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Suzy’s a control freak and has her life mapped out - work hard, find a man with a stable job, and live happily ever after. She’s content with the status quo, but her plan comes to a screeching halt when he enters her life and turns it upside down. City gave up on love when his heart was crushed in college, preferring to be the typical bachelor. He spends his nights hoppingSuzy’s a control freak and has her life mapped out - work hard, find a man with a stable job, and live happily ever after. She’s content with the status quo, but her plan comes to a screeching halt when he enters her life and turns it upside down. City gave up on love when his heart was crushed in college, preferring to be the typical bachelor. He spends his nights hopping from one bed to another and his days working at his family tattoo shop, Inked. A chance encounter on a dark road makes him question what he had sworn off forever – a relationship. A night of passion and lust causes them to question everything. Is City the knight in shining armor to the damsel in distress? Can their relationship survive when a fantasy falls apart and a secret comes out that changes everything? Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable. From USA Today Bestselling author Chelle Bliss, Throttle Me is the first book in her alpha male romantic erotica series, Men of Inked. Genre: Romantic Erotica & Romantic Suspense Interconnected Stand-Alone Novel ~ Men of Inked Book 2, Hook Me is now available ~ Chelle Bliss' Men of Inked series has hit the USA Today Bestsellers list five times. She has over 30,000 reviews and ratings across Goodreads, Amazon, and other retailers....

Title : Throttle Me
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Throttle Me Reviews

  • Christy
    2019-04-15 22:59

    3.5 starsA sexy tattoo artist who rides a motorcycle, a sweet and clean cut math teacher with a bit of a dirty side thats just dying to come out. That sums up City (or Joey as I prefer to call him) and Suzy Sunshine. Their story starts with Suzy stranded on the side of the road. Her car is broken down and her best friend isn’t answering the phone. Along comes a biker named City to save the day/ City helps Suzy get her car fixed and offers to get her home safe and sound. These two couldn’t be more opposite if they tried, but they hit it off.I liked the premise of this story. I’m a sucker for the bad boy with a good heart and the good girl who’s not all that good. I really loved Joey’s character. He made the book for me. He was alpha, sexy, but also had a sweet side. And the guy who narrated him in the audiobook had the best accent. He was just so fun to listen to. Now Suzy… Suzy’s judgmental side really bothered me. When it came to Joey, she seemed to jump to conclusions and perceive the worst. She got over her misconceptions fairly quickly but I was still irked by her. Throttle Me was a nice start to the Men of Inked series. I did like the characters and the story was enjoyable. I just wanted more. I wish there was a little more to the story. When I get time I’ll definitely give the second book a go. Especially now that I see it’s City’s younger brother Mikey’s book! I liked him a lot in this one :)

  • Pam
    2019-04-16 02:47

    Fucking Hell, I am in LUST with this about covergasmmmm...

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-03-31 22:44

    DNF @ 11Okay I give.Maybe I'm just not in the mood, but this thing is reading like an old spaghetti western. For real, cowgirls.Some snippet quotes from the old saloon bar fight:"'Get the fuck away from my girl or it won't end well for you.'""If it weren't for Suzy I would've laid the motherfucker out by now, but she didn't seem like the bar-fight type of girl...""'What's going on over here?' Bear said behind me...""'This asshole is bothering my girl. I think he needs to be taught a lesson...""My fist landed against his face..."I would keep reading. But the writing is atrocious IMO. And it's not because I'm feeling bitchy or sad either.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI want to bang this cover, I swear.

  • ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰
    2019-04-05 05:08

    3.5 Tattooed Sweetheart StarsOkay so this was not what I expected at all. I was expecting some bad ass bikers with tatts who lived a more biker lifestyle. What I got was an overly 'sweet' story that had a Hero who owned a tattoo studio with his siblings who just happened to ride a Harley. City was a 'sweet as pie' alpha if there is such a thing.Suzy was a straight laced school teacher who was maybe a bit too straight laced for my liking.I have been reading some really dark books lately so it was nice for a change. I am not sure I would have lasted through the length of this one if I had read it at any other time. It was a case of right book, right time.I will say that it was a nice and realistic love story that had some really HOT scenes. It didn't have much else I'm sorry to say and for me I really do need something more happening like a side story or some suspense or even a big fight, just something.If you like a nice sweet love story involving a hot, tattooed, harley riding alpha I highly recommend this one. It will bring a smile to your face.

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    2019-03-23 22:57

    ***2.5 Stars***This book had the potential to be a good smut-tastic in between read. Unfortunately, it fell completely flat with underdeveloped characters and a plot with no real sense of purpose or direction. Suzy was supposed to be your girl next door, goody two shoes who didn't swear and was full of hecks and darns. Yet, her internal dialogue was full of fucks and cocks. Also, her lovable nickname for her best friend was "whore." Suzy made no sense. Also, She has some imaginary checklist of the perfect guy and perfect life, which is ridiculously bland and vanilla, and based solely on what looks good on paper rather than what HER actual likes and interests are. I did not like Suzy. City a/k/a Joey was suppose to be this manwhore Alpha who comes from an overzealous and fun loving Italian family. What he ended up being was a dirty talker with no depth and no real personality outside of his forced sex God status. What will I remember most about this book? City's nickname for Suzy is sugar....and boy does he like himself some sugar. So much so that he says it 143 times in under 300 pages. That's almost once every other page. Now remember...there are scenes where they're apart so really....if they're together, it's on every page. No, thank you. I feel like I've developed a cavity with how much sugar I waded through. My next read will definitely be unsweetened.Oh, I'll also remember the cover....because damn did the author get that right!!

  • Jess-i-ca ~Sometimes a Gif Witch~
    2019-04-01 23:08

    That cover!

  • Jenn
    2019-03-23 05:51

    2.5 StarsBasically, this was a book all about sexual desires with little story line. It had potential to be a great book yet, it didn't work for me completely. Why add a small bit of story if you just wanted to write about sex?!I gave it 2.5 stars for:1. Suzy's friend Kayden.2. City's family.3. City's love of his bike, friends, Suzy, family and his job.4. Little bits of story line that was evident with out sex being the main part.5. The epilogue. Perfect way to end it and a bit different then I'm used too. And City shares with her a surprise detail regarding the Gallos.6. Dual POVs.What could have made it better?1. Less sex.2. Less F words. (Search button found this 352 times in the book.)3. More story line.4. No point in having Kaylee in the story since she didn't cause any real angst or relationship issues. This could have been expanded on.5. Derek and his sexual harassing didn't do much for the story either.6. Not enough friend time with the couples together. (Sophia and Kayden)7. Not enough family time. And certainly no real involvement with Suzy and the Gallos until the epilogue. :( I thought his family was everything? I wanted that to be seen with Suzy not just a tell me moment.8. More involvement with his friends maybe...9. More involvement with his work and siblings since they all work together. I felt like we don't really know them that much and this is supposedly a series about them hence Men of Inked.over allThe story had awesome potential to be a great story but unfortunately was wasted on sexual appetites. I didn't see the points of some of the story line. It felt like filler to drag out the book and to make it a "story" and not a sex book. Also, Suzy 's supposed good girl and innocence was lost on me. Her mind is dirty as hell and her clothes don't always ring true to innocence. Nor does her favorite term as she calls her BFF: whore, like its a normal greeting or endearment. Her sex fantasies were shocking too. As for City, he wanted to "ruin her" anyway he could. It's like he got off on it. Oh wait, he did. No shocker there. So over all, if you are looking for a pierced in 3 places, tattooed, sex fiend, dirty talking, in control in the bedroom, biker... Then look no further then City, aka: Joey.

