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Tess Gregory's brilliant career as a research scientist hides her longings for husband and child. Though deaf, she is a free spirit--a woman full of life and love. She is struck down all too soonBut for Tess, a new life begins at her death, in post-Civil War America. She is now Amarylis Rafferty, wife and mother of three--and she can hear. Shocked and disoriented by her neTess Gregory's brilliant career as a research scientist hides her longings for husband and child. Though deaf, she is a free spirit--a woman full of life and love. She is struck down all too soonBut for Tess, a new life begins at her death, in post-Civil War America. She is now Amarylis Rafferty, wife and mother of three--and she can hear. Shocked and disoriented by her new surroundings, she is drawn into the savage heartache burdening the family, especially her husband, Jack, a man who fears himself capable of anything....

Title : Once in Every Life
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Once in Every Life Reviews

  • Me_LissaH
    2019-01-18 21:25

    An okay reincarnation/time travel romance. I like the plot and the reincarnation aspect of the story really intrigued me. I enjoyed watching Tess bring this broken family back together. The love scenes were hot and not over done. Overall it was just an okay read for me and I enjoyed this story enough to check out more from this author.

  • Dinjolina
    2019-01-08 01:09

    This was only the best reincarnation-time travel romance out there!This theme is a new one for mean I was especially looking for book where a different person gets stuck in a body that is already romantically involved. Believe me when I tell you that this setting makes all kind of romances fun.Nevertheless, this one was very special because of super character developments and family interaction.I was a bit uneasy with the fact that the hero even married his wife (who is now gone gone GONE) and how he could have still, like , even looked at her let alone have a new kid with her (an by that we know they haaaaad relations even thou she was a eeeeviiiil witch!!) but hey that is just me.How even I turn it-it was a book worth reading.

  • JG
    2019-01-01 18:26

    God, in His infinite wisdom, makes sure everyone gets one happy life before they move onOur heroines life was so-so. When she died she never truly experienced perfect bliss. And so God gave her another chance; a chance of love and happiness.Then, she met him in his wife's body.Our hero puts EVERY turtored male hero you have EVER read to shame. He is scarred, wounded, and deathly afraid of himself. Life has stripped him of everything (read: his bi-atch of a wife) and left him an empty shell filled with nothing but grief,sorrow, self-disgust, and guilt. He get's black outs and gets crazy dreams. Even the town folks think he is crazy and dangerous. That BROKE my heart!He is beautiful! Inside and out. It broke my heart that the woman he had loved amplified he's fears and guilt instead of trying to heal it. I remember reading the book and wanting to be there for him. I wanted so hard to reach out myself, cuddle him, kiss him, love him with all my heart and soul and NEVER leave he's side forever! Gosh he touched me deep!!!!!!So i was ecstatic when the heroine did exactly that! I understood the heroes hesitation at first. His wife is satan reincarnated- well was anyway- and he had made him feel like a monster that he is far from! It was hard of course. Her family was scared of her and their home was like a prison. *shiver*. I love how the heroine never gave up. She did everything she could to brake down the barriers the family have erected against her. Our hero got scared. He has tried everyday to be numb when it comes to he's wife but when suddenly she was doing everything to seep into his skin and warm his heart, he was terrified he was getting played at. He evaded and the heroine run after him. DOing everything.Their childrens needed love and affection and were deathly scared of their once-mamma. OUr heroine was wonderful.The love story was amazing. It showed that Love heals all aches. Forgiveness made a huge difference. It took reasonable amount of time for Jack to finally open he's heart. And there were a few bumps along the way but our heroine never left our heroes side. *sigh*...I love the version of life Kristin has created in here. It makes us think about life and all it's mystery. How great would it be? TO experience a second chance of happiness when your first chance blew up? IN different time, place. Maybe Love does transcend time. And maybe God does make sure everyone has a chance of perfect love...once in every life.

  • Vicky
    2019-01-19 23:30

    Really good. A little different than most Hannah books.

