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Betrothed in the cradle, Princess Sorcha and Prince Rainger were destined to rule their countries together. Then revolution sent Sorcha to a remote Scottish convent—and Rainger into a dungeon so deep rumor claimed he was dead.Now danger threatens, and Sorcha must travel home with a simple fisherman as her companion—Prince Rainger in disguise. Changed by his imprisonment frBetrothed in the cradle, Princess Sorcha and Prince Rainger were destined to rule their countries together. Then revolution sent Sorcha to a remote Scottish convent—and Rainger into a dungeon so deep rumor claimed he was dead.Now danger threatens, and Sorcha must travel home with a simple fisherman as her companion—Prince Rainger in disguise. Changed by his imprisonment from a careless lad to a dangerous man, he's determined to win back his kingdom—and the woman he wants more than life itself. But can he protect a woman who believes every person she meets is her friend, every tavern is an opportunity to sing bawdy songs, and each turn in the road hides new adventure? To keep his princess safe, he must resort to his most treacherous weapon: seduction....

Title : The Prince Kidnaps a Bride
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The Prince Kidnaps a Bride Reviews

  • TJ
    2019-04-24 14:37

    This book started out so hopeful for me. Two things ruined it. I dislike extended periods of deception and I hate storylines where the heroine is so sex starved that no matter how badly the man treats her, he merely has to crook his finger and she falls into bed with him (over and over.) Can a woman not have a little more backbone than that?

  • Kristy
    2019-04-20 19:18

    Well, this was a good conclusion to a series... Only problem was I didn't know it was a series. Even though I know how it all ends I'm still interested in the other two books. The title to this book is misleading I think. Because the princess is never actually kidnapped by the prince. That kind of annoyed me because the title is what got me interested in reading the book. Oh well, I still enjoyed the story though.There was one thing that annoyed me about this story. Sorcha had no will power. At least when it came to Rainger. She would be furious and Cut him down verbally, but as soon as he invaded her personal space and kissed her she would melt and give in to him, and he knew it. That drove me nuts. I liked the conclusion though, when Rainger finally poured his heart out to her, but one thing was missing. Rainger had said that he thought of her face everyday in the prison. And yet he told her more than once that he needed to find the lost princesses and marry one so that he use the kingdoms army to go take back his own kingdom. He found her sisters first, I think he should have made it clear to her that he always wanted her. In his heart he hoped that he would find her single because she was the one he wanted, not just any of the lost princesses, her. That seemed important, because she felt very used, I think she needed to feel special and wanted for her and not for what she could provide him through a marriage.One scene in the book I just loved! It was when Sorcha found out who Rainger was and that he had lied to her, and kept information from her about her sisters."He's a . . . A reprobate." Sorcha stared into the depths of her ruby wine with such heat the liquid should have simmered. "He's a . . . A wretch. He's a miscreant. He's-""A whoreson," Roxanne said.Tulia shushed her.But that was exactly the term Sorcha had been searching for. "Yes. A whoreson! A filthy, slimy, whoreson. A disgusting lousy-""Dilberry," Ora said."Yes. A Dilberry." Sorcha didn't know what it meant, but it sounded awful. "He's a ghastly, repellent dilberry.""Devils dung." Grandmother Sancia said."Certainly he's devil's dung." Sorcha relished the phrase. "A steaming, stinking pile of devil's dung.""A gravy-eyed frig pig," Phoenice said."Yes, he is the worst, most horrible gravy-eyed frig pig I've ever seen." Sorcha made her pronouncement with a great deal of zest.Roxanne put down her cup. "Actually, I think he's rather handsome and important-looking."Every woman in the kitchen turned and glared at her."Gravy-eyed and a frig pig," Roxanne said hastily. "I don't know how I missed it."

  • Claire
    2019-03-31 18:25

    This was definitely the best of the three Lost Princesses books. And I'm not sure if it's because I liked the personality of this princess the most, or the writing was better, but it was really my favorite. Although, at one point I was a little thrown off. This book is a historical romance, set during a time where they rode horses and a man didn't see a woman's hair down until their wedding night and Christina Dodd included a line that kind of went like this: "Prince Rainger was going to pork Count So-and-So's wife." That phrase REALLY did not mesh well with the setting and time. But that was the only complaint I really had about this one. I loved that Sorcha learned things most women in her time would never learn and the way she learned them was truly hilarious. If you read one of the other Lost Princesses books and didn't like it, try this one!

