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What do you do when you find out you’re pregnant, your boyfriend rejects you, your sister is beaten half to death and the most annoyingly gorgeous man takes up residence in your house? Well ladies, there is only one thing to do, pull up your big girl knickers and show the world your middle finger.Louise Beaumont is renowned for her sharp wit, smart mouth and sassy personalWhat do you do when you find out you’re pregnant, your boyfriend rejects you, your sister is beaten half to death and the most annoyingly gorgeous man takes up residence in your house? Well ladies, there is only one thing to do, pull up your big girl knickers and show the world your middle finger.Louise Beaumont is renowned for her sharp wit, smart mouth and sassy personality. She comes out swinging in an argument, even when she’s wrong. But even some events in life can knock her on her arse. And fighting through the sludge of emotional pressure she’s had poured over her is taking its toll. Johan Senior is broken. A man with a deeply traumatic past, shadows and monsters haunt his every waking hour. That is until a heavenly angel is sent in the form of a loud mouthed chestnut haired vixen, who threatens his manhood countless times. But his heart grabs onto her and refuses to let her go. The only problem is, his mind needs to allow him the pleasure of human touch, and to take that terrifying step of allowing someone into his heart.*This book deals with issues some people may find disturbing. Although it does involve surviving child abuse, there are NO graphic scenes. Part of the Surviving series but can be read as a standalone novel....

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Surviving Love Reviews

  • Patrycja
    2019-01-15 17:01

    4 stars Review to follow.

  • Maayan
    2018-12-28 16:58

    4.5 ~I need you stars!~ This book was AMAZING. Lou & Johan were the sweetest couple ever! My god. Johan. I LOVED this guy. He was so broken, and at some point, I was sure there is no way out of the darkness for him. But then he found his light, his sunbeam, and while holding his hand, she led him towards the light. I loved how much he NEEDED her. It was amazing to read about <3I loved the little twist;)After everything they've been through, it was really the cherry on the cake :)It was a really sweet book and you guys should really get to know Johan. He was so imperfect that it made him so perfect. Well, at least to me and Lou;)

  • Linda Kage
    2018-12-29 13:28

    I've wanted to read this book since the moment I met Johan in Elemental Fear. He was just so fun, and flirty, and cool and laidback. He danced with little girls without any inhibitions, was perceptive enough to know when his friend was hiding an awful secret, and he was 'there' when he was needed most. Yet you knew he had a past, and it probably hadn't been kind to him. He melted my book-boyfriend-loving heart.Before Ada Frost even started writing Surviving Love, I was all like, "This man is MINE. All you other ladies can just back off. FIRST DIBS." I was even skeptical of Louise when I learned she was going to be his leading lady, even though they had some nice sizzling chemistry together in book one. I just wasn't ready to share yet!Then Surviving Love got here, and I was allowed to read it (early, ha ha!!), and wow! Knock my freaking socks off. Johan's poor past was so unbelievably awful, it was just...I wanted to hurt and castrate, and un-alive many bad characters in this book. But it made what Johan became as a grown man even more outstandingly amazing! He overcame so much and still turned out that awesome. And the residual little setbacks here and there that he had made it even more heart-wrenching. And I haven't even gotten to the main storyline yet. Lou! Wow, I so love this spunky, straight-forward, yet caring woman. She can be sassy one moment and the perfect care-taker the next. She is honestly the best match for my Johan. Only with HER will I share him!I wanted to kick her "boyfriend" in the nuts way more than once, but even if he turned out to be an okayish guy, I still don't think he woulda stood a chance with competition like Johan (I feel like sighing every time I type his name!!).They had trials and tribulations and more than one stumbling block. But they also had each other to help get past everything. No matter how dark things looked, there was always a light at the end of the tunnel. There was hope for a better future. They healed and they triumphed. I love the way this story made me laugh. I love how it made me want to curl into a ball and weep. I love how it made my guts twist into knots, worried that the worst had happened. I loved how Johan was so willing to take on Lou's baby. I love how she was there for him when he needed someone the most. I love their first bedroom scene, and what he does to her house, and when they go out dancing. And I loved me most of all the sweetest happily ever after possible! This is what romance stories are all about!

  • Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews*
    2019-01-20 16:23

    Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.4.5 Surviving Stars!Angsty, Heartfelt and Beautiful!The Review:I totally and completely enjoyed this read! We met Johan in book one of this series, Elemental Fear, where his friendship with Eve was too cute for words. He was sweet but tortured as you could tell he was hiding a dark past and it was still affecting his present. I was really looking forward to his story. I wanted to get inside his head and figure out what happened to him, what his past held and see the place where he came from. I also wanted to see the wonderful romance develop that began blooming between him and Lou in the first book. I had high expectations of this book and the author did not disappoint. From the beginning to end, I was consumed, heartsick and in awe for all Johan had been through. We are pulled into the past as we see first hand the experiences that created Johan and how he endured such horrific circumstances, surviving to be the intelligent and charismatic man we met in book one. It was a pleasure to sift through all these accounts as this author takes us from disheartening to courageous in one amazing, angsty story.Surviving Love is told in past and present, from different POV’s from both a young Johan and an adult Johan as well as from Lou, so we get the whole story from all angles, which I LOVED!Story and Characters...Johan was left scarred at a very young age. Watching his father abuse and ultimately kill his mother in a horrible night of domestic violence would scar any child but that’s not where his horror story ends. He’s sent to live with his grandparents after his father is sent to jail. But what transpires in that house was pure evil. His grandfather was a sick, twisted and disturbed man and though Johan should have been happily surrounded by a large family with people who he should have been comforted and loved by and been able to trust, they betrayed him in the worst possible ways. There was only one saving grace in that house and it came from an unlikely hero named Ryan, who was also Johan’s uncle. Ryan picked a broken and battered little boy from the fires of hell and saved him. I loved the back story we got on Johan. As difficult as it was to read, it was also amazing to see the man he’d become. He was still broken and living in darkness but in one swift, magical moment of meeting Lou, that all started to change for him.Lou is Eve’s sister, from book one. Lou is a beautiful, intelligent woman who’s been dejected by the man she was set to spend her life with. And to top it all off, she’s pregnant and alone and scared. But if given half the chance, Johan has decided to be there and pick up the pieces.This book picks up right where book one left off. Eve has been hurt and Johan is left wrecked from those events, which has spiraled him mentally into his gruesome past. He’s hurting. He’s suffering. And he doesn’t want to spoil those around him. Lou is in stasis, stumbling along as she awaits word of her sisters outcome and condition after the attack. Lou and Johan connect deeper because of the events from book one and together, they ride out the storm, forming a fundamental foundation which allows Johan to finally trust someone with his secrets.I loved Johan and Lou together. They both needed someone who would be patient, kind and understanding, and in each other, they found that.Johan’s past was certainly uncomfortable to read but he survived when all evidence showed he should be a drooling, crumbling psychological mess from the scars it left. He was a true hero as he barged into Lou’s life and put right was was wrong. Lou helped Johan come to terms with his past through the understanding she showed him and the openness she allowed with him.It was a beautiful story and one I was thrilled to read and was glued to from the moment I started reading it. The Wrap Up:There’s a lot of story going on in book one that rolls over into book two, so I would suggest reading them in order. This was this author second book and she did a truly fine job with story, character and angsts. I’m definitely a fan!

  • Jamie C
    2018-12-28 16:58

    So, I definitely loved this book! Johan was so sweet. Although Lou really got on my nerves. Why she felt the need to keep reiterating that she would "always love Darren" is beyond me. It was so annoying and made me hate her. She would say she loved Darren, but she wouldn't act like it. She would say she loved him but be all why is johan with that that girl I though he liked me, I can't believe Johnson likes eve blah blah blah. Why did she care who Johan liked if she loved Darren? And another thing that annoyed me about her was the delivery scene. Why did she let Darren kiss her if she loved Johan? This was also a problem I had with the book itself and why I can't rate it 5 stars. Why did the scene with Darren even need to be there? Why did he ask if she would give the baby his last name and she say yes? He wasn't in the epilogue at all and the baby called Johan Dad, so that last chapter with Darren really was pointless and just served to piss me off. Ok rant over. Beside all that lol, I loved the book! I really felt for Johan and loved how he overcame his past. I also didn't see the twist with Ryan coming, so props to the author for that! If you haven't read this book, I would definitely go check it out!

  • Neet
    2019-01-20 15:59

    OMG again Johan broke me I cried like a baby a heartbreaking, beautiful story far out have to work myself up to read the 3rd one I know i'm gonna love it though

  • Debbie I Heart YA Books
    2018-12-29 13:04

    Oh, I’ve been impatiently waiting for Johan's story, ever since I met Johan in Elemental Fear, the first book in Ada Frost’s Surviving series (each book can be read as a standalone). Johan stole my heart in the first book, and I fell in love with this fun, witty, sexy and beautiful guy. But I also knew Johan had something terrible happen to him during his childhood, and I finally got to find out that secret in Surviving Love. I knew Johan's story was going to be a tragic one, but Frost really tore my heart to pieces. Oh my goodness, how I wanted to jump into this book and save Johan. And that, my fellow readers, is how you know an author has done their job as a storyteller, when the author can make you so passionate about their characters that you become a part of the story. Johan was able to hide his damaged self by adopting a fun, playboy persona who flirts with all the ladies, but all that changes the night he saves Evelyn. And now Lou, who loves and sees the sweet, tender man for who he really is, doesn't know how to save him. All the scars of Johan's traumatic past from his tormentor has come back to haunt Johan’s mind and soul. Johan and Lou’s romance is so beautiful. The way Johan loves Lou and the baby she is carrying. Yes, Lou is pregnant with her jerk of a boyfriend's baby, who decided he’s not ready for the whole daddy thing. Johan just takes my breath away with the love he has for Lou's baby who's not even born yet. Yes, Johan is a sweetheart, and that’s also why my heart breaks for him.I have to toughen my skin when I read Ada Frost novels. She totally shatters my heart, but I would not miss one minute of the tears, the heart break, and the joy she gives me while reading her novels, and the love she gives her characters. I highly recommend Surviving Love.

  • Book Fancy
    2019-01-07 14:59

    Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.Surviving Love is the second book in this series, and I do recommend you reading the first book prior to reading this one. We were introduced to Johan in Elemental Fear and I was super excited to know his story was next! He was humorous in the first book, but I sensed it was just a mask he wore. Johan had a very heart breaking and emotional past. Some of things he went through as a little boy, made tears well up in my eyes. Ada did a great job at portraying his painful past and giving the reader a sense of what he went through. I really don't even have words to adequately describe it. All I can is that it's tragic, sad, and gut-wrenching. You will most definitely need to have your tissues ready! And Lou....well Lou got pregnant by a boyfriend who no longer wants her. She also senses that Johan has been hurt in the past and wants to be there for him. I absolutely loved the journey Ada took us on as these two began their beautiful romance. Johan is such a sweetheart! I thought Dominic was a sweetheart in Elemental Fear, and I still do, but Johan takes the cake in the sweetheart department! He loved Lou and her baby unconditionally. Honestly, this is just a heart-breaking and beautiful romance story that I most definitely recommend!

  • Julie Reveles (ILST BLOG)
    2019-01-02 21:14

    OMG!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! I can not stop crying!! I think I cried through this whole book!! I just can't imagine the emotional feelings that Johan went through throughout his life. He was so broken. I just wanted to wrap him up and hold him forever. He felt at times that he had no one to care about him.... " Prayers? Who do I Pray to? No one answers my prayers. I was a forgotten boy in hell."I loved Lou! Loved them together. She was everything that he needed. No matter what happened she was there for him and never gave up. She brought light to his darkness and did everything she can to show him he was important and was determined to love him..." Then I'm going to fix you, I will find the broken pieces of your heart and make them work again."There is seriously so much I can say about his book, but I won't!! You must read! Highly recommend both books in this Series, starting with Book 1 so that you can understand the whole story! The story does go back and forth between past and present and normally I'm not too big of a fan, but it totally worked for this book! The Author seriously did awesome job with both books! This is an amazing emotional read! Looking forward to reading more by Ada Frost!

  • Kimberley
    2019-01-10 18:59

    If I could give this more than 5stars... i WOULD!!!! And, steal Jonah!!God. That was gut-wrenching and so damn beautiful. This author is amazing. It dealt with really tough subject, and it was brutal, and you didn't get very many details to feel the pain through the pages. Jonah.. sigh. Jonah Jonah Jonah. Your heart is going to break for this tormented, beautiful soul. I cried so hard at some parts, but I continued, I devoured.... and what a journey!!!!!!!!!!AMAZING. I will definitely recommend this author and stories to friends. Tears and Smiles.

  • Melody Aranguren
    2018-12-24 19:16

    Gut wrenching but so greatwhat a story! I loved the first book but Jo and Lou's story was hard to read at times but had such depth to the characters. the supporting characters really added to the story as well. it is a standalone but we are left hanging and wondering what the check happened with Will and Merissa? why the heck would will leave his high school sweetheart? is that the next book? or maybe it will be Ryan and Em? Please I wAnt to be a advanced copy reader Ads Frost! great books well done!

  • Jenny
    2019-01-04 17:24

    If I could wrap Johan Senior in my arms and sing to him while I cuddle him against my chest, I so totally would.There is NO WAY you cannot help but to fall in love with this beautifully broken soul and the accepting and loving Louise. No freaking way!!

  • Jessica
    2019-01-11 19:04

    3.5 starsJust finished this and I loved it I should have read the first one, even tho they are both stand Aline's I feel like I would have gotten more out of this one if I had. I can't say too much because it would spoil this book. But my heart hurt thru this whole book! But they got there HEA I just hope others will get there own books. They deserve them! It's not 5 stars because I felt that some stuff was left out and it should have been pt in but it didn't throw too much of a curve

  • Jenn's Book Obsession
    2019-01-06 18:24

    I’m having such a major Book Hangover!!! I can’t focus on my next read. I think I’m ruined!! I finished reading this book and I can’t move on! I had to process it all before writing this review. Ada Frost is the shit!!! She has a gift to pull you in and make you feel every emotion that will make you smile, make you swoon, make you mad, make you laugh and crush your heart and every other emotion these characters go through. I mean right through the pages gut you. I was a blubbering mess reading this book. And let me tell ya, I wouldn't have it any other way. I absolutely LOVED this book. I thought she did a fantastic job with the first book in this series Elemental Fear and she just took it to a whole new level with this one. This book was fucking PHENOMENAL!!! I don’t even think anything I say can truly convey how fucking great this book is. The characters are truly magnificent. The story was so heartbreaking and touching and joyful and written with such emotion it mesmerizes you. We met Johan in Book one and I instantly fell in love with him. He was sweet, flirty, playful and such a caring, good hearted guy and an amazing supportive friend to Eve. We caught glimpses of the broken soul that he is and I was so hoping he would get his own book because I wanted to know more about this mysterious kind hearted man. So to say that I was super excited when I found out about him getting his own book is an understatement. I wanted it, I needed it and I absolutely had to read it. And boy, oh boy…… I was not expecting this at all. I knew that Johan’s past was going to be painful and the emotional state I was in with Book one, I knew I was in for a few shedded tears. I was sooooo not prepared for what I read. It was heartbreaking and gut wrenching. Johan suffered far more abuse than a young boy should. It truly broke my heart the abuse that he suffered as a young boy at the hands of those that are supposed to protect you. He’s carried such a burden of emotional scars for many years and for him to open his heart to Lou was such a beautiful thing to read. Louise is pregnant with a man who doesn’t want anything to do with the baby and as much as she tries to hold on, she realizes that she just needs to cut her loses and do what is best for her and her baby. She thought she had her “forever” guy. She wasn’t expecting to feel so strongly for Johan even though she was attracted to him when she first met him. She thinks he’s annoying and the banter between the two is hilarious. Just when she thinks she’s alone here comes this beautiful broken soul to stand by her side. But what happens when you can’t let go of the past? There are some things that Johan must face before he can let it all go. Lou always acting strong and hard ass pulls up her big girl panties and has to make a decision that she knows will not only hurt her but Johan as well, but she feels it must be done to move forward.Watching Johan and Lou go through the emotional obstacles and sticking by each other is just magical. Ada really did a fantastic job. Amazingly well written and such great main and supporting characters. And the story line was absolutely beautiful and flowed so perfectly. If I could give this book more than five stars, I would absolutely without a doubt give it so much more. Ada has slipped her way in so easily into my top five favorite authors with her amazing talent, captivating imagination and emotional reads. I highly recommend reading not just this book but the entire series because I am hoping there is more to come. I’ll be waiting not so patiently and in the meantime will stock up on boxes of tissues.***ARC received in exchange for honest review***http://jennifersbookobsession.blogspo...

  • KC-- Reading Is My Superpower
    2019-01-21 14:06

    Where do I start????I read the 1st book in this series, Elemental Fear, when I was approached by the author to read it in exchange for a review. I was about 1/4 of the way through it when I was hooked. The book was so raw and so real, hitting on darker elements that rand true in my own life, that I became a fan for life. Surviving Love is the follow up to Elemental Fear, and once again, the darker elements to the story have hit so close to the bone, that I found myself having to set the book down and go back to it. I warn you now..... if you are sensitive to child abuse, this book is NOT for you. Surviving Love dips into some sensitive subjects that make you want to jump into the story and kill people. The emotion that pours off the pages will seep into your very being and you will feel the characters emotions deep in your soul. Ada is a master at stirring up feelings. Whether they are happy, sad or down right gut wrenching, you will feel everything as you go through this book. Johan... my poor, dear, loveable, strong, survivor. No one should have to experience what this man has lived through. Not in your wildest imagination will you be able to dream up some of the horrors that Johan has survived. And the sad part?? Its all possible. It's all factual. And I personally know people that are survivors. Johan's story settled deep into my heart and soul. It was personal. And it was personal in a way that made me absolutely fall in love with him. I wanted to jump into the pages and offer him a safe place to hide from the monsters that still chased him. The man he turned out to be, is nothing short of amazing. Lou... what a handful she was. I loved her. She is my kind of girl. Sassy, independent, take no prisoners, hold nothing back, has no filter and says what she thinks. She was hilarious. She was strong, and she was the kind of woman that knew when to push and when to back off. She had the ability to be a silent strength to Johan without making him feel like he was any less of a person. She was his cheerleader and encourager. She was his calm in the middle of the storm. And together they were brilliant. They played off of each other's strengths and weakness's. Johan's story is not an easy one to take. I found myself in need to tissues a few times and I wanted to throw my kindle across the room on more than one occasion. There was just enough angst to keep you on the edge of your seat, but not so much you were rolling your eyes and skimming pages because you were ready to move on. The book is fairly fast paced and before you know it you are at the end. I would of been able to read this one in one go, but as I said, I found myself needing to walk away due to the emotions I had swirling around inside of me.The author has hinted of what is to come next. I will now be on a stalking mission to be able to get the next book into my hands. This series is bloody brilliant. And Surviving Love has made it onto my top 10 favorites of 2014.If you are looking for an emotional angst filled page turner, start with Elemental Fear and then follow up with Surviving Love. The raw emotional mess you will turn into will be more than worth it. Now --- where is the next book???!!??

  • ReadAlong With Sue
    2019-01-03 13:14

    I have to say, I didn't realize this was book 2 in the series. I was happily reading it as a stand alone, so don't be put off if you read this first before book 1. It hasn't made much difference to me. I only found that out because I was raving on the phone to my book buddy Philomena, she told me its book 2 and what did I think of book so I straight away had to read book 1. Anyway, I have read this and can only say, it knocked my socks off! I read so many books that some inks just blur into another, then you get another book to review and blimey! it just takes a hold of you that you can't put down. This story, this book SURVIVING LOVE by ADA FROST just blew me away. I was so 'into' this book that I had my Kindle open at any time I could. Sat at the kitchen table waiting for supper to cook. Taking myself to bed earlier so that I could finish it.For anyone that knows me, I have trouble sitting in a room where there are distractions when I'm reading, I can honestly say that I lost myself in this book. I think an earthquake could have happened and I'd want to stay put.Louise Beaumont is known as feisty. As I read this page by page I warmed to her so much. I'd love a friend like her! She was pregnant, but there was a problem, her long relationship she had, well, her guy was not so keen. Or so it seemed. Johan was her room mate. You get really into the attraction between them, but Johan has been damaged, in a huge way. He's never opened up his emotions to anyone.This book is so indepth I am not going to give the injustice of writing all about it, as I want YOU the READER to read this. Its a tender, emotional, not very nice taboo subject which pulls at your heart strings. It rips you open to think what happened to him. Ryan just made me emotional. I loved that guy. What a solid, loyal anchor Johan had in him and his friend Will. Wills mother was a diamond, the author made me weep when I imagined the Mothers gestures as described in this book. Any Mother couldn't just weep for what she knew, for what she imagined Johan going through. The repercussions of what Johan went through growing up in his early years was so intense it had me weeping big blobs of tears. Louise was A.........MAZE.......ING in handling him. There was a part where Johan, a grown man was hiding UNDER the bed. Where Louise laid down on the floor talking to him. I imagined this playing out in my head it felts so very real.Johan was rescued by Ryan, but Ryan paid a price. The ending wasn't what I expected, it was better than I expected it.You won't be disappointed reading this, just get your tissues out as it will make your cry in some parts.I am so glad I offered to read and review this in a blog tour. I've read some fantastic books lately and this one has bumped right up to my top 10.

  • Rachelhaleshepherd
    2019-01-20 18:58

    AmazingEmotionalHeartbreakingJust...... WOWOk let's start by saying Ada can capture my attention like no other, she puts her heart and soul into her books and it shows! I was nervous to read this book after Elemental Fear (first book) but I grind and beard it and I was so not disappointed, this books is Johan and Louise story's it's heart breaking gut wrenching but above it's an absolutely amazing read.The characters are extremely loveable I just wanted to jump in and hug them!! The chemistry between the characters is undeniable, they both have their strengths and also their weaknesses. I fell in love with Johan in the first book and I couldn't wait to read his story, but his story isn't easy it's not for the faint hearted it's heartbreaking journey of love hate fear.Louise I loved her character the connection between her and Johan is hard to miss. Louise is pregnant and the father has gone AWOL . She's distraught but determined to raise the baby on her own. She's strong willed with a bit of sass.As always I don't go into detail with the story I like you to read and find out. This is an absolutely must read. Congratulations Ada you did it again brought me to my knees and I found it hard to get back up. I did though I got back up smiling and with a mended heart. I will reading more from this author her writing style the emotions she's put into her books is amazing and I find them difficult to put down. 5 stars would be more!! Make sure to get the tissues ready guys!!

  • Ashes From Books
    2019-01-06 21:28

    When I decided to read this book I didn't imagine it will make me cry this bad.This book portrays that awful reality that some kids and wives has to endure from those that should be protecting and loving them. Abuse will always be a hard topic and this story is a huge example of to really appreciate our families.After what happend to Eve, Louise starts to spend more time him Johan (swoons and tissues here please!). I really liked her, when she finally ends things with arse... Darren and realize the amazing person Johan is she becomes my heroine. How she supports and understand Johan, shows you her big heart.Johan. We catched a little bit about him in the previous book, but here from the first page you start to being aware of what he has survived and with each chapter from he's POV it just brings tears, no one should go through that. I liked a lot how Lou and Johan support each other, how he starts to trust her with all that it represent to him and even though that hard decisions they made at the end, love finds a beautiful way to help them being happy.I took the epilogue as a hint for a next book but while that happens I'm going to keep enjoying this one!Thanks Ada Frost this is a story that will be with me for a long time.

  • Jeneane
    2018-12-25 20:58

    This is a soul gut wrenching amazing story. Ada Frost really knows how to rip your heart out, cause ugly crying, and then manages to make everything better. But the ride to get there is very intense. In Surviving Love the reader gets Johan and Louise's story. Johan has had a very tragic life and terriable unspeakable things have happened to him. His soul is scarred and in desperate need of healing. Louise is pregnant and abandoned by the baby daddy. She's also dealing with a shocking family secret that's revealed in Ada's first book Elemental Fear. I recommend reading that before reading Surviving Love. Can Louise look past her fears to allow Johan into her heart? Can Johan share his pain with Louise so he can begin healing? These two amazing characters deserve some happiness but they have many emotional obsticals to over come. Ada Frost managed to break my heart and mend it all at the same time. This story is a epic emotional beautiful read. If you love emotional roller coasters then this book and series is for you. Johan will become your new favorite book boyfriend.

  • Emily
    2018-12-24 18:25

    Broken, that is exactly what Johan Senior is. Everything he touches seems to crumble and now a close friend is on the brink of death. When Louise Beaumont tries to console Johan, she is torn because she had always thought of Johan as annoying, but now she is seeing another side of him that she finds endearing.Pregnant with an absent boyfriend, Louise has enough on her plate. With her sister in a coma, she needs some support and finds it in Johan. As their life as friends changes Johan knows he can never give Louise the one thing she wants, intimacy. Louise though believes Johan has to face his past in order to have a full life with or without her.This is a story that is about hope, I thought for Johan all would be lost but he finds that small glimmer to hold onto, Louise. Louise initially is distant with Johan but when she begins to understand him, everything fits into place. New to me author, look forward to reading more of her work.

  • BooksandBeyondFiftyShades
    2019-01-23 20:06

    Louise Beaumont has a sharp wit and a sharp tongue. After finding out she is pregnant her boyfriend leaves her. She is living with her sister's annoyingly gorgeous colleague.Johan is a broken man trying to learn to live with a deeply traumatic past. He has monsters haunting him every moment of his life. That is until he meets Lou.I absolutely loved Elemental Fear. Im thrilled to have read Johans story. He was one of the very important characters in Elemental Fear. I really liked his character. Louise was also an important character and it’s great to finally read her and Johan’s story.I got to better understand the man behind all the jokes and sweetness. This is an amazing romance. I would have written more but with this book you really can’t unless you want to add spoilers.This is a must read. I would highly recommend this book and this amazing

  • Lorrie Moar
    2019-01-02 19:12

    Ok, I'm pretty sure this is my fave book of the year. What an emotional ride I had reading this book. I cried the first few pages in, then I cried some more, then I laughed, god what a journey this was. I am emotionally drained and all I want to do is go to sleep :) Johan and his sunbeam (gah, swoon) are amazing together. She keeps the monsters away and he gives her the acceptance and love of her unborn baby. The stuff Johan goes thru when he was a baby just broke my heart and had me bawling rivers. I'm happy he found love throughout his life in one form or another. Amazing book, Ada Frost!! Please know that yes, this book deals with children and all kinds of abuse but it doesn't go into it graphically. Ada Frost did an amazing job telling this story. Thank you for this book, Ada.

  • LexiM
    2019-01-21 20:21

    I don't think I have ever fallen in love with a character the way I have fallen in love with Johan. His story was so touching! I laughed and I cried. The banter between Lou and Johan was so cute and so heartbreaking at times. I loved this book so much that I literally was dreading finishing it, because I wanted to story to continue. The subject matter of Surviving Love and Elemental Fear are both touche subject but they are written in a beautiful way. I loved both book and read them both within 3 days. They could have been read as stand alone novels, but why would you want to when they are that good! I could not put them down. I hope there is going to be another story of the Surviving serie soon!

  • Erika
    2019-01-04 15:12

    This really was an amazing book. I gave the book 5 stars because of how real the situation was. it was very hard to read the book from when Chase was a kid. They alluded to everything but as a mom that was way to much for me. My son is the same age as Chase in the begining of the book. I cried reading it and had to skip some of it. As a mom it breaks my heart to read about or seeing a child being hurt. I know if happens everyday and for that the book was extrem ly hard for me.I gave this book 5 stars because of the emotion it brough out in me. The love story was good, but I really felt so much for Johan. He was written perfectly, and as I imagine anyone going through that traumatic situation would act. The writing was excellant.

  • Amanda
    2018-12-27 19:15

    This book was so amazing!! I think we need to get together and start an "I Love Johan Club." I want to be the president and make t-shirts. It's hard to find another male lead like him. He's cool... he's sweet... he's funny. People everywhere probably wish Johan was a real person just so they could hang out with him. With all of Ada's books, you'll find yourself on an unbelievable roller coaster ride of emotions. She has a phenomenal gift for drawing things out of you, you didn't even know you could feel. I recommend reading Elemental Fear before Surviving Love where Johan is first introduced.

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-13 14:21

    This was a good read, good enough to keep me awake til 4am. The subject matter might not be to the liking of some people but it didn't bother me. I don't usually like flashbacks but in this book I liked being able to see/read about his childhood and growing up. The romance/ love could have been better/stronger written because I felt like they just fell in love and I missed it. Although maybe they were a big part of the first book which I didn't read..?? *****SPOILERS************There is a HEA, mature content of child abuse, rape, domestic abuse, the rape is told from the point of view of a child this is why I think some people are bothered by it and putt off.

  • Cécilia
    2019-01-23 20:23

    WAW!!! I fell in love, unconditionally and irrevocably in love with this book and Johan!!! I didn't want this book to end, it was sooooo good and beautiful and I already miss Johan!!!!!!!!!! His past was so heartbreaking and I wanted to hug him many times. Note for Lou : I don't hate you. No, I think you're a great girl and a lucky bitch!!!! I'm so jealous that I want to hate you but I can't. You're good to my Johan so I love you for that!!!!!!!!I'm soooo happy, I've found a new favorite author and I can't wait to read the following book!!!! <3

  • Saskia 'follow my shoes' Smith
    2019-01-20 20:27

    This book is far to confusing, to the point where you cant enjoy the book. The constant back and forwards makes it all too confusing that you have to backtrack. More annoying its not until near the end can you put the story together. Its awful what happens to him as a child tbh had the book just focused on his pov it wuld have been a good book, but because each character flits between people it gets confusing and ruins it. I couldnt take to the book or the characters it didnt flow th way it should. sorry.

  • Bev
    2019-01-03 15:16

    4.5 starsWhen I started this I had no idea just how heart breaking and gut wrenching Johan's story was going to be. It was an absolute doozy and if I'm honest I was glad to get past his flashbacks which were harrowing.I love the slow pace of their love story, this was for sure one that could not be rushed, not with the lasting effects of his childhood. Lou was perfect for him, she supported, coddled, loved and called him out when necessary.

  • Janet Hammons
    2019-01-04 19:04

    5 beautiful tear stained starsHoly where do I start? This book is a must read on so many levels. I love love love Ryan. I know he wasn't the main character but he is so totally hero book boyfriend material. This book is grab a box of tissues emotional. It is a must read but not for the faint at heart. It caused me to cry, cuss and laugh. It is a must read, but don't forget the tissues and make sure you have plenty of time cause you are not gonna wanna put it down.