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Juarez, Mexico. A young boxer, Salvador, refuses to take a fall, but has no problem taking a vicious drug gang's pay-off. When they take their lethal revenge on Salvador and his family, he returns as THE CROW, in search of vengeance... and forgiveness....

Title : The Crow: Pestilence
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ISBN : 9781631400438
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 80 Pages
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The Crow: Pestilence Reviews

  • Jesse A
    2019-01-01 12:15

    A typical Crow story. Some surprisingly bad dialogue, which is odd bc I've always liked Frank Bill's writing.

  • Silas
    2019-01-19 17:28

    I have read several Crow books after getting into the film. This story more or less fits the mold, with the main character dying violently with someone he loved and coming back to avenge her, but this has to be the single worst Crow story I have ever encountered (and I am including all the sequel films, and I even watched all of those). The art is pretty distorted, and there is an awful lot of blood. In most other Crow stories that I have seen, the Crow character doesn't bleed, but this one does... a lot. Apart from these changes, the real weakness of this book is the writing. The dialogue is some grotesque distortion that doesn't resemble the way that any human being would speak, and seriously harms this book. My guess is that the author was trying to present Spanish-speakers speaking English as their second language, but in most cases, they were speaking to each other, and it would have made more sense to have them speaking normal Spanish instead of terrible English. I recommend skipping this one unless you are a Crow completest.

  • Peter
    2019-01-16 20:21

    Honestly, the review by Silas amongst all the reviews, captures most of my feelings. I think I understood what was going on, until, and I don't think I was that inattentive, his wife and son revealed themselves to still be alive. I almost didn't care as I did not honestly connect with this one. Even when you find out that the avatar's brother is amongst those in the story. As a completist, I'm holding onto this one but if you're not, don't bother. My main issue too with this story, as a friend told me, is that this one follows the idea stated in the movies, therefore they honestly copy Eric's Tragedy mask. The mask that the avatars wear should be original and organic to the story and the avatar, not just using "that look" because of the title.

  • Darlene
    2019-01-12 16:07

    I enjoyed this much more than I anticipated. It had more of a true comic feel to it, so I didn't know how it would look for a Crow story but it worked out really well. Artistically it wasn't dark like the rest of the books, but it just worked. The storyline kept my interest as well.

  • Lynne
    2019-01-02 12:25

    Review originally posted with pictures: I mentioned when I reviewed The Crow: Curare, I am a huge fan of The Crow franchise. Therefore, no one should be surprised that when I saw The Crow: Pestilence on Net Galley, I immediately requested it. In contrast to The Crow: Curare, The Crow: Presilence doesn’t seem to have had any input from James O’Barr, the creator of The Crow. The Crow: Pestilence follows the death and revival of Salvador, a boxer from Juarez, Mexico. He refused to take a fall after he took money from a gang of drug and human traffickers. The gang was not happy, and exacted their revenge on Salvador and his family. He returns as the Crow several years later to exact his vengeance, and maybe something more.I have to say of the many Crow stories that I have read, this is the darkest and bloodiest that I have read. While all Crow stories are dark, this one actually shows a lot more of the violence and blood, rather than alluding to what happens without showing us. Also, it seems to use the most curse words. While the darker and gorier tone with the plot, it was just a bit surprising and something that potential readers should be aware of.Overall, I enjoyed the story, and I felt that the story fits in well within the established Crow mythos. However, there was something about this story that just didn’t grab me like some of the other stories. I think that the reason that the story lacked impact was that for over half the story I had trouble telling many of the characters apart. This was partly due to the art and partly due to the story telling. This meant that I found the plot a little harder to follow than usual, and I didn’t really enjoy the comic. Also, most of the main characters were clearly meant to be Hispanic, and as such it was implied that English was their second language. The use of very bad English so frequently in this story really rubbed me the wrong way, and at times made it hard for me to follow what was being said. I like that there were characters that weren’t White, but I felt like there was a lot of reliance on stereotypes to convey this.The bad guys in this story reminded me of the group that attacked Eric Draven in the original Crow comic. There was a group of four of bad guys with pretty funny names: Raw Dog, Flesh Dog, Mange Hound, and War Hound Lou. However, I can’t really tell you any defining characteristics of any of those characters, or what order they died in!Unlike in previous stories, it seems that Salvador has been dead a long time in this story. Usually the main character is dead between one day and one year. However, it seems that at least 6 years have passed since Salvador’s death, but there is no real clue as to why there was such a delay in the vengeance in this particular story. It made it more believable that the bad guys didn’t immediately recognize him, but it was weird timing. There is also some really weird magic/spiritual stuff with Santa Muerta that I didn’t really follow, so I am still not completely sure what happened at the end.The things that really saved this story were the twists towards the end. There were two twists that were really unexpected to me, and I loved them. They really worked well, and without them, I don’t know that I would have recommended this story due to the other issues I had. Final Verdict: A new Crow story for old fans that can handle lots of violence and blood, but not for first time Crow readers. Plus, an ending that saves the mess of the first 60 pages.