  • Snow
    2019-04-06 23:53

    ah, well, this was an OK read, it started predictably good...lolShe, Suzy/Suzette gets stranded on the side of the road and the one who stops to help her is a tattooed guy City/Joey on a bike.She's uptight as hell, a bit annoying i must say and he's, well, not what he seems at first, he's a tattoe artist in his family tattoe shop Inked and he's sworn off relationships after he's been hurt in college. *sigh*well, all I can say, the steam is on, and when one night of passion sets them on a course of questioning their so far point of views on life, and more importantly's a run/chase game...she's scared cause they are so different, and he's willing to risk it again, to have her they learn about each other and discover/re-live the sexual fantasies Suzy in her uptight form was afraid to unleash...but is it I said, OK read

  • Th.S
    2019-03-23 04:01

    2,25 stars!I am up to the point where I have read so many OK books and I am looking for THE ONE. This wasn't it!If you are just looking for something to pass the time, just reading about some characters, then read this book! But if you are desperate for some deeper connection and a book that will make you looking forward to your reading time of the day... DON'T EVEN BOTHER!This whole thing boy gets his heart broken, boy turns manwhore, boy meets girl, girl changes boy was what the author probably had in mind. Like we don't have enough books with that already... The problem is that there were only very brief mentions of what happened to him and how it affected him. One minute we are reading about his biiiig love and how it changed him forever into not wanting anything other than casual sex, and the next INSTALOVE and his first love NEVER mentioned again. Like she never existed. Yeah, that's not gonna work! All in all, I tried to connect with the characters. I really did! But it was just IMPOSSIBLEThe book just seemed to me an easy and fast way for the author to make some easy money. Books ain't about that lady! Stop trying to use an already used up idea - and failing - and try to connect with your characters first instead of just coming up with ideas and adding them to the book as if it's a salad!

  • Jinx
    2019-03-25 03:10

    DNF. What the hell was up with Suzy? I have grown completely and utterly exhausted by the naïve Heroine. The one who is sexually repressed and has never had a good sexual experience. She always starts off shy and prudish and then after one sexual encounter with the Hero BAM! she's this automatic sex kitten.I'm over it. A lot of the books in this genre have become formulaic. They all seem to follow this unwritten guideline where the Heroine has never experienced an orgasm or she's the shy mousy chick that doesn't curse and blushes at everything. Well I for one am done. I've said it once and I'll say it again the reason for reading a book is for the newness of it not for the same old repeated story line. Maybe this book would have been a great read had it been my first book in this genre but it wasn't so I couldn't find it in me to continue reading it.

  • Jen
    2019-03-25 22:49

    This was just an ok read for me. It didn't wow me, and it was quite unrealistic. It is a series though, and I believe the next book is about the hero's brother. I am willing to take a risk and see if this is one of those series that gets better as they go along!

  • Ailene♥
    2019-04-10 05:51

    DNFFew pages in and I knew I would dnf this. But I decided to reach at least 10% before doing that.Maybe, I've been reading too much historical romances that it took me awhile to adjust in this NA genre. Maybe, this book would get better, but I don't have that much patience, to be honest. This started out when Suzy's car got stranded in the middle of nowhere after she had a night of fun with her friend. Take note, it's in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. A biker stopped by to help her out. If I was her, I'd be sooo terrified! But what was she thinking? “I stared at him, mouth open slightly, my breathing shallow as I looked at him like a piece of meat through the gap between the hood.” “The only thing I could see was his crotch. I stared motionless. His t-shirt covered the belt loops and stopped just above his groin. Damn. He fills out those jeans. He has to be big.” “Everything about him is big – he couldn’t, just couldn’t, have a small cock, could he?" .”I started reading cock, groin, crotch, her sex life or lack thereof. Few more pages and there were just plenty of words about sex, sex, sexual blah blah blah... Then, the guy started calling her sugar... Eeekkk! I hadn't reached 10% yet and here's what I read... “She licked her lips and I swear to fuckin’ Christ my cock twitched.” Upon reaching 10%... “Get the fuck away from my girl or it won’t end well for you.” “His fingers touched my skin and I swear electricity flowed through his hand. I wanted more – needed more.” .”Yeah, it's not for me...So, adios!

