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Brick by Brick is a full-color collection of comic essays about sustainable creativity, which is necessary to cultivate if you want to make the long journey to mastery. Each essay describes aspects of goal setting, improvement and self-motivation with all the brevity and succinctness of a tweet....

Title : Brick by Brick
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ISBN : 9780991336708
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 206 Pages
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Brick by Brick Reviews

  • KaylaCub
    2019-03-26 22:05

    Absolutely brilliant. As always, Stephen McCranie takes "giving advice" a step further and delivers not just a checklist of how to be an artist, but a philosophical and heart-warming, encouraging take on who an artist can be. Plus, plenty of great advice--yes, both philosophical and practical--on what getting there really takes.P.S. If you haven't discovered it already, this book will prove to you exactly what an excellent, inspiring cinnamon roll the author is.

  • Viraphone
    2019-04-13 15:58

    I got this book despite not being an artist. (I mean, I doodle in the corner of my notes when I'm bored in class, I paint my nails nailart style when I have enough time, and I do like to do some artsy stuffs like modular origami for example, but it doesn't go further than that.)But as, if I remember correctly, McCranie wrote himself in the description of his Kickstarter project for this book, it may be targeted to artists, but it can also be useful to people with any kind of big goal. That latest reason was mine to pick this book: for the part about motivation mostly. Now, as I read the book entirely, I think it gives a great insight in the life of artists and their struggles, some that I didn't even imagine. The drawing looks simple, but not too much (you should look at some French "comics" sometimes, you can't help but wonder how it got published...), it has a perfect balance between simplicity and being just enough to look pro imo. That being said, let's talk about the part that really interested me. Motivation. I'm a real sucker when it comes to motivation, and I'm a queen of procrastination. There were some points that did come to my mind when trying to get rid of that procrastination problem, but some others were quite new to me. I think reading this book is a great inspiration (even if I'm still having trouble getting myself to do it, I'm too deep down into procrastination hell).To sum up: a must-read, not only for artists, but for anyone pursuing a dream like me.

  • Elaine
    2019-04-04 16:19

    I was really excited to get my copy of this comic book! I was in the middle of a struggle to finish one of my artistic projects and I thought his book was exactly what I needed to give me a kick a in the butt. You know... give me tricks and advises on how to get everything in order in my brain and to be ready to sit down and finally finish that goddamn project! The illustrations are cute and Stephen writes many good advises in there, but... unfortunately, for me, it felt like the target audience was "amateur" rather than people with a couple of years of experience. I think I was looking for something more complete, with more details. Even though it does have some depth, it still felt like surface to me. I did take some notes, I did get some new perspectives on creativity and ideas how to be more productive... But most of what was written in the book were things I already knew. Maybe my expectations were too high? *shrugs* No idea. One story short : it's a nice and simple comic book, well written, on a complicated subject and it is a good introduction to the matter for somebody starting an artistic project.

  • Celia Mitchell
    2019-04-09 18:11

    Being an artist that came directly out of art school, I spent two years trying to find work in my field before deciding that if I wanted to pursue art, I would have to do it freelance. My boyfriend at the time gave me this book because I had fallen into a deep depression. When I began to read, I was astonished at how this book managed to describe all the failure I was feeling and gave me steps on how to pick myself back up again. I put the book down for a while when I got to the parts that dealt with success, but picked it back up several months later when I finally found myself again.This book is so much more than an artist resource, its a life raft for any new artist that feels like they are sinking into the depths. More than that, it's also a lesson on humility and other life lessons for successful artists, a caution note on how to keep from getting too cocky. It's a description on how to keep learning. There's also some very interesting ideas communicated in which, McCranie has unknowingly dismantled the driving idea of "concept" that modern art relies on (p. 106).This book is an incredible eye opener, and a must read for any artist.

  • Tabitha Chirrick
    2019-04-11 17:07

    This is an incredible, inspirational graphic novel for anyone who considers themselves an artist. Packed with principles for being a creator, the book is a quick, though engaging read. McCraine has awesome perspectives on what it means to create, and guides his readers through issues like failure, finding motivation, and self-care.

  • Sara
    2019-04-18 18:52

    Most of the information in this book isn't anything many of us don't already know if we have been struggling artists for any time at all, but it's presented beautifully and is a splendid reminder for anyone working in a sometimes disheartening creative field. A great graduation gift for those with artistic dreams.

  • David Albee
    2019-04-18 15:02

    This was a fantastic graphic non-fiction book. I loved how simple and profound the author presented the lessons he had learned in his life so far. How they were specifically dealing with art, but can be applied to any area of life. The chapter dealing with beating the Internet obsession was good. Really, the whole book is worth the read.

  • Jim Mason
    2019-03-24 21:18

    This was an amazing and uplifting guide to artistic growth and self motivation! The art is quite good, but the author's message and suggestions were perfect, and have motivated me to start working on a few projects that I've been neglecting. 100% recommended!

  • Laia Varona
    2019-04-16 20:00

    Este libro explora ideas y da consejos sobre la productividad sostenible. Es fácil de leer, ameno y muy útil, de esos libros que conviene tener a mano para echarles un vistazo de vez en cuando.

  • Sarah Mendonca
    2019-03-28 13:56

    One of my favorite books on creativity. I've read this several times, and I always find something new to think about.