  • Sarah-Jayne Briggs
    2018-12-23 15:08

    (I received a free copy of this book, through NetGalley, in exchange for a review).(This review may contain spoilers).I know bits and pieces of the Crow mythos. I watched the television series and have the DVDs somewhere in my room (along with just about every other film and TV series I've been interested in...), so I know the general idea of the Crow.This was a particularly violent comic book. That was to be expected, of course, from the subject matter, but I was a bit surprised by just how much torture was involved in this comic book. It's really not for the faint-hearted.The idea of the Crow is quite an interesting one and I was intrigued by the interactions between Salvadore and the crow. There were some things that I didn't really think were explained very well, though. I also felt that the style of Salvadore's past being told through flashbacks didn't really work... especially because I kept getting confused about whether it was in the past or the present day at various points.The artwork was good, but I felt that a few of the characters looked very similar to each other. There wasn't much distinction to a couple of the characters.I'm not sure I'd read a sequel to this. It would be interesting to see what happened to the characters later on, though, and I felt there were a lot of subplots that could be explored later on.

  • Theediscerning
    2019-01-20 13:21

    A boxer who fails to throw the fight as his paymasters want sees his family tortured before being killed himself. But a certain black bird with knowledge of the workings of the afterlife successfully oversees his vengeance. Not an easy read as regards knowing what's what, this book is short enough to bear a second read right after the first, which aids to cover the fact the thought balloons of different people are unattributed and some seem incorrectly coloured.I'm still not certain I understood the entire piece, although I know what the creators gloried in – kinetic fight scenes, lots of blood being spilled, and a full-on goriness other titles aim for and miss. But they also deny the reader a variety of colour – the story is dark not just because of the crow and his undead friend, but the evil of the characters facing retribution. So the book, while with a distinctive flavour of evil, courtesy of the accented speech and the stereotypical look at immigrant sex slaves, just sort of merges with the blackness of its theme with little really to make it stand out.

  • Wayne McCoy
    2018-12-29 19:32

    'The Crow: Pestilence' is another chapter in the Crow saga. For those unfamiliar, each story follows another violent death victim as they get revenge. This is a standalone story, but follows that mythos. Some spoilers may follow.The story follows a group of corrupt coyotes bringing people across the border from Mexico. These aren't nice guys. When a young boxer named Salvador won't take a fall, violent things happen to him and his wife and child. The crow enters shortly afterward to take his revenge, tracking the bad guys down in his own unstoppable way.It wasn't a bad story, but some of the dialogue seemed a bit stereotypically demeaning. I also wasn't crazy about the art style. It wasn't consistent and at times seemed to lack depth.I was given a review copy of this graphic novel by Diamond Book Distributors, IDW Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.

  • SoWrongItsRANDI {Bell, Book & Candle}
    2018-12-29 20:06

    I received this ARC from Net Galley and IDW Publishing in exchange for an honest reviewdefinitely Chris Brown status.I was wondering if this graphic novel was in relation to the late Brandon Lee's movie The Crow. I did some digging and I was correct.I have not seen the movie, nor read the original comics, but I did find this one to be decent. The cover art is what attracted my attention as per usual. I'm still trying to understand what Salvador was thinking in the first place, but other than that it is a decent revenge story.There's a lot of gore in a Kill Bill fashion, not Saw. I am always a fan of "an eye for an eye".

  • Elle Markov
    2018-12-29 18:17

    This story basically feels like it starts in the middle of something we get no real back story for and its basically 80 pages of killing, killing and more killing. The story focuses on a cartel in Juarez, Mexico and drug and human trafficking.The story follows Salvador a boxer who was going to be paid to take a dive, but instead screws his payers over, wins the fight and tries to flee with the money. The catch up to him and they kill him, and take his wife and son. Salvador comes back from the dead to exact his revenge as the Crow. The characters were very one dimensional and lacked any real depth. So I personally did not like this book, because there is nothing that makes you want to root for the main character.Rating 2 out of [email protected]

  • melissa
    2019-01-13 14:25

    I'm a huge fan of the original Crow by James O'Barr and several of the spin offs. This particular installment was OK, but didn't really thrill me. Salvador, while trying to provide for a better life for his family, really wasn't much better than the men he crossed. The artwork is quite gruesome and brutal. The broken english was a bit hard to follow, annoying, but it fits with the theme and the characters so it makes sense.So, while not my favorite, still a decent tale of vengeance sought by the Crow.*Digital review copy provided by NetGalley and the publisher.

  • Keith Gorman
    2019-01-07 12:25

    I am a huge fan of the Crow franchise. However, with that being said, this book was a big let down for me. There was not much character development, the plot was poorly developed, the writing was choppy and the personal connection to the main character was nil. I was left feeling a little let down.

  • Albert Yates
    2019-01-01 13:06

    i honestly couldn't get into this book. the sorry isn't as captivating as the other crow books that I've read. kinds of disappointed in it.

  • Athena Shardbearer
    2018-12-28 18:06

    Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a copy for review. I didn't enjoy it at all. It was hard to read and follow. That's all I have to say.