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Kill the Competition...The Dead Weight, a dark, vengeful short story. Neil's girlfriend betrayed him. Again. Time to move on. He's dumping her things and starting anew, but there's one person in his way. No matter. He's ready for a fight, and why not? He's won many, many times before......

Title : The Dead Weight
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ISBN : 9781311863171
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The Dead Weight Reviews

  • Amelia
    2019-04-03 17:06

    The Dead Weight reminded me hugely of Carol Ann Duffy's Education for Leisure. For those of you that haven't read it, it is a poem written from the point of view of a young, presumably unemployed person who, feeling ignored and angry, bored and misunderstood kills some animals before heading out the door with his/her bread knife. It's readable online, not least of all because it used to be on the GCSE curriculum (until it was withdrawn due to a possible association with knife crime).***Spoilers Ahead***The Dead Weight carries on in a similar tradition. The main character, Neil, has a girlfriend who cheats on him a lot. He describes her as "the love of his life", but she seems to view him as a meal ticket. He can't let her go (as so much "dead weight" as his best friend tells him) and takes her back every time she cheats on and leaves him.* Rather than communicating with her (or ditching her which he seems unable to do) he expresses his (understandable) anger through a killing rampage of sorts.He threatens the neighbours and lies in wait for them with his knife. He smashes up the house he and his girlfriend have shared. He kills their dog.** He visits his girlfriend at her best friend/lover's house and tries to kill her with a bread knife, but can't bring himself to strike the blow. Instead he takes especial pleasure in breaking the spine and burning to death a painting of her. He fights with her best friend/lover and ultimately kills her, staging the whole thing to look like a suicide.*** He then prepares to kill himself, only to have the girlfriend arrive back and start grovelling. For, presumably, the twelfth time.There are numerous hints to suggest he's done this before - the all black outfit ready to put on; the plumber who cries "you again?"; the girlfriend who asks "how many times you gonna gut the place?" ("How many times you gonna cheat on me?"); the neighbours who say he's 'hurt her before'; and so on. This adds another layer to the story in the sense that you wonder quite what he's done before and how many more times he will do the same, what keeps him taking his girlfriend back, whether he'll ever get caught... and, perhaps most importantly of all, whether he killed "his first girlfriend, now deceased" or whether she was the trigger for all this chaos."So many women, so much temptation." He shrugged. "It doesn't matter. Whenever, wherever, whoever she is... I'll be ready."An intriguing short story. I hope my summary will help people decide whether to give The Dead Weight a try; I nearly passed it by due to no reviews anywhere (that I saw, anyway) and pretty limited plot information.Massive props due to Zia Black for specifically asking for HONEST reviews. Now that's the kind of author behaviour I like to see!*Twelve times up to the point the story closes.**Accidentally? It's hard to say. The writing style is purposefully unclear. I don't mean this as a criticism, it lends a lot to the emotion and confusion that both Neil and the reader feels.***Or I think that was the intention.

  • Molly
    2019-04-01 15:27

    twisted, weird, woolly, wonderful....I loved it lol