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What the world dreads most has already happened. Now, there is only survival. In her dystopian and post-apocalyptic bestselling novel, The China Pandemic, A. R. Shaw created a realistic world after a much too plausible pandemic event. Now, the remaining must not only survive but thrive or risk complete extinction. The story moves forward with... The Cascade Preppers GrahamWhat the world dreads most has already happened. Now, there is only survival. In her dystopian and post-apocalyptic bestselling novel, The China Pandemic, A. R. Shaw created a realistic world after a much too plausible pandemic event. Now, the remaining must not only survive but thrive or risk complete extinction. The story moves forward with... The Cascade Preppers Graham is back in book two of the Graham's Resolution series. In the tiny town of Cascade, Washington, the members of Graham's camp endure a severe winter season. Meanwhile, The Prepper community remains dedicated to isolation and maintains their benevolent relationship.Tensions rise when tragedy strikes. The human traits of community and compassion are pitted against instincts to survive. Will they be doomed by their own efforts to coexist? Read the ongoing saga of Graham's Resolution, Book 2, The Cascade Preppers, for the startling revelation....

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The Cascade Preppers Reviews

  • Tammy K.
    2019-01-12 20:29

    Pros:Great characters! They are so life-like that I feel like I could pick up the phone and talk to them! Character checklist:Fully fleshed out ✔ believable ✔ endearing ✔ Plot:Clear and steady plot-progression ✔ Unexpected twists ✔ Emotionally engaging: ✔ ✔ ✔ This episode brought me to tears of joy and tears of sorrow. Cons:Needs another round of editing. Missing words(usually pronouns).The rush to have every survivor paired off in a relationship. Honestly that got on my last nerve in this episode. It is not the end of the world if a person is and remains single. I feel the 'pairing off' took away from this story as it seemed rushed and forced. Overall, this is an exciting and emotionally moving post apocalyptic book/series that is enjoyable for all ages.

  • Matthikins
    2018-12-26 12:28

    If you liked The China Pandemic,, you'll like the sequel, The Cascade Preppers. Appealing characters and an intriguing, pathogen-based post-apoc scenario with what seem to be well-worked out implications.Rating: 4 [gimme the sequel]

  • part time librarian
    2019-01-12 15:23

    2nd bookLove this series!! Be sure and read the 1st book before this one. Very good and highly recommend it. I am on the way for the next one!

  • Elisa
    2018-12-30 14:21

    Definitely enjoying these books. I like the characters, the struggles and the story. It reads quickly and it doesn't dwell too much on the minutia of daily survival, though it certainly does more than other genres.

  • Maureen
    2018-12-29 12:38

    The quality of book one in this series carries on, though I dropped star because I am feeling as though I haven't been reserved enough with my fours lately. It is higher than a three though, a good 3.5. The characters are likeable and believable, you'll be rooting for them all.

  • Jon
    2019-01-02 17:41

    Loving it so far.This is a great series two books in.i really like Graham and his gang. She even makes you feel bad for the villains. (I found it very hard to dislike campo). Side characters are great. I even sorta enjoy when she veers of for a chapter with them. Wich I usua my dislike more then two point of views.My negative. I think Daltons a pos. I also have a slight dislike for clarisse. Those two would have acted eventually. And the selfish douche didn't even let his wife's body go cold before he had clarissa in his bed.

  • Cheryl Arnett
    2018-12-28 14:31

    Gripping and a fast read. The circumstances were believable and the characters well described, each with there individual flaws and strengths. A good read and I look forward to the next book in this series.

  • Karla N. Colon
    2018-12-26 18:32

    Exciting I really have enjoyed books 1 and 2 and starting book 3. These first of 2 have the right mix of danger and excitement along with prepper a and the poorly prepared. Hope brings survivors together when the could have so easily turned on one another.

  • Robert Moore
    2019-01-17 19:18

    Good readingThis has been a good balance of survivors dealing with resurgent nature as well as some human survivors who are short on humanity. Often these stories treat survival as strictly one warring tribes with nature barely in the mix.

  • Paula Maxwell
    2018-12-25 19:36

    A really great read. I enjoyed reading every page!.This second book in the series was just as mesmerizing as the first book. I truly enjoy A. S. Shaw's writing style, and have enjoyed reading her last two books. I cannot wait to start the third book in this series.

  • sandie chapman
    2019-01-07 12:25

    Wow!Just finished this the second book. Bought the series as soon as I finished the first book. Read this one almost straight through.Story line is scary and believable as are the characters. Now to start the third book!!

  • Hollie G. Boland
    2019-01-13 12:24

    Not as good as the first book.I enjoyed the short read. It just seemed like everything was staged a little to much. But it's worth the money and effort so go read it.

  • Rick Flagstad
    2019-01-04 20:34

    Loved the character development. Sets the stage for further adventures Looking forward to Bood 3 in the Graham's Resolution series.