  • Anas AtticBook Blog
    2019-04-21 00:49

    4.5 starsThrottle Me by Chelle Bliss (Men of Inked #1)Audiobook and e-book review. Can stand alone. Contemporary/erotic romanceWhy did it take me so long to read Chelle Bliss? She writes books that are perfect for me, filled with alpha men, sweet, likable women, dirty talking tattooed (and pierced!) men, and hot sex with a little kink. Just what I enjoy. I highlighted a ton of hot and dirty quotes in Throttle Me too!Love would come someday if he didn’t fuck me to death first.”Suzy is stranded by the side of the road, when Mr. sex-on-a-stick, “City” comes by on his bike to rescue the damsel in distress. Suzy is sweet and innocent on the outside, with a very dirty mind on the inside, and I really enjoyed that about her.People think I’m a good girl, and I am, but my mind is filled with dirty thoughts that I could never share with a mate.”City owns a tattoo shop with his siblings (I love the close-knit, Italian family. We met them all in The Gallos, a free prequel). City is deeper than we first thought, and has been dealt some rough cards. But when he sees Suzy, he wants her.She was the girl next door, the untouched bookworm that every guy wanted to conquer. I wanted to make her dirty. I wanted to make her scream filthy words while I fucked her. I wanted to corrupt this girl in the worst possible way. She would be a challenge, and maybe I’d found someone worthy of my time.”Megan was listening to the book on audible while I read it, so we decided to discuss it.Megan:  I loved City's character. And holy hotness!Ana: I didn't expect to love it so much. And had no clue it was that hot!Megan: I was really impressed with the audio it was narrated by both of female and a male and the male had a really New York style accent which fit Joey's character to a T!I loved Suzy’s character too. She was innocent yet still pretty fierce.Ana: Do the man and woman narrators each read their own chapters, or is it like a play?Megan: Yes, each read their own chapters. I really enjoyed it.Ana: Was he sexy sounding?Megan: YESSSSS!! SUPER SEXY! He had that New Yorker Italian vibe going on it was really hot.And I absolutely loved the side characters of Sofia and Kayden do you know if they have their own book?Ana: That was actually something that bothered me a bit. I felt like I missed their book.Megan: Me too!Note: Kayden does have another series: Untangle Me, and Kayden: The PastMegan: I was also a little bummed that we didn't get a reenactment of City's fantasy of the sex on the bike....I loved that this was a low level angst book it was a pretty sweet read for me.Ana: Me too. There was a little more talk of kinky than there was real kink. I want the kink.Megan: I absolutely loved mama Gallos!Ana: Read The Gallos. It's free and like 50 pages. And it's totally hot!Megan: Awesome! I love hot! I picked it up, and look forward to reading it. I'm going right into the audio of Hook Me tonight. Mikey's story.Ana: I want to also, but I can’t fit it in for a while :(Megan: I don't know why, if it was just the cover or what, but I always thought that these books were MC books. I was pleasantly surprised!Ana: I thought so too!Megan: I wonder why we both thought that?Ana: I guess the name Throttle and the bike on the cover.Megan: I'm really glad you suggested that I read this . It was exactly what I was looking forI was a little worried that Kaylee was going to cause trouble a bunch of unnecessary angst.Ana: I though there might be a crazy she needed to be rescued from.Chelle is totally in with our favorites. Harper, Aurora, Tessa.Megan: Agreed. I'm glad that it read the way it did.... I thought it was a really good unlikely couple love story.Ana: This was perfect for my blog slogan "alpha males in sexy tales”.Megan: TRUTH! I love me a good alpha male! And City filled that role perfectly.Did I mention that this book was freaking HOT?Ana: Yup. I'd like to see Chelle take a few more chances in the next one. She stayed safe but that's ok. Or maybe I just wanted more kink. Lol. Because she can write HOTMegan:  I laughed out loud at the party pickle.Ana: Yeah, I liked the element of humor thrown in. And I loved cute and funny Suzy.Megan: Sweet and innocent…but a hidden dirty mind.Ana: Rating?Megan: 4.5 stars, 5 heatAna: Yes.Likes: •Hot, dirty talking alpha.•Likable, sweet, funny heroine.•Panty-melting sex.•Love all of the side characters.•Some humor thrown in.•No unnecessary angst.•Loved the narrators on audio (via Megan) Dislikes: •There were some story inconsistencies (She never rode a bike but knew every detail, make and model of his bike the second he pulled up.)•She seemed to have gotten more innocent as the story progressed.•Could have been a little dirtier, it was kind of a tease. Rating: 4.5 Stars, 5 HeatThe Down and Dirty:Throttle Me is everything we love in a book. Sexy dirty talking alpha, sweet heroine, good sex, tattooed, pierced, alpha hottie, and a good storyline. We both look forward to reading the entire series, and watching Chelle grow as a writer.Purchase Throttle Me by Chelle Bliss Amazon | | Audible | iBooks  Interconnected Stand AlonesWin a signed paperback and swag!a Rafflecopter giveawayPlease connect with me!Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google+ | Pinterest | Tsū | Goodreads | bloglovin' | Daily email newsletter

