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From the moment Amanda Perkins first laid eyes on Bachelor Number Five on her favorite dating show, she knew it was love at first sight. Handsome, smart and kind, Grant Hutchinson is everything she's ever dreamed of in a man. The problem? She's not a contestant. And she lives halfway across the country. These small details aren't about to stop Amanda, who will do whateverFrom the moment Amanda Perkins first laid eyes on Bachelor Number Five on her favorite dating show, she knew it was love at first sight. Handsome, smart and kind, Grant Hutchinson is everything she's ever dreamed of in a man. The problem? She's not a contestant. And she lives halfway across the country. These small details aren't about to stop Amanda, who will do whatever it takes to win her man. This novel is the first volume in Kenneth Rosenberg's "Bachelor Series" about a group on young professionals living in the same Hollywood apartment building. This series includes: "The Extra - A Bachelor Series Prequel" - A stand alone novel now available. "Bachelor Number Five - The Bachelor Series, Volume I" "Bachelor Number Nine - The Bachelor Series, Volume II" - Coming fall 2014 "Bachelor of Arts - The Bachelor Series, Volume III" - Coming spring 2015...

Title : Bachelor Number Five
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Bachelor Number Five Reviews

  • Liz
    2019-01-11 13:23

    The moral of the story to take away from this book is good. Never put a person on a pedestal if you don’t know them and if you don’t know them, don’t judge them either.This was a superquick read and rather entertaining as well. I was hesitant at first to accept this book from Kenneth as I warned him that I usually rip romances into bits. He said he’d take his chances! Thanks Kenneth! I ended up enjoying the book :)So, was there anything wrong with this book? Probably not. It makes a perfect read for the ladies. A small town girl pining for a boyfriend becomes infatuated with a guy on a dating show.She ups and and quits her job and moves across the country to change her life into something worth living for and even though she keeps saying she didn’t move to meet B Nr 5, she does become a bit stalkerish. Amanda meets a lot of new people and her new life will take off in unexpected directions. Yes, I know, this sounds like a disaster, but it was really entertaining to read. I wasn’t really rooting for Amanda, but rather I wanted to see where the trainwreck ended up coming to a stop.Amanda, to me, came across as naive and a bit obsessive but I am sure what with the new life in LA, she’ll cop on a bit. Sure, it was her small town girl awkwardness and innocence that appealed to one of the men in the book but my god, she was a hopeless romantic when it came to love. I don’t mean to sound bitter, but the girl was obviously delusional and had watched too many Disney princesses ending up happily ever after.In parts there was too much detail written into the story, the aul “she walked to the car, out her hand in the bag, fished around for the carkeys, found them at the bottom, opened the car door and drove home” kind of thing (not a direct quote from the book, just an example). But as the story moved on, the author seemed to get his footing a bit better. With more action the need to explain every single thing seemed to fall to the background and that was great.Even though Amanda and Lauren (Amanda’s new flatmate) end up “fixed”, they did leave a sour feeling for me through the rest of the book. Women, are we really this daft? All we are after is a rich sexy boyfriend, a house in the suburbs, get some kids, adopt a labrador and we’d be sorted? Knock-knock! Hello, this is real life!My rating: 3*** (I Liked it)- It was lighthearted, not too much drama but just enough, plenty of action to keep the interest levels up and some funny bits too. Girls, have a read.