  • Rose
    2019-01-22 17:21

    Book #2. The saga continues. Not sure I have the desire to read more of the series. I'm taking a break now. Since they are $3.99 right now I might buy the others.

  • Matthew
    2019-01-19 18:48

    Great read !!!!Finished reading this while I was recovering from a bout of bronkidas that almost went into pneumonia during the coldest weather in years . Very fitting .

  • Virginia Night
    2019-01-18 13:26

    Second book strong, I liked this book. The author's prose was interesting creative a positive addition to the genre. I'm looking forward to reading more.

  • Alex
    2019-01-22 15:26

    If you enjoyed the first one, you'll like the 2nd book. but at times there was a little too much happening and a little rushed.

  • David Perry
    2018-12-27 15:19

    This is the second book in a great series. I love "Sheriff". I only wish there series was longer.

  • Debi Murray
    2019-01-01 15:48

    I really wish A. R. Shaw would invest in a proofreader, but other than that I am enjoying this series of books.

  • Joe Amber
    2019-01-05 20:45

    Amazing piece of literature. A.R. Shaw writes an incredibly plausible work of fiction. Its scary in its possibilities. Love this author, love these books, love these characters, and love this series. finally it left me with moments of pure joy, followed by intense emotional pain. A big sign that this may be one of the better books Ive ever read. If you can make this guy cry you've really done some amazing writing

  • Sherry Fundin
    2018-12-29 20:38

    This is book II of Graham’s Resolution and I have not read Book I, The China Pandemic. I felt have read enough of these books, that I could guess a lot of what happened in Book I and it wouldn’t affect me in my ability to read this one.The Cascade Preppers is an apocalyptic novel that borders on reality. I quickly became familiar with the characters and the back story. I felt their fear and wondered who would live and who would die. I had a good idea of how it would end, plus or minus an event or two, but I had a good time with the gang. I immediately felt Addy would play an important part.The China pandemic – a flu that wiped out the majority of the population leaving pockets of people that survived the initial onslaught. Some doctors today believe that will be our downfall.The Preppers (who are clear of the virus) lived on one side of the river and the Carriers (those infected with the virus) on the other. No one knows the long term results, so they stay divided. They do not mix, because of the danger of passing the disease to those uninfected.Clarisse was their hope of finding a cure. What if they found a vaccine? Would it create immunity and allow them to interact with their neighbors, the Carriers? Even if they found a vaccine, could the virus mutate and bring about the need for another vaccine?Their doctor is a vet and everyone is thankful for his skills.Graham and Tala are a couple. She found out she was pregnant. It raised questions some wouldn’t think about – what happens if you are pregnant and a carrier? What will the baby be? Would you have it or abort it? Would do what was needed to keep the majority safe at the sacrifice of the individual.Would you want to be one of the first to go or one of those left to figure out how to rebuild the world? Would you be one of those people, you know, “Why Me?”What about relationships? Would you choose what would be beneficial for the group, no matter your own needs and desires?Inner hidden strengths people never knew they had would rise to the surface. People would learn what is most important in life. They would need to get past all the pettiness and accept people as they are, foibles and all. The need to work together, combining everyone’s strengths may enable all to survive. Rebuilding the world would be done one person at a time.A lot about the The Cascade Preppers is pretty predictable, but I love these books. I feel they are bordering on the truth of what will be the worlds’ downfall. The writing is detailed and realistic. The shift of POV messed with me here and there, but I did like knowing what each person was doing and thinking through their own eyes. Next, Sam checked the wind direction by lifting the end of his barrel into the air. The thread tied to the end of this gun barrel floated up and slightly behind them . Now that is realism. It is descriptions like this that make the story so believable.I have watched a lot of the Alaskan reality shows on TV and find it reminiscent of what people would need to do to survive an apocalypse. It makes it easier for me to imagine what these characters are going through and visualize their actions. An injury in such a remote area could end your life and that would be the same for the characters here. Damage or scarcity of their food supply could cause them to starve to death. What would a psychologist think of a nightmare about being chased by a giant safety pin? LOLI received this ebook in return for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Autumn
    2019-01-17 17:43

    Despite the author's attitude, I owed it to her to check this book out because I do feel that her characters and plot show promise. I hoped that she would improve in her craft and bring her writing up to par with the level of promise the characterizations and plot had promised. I should have known better by her disposition and response to my review for the first book.To be fair with this review (as I was in the review of the first book), I will let readers know that I only read the first chapter of Cascade Preppers (for the first book I read over 50% of the novel). As for the GSP... spelling has greatly improved, but the grammar and punctuation, while not as bad as the several edited (and I use the word 'edited', loosely) versions of the first book, it is still lacking. Not what I expect and demand from a novel that I would purchase.I had hoped it would be tolerable enough for me to continue on to find out what happens to the great characters Ms. Shaw has created, but it is not. Great characters and an interesting plot are only a few of the building blocks of a successful (or readable) story. I found Graham's internalized misogyny, as evidenced by this quote, to be disturbing:“Tala had proven herself to be level headed, more so than most of the women Graham had ever encountered.”It was the 'had ever encountered' bit that got my inner feminist screaming for blood and realizing that instead of the structure of her writing rising to the level of the characters and plot, that the characters were diving to meet the sub-par writing standard.I will not give Ms. Shaw another chance and for those that demand a certain standard of writing, I doubt this series is for you. By all means, grab a sample and try it out, but do so before opening your wallet or I fear you will be incredibly disappointed.Thanks to Amazon Prime, I was able to borrow this book without wasting my money.

