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Brains before Beauty, that's Rachel Newberry's motto, especially when her quiet, orderly life is interrupted by international rock star, Jaydon Hawke. And true to her word, brains take center stage when she discovers Hawke has a lot more on his mind than beautiful music. Targeted by a madman, Rachel puts her trust in Hawke, a move that may cost both their lives....

Title : Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll
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Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll Reviews

  • Michelle [Helen Geek]
    2018-12-30 18:55

    Really didn't like this at all; 1 Star. Let me explain myself. First of all, it give me no pleasure to give any book an author slaved over to create a low rating, but, for the sake of readers who like similar reads, feel I must express my honest opinion.This book just didn't make sense to me. We have a "rock star", who is really a Navy Seal on super top secret assignment tracking terrorists. His entourage are also Seals. Okay, so "rock stardom" just happens? I'm thinking not.Another thing - I read fairly quickly, and rarely need to back up in a story with a "what -- what did I miss?". I don't like to re-read parts of a story unless I just want it to hit me again. I don't like writing that is so broadly descriptive [struggling with how to explain] that requires me to back up to see what I missed. This happened to me several times throughout the book.Thank God this was a freebie on Smashwords. But, me being me, bought all this authors books while I was there!! I can only hope the other ones do it for me, because this one was a real stinker...I don't recommend the book. But, if you decide to read it, you may like it. It just missed the mark for me completely.Not so happy to read this freebie!

  • Emily
    2018-12-27 19:13

    Burned once and unable to forget how much it stung, Rachel Newberry has repeated her mantra of "Brains before Beauty" so much, she is a firm believer that she is unattractive and could never be the object of anyones desire. Fortunately for Rachel she has a close friend whose lust for life has her timidly stepping her toes into an adventure, rather than the boring lifestyle she has surrounded herself with. Her first challenge, go to a rock concert with backstage passes and a bikers bar afterwards.Rock star Jaydon "Hawke" thinks his assignment will be a breeze, Rachel is under investigation and they need to find out if she is part of a terrorist group or an innocent victim, all he has to do is charm her into telling him all her secrets. Of course there is a lesson to be learned about cockiness, Rachel has no interest in allowing Hawke close and quickly rebuffs his efforts. What should have been an easy assignment soon becomes a matter of keeping Rachel safe, as she has become a target and Hawke has fallen hard for the quirky beauty.Loved it. Has a few things that never got quite wrapped up but they were so minor it doesn't matter. Rachel is quirky and fun, her random facts that she blurts out are hilarious and keeps Hawkes on his toes. I liked Hawke, I thought the whole idea of an undercover Navy SEAL as a rockstar was a brilliant idea. Can't wait to read the next one, Cameron is a saucy wench and Max is falling hard and fast for the woman who has tempted him through out the first book.Reread because I want to finish the series. Still great story, fast paced and fun read.

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2018-12-22 01:14

    FREE on Amazon US today (4/27/2013).

  • Monique ~ Sinfully
    2019-01-15 23:11

    Loved this was fun and sexy, with some action thrown into boot!!!There was great camaraderie between the four man team of....very big, strong, sexy, sizzling with great abs....Alpha SEALs. Plenty of sarcastic humour, mainly between the two secondary character...Max and Cameron (one helluva match that is going to be) and all round banter and LOL moments that had me smiling and laughing throughout the book.But of course we also have some romance between Jayden Hawke, famous Rock Star/SEAL communications expert and Rachel, professional, highly sought after Architect. She thinks he is a Rock Star and he thinks she is an undercover operative in a terrorist ring!!!Despite his orders to seduce her to gain important Intel and despite the fact that she only sees his rock star persona....they are inexplicably drawn together....and let me tell you when they do it will leave you squirming in your seat!!!Jayden and Rachel were so sweet and loving together, he was desperate for her to see the real him inside whilst Rachel wanted him but was afraid of the rejection, should she fall into the 1 night stand category. The interruptions for them in the most intimate of moments was killing me I did think are they ever going to get to it!!! Hell I was getting frustrated...never mind them!!!The star of the book for me was Cameron....Rachel's best friend...she truly was hilarious and I am so looking forward to her book next.Why 4 stars then instead of 5? the middle of the book during a chapter with plenty of action and quite a few characters involved there was a lot of conversation going on....which wasn't explained, so I really had to concentrate as to which characters were talking. it wasn't much but it did distract from the flow.Other than that minor grip, this IS a great book and I would most definitely recommend fact I am off now to download the next book.

  • Nona
    2019-01-10 16:54

    EBook. December 2012.I had no idea what this was about, I'm the greedy book hoarder who saw it was free and with a title like Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll who could resist,right? Also I've never read Mia Dymond but this will not be my last. I love a good smooth witty read and this fulfilled all aspects of a great romance.Jaydon Hawk's a rock star, Navy Seal and a panty dropper not to mention an over egotistical selfish man but turned into every girls dreams, charming and trustworthy while rocking a body! Rachael has some major issues when it comes to men and love so bury's herself in work however Hawks is the adventure she needed to wake up so to speak. The chemistry was good the intimate moments steamy and the story was good.I do have to say though that while the story was about Hawks and Rachael, Max and Cameron had my full attention. I can't wait to read their story, course I like a stubborn, out spoken headstrong character so looking forward to the next read.

  • Melissa
    2018-12-28 20:08

    Well the book description really doesn't give away much does it? Let's see if I can review this without giving away anything either!Jaydon Hawke....Yummers! That is the word I would like to use to describe him. He is a sexy, confident, and a very charming rock star. Rachel Newberry....Brains. That is the word she uses to describe herself. Although it's true, she is so much more. Gorgeous, intelligent, and talented.Cameron Tremaine....Firecracker. Rachel's best friend and boy is she witty! Sassy, tough, and very intuitive.Max Sterling....Serious. Jaydon's bodyguard. He is huge, professional and not to be messed with.These four characters make up the main players. There were others, but these four grabbed my attention the most. Their interaction was great and together they make up a challenging and dysfunctional family of sorts.Rachel is sick of being safe and boring and never taking risks, lucky for her she has a best friend who is none of those things and would love nothing more than for Rachel to let loose and be a little daring. This fun idea brings them vying to get back stage to meet Jaydon Hawke. Rachel and Hawke's meeting was an interesting one and I love how it panned out.Hawke is smitten with her immediately and has to know more. Now any woman would have the same lines of thinking as our lovable Rachel when interacting with a rockstar:"Gorgeous, successful, famous men like you hang slinky beautiful supermodels from their arms. Not women like me."But little does she know he is way way into her:Hawke tossed her words back and forth in his mind. She honestly believed every word she said. And if he disagreed, he risked cementing her warped image of him....He unfolded her arms, took her hand in his, and braided their fingers. "I thought you were beautiful when I first saw you last night, and absolutely breathtaking tonight."Yeah that rock star is a smooth talker. He has quite a few great moments, all of them leaving me smiling and partially swooning. His bodyguard and her best friend though, they were a real treat. Their constant bickering and random nicknames for each other had me laughing throughout my entire read. Cameron was very protective of her friend and never afraid to speak her mind. She was not intimidated in the least:"I wouldn't do this for just anyone, Hawke," she said finally, "You better not break her heart.""I won't.""Seriously, because I'm not afraid to take on Bigfoot to get to you."That's just a glimpse of the fiery personality that I absolutely loved. I really enjoyed this read. If you are looking for something fun and easy to get into, I would recommend this read :) It wasn't super steamy, which is my usual for books that I read, but this story had so much of everything else going on, that I was fine with it. I also really took to the fact that the chics in the book weren't helpless but intelligent, they weren't annoying but definitely intriguing. Lives at stake, people being stalked, houses getting burned down, a rockstar, hot bodyguard, and two independent women thrown into the turmoil, and what do you get?Leather, lace and rock-n-roll. What a combination.

  • Lori McD
    2019-01-09 21:08

    Good thing this was a FREE ebook! The author has an interesting premise: NAVY SEALS undercover posing as a rock-n-roll BAND! That's a new one on me! I could see CIA or even FBI... but SEALs? Doesn't make sense, even if they're after terrorists.But this book is so uneven... it's like the author couldn't decide what the plot really was or decided that she had to "fill". And she keeps changing things. Case in point: At the beginning, our Hero makes point after point about the dreamy green eyes of our Heroine. But at the end of the book, he's talking about her *brown* eyes. Huh?Then there's the so-called plot about an architect (Heroine) who's supposedly helping a terrorist pass on his bombing plans. But when we start, our SEALs don't seem to have a handle on how it's happening. Nor do they seem to have sufficient evidence for a full-scale op on this gal.And the building of a rock star house... the book seems to take place in short amount of time, maybe a month? But not only does our Heroine draw up the architectural plans for his house (that we never see him approve), but the house is framed, burned, framed again, and partly built before being destroyed a 2nd time. Huh?The dynamite best friend, Cameron, and the main guard, Max, make this book. Love their interactions! Love Cameron!But, while I had several enjoyable moments reading this book, including a few LOL moments, overall, the book was too far-fetched, too uneven, and at times, poorly written.Sorry to say that I won't be continuing on with this series. (Although next book is Cameron's, and I'm tempted just for her!)

  • MBR
    2018-12-26 01:15

    When Mia Dymond approached me with a request for review, it was Outspoken Angel, the next book in the series that actually caught my eye. Little did I know that book 1; Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll would turn out to be such a fabulous read and that in order for one to enjoy the second book to the max, one certainly has to read book 1 first to become truly invested in the wonderful, quirky characters that Mia has created in this series.Rachel Newberry is an architect, sought out by the mega-rich and constantly in high demand and uber busy, which suites her just fine. The one thing she has learnt from her painful and humiliating past is to never take her professional reputation for granted, and that is one reason why Rachel remains always in control of her emotions, especially when it comes to the opposite sex.When Cameron, her best friend urges her to let go and attend the Jaydon Hawke concert, little does Rachel know that she is skillfully being lured by a group of Navy SEALS who are undercover and hunting down a terrorist with whom Rachel is suspected to be involved.From the moment that Jayden meets Rachel, the attraction that simmers between them lights up the pages, drawing the reader into a world of sensual haze whenever they are together. Rachel is more than reluctant to get involved with a rock star who has hundreds of screaming and wanton women after him at each corner of the world.For Jayden, Rachel is a lure that he cannot deny, his mission be damned. Having never had to work for a woman’s affections before, Rachel certainly throws him into a loop wondering what it is that he has to do in order to win her trust and affection. And when Rachel becomes the target of vicious attacks, all bets are off and Jayden is prepared to do everything in his power to keep her safe and in his life for all time to come.Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll is such a great read and I am surprised that more people aren’t aware of its existence. Multi-faceted characters lend this story a richness that makes this such a compelling read, the heat and sensuality between Jayden and Rachel of the scorching variety; just the panty-melting kind.Cameron’s character is one that really drew me in, and Max who is the head of the operation who constantly butts heads with Cameron just made me smile and at times laugh out loud with the sassy banter between them.Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll is a diamond of a novel, with its hidden layers and multiple facets that just makes for an unbeatable reading experience. There is plenty of humor in the story, Rachel whose serious nature misleads one to think that she wouldn’t know what to do even if a joke comes and slaps her on her forehead. But the underlying sense of humor she has makes for one of the best parts of her character.Rachel is quite vulnerable, especially when it comes to Jayden because she doesn’t think she is the kind of beauty that people would expect someone like Jayden to have in his life. How Jayden proves her deliciously wrong at every turn was what made him such a compelling and sexy hero.Though I loved many aspects of the story, there were certain bits that could have really made this into an all out fantastic one. I would have loved to know more about Jayden for instance, his history and how he came about and his life before he became a SEAL/rock star. And though I felt that Rachel catapulted a bit too easily towards the end, Jayden does make up for everything in the best way possible.Recommended highly for those who love romance, humor, and bits of suspense together with huge hunks of male leads in their stories and sassy banter throughout. Loved this from start to finish and cannot wait to dig into Cameron and Max’s story which is beckoning me from my bookshelves even as I write down my review. Rating=4.25/5 Original review posted onMBR's Realm of Romance Quotes included below the review.

  • Jess
    2019-01-16 21:09

    Review posted: Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsWhat’s the best cover for a group of four SEAL’s to be able to travel around pretty much anywhere, with reason, and not stand out? Have one member be a world famous rock star. He stands out, just not in a bad, cover blown, kind of way and it’s his rock star status that helps Jaydon Hawke cross paths with Rachel. She’s on Jaydon’s radar as being potentially involved with a known terrorist that he and his team are tracking and getting close to Rachel is part of the mission.Rachel is sweet, smart and a self-proclaimed non-risk taker but she lets her best friend and business partner Cameron, talk her into trying to get backstage at Hawke’s concert. They do, using the oldest female trick in the book (flash the girls!) and Rachel meets Hawke, up close and personal. He and his team keep their true identities a secret from Rachel and Cameron, as Hawke keeps getting closer to Rachel and working his way into her life, both professionally and personally.What worked for me in this story was the way the relationships were written. Not only were Rachel and Hawke a fun couple to get to know, but Cameron and her verbal sparring partner, Max (Hawke’s team Captain and his bodyguard as a cover) get a great build up to their story, which follows this book. The dialogue is fun and everyone has nice banter back and forth. The sexual tension between Rachel and Hawke builds for much of the story. Rachel’s not one to really let herself go, but Hawke brings eventually it out of her and their romance veered more to the sweet side – which I enjoyed.“You didn’t say whether you enjoyed the concert.”Rachel lifted her glass again and swallowed the remaining contents before she spoke. “Actually, I learned a few things.”“Really?” His interest piqued. “This is the first time I’ve ever been told my show was educational.”“I found out several things.” Her sparkling eyes flashed in the candlelight. “I discovered that your security guard is a breast man, and that most women are not there to hear the music. But most importantly, I learned that it’s perfectly acceptable to go to a rock concert bare-bottomed with my panties in my pocket.”Hawke choked on his wine, coughing as the liquid fire burned the back of this throat and the vision of Rachel without panties knocked him on his ass.The suspense aspect was a little weak, but since I found myself so focused all the relationships and various friendships going on, that didn’t bother me much at all. One thing that did bug me was the ending. It seemed a little disjoined in places and it felt like the story moved from point A to C, and B was entirely missing. It was a little confusing, and I had to reread parts just to make sure I didn’t miss how we ended up with Rachel questioning her relationship with Hawke when the page before had her and Hawke acting very happy together. It skipped around a bit, but this was something I only really noticed at the very end. The rest of the book flowed well and kept a good pace.If you’re looking for a different take on an undercover SEAL team that has good humor and very enjoyable characters, give this one a try. The book is currently free on Smashwords, so you really have nothing to lose. Like I mentioned above, I’m already in girl-love with Cameron. She’s sassy, stands up to everyone and drives Max completely insane. Their story should be a fun one to watch play out.

  • MsRomanticReads
    2018-12-24 23:15

    This review can also be found on my blog.Rachel Newberry is not only beautiful, but she's also one of the most sought after architects in the business. But privately she's introverted, boring, and in desperate need of some feather ruffling and fun, according to her BFF and business partner, Cameron. What better way to get the ball rolling than going backstage at a concert to meet international rock star and heart throb, Jaydon Hawke? But first they'll have to flash the bodyguard to get in the door. And since Rachel has already stepped way out of her comfort zone, why not go a little further? Jaydon makes an appearance, Cameron faints, and the rock star's zipper on his very tight leather pants seem to be stuck. Can Rachel help?Okay, so that right there already had me cracking up. It was ridiculously funny, and Cameron's devil may care just added to the humor in seeing Rachel squirm. But then we get to hear from Jaydon himself, and my amusement evaporated. Jaydon Hawke is his real name, but his occupation is just a cover. He is really a Navy SEAL, and his rock star persona is a convenient cover. His fame and fortune allow him to travel to any country for any mission. Or so the explanation goes. The idea of undercover SEALs is not far fetched, but the Army's Delta Force would be a likelier candidate. Furthermore, they'd never be that obviously exposed to the public. Groupies, fans, and media coverage (especially nosy paparazzi) are deadly for any operative.The rest of the story was actually really good. Jaydon had one hell of a time trying to get closer to Rachel. She had a very legitimate reason for staying away from a man known to bed countless women. But his close proximity and undeniable charm prove too much for her to resist. I thought they had great chemistry together, even if he wasn't being completely honest with her. I felt invested enough in them to see how they would deal with the deception and form a relationship. If there was one thing that may have overshadowed the MCs, then it was Cameron and Max. They were hysterical, both on their own and whenever they were in the same room."Ex boyfriend. He is doing time. The arrest report is hilarious." "How so?" "The responding officer found him tied up with a black eye, a bloody nose, and his hands tied behind him with nylon." "Rope?" "No...pantyhose."***Thirty minutes later, Max cringed as the heat-seeking missile dressed in designer clothing descended on him without warning and attempted to breeze past with a sexy wink.If you can suspend your disbelief over the cover story, then you'll enjoy this sexy story. After all it does combine two irresistible heroes, a SEAL and a rock star. Win!

  • ツ Renée
    2019-01-04 00:54

    This was such a fun read. It had a little action, a little suspense, great banter, an adorably intelligent heroine loaded with awkward fun facts, a hilariously feisty blonde she-devil who kept everyone on their toes, and four sexy Navy SEALS who never saw those two coming. I loved Jaydon and Rachel. Their romance started unconventionally, but it was so passionate and sweet. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end and I cannot wait for the next in this series!

  • Judi
    2019-01-15 19:12

    From the moment Rachel and Cameron flash their “goods” in a ploy to get backstage at a Jaydon Hawke concert and then the ensuing “wardrobe malfunction” scene I was hooked. Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll was sexy, had great, funny as hell dialogue, hot guys, musicians and SEALS. I think it’s pretty much got all the bases covered. Sexy Jaydon Hawke is a world class rock star. He’s also an active Navy SEAL. He’s like a super sexy singing James Bond. His profession as a musician allows him and his team to travel the world and infiltrate any situation at will. It was a novel approach and I loved the set up. Using women to get information has become Hawke’s modus operandi and Rachel Newbury is about to be on the receiving end of Hawke’s considerable charm. Initially suspecting Rachel of being in cahoots with a known terrorist, Hawke’s plan was to get close to Rachel to pump...errr get the information he needs to prove her innocence or guilt. But it soon became evident that Rachel was innocent and Hawke had bitten off more than he can chew when he falls hard for the brainy and beautiful architect, who unlike every other female on planet Earth didn't throw herself at the famous Jaydon Hawke.There is a great supporting case in Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll and in my opinion Cameron Tremaine and Max Sterling actually stole the show. Cameron is Rachel’s best friend and business partner. She is a super little spark plug. Sassy, blonde, built and hell on wheels. She’s like a feisty, little terrier who won’t back down from any challenge or threat. Her interactions with Hawke’s head of security Max Sterling (make that Captain Sterling as in head of the SEAL team) were some of the funniest in the book, super sexually charged and so fun to read. All her nicknames including calling him Mr. Clean and Aladdin (he’s bald) had me giggling. I loved her! I cannot wait to read their story Outspoken Angel. It’s bound to be off the charts sexy and explosive. This is book has a lot going for it and was highly entertaining. Best of all it was free from Smashwords and MORE than worth it. There are several members of the SEAL team who are sure to get their own stories...and I’ll be reading every one of them.

  • Kat Morrisey
    2018-12-22 01:12

    I was waffling between 3 and 4 stars. If I could I'd probably give it 3.75. But since I liked it enough to want to read the second book in the series, I upped it to 4. EDIT: And just an fyi for those with Nooks, the books (of which there are 4 in the series) are 1.99 each at Barnes and Noble (least they are today). I love a good book deal!!* I won't give a synopsis, just make some general comments about what I liked and what didn't. First, I loved Hawke. OMG. Hot doesn't begin describe it. I also liked the heroine, Rachel. She was cautious but not as wishy washy as some heroines are (and wishy washy annoys me to no end!). The intimate scenes between them were very well done and not over the top. In fact, I liked that it was a slow build instead of the two just ripping each others clothes off the first time they met. And Cameron? She was so funny; her and Max had me cracking up whenever they were speaking to each other, or about each other. I had to suspend reality while reading this, but I didn't mind. In fact, let me say that with most books I have to suspend reality. Why? Because it's fiction and things happen in books (and TV/movies) that cannot happen in real life, and so I don't expect books to mirror real life. That's why I like reading-I can live in a parallel universe where things that couldn't happen in the real world can in fact happen. (Like happily ever afters-I don't believe in them in the real world, but I love 'em in a good book!) So if the premise seems a bit, unbelievable, just go with it. I think it's worth it in the end. The author does a great job in balancing internal and external dialogue, which to me as both a reader and writer is important. Often, especially of late, I read a book and it is either too heavy on the internal dialogue (too much tell, not even show); or it's too heavy on the external dialogue (too much show, not even tell). It's important to balance the two, especially when writing in 3rd person. (Writing in 1st person brings whole 'nother set of issues I won't get into here). This author does a great job meeting that balance. Can't wait to read the next book in the series!

  • Yvette
    2019-01-16 17:09

    I liked the plot of the story, but it could have been played out better. BUT, the plot didn't flow, and there was really no suspense. I knew who the bad guy was it was painfully obvious. If the flow of the story worked with the story itself, it could have been better. (view spoiler)[At the end of the book, the bad guy is holding the heroine at gunpoint, she admits to be in love with the hero, but she's also helping the terrorist. This seemed like a good way to tie the story up. Not cool. THEN! All of a sudden the terrorist that the SEAL's have been targeting is there. In the living room. How in the hell did he get there, did he just fly out of a unicorn's ass or what? OH and the calm and reallllly fast way the hero explains everything to the heroine....boring. (hide spoiler)] Most of the times with book that are a romantic suspense, and the hero is about to screw up with the heroine, I feel it in my chest. Like if I was was the one getting hurt as well. SO not the case here, I actually rolled my eyes. Like FAREAL? Her heart is supposed to be breaking because she did something not normal for her, she trusted you, and you destroyed that trust. And what do we get from the heroine after his little confession. NADA. There is no reaction from her. She's all like, 'okay, I get it. But I don't want to see you after this mission is over.' wth? The only character I like was Cameron. She kept making me laugh. Max I enjoyed too. It could have been written better and edited better as well. Overall it was a quick read, it was good but I saw the potential for it to be better!Love the title by the way.

  • Linda
    2019-01-11 00:53

    Sexy , quick read! Jayden Hawke is a rock star with a secret identity he is also a navy seal who is called n with his team by the Feds to go undercover and weed out traoitors and pull intel from them.Hawkes's newest mission Rachel Newberry may be more then he can handle,sinc she isnot at all falling not the typical pattern of awed groupie,but then again Hawke is binding that he wants more from her than a quick rumble and hoping like hell she is not guilty. Danger, intrigue , hot men and smart heroines mak for a sweet read!

  • Selena Lang
    2018-12-28 21:55

    I did not much like this book. the characters were flat, one dimensional. There was no real feeling generated to help you relate to the main characters. Another issue was time...they spent almost none building a relationship. It seemed as if they went from meeting to build a house to it actually being done in the blink of an eye..and yet at the end it indicated they spent hours and hours planning, building etc. none of that was in the actual book though. it just was not well written. i will not be reading the rest of the series.

  • Anne OK
    2019-01-01 22:57

    A far reach for my imagination. However, stories starring Navy SEALs always manage to capture my attention. In this story, it wasn't really SEALs that held my interest but a tiny little blonde tornado that stole the show. They say dynamite comes in small packages and Cameron, an interior designer and best friend to the lead female character, certainly proved that in "Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll." I'm going to give Cameron's book a peek because she certainly saved Book #1 for me. Otherwise, this one was a near miss.

  • Susan (susayq ~)
    2019-01-02 18:49

    While I enjoyed this, there were just too many times I found myself wondering what was going on. The story was very disjointed in places and it was sort of unbelievable. I mean, the hero was a Navy SEAL who's undercover persona was a rock star? I giggled about that. Even with my confusion, I would like to read the next one in the series. I want to see Max tame Cameron :)

  • Melissa
    2018-12-28 21:06

    I'm not sure if this is the Authors debut or not. But this book really wasn't too bad at all. I had trouble getting into the story in the first 4 chapters. For a moment I was thinking.. wait... what?! and had to backtrack to make sure I did read correctly in the first place. After that, as I continued reading, it all started falling into place. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either.

  • Lindsey
    2018-12-23 21:52

    Amazon Freebie 12/12/12Wrapped up in too much of neat package . . . I didn't connect with the characters they all seemed pretty immature, and not at all hot soldier alpha.. on a more positive note, it was free and wasn't horrible

  • Rachel
    2018-12-23 19:15

    I loved this story. I mean who can resist a navy seal who's also a rockstar? Double delish! Plus the banter between Max and Cameron was laugh out loud funny!

  • Laura
    2019-01-01 20:08

    It wasn't really believable, at all. I didn't get a feel for any of the characters, they were all pretty flat, except for Cameron, who just pissed me off. None of the reactions were real.

  • Anita
    2019-01-17 22:54

    Really enjoyed this one. Will be getting the rest in the series. I can't wait to start Cameron's story.

  • Ditte
    2019-01-09 23:12

    1.5 Ugh. Red leather pants and shirts where the first 4 (or was it only 3?) buttons aren't buttoned. Offputting.

  • Peni
    2019-01-08 21:16

    I read this story in one sitting. It was interesting throughout but it was a combination of liking the story and uncertainty with the whole SEALs aspect. This was not a typical SEALs story. The team was not as cohesive and I usually see. Also, the premiss of a SEAL team around a rock star? I don't think so. The timing just wouldn't work. A rock star has a pretty set schedule with it comes to concerts and touring. It is not something that just happens at a moments notice. From what I have seen, a SEAL goes where needed at a moments notice and everything is pretty well laid out ahead of time. Not fly by the seat of your pants or 'hope' something will attract someone to be where they want them.I believe if another type of team would have been more believable and flowed better. The story also skipped around a lot. I got the feeling that much more was written but cut out. Characters I wasn't introduced to or a relationship established appeared throughout the story as if I should already know them. The same is true for the progress of the relationships. There was a lot of focus on Rachel's best friend when there could have been more focus on Rachel and Jaydon. When did they sit down and design the house? How did the house start so fast? How did the house get done so fast? These things take time and relationships are built out of them. Would have been good to see that. Because of these things I marked the story as a 4 star. A good editor should have caught this. Even getting a critique from a few readers would have help catch these details.Overall I did enjoy the story and will continue on to Cameron's story in Outspoken Angel and go from there.This is a stand a lone story although the first in a series of stories surrounding the SEAL team.Readers should be 14+ due to adult content.

  • Desiree
    2019-01-07 22:07

    I didn't like this book at alllllll!! I quit after 20%, and that was with forcing myself to 'give it a shot'. For one thing, not a single scene was believable, every single scene seemed contrived and or ludicrous. The characters; the BFF seemed schizophrenic, the heroine seemed like an idiot, the hero seemed like a manipulative, womanizing, lying, have-to-have-my-way sort of guy (ok, he so he was that way for his missions ... yeah right), and his buddy didn't seem all that capable of doing his job. Then there was the 'intrigue', which read like Morse code meets western union. Nothing ever made sense, especially when Max and Hawke spoke. I get that we weren't supposed to know what was really going on, but the way the author tried to build a mystery was just unintelligible. One second they're talking in 'code', the next they are talking about 'reality', somehow weaving in what we were supposed to see with what we weren't supposed to know, just confusing! I can't even explain the weird-ass dialogs that went on! AND, nearly every dialog sounded like I was moving through thought and sound, it was like being on LSD or something! I continually felt like I was coming in in the middle of a conversation (and was also able to hear/read the minds of all those present). And then there was the constant fluctuation of POV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christ! That was jarring. One second we're following Hawke, than suddenly it's Max's eyes we're seeing things through, and just as suddenly we're in the mind of Rachel, and all of that in the same paragraph! There was no segue at all. This book was like a Twizzlers; twisted and convoluted, bad tasting, empty, of no 'nutritional value', and over-rated. I didn't like ANYTHING about this book, NOR the writing style!!!! AWFUL THROUGH AND THROUGH .

  • Robin B
    2018-12-25 22:06

    2.5 Stars and an 'E' for Effort.I thought and still think this book has potential. It has an interesting story line, decent characters and a little bit of light mystery. However... the writing is sub par and the book is in desperate need of professional editing. There are good bones here-but not so good execution of the story line. I often found passages disjointed and unfocused. Oftentimes we would jump from one point to the next with no segue in between. The time flow of the book needs to be worked on as well. In one part- we're told it's not yet seven in the morning. A few pages and a short conversation that does not hint at any time passing and it's all of the sudden lunch or dinner time. Another example of not well thought out time issues- we're led to believe the characters are late twenties or early thirties. Yet Rachael has been at her job for 10 years and Hawke has been a rock star for 20? AND a trained Navy SEAL and a Lieutenant at that? (We won't get into that- I'm a military family girl and SEALs would NEVER have a job like that) Anyways- after being in the service long enough to not only become a SEAL, but then to be a 20 year veteran rock star- well Hawke would have to be in his 50's. It's like no research was done on any of these professions at all and numbers were just made up. In fact- I'm 99% positive that's exactly how it went.If Mia got someone to help smooth these things (and other things that I'm sure I've forgotten) then this has the potential to be a very good read.I absolutely loved the interactions between Max and Cameron! I did notice there's a second story- Max and Cameron's story. But because of the not so stellar way this one was written- I won't be looking into that one anytime soon.

  • Morgan
    2019-01-03 21:14

    I hate giving this such a rotten score, because I know intimately how hard it is to write a book to begin with, much less keep a series going. As of book 1, the series is dead to me.Navy SEALs posing as a rock band to seek out terrorists. Far fetched, but I could roll with it for the sake of the fantasy.Women, who we later find out have to be between 32 and 34, flash a guard to get back stage at a rock concert. One of them is the classic nose to the grindstone worker bee and so far from party girl it's not believable she'd do such a thing.Dedicated brain girl is an architect who manages to design plans seemingly over night, gets permits and approvals and has the house framed mid way through the first week. Wow. I can see why she'd be in demand. Sure, the guy has money, but no amount of money can build a high end home that fast. Where it completely fell apart for me was the first love scene. She'd been shot in the leg and had surgery for "considerable muscle damage." Spent one night in the hospital, then walks into her house, up the stairs, into her bedroom, and tells the hero to do her. What??? There is not enough pain killer in the world to make it possible so soon after injury. If she did take enough to feel no pain, she'd be zonked out.Sadly, the self talk going on in the hero's head doesn't make it better. The story has potential. The BFFs get the best lines and create the most heat. Maybe their story is better written. I hope so. My recommendation to the author: Hire a good editor, work out the continuity issues, get the timing sequence in order and try again.

  • Mia Catherine
    2019-01-10 23:48

    I love a military story. I love stories about SEALs. This one left me wanting a bit more, however.What I liked about the story: I like Rachel, she was strong and smart. Hawke was a good guy, and the connection between them sparked on the page. Max was a great protector and Cameron is a sparkplug. The characters were all well-defined as personalities.What I didn't like as much: Hawke was supposed to be a SEAL and a rock star. Unfortunately, I didn't buy him as either. The only sign he was a rock star were the "groupies" surrounding him when he went out. That worked against him, however. It was difficult to imagine how capable Hawke was when he needed a "bodyguard" everywhere he went. A SEAL is the best of the best, and theoretically, he wouldn't need protection - at least in the world of romance novels. And, a SEAL would never be in such a high-profile position. An FBI or CIA guy undercover would seem to be a better fit than special forces.There's a tease at the end of the book that says the next story is Cameron's, but Cameron and Max took up almost half of this one. I liked both characters, and their back and forth was entertaining, but it took me out of the building relationship between Hawke and Rachel. I would have liked to focus more on one couple at a time. The biggest example of this was during the climax of the book. Guns firing, bodies flying, and we're in Max's point of view and his concern for Cameron. When we get to Hawke and Rachel, it almost felt like they were the secondary characters.There's much potential in this story. The details just seem to be a bit lacking.

  • Nicole Rogers
    2019-01-13 00:11

    Absolutely a 5 star read!!! This book offers you a little bit of everything. You get that hot alpha men, drama, romance and lots of laughs. Rachel is a self proclaimed boring architect and likes her life neat and tidy. Her best friend Cameron is the complete opposite. Cameron is trying like crazy to get Rachel to step out of her bubble and convinces her to attend a concert. While there Rachel does things she never thought she would do and comes into contact with the lead singer of the band Jaydon Hawke. From that moment on this book just gets better and better.Hawke is instantly taken with Rachel but knows he has a fine line to walk but has to get what he needs from Rachel. Rachel has huge issues with trust and somewhat I would say low self esteem. Luckily for Hawke, Cameron wants Rachel to live life again. While Hawke is fighting for Rachel, Max who is Hawkes “head of Security” and Cameron are constantly butting heads. Their crazy banter will have you chuckling throughout the whole book.As Rachel lets down her guard with Hawke the crazed person has thief sights set on harming Rachel. With all the drama going on around them they are still trying to negotiate a relationship. Unfortunately things aren’t always what they seem and neither are people. I highly recommend this book, there are a few steamy scenes, some half naked firemen, gunshots, and sweet romance in the mix. This book is currently free, please keep in mind I can not guarantee if it will remain free. I can tell you even if it is not you still have got to read this book!