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Can the love of an honourable man save her from the memory of a desolate marriage?From the battlefield of Waterloo to the drawing rooms of Brantstone Hall, Sebastian Alder’s elevation from penniless army captain to Viscount Somerton is the stuff of dreams. But the cold reality of an inherited estate in wretched condition, and the suspicious circumstances surrounding his coCan the love of an honourable man save her from the memory of a desolate marriage?From the battlefield of Waterloo to the drawing rooms of Brantstone Hall, Sebastian Alder’s elevation from penniless army captain to Viscount Somerton is the stuff of dreams. But the cold reality of an inherited estate in wretched condition, and the suspicious circumstances surrounding his cousin’s death, provide Sebastian with no time for dreams — only a mystery to solve and a murderer to bring to justice. Isabel, widow of the late Lord Somerton, is desperate to bury the memory of her unhappy marriage by founding the charity school she has always dreamed of. Except, her dreams are soon shattered from beyond the grave when she is not only left penniless, but once more bound to the whims of a Somerton. But this Somerton is unlike any man she has met. Can the love of an honourable man heal her broken heart or will suspicion tear them apart?...

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Lord Somerton's Heir Reviews

  • Phrynne
    2018-11-15 02:28

    Alison Stuart is well on her way to becoming one of my favourite authors! She had me with this book from page one as soon as I realised it was set in the Regency period. I seriously love Georgette Heyer and this read just like one of her books (except for the scene where they go a little further than kissing and we know Miss Heyer's characters never went further than kissing). Sebastian and Isobel made a lovely couple, the goodies were all very good, the baddies were very bad and got their just desserts . All very satisfying and written in a very readable style. A real pleasure to read.

  • Brenda
    2018-11-17 19:30

    When Lady Isabel Somerton was summonsed with the dreadful news that her husband was dead, killed when thrown from his horse, her thoughts were in turmoil. What was she to do now that she was a widow? Learning of a cousin to her late husband, she set about finding him – near death in a hospital from wounds he received in the battle of Waterloo, she had him removed and placed where he would be cared for in a more suitable and caring manner. As the weeks passed, Sebastian Alder came to realize that Isabel had saved his life, and also that his life had taken an unexpected turn – it seemed he was now heir to Brantstone Hall and all that it encompassed. Unable to believe his good fortune, he was further astounded to find he had a family he knew nothing about. His sister Connie and brother Matt had been his only family for as long as he could remember…But as Sebastian was to discover, the estate he had inherited had many debts – his cousin, the previous Lord Somerton, had deep, dark secrets and slowly but surely these were coming to the surface. With the help of the man who had controlled the finances and been by the original Lord Somerton’s side, Sebastian was coming to a realization that he needed to do something, and do it quickly. Those past secrets were beginning to unravel – there was danger – someone didn’t want the past uncovered; was there a murderer out there who wouldn’t hesitate to strike again?As Sebastian found himself moving from gratitude and friendship with Isabel to something he hadn’t let himself feel in many years, he knew he had to tread carefully. And Isabel knew Sebastian was a completely different person to the man her husband had been – could she trust this man with her feelings and her future? I absolutely loved this historical fiction novel by Aussie author Alison Stuart. She is an accomplished writer, one I have read before and have no hesitation in reading again. Highly recommended.

  • Carolyn
    2018-10-22 19:16

    There is nothing I enjoy more than a murder mystery encased in a historical backdrop and this Regency period drama is delightful. What more could you need for the perfect time out from this world than a handsome hero wounded at Waterloo waking in hospital to discover he is the heir to the recently deceased Lord Somerton, a beautiful mourning widow, an evil blackmailer, a murder or two, a kidnapping and a mad chase across the countryside with a little romance thrown in for good measure? Alison Stuart delivers all this and more. With a delightful cast of extras, she brings to life the times of Regency England with its manners of polite society, lavish balls and lifestyle but also the extreme poverty of the lower classes and the struggle of the landed gentry to keep up with the costs of running a large estate. Most enjoyable!

  • Roz ~ My Written Romance
    2018-11-03 02:17

    You can read my other reviews at My Written Romance.I was provided with an ARC of this book by Escape Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I remember, while reading another of Alison Stuart’s books earlier this year, being struck by how easy it was to imagine the words on the page leaping out at you like images on a movie screen.When I opened Lord Somerton’s Heir on my Kindle and saw this in the opening paragraph, I knew that this would be another absorbing read:In the light of the lanterns held up by the stablehands, the glossy hide of the great, black horse reflected fire. The animal shivered, breaking the fire into golden sparks. … Fantastic opening few lines, hey? It’s not just the detail that I enjoyed about Lord Somerton’s Heir. The emotion, the suspense and the connection between Isabel & Sebastian all joined it and came together to create a truly enjoyable story.Isabel, Lady Somerton, is another wonderfully strong Stuart heroine – giving of herself and her time, and wanting to make the best of where she has landed in life. I loved that despite the sadness of her past and potential future roadblocks, she doesn’t lose sight of what she wants to achieve. Sebastian’s life is thrown into upheaval, all of a sudden transformed from the soldier son of a small town minister to a position high in Regency society. I loved his sense of honour, and that he sought to maintain the relationships he had with his siblings.These two were so beautifully suited, and throughout the bumps and twists of the story, I often found myself willing them along to their richly-deserved happy ending.Another highlight for me with Lord Somerton’s Heir were the characters on the periphery. They helped to create a vivid and strong story. With regard to the suspense element of the story, this was so very well done. There were a few moments where I thought I had things figured out, but then suddenly suspicion would be directed elsewhere.As I understand, the move to Regency romantic suspense is a new one for Ms Stuart – and I have to say, it is an excellent move on her part. I’m very much looking forward to more.

  • Lynxie
    2018-11-17 21:02

    Lord Somerton's Heir is a distinctly deceitful historical romance piece. The splendor and opulence of the balls and propriety from the 1800s abounded and danced alluringly with the grit of wartime soldiers. Sebastian Alder, a soldier, wounded in numerous ways, plays the male lead, alongside Isabel Somerton, the late Lord Somerton's widow.There is a raft of supporting characters, ranging from Sebastian's siblings, to best friends and war-time buddies, to young stable hands. They create a delightful supporting cast to the romantic dance Isabel and Sebastian take together.The plot progressed slowly, twists and turns abound, some obvious and others not. The mystery and intrigue within this tale was masterfully weaved into larger and smaller plot and character arcs, and added additional layers of complexity to an otherwise tried-and-true historical romance plot.An enjoyable romp through the 1800s, Lord Somerton's Heir will take readers on just as much of a journey as Sebastian and Isabel take.

  • Anita
    2018-10-22 01:01

    Whenever I pick up an Alison Stuart novel I know I am going to love her hero and admire her heroine, and this novel did not disappoint. In this, her latest work, the author moves into the Regency era where England is still reeling from the Napoleonic wars and so many men were irrevocably damaged by their experiences. Sebastian Alder is one of these, badly injured at Waterloo, with a tragic history, I fell for him the second he shrugged off Isabel, Lady Somerton’s shake of his shoulder and gruffly demanded who she was. Sebastian is the unwitting, and at first unwilling heir to the Somerton estate, that of Isabel’s late husband. Sebastian has to break it to this self-contained woman reluctant to display any emotion, that her husband has left her penniless and him the master of a ruined estate.Not a good start to a romance, but Miss Stuart’s Sebastian Alder is an absolute gem and a hero to fall for. Although Isabel is not strictly his responsibility, the valiant soldier cannot abandon her, nor the two cuckoos in the nest that come with Brantstone, his country estate. When blackmail, murder and other dark secrets emerge and affect their present, the situation goes from bad to worse for Sebastian, the slightly naïve soldier, and Isabel, an emotionally damaged widow determined to walk away from a life that brought her only unhappiness.A character driven story, this is a real page turner that delves into the darker areas of human nature and tests the mettle of the players. It may be a well-used formula, but an effective one which takes the reader on a roller coaster journey with a very satisfactory ending. I look forward to more in the same genre from Alison Stuart.