  • Tara
    2019-01-12 14:26

    There's a lot going on in this book. Pretty much anything that can go wrong for the Carriers and the Preppers, does. (Graham's Resolution 2: Murphy's Law?) I don't want to give too much away, but the entire book is an almost never-ending stream of crises that the characters have to deal with in a post-apocalyptic world with limited resources. As with the first book, this one could also use an editorial overhaul. I was more willing to let it slide the first time around; now, with the second book in the series showing the same types of errors as the first (despite myself and other reviewers mentioning the problems), I find myself less willing to overlook them. Things like comma errors, missing words, stilted dialogue (not using contractions), and so forth. As both a reader and a writer, I found the mistakes very irritating and distracting; they pulled me out of what was otherwise and interesting story.Shaw's characterization is great - there are quite a few characters, but they're all written with a unique voice (even the twins, Marcy and Macy) so that the reader is easily able to differentiate them. Even the less-than-lovable characters are well crafted, and you're likely to find yourself emotionally invested in what happens to Graham and his crew of survivors. The ending to this one, while it also has its sad points, is more uplifting and cheerful than the ending of the first book. Overall, the storytelling is good and the plot is interesting, so despite the editing issues I'll be looking for the next book in the series. "The Cascade Preppers" is an interesting (and frightening, in the sense that it's realistic enough that the events are actually feasible) book that's worth reading if you can get past the editorial issues. Without those issues, this book would be a solid four stars for me.

  • Paul DiBara
    2018-12-27 18:29

    The bonding among Graham's adopted, extended family, deepens in this, the second of the series. While luck seemed to play the major role in the first book, skills learned and maturity, accelerated by survival instincts, keep the group in tact in this episode. Each of the characters faces, and overcomes, life threatening challenges.The vastly better prepared and equipped Prepper Group, who have not been exposed to the virus are both fearful and fascinated by Graham's motley group. The personalities, actions, and tensions of the Prepper group come into their own in the story. Expanding the story to include these folks adds a new level of interest that makes things even more intriguing .I also appreciate the fact that each of these first two books can be read as stand alone novels and not written simply to entice the reader to move on to the next book in the series. Because the stories are well written readers who like the story line will want to follow the further adventures and development of each of the characters.

  • Teon
    2019-01-08 16:39

    Read it in one sitting.This series is a great post apocalyptic saga. The population has been decimated by biological weapon, killing 98% of the population. Graham has collected a small group that has bonded as a family and now they must survive a terrible winter. A. R. Shaw impresses the heck out of me. Her characters are strong. You feel like you know them. You can't help but feel caught up in the blizzard w/ them.

  • UncleDave Avis
    2019-01-22 20:19

    What a great adventure series! This author is a highly effective wordcrafter who entertains, educates, and leaves us armchair adventurers wanting more! I’ll use the same review for each of the books as they fit hand in glove with each other.The author develops the characters to be believable , realistic, and the kind of people we all have for neighbors. The enemies are real and active today.Thanks for an outstanding series. You are one of my favorite authors. Keep writing!

  • Elizabeth Evans
    2019-01-11 15:47

    A good way to while away some hours.This series is a nice diversionary read. While not finely drawn, there are enough details to the characters to keep the reader engaged. I almost stopped after the first book because of the dialog, but I'm glad I decided to over look that flaw. The author does consider elements that most novels of this genre overlook and I appreciated that attention to detail. A decent summer fling.

  • Claire Barber
    2019-01-01 18:30

    I was pleased to get a copy of the second book in the Graham's Resolution series "The Cascade Preppers" and it was worth the wait. I read it in one sitting and was sorry when it ended. The author has done an excellent job of developing the plot and characters and the ending left me longing for the next tale in the series.

  • Cathy Georgia
    2018-12-31 18:26

    Post apocalypticVery good book. Enough action to keep you interested and many well developed characters. Even with the poor proofreading, kept me going through the entire book. Looking forward to reading book 3.

  • randy hepfer
    2019-01-12 14:19

    A great cast of charactersThis is a great story with plenty of action and it shows how people can bond with others they don't know in a time of crisis. It's a nice change from many dystopian stories that emphasis mass carnage and lots of killing.