  • Mandy
    2019-01-01 15:29

    *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review as part of LibraryThing's Members Giveaway program. This is a detailed review and brief plot spoilers may follow.*I have a small confession to make. I, like the protagonist in this book, am named Amanda. (Quite obviously, unless you haven’t gotten a peek at my username. Lol) But I also, like the protagonist in this book, have quite the crush on a celebrity. So I sort of understood her captivation with her guy, even if that does make us two peanuts sharing a shell. My head’s not in the clouds about my crush, however, and I would never go to those lengths to pursue anyone, much less a public figure that I know nothing about aside from PR-dictated and carefully crafted/worded interviews. I’m more skeptical of public figures than Amanda was, which is why our camaraderie ended at her immediate acceptance of the person she saw on TV; her immediate thought that this man was going to be everything he portrayed on TV and would fall into her arms. This is the age of reality, where nothing is actually ‘real,’ and at this stage in the game I just thought that was common knowledge. I found it painfully, if not almost dangerously, naïve for Amanda to completely leave her life behind, shack up with a stranger across the country, and go into full-blown stalker mode for someone she hardly knows. The plan never made sense to me; it seemed rather ridiculous from the beginning and even more so once she actually started to execute it after moving to La La Land, and I wondered how she didn’t see that. I initially thought that Amanda’s naivety was the cause of an author-dictated ‘small town, small mind’ mentality so that we could see just how disconnected her town was from the rest of the world, until I realized that she was the only one thinking that way. Not even her best friend went to the extent that she did; didn’t even want to. I understood Amanda’s captivation to the level of wishing oneself was the lucky gal, but isn’t that the rub with a celebrity crush anyway? It’s not necessarily meant to be pursued, but I think that ultimately Amanda’s desire to have a different life might have pushed her to pick up and make a new life for herself somewhere else. Number Five was the physical manifestation of the desires she wanted in life, and even though I thought she was completely bonkers to do what she did, I have to admire her courage in doing it. If she hadn’t had the thought that she’d win her dream guy over, she probably never would have left her hometown. Subconsciously knowing that she belonged somewhere else, I think attaching herself to Bachelor Number Five and becoming fed up with her lot in life gave her the courage to seek out what she wanted. She found it, but nearly screwed it up before realizing it. I wanted to smack her silly for going with Five when she already had Peter, someone she’d nearly ruined a developing friendship with her roommate (and only LA-based friend) for, waiting for her. It was an incredibly selfish move, but at the same time I suppose her thought was that she’d never have the opportunity again, so she had to take the road. After all, it was what brought her to LA. Despite the fact that by that time I wanted to smack her one, I understood that this was something she needed to do. I also liked that at the end of the story, everyone had received what they really wanted and Amanda was brought back to reality. Funny enough, my favorite characters in this book were not the major characters at all. In fact, all of the major players ended up annoying me to no end. Peter didn’t really annoy me; he was just completely bland and I wasn’t sure why both Lauren and Amanda fell over themselves for him, but I can say that I appreciated his candor about his life before Amanda came along. Throughout the book I found myself more interested in some of the minor characters Amanda interacted with rather than the main folks involved. I kind of figured Number Five would end up being the typical Hollywood type as they often are in these books, so that didn’t surprise me. The tiny part of me that identified with Amanda kind of wanted him to at least be a decent guy, giving her the opportunity to knowingly turn him down in favor of who and what she really wanted. She only turned Five down because he ended up being a horrible guy and shattered her idol worship of him. I was more annoyed with the plot of the story than I was with how it was written; I thought everything was descriptive enough for me to visualize everything as I was reading along, and I did get a good feel for the main characters and their motivations (no matter how dumb some of those motivations may have been lol). An important factor for me when reading books is if there’s conflict or some sort of flaw hindering one of the characters, I enjoy watching the character evolve throughout the book and come to some healthier realizations, even if they hurt at first to deal with. I saw that in this book, with Amanda as she had to confront her rather unrealistic dreams concerning Five and the clash they created when she fell in love with Peter, with Lauren as she came to her own realizations concerning Peter and her current relationship, and even with Peter as he fell in love with Amanda. I think Mr. Rosenberg did a great job of showing the reader both the logical side to 99% of situations involving celebrity adoration and how if we just have the courage to follow what we’re after, we may end up with exactly what we wanted, even if it involves taking a detour to get there.

  • Cherye Elliott
    2018-12-27 13:28

    Bachelor #5What a fun read. Enjoyed the book throughout. I like reading the difference on how men and women view sex. Puts things in perspective. Enjoy the book as much as I.

