would ever have thought?So, in this book we meet old friends again - and old lovers meet new romance again. With each other. Or they would, if they dared to confront the other with their feelings. But that is so much easier said and wished for than done. But what do they have to lose, when they have already lost it already, right? Or haven't they after all? And how to find out?A must read for fans from "From the boots up". Very detailed.

  • KristyDrexel
    2018-10-25 13:56

    Just read it you won't be disappointedThis book had me laughing, crying and excited. Andi hit this one on out of the park. I could not put this book down once I started reading it. I love me some Dr cowgirl. I hated to see it end. I hope that someday Andi will revisit the love story of Meg an Gina

  • Jen
    2018-10-23 20:16

    "From the Hat Down" is the sequel to "From the Boots Up", both written by Andi Marquette. This takes place ten years after the events in the first book. We find Meg and Gina leading separate lives yet still connected by shared memories of their time together. Many things have happened and they may have gone through their own changes as individuals but they're both wondering if true love deserves a second chance.Dr. Meg Tallmadge is part of a successful veterinary practice, maintains a great and open relationship with her father, Stan, will always have a family and a home at the Diamond Rock Ranch, and has good friends that she can always count on (even though they have a bad habit of being a tad nosy from time to time). On the down side, her mother still can't seem to accept the fact that she's gay (too many years and counting), she feels guilty about feeling relief more than sadness over the end of her most recent relationship, and she can't seem to stop thinking of Gina Morelli.Ten years after they first met and eight years after Meg decided to end things so that Gina could take the overseas assignment that would have benefited her career, the two women seem to be reminiscing about one another. They've never forgotten each other, even though their communication has waned over the years. Now they've both reached a crossroads in their respective lives, wanting change...and maybe a comeback. ^.^This sequel is much longer than the first book so if you're expecting a quick read, get ready to put in a couple of hours or more. There's a lot of stuff that goes on that gives you a better idea of what Meg does as a veterinarian but, after a while, it did get to me because I felt it wasn't 100% necessary to put all that stuff in there. I mean, I'm all for a slow burn romance but that's when the book is mostly about the relationship. But hey, maybe I'm just naturally impatient. Hehe.I did like the subplot involving Haley Roberts and enjoyed how the clinic's staff and her friends gave Meg advice and got actively involved in her personal life. Also, having Meg and Gina reconnect on a more than "checking to see how you're doing" level was great and the fact that Meg didn't immediately jump at reconciling with Gina showed that the book wasn't about simply getting thess two back together but also about the inner struggle that was involved in getting to that point.Overall, this was an enjoyable, albeit lengthy, read that may be of interest to those wanting a love story about second chances and how looking back to your past can give you a better idea of what you want and need for the present and the future. ^.^ If you read "From the Boots Up" and want to find out whatever happened to the summer romance of Meg and Gina, you'll want to check out "From the Hat Down". Four stars! ♥

  • Terry Baker
    2018-11-13 11:48

    A follow on from the novella From The Boots UpIt’s ten years on from the last time we met with Meg Tallmadge. A lot has happened during those ten years. Meg is now a qualified veterinarian working in a clinic in Laramie, Wyoming. Meg loves her job, has lots of friends and goes home frequently to the family ranch, the Diamond Rock, her father, Stan owns.There is one fly in the ointment of Meg’s mostly well ordered life. Well, two if you count her recent break up with her ex girlfriend Kate. Meg’s mother Irene is the biggest fly. Her constant homophobic remarks, her denial of Meg’s lifestyle and the way she keeps on setting Meg up with various eligible men, really gets Meg down.After Meg’s break up with Kate, she begins to wonder why she is so unsuccessful with maintaining relationships. Which in turn sets her thinking about her past.Ten years previously, Meg had met Gina, the woman she thought was the love of her life, her soul mate. Meg and Gina had been together two years when circumstances forced them to part. Meg hadn’t really got over her.Gina is a successful journalist, living and working across the world. Although Gina always sends Meg a birthday card, they have very little contact at all. So, why is Meg thinking so much about Gina now? Second chances, even supposing Meg and Gina wanted one, only belongs in films and books, where the audience wants and expects a happy ever after ending.............Doesn’t it?I loved From The Boots Up and was eagerly waiting for From The Hat Down to be published. It was well worth the wait. If you love a well written and edited, heart warming, modern day western with cowgirls and romance, I’m sure you’ll love this book. There is no need to read From The Boots Up first, although you will be missing out on a great story if you don’t.The two main characters, Meg and Gina are simply meant for each other. But, will they see this or will they miss their chance of true love? We follow their story in this beautifully described scenic book. Follow their ups and downs and every day lives with never a boring moment. They are both fully developed characters and there is a wealth of secondary characters bolstering up the story. My all time favorite is the dog, Moonshine, a typical old and faithful dog with a mind of his own. There is so much going on in this book. It is not fast paced, but slow and sensual allowing the reader to really get the feel of the story. Although there is a lot of angst, there is also a lot of laugh out loud moments and good fun throughout. I’m looking forward to reading more from Andi Marquette in the future.

