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The distant world of Haphez is located on the edge of populated space. The planet's native superhuman race is feared and respected by neighboring civilizations. Their military and police forces are unmatched. Lieutenant Aroska Tarbic is an agent with the revered Haphezian Special Police. He’s lost a lot in a short period of time; the other members of his squad were killedThe distant world of Haphez is located on the edge of populated space. The planet's native superhuman race is feared and respected by neighboring civilizations. Their military and police forces are unmatched. Lieutenant Aroska Tarbic is an agent with the revered Haphezian Special Police. He’s lost a lot in a short period of time; the other members of his squad were killed in a tragic accident, and his younger brother was wrongfully convicted and executed for a crime he didn’t commit. Just when Aroska thinks he’s starting to piece his life back together, he’s assigned to a joint task force with a special operations team. It seems like a unique opportunity, at least until he learns that his new commander is none other than Ziva Payvan, HSP’s finest operative… and the assassin who killed his brother. Ziva is good at her job, a business that requires her to ignore her feelings and carry out her missions without question. She’s confident in her own abilities to complete the assignment, but Aroska is a wildcard. When their team stumbles across a young human during a routine investigation, they soon realize that the situation isn't what it seems. The boy has unwittingly uncovered an age-old plot, one that could put the entire Haphezian race in jeopardy. Now the lines between friend and foe have become blurred, and no one can be trusted. United by the imminent threat, Ziva and Aroska must set their differences aside in order to save their people… and maybe even each other. All roads lead to… DAKITI ...

