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Gabby's brain is like a human fish finder. It comes in handy when she wants to avoid people. Mostly men. They seem to like her a bit too much. It's lonely being different, but she's adapted to it. Really. She just wishes she knew why she is different, though.In her search for answers, she discovers a hidden community of werewolves. She immerses herself in their culture, leGabby's brain is like a human fish finder. It comes in handy when she wants to avoid people. Mostly men. They seem to like her a bit too much. It's lonely being different, but she's adapted to it. Really. She just wishes she knew why she is different, though.In her search for answers, she discovers a hidden community of werewolves. She immerses herself in their culture, learning about their world until she meets Clay. He's unkempt, prone to mood swings, intense without saying a word, and he thinks Gabby is his.It's going to take every trick she knows to convince Clay to go away, and every bit of willpower not to fall for him when she discovers the man beneath the rough exterior.Judgement has begun......

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Hope(less) Reviews

  • Karen Lynch
    2018-12-24 18:53

    I didn’t know what to expect when I started to read this book and I was prepared for another girl-meets-werewolf type story. But this book took me by surprise and knocked me backwards with its different approach to a usually typical love story. It was one of the sweetest, most beautiful love stories I’ve read in a long time. The characters, the voice, the pacing all blended to make this book so captivating for me that I could not put it down. The beginning was a little weird for me, how easily Gabby accepted the existence of werewolves and how she let herself be pushed into the Introductions (explained in the book) but it did not take long for me to be hooked.This book won’t be for everyone. If you like the alpha male character who sweeps the girl off her feet against her protests, this is not for you. If you like a strong, silent male who, through his actions and his total devotion, wins the girl’s heart, then read this – you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to start the next book in this series.

  • T.J. Shaw
    2019-01-04 18:48

    What a delightful book this turned out to be! I got it on a whim (it was free on Amazon and the blurb sounded interesting) and really didn’t know what to expect. I decided to read a few pages before going to bed and two hours later, I was still in my chair with Kindle in hand, reading!HOPE(LESS) is written in first POV from Gabby’s perspective and I loved Gabby’s voice. She is a young woman coming into herself who has the ability to see people in different colors. Because of this second sight and the fact she’s different, she discovers that werewolves are real. This isn’t a typical were/human type of story. In fact, Ms. Haag’s take on the genre is not only unique, but really enjoyable. Clay is the wolf who is destined to be Gabby’s mate and although she tries to get rid of him, he persists in courting her in a fun (and totally unexpected) way throughout most of the book. I won’t give up any details about their burgeoning relationship, but Ms. Haag did a fabulous job building it.HOPE(LESS) is a young adult romance that packs a clean punch. I enjoyed it immensely.

  • Nikki Jefford
    2018-12-26 17:48

    He cooks. He cleans. He makes sure there's chocolate cake in the fridge.In short, I love Clay! Just the name.He's the silent sexy type. And loyal. There were so many cute, humorous parts when Clay is in fur form. Those bits reminded me of the 1959 version of The Shaggy Dog. At least Clay has control over his transformations! Gabby was sweet and kind. Instantly likeable.Overall, the story really flowed. I like fast, fun reads so Hope(less) was right up my alley and I look forward to digging into book two in the series!

  • Naksed
    2018-12-31 14:33

    This is a case of it's not you, it's me. I don't think I am the right audience for this book. I do think it is well written and creative. I am not into the paranormal genre but overall, I was entertained by the fantasy world in this book. I am thinking a teenage audience would eat this up. I could not connect with the heroine. She was so self-centered, annoying, and a total Mary Sue. To top it all off, she is "cursed" with the ability to attract the entire male population. *eye roll* Meanwhile, hero is a werewolf who is the cutest and most loyal little puppy. Problem is that it does not make for a very memorable hero nor does it create adequate conflict between the protags when one is so tame, and the other has him wrapped around her finger. He worships the ground she walks on and basically becomes her live-in housekeeper, moral support, and financial support all in one. While she is irresistible to all men and werewolves, and goes on dates and to parties where she continually interacts with these love struck fools, she is his only focus because once a wolf finds his mate, that's it. No one else exists for him. There is a mystery subplot about the werewolf world which may or may not be infiltrated by a rebellious group bent on destroying the heroine and other humans like her who attract and can breed with wolf mates. I was not the slightest bit interested unfortunately. It got to be really tedious and by the cliffy ending, I lost all interest in pursuing this series. I just read this author's fairy tale retelling of Beauty and the Beast and decided to give this book a chance based on the strength of her writing and vision in that series. Sorry to say this was not for me.

  • Katrina
    2018-12-30 20:42

    What I found hard to deal with:• The main character is a vulnerable 16yo with an unnatural ability and a trend to attract constant unwanted male attention but which appears to manifest itself only when it is convenient for the plot.• She meets an old man with a hidden agenda who insinuates himself in to her life under a guise of assisting her with her specific characteristic. • He is a member of a hidden group and her characteristic would help to find a particular member of his group to imprint on and be able to breed with, therefore benefiting the group.• She moves out of her foster care home to live with him while he continues to deceive her of his true motivations.• On regular bases over next two years she is taken in to a secret compound where she is exposed to a numerous males.• Even if she does not want to do it, she complies with this because she feels an obligation toward the old man as he provides her with a place to live.• She acquires a stoker who is controlling and moves in to her house under false pretence.• The stalker manipulates the situation by restricting communication pathway.• Over period of time, she imprints on the stocker. I have just two questions: 1. Considering we meet our heroine when she was 16yo and in a foster care – WHERE THE HELL WERE CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES????2. Why does this skeleton of the story feels to me very creepy and not at least romantic?

