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"We are in the Stone Age of digital photography. We've figured out how to make some tools, but it is just now beginning to dawn on us what we might do with them. I've often been frustrated at the concentration on the technical aspect of digital photography with so little discussion of the aesthetics and heart behind the image making. This book is essentially a distillation"We are in the Stone Age of digital photography. We've figured out how to make some tools, but it is just now beginning to dawn on us what we might do with them. I've often been frustrated at the concentration on the technical aspect of digital photography with so little discussion of the aesthetics and heart behind the image making. This book is essentially a distillation of what I've been teaching over the last 25 years."Master photographer Stephen Johnson has been taking beautiful landscape photography for decades, and teaching others the practical art of image making since 1977. While he started out with traditional film camera techniques, Johnson is widely recognized among his peers as a pioneer of digital photography. Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography chronicles his ride on the bleeding edge of this medium's evolution, and provides a practical in-depth introduction to digital photography that offers the latest techniques for beginning and experienced photographers alike.What sets this guide apart from other books on the topic is its approach and execution: This isn't a Photoshop book, although Photoshop has its place within the book; it's a book that a master teacher and photographer creates after a lifetime of showing others how to understand and make great photography. With 5 color photographs throughout, including black/gray duotones, and 715 illustrations reproduced with a 200 line screen, Johnson's book covers everything from:The basics of digital photography Film camera techniques vs. digital Practical approaches of the filmless photographer Techniques of the digital darkroom A photographer ™s digital journey Photography, art and the future This is a holistic work (and method for teaching) that embraces the state of photographic tools and techniques, blended with suggestions and experiences on why I make photographs, Johnson says. At its best, photography rides that crest where technology and art intersect. But the deepest engagement that photography can bring remains its ability to capture and hold a moment before the lens. In this age of digital manipulation, that fundamental fact must be remembered....

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Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography Reviews

  • Andrew Allen
    2019-05-21 15:49

    WOW. I can start this rating only with that simple word. It has a lot of meaning you know, and a special connotation. WOW. When I picked up this book to review I was looking for ideas, sparks if you will and an insight into a truly awesome digital photographer. Not that I am a complete amateur, but I am not to the level of Stephen Johnson. After starting through this volume I instantly became aware there was more to it than I had originally anticipated. Instead of pictures and techniques Stephen Johnson fills you first with knowledge, more specifically about the basics of digital photography, and then with awe as Stephen begins to weave information, technique and experience into an amazing treatise on just what I was looking for: ideas.As the author opens the book a general digital photographer would be interested to learn the facts about not only how film works, but how digital photography slowly invaded the film domain, eventually, in Stephen's opinion, pushing film to the side and virtually causing the death of film media.Unlike many books I have read on the subject, this book has the opportunity to become more timeless as the information is very straight forward without a tremendous amount of focus on the here and now, but more focus on fundamentals.After spending the time on fundamentals and a bit of Stephen Johnson's photo history we move forward into a few sections that are purely technical. I was impressed with the depth of knowledge displayed in this book as many digital photography books do not truly understand the chip technology. It is obvious this is not the case here. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone wanting to truly learn the dynamics of the CMOS sensor and how digital photography is made possible.Following our somewhat technical areas, Stephen Johnson moves into a more fundamental section on photography. Although this section could be applied to film and digital alike, Stephen takes time to explain the areas and how they may be different in digital photography. These areas range from simply focus techniques to depth of field to avoiding pitfalls of digital photography.Stephen then moves to other areas including printing and working through the process of setting up a digital darkroom. In these sections I was truly impressed with the mass of proven ideas that were presented. Of course there was significance in the manipulation, cleanup and applications of digital images.So how could it get better? Easy. In the last section of the book you get the power of wow. Stephen takes time and diligence in showing his personal portfolio and along the way explaining much of the history of his work. It is not without some awe that I scanned fantastic pictures couples with the thoughts, personal experience and history of a variety of pictures both by Stephen and by other photographers. Not only was I amazed at the photographs but I was impressed with the writing and insights of this photographer.This is definitely a must review, and if you are an aspiring photographer, this is a definite for your library.

  • CD
    2019-04-25 14:44

    Stephen Johnson has written an excellent book on the early day of Digital Photography. This seems like such a strange comment to make about a work less than five years old, but Johnson himself repeatedly refers to this really infant medium. Stone Age in fact in the 'pull-quote' of choice for many reviewers and synopsis writers.Self promotion rears up as Johnson's go-to method of topical transition more frequently than is admirable. First person accounts in such a work are admittedly avoidable only with great effort, but not enough effort shows. That flaw with a minor lack of depth on some topics and the decision process Johnson used to get to where he did technically are the only serious flaws in this book.Wonderful construction of imagery and selection of topics is augmented by Johnson and com-padre's history of how Digital Photography evolved and arrived by the date of publication. Not merely a history of modern photography but also a valuable resource for ethical use of photography both traditional and computer/technology driven.There is also page after page of highly valuable technical advice and reference material for the Digital Photographer and Artist. Highly recommended as an advanced resource for the techno savvy in this field.

  • Babak
    2019-04-28 13:05

    A mistake buying this book. Mr Johnson seems to have very high thoughts about himself. The books is merely a tribute from Mr. Johnson to Mr. Johnson. That must have been the only reason for writing this book because I learned nothing from this book (and still don't know why he wrote it). I will not recommend it to anyone.