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Dakiti Reviews

  • Werner
    2018-10-31 20:11

    Dakiti is a rousing science-fiction action adventure yarn, far better crafted than today's average first novel. (I'm guessing that Transcendence Publishing is a real small press, not simply a printing service for self-publishing authors; but in either case, Fisch has taken her craft seriously and given readers a polished work.) The premise appealed to my liking for action-oriented heroines, so I took the opportunity to try out the series by downloading this novel when it was offered free for a day. (I'll definitely be buying a print copy!) Through much of the read, I expected to rate the novel at four stars; and even now I'd say that, strictly speaking, it merits four and a half. But after being glued to the computer screen through the last chapters, I had to round it up, not down.We have here a tale of interplanetary intrigue, set in a far-future galaxy widely colonized by humans, whose far-flung settlement has brought them into contact with various alien races. Our main series characters belong to one of these, the humanoid Haphezians. They're not really "super-human," as the Goodreads description asserts, but they are taller and more muscular than Earth humans, with strength and endurance to match; and with two stomachs, they only need to eat every few days. (Otherwise, they're physically much like humans, except for more vividness and variation in eye and hair color.) In this novel, we also meet another alien race, the reptilian Sardons. Characters from all three races will interact here, in a galaxy that's riven by tensions, and sometimes open warfare.Much of human space is ruled by a powerful Federation. But some fringe human planets like Tantal maintain their independence; and as in the Star Wars universe, the Federation faces resistance from a guerrilla insurgency that has elite fighters, the Nosti, who have special telekinetic powers (unlike the Jedi, theirs are derived from injections every ten years with an illegal psi-enhancing drug). The Haphezian monarchy faces a terrorist insurgency of its own, called Solaris; and some years ago fought a war with the Sardons, who sought to end the Haphezian monopoly on the caura extract trade. Ziva and Aroska serve the Haphezian Crown as agents of the HSP, Haphezian Special Police; and Haphezians are much in demand from other, less combat-capable, peoples as allies or as mercenary soldiers. That's what's brought hereditary Tantali governor Enrike Saiffe and his son Jayden on a diplomatic mission to Haphez near the novel's beginning. (So, contrary to the Goodreads book description, Ziva and her team hardly "stumble on" the latter, and they don't discover an "age-old" plot --but there IS a plot to discover, and a nasty one.)All of this political background is quickly sketched here in the process of narrating swiftly-moving events, without noticeable info-dumps (I expect it to be developed more in the succeeding books). Haphezian culture is suggested a bit more fully than that of the other two races involved here, but detailed world building isn't the author's strong point. Rather, her strong points are tight plotting, smooth and direct prose style that does what she wants it to, well-written action scenes (and a lot of them!), a conflict against a foe whose aims and methods are definitely evil, though that doesn't mean that we think the Haphezian regime necessarily resembles goodness incarnate; and above all, character development and interrelationships between characters. (We're not talking about romantic relationships here, but human relationships --and Haphezians are as "human" as you and I in those respects, regardless of how many stomachs they have.) Fisch throws some twists and turns into her plot (one of these I saw coming --but the satisfaction of guessing rightly is part of the fun!) and the last chapters especially are suspenseful right up to the end.Ziva Payvan is a complex, round and dynamic character, embodying more than physical strength, good aim with a gun, and quick reflexes --though she's got all of those, in enough measure to make her a VERY formidable fighter in any combat situation; you definitely don't ever want her as an opponent! She's an intelligent, layered person with a capacity for strong feelings, an inner moral code, and a lot of loyalty; but she's not necessarily likeable. A product of a rough childhood and adolescence and of a dysfunctional family, she harbors some secrets and has made some bad choices, one of them really dark (view spoiler)[(as a teen, she murdered a drunken, but innocent, old homeless derelict, to prevent him from talking about something he saw her do that, under her planet's draconian laws, would get her executed) (hide spoiler)]. And her government has trained her, and used her, as a professional assassin for State-sanctioned killings, with attendant toll on her softer feelings. She's also abrasive, arrogant, and hot-tempered. But Fisch manages to make her a person you care about.Aroska Tarbic is also a well-developed character, a strong, tough male well able to handle himself in combat, and with no problems about fighting shoulder-to-shoulder alongside of a woman. (Commendably, Fisch shows both male and female characters routinely taking fighting responsibility, and handling it well.) Indeed, all of the important characters here come to life in the author's words. Many of the situations and scenes here are powerfully emotionally evocative.One aspect of the premise here is problematical: Haphez is a highly-developed, tech-savvy planet with a culture that undoubtedly boasts centuries of development. It seems implausible that they wouldn't have developed a more efficient judicial system, and a more efficient way of carrying out capital punishment, than they apparently have here. We can say the same for a few key details of the plotting that don't stand strenuous examination too well. And hard-SF buffs will quibble about the impossibility of real-time interplanetary radio communication between planets that are light-years apart, given the relatively slow speed of sound waves. (In Ursula LeGuin's fictional Hainish universe, an invention called the "ansible" eliminates this problem --we're not told how, it just does!-- but as far as we know, Haphez doesn't have the ansible.) None of these factors kept me from really liking the book, though! I plan to continue with the series.Note: As an added plus, bad language here (strictly of the d- and h-word sort) is minimal, and there's no sex, explicit or implied. Very romance-phobic readers can approach this tale without fear. :-)

  • Luke Taylor
    2018-10-28 21:05

    Are you in the mood for a para-military sci-fi procedural helmed by a tough-as-concrete anti-hero with PTSD and who looks a bit like Gal Gadot? (At least in my imagination!)Well-paced and detailed, the work of EJ Fisch can trace its ancestry back to the more robust elements of Star Wars' dirty space cities, dubiously far-reaching politics, and white-knuckled action, eschewing the fanciful, elaborate and mystical in favor of the muscular, tight, and intense arc of an elite squad of special agents just as much soldiers as they are cops.Rife with tension and subtle world-building, Dakiti is a clean and satisfying foray into a unique and unintimidating sci-fi universe sure to please action junkies of all ages. As it is book one of three, there's a bit of trepidation in finishing the novel, wondering which characters will live on in the no-holds-barred business of finding moles, busting terror cells, dodging air-strikes, and trying to keep a grip on their own sanity, but Ziva stands tall with the best of the best as a tough girl with a checkered past and a dangerous future.Recommended for fans of military sci-fi, procedural sci-fi, or something fun, different, compelling, and easy to read.