  • Vanessa Vendrasco-Aere
    2019-01-10 17:32

    http://bookbutterflyreviews.blogspot.caNow, in exchange for a free copy of her novel, I am to give Melissa Haag's book an honest review. And anyone who reads my reviews knows that I am nothing but brutally honest. Melissa told me that she had read in one of my previous posts on my blog where I had mentioned that there weren't any REALLY good werewolf books anymore, most aren't even decent. She wanted the change to prove me wrong. And it is to my GREAT pleasure to say that not only did she prove me wrong, she blew me out of the water. And I'm not just saying that because I received this book for free. I don't tell people what they want to hear, I tell them how it is... my family and friends know that this has been a long standing problem of mine :pNOW TO THE REVIEW! Lets start with the top 4 things I loved: character development, good pace, uniqueness, and most importantly, a slow and subtle romance. Character development- All of Haag's characters are so well rounded. Especially the main characters, as it should be, with a slight exception Rachel, the best friend. I would have liked more back story on her, but I'm not going to complain with what I did get. All of the characters reactions made sense and were so realistic. What ever you didn't understand was explained... this is what good writing looks like people, if you ever had any doubts, look here.Uniqueness- This is what drew me in. Right of the bat, the first chapter, I read about something that I had never encountered in another book. A girl who essentially has a 'human' (and I do use this word lightly) radar, a mile radius around her. It's a bit more complicated than that, but I will let you discover that for yourself. To find material that I haven't read before is so rare that I have to take a moment and appreciate it when it happens. This was such a case. Good pace- Now, I say this with a grain of salt. If I could only voice one complaint, it was that the beginning of the novel was NOT well paced. There were time loops everywhere. And event would happen then it would be 2 weeks later, the a couple months later, then some more weeks, then BAM, two years later. After finishing the novel, I can understand why Haag did this. She needed a lot of time to pass in a very short space. However, I would have loved to see the development between Sam and Gabby. I would have liked to see the first instance where a guy came on too strongly with her (a constant problem for Gabby... for reasons you shall figure out when you read this book!), I would have liked to see the steps she took to be who she was when we had that huge 2 year time jump. Now saying my two-cents, this was the only instance where I disapproved of her time jumps. A lot of authors make the mistake of NOT taking leaps in time so the whole novel plays out in the matters of days or weeks... thats usually so much more unrealistic. Setting the majority of the novel at a constant, and APPROPRIATE pace did wonders for the story itself. Figuring out that timing shows how natural of a writer Melissa Haag is. LAST, but no least, a slow and steady romance- this is the biggest problem with werewolf novels now a days. With very few exceptions, BAM the love interests are thrown together and with little to no restraint or conflict, they become infatuated with each other. Haag did NOT make this mistake. Gabby and Clay's romance develops slowly and naturally. Shifts in their relationship are so subtle, I had to stop and think, 'Whoa, when did this happen!' And I mean that in the best possible way. I think this may have been the best timed, and played out relationship that I have ever read without driving the reader nuts. How's THAT for a compliment for you. If I have one last complaint, it would be that Gabby's 'radar ability' was kind of ignored in the middle of the novel. It wasn't talked about much and was only brought up when it was convent for that moment. At the beginning of the novel, Gabby uses it all of the time. That shift was weird for me and I didn't like it much, but Haag rectified herself and brought it back with a very interesting explanation behind this mysterious power at the end, so, I guess I can deal.I know this was a HUGE review, but I just had so much to say I guess. I definitely didn't think I had that much to say! And I just want to leave on one good note before I leave you: To play the suspense in the novel out so well... I must simply applaud you Melissa! I could not put this book down for a second, it was simply wonderful! A 10/10 for me, and that is not something I give lightly!

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    2019-01-20 12:46

    Pretty good.So, I was just reading some other reviews on Amazon and came across this description that made a lot of sense and I think if I had read it before I started the book I would have enjoyed it better. I figured I'd share in my review so others might have a better understanding going in. Anyway, from LSparkles review: "There are basically two paranormal elements in this series. The obvious one is shifter/werewolf aspect. The other is that the six female counterparts to these male shifters have a supernatural ability themselves, each one different and yet their abilities will end up intertwining." Each book focuses on a different couple and I'm guessing each heroine will have a different ability. I don't think that's giving away too much world building, and again I think I would have liked to know that before going in. Gabby’s always been a little different, being able to see peoples inner light (not sure how to describe it) and for some reason has an unnaturally strong appeal to men. Because of this, and losing her family and having to be raised in foster care, she has built up some pretty think walls. She is about to be kicked out of her latest foster home when she is walking home from the park and runs into a werewolf. I thought Gabby was a pretty likable character. Considering her background, I could understand her strong desire to live her life and make her own choices. She wants to get out on her own, go to college, start a career and be self reliant. She does not want to be “claimed” by a werewolf at just eighteen and be tied to someone who will prevent her from fulfilling those dreams. I liked that she was always looking for the good in people, especially those close to her, yet was careful not to let people take advantage of her. Clay was an interesting character. Still not quite sure what to think about him. Mild spoiler, he doesn’t speak for pretty much the entire book. We’re left having to get to know him in a totally different way. Based on his actions and how he treats Gabby we learn that he’s a pretty great guy. I think the book would have been strong if it had switched POV so we could really get to know him better though. And I admit, I was expecting a little more in regards to *why* he never spoke to Gabby. I thought his reasoning was a little anti-climatic. Could just be me though. I still thought they had a good relationship and it does grow throughout the story, which takes place a little over six months. I like that it took place over a longer time frame.I thought the werewolf mythology was unique, but could have been developed a little more. Same with Gabby’s talents, which I thought could have been explained a little better. I was kind of confused by that. I’m guessing it will be explained a little more in future books, although it’s my understanding that the following books each focus on a different H/h. I did think it was a little slow in places, but overall an enjoyable read that kept my interest. ContentRomance: Clean, just kissing and mild innuendo. Talk about roommate spending the night at her boyfriends house and vice versa. Language: MildViolence: Mild, not overly descriptive fight sceneReligious: NoneSeries: Book One, Judgment of the Six*Casting provided by Kathy Jo @ KJ's Book Nook