  • Deb
    2018-12-28 18:25

    Despite the fantastical premise of the book, once the core story started, I couldn't put it down. And this was in spite of the fact that this novel is actually from the romance genre that I generally avoid.Tess is a lonely microbiologist. She became deaf at age 7 from a bout with spinal meningitis, and spent her life being shunted from foster home to foster home. On her way home from work one evening, she's hit by a bus, and dies. During the death experience she's given a 2nd chance at life, this time as the estranged wife of a Civil War vet suffering from post-traumatic shock syndrome. Because it's a romance, it has a satisfying happy ending. In the author's note at the end, the author says the story was inspired by a real-life incident in her family's history.I like Kristin Hannah's books, but have only read her contemporary fiction. This is apparently from her early days as a romance writer.

  • Mydearloverboy
    2019-01-03 19:15

    WOW!! Beautiful! I was crying like crazy...One of the best time-travel romance I have read and one of the best, awesome tortured hero ever!Overall, this deserves about 10/5 stars if that was possible!!;p

  • Morgan
    2019-01-13 23:11

    Seattle, Washington 1994: Tess Gregory -a deaf physician- is walked into the street when she was hit by a bus. She awakes and can suddenly hear, after being deaf since the age of seven, and meets her 'guide' Carol. Carol informs Tess of her death but is given a new chance a life. Tess has the opportunity to select a new life, like a second chance. San Juan Island, Washington Territory, 1873: Tess wakes up in a hospital bed, next to a man. They are married, have three children and plenty of marriage/family issues. She wants to work with this broken family to create the dream she wanted as a child. Tess died for a chance of love, hopefully she will not give up that easily. Kristin Hannah transformed the life of Tess, by giving her a another chance, but more important another chance for the Rafferty family. The motivation to repair the damage she inherited displays Tess' amazing nature. "Once in Every Life" is every bit an adorable read without the mind bending concepts of other time travel novels. I enjoyed the friendships, family and love this novel was about. It was a fabulous feel-good read that makes you wonder if your fate lies in a different century.

  • LJ
    2019-01-14 23:38

    ONCE IN EVERY LIFE - VGHannah, Kristin Tess Gregory's brilliant career as a researach scientist hides her longings for a husband and child. Though deaf, she is a free spirit -- a woman full of life and love. She is struck down all too soon.But for Tess, a new life begins at her death, in post-Civil War America. She is now Amarylis Rafferty, wife and mother of three -- and she can hear. Shocked and disoriented by her new surroundings, she is drawn into the savage heartache burdening the family, especially her husband, Jack.Pioneer living is rough for a woman used to modern conveniences, but Tess flourishes, bringing happiness and hope to her daughters and her son -- to all except her husband, a man haunted by angry, violent voices that give no rest to his bitter soul. A man who fears himself capable of anything.But Tess's faith is unshakable. Sheer determination will drive her as their hearts become entwined in a fierce struggle that can be tamed only by love itself.Deaf woman dies and is given a second chance with a man suffering PTSD. Very well done.

  • Angela Jones
    2018-12-28 00:35

    Not a fan of this book. I usually love everything Kristin Hannah writes, not this time. The story was so unrealistic and boring. Floating in and out of 3 names for the same character was exhausting. The tortured male character Jack was irritating, whiney and irritating. A 20th century women dies and is reincarnated into a women living in the 1800's with her 20th century mind and personality intact, sent to save a man and his family from his tortured and fearful self. All Tess/Amarylis/Lissa has to do is love him unconditionally. Oh brother this was a snooze fest!!!!!!

  • Virginia
    2019-01-03 00:34

    I got to page 15 and had to put this down. The premise in Ms. Hannah's usually able hands is utterly absurd. A hearing-impaired woman in 1993 Seattle gets hit by a bus and gets to choose her second chance. She picks a family in the post Civil War era. I enjoy Kristin Hannah, but this one is simply ridiculous. Maybe another author could pull it off, but not this one.

  • Arzu
    2019-01-10 00:26

    When a book makes me cry, it deserves a 5 star rating!!

  • Kelly
    2018-12-22 22:17

    I have to laugh -- this book first came out with a true bodice-ripper cover in metallic red with a step-back of a man and woman kissing. Kristen Hannah wrote a number of romance novels that all followed the same format -- wounded soul woman meets equally wounded soul man and they learn to love again. THEN she crossed over to mainstream fiction -- and it appears all her bodice rippers have been recovered to reflect her newer authorial status.Anyhow, the book at hand: formulaic, but a good read. (The sex scenes are pretty hot.) Tess Gregory is a lonely present-day doctor who gets run over by a bus and then gets a second chance at life. She accepts this second chance and gets plonked down in 1880s Washington State. She has a husband who can't stand her, two daughters who are scared of her, and a new baby. Can Tess bring this family together? Why YES she can!

  • Stefanie
    2018-12-25 01:30

    I was excited to read this book after having read Winter Garden, but I was a bit disappointed. While it kept my interest, it was too schmalzy for my taste. It was more of a romance novel than historical fiction and the author overused a number if phrases and made some errors in the telling. For example, on my page 55 Tess says the last few weeks in her new life have been unbearable. 15 pages later she says that it has been one week. Jack's character also wasn't believable to me. If this had been my first book by this author, it would have been my last.

  • Heather
    2019-01-04 17:16

    3.5 starsThis was a light holiday read for those who enjoy romantic, historical fiction. I liked Tess and how she helped bring a father and his children together to create a family, but I quickly became tired of Jack's martyred disposition and his sense of self-loathing. Whilst an easy read, "Once in Every Life" was not one of the author's best offerings.

  • Cona Hartwig
    2018-12-29 22:17

    I'll have to admit I had reservations when starting it but it turned out to be such an enjoyable read that I've added it to my favorites.

  • Gail
    2018-12-22 22:30

    I love Kristin Hannah's books. They most always make me cry at some point. This wasn't my favorite and I had a hard time with the concept of the book...a second chance of a life in 1873?

  • Desi
    2019-01-15 23:31

    Leído el 23/05/2010Me encantó esta historia y todos los personajes!

  • Su
    2018-12-26 18:25

    Once I read another book with similar plot where a contemporary woman died in a car crash and woke up in another woman's body about hundred years ego. Can`t remember name of the book. That book was much better written with full of imagination. Heroine`s new body was harshly used with alcohol and food indulgence and was quite plumb not beautiful like in this book. She did a lot of running (literary) to make her new body fit. It was very well thought and there was an effort to make connection between old and new lives. For instance, h left a letter and a legacy in best stocks to her contemporary husband. Her husband learned he became a rich man and his wife got a new life in the past on the day he lost his wife in a car crash.This book didn't capture my imagination nor my interest. h was supposed to be a scientist in her contemporary life but she never remembered or did anything about her scientific aspirations in new life. Hero, on the other hand was whip. He kept wallowing in self pity. Not at all a hero material as far as I am concerned.

  • Iris
    2018-12-21 23:24

    Esta novela me encanta, pero eso no significa que no me hagan ruido muchos errores que noto cada vez que la releo.Tess me parece un personaje un tanto plano, construido con las características necesarias para que avance la trama pero hueco por si solo. Ha sido sorda la mayor parte de su vida y cuando llega a esa nueva vida y oye ¡lo asimila en un segundo! Nunca se desconcierta, y esos llantos estruendosos de Caleb debieran ser muy incómodos para ella, pero ni le afectan más que un llanto normal. Al principio el estar en ese año le supone un shock y extraña en mundo del siglo XX, pero luego ni se acuerda...más que cuando la trama requiere de ello.Pero me agrada la manera en que está manejado Jack - con sus reservas - porque habla de un tema interesante: el estrés postraumático por la guerra civil y lo duro que debió ser para quienes la padecieron en una época en la que la salud mental ni se consideraba.Con todo y sus errores, me parece una novela linda.

  • Bunga
    2019-01-10 22:31

    Lumayan lama ya waktu yang saya perlukan untuk membaca habis buku ini? Aslinya sih gak terlalu lama. Cuma banyak sekali distraction. Hahaha... Buku ini sama seperti buku yang saya baca di saat yang bersamaan (barusan saya review juga), temanya time travel dan tubuh yang tertukar. Tess, tewas dalam sebuah kecelakaan truk dapat kesempatan kedua untuk hidup. Ia mendapat hal yang belum pernah didapatnya selama ini, suami dan anak. Juga tubuh yang sempurna (Tess sebelumnya cacat buta atau bisu, maaf lupa 😅). Namun ternyata kehidupan barunya tidak seindah yang dia pikirkan karena tubuh wanita yang ditempatinya ini rupanya bukan orang baik. Plus dia terdampar di masa pasca perang civil-war dimana pada saat itu belum dikenal yang dimananya PTSD, yang Jack, suami Tess. Overall lumayan intriguing ceritanya. Buat yang suka tema Family Drama boleh dicoba baca buku ini.

  • Sandra
    2018-12-26 22:10

    **4.5 stars**I took off 0.5 stars because I felt that the last 15% of the book was too rushed. There's a significant event that takes place near the end of the story and I just didn't like how quickly this issue was resolved when pacing of the first 90% was much slower; it threw off the reading experience (at least for me) because I wasn't expecting the story to switch gears like that. Aside from that, I COMPLETELY fell in love with this book. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did but Kristin Hannah's writing and storytelling was so addictive that I couldn't find it in me to put the book down! A great way to start off the new year and I can't wait to read more from Kristin Hannah.

  • Mary
    2019-01-21 20:14

    This is by far the worst Kristin Hannah book I've ever read. And possibly the worst romance. I suffered through it because I hate not finishing a book. The inner turmoil of Jack and Tess was repeated over and over and over again. I think I understood after the 5th or 10th time it was stated. It began to make me want to roll my eyes every time I had to read their thoughts. And the romance!!!! Ugh! So so bad. It literally stated at one point that their tongues mated. Seriously! Also, I am so tired of romance books that have first love scenes where the man moans and the naive woman says, "Did I do something wrong?". Give me a break. I just can't...

  • Shari
    2019-01-13 20:11

    Once in Every Life is one of the best books I have ever read. I rarely ever rate a book 5 out of 5 but this one I did. This book grabbed my interest from the first page, as do other Kristin Hannah books. Tess Gregory has been given a second chance at life. Jack Rafferty has suffered for many years from events in his past. The two people come together in very unusual circumstances. They build a life together and make a family. The feelings of the characters were believable and I felt like I was in the story. It was a tender story of two hurting people.

  • Sandy Haramut
    2019-01-06 22:14

    I was a bit skeptical about reading a book by Kristin Hannah that goes back in time. It didn't seem like it would be like any of her newer novels. But once an artist always an artist. She was true to form. Kristin probably could have written a novel when she was 10 and had a best seller. Think I will try another of her earlier books. Tess and Jack were great characters. They made me laugh and cry.Thanks Kristin.

  • Linda Timm
    2019-01-05 18:14

    Liked the story but question Tess's soul transferring to Jack's wife in 1873 after she died in an accident and Jack's wife died in childbirth. Typical sappy love story, with twist of Jack having PTSD from the war. His brother died front of him and Jack has always blamed himself for not being able to save him.

  • Anita
    2018-12-22 19:18

    Tess died and was given the chance for the family, life and love that she had always wanted in her next life. Unfortunately, this new life was not easy. She had to overcome the painful reputation of the woman whose life she replaced and heal a troubled and distant family. But with prayer and love, all things are possible.

  • Reese
    2019-01-14 22:10

    **3.5 stars**

  • Nicole
    2019-01-16 17:30

    This was a decent time travel/romance book. Very different writing from her more recent books but the characters were written well.

  • Leigh Robbins
    2018-12-30 18:20

    One of my Favorite books of all time, Deaf Lady Dr gets second chance at love when she travels through time. Beautiful heart tugging story.

  • Sue J
    2019-01-08 21:22

    I enjoy Kristen Hannah’s books a great deal. I wasn’t sure about this one ( one of her early books... with the reincarnation theme ). But I enjoyed it immensely.