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Strangers meet in a hotel bar. For a few stolen hours they pretend all is right in their worlds. Madison Miller is broken. Nearly everyone she’s loved throughout her life has left her. Now, she’s desperate to feel something other than the pain of her most recent loss, even if it’s only for one night. Sawyer Ramsay is jaded. After witnessing his younger brother marry a womaStrangers meet in a hotel bar. For a few stolen hours they pretend all is right in their worlds. Madison Miller is broken. Nearly everyone she’s loved throughout her life has left her. Now, she’s desperate to feel something other than the pain of her most recent loss, even if it’s only for one night. Sawyer Ramsay is jaded. After witnessing his younger brother marry a woman no one can stand and years of watching his older brother’s disastrous experiences with women, the last thing he wants is a relationship. Almost a year later, fate will have the strangers crossing paths once more. Can this strong, caring woman with a complicated life convince this disillusioned man to believe in love? Will passion and desire turn into something strong enough to surmount all of life’s obstacles, or will the fear of heartache and overwhelming responsibility force Madison to accept Sawyer was never to keep? ***REVISED EDITION RELEASED MAY 1, 2015***...

Title : Never to Keep
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Never to Keep Reviews

  • Lisa
    2019-03-25 04:00

    This one did not work for me. There was simply too much going on. Please don't let my rating deter you from possibly giving this book a go. Reading is very subjective. Just because I did not love this one, you just might. ****An advance reading copy of Never to Keep by Aimie Grey was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

  • Viri
    2019-03-24 03:01

    Mi opinión en un emoji:🙄 DNF

  • Sara
    2019-04-11 03:00

    This book was like taking every show you have stockpiled on your DVR, and watching them all together, intertwined. Nothing will make a damn bit of sense. Sawyer Ramsey and Madison are the key players. If you keep reading, there will be spoilers, so beware ***SPOILERS****** Dont be alarmed by how long this is LOL!OH MY GAH! Sawyer hooks up with Madison at a bar. On the day that his brother gets married to a demon bitch who constantly tries to sleep with him. The same day Madison buries her brother and then her boyfriend dumps her at the graveside, and says she isn't enough. SO MUCH HAPPENS!! Sawyer gets a call from a woman claiming to be his sister, cause he's adopted. They both "happen" to be at LAX, meet up, and then get a DNA test. Once confirmed, she gives him 52 million that their mother left to her (cause it was his mom too). She was a rich actress and didn't need the money. Can i be adopted?? Please??Meanwhile, Madison is taking care of her niece Peyton, while the mom is in "rehab". She's going to school to become a nurse and strips to make money. I think I'll just bullet this shit..*Madison wasn't enough for Ethan because she's missing a penis. But he wont sleep with another guy, or another girl, cause he doesn't want to loose her.*Madisons father, comes back from the dead. Just shows up..and Olivia (dead brothers girlfriend and nieces mom) knew about him. Hmmmm..*the girl Sawyers brother Finn married is Madison's arch nemesis Kristy. Kristy continues to try to sleep with Sawyer* Ethan, her ex who's actually gay, keeps trying to get back with her. But still wants to get dick on the side. He wants to have an "open relationship"*Sawyer is a teacher, with 52 mil in the bank that only his brothers and sister know about, but accuses Madison of being a gold digger.* The father that comes back from the dead, says he helped another couple that they were friends(years ago) with conceive a child, and that child was her arc nemesis Kristy. Kristy's dad couldn't handle not being the father so treated her like shit, thus explains her hatred for Madison..i guess.*Madison is trying to keep guardianship of her niece, and the social worker on her case is none other than Kristy's bff from high school Heidi, who tries to sabotage everything.*Madison gets pregnant by Sawyer, and he accuses of her doing it on purpose to trap him for money, when it was his bright idea to forgo condoms. Annnnd she just thinks he's a teacher.*The nieces mom in rehab actually has cancer, so the point being in rehab??? She has 3 months to live. Has some risky surgery and dies.* Madison gets stabbed in her pregnant belly. She just opens the door, insert knife, and they go to hospital.But no worries, all is well. Its some random guys son who was in a war with Madisons dad???*Kristy sets up Sawyer to look like they slept together, she's trying to ruin Madison. The set up is she's naked in the shower, condom wrappers in the room. Welllll, he's allergic to latex, so they would have made his junk swell and be in pain, but I guess nobody pieced that together until the end of the book.*Ethan still wants Madison, but is attracted to another guy, who's wife recently died. And they try to threesome with Madison, while she's pregnant...*Sawyers famous sister Marina, at one point says they are full siblings, half siblings and cousins....Really?? It was explained that her dad had a twin brother, and apparently both brothers were with her mom....Complicated.*Sawyer continues to be Peyton's (Madisons niece)teacher, sleeps over their house constantly, but always insists its nothing romantic. However hes jealous of Ethan. And any other guy.*Madison has a custody hearing, Sawyers rich sister Marina set her up with an attorney, who took the case pro bono. The Heidi chick did all kinds of twisted shit and blamed it on Kristy. After the lawyer wins the case, he asks out Madison, completely out of the blue. I've never seen a pregnant chick get so much play in my life.*Madison gets assaulted in the alley by some guy who works at the strip club, but noone knows who it was....???????????* Madisons mom has been in Spain for years, she doesn't even have contact with her. But when she was stabbed, she shows up in the hospital.I guarantee you I left something out. But good lord, can you blame me??? There was waaaaaaaay too much going on in this book.

