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When Xanthus cashes in a long-standing favor, Kyros is faced with doing two things he thought he'd never do—protect a mermaid and live on land. Dagonians loathe mermaids and Sara, Xanthus's wife, is no exception. Also, a Dagonian standing on human legs? As if being around the vile creatures responsible for polluting his home and killing his sister wasn't horrible enough, KWhen Xanthus cashes in a long-standing favor, Kyros is faced with doing two things he thought he'd never do—protect a mermaid and live on land. Dagonians loathe mermaids and Sara, Xanthus's wife, is no exception. Also, a Dagonian standing on human legs? As if being around the vile creatures responsible for polluting his home and killing his sister wasn't horrible enough, Kyros has to deal with Sara's troublesome human friend, Gretchen. Kyros can't help but resent Gretchen. Not only is she human and unforgettably gorgeous, but she leaves him swimming in confusion and feeling things he shouldn't be feeling—least of all for a land-walker! When Gretchen is nearly killed by an assassin's bullet, Kyros's mission changes. He's forced to become her protector. Forced is a gross exaggeration, though. The more time Kyros spends with Gretchen, the more he finds himself falling for this spunky, witty human. When it becomes apparent that something dark and evil will stop at nothing to see Gretchen dead, Kyros expends his resources to find out who that being is. Unfortunately, the answer causes more problems than it solves. When a rogue mermaid wants you dead, you’re safe from no one… not even the ones you love....

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Descending Reviews

  • Holly
    2019-05-13 13:46

    This is one of my two favorite books in the world!!! At least until I write book 3, and then it will one of my three favorite books in the world! I don't play favorites-I love all my books equally.

  • booknerd_dork
    2019-05-14 17:38

    Okay! could this get any better?, well that's not a question at all. It wasn't better it was AWESOME BABY!!! I don't know any awesome word other than awesome,lol.OMG!!!!!!!! I don't have words. Author Holly Kelly have left me speechless again and I'm much more in love with this series after reading Descending. This is a definitely a must read. I always say this at the end but I'm going to add a spoiler in the end, so you may want to stop(it's in the last parah). This book and the series is awesome and I'm 100% sure everyone will also love when they will read this. I mainly try not to write spoilers but I just can't, I think stomach without bursting out to anyone near me, who is totally clueless about what I'm talking about.This story is about Gretchen and Kyros best friends of Sara and Xanthus. If you have read the first book you will be craving to know more about Sara and Xanthus, you will not miss them at all in this and to see them from someone else's POV.I so much enjoyed this, you will find me gushing about everything and everyone except Wicked witch(or mermaid) Aella.Sara learning to be part of sea world,lol.Kyros frowned, looking at the tubes in Xanthus's hands. "You really need to teach your mermaid the difference between pod juice and sea-slug repellent."Xanthus is and will always be Awesomest awesome!!!.You're fool if you think husbands can be happy with a miserable wife. Do you think you could be happy knowing Gretchen was unhappy."Obviously this story is about Gretchen and Kyros but I can't help not to write about Sara and Xanthus.I liked Gretchen in Rising but I love her now. She is strong-headed, independent woman who wouldn't take a darn(excuse my language) from any one with a beautiful heart. She had me when she threatened that man. She nailed it!"Mr. Tollman," she whispered,"you may have won this, but if you hurt your daughter again, you will regret it. You might as well take a gun and put a bullet in your head."She is fierce and made laugh too.Gretchen frowned. She had no idea why Sara catered to the ornery gorilla.Then there is Kyros, whom I didn't liked in the beginning as he accused Sara to bewitch Xanthus, but he was just looking out for his best friend. He have proved he is a loyal friend in Rising. He is amazing and so perfect for Gretchen; and their banters, lol."Don't worry,"he said "This is child's play. Gotta go." He shot through the water, heading straight for the beast.Gretchen didn't know what kind of childhood he had, but it couldn't have been a good one.I could go on and on and on, I loved so many things. My guess in Rising was so wrong,lol. I got unexpected and that's the best surprise. And I so didn't expected Gretchen to be mermaid!! (bam the spoiler) when I stared reading.I couldn't wait for the third book, fourth and many more. I've to wait patiently, very, very patiently......