  • C.A. Clark
    2018-11-18 01:15

    I really appreciated the consistency of Ms Stuart's Regency setting and markers. The story is pacy and the characters are likeable while the storyline holds together well. I like that her female protagonist is not a total wall flower even in the restrictive hothouse of the era in which she is constrained. I appreciated the realism of the potential outcomes for her character especially when dealing with scandalous and taboo subjects.From a harsh and difficult relationship to love and forgiveness, this story is a delightful romance.

  • Julie
    2018-10-23 22:07

    Lord Somerton's Heir by Alison Stuart is a 2014 Escape Publishing release. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Sebastian goes through some pretty heavy duty life changes and events in a short period of time. First of all he is wounded in the war at Waterloo. He will most likely always walk with a limp. While burning with a fever, he is discovered by the Dowager Lady Somerton and from that moment on his life will never be the same. Shocking revelations about his heritage will thrust Sebastian into the role of being the new Lord Somerton. He believes his fortune has changed but soon discovers things are not as they appear.Isabel is still in mourning for her child who apparently passed away from SIDS. The death of her husband Anthony has given her the hope of freeing herself from the Somerton duties so she can open her own school for girls. So, finding Anthony's heir is a must. As soon as she finds Sebastian she takes him to his new home and begins to nurse him back to health. The sooner he heals and adjust to his new title and responsibilities, the sooner she can escape and begin her independent life. Alas, things don't work out quite as planned for Sebastian or Isabel. It appears that Anthony squandered all of Isabel's money which ruins her plans for the school. To put the cherry on the cake it becomes evident that Anthony did not die from an accident after all. It seems he was murdered and Isabel is the only likely suspect.This story got off to a really slow start for me. The first half of the book dragged along as Sebastian recovers from his wound, meets relatives he didn't know he had, and begins to realize the estate is in debt and he learns of Isabel's cold and loveless upbringing and he discerns her marriage to Anthony was one of duty and love was not a part of the partnership. It wasn't until nearly half way into the book the plot picked up steam. This is where the murder mystery really starts to become intriguing. Many stunning revelations will come to light as Isabel will learn things about Anthony she didn't know. While there is romance, I think the book was more along the lines of historical fiction/mystery. If you go into it knowing that upfront you will like this story a lot. If you are expecting a lot romantic angst and steamy sheet twisting, that doesn't happen in this one. In fact the romance was really low key. However, the mystery part of the story makes up for that and I was really into the second half of the book. There were lots of twist and turns in the murder plot and I also liked the super sweet and sentimental ending of the book. Overall this is good effort and the author shows a lot of promise. I 'm giving this on a 3.5 and rounding it up to four mainly because I love a good historical mystery.

  • Maria
    2018-11-09 01:09

    A stunning Regency romance from the enormously talented Alison Stuart, who has the ability to spin historical stories which will draw in a reader who will simply never wish to return. LORD SOMERTON’S HEIR is an ESCAPE publication.There are some secrets which we will carry to our grave. Isabel, Lady Somerton, doesn’t intend to ever share the truth about her unhappy marriage with anyone. She will take her small inheritance, move to the dower house and set up a school for young girls, spending the rest of her existence doing philanthropic works. But will her dream be realized? Or will her late, unlamented husband manage to ruin her dreams of a simple, worthwhile life, even from beyond the grave?Wounded at Waterloo, Sebastian Alder is stunned to learn that he is the new Lord Somerton. The memory of the dreadful events he’s witnessed on the battlefield haunt him, as does the memory of his lost love. But he has no time to grieve. His Somerton inheritance is mostly debt. The late Lord Somerton’s life was a shambles of unpaid bills and useless relatives hanging on and draining his estate. Then there is the question of Lord Somerton’s beautiful widow. How can Sebastian shatter her dreams tell her that her late husband simply squandered her inheritance in useless living?A beautifully told story set in a bygone age where life – for some at least – was more leisurely and unhurried, this will certainly please readers of historical romance, particularly Regency romance. And anyone wishing to try out historicals, Regency or otherwise, would be well advised to start with Alison Stuart. She’s a magical storyteller.