  • Katie Cross
    2018-10-19 19:52

    I stumbled into this book on referral from a friend, and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I'm really not all that experienced with science fiction/space exploration genres, but I didn't struggle reading this book at all as an "outsider" to this type of story. The science was sufficient without being overexplained, nor underexplained. What I worried about at the beginning was a "budding romance" story that comes to the MC's out of nowhere, but was really excited that didn't happen, and the author really stayed true to the characters.Overall, the story happens very quickly, so it kept me intrigued, but there is very little exposition. A lot of the little details kind of escaped me through the story, but the basic/main plot line was clear the entire time, so I didn't really care as much about that. For writing characters with intense personalities and personality traits, I think the author did a really good job making them believable. There was no real "happy ending", which is good, because the story wouldn't have called for one. Everything is resolved, however.I'm going to buy the second book today.

  • G.S. Jennsen
    2018-11-16 00:00

    Dakiti is an expansive yet personal sci-fi adventure. It takes place in a vivid setting of multiple species and worlds, feuding factions, diplomatic shenanigans, and the looming threat of renewed war. The fast-paced yet detailed ground and space action scenes send the plot careening forward.Yet Dakiti is at its heart a story about the two main characters. Ziva is a bundle of contradictions sure to provide juicy material for many more books. She's a cold, hardened soldier who is willing to give her life to save others; a revered, respected legend who hides a mysterious past and a deadly secret. Aroska is in many ways even more interesting, as the conflict between his personal demons (real and imagined) and his sense of honor and duty come to a head when everything he thought he knew to be true is turned upside down.EJ Fisch is a fresh, exciting new voice in sci-fi, and I look forward to more books in the series!

  • Riley Amos Westbrook
    2018-11-11 21:55

    One part Anne McCaffery, one part David Weber, Shake vigorously and get some quality writing! What can I say, I'm very happy I picked this book up on a free promo. Haven't read the 2nd one yet, but I can already tell they're both going in the reread pile. Wonderful stories E.J.!

  • A.D.
    2018-11-06 21:04

    I came across this book during a random Twitter search and – given my soft spot for action heroines and science fiction – downloaded a sample. That pulled me in and the full book soon followed it to my Kindle.A brief summary of the plot (minor spoilers for the early chapters):Set in faraway star systems in (presumably) the distant future, Dakiti is the first title in a series of novels featuring Ziva Payvan: a cold-blooded, no-nonsense special forces operative. Not the nicest person in the galaxy, but if a dangerous assignment needs to be completed or someone has to be eliminated with no questions asked, she’s the go-to woman. If Jack Bauer (from 24) was an alien female with red eyes, he’d probably be Ziva Payvan.Payvan is (in)famous among her fellow agents at the Haphezian Special Police (HSP). Most have never seen her face, let alone worked with her, but everyone knows her reputation. So when Aroska Tarbic – an agent still reeling from the loss of his team – is assigned with Ziva on a Special Ops joint task force, one might expect him to be pleased. But there’s one tiny problem: Ziva murdered Aroska’s brother Soren and he (quite understandably) hates her guts. And Aroska is not the forgiving sort – things are relatively cordial for about an hour or so, then he and Ziva are at each other’s throats.However, Aroska doesn’t want to kill Ziva. Not yet – he wants some answers about his brother first. And Ziva gives the impression that toying with people is second nature to her, so the two operatives bury the hatchet (maybe half bury it) and work together. Pretty soon they’re involved in stopping an assassination attempt on a diplomat, who appears to be connected to a transmission that could blow the lid off a dastardly plot. And it seems someone at HSP tipped the would-be killers off.With an unknown mole in the agency and enemies gunning for them both, Ziva and Aroska decide to work together for the good of the galaxy. That’s what they tell themselves, anyway – even though neither really believes it.Thoughts and Opinions:I don’t want to reveal much more of the story, as it would spoil the detailed world and twists that the author EJ Fisch has crafted. The best compliment I can give a novel is that it I didn’t want to put it down, and that was certainly the case here.The pacing was pretty much spot on. Sometimes authors get bogged down in description, particularly with science fiction/fantasy as those genres require more world building that contemporary thrillers. EJ Fisch provided just enough detail about Haphez and the other worlds for me to create a mental image without going overboard. I particularly liked how the author handled long periods of expository dialogue – there were lots of actions mixed in, with characters noted as moving around/performing actions rather than simply speaking. This really helped me to picture the scenes in progress.There were a couple of historical background elements regarding wars or other events that were a little confusing and possibly could have done with a few extra lines of explanation here or there, but overall Ziva’s world was an exciting and detailed one.One of the highlights was the relationship between Ziva and Aroska – best described as hate/respect rather than love/hate, as there is certainly no love between the two at any point. Or even any hints at romance at all. In an era when romance seems to be obsession for action/adventure novels (regardless of whether it makes sense for the characters or not), it was a refreshing change to have a different dynamic. And as noted above, Ziva is definitely not the romantic sort. The only mention of romance is between Aroska and Saun, another fellow operative who may be more than a friend.There are no major complaints from me, but one minor one is the predictability. The identity of the mole in HSP seemed obvious, and I expected a twist in the tale that never came. Also there were times when I knew what was coming next (if not always – thanks mainly to the Ziva/Aroska relationship). The villains weren’t quite as well developed as the (anti)heroes, but the traitor’s motivation was well explained, logical, and a bit meatier than what could have been the familiar HSP don’t pay me nearly enough for the sh*t I do.The ending felt a bit anti-climatic in parts since the main bad guy and traitor were despatched a few chapters before the end. I was expecting a big drawn-out confrontation, but perhaps I shouldn’t have – Ziva was so deadly she didn’t need one.There’s one particular plot development about Ziva (won’t say too much more to avoid spoilers), briefly told through an effective and well-told flashback. Suffice it to say it’s a game changer for her relationship with the HSP. You know it’s going to play an important part and it does at the very end. Ziva remains an intriguing character – deadly with firearms and blades, lots of secrets (including a hidden compartment in her boot and a past she’s killed to keep hidden), fellow operatives Skeet and Zinni who trust her implicitly, motives shrouded in mystery. Definitely someone I’d want on my side in a fight, though. You don’t want to be her enemy.As things progress, Ziva and Aroska have the opportunity to save one another (multiple times), but just when you think they’re about to get along, they don’t. Even at the end of the book the relationship is strictly professional – a little more friendly than at the start, but lukewarm at best.It will be interesting to see how the series progresses from here, and I’ll definitely be checking out Nexus – Book Two of Ziva Payvan.