  • Becca
    2019-01-14 20:30

    Okay so first and foremost I would like to Thank Melissa Haag, a ton a ton, not only for directing me to her book but also because she asked for an honest review. Which i will give. As I always do, and just because i got this book for free does NOT make me sway in any direction, if you don't believe me check out the link at the bottom of this review and you can see other books i have done this for. So with that said, one more time Thank you Melissa that was very kind of you. Lets start this review shall we?that is how i am feeling right about now. But that is the only gif that i am going to do, sorry that isn't really my style for reviews, i use them in status updates but I like to explain why either a) i love a book - which i loved this book and i will tell you why in a moment b) i want to know what happens, what characters are like, if it is worth my time. And YES, yes this book is worth you time. I will get the gushing in just a few moments let me go pick a songSong choice: "Heavy In Your Arms" by Florence + the Machine, and i am going to pick another or two i just don't know what to pick... "Always" by Panic! At The Disco and finally "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. So while annoying my twin with how much i loved this book, i forgot to mention how even thought i think that this book might say it is YA i didn't get that vibe at all, that is not to say that this book has sex scenes, sorry kids but it does, but it doesn't have that High School vibe where the characters feel juvenile, they are mature, understanding (and actually Gabby our MC is going to college so there is that).... Alright so be warned for this first little bit i am going to gush. OMGOSH PLEASE READ THIS BOOK because one you will not regret it, both combined with its beautiful sculpted voice, and unbelievably beautiful love story you will have a hard time pulling yourself away from the book to oh i don't know, sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, or you know breath.... well actually you will breathe i can almost guarantee at least one loving sigh. Going into this book i was expecting this really action packed, prophecy book just because of the idea of being judged or what nots but that isn't the story really. And this is coming from a girl who usually gets pretty bored when bad guys aren't popping up at least every chapter, i mean there are a lot of books i love that don't do that but still. Anyways moving on from that thought. Words can't describe how easily i fell in love with everything about this book. I will try to keep the rest of my review not as gushy but be warned.Okay thoughts on plot: I love all things werewolves, lets put that out there right now. I love them can't help it i just do. The strange thing about this book is that even if you are more of a vampire lover i think that you could handle this book, its not pushing the pack mentality too much, and it doesn't really force you into the soulmate rule, which i think is one of the greatest things about this novel. I know that Soulmate rule is used in most of all types of paranormal now, even if that isn't what is its called that is what i call it, always. Anyways the problem with Soulmate rule is that it happens fast and the characters never really get to do that whole building up to what could be a beautiful, meaningful relationship. While this book has soulmate rule, it doesn't act like it, the two are meant to be together yes, but what you have a character who actually resist it, not that fact resisting where they do it for two chapters than say screw it! No, there is a real build in their relationship, Clay our main man, slowly wiggles his way into our hearts and into Gabby's. I loved LOVED LOVED their relationship, i would have read this book entire for that. But there was more and ANOTHER AWESOME thing about this book (yeah i know i said i would try not to be to gushy but i can't help it, this quickly became a favorite) anyways the other awesome thing is that it does have action in it, there is more to the plot then two people falling in love. There is more to everything than it originally seemed which was amazing. I don't want to talk in depth about the other thing because it is a mystery that you have to figure out ;) but it is worth reading just for that as well. Characters:Gabby: She is a foster kid, always been moved around, and on top of being a foster kid she has this problem, she sort of has that siren attraction towards men, they have talk to her, they want to get her go on date, so when she was younger and foster dads, brothers, uncles started to become to unbearable she would have to change houses again, she therefore also her trust in men sort of wavered. When she has a chance meeting with a werewolf named Sam an Elder of a pack she finds a sort of home, she always keeps herself at a distance, i think that the way Melissa handle that was just well for lack of better words either beautiful or awesome. Gabby didn't let i am going to say 10+ years of drifting from home to home change within a two year span of living with Sam though she does get sort of close to Sam you can tell that she still keeps her distance. And that is one of the main reasons i fell in love this book so much isn't because it had charming romance, or interesting plot line but the writing. there is a line in the book “You don’t need to talk to get to know someone, you just need to listen," and I LOVED IT. i want to marry it really. Anyways it is all about showing its about action, its not about pretty words and pretty promises its real, active, moments and movements. sorry got distracted for a moment back to GabbyGabby continued: She is distant yes but its understandable and its not one those cold distances where the reader feels like they can't connect with Gabby. I loved her because yes she was strong and she stuck with what she believed she wanted, she was compassionate, and an amazing MC. I loved her there i don't think was a moment that i hated her. She thought things through, she was smart and considerate. Clay: New book boyfriend is found. I do want to warn you though he isn't much of a talker. Though I usually like those out going, funny MC guys i found myself loving Clay almost instantly and there is no Soulmate rule needed. Though he is silent he speaks very loudly, that like i put in here from the book is talking about him. Through his actions you realize how smart, funny, and loving he really is. Not to mention possessive without being overbearing, and protective without being annoying about it. He was like the greatest combination of a man and when he does speak he makes it count. I was swooning after him even without words, again it was all about what he didn't say and what he did for her. He is a sneaky little bastard as well because i know i have said this before but he really does crawl into your heart without realizing it. He was silent but not brooding which thank God for that, he did have a sense of humor it took awhile for him to open up completely but i could always see hints of it. As a MC guy he was different from the norm, but loving and amazing all the same. Sam: I am still debating on how i feel about him. He turns into a sort of Grandfather figure for Gabby and when i first met him and for the first quarter/almost half of the book i loved him as a Grandfather figure as well but i could see that pack came before a lot of other things, and that is not to say he didn't pay attention to Gabby, quite the opposite really, he was forcing her into the pack and forcing her into finding a mate that even i felt like i was being restricted and wanted to be free. I think that in the end yes he wants to the best for Gabby, he cannot turn his back on the pack either, it was his family much longer than she. Now there were two werewolf boys she met when she first goes to meet the "pack" named Paul and Henry and i liked them and i held out hope that they would make a reappearance, and they were just friends we knew that right off the bat but i still wanted to see them again, that was one of very very few disappointments i had in this book, the second disappointment i had was that it ended to soon, i wanted more, next disappointment is that the next book is not out. so if you really need me to tell you then yes i will be reading the next one but i think that is a very silly thing to ask because i will be stalking Melissa after i go spread the word about this to find out when the next one comes out. So if you enjoyed my review, well thank you first off, second off you can check out other reviews for indie authors at my blog but of course read this book first then go check it out to find the book you will want to read next to get your mind of the fact the next one to this one isn't out yet ;), also Melissa asked if Andrea and I (we both do the blog i am about to promote) if we would look at her other book as well, now Andrea said she would but right now i think i might just check it out because i really like Melissa's style but you should check out Melissa's page here on Goodreads if you are interested in her other book called Touch, anyways back to the annoying job of promoting my blog, its not about Andrea and I but about the authors and their stuff so come check it out, after reading this book of course ;) http://theviolethourbookreviews.wordp... Update:Re-read... as good if not better the second time around <3

  • Isabella - Madly in Love with Books
    2018-12-25 17:33

    A 2.5 star read. This was another one of those books that didn‘t live up to their potential. It was an entertaining read, that could have been good with a little bit of work. And it was really slow at times, a little bit of action could have worked wonders. It was nicely written but everything was a little lacking - the world building, the character building, the plot ... everything. My highlight for most of the book was the H, a silent, scruffy, crazy looking man-dog, but even he stayed pale and dull. Why he was silent, man that explanation sucked, I couldn‘t believe the author went with something so shitty. This my be YA, but that doesn‘t mean, she can use the most stupid plot revelations ever. The character building was what bothered me the most. Character building well done can balance a lot of things for me, I don‘t even need much plot or world building. But the heroine was colorless bratty young adult, that only thought of herself. Adding to that that she is another one of those „special snowflakes“ - every man feels drawn to her - and you have the boring wallflower that is Gabby. I did like her other special ability, that gets revealed throughout the book. I also really enjoyed that although we have the typical mate/insta thing, the romance itself is very slow burn. That was a nice change. Every other potential interesting character fell flat her new „grandpa“ (I found it ridiculous how she met and befriended him), her roommate Rachel and even the other werewolves. It simply annoyed me, as always when good potential is thrown in the wind. The time jump from Gabby being 16 to her being 18 wasn‘t well done, there just wasn‘t enough information. I could go on with the lacking, but I will stop here, I guess you got what I am trying to say. This was an okay story, that disappointed on different levels. It is possible that I am reading the second book, to see were this goes, but I can‘t really recommend this one.

  • Laura
    2019-01-16 12:51

    Hopelessly DevotedI loved this story! I've never read a couple like Gabby and Clay, but they were amazing. I'm on the edge of my seat, ready for Book 2!

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2019-01-02 12:57

    Gabby has always had some strange abilities, the ability to sense people as lights in her mind as well as her disturbing attractiveness to men. She has never known what that means – until she met Sam and was introduced to the world of werewolvesWhile not a werewolf, she is one of the few humans who can be the mate of a werewolf. Not that she wants to – in fact she does her best to have nothing to do with the whole process and focus on her own life and ambitionsThe werewolves have other plansI think, storywise, this book is a very large prologue. At the very end of the book we have a storyline and plot introduced that had only been hinting at earlier in the story – and those hints could easily have been misinterpreted. So while this book is a very very personal story, very character driven and focused, I think the next book is going to be much more meta and much wider. It’s odd, because the first book has set up the second but then left me in doubt as to what the second book is going to be or how it will be written – intriguing but mysterious.However, I also think the first book didn’t do a great job of setting up the second book because it is missing a considerable amount of world building. Not characterisation, we actually have some excellent character development and portrayal of the protagonist (less so anyone else) clearly defining her in a very complete fashion. But the world, the supernatural, what it means to be a werewolf, pack structure all of this is more hinted at than explored, to say nothing of Gabby’s abilities. I could have used some more exploration and maybe more chance for the secondary characters to stretch themselves a little more to set up the next book for me.While these were problems, the writing worked well, despite its narrow focus. We got to see Gabby’s world without it being insular or boring, we got to see her daily life and it still remain interesting. Even without lots of action or twists, the writing was engaging and interesting and kept me reading and curious. It was well written and nicely craftedAnd now for the problem. The big, awful, horrendous problem. The trope that is semi-challenged but ultimately reinforced and no-one is ever treated as they deserve.Gabby meets Sam (the Child Groomer as I think of him) when she’s 14. He notices her special woo-woo and is interested and quickly insinuates herself into this lonely, isolated orphan’s life. And Gabby is isolated – she has a special woo-woo that makes her irresistible to men which means she dreads going out anywhere because of the skeevy attention she gets. She has no friends. She has no family. She has been in a series of foster homes and, though they’re good people, they’re also somewhat distant.So, Sam Child Groomer insinuates himself into this lonely girl’s life, tells her she’s special, tells her about her powers, shows her werewolves and tells her he knows another like her. Gabby, naturally, seizes upon this. In due course, Gabby’s foster family have their own child and Sam the Child Groomer, takes 16 year old Gabby in. Ok, I’m a trifle skeeved that there’s no officials involved in this child trading but I’ll go with it.And upon moving in with Sam the first thing he does is take her on an 8 hour drive to werewolf compound. When they arrive she gets a quick update on werewolfhood – werewolves have woo-woo bonds! Yet they see each other, smell each other and are INSTACOMPTIBLE SUPER MATES! (Shall we just call it “imprinting” and be dine with it?) They have Introductions where werewolf men (who out number werewolf women several times over for REASONS) are put in a room with a werewolf woman to see if they have the ZING MAGIC WOO-WOO CONNECTIONAnd bonus news, Gabby’s super special magic power means she’s a compatible werewolf mate as well! And they’ve waited until she’s 8 hours away from everywhere else and surrounded by werewolves to tell her this. But don’t worry, here’s Charlene (another human with special woo-woo) to assure Gabby that she won’t have REAL Introductions because the woo-woo sexual attraction is so strong that it just wouldn’t be safe for her! Instead they will just slowly bring many many werewolf men to meet her (but they’re totally not making her choose, honest) in long lines.Honestly I nearly through my tablet across the room. This vulnerable child has been manipulated, dragged to an isolated location surrounded by what can be easily seen as a cult and then forced to take part in their sexual rituals from the age of 16 whether she wanted to or not.And she doesn’t. Not once does Gabby want to go to an Introduction. She resists it over and over again and expresses her dislike of it. She makes it clear she doesn’t want to form a bond, she makes it clear she doesn’t want a werewolf partner, she makes it clear she alreadyRead More

  • Jessica
    2019-01-10 15:40

    As a general rule I find werewolf based fantasy hard to read. The overall culture is exhausting. With overbearing male characters all but forcing themselves on women and the women submitting with barely a sideways glance, the typical tone goes against everything I learned from a strong and opinionated mother. That being said, Hope(less) has come as a pleasant surprise and changed my opinion of this sub-genre, allowing me to look further than the cover of future books. To be honest, the plot and lore were somewhat lacking at times, especially in the beginning. It was slow moving at first and there was a brief moment in my reading where I had to pep talk myself into soldiering through. However, if you make it to around the time Gabby makes it to school (which is still early in the book) you won’t be disappointed. I also have a sneaky suspicion that the lore will come full swing after reading the other books from the different characters.The true beauty of this story revolves around the unique relationship between Gabby and Clay. I have truly never watched a relationship build in this completely uncommon way. It is both surprising and thought provoking. The author has an uncanny ability of taking the truly mundane and making it utterly captivating. She manages to take what seems inconsequential, with the daily routine we all experience, and wrap a beautifully budding relationship into it. The subtleties of a slowly maturing relationship creep in slowly like the transition between winter and spring. At first so slow, one barely notices, then finally one day you wake up and life is bustling and thriving all around you. The author’s writing style is easy to get used to and she has a way of keeping you interested in the routine that Gabby has, despite how normal it is. She manages to help you love the life that Gabby and Clay are building even though at face value it seems like nothing will come of it. She manages to hide little treasures throughout their routine that keep you enraptured and just when you think you can’t take it anymore she hands you another until finally in the end you are utterly satisfied.If you are looking for a book that blows your mind with action and fight scene’s, along with unrealistic expectations on how relationships start with heart pounding sexual tension you won’t find it here. However, if you are looking for an honest and beautiful relationship morph and transition within the unique world Melissa Haag has created, you most certainly won’t be dissatisfied.

  • Kirsten
    2019-01-04 13:55

    Melissa has outdone most othe werewolf writers, in my opinion. She has taken the genre and made it her own. Writing her own world and how she believes things to be in it. I have never learned in such detail, the inner workings of a pack. The deliberateness of protecting the females who are unmated. The entire process just was spectaular to me. I love reading about werewolves - I love paranormal anything. And this was written so beautifully. The pace of the book was steady and measured, always ramping up for more. Gabby is a human who can be a mate for a werewolf. She's a bit different though. She sees everyone as sparks of different colors, most are the same - those are the humans. Then there are the others. Those are the ones that want her, and some are dangerous. Gabby meets Clay at the last meeting before heading off to college. She feels something for him that she hasn't felt for anyone. He's a bit different too. The many different ways that he shows Gabby that he cares are staggering. All without saying a word to her. I loved reading about how Gabby and Clay got to know each other. His firm, yet gentle, unwavering way of showing her that he cared. This is a love story that is just wonderfully written. With characters who were at different times stubborn, funny, fragile, caring, doubtful, frightened, strong, determined; so many adjectives I could write here. Beautifully done Melissa. I look forward to your next book with anticipation. I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review LoP.

  • Leary
    2019-01-06 21:00

    I am admittedly a paranormal romance junkie, no joke..I get totally consumed by this genre. I was about 20% into Hope(Less) last night around 9PM and decided to lay in bed and read one more chapter and then maybe watch a movie. I wasn't that into the book and was having a hard time staying connected. The next thing I knew, it was 2AM and I was at 80%. Clearly, I got over the hump of not being connected. Those 5 hours seriously felt like 30 min. I felt the beginning of the story was a little slow and I have found this to be basically the norm when it comes to paranormal books. Usually there is whole background and history that has to be told, at least in the first book in the series. In Hope(less) it wasn't the background (since we didn't need a history) it was the slow progress through Gabby meeting Sam entering the fur society. As you know, it was around probably 25% that I got hooked; this was when Clay entered the story. His interactions with Gabby cracked me up and I really believe I was hooked until 2AM waiting for IT to happen. When you read the story, you will know exactly what IT is...and I'm not talking about the final IT I'm talking about the most frustrating thing that made Gabby look totally insane to those around her and made her 'conversations' with Clay very interesting. You'll have to read the story to know what I'm talking about.I finally figured out what needed to happen for IT to happen and couldn't wait to finish the story in the morning. This isn't your typical paranormal werewolf story. This is about a girl who has a unique ability that has confused her throughout her entire life. On top of this ability where she sees 'lights' she has found that she eerily attracts men which has made her extremely uncomfortable her whole life. Once Gabby meets Clay, who believes he is her 'intended', she is determined to live her life the way that she has planned and bolts from the fur society. Little does she know, Clay is not far behind and is determined to make her his. Throughout her first year of college Gabby begins to realize that she enjoys the company of Clay and finds that she actually needs him around to help protect her from other werewolf threats. But is this all enough to change her mind about her future?This was a nice easy paranormal romance read. It set up the rest of the series nicely, we still don't have all the answers to exactly what Gabby is but by the end of the book you realize that she isn't the only one with her abilities and as the others come together throughout the series we hope to get these answers. Once I got over the 20% hump I really enjoyed the story and really enjoyed the relationship Gabby had with Sam and Clay. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. 3.5 Stars!

  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
    2019-01-18 20:58

    Reviewed by Julie for Read Your Writes Book ReviewsI'm not a big paranormal fan but this book was fantastic! I was pleasantly surprised. Gabby is an orphan who ended up in foster care and is a loner. She doesn't like to be touched and has an ability to see people in colors, almost like seeing their aura. She doesn't tell anyone she has this ability because along with seeing colors, she attracts unwanted attention from every male she encounters so she's always kept her distance and tries to interact with females only if she can. The story closes with her finally understanding and making sense of her strange abilities and what it means. Clay is a werewolf but doesn't belong to a pack. Gabby meets him during one of her "introduction" weekends and they have a connection that neither can fight. Gabby lays down the ground rules to Clay with how they have to get to know each other but Clay refuses to speak to her even though he has the ability to. She thinks he's mute so she ends up talking to him all the time and he nods or makes facial expressions & she reads his body language as a way of communicating. His way of courting her is to stay in werewolf/dog form so he can live with her and her roommate while she goes to college. She ends up relying on him and feels safe and protected. It's really neat how they learn to talk to each other without Clay actually speaking. She finally "claims" Clay in the end and then he finally starts speaking to her telling her he couldn't speak until she accepted him, or claimed him, otherwise she would have known from the beginning his true feelings for her. I wasn't sure where the story was going in the beginning with Gabby's "sparks" and then the weird, old guy who is a werewolf. I really thought the book was going in a creepy direction and almost didn't continue reading but then it started getting very intriguing with the werewolf introductions and Gabby finally finding her own connection with a werewolf even though she fought it for two long years. Clay, the werewolf, not speaking but listening is what all men need to do. Gabby really found herself in this wonderfully romantic, strange story of how to learn to trust and fall in love. I can't wait to read the second book in this series.Source: Author

  • Runningrabbit
    2019-01-01 17:34

    Nothing wrong with this I just don't feel like traversing the YA self discovery drama factor.

  • Kathy Jo
    2019-01-08 13:45

    Gabby lost her family when she was young and has grown up in foster care. She is different from everyone else. She has a second sight that gives her the ability to see the people around her. When she focuses, she can see tiny sparks of light that tells her the exact location of others. It comes in handy a lot. Especially when she is around men. You see she has this strange pull when it comes to them. It's like they are drawn to her and they don't know why. They just have to be near her and have to try and win her over. She is not comfortable with that at all and tries her best to stay far away from them. On her way home one night she meets an older gentleman named Sam who has a different color of light than everyone else. There is just something different about him... little did she know what it was. Right before her eyes he turns into a werewolf. She kind of freaks out but stays because she is curious and thinks he might have some of the answers she has been looking for.Over the next couple of months she spends time with Sam getting to know more about him and about werewolves. They learn that Gabby is very special. She is what is known as a compatible with the werewolves. There is only one other human that they know of besides her. Eventually she moves into Sam's house so that he can protect her and continue to help her. The only stipulation is that she has to go to the werewolves compound every 6 weeks and has informal "introductions" to unmated males. Sam's hope is that she will find her mate. Gabby's hope is that she won't. She just has to do this until she graduates. She has plans to go to college, be independent, make her own choices.. she just wants to be free and figure out who she really is. On her last trip to the compound she meets Clay and feels that instant pull that Sam was always telling her would happen when she meets her mate. He is hairy, moody and doesn't speak. Gabby tries her hardest not to acknowledge it because she is completely against being claimed. She does NOT want to lose her soon to be freedom. She has worked too hard for it! She finally moves away to college and what do you know... Clay the werewolf shows up in her backyard! He is bound and determined to keep her safe and he WILL wear her down... ;) I thought I would have a hard time believing that Gabby and Clay would actually work out because the man seriously does not talk throughout the entire book! It was kind of annoying at first but the more I got into the book the more I enjoyed it! He really is one of the most amazing heroes I have ever read about! He is constantly taking care of Gabby whether she knows about it or not. And he always has her best interests in mind. Seriously the man is amazing! Overall the book was really good. My only complaint is the ending. I didn't mind that it just ended because I know it's a series and I thought that book 2 would pick up where book 1 left off but nope! It doesn't! How in the world am I going to know what happened to Luke?! How long do I have to wait for his story?! Am I even going to get his story?! It doesn't look like he's in any of the books that are already out so I am really hoping we don't get left hanging! That would just stink! Lol. Granted he was only in book 1 for a very short period of time but he cracked me up! His book would definitely not be dull!! ;)This was my very first book by Melissa Haag and I can say without a doubt that I will definitely be reading more of her books! And of course I can't forget my casting! This one was a bit harder for me because Clay seriously did not talk throughout the whole book! You'll understand why when you read it but I was finally able to find my Clay! What do you think?! Pretty good, eh?! ;)