  • The Tick
    2019-03-27 15:36

    This would have been a really interesting book if it hadn't been a genre Romance, but a lot of Rainger and Sorcha's interactions were really uncomfortable to read. The author and I seem to have some differences about what defines a consensual relationship. I was also really unimpressed with the way that all the women were portrayed. I had this problem with the other books in this trilogy, but it seemed much worse in this book.

  • Katherine 黄爱芬
    2019-04-20 19:33

    Prince Rainger menyamar menjadi Arnou, nelayan bodoh yg menyelamatkan Princess Sorcha. Sorcha tidak mengenali Arnou sbg Rainger maka dgn bodohnya dia "dikendalikan" oleh Rainger hingga mereka menikah di sebuah desa kecil di Skotlandia. Rainger punya misi menggunakan Sorcha sbg alat utk merebut kembali kerajaannya yg dikudeta Count DuBelle. Rasa dikhianati pada masa lalu tidak membiarkan Rainger mempercayai Sorcha sehingga dia membiarkan Sorcha mencintai Arnou yg lugu dan rada bloon. Ketika mengetahui identitas Arnou sebenarnya, Sorcha marah besar dan berusaha membatalkan pernikahannya. Sebelum terwujud, Sorcha diculik oleh DuBelle. Mampukah Rainger menyelamatkan dan meyakinkan Sorcha?Dari segi storyline saya suka cara author menulis. Saya juga tersentuh pada masa lalu Rainger saat kejatuhan dirinya akibat kecongkakan dan kenekadan dirinya yg menyebabkan Rainger disiksa dan dipenjara bawah tanah. Saya terbawa ikut merasakan penderitaannya disana. Saya juga ikut tertawa saat Rainger "tersiksa" oleh celoteh2an Sorcha ttg "burung"nya dan nyerempet2 menjurus tsb.Tapi sayangnya buku ini tetap saja ada kekurangannya jg. Saya agak bingung jg Sorcha menyukai dan mencintai sisi mana dari kepribadian Arnou itu. Dari segi karakter, Sorcha mengingatkan saya pada tokoh Rapunzel di film Tangled. Yg agak childish dan langsung kegembiraannya berkobar-kobar saat akhirnya berpetualang bersama Arnou keluar dari biara terpencilnya ke tempat2 yg tdk pernah dikunjunginya seumur hidup seperti rumah bordil atau kafe-kafe begajulan. Sedangkan karakter Rainger/Arnou layaknya knight in shinning armour, selalu siap sedia melindungi Sang Putri dlm setiap marabahaya apapun. Eksekusi cerita agak terlalu gampang, tetapi yasudahlah, lumayan menghibur.

  • Barbara
    2019-04-17 15:12

    Now this is how a romance novel should end..."They had their arms around each other, their heads together, and they were smiling at each other. Blond, brunette, and redhead, they were a dynasty of which she could be proud. Rainger squeezed her arm. 'You did a good job, old girl. You did a good job.' 'Yes,' Queen Claudia said with satisfaction. 'Yes, I did.' And they would all, by God, live happily ever after--or they'd answer to her" BRAVO.......

  • Paraphrodite
    2019-04-17 16:28

    3 stars.This is the story of Sorcha, the last of the Lost Princesses and the one destined to be queen. For some reason, I found Rainger's actions a bit incomprehensible and quite understand Sorcha's disgust. At least there's some satisfactory grovelling at the end. It was an Ok read.

  • Zorana
    2019-04-17 21:19

    Jedini razlog zasto ova knjiga nije ocenjena,niti ce biti, ste sto ipak nisam odustala od nje. I sto je imala zanimljivu ideju... i nista vise od toga. Realizacija likova, price, stil pisanja mi se nisu dopali i pitanje je da li cu procitati preostale knjige.

  • Joanne
    2019-04-06 20:08

    Christina Dodd never let's me down in her books!!! Great romance historical, sensual, witty, so so funny in parts that I laughed out loud!Yes, Once upon a time, 3 princesses had to flee their kingdom in the Pyrenees, but they disapeared without a trace. Princess Sorcha and Prince Rainger were betrohed at birth, both to rule 2 countries, but a revolution sent Sorcha to a remote Scotish convent and Rainger to a dark dungeon, some claimed he died.So much lonely time passes as Sorcha grows even more lonely, she misses her family, her sisters, but then one day, she finds that she must travel home and take the spot as Queen for her country. She runs into a simple fisherman, but it's really Rainger in disguise. He will do anything to win back his kingdom and win her love by seduction. Great read!!!!!!