  • Chris- Bookaddict
    2019-03-30 04:43

    Definitely glad I read this one. City is HOT, sweet, protective!!!!! Suzy Sweet innocent woman, control freak until the day she meets City.... First off I have to say I was dying to get my hands on this book simply because of the cover. I simply LOVE it and it is totally covergasmm material.Suzy’s a control freak and has her life mapped out - work hard, find a man with a stable job, and live happily ever after. She’s content with the status quo, but her plan comes to a screeching halt when he enters her life and turns it upside down.Suzy is a good girl, well on the outside she is. She never swears, She tries her hardest to fight off City, but her inner self wants to be let out. "He wasn't the type that settled down and had a family and I couldn't blame him. He was a playboy that led a different life than I did. He was on a different path." Suzy is afraid to let her inner bad girl out as she fears that people will judge her. When Sophia her best friend suggest she live a little and see where things go with City, Suzy does just that. Why did this sexy ass man that lived life totally opposite of me, want me? We didn't fit - we didn't make sense on paper, but that didn't stop my body from reacting to him, no matter how hard my mind said to ignore his charms.City gave up on love when his heart was crushed in college, preferring to be the typical bachelor. He spends his nights hopping from one bed to another and his days working at his family tattoo shop, Inked. A chance encounter on a dark road makes him question what he had sworn off forever – a relationship. When City stops to help Suzy, he knows that things will never be the same for him again. It was fun to watch City work Suzy up and get her to let her bad girl side out. “Laugh while you can, sweet girl,” I growled against her lips. “I’m going to make you scream all those dirty words you’re too scared to say.” I definitely liked the story. It was steamy with lots of sex, a bad boy tattoo artist, what was not to like about it. I can not wait to see what comes next in the next book in the series.

  • Heidi
    2019-04-19 01:40

    I loved the image of City - hot bad ass biker (sucked in by the cover I think). He was alpha and dominant. He talked dirty and did some lusciously dirty stuff to Suzy. I just didn't get Suzy AT ALL. Drove me nuts with her 'will I, won't I', OCD tendencies. Sexy romance with little drama and for me, a corny/cliched ending. Throttle Me was literally a modern version of a knight in shining armour and damsel in distress. 3 1/2 jumbled and confused stars.

  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    2019-03-24 04:41

    Juggling between 3 1/2 and 4 stars....Review to come

  • Kj
    2019-04-15 21:52

    This one was just stupid to me. Sorry not my type of read.

