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A Create Your Own Erotic FantasyJoin three sexy women as they set forth on the adventure of a lifetime aboard a 41' sailboat in this Create Your Own Erotic Fantasy series! In Nymphs, Fisher finishes overhauling the old 41-foot sailboat she inherited from her father and is preparing to welcome her crew, Veronica and Bonnie. But is the welcome party to be a Girls' Night, orA Create Your Own Erotic FantasyJoin three sexy women as they set forth on the adventure of a lifetime aboard a 41' sailboat in this Create Your Own Erotic Fantasy series! In Nymphs, Fisher finishes overhauling the old 41-foot sailboat she inherited from her father and is preparing to welcome her crew, Veronica and Bonnie. But is the welcome party to be a Girls' Night, or will Fisher allow that hunky boatyard worker Case to join the celebrations? And what is hidden in the bilge?...

Title : The Voyages of Sirenia(Nymphs, #1)
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ISBN : 22231947
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The Voyages of Sirenia(Nymphs, #1) Reviews

  • Austin Collins
    2019-04-13 20:18

    I just finished Part I, "Nymphs." Based on what I've seen so far, The Voyages of Sirenia may be the most perfect series ever written for those who:1. Like explicit erotic fiction,2. Are interested enough in and knowledgeable enough about sailboats not to get completely confused when author Bonita Day throws around what would otherwise be dense and opaque nautical terminology, and3. Prefer strong, smart, independent, unconventional and self-deterministic female characters who take the lead (in every sense).So yes, this is certainly a niche within a niche — if you don't happen to fall within the overlapping circles of that Venn diagram, this book might not speak to you. If you do, however, it will smack you right in the face, or perhaps grab rather than smack, and perhaps in a more southerly anatomic region. It might even bring to life a few of your favorite fantasies (or memories). If at least two of the items above do not apply to you, on the other hand, this is probably not the series for you.For me, plausibility is extremely important in any kind of fiction, erotic or otherwise. It's difficult to get emotionally (or sensually) invested in the action when it doesn't feel authentic. I have always said that impossible is fine; implausible is inexcusable. I am absolutely willing to suspend my disbelief for things like time travel, a hacker breaking into NORAD by himself in five minutes, or loud, fiery explosions in space. But if the characters' behavior, decisions and dialogue aren't believable, forget it; I'm out. (Anyone who has read my blogs has endured me ranting about this before.)That's why I really respect the fact that Ms. Day pours a great deal of realistic detail into the setting and premise. If you aren't familiar with the social dynamics of a boatyard or a marina, or the peculiar species of human who is drawn to the liveaboard life, it might not mean a lot to you. But if you are, you will really appreciate the accuracy with which she paints an insider portrait of the bohemian vagabonds, dock bums, restless spirits, big egos, and other eccentric personalities that populate this world. She engineers a scenario configured in such a way that what transpires is absolutely believable -- and therefore, hot. This is not to say that you have to slog through pages and pages of exposition before getting to the good stuff. Be patient while she establishes the facts, and very soon bras will be unhooked.Fisher, a competent and experienced woman of the sea, has inherited a 41' Morgan Classic and enough money to live a life of oceanborne freedom. (I know, I know -- I'm thinking the same thing: I just came, too.) She is being joined by her friends V (Veronica) and Bon (Bonnie). There is wine, there is pot, there is a game of Truth or Dare by the glow of a kerosene trawler lantern, and sapphic interludes ensue. Boatyard worker Casey (Case) provides the young stud factor and George, the grouchy rum-drinking pervert in the boat next door, adds an element of voyeurism/exhibitionism.I was concerned that the pick-a-path thing was going to feel gimmicky and unnecessary — or worse, clumsy and incompatible with the sexy tone — especially since the choose-your-own-adventure books I knew as a kid often had "right" and "wrong" options, like a video game, with one choice that would allow the story to continue and another that would lead to your demise. How could this format not interrupt the flow?The answer is that the breaks are diamond-shaped instead of Y-shaped; rather than forking and branching like highways leading to destinations that are farther and farther apart, the narrative splits into parallel tracks that then merge again downstream. One version, for instance, tells the story from one character's point of view. Another version contains essentially the same events, but from a different perspective. Or in one storyline something sexy happens while in another the participants only fantasize about it, building up the tension for future scenes. Or the reader can select which body part receives attention.This structure offers intriguing possibilities. I'll be curious to see what Ms. Day does with it in upcoming editions. She might, for example, provide one situation where the encounter is vanilla, another where it is a little bit kinky, and a third that is hardcore fetish play. Readers turned off or freaked out by the more extreme activities could avoid searing their eyeballs and readers bored by normal sex don't have to waste their time yawning through a sequence with neither riding crops nor strap-ons. (One thing about sailboats: they have lots of rope on board, and sailors are very good with knots.)Finally, getting back to item #3 above, I really like the way all the sex is 100% consensual and pleasurable for everyone involved; there is nothing at all demeaning, degrading, insensitive, threatening or exploitative. An atmosphere of safety and mutual trust permeates the cabin.I call this first stage of the experiment a sexy success, and I eagerly await the next installment.