  • Bett
    2018-11-13 17:48

    Yes, you can read this sequel without reading the original novella From the Boots Up. But why would you want to? Andi Marquette is great at setting the scene, and she really does this place justice, southern Wyoming, northern CO. But she does more than paint pretty pictures. The story of Meg Tallmadge is engaging. Meg is a vet(erinarian) who grew up on the Diamond Rock ranch, met a woman there, they split up, then ten years go by.It sizzles, it folds in wonderful characters like the Kitchen Queen and Meg's best friend Sean. Not to mention her dad, the horses, the dogs, the beautiful backdrop of the Medicine Bow mountains, a certain black hat, a Nissan Pathfinder in the moonlight. That's all I'm going to tell. Just buy From the Hat Down and read it for yourself. Sweet mother of pearls, do I have to beg you to have a good time?

  • CK
    2018-11-09 12:56

    Rich. That single word says everything about this romance that is so much more. You'll enjoy an intimate visit with a veterinary practice in a small ranching community and secondary characters whose hearts and lives demand the reader's attention as much as Meg and Gina's dreams. You'll wonder at the contrast between a parent who keeps trying to 'slice a piece out of your soul' and the warm embrace of an extended family who sings their love without reservation. And lines like this: "The day's last light still clung to the tops of the western mountains, like a guest reluctant to leave."

  • Jedi Sheriff
    2018-10-19 16:55

    I fell in love with these characters I from the boots up! To get to revisit them again was a god send! Totally love the style of writing and the pace of this book. If your a fan of western set lesbian romance then this book is a 'whip cracker'! Meg sounds like the cowgirl of dreams and the story around her support system and her true love will have you glued! Please revisit these chatchters again! I need another fix!!!

  • Julie Murphy
    2018-10-27 15:03

    Great sequel to From the Boots UpGreat sequel to From the Boots UpIt had been awhile since I read the first book, but this one is a great sequel and stand alone story. Very few books have me laughing or crying, but this one did both. Exceedingly well written, solid, will moving storyline and great characters with wonderful descriptions of interactions and landscape. Don't miss either of these books.

  • Jen Silver
    2018-10-31 17:18

    Another good story from a wonderful storyteller. Makes me want to go out to Wyoming and find a cowgirl. But, seriously, it really filled out the developing lives of the two main characters. And has a great ending. (No spoilers here.)

  • Kathryn
    2018-10-22 12:56

    I really liked this book though it took forever for the two main characters to get together. Then I read at the end that there was a prequel. I hate that...reading the end before I read the beginning. :o} So, of course, now I have to read how it all started.

  • Gwen
    2018-10-22 16:04

    I laughed, I cried ... I loved it!A few areas of the story were repetitive but I am a sucker for a sweet romance. Andi Marquette definitely delivers.

  • ~ * K E L L I E * ~
    2018-10-14 19:01

    Lovely sequel to From the Boots Up. 4.5 stars.

  • Procrastireader
    2018-11-05 20:08

    How to get through this book? Skim through all the unnecessary parts (and there are a lot!). Loved how Gina and Meg got back together though.

  • Heidi
    2018-11-03 14:15

    Great love story! This sequel worked. I really enjoy the dynamic of the characters.