  • Angela Wallace
    2019-03-24 06:10

    Chelle Bliss has woven a Modern Day Fairytale... except there are no castles, no wicked witches, & no Princes....well, now that's not totally true! It's time for Prince Charming and his white horse to make way for City on his trusty steed... his Harley. He isn't a real Prince, well except for his piercing! He isn't even charming in the traditional sense of the word... and he definitely won't stop with a chaste kiss on your lips!..."She was the girl next door, the untamed bookworm that every guy wanted to conquer"Oh yes, you're not going to know what hit you!!! He will take your breathe away!Sweet, chaste Suzy, like Alice, finds herself at a crossroads in life. Should she stay in her safe, organized World, or should she close her eyes and let go of everything and take a leap of faith into the rabbit hole...entering unchartered territory. Will she be able to let go, feel instead of think, and open up to her inner desires?I found myself swept along with Suzy on her journey to self discovery. I laughed with her, got frustrated with her, wanted to cry with her, and man, wanted to be her when she was with City! HOT!!!It was a smart call, to split the story between Suzy & City's points of view, because I wanted to see the journey from both sides! And trust me, City's journey was just as good! He's like Batman! Don't laugh, bear with me! He hides his true identity behind his bad boy attitude, tattoos and piercings, which are like his armor! Same with his work & home - work is bright and colorful, whereas home is stark white, empty of personal touches... he suffered pain in his past, and has built up a wall around his heart. The question is, will Suzy be able to save him as well?I'm not going to say... you'll have to read it to find out!I will say, that I couldn't put it down! I was transfixed, invested in Suzy & City's story... & all the sub characters too. City's family & friend's gave him depth and served to emphasize the adage that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Suzy's friends emphasized the type of relationship she should be embracing, rather than running from.It was so much more than just sex...although the sex was HOT!!! Did I already say that? Who cares! It was! It was smoking HOT! There, I said it! It was HOT! Oops, I said it again!So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the rabbit hole... take the plunge and grab a copy of Throttle Me! You won't regret it ;)

  • ♡Tonya♡
    2019-03-29 23:08

    this book really turned around for me. It started off kinda slow but I ended up really liking it. I feel that the h tended to cause extra drama by pushing away so much. There was once exception that I thought just felt out of place but it wasn't enough to deter me. (although I wish it wasn't in the story) I would love to read more about this family.

  • Sarah :)
    2019-04-13 22:50

    Chelle Bliss had me on this cover alone!! WOW This is the first book I've read from this author, the story was steamy with lots of sex, a bad boy tattoo artist, what was not to like about it...Looking forward to what comes next in this book series.

  • Kiesha
    2019-04-01 21:57

    3.5 steamy stars....whew!

  • Vashti
    2019-03-30 23:44

    Enjoyable read of one nite hookup turning into HEA.

  • Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews)
    2019-03-26 00:10

    3.5-ish/5....whew! HAWT! 🔥I am absolutely continuing with this series! Great recommendation from my Sis! Easy, steamy, and enough of a story to not be *just* smut, you know? I enjoyed it tremendously especially as i, too, am a biker chic & like ink! 😉

  • Jenny
    2019-04-04 03:40

    3.5 It was cute and sexy (almost too much sex) but it ended extremely abrupt. I have the collection but I was like "wait, what?"

  • Sleepless Readmore
    2019-04-16 01:04

    3.5 Average StarsJoseph & Suzette ♥As for being owned, I plan to own every inch of your body. You are mine, Sugar, don’t forget that shit. I’m going to fucking ruin you." - CityWhile reading the book, I kept on waiting for the CLIMAX .. there was one but it was just lacking something. The story was cute, steamy, and swoonworthy but average. Don't get me wrong City seemed HOT as hell I mean look at that COVER. So basically Suzy's car breaks down and this tatted biker that goes by City comes to her rescue. He's soooo not her type after all she's a math teacher so she sees herself with more of a whitepicketfence-2.5kids-boringasf*** kinda man (COMPLETE OPPOSITE TO THIS HUNK). They share a S-T-E-A-M-Y night and the chemistry they share is undeniable but is that enough? Honestly, can I see myself reading the second book? YES, especially if it has to do with one of Joseph's brothers (PREFERABLY MIKEY?)... Throttle MeChelle Bliss- Sleepless, Readmore.

