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How to meditate-a concise, pocket-size guide that tells you everything you need to know, from the best-selling author of The Buddha Walks into a Bar... This is the ultimate go-to guide for learning how to meditate. It contains all the instructions youll need to get started in a remarkably short space, but it also shows you how to make meditation practice a permanent part oHow to meditate-a concise, pocket-size guide that tells you everything you need to know, from the best-selling author of The Buddha Walks into a Bar... This is the ultimate go-to guide for learning how to meditate. It contains all the instructions youll need to get started in a remarkably short space, but it also shows you how to make meditation practice a permanent part of your life, infusing it with wisdom and compassion as you go about your day. And its instruction in the voice of the meditation teacher the young spiritual-but-not-religious crowd have come to trust Lodro Rinzler, a young Buddhist teacher who speaks to the twenty- and thirty-something crowd in a way that has made his first book, The Buddha Walks into a Bar..., a best seller. Lodro begins by challening you to understand why you want to meditate in the first place, then, after the basic instructions, he shows how to prioritize your practice among your other daily activities and make it the center of all of them. He then shows you how to bring the wisdom and insight gained from meditation into all aspects of life....

Title : Sit Like a Buddha: A Pocket Guide to Meditation
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ISBN : 9781611801651
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 128 Pages
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Sit Like a Buddha: A Pocket Guide to Meditation Reviews

  • John
    2018-11-07 11:03

    Excellent, practical, inspiring book. If you are intellectually aware of the benefits of meditation, but have not quite managed to make it a daily, useful practice (like myself) this book is probably the right medicine to nudge you to get going. 90 page, easy read.Finished the book, now I plan to give it a serious try:1. Just 10 minutes per day2. In the morning3. In my house before leaving for the day4. First do 11 days in a row, then try for everyday habitJust focus on your breath..your mind will's ok..bring your focus back to your breath. Calm. Gentle. 10 minutes. Have a goal with your meditation practice - like trying to avoid snap amygdala hijacks and going nuts over misbehaving children, or getting angry and emotional over other daily obstacles which life does and always will throw at you. The idea, the that at some point this sense of calm and control over your tireless mind activity while on the meditation mat, can and will transfer over from the mat to your daily activities - making you a kinder, calmer, more compassionate person.

  • Bálint
    2018-11-06 08:59

    Short and comprehensive guide, although with a lot of clichés. It was recommended to me in order to help me start meditating, but honestly, I don't feel the drive just yet.

  • Alison
    2018-11-21 06:21

    Very helpful !

  • Ruthie Jones
    2018-11-08 06:23

    Even with all its shortness, this book packs a powerful punch. I've always been intrigued by the art of meditation, but I sometimes feel it's beyond me. I'm a laid-back person to begin with, but I'm not always mindful of the present, the here and now. I often allow life to get in the way of life.With this introductory guide to a calm-abiding meditation called shamatha, Rinzler presents simple, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-do instructions to get you started on this meditation journey. I'm in!With this book as a starting point, I want to develop the daily meditation habit of becoming mindful of my breathing, grounding me in the present and spilling over into my everyday life. I believe this daily habit will guide me to use my time more wisely and more productively.This guide gives me hope that I can accomplish this goal because Rinzler's writing and presentation isn't lofty or ridiculously complex. Rinzler instructs and encourages and gives some resources to continue the journey.One paradox I can't help but ponder after reading this little book is reading. I love to read; however, by the very act of reading, I'm transported out of my present into other lives, other times, other worlds. Can I appreciate this out-of-present experience and still be mindful of the present? I'm pretty sure I can.***"We have the Internet and with it infinite possibilities of what we could be doing instead of what we're doing now."

  • Dolores
    2018-11-01 06:14

    I've been interested in yoga and meditation for a long time, although I wasn't sure I could rein in my thoughts long enough to do it. I've been stressed out in the last few years by my husband's health problems and thought meditation might help me cope. But I didn't want to undertake some heavy and involved studying.This little guide contains all the information needed to get started and it is written simply and encouragingly. It is not demanding and can sit on a cushion or on the floor, or even on a chair. You can choose how to set up a meditation area and you can opt for keeping your eyes open or closed.The author, Lodro Rinzler, has a personal website with additional resources and I have bookmarked that. I'm interested in reading his other books too. "Sit Like A Buddha" was received by me through Goodreads First Reads at no charge.

