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Title : The Jews and the Poles in World War II
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The Jews and the Poles in World War II Reviews

  • Lewis Weinstein
    2019-04-06 11:45

    This is an outstanding record of what took place in Warsaw during the Nazi occupation. Stefan Korbonski was there and played a major role in the Polish resistance. Korbonski has an ax to grind, as he states in the first sentence of the Preface ... "The charges leveled by the Jews against the Poles for allegedly sharing responsibility for the Holocaust by not preventing the slaughter of Jews are groundless, unfair, and slanderous. An individual or a nation can be blamed for denying help which could be given, but not for failing to do the impossible."In my opinion, Korbonski proves his contention, citing fact after fact throughout his book. For example ...... the Jewish population (within the ghetto) was doomed to a slow death by starvation, exhaustion, and illness … or murder by the Gestapo … for illegal purchase of food, using public transportation, not wearing the armband, or for no reason at all ... or transport to the ovens of the Nazi murder camps... it is estimated that 18,000 Jews were hiding in Warsaw - outside the ghetto … 100,000 Poles were sheltering them … 2,000 Yad Vashem medals have been awarded to Poles for helping Jews (including one to Korbonski)... Council of Assistance to the Jews - ZEGOTA … established on Dec 4 1942 … headed by Julian Grobelny … headquarters in Warsaw … assisted Jews in hiding outside the ghettos with living quarters, documents, food, medical care, financial help, facilitating communication ... in Warsaw, helped 4,000 Jews ... the (Polish) Directorate of Civil Resistance issued a proclamation … citing the "monstrous planned slaughter of the Jews" … "being mercilessly murdered, poisoned by gas, buried alive, thrown out of windows" …"for no other reason but that they are Jewish" … "we are unable to counteract these crimes" ... "We protest in the name of the entire Polish nation against the atrocities perpetrated on the Jews" ... This proclamation was published by the entire underground press and transmitted to London, where it was repeated by the BBC, SWIT, and other allied radio stations... Polish underground leaders also requested regular bombing missions to destroy all railroad lines leading to the extermination camps to prevent further transports from the ghettos … Feiner and Berman made similar demands in their dispatches to London ... the bombing of railway lines to the extermination camps was not undertaken … supposedly because of the technical impossibility of long distance flights … however the British bomber command (Sir Arthur Harris) consider the bombing of Auschwitz to be technically feasible if carried out from bases in Italy... On the first day of uprising in the Warsaw ghetto … three Home Army units, commanded by Captain Josef Pszenny, attempted to blow up the ghetto wall on Bonifraterska Street … however they were detected and their attack failed... Towards the end of the ghetto uprising, there began an organized evacuation of Jewish fighters … they escaped through tunnels dug from cellar to cellar and through the City sewers … Poles were waiting for them on the other side with trucks … transported the Jews to the woods near Warsaw ... escapes took place on April 29 and May 10These descriptions, and many others, will provide suggestions for scenes involving my fictional character Anna Gorska, who will be in Warsaw during much of this period, as I write the final sections of the sequel to my novel A FLOOD OF EVIL ...