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A lovely widow accepts a marriage proposal from an earl's handsome son. But his attractive father, seeing her as someone coveting his son's wealth, sets out to defeat her with everything from cold coin to warm kisses. Now she's torn between two men--one with a ring for her hand and the other with the key to her heart!...

Title : Double Deception
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ISBN : 9780451192950
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 224 Pages
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Double Deception Reviews

  • Ilze
    2019-05-19 19:00

    Very interesting story (I couldn't put it down and this morning I'm regretting that!), but multiple problems in the story don't allow me to give it more than 2.5 stars. There are several *extremely* annoying characters in the book (especially Lady Ridgeway and her husband) and I tended to skim through the sections where they were featured in the story, once I realized that they were just plot devices rather than actual characters. The age difference between the heroine and the hero (14 years) is too much for me to easily accept their HEA. The heroine jumps from being engaged to a very young and naive man, to marrying his father in the space of a few weeks - that is just too much to take in stride, and I don't see how they would all be able to live comfortably together after the marriage - the situation seems too squicky to me. Finally, there seems to be a lot of padding toward the end of the story, when the hero and heroine are supposed to get together, but the required Traditional Regency page count hasn't been reached - the ending is just way too drawn out and silly.

  • Pat
    2019-05-14 15:57

    Athena Standish was a beautiful young widow with a little girl to raise and a life on the icy edge of poverty to lead. Young Peregrine Steele might have been a trifle too impulsive for her, but he was too handsome, too adoring, and too rich for her to refuse his marriage proposal.There was but one barrier between Athena and the safe haven of wedlock. Peregrine's father, the Earl of St. Aubyn, saw Athena as a wanton widow in search of wealth and set out to defeat her designs with every weapon at his command, from cold coins to warm kisses. This devastatingly attractive lord had not wanted a woman since his own wife died, but he knew all too well how to make a woman want him-as Athena was torn between the man with a ring for her hand and the one with the key to her heart.This book bogged down in the last 75 pages. Too much, "should I or shouldn't I". I wanted to say, for God sakes move on already! Maybe I need to take a break from romances. Think I will go for a mystery next.

  • Seema
    2019-05-16 19:06

    Well written but peters out towards the end

  • Jean
    2019-05-23 15:43

    "Double Deception" by Patricia Oliver August 1997Athena fell in love with John Standish but his father would not approve of the marriage. Confident the father would change his mind, John and Athena were married. When John's father cut off his allowance, John joined the army to fight Napoleon. At this same time Athena's father remarried and his new wife didn't want Athena to live with them so Athena went with John to the Peninsula and while there had a little girl, Penelope. John was killed at Talavera and now she finds herself with a small pension living with her Aunt, Mrs Mary Easton in London.Mrs. Easton and Athena received an invitation for Lady Hereford's alfresco breakfast at her home outside London beside the Thames. She really didn't want to go but did so to please her Aunt.Athena felt like an ancient beside all the giggling innocents so she took herself off for a walk by the river hoping it would be cooler. As she stood by the river a swan trailed by a fleet of half grown cygnets came straight toward her hissing imperiously. She was saved by a young man (about 19 or 20) who carried a plate of delicacies. He told her food was the only thing to keep the beasts at bay.Peregrine Steele, Viscount Fairmont, was the only son and heir to the Earl of St. Aubyn. After speaking to Athena and finding out she was the widow of one of England's heroes he became totally infatuated with Athena. He also came to love her daughter, Penny. He bought them clothes, took them for rides in the park and started begging Athena to marry him. He promised security and a future for her daughter so although he was so young she finally accepted. He wanted to get his father's permission and knew his father would love Athena as much as he did.Sylvester Steele, Earl of Aubyn was not happy when Perry came with Mrs. Standish and her daughter telling him about his future bride and Sylvester called Athena a fortune hunter and tried to bribe her to leave Perry alone.What does Sylvester do when Athena refuses his bribe and what can he do to discourage Athena from marrying Perry now? Him as a distraction? But does Sylvester learn to love Athena as much as Perry or More?This is a another fun story so to all my friends and readers...Happy Reading!