  • Emily
    2019-04-23 19:23

    The conclusion of this trilogy is also the best. Prince Rainger has found Crown Princess Sorcha and now faces loads of assassins to get her back to Beaumontange so they can be married and crowned and he can get his kingdom back with her army. Unfortunately, he shows up in disguise and waits until after they've become intimate to tell her who he really is. She's understandably pissed off about this, but the whole thing is hilarious. The best is their discussion about whether a princess is allowed to say "cock." I literally chortled the whole time. Really, you should do yourself a favor and read this trilogy.

  • Shea
    2019-04-02 17:35

    I enjoyed this conclusion to the Lost Princesses trilogy. It was nice that Rainger finally got his princess and that Sorcha found her confidence and matured enough to become Queen of Beaumontagne. Even though she is the oldest of the sisters due to her sheltered upbringing I kept thinking I was reading about the baby sister of the family. I didn't find Sorcha as intriguing as her sisters but Rainger is the most interesting of the heroes who capture the hearts of the princesses. It is nice that they "all lived happily ever after."

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-27 20:15

    I'm not an avid romance reader - new to it but enjoying it for what it is. I like the historical romance part of it and the passion between the characters. I got this for xmas from my husband since he is enjoying me reading romance. I didn't realize it was the third in a series but not sure this matters. I will read at least one more of the three and see how it is. This read can perk up your own personal romance. Enjoy! :-)

  • Romance Reader
    2019-04-14 18:36 I remember why I'm not a big fan of Dodd's books. This was pretty hokey even for a romance novel. I didn't buy into plot, and the heroine was this odd combination of an innocent seductress and overbearing damsel in distress that was not only unbelievable but also kind of annoying.

  • Sarita
    2019-04-19 21:11

    Oh I loved this book. I was laughing out loud throughout! I thought it was going to be a cheesy Historical Romance, and OK so it was a little, but I had such a fun time reading it. Thanks Barbara again for sending it my way!

  • Jaime Atkins
    2019-04-11 15:26

    A perfect book for a day at the beach!!!! Simple, well-written, undeniable romance.....loved it!!!

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-04-04 14:29

    I read about a third of it and just couldn't get into it. It seemed silly and I normally love silly. I know Christina Dodd is a favorite of many but unfortunately, she didn't work for me.

  • Liliflaj
    2019-03-26 14:36

    Napokon kraj i ovog serijala :D

  • Theresa Hurley
    2019-04-13 13:26

    Great story to finish this set! Really enjoyed Sorcha's and Rainger's story and travels!

