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When Almario "Go Go" Gato, a handsome young Cuban baseball player, goes missing mid-season, his agent Veronica Craven hires a private investigator to track down her best client. No police. No press. Enter Eli Sharpe, an Asheville, North Carolina-based ex-ballplayer turned private detective who specializes in investigating professional athletes.Eli begins by questioning MarWhen Almario "Go Go" Gato, a handsome young Cuban baseball player, goes missing mid-season, his agent Veronica Craven hires a private investigator to track down her best client. No police. No press. Enter Eli Sharpe, an Asheville, North Carolina-based ex-ballplayer turned private detective who specializes in investigating professional athletes.Eli begins by questioning Maria Gato, Almario's roommate and fraternal twin. Maria watched while both her parents drowned on the boat ride from Cuba to America, so she is naturally desperate to get her only brother back. She tells Eli a secret: Almario may have a problem with drugs and alcohol.Eli tracks down Almario's supposed girlfriend, a rich sorority girl, but is soon led to another woman in his life, Sheri Stuckey, his cocaine supplier and fiancée who works in tandem with a gay bartender named Dantonio Rushing. Stuckey, a drug abuser and single mother, claims Almario split because she wanted the two of them to check into rehab. But Rushing, dazzled by Almario's boyish good looks, tells a different tale: Almario has taken out a $500,000 life insurance policy on himself and named Stuckey as the primary beneficiary.With the help of his a mentor--a former homicide detective--and five ex fiancées who still care about him, Eli follows Go Go's trail, determined to locate the elusive ballplayer before one of the nasty people in his life--or his own bad habits--do him in....

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Go Go Gato Reviews

  • Kemper
    2019-05-24 01:25

    Eli Sharpe is a former baseball prospect whose career flamed out after a brief stint in the big leagues. Now he works as a private detective specializing in issues that come up with the personnel of ball clubs. It seems like Eli has a good business plan because recent events have shown that investigating professional athletes is probably going to be a growth industry.The book starts in the traditional way of the classic literary private detectives. Eli is just trying to get a little drinking done in his office when a beautiful woman walks in to hire him. Veronica Craven is a sports agent representing Almario ‘Go Go’ Gato, a baseball player who defected from Cuba and got a big money contract with a pro club. Unfortunately, Almario has been struggling in the minor leagues and has now vanished. Eli starts looking for the missing man and quickly learns that the pressure of living up to his potential may have made Almario crack and sent him down a dark path with bad companions.This is a solid and polished debut novel from Max Everhart who obviously knows the PI genre and came up with a fresh approach with the baseball angle. Some of the best parts revolve around Eli’s ability to empathize with Almario despite having never met him because he knows exactly what’s it like to have your entire future hinge on your ability to hit a curve ball. Eli’s also thankfully not a relentless smart ass like a lot of PI characters are, and he comes across as a good guy who genuinely wants to help people. That nature reminded me a bit of Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole character.However, Eli was just a little too quirky for my taste in the early going when it seemed like every description and line of dialogue was done just to illustrate how offbeat he is. (This eagerness to establish his personality leads to a wicked continuity error early on when Eli proudly shows Veronica that he is wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt under his seersucker jacket, and then points out his Wilco t-shirt to her about 30 seconds later.) Plus, there are times when it seems like Eli can’t open his mouth or have a thought that doesn’t reveal his eccentric history as the child of hippie (*shudder*) petty criminals as well as his time in baseball. Fortunately, this dies down after a while and the story takes over.I also found the dialogue just a little too polite at times. When confronting a drug dealer and referring to him as a ‘scumbag’, it’s odd that Eli and his mentor still call the guy ‘Mister’, too. But overall this was an entertaining PI novel with a likeable main character and a nice hook to it.

  • James Thane
    2019-06-09 04:12

    Almario “Go Go” Gato is a teenage baseball sensation, one of the best prospects that professional scouts have seen in years. The young man manages to escape from his home in Cuba and ultimately make his way to the U.S., where he signs a huge contract with the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies send him to their Class A club in Asheville, North Carolina, and midway through a disappointing rookie season, Go Go goes missing.Enter Eli Sharpe, himself a former major league player turned private detective. Eli, who lives in Asheville, makes his living doing background checks on prospective players for a variety of baseball clubs. Four days after Gato disappears, Eli is contacted by Gato’s agent, the very tall and sexy Veronica Craven. Craven, like Eli, is fairly cool under fire, but she is understandably desperate to find her most important client before his career is jeopardized beyond repair. She figures that Eli is the man best equipped to find him.The natural place to start the search is with Go Go’s only other relative, his twin sister, Maria. When Go Go signed his contract, the first thing he did was to send money to have Maria and their parents smuggled out of Cuba to the U.S. But in an accident on the way, the parents drowned. Maria is now living with Go Go in an expensive high-rise apartment and, having lost her parents so tragically, she pleads with Eli to find the only family member she has left.Sadly, it would appear that the young phenom has fallen in with bad company. He may be abusing drugs and alcohol; it appears that he has ditched his very attractive and willing girlfriend for a rather slutty and conniving waitress, and the deeper Eli gets into the case, the more perplexing it becomes. Fortunately he has several ex-fiancés who are still attracted to him and some of whom are in a position to help further the investigation. And, like any other successful P.I., Eli has a contact in the police department who can funnel to him information that otherwise would not be available to a member of the general public. But in the end, it will be down to Eli himself to solve this very puzzling case.Go Go Gato is the debut entry in a promising new series by Max Everhart, and it’s a fast-paced, entertaining tale. Eli Sharpe is a very appealing character who combines just the right amounts of wit, humor, intelligence and courage, and it will be fun to watch him in action as the series continues to grow and develop.