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2018-10-31 21:54

    On phone so this review will be likely crap.It probably could have been a much better book if one of two things had been the case: (1) Aroska or . whatever his name was didn't exist or, probably better (2) POV stuck with Ziva.The Ziva sections were much better. Maybe around 4 stars. Aroska's sections were around 1 or 1 1/2 stars. I could not stand that moron. He seems to do everything wrong, has a massive chip on his shoulder, leaks secrets like a leaky balloon, and worse yet, just plain rubs me the wrong way.As it is, hmms, a rating of 2 and a half stars? 3? By the way - - I didn't actually realize Ziva and Aroska were in the police. Their organization seemed much more like a military one. Only two reasons lead me to realize they were not in a military organization: I read something in a thread somewhere noting that they were not military and there is a scene wherein the military was called in. If you are in the military saying that a different organization is being called in, and calling them "the military" seems weird. I know that the description noted that Aroska was in the special police, but I either didn't catch that the first time, or - didn't take that to necessarily mean that it wasn't a military organization (there are many police like organizations inside the military).

  • Julie
    2018-10-30 22:04

    I loved this story. It was a fast paced ride with believable characters, a fleshed out world and a mystery to be solved. It might be set on an alien world but it felt natural, there was no need to suspend belief or fight to understand something. The two main characters shine and bounce off each other perfectly, dialogue flows nicely and there were moments when I felt like part of a close knit group of people who trust and believe in each other.Am I looking forward to book 2 - most definitely. I like the style, the world and the characters so more of the same can't come fast enough.

  • Sarah
    2018-10-23 21:51

    This book has been sitting on my "to read" shelf for a while now and I'm so happy that I finally got to it. I loved the story and the characters! The story was well paced with a nice balance between the plot and the character development. For me, a good story always leaves me wanting more and that is exactly how I ended the book. I can't wait to read the second book and hope there are more after that. A great start to a series and a worthwhile read for space opera/military science fiction fans!!