  • Fatty Goodlander
    2019-03-25 16:21

    First off, I have to state that I consider writing erotica an ancient and honorable profession—one needs go no further than the nearest cave wall to demonstrate its universalness. All of Rome was a twitter with Satyricon by Titus Petronius (who was too shy to use his real first name, which was Gaius). Yes, the salacious tale had true staying power: it was later a film by Fellini.Neither was it, nor is it, unusual for a woman to pen a lusty tale. Anne Desclos not only wrote a bestseller in France in 1954—by the mid ‘60s, her private-book-for-her-older-lover was the best-selling French translation ever in the good ole U.S. of A. The name of that lyrical tale of submission was the Story of O and is currently in print worldwide more than 50 years later. Around the same time, Catherine Robbe-Grillet wrote L’Image—a book that Susan Sontag lists among her five ‘all-time favorite’ erotic tales. What is different in today’s world, is the audience. All of the above erotica was intended to sexually arouse men. Critics claim, with some justification, that it objectified women—that it reduced them to mere holes—which is blatantly implicit of the very title of The Story of O. Well, it’s a different world today. The vast majority of today’s erotica is written by women and for woman—which is a major (seismic, even) change. Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t just popular—it is the fastest selling paperback of all times. (Over 100 million copies sold!)To say that it has sent shock waves throughout the publishing industry—is to make a vast understatement. Stroke books are no longer stroke books—perhaps ‘clitoris clangers’ will become the next slang expression this new and growing genre. Which brings us to the talented Ms. Bonita Day. She writes Nymphs: The Voyages of Sirenia, Book 1 in a clear, concise style which gets straight to the action. Interestingly, this ebook is interactive—and the reader can occasionally pick and choose their next scene: sort of a dial-a-kink device which minimizes boredom while maximizing heat. Fisher is the independent, strong-willed heroine—who knows exactly what she wants, and gets it without fail. Casey is a handsome shipyard worker. Veronica is butch, but not overly so. Bonnie is young and not so experienced—a state she surely will not stay in long. My favorite scene was with Veronica. It is deftly written, with V being described as ‘having music in her head all the time and moving to its rhythm.’Fisher loves V. She tries not to, maybe, but she does. It is obvious. This shine through—endearingly.Love is not easy to capture on the printed page—especially in the few paragraphs leading up to the next girl-girl. Ms. Day manages—in this scene, at least—of capturing both the heat and romance without slowing down either.Interestingly, there is a marine motif throughout the book—with Fisher as the no nonsense skipper and V and Bon her trusty crew. They empower each other. Their erotic voyage is one of discovery between the sheets—as well as on deck. Perhaps the best aspect of this modest tale is the author’s consistent voice. She comes across as a woman who loves sex for sex’s sake—and for another million reasons as well. She is comfortable and confident in her own skin. She does not need, nor seek, the approval of others. She is lusty in the best, most positive sense of the word. Sex is not naughty nor trivial to Ms. Day—but rather beautiful and mysterious and glorious. None of the characters in this book are victims, nor do they victimize. They are fully realized adults—who kiss life hard on the lips. This is a voyage of erotic discovery for three lusty, adventurous sailors who happen to be female—and I’m glad that I, a male, went along for the cruise. And, yeah, I’d love to share a night watch with Veronica! C. V. Harding

  • Matt Peters
    2019-04-19 13:34

    This book is written as well as mainstream fiction but with full developed sex scenes. The characters are engaging and complex, if frisky. And there is more to the plot than just trying to get laid or get to the next sex scene. And there is even some mystery brewing underneath it all.All that being said, the sex is plenty hot and the author doesn't shy away from unique and specific details. Each character has their own tastes and style and preferences, which keeps things from being repetitive. Especially in the "Chose your own adventure" parts. You can read the same scene from a different point of view or with a slightly different instigating action and get a whole different and unique story. Well done.Be warned, the author does use the c-word a lot.