  • Anthony Vacca
    2019-05-22 01:14

    Max Everhart's debut mystery novel is a breath of fresh, breezy air for the sadly fading PI genre. Set in the fairly sedate setting of Asheville, North Carolina, Go Go Gato stars the professional baseball burnout turned private detective, Eli Sharpe. In this first outing Eli tackles a case involving an eighteen-year old baseball hopeful, the titular Almario Gato, who goes missing during a bad season following a knee injury. Sharpe is hired on by Gato's hot mama of an agent and his twin sister, the shy but loyal Maria Gato. As Eli sinks his teeth into the case disturbing facts about Gato come to light, like his friendship with an eloquent drug dealer,or his destructive relationship with a trashy, greedy waitress, or the terrible tragedy that befell both his parents while trying to flee from Cuba to the U.S..Everhart's novel is of the Raymond Chandler tradition: a complex, labyrinthine mystery filled with eccentrics, some of them dangerous and most all of them lying. Two of the real standout qualities in this book is 1) Everhart's attention to carefully written and edited sentences, a quality I see lacking in many indie press releases; and 2) the real passion for baseball that comes off within the story: while a PI who works cases for baseball teams may sound like a gimmick, Everhart makes good use of the mysteries and philosophies of the sport as a meaty metaphor for Sharpe's conflicted character. And this leads me to one more fine quality of this book - Eli Sharpe himself. While we learn early on that Sharpe was raised by parents who were petty thieves and tramps but fancied themselves peace-loving hippies; that he wrecked a sports career thanks to self-doubt and booze; and that he has gone through five fiancés (and has managed to stay on good terms with almost all of them); despite all these elements of a rich backstory, the reader only gets to scratch the surface at what kind of man Eli Sharpe really is, which means there is a rich territory to be mined in future entries.Go Go Gato is a good book to visit if you like your mystery novels well-written, intelligent, engaging and, of course, fun.

  • Jason M
    2019-05-28 22:26

    What strikes me most about Go Go Gato is the precision with which it's written, particularly with the knowledge it comes from a very young author relative to full length fiction stories. Max does an exceptional job of creating in his flawed protagonist, Eli Sharpe, a lead character we feel like we just hung out with as soon as we close the book. We know the seersucker jacket, the Dickel, his own history, his upbringing, and most importantly, a strong foundation of emotional depth without being overwrought or overdone. In this kind of a mystery story, it's so easy to fall into the trap of providing the detective, a friend, and a villain. The challenge is in creating five or six other characters who both have plausible reasons to play such a large role in the case and also have even a cryptic motive to being involved in the case on multiple levels. In Go Go Gato, Everhart gives us Sharpe, but he creates three dimensional figures in Veronica, in Maria, in Carpenter, in two key figures who work at the Burly Earl dive bar, plus several others, and as we're introduced to new characters, each one does more than merely exist as a name in print. As a result, it was impossible not to allow my own mind to work as a reader to try and determine which one of these folks "dun it." It's not 500 pages, but you feel like you've read a complete work of fiction when you close it after reading the final page. Everything that takes place, and this is a hugely important point and perhaps the biggest written kudos I can hand to the author, everything that takes place...makes absolute logical sense. The book doesn't simply decide it wants to be 400 pages so all of a sudden it goes supernatural or way over the top or involve a bunch of nonsense. Everything has a reason and in the end, the story pays off to successful resolution.As I read the last sentence, the first thing that ran through my mind was "Damn, I really hope there's more Eli Sharpe novels." I'm thrilled to find out that's the case. Max Everhart has crafted a character with staying power, and he's done it with one of his first public efforts. That is a spectacular achievement. Go Go Gato weaves a logical but not entirely simple story. It's victim is humanized, dehumanized, and then partially re-humanized, and Eli Sharpe is a knockout of a protagonist. And even Asheville, North Carolina, the setting of the tale, is fully realized as if you're actually reading the book on College Street or around a bunch of hipster artists at the city's state university. Now if you'll excuse me, I need a finger of Dickel.Read this book if you have interest in crime stories, in good mysteries, and without question if you have interest in jumping on the bandwagon of a young writer who I believe has the chops to become something special if this effort is any indication. Highly recommended.