  • Tribala
    2019-01-03 13:59

    Review for Hopeless Judgement of the six book1I agree with many of the reviews written and will not go into storyline detail as many of the reviews already have. I will say, however, I enjoyed this book immensely. This was a different take on PNR shifter romance story but it worked well. The book is well written with a good storyline regarding the changes in the werewolf world and their mating struggles. I am perplexed as to why there would be only six human females and hope this gets answered in the next book. I'm not a huge fan of NA or YA romances so it was admittedly difficult for me to get into when I initially read Gabby was 16. However the book's story isn't about Gabby at 16 but at 18, which for me, is somewhat easier to read about. Soooo lesson learned about passing judgement on a book because of its Genre. Overall I thought it was as good book, well written, good storyline and character development. I has to be quite difficult to write an entire story where one of the characters doesnt talk... It make perfect sense in how it allowed Gabby to open up and trust him. When questioned about why she continued to stick around Clay, Gabby says: Maybe a spoiler* (view spoiler)["You don’t need to talk to get to know someone, you just need to listen," (Excerpt From: Haag, Melissa. “Hope(less).” iBooks.) Then when it dawns on her what it meant to her situation she thinks: “Damn the patient, clever dog. I never had a chance…” (Excerpt From: Haag, Melissa. “Hope(less).” iBooks.) (hide spoiler)]This books gets 4 stars for being unique and well written, -1 because it gets a little tedious towards the end. I look forward to reading more from this author. ***book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange for an honest review.

  • Selena Yukino (The Lioness: hear me roar)
    2019-01-08 15:33

    To sum up this book: Main character attracts men. Main character doesn't like the attention. Main character finds werewolf.Werewolf helps main character. Werewolf deceives main character. Main character is upset, but forgives werewolf. Main character finds her mate, which is unfortunate for the main character. Main character finds out that mate doesn't talk. At least, for now... Main character runs away from mate. Main character goes to college, and finds a house to stay in with a dumbass roommate. Mate shows up in main character's roommate's house. When they were wearing *whispers* revealing low cut bathing suits. Mate is enjoying the view of the main character's ____ and _____ Mate is hungry. FEED ME. OR I'LL HUFF AND I'LL PUFF AND I'LL....SHIT ON THE CARPET.Main character pets mate. 30-50 times a day. Someone's falling in love...and everyone saw it coming.Nothing else happens. Believe it, or not.

  • Hollie
    2019-01-10 18:31

    I originally saw reviews for a book called "clays hope" and was impressed with the high reviews. After researching this I realized that it was a companion novel so I looked into this series. I was quite pleased to see book 1 was offered as a freebie. I liked it and will continue this series.It was definitely Young Adult (no sex, no profanity, etc.) but I'm glad to say the characters didn't feel juvenile. I would have personally preferred the heroine had been older. She was 18, but at least was out of high school and in college. For a YA read, this one was well done.

  • Tara Greenwood
    2018-12-31 20:35

    Loved this book! After I read it I read the 2nd book in the series and cant wait until the 3rd book is out. I highly recommend reading this book!

  • SN the Viking
    2019-01-16 16:45

    Synopsis:Our world is being judged and we remain unaware.In a world filled with people, Gabby is uniquely alone. The tiny glowing sparks filling her mind that represent the people around her, confirm it as does the bizarre inexplicable draw she has on men.Struggling to find an explanation for her sight while dodging unwanted male attention, Gabby meets Sam. The chance encounter leads to a startling revelation - werewolves are real. Hoping the existence of something so extraordinary might lead to the answers she is seeking, Gabby enters into a hidden society where fur is optional. There she meets Clay, the werewolf delusional enough to think he has a chance with her. Gabby's plans for her future do not include a mate, but rather college, career, and then a huge 'we'll see'.Gabby leaves the furry hidden society behind when she moves off to college, but trouble has a way of following and finding her. When other werewolves start stalking her, and anomalies in the sparks she sees begin to appear, she must count on Clay's help or risk losing the chance to find the answers she searches for.My Thought:This is a new take on the shifter/werewolf lore, the world building comes on gradually and it real different from anything else I have read so far. The book sucked me in from the first page and had my attention until the last sentence. We meet Gabby from an early age and follow her until she is 18, most of the book take place when she is 18. But we get a good bit of back ground information on her any get to know her very well any why she is like she is. I really liked that, Gabby is a very interesting character, she has her own mind and is not a pushover. She has grown up in different foster homes and has lost everyone she loved and do not let people get close to here ever. She knows what she wants to do in life and getting mated to a werewolf is so not on that list. Gabby has some special supernatural powers too and we try to find out the “use” for them during this book. That is part of the journey. Clay is a lone wolf so to speak, grown up in the woods and have not been in society much. We get to know him thru Gabby in this book, he is her silent rock that sneaks into her hear and pitch up a tent there. He is really quite smart and does it the only was Gabby would let him into her life. He is silent in most of the book and only starts taking at the end, but it sort of works for me. There are also some other interesting characters in this book, Sam the “werewolf grandfather figure” and Rachel the flat mate and friend. I like the unique world this author has made, it is different from anything I have read before. It is not often I see that, the words flow easily and it is written in a catchy way that sucks me in. This author can really write, the book is not perfect but it is real good. I stay up reading to 3.30 in the middle of the night so that says it all really. This is labeled a New Adult book, there are young people in it but I did not get that teensy angst feeling. The people acted more like adults, it was no sex in this book if that is what you like. But that was OK with me because this book caught my attention while I read it and gave me a good story and that is what I want from a book. A fair warning is the cliffhanger ending, thankfully the next book in this series is out and I am going to read it right away. I think this author has made it into the list off authors I am following to see if they will do interesting stuff. I give this book 4,5 stars. I can recommend it to UF and werewolf lovers. I would put this book in the UF category.Book provided by the author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader exchange.