  • Emily
    2018-12-26 19:01

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book. Oh man, where do I start with this book. I knew going into this that it would probably be relatively light chick-lit fluff. I didn't expect that fluff to be the contents of every single character's head.Our main character Amanda is a small town girl who likes to remind everyone around her, including the reader that she's just a small town girl. That's one of the main defining character traits she possesses. The other main character trait she has is the fact that she's literally a stalker. That's not even an exaggeration. She picked up her life and moved across the country in hopes of tracking down and getting together with a guy she's never even met before.What else is there to her? Honestly not much, I had to just go look up her name because I'd forgotten what it was. She's incredibly dumb. She didn't understand the fact that reality television is scripted. On one occasion she nearly started a verbal fight with one of the actors because she had the audacity to have a life that differed from what happened in the show. (That bitch, what does she think she's doing kissing the man who's probably her boyfriend outside the show? Doesn't she know those men competing for $500,000 are actually invested in their relationship with her?) It was ridiculous.Actually, I take that back. What was ridiculous was the fact that she expected one of the other actors, a bachelor she liked, to act exactly like his character in real life. Seriously? She idolised him and then got angry when he didn't fit in with her expectations of him. (view spoiler)[I'm not even going to go into the sexual assault thing because it seemed like a ridiculous thing to put in (for the sole purpose of shattering her fantasy of this "perfect guy") and the aftermath was really not handled well at all. (hide spoiler)]On top of that, it seemed like every female was the perfect example of the overly-attached psycho ex-girlfriend. Amanda not only stalks an actor across the country, using the internet to find places he worked and hung out to increase her chances of running across him. But she also ends up sleeping with another guy once and the morning after starts picturing them married with children. I'm sorry, but what? She then proceeds to get angry, storm out, and completely ignore the guy when he acts slightly hesitant about their relationship (because they'd slept together once and hadn't actually gotten into a relationship). Then later when he does come back and say he wants to get together with her she has the audacity to act offended. Like, "god can you believe him? What would make him think I'd get together with someone like him?" I literally couldn't deal with it. I feel bad for Peter.This book had a few okay moments splashed between awkward, uncomfortable, and just downright ridiculous scenes. (The "hello neighbour" part with Amanda and Peter made me have to put the book down for a few minutes because I was unable to handle the mixture of shocked laughter and second-hand embarrassment.)This review is also posted on LibraryThing.

  • Kathy
    2018-12-23 20:20

    This is a cute story that has some turns and twists I never anticipated. I found the story to be both an enjoyable and an easy read, the kind of book to settle down with on a nice summer afternoon, at the pool, the beach or an air conditioned room. Amanda has a big time crush on Bachelor Number Five and leaves her small hometown to pursue him many miles away. I did find it rather naive that a woman would just up and leave, driving hours in pursuit of a man she does not know and has never met—and who is currently on a reality show on TV. I am not sure what exactly she expected to happen, how or even if, she could meet him and how or if anything could follow any meeting. However, Amanda sets off in pursuit of her dream man. I think the author showed us a young woman dissatisfied with her life as it was currently and ready to move on to something exciting, and the chasing after (actually stalking, in truth) a man she has fallen for on TV was just a convenient way for her to get moving on with her life. Life for Amanda I her new city settles in well. She has a roommate, who is okay, though a bit overbearing and definitely very judgmental and biased, a job at a burger joint, new friends. Everything seems to fall together nicely—almost too nicely to be very realistic. Amanda sets out to find her “true love”, but when she finds him, things go in a different direction from what she had imagined. The story does have several surprising twists and turns that held my attention, especially the ending. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this rather short book. I think anyone looking for a quick escape would also enjoy it. I look forward to reading more by this author, especially in this series. I received his to read and review from Library Thing.

  • Sassy Beta Reading & Review
    2019-01-23 19:16

    Not what I expected...but that's ok!This was a pretty fast read. I really enjoyed it. The characters were entertaining, their dialogue engaging and the story concept good.This was a sweet read with no sexy bits but that is okay. If you are looking for a steamy read, this is not the book for you, but if you need a cute read, be sure to check this one out. This is book one of the series. Written as a single pov.Would I recommend this book? SureWould I read more from this author? Probably if the price is right.