  • Josh
    2019-05-23 02:13

    Pitch perfect dime store PI. GO GO GATO starts as a private investigator novel should; with an attractive female lead turning up unannounced pleasantly invading the investigators office with her intoxicating scent and filling the room with her irresistible womanliness; equal parts provocative and professional – she’s got a problem that only this PI can solve. And so it starts with Eli Sharpe, former Baseball star now seasoned PI taking on his latest case – to track down a missing promising baseball prospect that seems to have succumbed to the same vices he himself did during his playing days; over indulgence in booze and drugs. Baseball fans will get a real kick out of reading this book, though readers not all that into America’s favourite pastime will still enjoy the mystery surrounding Almario Gato’s disappearance. The key suspects are identified early on with the case not expanding further as the case proceeds. This was great to spotlight each of the characters, making them feel part of the broader story rather than a hole to shine a flashlight and move on. If I were to draw comparisons with other authors/novels I’d have to say I liken the style and feel of GO GO GATO to Russell Atwood’s Payton Sherwood mysteries (EAST OF A, and LOOSERS LIVE LONGER), however Sharpe, as a protagonist is a little more polished and well presented. GO GO GATO is a good start to the Eli Sharpe mystery series which,looks to be a lot of fun. Not only does it introduce readers to Sharpe and provide relevant backstory but also gives a glimpse of the supporting cast (Sharpe’s 5 ex’s, and fellow PI Carpenter for instance). I’m looking forward to reading more of Sharpe and his future investigations. Review first published on my blog: http://justaguythatlikes2read.blogspo...

  • Bryce Allen
    2019-06-12 03:29

    At several points in this highly-entertaining novel, ballplayer-turned-P.I. Eli Sharpe is described as having a trim, athletic build; the young detective’s first appearance in print mirrors his physique as GO GO GATO is a lean, muscular mystery without an ounce of fat that will keep you engaged and guessing until the very last page. Negotiating several genre tropes with intelligence, savvy and creativity, Everhart delivers a pitch-perfect P.I. tale featuring a unique gallery of characters that manage to belie cliché while maintaining a semblance of familiarity. An adept and empathetic protagonist, Sharpe is at once at ease and at odds with his troubled past and tumultuous present. His personal demons are organically and deftly incorporated into this story of a missing Cuban ballplayer with shady acquaintances and hangers-on, a case that becomes increasingly cumbersome as the clues regarding ‘Go Go’ Gato’s disappearance reveal layer after layer of depravity, deception and destructiveness – ingredients for a captivating read, which this most certainly is. Brimming with snappy dialog, visceral energy and sophisticated/shrewd storytelling, GO GO GATO is a great debut for this author and character. I’m definitely looking forward to future installments in the Eli Sharpe Mystery series!

  • Lance Wright
    2019-06-08 03:03

    With sharply drawn characters, an intricate storyline well-considered and developed, and a narrative that is crisply delivered, this is a very strong entry to this series. A solid, entertaining mystery overall, one that will have readers eagerly looking forward to this PI's next case. Read our full review, here:

  • John Gilligan
    2019-05-25 00:24

    I was lucky enough to Receive this novel through the Goodreads giveaway. I was sent the book and a lovely letter from the Author Max Everhart. I really enjoyed the Story and the character of Eli Sharpe and his relationship with his mentor Ernest carpenter. I liked the way the plot progressed, with everything feeling real and organic finishing in a really good ending. This review doesn't the book justice but then I'm no author. Please read this book and make up your own minds I don't think you'll be disappointed. I for one am looking forward to the next Eli Sharpe story. Thank you Max hope this goes some way to paying off your student debts and putting Harry through College. Thank you. John Gilligan.

  • Diamond Drake
    2019-05-29 01:11

    I received Go Go Gato in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate that it was well written. The story itself, however, just wasn't my cup of tea which is why I'm choosing not to give it a rating. I wish Max Everhart all the best, though.

  • M.J. Payne
    2019-06-18 01:24

    I loved this book and the characterization and the surprise ending and the dialogue and all of the smart ass and yet kindness of Eli Sharpe. These are great books and I am really looking forward to what Everhart has to say in the future. I don't want to give away the ending as the psychology of people is always so enticing and important. I enjoyed reading Go Go Gato very much and it is a page turner with some sexy stuff and deep things from people and humility in life. It is a lot of fun to read about guys liking tall blondes and having the fun of the noir genre and it's really sexy but subtle sort of plot. Life gets dull without these books and Everhart is going to do much more and I will be there as a reader. Well written, great characterization and a lot of fun.

  • Max Everhart
    2019-06-01 05:16