  • J.S. Bailey
    2018-10-24 01:11

    I read science fiction often as a teenager but fell away from it in recent years only to begin yearning for it again in the past few months after rereading some Anne McCaffrey books. I decided to give Dakiti by EJ Fisch a try, and I'm glad I did. What I found within the pages of this book was an assassin with a secret, some aliens with interesting hair, a creepy medical facility, and unanswered questions that will definitely make me pick up the next book in this series. Four stars!

  • Ang L
    2018-11-04 21:00

    This is a fantastic first go of it for author Fisch. Worlds were immersive, characters saw the beginnings of true development, and the plot - while a little predictable - was quite good.It's not often I will go out and purchase a hard copy of a book after reading the Kindle version, but this was definitely good enough to do so. I am proud to display it.

  • Stephanie Embry
    2018-11-02 01:06

    From the toughest lady boss I've read in recent memory, to insanely fast action, this is definitely something. Die Hard meets Avatar, but...I dunno, that really doesn't do it justice either. My only complaint is that Aroska's growth felt rushed, but hell, the whole book is a rush. Despite the speed, the alien world and premise are still fully drawn.Well worth the read.

  • Juliana Rodrigues
    2018-10-31 16:52

    Really liked it!The book has some down points regarding the coherence of some characters' actions but the story is so griping and fast pacing that it can be overlooked. The relationship between Ziva and Aroska was very interesting to see develop from the first bad reaction, and Ziva definitely is a bad ass and strong female main character.Deserves to be checked out!

  • Laura Custodio
    2018-11-05 19:59

    I thought this book was a great science fiction book that had a very distinct spec ops flair to it. Ziva is one of those awesome kick butt heroines that stays true to the end. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes strong female characters and squad based action adventure.

  • Charles Hash
    2018-10-21 22:15

    Crisp, concise prose with deep characters weighed down by secrets, emotional issues, and past tragedies that will always linger for some of them? Yes please. An interesting start to a no frills world of betrayal, intrigue, action, and the characters that struggle to survive within it.

  • Laz the Sailor
    2018-11-18 22:19

    This was a fun space opera that threw in just a little too much, and asked me to forgive a few to many faults, but kept the excitement level high enough that I enjoyed it.I will read the next book.

  • James Brock
    2018-11-20 00:07

    This first novel is a great first attempt by the author. This is a very fun read full of interesting characters. Plot lines are tried and true. I recommend this to anyone that enjoys sci-fi action adventure as it has plenty of both.

  • Christina Marie
    2018-11-11 19:07

    **This book was sent to me in exchange for my honest review**RATING: 4.5 STARSE.J., you have won me over... Such a fantastic story with BELIEVABLE characters. This book was given to me back in December, and I am a bit ashamed that it took me so long to get to it. But I'm SO glad that I finally did.There's a uniqueness to this book. I haven't come across anything like it in a long while, probably not ever, to be honest. The names of characters and locations alone made for a very fun experience. I loved learning how to pronounce them!Dakiti follows a young Lt. Aroska Tarbic, who is an agent with the special police. He's been through quite a few ordeals with the execution of his brother to the loss of his team in an accident. Suddenly, he is assigned to a task force that is headed up by the person who executed his brother, Commander Ziva Payvan. Through this book, he's learning how to work with her, but he also ends up becoming involved in uncovering a huge threat to society. Because of this threat, Ziva and Aroska have to work together...I thought this was a fantastic start to what promises to be a great series. The characters were complex, but so much fun to learn about. The world is so vast and carries the story so well. And the pacing was just right. Even though, it's not a long story by any means, I still had to pace myself when reading it because I wanted to make sure I understood the world, and the characters. This isn't your cookie cutter, run of the mill type of book. You can tell that Fisch paid a LOT of attention to what she was doing.Usually, I think it's difficult for an author to balance having a big world AND complex characters in the same book, but EJ Fisch is one of those authors that seems to have a talent at doing it in just the right way. I really connected to Aroska and his struggled. I understood his frustrations, externally and internally, and I felt for him a lot throughout the story.Ziva, our other protagonist, was simply phenomenal. I loved how Fisch portrayed her. There was so much strength to her character. So courage. BUT with all of that, you could still see the vulnerability and even the femininity, especially during certain points of the books when she was dealing with specific characters or during flashbacks throughout the book. It can be SO hard to not erase the feminine aspect of a female character. Strong women in books is definitely a hot topic BUT there needs to be a realistic approach to it. And I think Fisch knows that approach.The growth in the two main characters comes so gradually that I almost don't see the switch until the very end of the book. And I loved it. Neither Aroska or Ziva allows each other to walk over one another. She stands up to him and vice versa. Their relationship grows in a way that I, quite frankly, wasn't expecting. It's all very platonic. Which is my ONE gripe. But that's because I'm a hopeless romantic and see potential for love in EVERYTHING. But I am actually really happy that Fisch didn't taint the friend/colleague relationship between the two with romantic feelings (at least not at this point) because it made for a better story!So, bottom line, if you're expecting lovey-dovey romance... you're not getting it here. But don't let that deter you from this book. It's a great Sci-Fi read! One of the better works that I've come across in a long while. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book. I highly recommend this one!