  • Ashley
    2019-01-02 19:13

    What a super cute story! I watch the Bachelor like most of the nation, and I read so I know what they're really like, and I think Kenneth hit them pretty square on. I did think Amanda was a bit loony, up and quitting her job to traipse after some fictional character, but a lot of women are that crazy, so it's not unrealistic. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series, and am so thankful Kenneth offered me a copy of this one to read!*Received an ARC for honest review.*

  • Georgiann Hennelly
    2018-12-28 13:13

    When Amanda Perkins first saw Bachelor number Five on her favorite dating show. She fell in love.Handsome, kind, and smart Grant Hutchinson is everything she wants in a man. The only problem ? She is not a contestant. Plus she lives half way across the country. But these small details won't stop Amanda. She will do what ever it takes to get her man.I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

  • Diane Werning
    2019-01-21 16:31

    Bachelor Number Five( The Bachelor Series,Volume1)This has got to be one of the cutest love stories I have read in a long time.It was also written by a man.I am not saying this to be sexist either.Amanda and Peter were destined to meet even though she moved to California to meet a tv show guy.When she finally does meet the jerk from tv boy was she disappointed.Things are not always as they seem.I recommend this book to every one,such a good feel book.

  • J.L.
    2019-01-22 19:10

    I think this is the first male author I have read that writes romance. It is a quick easy read. I would say a beach read. I little bit of angst but all and all a cute little story with a HEA. I will read the next book in the series Bachelor Number Nine and see what is up with that storyline. This book was a free ebook. I believe it might always be available or available from time to time to entice you to read this author.Happy reading.

  • Malin
    2019-01-20 14:27

    I really liked this book, although I was a bit surprised the way it took another turn almost at the end. It is not your usual love story, it has some twists and turns you won´t expect. I thought it ended just a little to fast, would have love to get more of a story in the end but I am hoping to read more about them in the authors next book about her sister and "Bachelor Number Nine".

  • Dee Cash
    2019-01-14 20:24

    Bachelor Number Five--RidiculousThe author of Bachelor Number Five, Kenneth Rosenberg, must be new at writing. The book is filled with errors. The story line, a woman who is naive enough to drive from Iowa to Hollywood to track down and meet a man she saw on a "reality" show, is ridiculous. There's no such person that native in existence.

  • Alexandra
    2018-12-28 17:17

    Super cornyGirl stalks guy from a tv show, moves to los Angeles to find him , of course she finds him, he immediately wants to date her, he's not what was expected, she cries, falls in love with her neighbor who was a commitment phobe but turns monogamous when he meets her. The end.

  • Norma Reasor
    2019-01-10 14:17

    God romanceNow, isn't it silly? I was hesitant to read a romance novel written by a man, and it really was silly. I loved it. Highly recommend. I will read more of this author. Looking forward to it.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2018-12-25 19:04

    There is a disturbing reality to this book, a few lessons to be learned and a healthy dollop of mocking.Read full review in the 2014 October issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • Brooke Williams
    2019-01-20 13:11

    Cute storyThis is a cute little love story that involves reality shows a bit. I would have liked more insight into the show. And other than one scene it's a clean read. I enjoyed it but wasn't overly invested.

  • gisele
    2019-01-20 21:06

    Good readingThis was a good book for a little bit of lite reading. I always love a book where the girl always gets her man.

  • Dyanna Dye
    2018-12-25 20:10

    Started reading this last night and realized I had already read it. It was a good book.

  • Linda
    2019-01-13 20:25

    Did not like this book that well. I did not give it much of a rating but not my kind of booK.

  • Phyllis
    2018-12-31 17:19

    The story was okay, but there were multiple uses of crude language.

  • Pam Koenig
    2019-01-16 16:22

    Sorry, couldn't finishUnlikable characters, too many descriptions of everyday things. Main characters act more like teenagers than adults. This was not my type of story.

  • Rene
    2019-01-04 17:01

    EnjoyingI really enjoyed reading this book. It was great to see how someone from the Midwest can adjust to the Hollywood scene. I'm glad that she stayed with Peter.