  • RondaTutt
    2019-05-03 15:08

    Fantastic Read!I am so tickled with this read. Holly Kelly doesn't disappoint with the continuation of this series. This second book is actually more exciting as in the readers not only get more of a happy ever after love story by matching up the handsome and fierce Dagonian Kyros with Gretchen (Best Friend of Sara the Mermaid/Triton’s daughter) the Attorney intern but a greater insight to expanding the plot for future books to add to the series. First the story is amazing and very emotionally moving, I loved getting to know Gretchen’s background of how her Mermaid Mother Aella cruelly treated her and learning what she really was and why she hid her true self all these years (Ambrosia, daughter of death and sea). The author does a great job explaining why Gretchen and Sara acted more like sisters and so close – well now we know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – LOL making them Aunt and niece. Loved it. Finding out who Gretchen’s father was really surprised me and I look forward to seeing how Thanatos (Demigod Death) will be introduced into the future books.The Dagonian Kyros back story was sad learning about his twin sister being killed by the humans and how this one act alone was the driving force of his dedication to the cause of stopping the pollution of the ocean so important to him. It was neat to see this hard core fierce warrior get slapped by Faith’s Love and soften up enough to fall in love with Gretchen. Their chemistry was instant and the romance was sweet, only kissing and hugging and holding out for marriage kind of respect. Heat level: 1 Flame Kyros and Gretchen’s story captivates us happy ever after enthusiast and when the author’s creativity adds more twist to a mystery and a visionary adventure to extend a plot then readers like me find myself intrigued and starving for more of the story, craving more from the characters, and impatiently awaiting the next book in the series to reach the greater climax of the Happy Ever After Infinity. That’s what makes this an awesome and fantastic read.Yes I am so ready and excited to see how Triton’s children and the Dragonian Warrior’s conquer the task given by Oracle.“Gather the daughters that join the four corners, and then go to the place where the mountain touches the heavens. There you must free the king by the fourth new moon. If you fail, the wind will drive fire across the land and earth will crumble into the seas. All mankind will perish.”Excellent Read!

  • Ana
    2019-05-08 18:08

    Reel em' In!OMG are these Men from the deep hot or what?? I thought I was in love with Xanthus, but now I'm in love with Kyros too...Holly Kelly has proved once again how great a writer she is.What a fantastic story and nothing like I ever in my wildest dreams thought would happen.... There are surprises throughout the story.Horror at what a mother is capable of and the lengths that a man in love would go....There is action, suspense and a love unmatched!I was pivoted to my seat throughout the whole story and was not able to put it down till the end..This is a book really worth reading and I know there has to be another in the future, right Holly?

  • Lycanthropica Jane
    2019-04-23 12:47

    These books are a bit corny and a bit romanticy but I think they are cute and I love reading them. The storyline is sort of epic and I like the authors take on the mythology and the fish out of water comedy is adorable.ETA: On a more personal note I am in a wheelchair and so felt a lot of the pains that our heroine did. From my life experience the authors portrayal of stubborn independence reminded me so much of myself.

  • Ashley Martinez
    2019-05-16 18:50

    I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel. It took a little bit for me to get into but once I did it didn't let up. This story focused more on Kyros and Gretchen but also included characters we know and love from the first book as well as some new characters. I loved the different plot twists and can't wait to see where the story goes next. We get a deeper look into mermaids and learn more about this underwater world the author created.

  • Roseanne Wilkins
    2019-04-28 18:47

    Wow!! I didn't think I'd like Mermaid fiction until I read Rising. I loved Rising and was anxious to read Descending. Descending was everything I hoped for and more. I can hardly wait for the third book. If you want clean romance with some action, this is it.

  • Mardi
    2019-05-14 15:55

    Loved this book. The author does such an awesome job keeping you turning the pages. It's just such a fun storyline. I highly recommend it. Can't wait for the next one!

  • Megan M.
    2019-05-07 20:03

    Wow, where to begin. Long before I became friends with the extremely talented and ultra-brilliant Holly Kelly, I was interested in the premise of her debut novel, Rising – a tightly written thriller-romance about a noble Dagonian (a tough, more masculine version of the traditional merpeople) on a quest to eliminate a group of humans responsible for the deaths of thousands of their kind via a toxic waste dump into the ocean. He ventures ashore to make peace with the humans before an all-out assault takes place between the species. So, basically, he’s trying to save the world. The problem? While on land, he comes across a beautiful young human who is bound to a wheelchair. Spoiler Alert! They fall for one another, and he (Xanthus) is unable to kill the woman (Sara) whom is revealed to be a daughter of the sea god, Triton.Fast forward to book 2, Descending. This take is toll from the very opinionated perspective of Sara’s best friend, Gretchen, and of Xanthus’ bestie, Kyros. They start out as enemies, their pasts leaving them room to become little else. But as an ancient and mysterious force seeks to destroy humanity in search of Gretchen, Kyros steps up and in doing so realizes that despite their differences, he is falling in love with Gretchen, and hard. Their love proves the catalyst of all that goes wrong in their world. Will Gretchen and Kyros’ newfound love prove strong enough to save not only one another, but the very whole of humanity?While I found Descending thoroughly engrossing, there was something more dynamic about Xanthus and Sara’s relationship that I found more engaging. Kyros comes off as a bit two-dimensional at times, and Gretchen is often overly stubborn – often to the point of ridiculousness. Their devotion to one another once uncovered, is admirable, if a little difficult to comprehend in its velocity. However, the scenes beneath the waves are my favorites. When we catch glimpses of these marine hominids partaking in their habits and cultures, it overcomes any shortcomings or mysterious in the romance department. Scenes of politics and great battles bring life to this love story, a love story rich in gore and scare in eroticism, due to the customs of the moral Dagonians, who are thoroughly old fashioned when it comes to their females – a theme that is visited often in Descending.My favorite scenes and the ones I feel are especially well crafted, are the mysterious cliffhangers. Those, and the tantalizing Dagonians, will keep me reading until Kelly releases the final book in the series.

  • Jill Urbanek Gauger
    2019-05-21 15:55

    I won this book through Goodreads First reads and I am so happy I did.I love reading series so I had to buy the first book to know what was going to happen in this book. Let me tell you that this book was amazing. The different conflicts and emotions of all involved and realizing just like in real life that prejudice comes from not knowing the truth. You believe what others tell you when you are little and unless you seek the truth the prejudice stays with you.This book takes a good look at that when you have Dagonians taught from a young age that all mer people are bad and need to be destroyed. Kyros is a warrior Dagonian along with Stratton, Drakon, Amar and Pallas helping his best friend Xanthus protect his wife Sara who is a mermaid(a daughter of Triton)on land while Xanthus tries to stop humans from destroying the oceans and seas with their toxic waste and garbage. Saras best friend Gretchen comes to visit her and that is when and everyone has to reevaluate their opinions of one another. While out shopping (Sara is still in her wheelchair), Sara suddenly jumps out of her chair towards Gretchen and tries to knock her down. Someone has tried to shoot Gretchen and Sara saves her but takes the bullet herself. While Sara is recuperating in the hospital, Gretchen starts to think of her past that she has tried to forget. Gretchen is also a mermaid who escaped from her evil mother when she was 8 years old and has been living on land ever since. This is where the events really come together and a rollercoaster of a ride begins. This book is well written and the lessons learned whether you see them or not makes for a great read. I recommend this book to everyone.

  • Jessica Surgett
    2019-05-19 18:01

    *I received this book in exchange for an honest review*In Rising we briefly met Xanthus' best friend Kyros and Sara's best friend Gretchen- Descending is their story. I actually loved this book even more than the first! The plot becomes much more complex in this one, and there are surprises at every turn. And I mean BIG, gasp-inducing surprises! I love when a book can completely throw me for a loop and that definitely happened here. I loved Gretchen immediately in Rising and my love for her only grew in this book! (And I am so glad she got her own book!!) She is one fierce little firecracker and she and Kyros together are explosive. Kyros loathes being on land and has a deep seeded hatred for mermaids, so when Xanthus forces him to live amongst the humans as a guard for his mermaid wife, he is less than happy. He must learn to put his bigotry aside however, and accept that he may have been too harsh with his judgments. The last thing he expects is to find himself attracted to a human. Gretchen has spent her whole life running from her horrible past, but when it catches up to her she must begrudgingly accept the help of the Dagonians. Kyros is especially irritating with his hot and cold emotions, but she can't help but be drawn to him.Add in some life-altering discoveries, murder attempts, an oracle, and a demon... and this book is sure to knock your sock off! ;) 4.5 stars.

  • Bookmom
    2019-05-22 18:59

    A couple du jour romance series with undersea folk and mythology that takes place on both land and sea. Kyros, a Dagonian and best friend to Xanthus from the first book, has a really good reason to hate humans and shares his species’ prejudice of mermaids. The problem is that Xanthus is married to Sara who is half human/half mermaid and he’s asking for help guarding her on land while Xanthus follows through on his personal mission to prevent a war the humans don’t know is coming.Gretchen is Sara’s best friend and she’s got her own secret about what she is. When she comes to stay with Sara, Kyros is appalled by her manner and words. Their women never argue or express an opinion or disobey an order! But she grows on him, especially when it becomes apparent that her life is in danger, and by whom. Good romance and some more world-building as we learn more about both Dagonians and the Mer folk. Action and humor along with a couple of intense scenes, I found this to be an enjoyable book to read. And it becomes obvious that there is somewhat of a back story going on and that there will be at least one more book, if not more involving characters we've come to know in these first two books.But don't start with this book. You'll enjoy this a lot more if you read Rising first.

  • Denielle
    2019-05-02 15:43

    After readingRising, #1 Rising, I was super excited to read this because I love the fact that it had Mermaids! Again!!So although this book was along the same lines as the first one, I loved it because it had mermaids!! Hellooooo!! I'm being silly, really.In this one, the heroine knows what she is and is actively trying to hide that fact, but the twist! Wow, just wow I didn't see that coming, nor was I prepared for who her father was! Like wtf dude, that was kind of badass!Totally cool book so go forth and read, it was cool, a bit irritating at times because come one we're dealing with alpha males and 'stupid females' here, but other than totally worth it!That ending though... Do we have a book three?? Yes, yes we do!!!!

  • C Condesa
    2019-05-12 17:58

    I loved this! I finished this in one day as that's how hooked I was, same experience as the first book!However I'm still re-reading both books still!!! I loved how this turned out. I re-read the book and was still really hooked and laughing at the funny parts. I felt that Gretchen and Kyros were adorable as a couple but I still loved Xanthus and Sara the best. But this book was more focused on Gretchen and Kyros which was so entertaining. I liked the fact that it felt like the book story line went smoothly and I didn't feel like it was pushing it to try to relate to everything that happened in the first book. I liked how I didn't predict Sara and Gretchen will be related to each other. Or the fact that Gretchen's strength came from her childhood trauma.Overall: Two thumbs up and a big smile !

  • Mylissa's Reviews and Book Thoughts
    2019-05-08 19:05

    I received a free copy in return for an honest review. I read the first book in this series, and really liked it a lot. This book picks up where the first book left of. Xanthus must finish his task for Triton on earth, and in order to keep his wife Sara safe, he enlists 5 Dagonian warriors to watch over her. Her friend Gretchen comes to see her, and an someone tries to kill Gretchen.Kyros, Xanthus' best friend, who hates everything human, soon falls for Gretchen and assumes the role of her protector.I loved the storyline, the pace of the story ( it flowed nicely), it had great romance, and was 100% clean. I look forward to the 3rd book in this series. I never would have thought I would have loved a Sea tale as much as I loved this series! Great job Miss Kelly!!

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    2019-05-09 18:57

    This was a great second book to follow "Rising". It was engaging, fast paced, and had characters that you feel like you know. Yes, it's a mermaid kind of book, but there aren't mermaids like you've ever known. This is what I would classify as a clean romance. There is chemistry and attraction and kissing but nothing that crosses that line. Characters from the first book are still prominent in this book so it felt like hanging out with old friends.What I love about this book is that you can go online to the publisher (Clean Teen Publishing-CTP) and read the content ratings for this book and every book they publish. You can decide for yourself if this is a book you will be comfortable reading. I LOVE this.

  • Kelly Risser
    2019-05-10 17:06

    I loved Uprising, but Descending managed to top it. This book has it all - brave heroes, women who are just as strong, action, and a brief glimpse at the quest to come. It was wonderful to see Xanthus and Sara again, but this time through Gretchen's adventure. The mix of various mythologies is very entertaining, and the world Holly created is fascinating, alternating between beautiful and dangerous. The romance element is perfectly balanced with swoon worthy moments and sweet declarations that make your heart melt. This mermaid series has me hooked!

  • Christine
    2019-05-03 11:49

    This was a pretty good book. A continuation of the last book it takes the characters to all new places. Not always good places, but new nonetheless. I loved how some of the old characters were able to gain new depths while shifting the focus onto other characters. I do think that at this rate she will have to write about twenty more books before a full picture of the circumstances can develop, but this might be the beginning of another Dark-Hunter or Shifters series. Only time will tell.

  • Yashira Muñoz
    2019-05-19 16:39

    This is the first book I read in 2016 and I'm really happy I did because I love it!!! Descending is book 2 of the Rising series. This book is more about the story of Gretchen and Kyros, but don't worry Xanthus and Sara are still an important part of book.Please keep reading the review in my blog

  • Seeing Double in Neverland
    2019-05-05 11:48

    I loved Rising and couldn't wait to continue the adventure. I found that this book was just as great as the first. I loved the spicy friction, and stubbornness. There are some secrets that you will not see coming!http://seeingdoubleinneverland.blogsp...

  • Kim
    2019-05-18 17:55

    Wild rideThis was a great story. Good against evil. The characters are likable and funny. There was constant action. The imagination of Holly Kelly is remarkable. I highly recommend this book.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-01 12:47

    This was such a great book. I loved going through the story with Gretchen. She grew up with a horrible mother, but found her way. Kyros was definitely more stubborn than Xanthus. All turned out well for them though. I cannot wait for the next book to come out.

  • Leah
    2019-04-22 13:41

    I like reading about mermaids and mythology. This was a fun read, and nice and clean!

  • Amber Carroll
    2019-04-28 19:50

    When is the next one coming out???? I want drAk?n's story

  • Sydney
    2019-05-18 19:40

    I cannot decide if I liked this one or the first one better. They were both great! I was pleasantly surprised to find out (view spoiler)[ Gretchen isn't human! (hide spoiler)]. I want more!

  • Mary
    2019-05-01 15:39

    Mermaids, who doesn't love them. Two races must over come many obstacles to find peace and happiness. I loved this story.

  • Kat
    2019-04-27 15:43

    I loved this book even more than the first! I always like reading stories from different character's POV's, and this one catered to needs, as did the first. I love Sara and Xanthus together, but I have to say that (view spoiler)[ Gretchen and Kyros give them a run for their money(hide spoiler)]. I loved the story and all the plot twists, and how seemingly unrelated events come together. I read this book while I was driving to and from a choir competition.Like the previous book, this was very clean. I am so grateful that I finally found another series that has a good story and characters without all the junk in it!I always try to put in my favorite quotes that don't spoil anything. Well, these quotes give away some minor stuff so use caution on reading if you don't want ANYTHING spoiled :)Kyros opened the door to find a human standing on the front step. He guessed it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Who did he think would be there? A Dagonian in a giant fish bowl? But what he didn’t expect… this human was attractive.A wide smile spread across her face. Her dimples were a bit distracting and made the human look even more adorable. She was nothing like he had imagined a human would be. “Hello, boys,” she said cheerfully. The three Dagonians gaped at her; Kyros was shocked himself. Did she just call these Dagonian warriors boys?Emboldened by her previous successes, she had her brother cut off her head. Sadly, this was the end of Delia.Maybe if she were interested in screeching idiots fighting over who was the father of whose baby, or perhaps if she cared about how to clean up spills with no residue, but barring those things, there was nothing on TV.Kyros’s muscles tensed when he heard a low growl. He turned to the passenger side of the car. Gretchen’s head lolled back, her mouth slightly open. Another growl rumbled. The sound vibrated from her throat. She was asleep. He smiled at the sight. This human didn’t sleep like a goddess, more like a humpback whale with a sinus condition.Her eyes darted from the shirt, to his face, lingering on his bare chest, which he tightened to improve the view for her.She dropped her sword and swam to Kyros so fast. If he’d been any smaller, she’d have plowed him over. He wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed.“We won’t be having…” Kyros began. “That is…” Hades, why is this so hard to say? “You can assure him, Gretchen’s virtue is safe with me.” With that said, he turned his back on their smirking faces and stomped back to the room. He found Gretchen forcing back a smile. She must have heard him bumbling at his friends.Besides, I feel like I’ve been chewed up and spit out by a Ketea. And you, my friend, actually have and boy, do you look it.”“This isn’t like you. I took you to see The Hobbit and you couldn’t even stay for the whole thing. How do you think you’ll do in a real battle?”Sara and Xanthus were wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing on the couch. “You guys do realize you have a bedroom here, right?” Sara jumped and rushed to untangle herself from Xanthus. He locked his arms around her and held her tight as he smiled.Her life was his, and his was hers. And the future was theirs to share together.

  • Vicki Kline-saunier
    2019-04-25 12:49

    Romance and the oceanI thought this book was very entertaining and loved the new characters, Kyros and Gretchen. Can't wait for the next book, I want to see what happens to the baby and Triton!

  • Lizzie
    2019-05-09 16:52

    So in love with this series.I liked the action and the intrigue throughout this tale. There were a few revelations that had me tickled. I really loved watching the maturing of each character. I cannot wait for the next ride.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-25 13:49

    I like the fantasy elements but, as with the first book, the romance part is the weakest part of the book and hurts overall. I don't think I will be finishing the series.