  • Amelia
    2018-10-29 18:19

    This is the first book I have read by E. J. Fisch and I am impressed. The world building is cleverly folded into the dialogue and on-going events so it doesn't feel so much like "here are the first few chapters of world building before we get to the real story" as some sci-fi books do, especially at the beginning of a series. So it's futuristic, set on unfamiliar planets, with some different people species, and some long standing conflicts of war and commerce and so forth. The main protagonist is a very strong female. The events mostly revolve around special operations police so it has a very military feel to it although they are technically federal police, not military. Some complex relationships, unpleasant histories, and political intrigue all intertwine to provide an enthralling read full of imaginative turns of events that are interesting without feeling overly contrived. Well done!I look forward to reading the next installment in the series.

  • Andrew
    2018-10-21 18:01

    There's a ton to like about this book. It's an impressive first novel and I can't wait to read the second book in the series, Nexus, or the third, Ronan. Dakiti is a space opera in the style of the Mass Effect video games--think Star Wars, but a little less mystical and with more emphasis on special forces and their operations. The story is engaging and straightforward. The pleasure from this book comes not from wondering what the characters will do, but seeing them grow and interact with each other.A squad for the Haphezian Special Police is charged with protecting the son of a foreign dignitary from the rebel forces who seek his capture. The squad is led by the cold and martially talented Ziva Payvan, widely considered the HSP's best agent. Its roster is rounded out by Zinni and Skeet, who play supporting roles and hopefully get more scenes and agency in the sequels. Lastly, we have the rookie Aroska Tarbic, who has a grudge against Ziva for executing his wrongfully convicted brother. Other supporting characters include a mysterious HSP traitor, helping the rebels; the rebel leader, Dane Bothum; the HSP agency director; and Ziva's housekeepers and adopted sister. One of the downsides to a tightly plotted thriller is that it gives little room to explore the cast fully. While our main protagonists, Aroska and Ziva, are much better drawn, it was at times hard to keep track of these bit players and their motivations. These are typical problems in a first novel, and none of them are particularly troublesome.What is most impressive to me about the book is the pacing and propulsion of the narrative. The book is, above all, *fun.* Fisch does a commendable job of giving readers just enough worldbuilding to know that her setting is one of substance, but not enough to slow things down. Further, her prose, while rough on occasion, is perfectly suited to rapidly turning pages. I also happen to be a sucker for a rollicking space opera, which means I'm inclined to be extra generous to this novel. For this primary reason, I'm giving it five stars. It's a quick treat in the manner of Brandon Sanderson, a perfect summer read, and I for one can't wait to start book 2.