  • Kathy
    2019-04-05 13:10

    Sorcha, crown princess of Beaumontagne, has been hiding in the Monnmouth Abbey these last 7 years, living a reclusive, simple, quiet, reflective life of service, to the nuns, to the victims that crash on the rocks, to the townspeople (with whom they use a middleman to trade with). She feels a coward, she is untried, she thinks perhaps it is time to figure a way to Beaumontagne.Rainger, imprisoned because he took his elite guards to the Baron's castle at the invitation of his beautiful, treacherous wife - and once naked, the Baron comes in, kill a few of his guard, and place him and the rest of them in a prison - and the baron beats Rainger every year... Rainger escaped from the Baron's dungeon after 8 years, - at 7 years he finally begged, and was beaten to death - but at the moment of death, he felt his connection to Sorcha, to the cross she wears (and she, at the same time dreamed and felt his despair, and his resolution)... and Grandmama refuses to aid him in reconquering his country until he finds her granddaughters, and then he can marry the one of his choice, and they will lead an army to regain his lands. and Amy and Clarice were found in the other 2 books, but they are in love with others... Sorcha, his betrothed, is his last chance... and after looking at every convent in Scotland, he finally makes his way to Monmouth - and disguised as a simple fisherman, with a rag covering one eye, and not looking his princely self (8 years in a dungeon afterall), he connects with Sorcha.When the mother superior recognizes him as a threat (and has pieced together to truth of Sorcha), she disguises Sorcha as a lad, gives her what money she can, and sends her to Edinburgh to get a boat to France and then to home. And then she tricks and 'catches' Rainger, holds him for 3 days... At the first village, lighthearted, goodhearted, positive Sorcha has a great time in the tavern, drinking and singing (the villagers allow her the disguise)... one of the men goes with her half day, and she sends him on his way... and Rainger is tracking her (amazed by the villagers), and gets to just as someone is ready to attack her... He saves her, but allows her to believe she saved herself...and they travel together - he acts the fool, yet he protects her, and she starts to feel safe with him... she decides she must be the one to sell the horses they got from the dead assassin, and as she negotiates with a shyster, he is behind her, and with hand signals making sure the shyster gives her a good price without her knowing his involvement.. the shyster sends her to a brothel when she asks where she can purchase food, and she spends a few hours there - charming them all, and once she figures out what they are, they give her hints on how to handle men, and a quick sex education... Rainger finds her, the madam interviews him to make sure he doesn't intend to harm her... fun.They avoid trouble for the next 4 days, but then it starts to rain and they are out of food... and the next day when t is clear, and he reflects she didn't complain any, and he finds them some good food, and they go to a rise in a stone circle (magic?), he cannot resist her free spirit... and begins kissing her... and teaching her... and bringing her to climax... and then makes a plan to have her...He takes her to a village of refugees from Beaumontagne - where they have recreated a village like home... the priest recognizes him, and hears him call her Sorcha - and when the villagers won't let them stay together unless they are married, he manipulates things to marry her, in the Beaumontagne way... and he makes slow, beautiful, gentle love to her - realiizing he can control her, touch her with sex... he is happy that she loves him, but he will not dwell on his own feelings... And the next morning, she figures out who he is... and is furious at he deception, of his keeping letters from her sisters from her... of his disregard... he gets her home, and she is cold to him during the day, and he comes to her at night - and in his heart he thinks he is apologizing to her when he makes love to her, and she is more deeply ashamed and hurt that she can not hold out against him...and finally grandmama has a talk with Rainger, and sets him straight - making him acknowledge that he loves her and wants a life withher... and how to woo her back to him (begging forgiveness plays a big part) - and though he vowed never to beg again, he cannot live without her being happy, and so he is going to do so... and his last living elite guard (who is crippled), explains to her how he was broken, and how he came back to life and became the true prince... but on their way to connect, she is kidnapped by the Baron... and the prince knows he must rescue her and let her know that he loves her... and figuring out the barons trap, he figures out a way out of it... and he kills the baron, and they both can see the love in the other... and 2 months later, the sisters and thier children are together, and pregnant Sorcha is getting married the royal wedding she deserves. ahhhh

  • Desi
    2019-03-26 15:27

    Leído en Julio 2011

  • ChicaLectora
    2019-04-22 20:08

    Dodd tiene mejores libros que este. Creo que no estuvo mal, pero situaciones inverosímiles al palo u.u.

  • Written Melodies
    2019-04-12 15:20

    Though the storyline was hokey and in no form believable, I loved this book anyway. I haven't laughed so much reading a romance novel in a while. This was just what I needed. A light, funny romance to rest my brain and ease my stress.

  • Kit★
    2019-03-31 13:22

    3.75 Stars! I actually enjoyed this one just a lil bit more than books 1 and 2 in this trilogy, even though Rainger had his moments where I wanted to punch him... Though I suppose, as he is a prince, albeit one who has been through some hell, he is just a teensy bit expected to be a domineering, do it his way sort of guy. I didn't like his subterfuge of being Arnou, and not letting Sorcha know who he was for so long, I thought he should have told her the truth long before he did. Oh, and his way of letting her know, letting her go to bed 'married' to Arnou, and then waking up next to him as himself, no disguise, that was just not the right way to go about doing it. Then he had the lack-witted-ness to not understand why she was mad at him. He was smart about a lot of things, but that was not one of them. I liked Sorcha though, she never made me mad. The journey across Scotland to get to the ship that would eventually take Sorcha home was fun. I liked seeing her enjoyment of her new-found independence, the first night in the tavern as the life of the party, the horse trading, the experience in the bawdy house and the friends she made there. I was giggling more than a few times. When she started to fall for Arnou, I knew it wasn't going to end well. There was no way he could talk his way out of that one, though I still thought he should've told her before taking it any farther than one little kiss. He had the gall to marry her, still under disguise, though the villagers all knew his true identity, and take her to bed, still as Arnou... I was raging right along with Sorcha. I was wondering how he was going to fix this, and I'm glad it was not an easy road, though I felt bad for her at his bumbling ways of trying to convince her he was sorry, (view spoiler)[mainly, she was unwilling but he did the forced seduction thing and made her climax against her will, then she'd cry afterwards, and he'd do it again the next day (hide spoiler)]. I wanted to kick him, call him a dumbass. The end bit was a little rushed I thought, I would've liked more info on the fight against the treacherous Count duBelle to reclaim the kingdom. The actual fight was good, but I just wanted more info on the kingdoms and peoples and stuff. I liked how it ended though, with Sorcha's sisters coming to Beaumontagne to be reunited, and even cratchety old Grandmamma was a bit fun. I'm glad I've got this trilogy read, it was entertaining.

