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The Hayden War has ended and now SOLCOM and the Alliance are face to face in talks, but neither side has the slightest idea what happened in the ultimate battle of the war. Amid political jockeying and diplomatic gamesmanship, Captain Sorilla Aida has been given an assignment : Find a weakness to exploit, buy SOLCOM time to learn just what the hell happened to Valkyrie, anThe Hayden War has ended and now SOLCOM and the Alliance are face to face in talks, but neither side has the slightest idea what happened in the ultimate battle of the war. Amid political jockeying and diplomatic gamesmanship, Captain Sorilla Aida has been given an assignment : Find a weakness to exploit, buy SOLCOM time to learn just what the hell happened to Valkyrie, and make sure that the Alliance isn't prepared to risk another conflict in the open. Sorilla has problems of her own, however, and after losing so much in the war she isn't as certain of her life choices as she used to be. Unfortunately for her, the Alliance, SOLCOM, and others don't intend to let her have time to figure it out for herself. The Hayden War is over, the Cold War is just beginning....

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By Other Means Reviews

  • Evan Currie
    2019-03-24 14:12

    I wonder if I should be reviewing my own books? Ah, what the hell, it's fun. :)By Other Means sets the scene for the growing Cold War between the alien Alliance and the SOLCOM forces. That puts Sorilla back into the mix, but not in her comfort zone. Amid truce negotiations, different factions are already looking to set the Alliance and SOLCOM back at each other's throats for their own purposes.The kicker is, both sides are more than willing to do just that... but not quite YET.With everyone secretly, or not so secretly, looking for war... what hope does a soldier have of keeping the peace? Luckily, that's not exactly Sorilla's mission.By Other Means was a tough book to write, but I had a decent amount of fun even as I gnashed by teeth. Check it out if the earlier books in the series were to your liking... because this Cold War is just heating up.Ciao

  • John
    2019-03-28 20:07

    The overall story arc is working wonderfully. I love the characters and am enjoying meeting the aliens. The complications of putting the Alliance together must be staggering to make sure you do not miss anything.There were more grammar and editing issues in this than I remember being in the other books. That is the only thing that really gave it a drop from 5 stars.Sorilla Aida is easily my new favorite heroine and I plan to read all of the books in this series!

  • BookBandit
    2019-04-05 12:13

    When read the author's opening where he said there would be less ship-ship combat slugfests and move to a more shadowy "cold-war" I was a little worried. In my military scifi I like my wars "hot" where ships slug it out with other ships! Well have no fear, there is more than enough action and warlike posturing to go around in this brewing cold war. I am glad the Silver Wings series is back (Sorilla, good to see you again!) with a new story arc and am looking forward to watching this cold war heat-up even more in the upcoming books.

  • Per Gunnar
    2019-04-10 13:10

    Although the book takes off straight from where The Valhalla Call ended this book really starts a new story arc in the Hayden War Cycle universe. Unfortunately we are now leaving the real war behind us in order to go into a cold war story arc. I write unfortunately since this is not really my cup of tea when it comes to choice of story. I had hoped that the story would continue with the humans gaining further technological insight and then proceeding to kick some alien butt. However it looks like this is not going to be, at least not for the time being.That is not to say that it is a bad book of course. I have liked most, if not all, of the books from Evan C. Currie that I have read and this one is no exception. The book is very much like the previous books except with the actual war replaced by political posturing and a fair amount of scheming and plotting by various factions on the alien side. The alien security turns out to be pretty much a joke which allows the plotting and scheming to turn into both assasination attempts and murderous sabotage. There is no lack of action in the book although I do miss the fleet maneuvers and starships slugging it out.Sorilla Aida is back which is a good thing of course. Actually most of the book revolves around Sorilla and her new tasks “assisting” the diplomatic delegation from Earth. “Tough chick” Sorilla is an enjoyable character but so are some of the aliens. Especially her counterpart. Although I somewhat regret the shift from real war to cold war it was an enjoyable book to read and, who knows, maybe Sorilla, or the aliens, manages to heat things up enough to get back to some real clobber time in the next book.

  • Brent
    2019-03-27 12:31

    I love Mr Currie's Hayden War series. He calls this a new Cold War Arc but this was more the final few chapters of #4. Fun read but ... how many times must we be reminded that both sides are uneasy since neither knows why the Alliance fleet disappeared?? We got that in first chapter. I felt it was repeated every ten pages. The level of misspelled words and grammatical errors is unacceptable. This book was horribly proofread. At times, I wasn't sure what the author even meant to write! He should immediately stop what he is working on to fix this book.

  • Jeff Ober
    2019-03-23 14:03

    Another awesome story in a line of great storiesThe author is truly finding his pace with this story and characters. Damned if I didn't read this one in a single day. Again. Right up there with The Lost Fleet series.