  • HeatherTX
    2019-03-28 22:56

    Very enjoyable and I do look forward to reading each of the Gallo siblings stories! Hope to see how things are going for Suzy & City in the remaining installments! (view spoiler)[It kind of creeped me out to find out that Mikey is the one to City's additional piercing.....siblings should just not go there! (hide spoiler)]

  • HJ
    2019-04-05 01:51

    Absolutely no story aside from lust. No thanks.

  • Destiny Sanderson
    2019-04-12 01:43

    Wow this book is so HOTT!!!

  • Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly
    2019-04-06 00:02

    Rating: 3.5/5Heat Rating: 3/5Narrator Performance: Female: 3.5/5 Male: 3/5

  • Erin
    2019-04-02 04:41

    All I have to say is, Chelle Bliss had me on that cover alone!! Can we just pause a moment for some well-deserved cover love, because DAMN, that’s hot!! No, I didn’t lick my iPad (admittedly, I came close a few times), but I wouldn’t have been a bit ashamed if I had! I couldn’t wait to start this read for the primary reason that I was desperate to put a personality to that body, and oooooh did it ever fit like a glove. A sexy, strong, cocky, alpha-male glove that left me drooling. *insert long, blissful sigh*Okay, so getting back to the serious stuff here. Suzy and City were one of those couples that at first glance did not fit. She’s a teacher who’s proud of her career and wants to find that perfect guy to share her life with. Fate left her stranded and alone on the side of the road, and when the tattoo-covered biker stud City pulled up as her knight in shining armor, there was no reason someone like her should have been tempted. Well, no reason other than the fact that this little minx had a naughty side to her that she was waiting to unleash, and City was the perfect guy to get it all started! When she decided to go ahead and live a little that fateful night, City had her seeing stars and hearing the hallelujah chorus with his smoking hot self, and it was really the beginning of her rebirth as a new woman. Even if she wasn’t ready to admit it!Suzy had always viewed her goals in life through a list of what she wanted, right down to the guy who had to fit in the mold. Problem was, she was bored to tears with the guys who were textbook “perfect husband material”, and her best friend was blissfully happy with someone who was nothing like her. After City blew into her life, Suzy really started to question whether or not she could be happy with someone like him or needed to just go the vanilla route. She really struggled with what ending up with City would mean for her life, even as he was clearly not going anywhere and there was no doubt how great their chemistry was. He had me convinced at square one, but we can’t all be admitted bad-boy lovers!!Despite his appearance and his dominant side, City was actually a sweet and responsible guy who absolutely deserved Suzy. He wasn’t divulging everything about himself, but even before I knew everything about him I felt like these two were a perfect match. They brought out the side in each other that wasn’t really present otherwise because they kept it hidden, and I loved seeing it all come to the surface. With some unexpected twists and plenty of steam to smoke up the ereader, Suzy and City’s story was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I can’t wait for more in the Men of Inked series, and here's hoping we get another peek at City down the road! Quotes:People think I’m a good girl, and I am, but my mind is filled with dirty thoughts that I could never share with a mate.~Loc 92I wanted to make her scream filthy words while I fucked her. I wanted to corrupt this girl in the worst possible way. She would be a challenge and maybe I’d found someone worthy of my time. ~Loc 401How could I go back to a boring anybody with a party pickle penis when I had Joey Sex God Gallo? ~Loc 3127Find this and more of my reviews at: