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Title : The Time Machine (Great Illustrated Classics)
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The Time Machine (Great Illustrated Classics) Reviews

  • Emily
    2019-01-14 23:32

    SUMMARY"This is my mini model of the time machine", said the young scientist proudly. Filby and everyone else just stared boringly. Then a random man yelled " Well make it do something!". was gone! Filby was amazed as he ran his hands over the table that the model had been sitting on. He was shocked, especially when the young scientist came back one day looking like a zombie!!! REVIEWThe Time Machine is a very good book. I loved it because it made me want to read more, also, at sometimes it scary and others it suspenseful. I recommend it for people who have a very open, visual mind.

  • Julia
    2018-12-28 21:17

    Out of this series this has always been one of my favorites to read and enjoy. And as such it does make for a convincing point to the interested reader to attempt to read the original thus it can be considered a gateway book. The writing has been cleaned up and the plot straightened to allow young readers to enjoy the nice quick pace. There are a few spots where the story is a bit slow but otherwise it will be a definite quick read for those interested.. Since of adaptations like these I can honestly believe that some of the Classics will continued to be enjoyed by younger readers for at least a few more years to come.

  • Cian
    2018-12-27 19:32

    This book was a pretty good mixture of action, adventure, and suspense. I liked the book because, well mostly because of the setting, characters, the time machine, and the fact that the book was mostly in the year 802,701 A.D. The book was about a man who invents a time machine and goes forward in time to the year 802,701 A.D. But later in the story he has to fight off a race of ape-like creatures called "Morlocks" to get back his time machine so he can escape back to the previous time.

  • John
    2018-12-28 20:30

    Set in Victorian England, a time traveller recounts his voyage through the future world, where he encounters strange beings and a very different image of society. I had to read it for summer homework going into freshman english, and it was completely worthwhile, not just for a grade.

  • Alicia
    2019-01-20 17:40

    A suspenseful book! It's great for a 7-yr-old and 10-yr-old who love to be scared. Joshie loves hearing about time travel machines.

  •  Mummy Cat Claire
    2019-01-08 21:32

    Great Illustrated Classics are good books to introduce classic novels to children. Children always seem to enjoy the illustrations and the way they help explain the story. This particular adaptation, was a disappointment to me. I didn't read it to my children so I can't put down a child's view on the book, but there were things that I didn't like. I chose to read through this book alongside the original. I suppose that was my problem. Not only is this adaptation quite different from the original, but it very dumbed down and the authors words are taken out while adding in easier to understand material. This is understandable, but to a point. I feel like children would be more than capable to understand the original work. This books content was almost completely changed. The order of the book was even changed. This book had an added chapter that is not in the original novel. I do not know where this section was inspired from. This extra chapter talks about leaders, Kolar, Taggett, and Darton in hiding and the Golden Age of Science. Overall, I don't think the book is all bad. It is quite different. I don't think children need all the changes. Wells wrote a perfectly good book and his writing style is understandable, even for a younger audience. The illustrations are good. Content: some minor violence

  • Alexander
    2019-01-12 19:40


  • Kent Kirker
    2019-01-13 01:15

    Many years ago I watched a modern day film version of "The Time Machine", and I remember enjoying it. I had rented it earlier because I'd known about H.G. Wells and his classic works of science fiction, especially that of "War of the Worlds", which had been ingrained in popular culture when an early radio announcer gave a dramatic reading of the tale that caused a widespread false panic throughout the nation. The Wells family extends into the same room as well, with relative Orson Welles directing arguably the greatest film ever critically or otherwise in "Citizen Kane". I have been following Wells for a while now, and I happen to find a copy of "War of the Worlds" at a church rummage sale where also found a bunch of other classics, all of which I bought for the price of about $2.This was the second of the Illustrated Classics I have read now, which provides an abridged version, about 240 pages with large print, of classic books, with at least one illustration on every other page. It is definitely intended for upper elementary / middle school aged readers. It provides a simple understanding of the story with a higher level vocabulary. "The Time Machine" is an interesting story for the time it was written, and the predictions it made about the future. Wells is one of the first to allude to time being a fourth dimension along with length, width, and depth. Our illustrious "time traveler" is a pioneer of his time, creating a personal time machine that carries him far into the future where he discovers the folly of man has led them to become soft and hunted as pray; the demons of man have caused them to literally become split in two. As he eventually travels further he witnesses the study death of Earth. All of which he observes, and retells to his colleagues when he returns to his own time in the 19th century. An excellent work of early science fiction by a pioneer of the field. If you like stories especially those of future eras told in a more primitive time you'll enjoy "The Time Machine"

  • Elena Atluri
    2018-12-23 00:32

    I didn't like this book very much. Sure, it is written geared to children, and I'm not a child, so perhaps children would find it more interesting. However, some of the stuff in it is pretty morbid and might not be appropriate. I felt like this book was less of a story. It didn't have a very good plot. The climax (at least the point with the highest action) happens in the middle of the book. What!? It should happen towards the end of the book. I thought that the futuristic society created by the author was pretty interesting, though it may have been a little simple. (view spoiler)[I didn't like the fact that Weena died. Why did that have to happen? (Though I admit that is realistic, but then the Time Traveler should have died as well...) (hide spoiler)] May I comment, humans probably should have died by 802,701, so perhaps the Eloi were not quite humans but a new species that seemed human. After seeing this version of the future world, he travels forward until the Earth stops spinning. Is that even possible? And then, he gets spooked and travels back in time but stops before reaching the time period he comes from. I really liked this version of the world. People could all lead regardless of their differences in race and gender. (view spoiler)[Oh yes, and at the end, he goes time traveling again but never returns. That is actually a very satisfying ending (for me at least). Dear kids and other humans that read this book: Time travel is not advisable. And yes, I agree.(hide spoiler)] I really don't think this is a book for children, and its not great of a book in terms of as a story to tell. Nevertheless, I did finish it, and the writing was easy to read.

  • Bjorn B
    2018-12-22 23:16

    December Book ReportThe Time Machine (Great Illustrated Classics)Shirley BogartOne of the books of the Great Illustrated Classics series, The Time Machine, is about a scientist which created a time machine, his name is the time traveler. After "The Time Traveler" creates a time machine, he calls for a meeting of scientists at his house. They eat dinner while he explains how his time machine works, nobody believing him he demonstrates with a small model. "The Time Traveler" is not believed and the model was thought to be a trick. Dis spit being only being believed by one person, "The Time Traveler" goes into the future. Upon coming back bloody and bruised, people are questioning what happens. he explains his tale of what had happened, he had been in a world which had seemed perfect the "Elios" where the people of the land, nobody worked, and everyone was well dressed, he realizes that there is some disturbing truths about this world including how everyone looks the same, weather male or female. "The Time Traveler" loses his time machine to the "Morlocks", which are using the "Elios" as food. These "Morlocks" fight with "The Time Traveler" who was trying to get back his time machine.Many powerful themes exist in The Time Machine, but my favorite theme is that challenges are good. The "Elios" are people with no challenges, nothing to strive for. They are a futuristic human race. They became identical to each other weather male or female. This is because the people with no need for challenges or exercise, becoming all the same.

  • Kory Bootsma
    2018-12-24 18:16

    The Time Machine was written by H.G. Wells during the nineteenth century. An American Classic, this book tells the story of a man traveling throughout time in a time machine. He advances several hundred thousand years into the future and discovers two human-like races: one he perceives to be non intelligent and one animalistic. Met with challenges of perceived entrapment and the loss of his time machine, the man defies odds in order to return to his time. This book is geared toward young adults ages 12-14 as it is rather a lengthy read yet has some black and white illustrations to help assist with engagement of the reader. Although a classic, the time machine today is no longer thought of a huge innovation in science as modern culture is surrounded by new technological inventions everyday. The story line is simple yet does not spark the imagination of the reader.

  • ♠ Tabi ♠
    2019-01-12 18:39

    This started my love of this story, with the illustrations setting my imagination on fire. I read this over and over as a kid.

  • Ms. Stephens
    2019-01-17 23:18

    Coby picked it out because of the title & cover; I'd never read it. About 50 pages in they decided they weren't into it.I finished it (didn't take long...) and was disappointed. Maybe I would like the unabridged version better, but Wells' predictions of the future seemed simplistic.

  • Christina
    2019-01-01 17:28

    This captured the kids' interest immediately, so much so that my daughter (7) snagged it and finished reading it on her own. I continued reading it to my son (5) until he started having nightmares of small, white, hairy men coming to get him. Poor, sensitive little boy.

  • Dylan Luquin
    2018-12-29 00:31

    The time machine by shirley bogart was so interesting because of how they did it and how Filby still keeped the flowers, also how he made it out of there. the time machine also was so epic and the story is so detailed.

  • Ilana
    2019-01-02 01:25

    Great Illustrated Classics is an amazing series for pre-teens that love to read. As a series, GIC gets my highest recommendation, I loved them as a kid and it definitely helped my love of reading.

  • James Affleck
    2019-01-17 19:37

    I want the time I spent reading this book back. The syle isn't great and it's not very believable nor does it draw you in that much.

  • Daniel
    2019-01-04 17:39

    A very basic version of this book, was a great read as a kid!

  • Cory
    2019-01-02 20:11

    The photos in this version were *terrifying* as a kid and central to my sense of this book.

  • Cws
    2019-01-20 01:17


  • Georgette Lanfranco
    2019-01-17 01:27


  • Angela
    2018-12-29 19:36

    It's always near to imagine what it would be like to go into the future. This was just a little too sad of a future for me.

  • Thomas
    2019-01-18 23:15

    Abi liked it, though she said the movie version (with Rod Taylor) was better. She wants to read the full version instead of the children's classic - she can tell there's a lot left out.

  • Thomas
    2019-01-14 22:34

    It was awesome

  • Michelle Ianniello
    2019-01-02 18:30

    Very interesting. I would like to read more by HG Wells.

  • Ms. Mielke's Class Make sure you post how your sheets tell you to!!!!
    2018-12-28 01:15

    It was okay, but I'm not a real science fiction person. I think it's kind of surprising what they think the future would be like. RH

  • Alexey Makarov
    2019-01-03 22:37

    Очень хорошее представлении о путешествии во времени и разложении человеческой расы.

  • Natalie
    2019-01-07 17:13

    My two boys loved this book. We read it right before Halloween - just spooky enough for the holiday.It helped teach the concept of time - going forwards and backwards in history.

  • Flora
    2019-01-03 19:11

    This book was a much easier and faster read than I was expecting. I love the way H.G. Wells wrote the book, but it was kind of sad.

  • Rose
    2018-12-22 21:20

    This is really good, because kids can now enjoy the Time Machine. I still think the original book is better by far, but it is a bit in depth for kids.