  • Michael Wood
    2019-03-25 20:13

    Very Good Alien Invasion Military Space Opera SeriesThis is a very good story, as the Earth forces attempt to negotiate a truce and a treaty with the much larger alien Alliance. But there seem to be Alliance groups who might profit from continued war. Attempts to destroy negotiations, if not expected, are feared, by both sides. Luckily, there is no organized opposition to a truce and treaty from the Earth nations...yet.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AS BOTH AN INDIVIDUAL BOOK AND AS A SERIES

  • Robert B. McCready
    2019-04-17 13:30

    This series of books just get better and better looks more like we have now.These books could've been written in the present, written in normal times just like we have during the Cold War against Russians, against the Chinese,it just jumped ahead about a thousand years. Some things never change.

  • Robert Hypes
    2019-04-17 17:29

    Excellent story and charactersGood continuation of Hayden War books. The only negative is that this ebook contained a lot of editing errors such as misspelled names, inconsistent gender pronouns, etc. Just needed better proof reading before publication.

  • Jeff Rich
    2019-04-19 12:15

    Another great book in this series

  • Wilco Roos
    2019-03-22 17:31

    Change of paceNo more fleet battles (pouts) but then again heavy action, and dancing on the ceilings, what a joy ride! Highly recommended

  • Patrick Johnson
    2019-03-21 20:27

    Would be a great book. On any other format except Kindle. Amazon continues to screw up a simple app so that reading a book from any author becomes a chore instead of a joy.

  • Mary David
    2019-04-17 16:32

    Okay--not as good as the other four in the series maybeI had a bit of a time getting into Evan Currie's books at first. But I got there and I really enjoy them now. I gave it four rather than five stars but that's really good for me. Five stars is Game of Thrones or almost any Diana Gabaldon book and these are respectable but not in that league. I don't understand all the fuss about the lack of proofing and editing. Yeah, the lack makes it a bit difficult but compared to the old fanzines they are much better. Not so bad that I'm going to stop reading the book. Buy Mr Currie, please make up your mind--are they "Ros" or "Ross"? And there are several other inconsistencies with regards to alien names, species and other spellings that spell won't pick up on either. It's just a mi or irritant though. I like the new arc for post-Solcom/Alliance contact and I want to see where Sorilla Aida takes her life. She's definitely a badass but can she deal with peace? Good choice having hernin a relationship with the Russian pacifist. I look forward to seeinwhere it all goes.

  • Patiscynical
    2019-04-16 20:22

    Turn, and face the strange changes...Another Sorilla Aida adventure. This one is a little different, it's set on an Alliance station. After the mysterious disappearance of Valkyrie and the Alliance fleet, an uneasy truce has been called. Aida is assigned to the diplomatic protection squad, and is looking for weaknesses to capitalize on.It's a very good story, but once again, mistakes have overruled a higher rating. The diplomat from Earth is a man, but at one point is referred to as 'her'. The Alliance diplomat is a different species, but on one occasion is referred to as a Parithalian. There were many other trifling errors, that a good editor or proofreader would have caught before this book was published.And more vague hints concerning the relationship between he Ros El, or Ross Ell, (depending on the author's mood) and Earth. Did Valkyrie travel back in time? I'd dearly love to know, but the author isn't saying.Results: enjoyable adventure, flawed by errors.

  • Amber
    2019-04-01 20:16

    I've been hooked on every book in the series so far and this one is no different. The circumstances and battlefield may have changed but things are still hearing up between humans and the Alliance. A Cold War has started with neither side being exactly sure of who has the advantage.Although Sorilla has been in the thick of battle before and passed through with flying colors, this is more of what she was really trained for and it was an interesting change to see her more in her element like this. Somewhat. Most of the book does take place in Alliance space after all so dealing with various alien races brings on a whole new challenge.Sorilla also has to work together with an old enemy which offers up many scenes that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.This was a fantastic book and I eagerly await the next one to come in this story arc.

  • Ivanhoe
    2019-03-30 18:21

    Major Sorilla is not only a super rambo, but also a competent spy and terrorist mediator... Sigh... at first it was funny a super rambo character, but after 5 books it become a little anoying. I was hoping some deep development with the others characters or at least some more team up with Kriss, but even he was used like a secondary character with just a couple of words. The last part was also a mess, i have to read it twice to understand some parts.(view spoiler)[In the end i dont exactly support that view SOLCOM have about the war, they want to keep waging war, but "not now", they need time to reinforce themselves... I mean, what the hell!?!= Are those guys idiots!?!? Is not better to aclimate themselves with the other races of the Alliance, see posible allies and technologies, they act like they are in a cold war, but only because they want to be in a cold war. (hide spoiler)]

  • Shane
    2019-04-18 17:31

    I really like the universe created by this arc of stories. I feel that Sgt./Cpt. Aida has developed and grown as a heroine. I couldn't understand how I could rate each of the individual books as mediocre and yet like the series as a whole so much; then it hit me, this isn't really so much a story of its own, but the first act of a three act play... This novella has a beginning, middle and an end as any good story should; but it doesn't really go anywhere. It serves as a tool for introducing a couple new races and characters, but doesn't do much else on its own.While Aida has developed as a character throughout the books; no one else does. There is a new (possibly important) Alliance character introduced; but we know almost nothing about it (him?). Even the universe of the storyline fails to really develop beyond adding a minute amount of complexity.