  • James
    2018-11-05 20:57

    A great read!I picked this book up after reading the first two books in G. S. Jennen’s Aurora Rising series looking for something similar. Dakiti was similar in how it featured two main characters, a futuristic sci-fi setting and a mystery/suspense element to the plot. It also had an excellent cast of main characters with lots of layers to them. Unfortunately for me I have to say while I enjoyed Dakiti, I like the Aurora Rising series better. There was a lot more detail and world development than what was featured in Dakiti and I found it a lot easier to get caught up in the world the author created. In Dakiti you are exposed to the Haphezians, a super-charged human-like alien race which both main characters are a part of, and the Sardonians, a serpent-like alien race and the resident bad guys, and along the way you also pick up a few tid-bits about the Nosti, a feared group of telekinetics, the Federation, and the Talian existing human civilization. However, aside from this there isn’t much detail about the different races or the political state of the galaxy. You are just thrown right into the main story and left to find your way around. While this was a good thing in some ways (ie. allowing you to focus solely on the characters rather than being distracted by fancy technology, aliens and superpowers) it also left me feeling like I was playing catch-up for most of the story. Aside from this I found it to be an enjoyable and excellent read. Ziva and Aroska are both complex and intriguing main characters. I could understand Ziva’s detached and impersonal nature given the kind of work she does; however by the end of the story I became pretty sure there is a heart lurking in the depths of her personality somewhere. I could also understand Aroska’s struggle to let go of his need for revenge work with her despite his grief and anger over his brother’s death. I was a bit disappointed we never really found out what the story was behind that but I hold out hope that it is a loose end which will be tied up in the next book.Overall this was an excellent read and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a sci-fi read that is different from the rest.

  • Rhode
    2018-11-16 17:04

    DNF on page 152. By this point, approx 44% through book, I should be feeling some connection to something. The world, one of the characters, the plot, the language used to describe them... Something should be hooking me in. But nothing is.It's competently written. I do like how the author has given her different humanoid races different shapes, sizes and colors of hair. We've gotten some background that should make for a tension-filled plot.I dunno. In some cases there's some TSTL going on, for example: why would you think your house using government security is safe when government buildings are not safe? And, how could a member of the Royalty's young step daughter run away from home and not be found for 13+ years? Lastly, does no one have fingerprints on this planet, because they keep handing around evidence without bagging it!Otherwise, I also can't get all snugly in one main character's head because the author keeps changing perspective. I'm not even sure who the main character really is. Usually for story telling purposes, there's one big main one and then others who can be secondary. In this case, everyone feels secondary.Lastly the plot and people remind me of TV shows. It feels written by an author who is heavily influenced by the visuals, team acting, and the common plot points in TV shows. I'm not saying this copies any particular show, but rather it just has a TV feel to it. This bothers me because so many TV plots are common tropes now. We know how the mismatched partners will ultimately get along with each other. We know instinctively much of the action that will occur next.And that bores me. I avoid watching tv because I get bored by it, don't need that in my books.

  • Marni
    2018-11-13 20:05

    I haven't read science fiction in a while and am now reminded of why I love the genre. Sci fi and fantasy are two genres that allow imagination to burst past limits, create new concepts and build worlds rather than keeping to familiar constructs. EJ Fisch uses that to great advantage in the construction of multiple worlds, cultures and peoples. What a fantastic story! Following Aroska and Ziva along with the elite core group as they uncover multi planetary plots, and struggle to balance duty and a painful history was a true thrill. The author balances familiar references alongside new creative ones to give the story it's own personal mark while managing to not leave the reader in the dark or overwhelmed by too much `foriegn`. The structure and detail is impressive, I am excited to find an author with such talent to draw me in and intrigue me without bombarding me with so much detail it detracts from the story.This is a tale of warriors, politics, grudges, assassins and so much more. The dialogue is exact, the flow kept me turning pages and the plot is multi layered. All in all a really great book. Certainly will keep on my sci fi now!

  • Adrian
    2018-11-12 16:57

    Well the rating should tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was very un-put-down-able and I found myself saying, “I’ll just read another few pages then turn the light out” on more than one occasion.The two main characters, Ziva Payvan and Aroska Tarbic were not just one dimensional, but actually had there own foibles that made them believable and interesting, and the relationship between them is one that keeps you wanting to know more all the way through the book, seeing how it develops and changes. In addition they are not the only ones that have depth to their characters, the author brings to life a number of the friends, acquaintances and enemies of the main characters as you travel through the storyline. And as for the storyline, well it’s well thought out, fast paced and gripping as Ziva and Aroska endeavour to solve their professional and personal issues against a backdrop of intrigue and ambushes.This is the second “first novel” by a relatively new author that has really surprised me this year, and this like the other, is genuinely excellent. So it’s 5 stars EJ, and I’m on to Nexus (book 2) as soon as Amazon UK can get it to me.

  • Shari Sakurai
    2018-11-08 18:57

    *I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review*Dakiti is a fantastic science fiction novel.E.J. Fisch’s universe is brilliant and filled with memorable and interesting characters. The two main characters, Ziva Payvan and Aroska Tarbic, are at odds with each other throughout most of the novel and yet must find a way to work through this together for the greater good. Aroska I had a lot of sympathy for and really felt the pain of loss and anger that very much drives him. Ziva is calm, detached, strong and always coming out on top. E.J. Fisch has done a wonderful job creating a likeable tough-girl with a difficult past and secret that form a character of many layers that we can all find empathy with. The story itself incorporates many new worlds, words and races that are cleverly woven into the novel in a way that guides readers through the universe. The plot is very gripping and perfectly paced. I absolutely loved reading Dakiti and very much look forward to reading more in the series.

  • Steve Munroe
    2018-11-01 21:18

    To start off, this is an entertaining book. It is an action story with hints longer running sub-stories, maybe even a bigger overall story that is more complex. It is a story that has some numbers to the cast but focuses on two people, Ziva Payvan and Aroska Tarbic. We are given some idea of their make up and background but only enough to make want to find out more. Ziva is a strong character, nearly a super agent. She has connections with a mysterious group that is defying her home world, but a group that she is clearly not part of. I enjoyed reading this book, and I definitely want to read more about Ziva. I am hooked on it, even though this story is complete enough in this novel and has a satisfying ending. It has a polished feel to it in both the plot and the characters. I would like to know more about her circle of agents, and I want to see a long range goal (or motivation?) for her actions. Maybe more is coming in the next book.Recommended.

  • Amanda Masters
    2018-11-19 20:58

    This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest ReviewThis book was awesome! E.J. Fisch is a great author and I really enjoyed the uniqueness of her story. I could not put the book down for a second! E.J. Fisch has a brilliant and creative mind that blossoms and explodes on to the page in a SciFi tale that will set you on the edge of your seat and keep you there for the entire book! I really got into the future way of thinking and way of life these people had and if lived right could be a pretty swell time to live. I loved the descriptions of the places and the people so much! Fisch drew me into her world right from the start! I was fascinated by everything in their world the people the buildings and the way they lived.Fisch is an incredible author and I can't wait to read more of this series!***Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official.For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: ***

  • Graeme Tindale
    2018-11-12 18:54

    The best part of this book came with the realization that I found another author that generates the kind of stories that I really enjoy - a combination of Sci-Fi, action and solid characters whose relationship changes over time with a hint of promise. I found it a little difficult to get into as it took some time grasping the societies and understanding the background to the races, conflicts etc. (I am not sure I really get it now.) The story might have benefited from a prologue. (Hence the four star rating.)I won't recite the story as it can be found elsewhere. I enjoyed the author's style, the story and interestingly, the manner in which it ended. I would like a little more depth and think I will get it as I proceed into the series. Good book.

  • T.A.
    2018-11-06 17:55

    Set in a vivid world in a distant galaxy, Dakiti's is a suspenseful sci-fi adventure that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The world and the races that inhabit it are intriguing. The story is fast-paced and action-packed, but the thing that makes this book really great are the complex characters and the relationships between them. This is especially true for the two main characters, who are sure to provide us with even more interesting material in books to come. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves science fiction or just good stories in general.

  • E.D.E. Bell
    2018-10-23 17:07

    I really enjoyed this - it’s a sci-fi military story in space with action, mystery, and some rather extreme characters that manage to work very well, individually and with each other.The plot reveal does have a horror element to it, but for some reason it didn’t bother me. (I am the wimpiest person ever.) Some of the plot details get a little lost, but it really doesn’t matter because the story is interesting and fast-paced.I am excited to read the rest of the series.