  • Aimz
    2019-03-29 06:24

    This was one of those what the hell happened and what did I just read? the plot was one big cluster fuck of confusion and bad porn. Pull every bad episode of a soap opera and you have this book.Edit* okay. I tried it again. Nope. Still a shitstorm.

  • Ana
    2019-03-25 02:02

    1.5 StarsNot what I expected. It looked good, but then it was disappointing. A lot of things didn't make much sense, the story wasn't well developed. I found myself skipping lines, and that's not a good sign for me.In my opinion, half of the book wasn't necessary. The author threw clichés here and there, but they weren't believable enough. I did a lot of eye rolling.Not something I would recommend, sadly.

  • Jennifer Pierson
    2019-04-09 02:11

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED this story. As a blogger, I'm lucky enough to get to discover new authors all the time. This was my first time reading this author, but I will continue to do so.Madison Miller has a broken heart that she has carried around for a long time. She lost her father when she was 10, and recently lost her brother that was her best friend. On top of that, the man she has been with has left as well. With her broken heart, she finds herself in a hotel bar. In walks Sawyer, a sexy stranger she has a one night stand with, and sneaks out the next morning. Sawyer is very wary of any relationships but he feels a pull to Madison. When Madison has to move back home to help her brother's wife out with her niece, fate steps in and she runs into Sawyer as her niece's teacher. This is when the fun begins.Madison was a great character who was so strong through everything even though her heart was bleeding. Sawyer was sexy but with his own demons. My emotions were all over the place while reading Never to Keep. I truly felt Madison's pain throughout the whole book, and was in love with her and Sawyer together, although wanted to choke them quite a few times. The spark they had was explosive. The writing was easy and I was sucked in from the beginning. I can't wait to read more of Aimie Grey's books.

  • Brit
    2019-04-19 05:56

    Advance Readers Copy (ARC) provided to me by author via blog tourThank you4 starsCover: 10+Plot: 6Heroine: 4Hero: 5Ending: (HEA) 7I highly enjoyed reading Never To Keep but I didn't love it as much as I would have. It had potential too be great but I felt that it was unlateable and I felt so confused while reading it because it was jumping around to weeks or months it was giving me whiplash. Honestly. I felt heartbroken for Madison because I know how it feels to lose all the people you love. And in such a close time frame from each other. But I think she could of handled it a lot better than she should have. But other than that I didn't connect to her at all. And Sawyer where do I even begin with him. I just wanted too punch him in the face but I loved him at the same time (only when he was caring to Madison). I felt like he was stupid even though he's a teacher but how clueless is he about women. Honestly I wanted too smack his brother upside the head for putting idea's inside Sawyer's mind. And he's an Alpha Male. But his love for Peyton just makes me want to cry like a baby. But why was Peyton calling Madison "mama" When her real mother was still alive?

  • Lindsay
    2019-04-17 04:05

    This book made me cry it's so good.

  • Sofía Micaela
    2019-03-24 06:14

    Okay. That was awkward.So halfway through this, all I could think was "Is this a joke?". It was all so confusing. So many plots. Seriously, there's no plot in the history of New Adult that's not here. I would have forget that (NO), if it weren't for the characters. Oh, Dear Lord. Every single girl was a whore. It didn't matter if they were about to get married/ were the school's principal/ or a social worker. All whores. Except Madison, the main character, who was so pure and good, and beautiful and sexy... And all the boys were attracted to Madison. And to other boys. Seriously. And the dialogues. There were so many "WTF?!" conversations. Like, talking about sex in a school yard, when one of them was a teacher. Or, making really inappropriate advances towards a stranger in a hospital, when one of them was a secretary in said hospital. Or generally, talking so bluntly about sex in front of strangers/a poor child who's going to need a LOT of therapy. Those were the things that bothered me the most. Those things made the story to lack realism. I couldn't believe half of what was happening. The author could have chosen one of the plots on the story, and it would have been a good book. Well, minus the parts were she forgot where her characters were and who they were with. So they wouldn't try to have sex / talk loudly about sex in such inappropiate places. (A school yard. A freaking closet in the school on the first day of class. In front of children and their parents)Maybe some people like this book. But it was TOO much of everything to me. My head hurts. And I want to break my computer so badly every time I recall something I just read.