  • Mark
    2019-03-31 16:23

    Evan Currie has *almost* become my favorite military sci fi author (behind David Weber). This series (which I hope will have more books) and his Odyssey One series are top notch.Overall plot: Earth colony Hayden is attacked and the planet taken with no warning by an alien race. This series starts with Marine Sargent Ida and her insertion into the resistance that remains on Hayden. It branches out to the Earth Fleet and their conflicts with the Alliance fleet. Good story, pacing, action, characters make all of the books in this series excellent for fans of the genre.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-29 19:03

    A Good Change in StyleThis book was very different compared to the previous books in the On Silver Wings series. It dealt with more espionage and Cold War tactics as opposed to unknown enemies and open war. It seems that Evan Currie is planning on taking us into a whole new style of books with the continuation of the series. However, I do not think this is a bad thing. This book was very enjoyable. I found the espionage angle and more detailed glimpse into the Alliance to be a refreshing change in pace. I'm looking forward to seeing where the series goes from here.

  • David Beck
    2019-04-05 12:02

    In the aftermath of the events in the Valhalla Call Aida is feeling lost. After the loss of yet another group of friends and the fleet she has spent months on leave. She is approached by SOLCOM to become part of the diplomatic team negotiating a truce with the Alliance since she knows the most about the various alien species. Once they arrive at the negotiations it is obvious that many factions in the Alliance are opposed to both the truce and to the Alliance in general. Aida ends up teaming with the Sentinel Kriss to end an attempt by one of these groups to sabotage the negotiations.

  • Lisa Korn
    2019-03-22 14:26

    Another one, excellent!I saw that this was a 5 book series, however, the cliffhanger ending of the 5th book, leads me to believe otherwise. I was happy with the coming together of some of the fighting foes, Boehner, is it just an illusion? We will see, as I think another book or 2 will hopefully be following, or should be at least. The cliffhanger ending of three final book needs to be satiated. Here's hoping, otherwise, many questions will be left unanswered. Thanks to Evan Currie for sharing his awesome talent with the world!

  • BobA707
    2019-04-14 17:26

    Summary: Another highly enjoyable episode in the Hayden war cycle, plenty of action if fairly low key compared to the earlier books. Space opera at its best.Plotline: Good plot, although the saboteurs abilities seemed a bit fat fetched, but ignoring that all goodPremise: I like this universe, it really works for meWriting: Crisp and simple, highly readableEnding: Oh yesPace: Never a dull moment

  • Steven Swenson
    2019-03-22 14:28

    I thought this was a great set of books! I am only disappointed that that I was able to complete the entire series in a little less than a week.The characters were well developed, though not being Navy some of the ship-terms threw me off here and there. I like the small mysteries that are in the arc so far. I look forward to seeing more ASAP; Get to work Evan :) And thanks for a great story so far.

  • Masoud
    2019-04-04 13:11

    I enjoyed the previous book more than this one. In comparison you do not see any space battle or space based adventures in this book, but rather mostly confined to one ship and events on that ship.I am not sure if there will be another book after this or this is the last. I would read the next books if there is going to be any.

  • Luke Page
    2019-03-21 13:30

    Going from the extreme war in the previous four books to the, at times less than, subtle spying in this book was quite a change, that doesn't mean it was any less thrilling.Learning more about the Alliance was brilliant and I look forward to what comes next.The ending was kind of abrupt in my opinion, albeit intense.

  • Nick Grayson
    2019-03-25 16:20

    I read all the Warriors Wings/Hayden Cycle/Sorilla Aida books in a row over the last couple days they we're very addicting to say the least. The story arc and series was worth the read I highly recommend it.This book is the start of a different arc and is less Ship vs Ship and more showing character traits in depth.

  • Andrew
    2019-04-10 14:06

    The start of a different arc in the series, while not as action packed it was a interesting book none the less. While the others were more military i would say that this book was more of a spy book which works with the arc title was it is a cold war type feel. I enjoy this book and would recommend this book to anyone likely space books and or military feels to them.

  • Michael D Keller
    2019-03-21 14:05

    Really liked the story as the Hayden War moves into a new arc, however the proofreading failed badly. The USV ship captured in Valhalla Call was misnamed and well as various spellings of the character names. Also words were added/deleted seemingly at random and properly spelled words were grammatically used incorrectly making comprehension a challenge at times. The story was very good though.

  • Steven Bragg
    2019-04-17 17:24

    I have generally reviewed the author's books quite highly, but this one does not quite work. Rather than outright battle scenes (at which the author excels), this story gets bogged down in political wranglings and people generally running around. The heroine is still good, but where is the characterization of anyone else? The book looks like one person running through a cast of cardboard cutouts.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-28 17:20

    I really love this series and I'm sure hoping there is more Sorilla Aida to come! I enjoyed this book but not as much as the others. For me, I was hoping for a bit more action throughout the book. It was however, neat to see Sorilla in an entirely different role, although I still hope to see her get back to her regular combat missions. Great series. I'm not so patiently waiting for more!!