  • Emily
    2018-11-15 05:17

    I'm giving away a copy of Sit Like a Buddha on my blog, enter here: little book is under 100 pages: simple and concise. Meditation is not a complex idea or practice, it’s exactly the opposite, so it’s appropriate that a guide to it not be a giant tome. His approach is simple and helpful: he starts by having us think about why we want to start a meditation practice, then he shares the basics of meditation technique, discusses the common obstacles that come up when we start sitting and how to overcome them, and then (most importantly in my opinion) shares his views about how meditation helps us off the meditation cushion – in our every day lives.

  • Karen
    2018-11-13 07:16

    This is an excellent book for folks beginning a meditation practice or those wanting support for their existing practice. Lodro Rinzler has a wonderful approach to making meditation accessible, describing how to get started and reinforce it as a healthy activity. He also describes the types of things one might experience during meditation, and how to put them into perspective. I highly recommend this audiobook. It's narrated by the author and truly feels like Mr. Rinzler is providing supportive, side-by-side coaching.

  • Alexandra
    2018-11-11 12:11

    I've read several books on Meditation and I found this to be one of the simplest, most to the point and basic (in a good way). And Lodro's voice is really relatable to modern, young meditators but doesn't try too hard to be "hip" or "edgy." It makes the benefits of meditation clear, without trying to define for you why you should meditate. And it is quick about getting you on the mat. I really can't recommend it enough for new meditators or for people like me who have some experience, but are looking for a refresher and a reminder.

  • Ross Cohen
    2018-10-26 04:19

    Unadorned and conversational, "Sit Like a Buddha" is a great meditation guide for folks who would like to learn some Buddhist discipline without having to buy into Buddhist spirituality.

  • André Bueno
    2018-10-23 09:56

    I really loved this book. The ideas were so simple to follow and the author did a phenomenal job in explaining the ins and outs of meditation.

  • Sara
    2018-10-30 06:03

    A quick read about meditation, I like Rinzler's funny, entertaining, simple approach to the subject. Of the ten super short chapters, 1-8 were great and are highly recommended. Chapter 9 however then suddenly switched from a neutral, meditation-is-for-everyone approach to a super heavy handed 'why you need to be a buddhist, how to be a buddhist, and why you need to find your spiritual guru' reading, which was hard to swallow. I always want to believe that meditation can be of value regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, but clearly, in the end, this book was a how-to-meditate-to-become-a-buddhist book. Bummer. But if you pretend only chapters 1-8 exist, it is great. Or I suppose if you actually want to become a buddhist, then the whole book is for you.

  • Samantha Sault
    2018-11-12 04:06

    A helpful, light, and easy-to-digest companion to your meditation practice. I found it particularly helpful to read after a few months of practicing TM, just skip the chapter on "how to meditate" - but otherwise provides excellent tips and motivation when meditation gets tough.

  • Anthony
    2018-11-16 07:10

    This is one of the worst written books I've ever read! There is nothing wrong with the content, it is short and informative about meditation. The voice of the author was just awful.Almost unbearable. I was able to finish it because it's so short. The funny thing is I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I found the voice of the author so unpleasant. It's very bad writing, but in a very subtle way. the best thing I can compare this author's voice to is that old Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smalley— So P.C. it's humorous, weirdly neutered, going for deep but total fluff, jarringly inauthentic in a hard to put yr, finger on way, slightly creepy, and just off. I'm sure the fellow knows how to meditate just fine, but I wish he would not write. Again, it's hard to explain what's off with the tone, but it was terrible. Remember having a teacher or coach or youth leader who tried way too hard to seem cool? That's this guy. He makes a joke about how it's hard to meditate because your mind wanders to thinking about sex and dating, about once every 3 pages. It gets old. So glad to be finished with this book, I honestly can't think of the last time I viscerally disliked an author so much. There must be better books on meditation out there, foolishly I grabbed this one from the store first because it was short.

  • Zach Freeman
    2018-10-24 06:14

    I don't meditate but it has always seemed like a good idea. This book breaks it down very simply but without feeling too esoteric or philosophical. It's essentially a perfect guide to someone with interest who is maybe unsure what meditation really IS but wants to try it out. Hoping this will help me get into it.

  • Nick
    2018-11-10 09:07

    I took this book along to read on a long airplane ride, and it came in handy right away. My wife and I checked in late, and didn't get seats together. Usually, nice people will swap, since it's only a row or two, and allow you to sit with your spouse. Unfortunately, the woman sitting next to my wife was with the people across the aisle, so no help there. Understandable. But the woman next to me was simply grumpy and refused to move even though there was no essential difference in the two seats, a couple of rows apart, both windows. So I said goodbye to my wife for the duration of the long flight and settled in with Sit Like a Buddha. It's a simple little classic that has all the basics of meditation: sit, breathe, don't judge. Allow your emotions to come and go. I had plenty of practice as I fumed about the crankiness of the woman next to me. Gradually, the smoke stopped seeping out of my ears and I calmed down. Soon I was smiling beatifically and thinking about -- well, nothing, actually. My breath. The roar of the airplane. The airplane seat's monumental uncomfortableness. Thanks, Buddha!

  • Adom
    2018-11-11 06:18

    This book is short and to the point, and full of clear and actionable recommendations for how practically to go about getting into a serious meditative practice and what sorts of mindsets and thought patterns will be useful along the way.After reading, I know what steps to take in order to polish up my medition practice, which has been a bit ad-hoc so far. If nothing else, the book has me finally (finally!) starting to seriously focus on the breath. The book also convinced me to try to be a bit more consistent with my practice, and possibly to set up a dedicated meditation spot.Beyond these practical issues, the book inspired me to be more intentional in my life generally (and provided me with a useful tool for doing so), and served as my first successful exposure to the ideal of gentleness, which is resonated well with my desire to cultivate empathy and to find the least disruptive and conflict driven modes of doing good (possibly more to come on this).

  • Molly
    2018-11-14 10:19

    This book is true to its title: an excellent pocket guide to meditation, rooted in the Shambhala tradition. I got it for friends as a Christmas gift and fortunately was able to read it myself before having to give it away (yes, I do that...). Whether you're a seasoned meditator or just starting - this book will guide you in beginning your practice and becoming a more dharmic person (read on to understand what that means!).

  • Augustus
    2018-11-06 08:07

    Book for overall good and short read, I think subtitle is misguiding one because the only one-tenth of the book is really about meditation, and the rest is about spiritual qualities (i.e How to be a Dharmic Person). If someone is seriously interested in Meditation and Contemplative Practices, then I recommended to choose another book other than it.

  • Dunkelheit
    2018-10-22 11:23

    A very easy-to-read book. No abstract terms, no mystical chinese techniques. Why do we try to complicate simple things? Meditation is just to be sit and focused on your breaths. Zillions of thoughts will come through your mind, for sure...just keep sit and come back to your breath.Simple advices, easy to follow, and easy to implement. The difficult part comes with the practice. Just keep sit!

  • Jessica
    2018-11-11 08:20

    Highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to get into meditation! Especially if you have no clue what you're doing. Or even if you do. This book is super helpful for your journey. :)

  • El
    2018-10-26 09:14

    A primer on the meditation practice.I'd recommend this to anyone interested in taking up the practice, or, are curious about it. Mr.Rinzler does a great job in explaining the posture, the breath, and a little bit of the life style. He writes well, and doesn't come off as someone who is preaching. It's a short read, and definitely recommended.

  • Bob Mcdonald
    2018-11-21 11:24

    I have read 3 out of lodro's 4 books so far but this is the one that has changed my life the most! I am on day 20 of my journey but the past 20 days I have learned more about myself and my mind, and learned to like who I am when I am just myself. If you want to take that journey this is the guide book that gives you the path but not the whole map!

  • Neil Gaudet
    2018-10-22 06:18

    This wasn't exactly what I was expecting and I'm glad for it. The most approachable and enjoyable book I've ever read on meditation. If you're just curious and wan a quick, easy, friendly start to mediation this is your guide.

  • John
    2018-10-25 09:20

    Makes meditation accessible and funI've read a few books on meditation and this one was the least formal and most accessible treatment on the topic. Looking forward to starting my practice with the actionable advice in this book.

  • Brian
    2018-11-18 08:20

    Five stars for a clear, concise, and basic introduction to meditation. The book is what it says, and that's all you can ask from it. Rinzler was funny at times, too. He knows how to make a reader smile and relax.

  • Ben
    2018-10-31 09:06

    brilliant book written in an honest, funny and caring way.the book is full of great insights despite being ,90 pages long.everyone would benefit from reading this book, even if you didn't take up meditating.

  • Allen
    2018-10-28 12:06

    Great book for beginners looking to understand more about mediation. Author gives great examples overcoming obstacles during mediation sessions. Bottom line is to continue and trust the process. You will reap the benefits.

  • Steven Elliott
    2018-11-20 10:13

    A pure delight of a read! Lodro Rinzler tells a straight forward discussion on how to meditate and does so with humour and compassion. An absolute must for anyone wanting to start their meditation practice! P.S. If you can read any of his books on Buddhism, you will not be disappointed.

  • Frank
    2018-10-22 05:16

    A solid introduction to meditation. Easily read in a weekend and returned to as needed.

  • Cindy
    2018-11-02 08:11

    It's probably cheating to include this because it was so short. Good info about how to start up a practice of meditation for those inclined to do so.