  • Dai Alvarado
    2019-04-01 02:02

    Estaba tan emocionada por este libro. Fue una de las pocas veces en que yo realmente leí la sinopsis, pero al final no fue lo que esperaba. Terminé decepcionada y cuestionando mis gusto literarios. Voy a resumir esta historia en dos palabras: DRAMA TOTALEn serio, ni siquiera las historias de Collen Hoover tienen tanto drama. Fue como si la autora tomara todos los clichés del new adult los metiera en una licuadora y se sentara a ver que resultaba de eso. Le diré que fue: Desastre total. La historia comienza bastante bien, con Madison dando un emotivo discurso en el funeral de su hermano Ryan y un poco más tarde siendo dejada por el amor de su vida, lo que la lleva a merodear por el bar de un lujoso hotel donde conoce a Sawyer. Su aventura de una noche. Pero, a medida que avanzamos la trama –o la falta de ella- comienza a desinflarse y la historia decae muchísimo. La relación entre Sawyer y Maddie no me la creo, por más que intento no puedo ver el amor entre ellos. Ni siquiera alcanzo a notar en que momento fue que se enamoraron. Para mí, este es un fuerte caso de insta-lust y no de amor real. La historia pudo resultar mucho mejor si la autora se hubiera ahorrado la mitad del drama, las mil escenas de sexo y el montón de diálogos sin sentido que no aportaron nada.

  • Shonali Juneja
    2019-04-05 01:00

    Looking forward to read more books like this one... Loved it....

  • ♡Elizabeth
    2019-03-31 02:04

    Me gustó mucho pero creo que la historia daba para más.

  • Neilliza Swaffar
    2019-04-05 01:24

    One broken and the other with no love to give. What happens when their world collides? Well, this is their story and how they found love unexpectedly. Right in the beginning I didn't know what to expect. I mean the book did start the story with a funeral and a break up. I just thought, wow, I hope this story has a happy ending. I'm sure glad I kept on reading, especially when Sawyer and Maddie met for the first time at a bar. Both were drowning their sorrows into oblivion. The minute Maddie walked into the bar, she caught Sawyer's eyes. He slowly moves himself close to her, by striking up a conversation about sports. He noticed that Maddie is not just any girl, she could be one of the guys and talk sports all day and he loved that. He felt the heat and electricity between them right away. After looking around the bar, he noticed that every single guys eyes are on Maddie. Thats when realized that he is not the only guy interested in her, that everyone of them he bets wants to take her to bed. He thought to himself, no way. He wasn't gonna let that happened, he was taking claim. He wasn't the only one thinking that one, Maddie went straight to the point and asked. That one night together changed their future and they didn't even know it. They both went back to live their normal lives, but neither one could forget about that night. Even after a year, both their minds were consumed of that one night. Then Sawyer decided to move to Indiana and took a teaching job. Then their world collided again and Sawyer ended up being Maddie little girl's teacher. That's where their Sexcapades started, first time in the school janitor closet. Sawyer thought that if he just gets her out of his system, he will be just fine. Boy was he wrong, after that encounter all he wanted to do was be around Maddie. He would never admit to himself that he cares about her a lot, but what he knew was he couldn't live life without being with her. Time passed by and they got to know each other better. He knew Maddie was broken and had a lot of baggage, so to him that was all fine. He didn't expect them to have a future together, then he fell in love with Maddie's little girl Peyton. Not only did he enjoy being around Maddie, but he love spending all his time with Peyton also. The more time he spent with them the more he felt like a family, but instead of making a commitment he ran. He ran scared of his feelings and left Maddie to pieces.Will Sawyer keep running from his love for Maddie?Or will he figure it out and profess his love to her?Read the book and find out.I enjoyed this book and the dance between Sawyer and Maddie. Yes their story progresses slowly, but that's how I like it. The way the book went, shows a reader how they fell in love, when it happened and why. That right there gave me enough to read and love the book.

  • Sheri
    2019-04-06 02:19

    This Arc was given in return for a honest review. Today just wasn't Madison's day. Not only did she attend a funeral for her brother but her longtime boyfriend, Ethan just dumped her. By being told that she isn't enough for him and he couldn't do this anymore, Madison decides that going to a bar and drowning out her troubles is the best answer. Sawyer Ramsey isn't having the greatest day either. Getting female attention is always a great thing, however when the bride to be is constantly coming on to you, it kind of sucks. This just reiterates why he doesn't want to get married or even believes in love. Females can't be trusted are only out for his money. So with nothing else to do and needing a quick escape, the hotel bar is calling his name. The minute Madison walks into the bar she catches not only Sawyer's eyes but also the eyes of just about every male in the place. This doesn't sit well with Sawyer and his inner Alpha soon comes out when a fellow patron tries to pick up Madison. With a quick conversation about sports, he notices that not only is she beautiful but she is easy to talk to. She could be one of the guys. With the knowledge that just about every guy in the place has their eyes on her, Sawyer decides that he needs to stake his claim. But Maddie beats him to it and propositions Sawyer for the night. Could a steamy night between two strangers be what each need? Waking up the next morning, Sawyer is memorized by the girl he just spent the night with. If he only got her name maybe he could get her out of his head. Plus what girl ditches a guy the next day? That's his move........Fast forward eight months and things have changed. Sawyer, needing a change decided to take a teaching job and moved from Los Angles to Indiana. Madison on the other hand is now raising her niece, Peyton, due to the child's mother being sent to rehab for drinking. Meeting the teacher was something Madison didn't want to do but when arriving at the school, she soon realized that Peyton's teacher is the hot guy from the bar. Sparks soon start to fly between these two and a fast paced sexual relationship starts to form. The last thing Sawyer thought would happen was his feelings growing for Madison and Peyton. So what happens when he realizes that he can't turn off his feelings but can't make a commitment? He runs......leaving Maddie in pieces.Will he stop running and come back and be the man Maddie needs? Or will he stay away?There was a lot going on in this book. So much that I could not put it down. At times I wanted to strangle Sawyer but then he would do something that made my fall in love with him. Madison is a strong character and does what she has to do in order to take care of her niece. This book may have a lot going on but the love between the two is a slow process. It makes the reader appreciate the growth and isn't too fictional. I can't stand when characters fall head over heels in love with each other by the third chapter. Definitely a good book to read.

  • Joy Pantorillo
    2019-03-29 23:56

    *ARC provided as part of blog tour*As a first book of the author, this story is worth keeping!The story started promising -- their first meeting, hook-up, drifting apart, meeting once again.The characters. Madison a broken girl. My heart went out to heart. Her story can be describe something as "just when you thought things can get any worse....". Despite of all the worst things that happened to her, she chose to face them head-on. Sawyer. It was a fifty-fifty like-dislike for him. I like him when he shows his caring and possessive side especially towards Maddie and Peyton. Why do I dislike him? Because of his indecisive with his feelings to Maddie. His decision can easily be affected by his older brother. I just wish that he can make up his mind.Aside from the main characters, another that caught my attention would be Sawyer's elder sister, Marina. Nothing beats a strong character which I think Marina is. I hope that the author can write a story about her. The story. It was okay during the lets-get-to-know the characters part -- who they really are and how will their relationship progress. Things took a downfall for me when added characters were being added which results in adding more conflicts to the story. It became too much for me. Although, I am happy with the ending.To Aimie Grey, great job on your first novel! Keep writing and hoping to read more of your stories. :)To Debra of BEP, again thank you so much for the opportunity! :)Blog:

  • Lately25
    2019-03-27 02:00

    Well it started off good....and then it fell *splat*! I was actually liking this book, and then it took a bad turn...*SPOILERS*First of all, I'd have to say that you completely lost me when poor dead dad came back from the dead. Why? What was the reason for this? It really just made the whole storyline too much. I mean really the whole 'Dad was a super secret agent that had to go away until all of the bad guys died off, and then gets found on the internet by the dying best friend, and then he tells you he fathered another kid that just happens to be your enemy'; it just made me hang my head from all of the awful. So after all of that I think perhaps things can be salvaged, and you hit me with the 2 gay best friends that are dating each other but decide they wanna share you in a love sandwich...WTF??? But just when I thought it couldn't get worse you hit me with heroine getting hurt, not by her arch enemy that has done so much to her previously, but by the son of one of the guys her super secret agent daddy put away..... *sigh*... Stop, just stop already.I have you 2 stars b/c I actually liked the heroine, well except for her giving in so easily in the end, but even still I liked her..... Maybe we can rewrite and leave out 007 Daddy, and just make Kristy the main protagonist, but that's just my opinion.

  • Cat Rhodes
    2019-03-22 02:58

    WOW! I think I must be in the minority here, because I know a few people didn't like this book, but I LOVED it! I loved Sawyer even though he was a complete dick for most of the book. Kristy was a two-faced bitch and she deserves whatever she gets. I'm thrilled Ethan found happiness with Charlie...or at least I think he did? That wasn't really clear, but either way, they deserve to be happy. I was a little confused as to if Sawyer was a virgin before he had sex with Maddison because he told her she was his first. He'd never kissed another woman, been inside them or anything else. I wasn't sure if it was because he was a virgin and just really knew how to please a woman, or if it's because he'd never been in love before and he'd never made love before Maddison. That was a little confusing because he seemed to come across as a bit of a player. Considering this was free, I'd say this was an awesome find!

  • Carmen Townsend
    2019-04-12 23:17

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story!!!!!20 stars!!!! I absolutely love this story. Madison made me proud, & I wanted to kick Sawyer and Thomas's azz. Sawyer made up for his stupidity. I will leave this book on my keeper shelf. I will also be rereading this story at least twice a year. Aimie Grey,you wrote one HELL of a good story.I hope to be blessed with more of your work. Thanx.

  • Angie
    2019-04-17 04:21

    Ame el libro totalmente enserio sawyer pudo ser un idiota quien no lo es pero esta autora cierto esstamps artas de la misma historia y este me estubo colgando de un hilo realmente buena recomendada

  • Amy Carter
    2019-04-09 02:18

    Really enjoyed this book!I really enjoyed this book from Amie, loved all the characters Madison and sawyer are just so cute. I love a book that I can get lost in and really connect with and this book did exactly that, I even cried and had to put the book down to compose myself. I will absolutely be re reading this book and recommending it to people.

  • Abby Mujica
    2019-03-24 02:10

    La vida de Madison Miller es lo que uno puede considerar bastante normal. Tiene un lindo novio llamado Ethan, una sobrina que la adora, una cuñada estupenda y el mejor hermano del mundo. Después que su padre falleció su hermano mayor —Ryan— se encarga de ella y adquiere el papel de padre lo cual hace que ambos sean muy unidos y tengan una relación súper especial. Claro, su madre no pudo superar la muerte de su esposo así que con la emergencia de que la abuela de Madison enfermó, ella se fue a España dejando su familia en Indianápolis. La ida de su madre no fue muy buena para Maddie —apodo que solo usan su hermano y su padre—, pero lo superó todo con ayuda de su hermano y ahora tenía una linda sobrina llamada Peyton que la llamaba mamá ya que cuando comenzó a hablar sus intentos de decir Madison habían sido fallido y siempre la llamaba: “mamá”. Olivia —esposa de Ryan y verdadera madre de Peyton— no le molestaba en absoluto que su hija utilizara ese término para dirigirse a su tía ya que Maddie había sido grandiosa y porque su hija a ella le decía: “mami”. Pero claro no todo en la vida puede ser color de rosas y así es como persigue la desgracia a Madison. Perdió a su hermano y ahora se siente perdida, no sabe qué hacer y para colmo el mismo día su novio la deja. Se siente destrozada, sin fuerzas y lo único que quiere hacer es guardar su dolor y olvidarse del mundo cometiendo una locura. Tiempo después Olivia cae en recaída por la pérdida de su esposo y decide internarse en un centro de rehabilitación dejando a Maddie a cargo de Peyton y aunque Madison esté contenta de cuidar de su sobrina, sabe que las cosas no resultarán bien para ellas. Sawyer Ramsy está cansado que la futura esposa de su hermano Finn siga ofreciéndole sexo a escondida, jamás traicionaría a alguien de esa forma y por eso su hermano mayor Thomas quien ha descubierto que las mujeres solo quieren el dinero le dice a Sawyer que nunca cometa la locura de casarse, que él cometió el mismo error y que Fiin va por el mismo camino, por eso Sawyer no ha querido enamorarse de una mujer. Desde ahora solo tendrá sexos con desconocidas y las dejará, pero no será tan fácil como cree. En el bar de un hotel en California se encuentra a la chica más hermosa que ha visto y tienen una buena ronda sexo por la noche, pero por la mañana descubre que ella se ha ido y se siente traicionado por ello. No es capaz de contárselo a alguien, ni siquiera sabe el nombre de la chica y ahora que se va a mudar a Indianápolis espera no verla nunca. Pero como siempre el tiro le sale por la culata y no sabe que el mundo es más pequeño de lo que cree y esa sexy chica del bar puede estar frente a sus narices y siendo la mamá de una de sus alumnas. Una historia estupenda súper normal, donde verás cómo evolucionan los personajes. Hay algunas partes en que amarás a Sawyer y hay otras en que querrás matarlo. Verás que Maddie es una luchadora y Peyton un amor de niña. Como personajes secundarios tenemos: 1)Ethan: Ex novio de Madison y ahora su amigo 2)Charlie: Amigo de Maddie y de Ethan. 3)Brianna: Hija de Charlie. 4)Marina Alexander: Hermana de Sawyer 5)Tate Parker: Novio de Marina.No dejes de leer esta historia porque de verdad merece la pena y no te va a decepcionar.

  • Viviendo dentro de las páginas (VDDLP)
    2019-04-03 06:20

    Estaba tan emocionada por este libro. Fue una de las pocas veces en que yo realmente leí la sinopsis, pero al final no fue lo que esperaba. Terminé decepcionada y cuestionando mis gusto literarios.Voy a resumir esta historia en dos palabras: DRAMA TOTALEn serio, ni siquiera las historias de Collen Hoover tienen tanto drama. Fue como si la autora tomara todos los clichés del new adult los metiera en una licuadora y se sentara a ver que resultaba de eso. Le diré que fue: Desastre total. La historia comienza bastante bien, con Madison dando un emotivo discurso en el funeral de su hermano Ryan y un poco más tarde siendo dejada por el amor de su vida, lo que la lleva a merodear por el bar de un lujoso hotel donde conoce a Sawyer. Su aventura de una noche. Pero, a medida que avanzamos la trama –o la falta de ella- comienza a desinflarse y la historia decae muchísimo.La relación entre Sawyer y Maddie no me la creo, por más que intento no puedo ver el amor entre ellos. Ni siquiera alcanzo a notar en que momento fue que se enamoraron. Para mí, este es un fuerte caso de insta-lust y no de amor real.Madison es el típico personaje femenino inocente, puro, con un pasado trágico y totalmente fastidioso. Que personaje tan pesado. Me pasé la mitad de la lectura riendo como loca ante tanta estupidez. Sawyer, el protagonista masculino es un idiota, creo que por primera vez un protagonista no me enamora y supongo que se debe a sus tonterías. De verdad, no se puede ser tan denso en esta vida. Se pasó la mitad de la lectura teniendo pensamientos absurdos basados en miedos irracionales y actuando como un tonto. Por supuesto, estos miedos fueron infundados por su hermano mayor Thomas. Uno de los personajes más grises que he leído en mi vida.De hecho, la mitad de los personajes son completamente nulos, no aportan nada a la trama. Thomas, Finn, los padres de Sawyer, Lisa y otros. Ethan y Charlie no están mal, me gusta la relación que comparten y lo sobreprotectores que son con Maddie, aunque las cosas se fueron a la m... cuando trataron de tener un trío con ella, eso es raro. Como, mucho.Lo que más me gustó de la historia –porque algo tenía que gustarme- fue la relación de Madison con Payton, y su relación amistad/hermandad con Olivia.Aunque Olivia es otro personaje que se va a la lista para el olvido. Al principio creí que iba a gustarme, luego me di cuenta que estaba siendo una completa egoísta. Si, estaba destrozada por la muerte de su esposo, pero eso no la justifica ¿Pensó que era la única que sufría? Payton y Madison también pasaron un momento difícil. Al final, lo único que hizo fue desperdiciar un tiempo muy valioso con su hija.En fin, que la historia no me gustó nada. La historia pudo resultar mucho mejor si la autora se hubiera ahorrado la mitad del drama, las mil escenas de sexo y el montón de diálogos sin sentido que no aportaron nada. Pero juzguen ustedes mismo :P

  • Stephanie- The Boyfriend Bookmark
    2019-04-09 23:56

    I am not sure where this book came from but I am glad it found its way onto my Kindle. I will be the first to admit that Sawyer was a pain in the ass from the beginning. I mean, I get brotherly love and all that but this took it to the extreme to know he actually took their advice. One brother has kids that he never sees and the other is with the biggest bitch on the planet, or at least in a couple of states. I just couldn’t wrap my head around why Sawyer would put so much faith in his brothers’ experiences with women.Now… Madison, I admire the heck out of her. She is a true heroine in any sense of the word. Everyone she has loved, she has lost. Her dad died when she was young, her mother moved back to Spain, she just buried her brother and now her sister in law is away in a recovery program. Madison is raising her niece (who is just about the cutest kid ever) and trying to figure out how she is going to make ends meet. Oh and did I mention on the day of her brother’s funeral, her longtime boyfriend dumped her? This girl has been through so much and now she is trying to figure out how to move on with her life.Get him out of her system. That’s what she needs to do. She just needs to find someone else who can work him out of her system. And so it begins…He’s not looking for an attachment, she’s trying to forget and somehow they end on in one crazy one night stand… but uh oh… school’s about to start and guess who the teacher is… Madison doesn’t need this in her life. She is busy enough working two jobs and taking care of her niece. But of course you know as well as I do, things don’t work that way nestled between the pages of a book.These two have the sexual frustration and attraction down to a science. But everything seems to be making her run toward him and making him run away from her. Eventually something is going to give. When that dam breaks, it is going to get crazy… and of course it does.Aimie Grey has taken a simple hotel romance and turned it into something extraordinary. I loved the characters, well, except the brothers and that wife of the one… but they just seemed more real. The way the talked and the way they acted. And Sawyer’s sister just completely stole my heart. This book had spunk and character and I really enjoyed each and every page of it.I typically tend to get frustrated with duel POV’s in books, but it worked really well in Never To Keep. Though we always new what Madison was going through, it was helpful to try and figure out where Sawyer was coming from.This was a great read and I would highly recommend it. It was fun, flirty, teetering on the edge of reality but brought full circle with the right amount of love. It stole my breath and touched my heart.

  • Monique Machuca-Austin
    2019-04-19 06:05

    Madison Miller has lost many loved ones. While attending her brother, Ryan’s funeral, her heart breaks again when her boyfriend, Ethan, leaves her. Not only does she needs Ethan during this time of sorrow, but he feels Madison is not enough for him for his future. Crushed…Madison goes to the hotel to drink her sorrows away and later finds herself spending the night at the hotel with a HOT ALPHA MALE, Sawyer Ramsey. Sawyer does not believe in love, because he believes a woman’s love comes with a price tag. When Madison awakes from the night of passion, she decides to slip out undetected from the room without exchanging personal information. Eight months has now passed since the night at the hotel and many changes have occurred with Madison and Sayer’s lives. Sawyer decides he needs a change in his life, so he uproots himself from California and moves to Indiana. Madison is now going back to school and is raising her niece, Peyton, because Peyton’s mother is undergoing treatment for an addiction. While Madison takes Peyton to school to meet her teacher, she is astonished to find out Peyton’s teacher is Sawyer. Has fate brought, Sawyer and Madison, together again under different circumstances? Will they be able to change their course and find a forever happiness with each other? Aimie Grey’s novel, Never to Keep, has done a magnificent job writing a captivating story that will have you feel as if you are on an emotional roller coaster with twist and turns of COMPASSION, SADNESS, ANGER, LAUGHTER, LOVE, and AMAZING HOT SEX SCENES. Madison and Sawyer will capture your attention immediately, finding yourself unable to put the book down. Aimie Grey’s novel, Never to Keep, receives – 4.5 AMAZING STARS!

  • Donna Porter
    2019-03-26 22:16

    This book has explicit sexual scenes so it may not be for everyone. Madison has just attended her brother, Ryan's, funeral. She is so crushed and she clings to her long time boyfriend, Ethan, for comfort. After the funeral is over Ethan proceeds to tell her he can't do this anymore and she is not enough for him. He breaks up with her. Feeling like a nobody and in a lot of pain she stops at the hotel bar for a few drinks. Sawyer Ramsey is at his brother's wedding and his wife to be, Kristy , keeps coming on to him. He promises himself he will never marry or have a relationship he doesn't believe in love. He thinks all women are out to trap him for his money. He leaves the wedding and stops at the hotel bar. There he meets Madison. A man tries to pick her up and won't leave her alone and he steps in between them to protect her. She is taken with Sawyer and she propositions him just for the night. They go to his room. She sneaks out when he falls asleep later and they don't even exchange names. Eight months later, Sawter moved to Indiania from L A. He wants a change . He is a school teacher and he gets a job there. Madison is raising her five year old neice, Peyton, because her mom is in a facility to treat addictions. She started drinkly heavly after, Ryan's death. Peyton is going to school and meet her teacher so Madison is with her. She is shocked when she finds out her teacher is Sawyer. What starts her is a very screwed up relationship between them. There is a lot going on and it was hard to put this book down. It will definitely keep your interest as Sawyer sees what Madison does to support her and Peyton as she is doing her clinical at the hospital to finish her nursing degree. You'll like this one

  • Judy Miracle
    2019-04-01 03:20

    I fell in love with this book and its characters. From the beginning not even really knowing much about the book it starts with an emotional scene. Madison has lost very many close to her. First her father who was killed in the line of duty, then her mother went back to Spain to take care of her own mother, and the start of this book is the funeral for her brother who was not only her brother but her best friend, protector, teacher, her everything. Not long after his funeral Madison's sister in law is put into rehab and Madison is granted guardianship of her niece Payton. Not only is she taking care of Payton shes also working on finishing school and working. Sawyer.. what can i say about him. At first don't get me wrong he was a hunk of a man but he was kind of arrogant. The night he meets Madison hes at his brothers wedding to the biggest b!*ch ever who had been trying even minutes before her wedding to get into Sawyers pants. Hes not looking for love or a relationship he thinks all women are out for money like his brothers wife. Madison and Sawyer have one night of hot sex after meeting in a bar. She thinks hes engaged and leaves him in the hotel room.. a few months go by and they meet again when Madison takes Payton to meet her new teacher who turns out to be Sawyer himself. They form a friendship / sex based relationship. But will Madison be able to keep her heart to herself and can Sawyer get over the fear of all women being after just money? I would recommend this book to others I couldnt put it down.

  • Kathryn Adair
    2019-04-05 03:14

    Wow this book was amazing!i couldnt put it was simply amazing!i laughed and i cried and i wanted to hit Sawyer for being so dump at times. Madison's personality is amazing she is funny and so loving and caring to her niece. Madison has bad luck with keeping people in her life. Her mom returned to Spain. Her dad died when she was young and she had to watch her only brother be lowered into the ground in a casket and to top it all off her boyfriend breaks up with her on the day of her brothers funeral. Needing to get away from it all she goes hotel bar to drink her pain away. There she meets Sawyer.Sawyer has rules to keep woman away. He thinks like his older brother that all woman are out to get you to trap you for money or something else. He plans on never letting a woman get the upper hand/. Then he sees Madison and she nearly brings him to his knees. A one night stand between them is hot more then he was expecting. The next day she is no where to be found.Not to long after they meet again. He still mad she snuck out on him but cant keep away from her. He wants her but not to put a label of being together. this is were sawyer makes me mad!I love how she steps up and takes on a mother role to her niece to help her sister in-law. what she does and gives up to care for her niece is so heart warming.This whole story is amazing and it just draws you in.The love is showed in his actions but not in his words. must read!!!

  • Kim A
    2019-04-21 02:12

    Madison & SawyerI just can't today. I read the author's bio and i gave some leniency since this is her first book ever. ( I could never have the courage or creativity to write a book so kudos to you, Aimie) however, this book had me AND I liked the characters (most of the time) but things just developed way too quickly for my liking, and sometimes, certain scenes were so out of place i literally kept saying WTF! over and over. I felt like i was reading "this happened" and "that happened" and then "this is what's going to happen" and "let's throw in a random crazy scenario" "and this is what's going to happen after" There wasn't enough time for me to wrap my head around one main plot before i was thrown into another one. Drove me nuts sometimes. Good premise, but failed to deliver for me.

  • Lauren
    2019-04-10 04:07

    You know looking at the reviews after I read it was probably in my favor. Because some of the reviews I was just reading I wanted to scream!! How can you not absolutely LOVE this book! I'm so happy I purchased it and it was amazing Madison and Sawyer I just fell in love with. One minute I was screaming at sawyer and the next I was crying for both of them. I loved Pey too how adorable! Everything that happen in this story happens for a reason even if leading up to something bigger. I'm happy to know that by the end everything worked itself out and it was a happy ending. Before I read this book I was going through a bit of a dry spell with finding a good book to get into and fully read. This book immediately pulled me in from the first page. Even though I didn't really like sawyers brothers or the blotch Kristy I understood they're part in making the story a good one. Now I need to come off of this amazing book high and find another book to fall in love with. Awesome read and that's Aimie Grey <3 you didn't disappoint or dissatisfy me in the slightest. ...Don't ever let someone else's review deter you from a book. Because everyone's opinion is different including mine. You never know you could be missing out on an amazing read! (:

  • Karen Voitik
    2019-04-08 04:13

    >Book Review - Never to Keep>This book is a stand alone novel that ends in an HEA. The story was a romance, but with a suspenseful twist.>Madison is a nursing student who just lost her brother and is caring for her niece, Peyton, while her sister in law is in rehab. She has serious money issues, but is trying to make ends meet. Her boyfriend of forever, breaks up with her at her brother's funeral, causing Madison to meet Sawyer in a bar for a one night stand. Sawyer is at his brother's wedding reception. His brother just married a total witch who propositioned Sawyer minutes before walking down the aisle. He meets Madison in the hotel bar, but is wary of relationships. >Fate happens and Sawyer turns out to be Peyton's teacher. The chemistry is hot between Sawyer and Madison. There is a lot of angst, misunderstandings, devastation and pure romance. I didn't like Madison's work as a stripper. It seemed out of character. I did love Sawyer's sister. She was the bit of comic relief when the story took a turn. When Madison's dad enters the story, danger follows and the suspense builds.>This book is a fairly realistic love story and a good read.> This book is for an adult (18+) audience due to sexual content.