  • Lorna
    2019-01-03 19:44

    ( For almost two years, this little gem of a book hid in my to be read pile, until recently when I decided to finally read it. Definitely kicking myself, because I could not put it down.Werewolves. Yes, they have been written about in just about every way imaginable. Not much new out there, but lately I have found a couple of series that are really different, and this is one of them. This is book one and I have every intention of reading them all, and the best part is four are already published and a fifth is due out in November, so not as much waiting.Gabby was sixteen and a foster child, when she saw her first werewolf. It scared the stuffing out of her, but when the wolf almost immediately changed back into an older man and told her his story, something made her listen. The man is Sam, and he is an elder in one of the main packs in Canada. He had shown himself on purpose to Gabby because he recognized her as different. And Gabby is different, only not in the way Sam thinks. Sam only knows that Gabby is one of the rare humans that have the ability to mate with werewolves. Actually Gabby is one of only two that the packs know about. Female werewolves are so few that it’s important when they find humans that can become part of the pack. Eventually, Sam becomes Gabby’s guardian and the story jumps two years into the future and she is immersed into werewolf culture.What made this story different was first of all, Gabby’s true “gift”, and that was being able to mentally see when people were present, in the dark, hidden in the park, anywhere that you might want to know if someone was there. She sees them as a colored light, and werewolves have a different light than humans. And Gabby? Gabby’s light is different from all of them. The second thing that made this different for me was what happened when she finds her mate. That, and the time that follows after that, was an extremely different beginning to a relationship.Gabby’s mate was so different from the typical alpha male types in most paranormal romance. He’s scruffy, unkempt, and just about everything most women wouldn’t want. Except underneath it all, he’s actually very handsome and there’s reasons for why he is the way he is. Their relationship was slow-probably one of the slowest I have ever read, and to be honest it was refreshing for a change. It was a funny relationship most of the time, and if you read the book you will understand what I mean. I found a lot of humor in the way things all played out with it. Another character, Rachel, has a big part in the story as the clueless roommate, and someone that caused quite a bit of the humor due to that. There’s also a lot more to Gabby’s gifts to figure out as well, and that’s not mentioning the effect she has on men.I am sure there are going to be people that may not like the turn this book takes, but I wasn’t one of them. The pace was perfect for the story, and I thought the writing was pretty spot on. There were a few typo’s and misplaced words, but I forgave it because it was such a good story, and I am not changing my rating because of it. I enjoyed the whole thing and would recommend it to paranormal romance fans ages 15+. No sexual situations, but a bit of violence here and there keeps me from going under age 15.

  • Lucille
    2019-01-18 18:52

    This review is based on the Wattpad version of the story.This is really one refreshing book to read! I am constantly on Wattpad, looking for gems on the werewolf genre. And they're really hard to find! I'm always drawn to the "mate" aspect of werewolf stories. They fascinate me to no end, but the problem in almost every single werewolf Wattpad story is that the Alphas always reject the MC because of her outward appearance and disposition. Then the Alpha begs her to take him back, and she always f*cking accepts him. Imagine my surprise when none of those are present in this story! For one, no overbearing Alpha [males]. Finally, the male lead is not a freaking Alpha. He is not the boss. He is not hot, and all the pack girls does not fall at his feet. He is not rich. He does not look clean and perfect most of the time. And he doesn’t immediately charm the female lead! Hallelujah! Instead, we get a slightly introvert Clay who charms the MC without speaking a word. He cooks and cleans, and he works hard to bring home the money (yes, money doesn't grow on magical werewolf trees, friends). He never tried to force himself on the MC. Not even a single kiss, hug, or any physical contact. He actually respects the MC's wishes! How can such a perfect man exist???Secondly, we do not get a whimpering girl who needs a man to work and acts all weak. We get Gabby, a driven college student who is not weak, bullied or abused (like every girl in every Wattpad werewolf story ever!). She stands up for herself. She is smart. She has dreams, and she is not going to let a werewolf (even her own mate) stand in the way of it. She is strong, courageous, caring, and she does not fall for Clay like 2.5 seconds after meeting him. She doesn't accept him after a few dates; in fact, it took more than 6 months before she even noticed the love in the air! She looks at him, even with all his facial hair and grease, and thinks he's hot but she doesn't immediately think about making babies with him! If she can't handle stuff, she asks for help. Yes, my friends, an MC who actually asks for help! The world is ending!!!But the best part in this story is most definitely the plot. Mysterious powers, strange werewolf Introductions, and the human-werewolf claimings (which was pretty hot)! What more can we ask for? Overall, I think this is an amazing story and I would most definitely read the next ones! "Everyone I've ever loved this way I've lost," I said, recalling my earliest memories of my mom and grandma. I hugged him close. "Don't let me down.""I won't. You're stuck with me forever," he whispered as he held me close. (Haag, chapter 19)

  • Alexa Nichole Demers
    2019-01-09 15:57

    The original review can be found here....This was a new paranormal romance book for me. I have just recently jumped on the shape shifter bandwagon. After all of the hype with Vampires I decided to try something new and this is where shape shifters and wolves come into play. I have been trying different paranormal books lately and this blurb caught my attention and held it. I don’t regret it either. This book was good and I am still considering reading the next books in the rest of the series.The books definitely has potential. There were many good things about it. Like Gabby for example. She knew what she wanted from life. She has goals and ambitions that she wants to accomplish and she is not going to let her gift or someone who understands her gift to control her or plan her life for her. She has multiple opportunities to give in to the manipulation and things but she stays strong and goes to college anyway. Another good thing about this book was the writing. Melissa was able to focus on Gabby’s everyday life without it becoming boring or repetitive. The story was put together well even though it didn’t have much action or plot twist. The writing for me saved this book.One of the things I am iffy about is Clay. He comes off as a controlling psycho in the beginning. He freaking kidnaps her to try and get her to stay. It’s insane. And then he follows her to college to further control her. Yes he has some redeeming qualities and they actually get to build their relationship but he is still in iffy character for me.Now the other characters that are in this book AKA Sam and Charlene are clearly psycho. They manipulate and lie to a sixteen year old so that they can control her. It is kind of ridiculous to read. Their characters actually bugged me the most. There was really no redeeming either of them. They try and do everything in their power to keep her in their werewolf world whether she wants to be a part of it or not. Sam doesn’t take in Gabby’s opinion and instead tries to force it on her while she lives in his house. There is no excuse for him.I think I am going to give the series one more chance with the next book. The writing was interesting enough to keep me coming back to try again.