  • Bushra Khan
    2019-04-03 20:11

    It is Eid day and I am here to tell you about the book which I read day before yesterday. This was the book written by Christina dodd. I have been avoiding this book in the series for many months as I had decided that "Now christina's historic romance contain only some catholic church and some long lost girl who doesn't feel that the person who looks stupid in appearance is the real genious and her hero" Although this theory is quite right 😉 but I really enjoyed this story all the same. This is the tale of Princess Sorcha(quite beautiful name) who is the crown princess and betrothed to the ignorant prince Rainger. Now as the prince is hero he cannot always remain same so as the result of betrayal by a beautiful but black hearted lady he is captured and after that long lost captivity he has changed, now he is quite a strong and determined man. The princess who was not at all important to him is now the reason to breath, she is the ray of hope in his life and he would do anything to get her even be a stupid fisherman. Yes he became stupid,self centred fisherman, but still hepls Sorcha. Quite romantic, isn't it? In this long journey, Sorcha find a beautiful adventure, she chill out with common people,dancing,laughing,getting drunk, she sell her horses even though Rainger( Arnou) helped her secretely. Last but not the least she visits a notorious brothel and get to know some truths about her life. Atlast, Rainger marries her but Sorcha is still unaware of his identity. So what would happen when Sorcha would know about his scheme??? 😰 thats something I won't ever want to see in reality. After their wedding night he showed her his face, oh I forgot to tell Rainger as the Arnou had one eye covered up so Sorcha couldn't recognize him. Knowing the truth Sorcha was hurt,angry and careless. Danger was coming closer and Rainger had to face his old enemy Count. The villain Count did the unforgivable and kidnapped princess as a bait to lure Rainger. Every princess should have a happily ever after so how Sorcha's fairy tale could ended differently? Yes Rainger came to rescue her and avenge himself, and he did. And know what, she won her lady's heart with his love confession and surprising her by bringing her long lost sisters to meet her. Now this is what I call happily ever after. You should read it too ... may the every girl get her own heart's prince. *Bushra Ayub Khan *

  • Dangermousie
    2019-04-10 13:15

    First off, let's clear something. Despite the weird title, there is no kidnapping going on. I am not sure where the title came from, but I am not the publisher. Basically, Sorcha is one of the 'lost princesses' - three princesses who were dispersed when the revolution came to her tiny kingdom. She's led a sheltered convent existence (why is explained in the book and is a spoiler) but all of it is about to change when a one-eyed, rather simple fisherman named Arnou shows up at the convent and offers to spirit her away from the suddenly-present danger. From then on, Sorcha cross-dresses, fights ruffians, hangs out with prostitutes, and oh, yeah, falls for simple and unsuitable but always loyal Arnou. One problem - what Sorcha does not know but we, the readers, do is that Arnou is actually Rainger (with two working eyes :P), the deposed prince of a neighboring kingdom who desperately needs support to overturn the usurper running his country and who's struck a bargain with Sorcha's grieving but filthy-rich grandmother - if he finds and marries one of the three princesses and brings her back home, grandma will give him access to her considerable wealth to fund an army. Rainger is smart, ruthless, far from simple but he is also hopelessly falling for Sorcha, which was not necessarily in the plan, especially since Sorcha remembers him, if at all, from their mutual childhoods as a spoiled weak bully (which, to be fair, he was, until he was betrayed, deposed, jailed and tortured which I guess helps to build character).I love this book because it's a very fun yarn and hella sexy to boot. There are adventures galore, fast pace, and an OTP that is oddly functional in their dysfunction (there is some requisite awful past of the hero (which really IS awful) but the book is not mired in gloom in the least). Plus, I would SO do Rainger, so there.

  • Melanie
    2019-03-27 14:13

    I have finished The Missing Princesses Series and was eager to read Sorcha's story the oldest of the three sisters, and I was not disappointed. This book had me from the first page, again Dodd brings action, mystery and a wonderful romance to life in this book. [return]Sorcha has been hidden away in a remote convent for her safety, but a mysterious fisherman rows to shore and a fire starts that quickly puts her life in jeopardy so a plan is constructed to get her back home. Prince Rainger disguised as the fisherman called Arnou, plans to escort Sorcha to her homeland, but is surprised to find she has left with another.[return]Sorcha disguised as a boy has no idea that Prince Rainger is alive and following her, when he is able to catch up with her he is still disguised as the fisherman, but something is familiar about him. They continue on, but soon she finds herself more comfortable with him and they share a kiss, Sorcha wants more, but Rainger wants her to have it all so he want allow their feelings to go to far.[return]The two end up in a village of where people from both Richarte and Beaumontagne live. Sorcha still disguised as a man does not fool the people they know who she and the fisherman really are. In order to share the same room, they must wed unknown to Sorcha this is actually a royal wedding.[return]Eventually she finds out the identity of the fisherman and is very distraught. They return to Beaumontagne, where things are still in turmoil. The man who locked Rainger up for eight years still rules Richarte. [return]Again, I enjoyed this story the characters romance is more genuine and enjoyable. I felt so many emotions reading this story and enjoyed the whole cast. I was happy the third book was good as the first in the series. FIVE STARS *****

  • Sandra Swartz
    2019-04-02 17:16

    Loved it!!!! The third one was the best of all! It had a HUGE cast of characters, but they were all very unique and lovable. An all around great series.

  • Elle
    2019-04-10 13:07

    I stumbled into this third book in the series without reading the first two, but the author does a good enough job filling in the backstory that you don't need it. I will be getting the first two, though.Sorcha is the princess of a tiny kingdom, sent away to a convent to ride out a nasty revolution (her Grandma reigns as queen and she's the next in line). She was betrothed at a very young age to Rainger, the prince of another, neighboring tiny kingdom, which also had a revolution. That revolution supposedly ended with his death, and his enemy now rules. In truth, Rainger was kept in prison and beaten annually for seven years, and when he finally escapes, he goes to her grandma for help. The queen agrees if he will find her granddaughters, who were hidden away even from her, and marry one of them. For reasons of his own (which never made a lick of sense to me), Rainger disguises himself as a one-eyed, clownish, not too bright fellow at the convent, which is on a remote island north of Scotland. He covertly does things to scare Sorcha, including setting fire to her room in the convent and burning cherished letters from her sisters, then follows her when she leaves the convent and makes for home. He never reveals himself or explains himself, even when it would make sense for him to do so (like before they actually marry--duh). When Sorcha figures out who he really is, of course, the fireworks are pretty good. And she comes up with some pretty good insults for him (dilberry--now that one's a keeper!).More adventures follow, and the story winds up in a satisfying way. Good read.

  • Veronica
    2019-04-20 14:08

    I was excited to finish this series. I remember when I read the first two awhile back (and then re-read them recently) how I looked forward to them. They held up but didn't have the same "punch" I was looking forward to as I did back then. But out of all of them, this was my favorite novel.I liked that we received Raigner's point of view and past more. I had been curious about him in the brief moments he appeared in the last two books. Dodd gave enough to satisfy Raigner's role and background in those books and set up for this one, but I think it was wise to share about Raigner here linked to Sorcha.However, the sheer lame dumbness of Sorcha drove me crazy. She knew nothing of surviving in the world alone and it just bothered me to no end. It was as if her bulb was not screwed in and lit properly. I liked how Dodd wrote about the journey. It was long but she didn't write about every detail thus dragging it along. And in the journey, it was never boring - something was always happening. The ending was very good with no cliffhangers or questions lingering. However, I always get confused with a fight/sword fight scene. It's not just Dodd; it across the board. They are difficult to write, I'm sure.In short, this was a leisurely read. I didn't feel bored and dreading it nor did I feel pent up excitement that I had to keep reading. I appreciate this so I could sleep at night - HA!4 out of 5 Stars

  • Annette
    2019-03-29 18:18

    This is the third in a series about the "Lost Princesses". It has been quite some time since I read the first two books. This book has the required brave and courageous heroine and a hero who is stalwart and true.Sorcha is a princess who has been sent out of her kingdom in order to protect her from the war at home. For years she was hidden away in a convent.When it is evident the time has come for her to return home, the person who will be her protector appears to be a fisherman who is a little less than brilliant and not exactly brave. But, is he?There are misadventures, and dangers along the way.This book is not one of Christina Dodd's very best, but she is such a talented writer that it is far superior to many books written by other authors.I enjoy her humor and her well developed characters. The reader gets to know the people and who they are. The plot is well developed and has twists and turns. We have a romance and an adventure all rolled into one.I recommend this book if you like well written romance with a dollop of mystery thrown in to keep things moving.