  • Tracy
    2019-01-12 14:53 full review is there.I will be honest. I wasn’t sure what I would think when I picked it up. I am generally “meh” on a lot of the paranormal romance stuff. Most of them just use it as an excuse to write porn to be honest. So, imagine my surprise when there is a story in this book. An honest to goodness story. Actually, it’s a story within a story. This is the story about Gabby and Clay. Their story is complete and you COULD stop there. But really? Why would you? Who are the others? Why is Gabby different? You find out that there are six women and there are hints of a much larger, grander story going on. And to be honest with you, that alone is almost enough to tempt me to purchase the next book in the series. But not enough by itself. Ms. Haag’s writing style is very fluid and you get a genuine feel for her characters. You genuinely WANT Gabby to gain the independence she desires. And you fall in love with Clay as Gabby does. I truly don’t know if you could find a more endearing man than Clay. He is the epitome of book boyfriends. He’s the guy that makes you swoon by the end of the book, but you’d never have thought that when you meet him. And speaking of meetings….when the two meet, it is rather funny. He’s all dirt and scruff, she’s all huffy and cranky, and he disassembled the truck. (trust me…read it you’ll understand) I will warn you though. Clay doesn’t speak throughout the book. It isn’t because he can’t. He just doesn’t. And honestly, I wasn’t sure how Ms. Haag could pull that off. How can you get to know someone, when the book is in first person perspective and it isn’t the silent party. But she managed to communicate the nature of the man and develop his character. It had to be mighty hard to do, but I’m grateful that she did. Clay wouldn’t have been the same if he could talk. Something about his silence is an integral part of who he is. Anyways. Get the book. It’s free, it’s awesome, and the best part, you can share this with the teenage girls in your life and not worry about exposing them to too much nookie.

  • Stephanie (Bookfever. ♥)
    2019-01-23 12:37

    Review copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.I really wanted to like this book, I really did... And though I love reading about werewolves (they're my favorite paranormal creatures together with vampires), it turned out to be a disappointment. There were quite a few things that went wrong in this novel for me. I do hope I don't scare too many people off because you never know, it might be a good fit for someone else. But for me it wasn't a good fit at all. Hope(less) started out with a 16 y/o Gabby meeting werewolf Sam, who eventuelly takes her in. I already had issues with this. Gabby, as a main character wasn't too bad to read about in general, though she seriously annoyed me at times. But I had a huge problem with Sam and his mottives. Even two years later, he kept on lying to her and about the "Introductions". I just... yeah, I didn't like it. Also I didn't get Gabby's powers at all and the fact that men go cray-cray around her. It felt like a totally different story. And then we have Clay, which is supposed to be Gabby's mate. I don't have a problem with werewolves meeting the one, who's their mate. I read stories where this happened before where I didn't have a problem with but it was Clay himself who I couldn't like. If I have to describe him in word one, it would be: stalker. Seriously, people think Edward Cullen is a stalker but this guy wins the award of it. I'm not going to elaborate too much on this. You'll just have to read about it yourself to get it. In short, this was not the right book for me. It happens. And I hate giving bad reviews but I want to be honest and say I didn't like it at all. Also the typos were kind of annoying me. That's a big deal for me. But one positive thing I want to say is that because the book is below 300 pages I think, it's a pretty quick read and reading is goes pretty fast. Other than that, I can't find any positive things to say sadly enough. But again, other people might like this book but for me it was definitely a thumbs down.

  • Rosie Amber
    2018-12-23 14:59

    Hope(less) is a paranormal clean romance and book #1 in the Judgement Of The Six series. The book opens with sixteen year old Gabby Winters using her extra sensory vision. Able to see coloured life sparks around her, she also has an uncomfortable pull on men which gives her lots of unwanted attention. In a park Gabby meets an older man who reveals himself as a werewolf and explains that she is special and can help his species. Sam befriends Gabby and later offers her a home when she needs to leave her foster parents. This opening was the weakest part of the book for me; it felt if Sam was grooming Gabby, it could have gone either way; dark, brooding and bad, or the opposite. Over the next couple of years Sam teaches Gabby about werewolves and their culture. Once she hits eighteen, Sam reveals his secret hope that Gabby will become a mate for a werewolf, integrating fully in their community. Angry and with a need to fulfil her own plans, Gabby agrees to meet the males; she’s adamant she won’t feel any connection.Leaving the parade Gabby can’t believe that the dirtiest most unkempt example of the species, left guarding the door, is the one who ignites her link. Twenty-five year old Clay can’t believe it either. He wasn’t looking for a mate, but he can’t deny the pull of desire. Yet Gabby is filled with fear and a desire to run.Clay must find a way to make Gabby his. He sees how determined she is and ends up following her to college, becomes her unwelcome pet dog, her friend and finally her protector.After six months the situation reaches a crisis point for both Clay and Gabby. After a shaky start I really enjoyed this book. Clay’s refusal to speak to Gabby made him an interesting character and the author used his actions in place of dialogue. My faith in the werewolf clan which I’d lost with Sam was renewed by Clay’s devotion and loyalty to Gabby. I’m looking forward to reading more in this series.

  • Ashley Graham
    2018-12-31 15:40

    Gabby's jumped from foster home to foster home most of her life, Until she meets Sam, who eventually she concentrates as her grandpa (they're not blood). She lives with him for a couple years, only on one condition, that she goes to the compound once every 6 weeks...***Contains some spoilers***Gabby is not your normal everyday teenager, she special, she has this unique gift, she has a second sight, she can see color variations for people, until she meet Sam. He has a different color variation, she's curious to see what or who has that different color. That's when she meets Sam, he turns into a werewolf right in front of her.She thought she could trust Sam, there are a few things he doesn't tell her, that makes her not trust him. She's hurt by it, because she has considered him as family.. She has to go to the compound so she can find her mate, only a few humans can be a potential mate for a werewolf, and she is one of those humans. She doesn't want one, she wants to be able to live one her own and not have anyone tell her what she has to do.. On her last visit, the elders (werewolves) put out a call, saying this is her last visit. Sam is keeping this from her,let's just say there are over 500 to see her and to see if she is a potential mate, when she makes it through all of them, she thinks she is free, until one that wasn't in line walks by her..That is just the beginning. I wasn't disappointed when I read the book.. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a werewolf book, it's not your typical werewolf book, and that's what's great about it..

  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    2019-01-12 19:48

    Reviewed by [email protected] Stars ReviewsWhen this book begins we see Gabby at sixteen meeting a werewolf. She's not a normal human, and she's knows this but what she didn't know was there were others out there who were not like her, but not really human either. After she gets to know Sam, she ends up living with him until she turns 18. Here she learns all she can about werewolves, and she also goes through Inductions where a unmated male can see if she is his female. Gabby doesn't want a mate, and after two years of going through it all she believes it's not going to happen. She has dreams of college, and being on her own for once. Until she runs into Clay.. She instantly knows there is that weird connection, and he's not letting her go with out a fight. I have to say I really enjoyed this book. It is a very unique love story. The way Gabby falls for Clay is just so different, it's seriously beautiful. I also have to say this book was quite funny at times as well. I do look forward to more in the series. It was written very well, with wonderful side characters. However, the only thing that bothered me was how it ended. We don't really see a main conclusion to Gabby and Clay's story, so that was frustrating. But I do look forward to more.