  • Helen
    2018-10-20 21:04

    I loved this story it is emotional and moving as Lady Somerton tries to locate the Heir to Somerton after the death of her husband Isabel has not had a great life in her marriage to Anthony and now she will be free to start her school. Sebastian Adler is a soldier from a little town when he is injured at Waterloo and found by Isabel and told he is now Lord Somerton many things change in his life. With blackmail murder secrets and a growing love between Isabel and Sebastian this story will have you falling into it Sebastian is such an honourable and caring man he has been through a lot in his army life and is also a widow losing his wife in a terrible way but can they make it to a HEA with suspicion and broken hearts and truths learned. The characters in this story are so strong and rich and they add a lot to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this one from start to finish Sebastion is a hero to die for and Isabel is strong and caring thank you MS Stuart for hours of reading pleasure don't miss this one.

  • WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker
    2018-11-10 18:11

    Received from publisher via NetGalley for an honest review"In the light of the lanterns held up by the stable hands, the glossy hide of the great, black horse reflected by fire." This was the first sentence and what followed was a just as lushly, rolling gentle written read. Lord Somerton's Heir is a male Cinderella story with a touch of mystery. Sebastian is a soldier who fought and was injured in Waterloo. While suffering from a bullet wound and fever he is visited by a woman calling herself the Dowager Lady Somerton and stating he is the new Lord Somerton. While at first it seems like a stroke of good fortune, Sebastian soon discovers a mountain of debt, hanger on cousins, and a murder mystery are also part of the inheritance. Isabel, Dowager Lady Somerton, is the heroine of the story and I found her to be the more stronger written character of the two. She appears cold and rigid at first but as the story goes on it is revealed the brick wall exterior is built from a horrible childhood, death of a child, and a lack of a relationship between her and her husband. She is very easy to sympathize with and as you read on you'll be wishing for her to get her happy ending. Sebastian, I felt, was more weakly written than Isabel. His humble beginnings are discussed, military service, and the traumatic death of his wife but he lacked the depth Isabel had. He always make the right decision, has a heart of gold, and I'm sure in his free time rescues puppies and babies. It started to feel very overdone. The romance between the two is a very slow burn. They start off as strangers, move to friends, and at the very end of the book develop their romantic relationship. Their interactions are soft and gentle. There are really only two bedroom scenes and both were fairly short. I could see this book falling under the term of women's fiction. The murder mystery story arc was intriguing and will keep you guessing. I do however, think the separate house maid murder and gold mine scam tangent should have been cut; it wasn't necessary and cluttered the story.This is not a book that is going to elicit strong feelings, rather a chicken noodle soup comfort read. I suggest finding a babbling brook, laying down a blanket, and settling in for a nice read.

  • Love Reading Romance
    2018-11-02 23:09

    Isabel's husband has died, but before she can move on with her life she must find his heir. The new Lord Somerton, Sebastian Alder, is a soldier with no knowledge of how to be a Viscount, but he soon takes on the responsibilities of his new life. With the help of Isabel, he settles into his role, but she is not his only responsibility and it soon becomes clear that not all is as it seems at his new home, Brantstone Hall.Isabel is a little hard to pin down as a character to begin with. She is determined, but very reserved. Though it soon becomes clear that this is a result of her past traumas. Rather than being devastated by the death of her husband, she is more traumatised by their loveless marriage and most particularly the loss of her child. I found this aspect of the story really heart breaking.Sebastian is no stranger to loss either. His wife was brutally murdered in Spain and he found the body - an event which is mentioned in horrifying detail, and had him questioning the meaning of life and his religion. Needless to say, between the traumas of both Isabel and Sebastian, there is a lot of sadness in this novel. While our hero and heroine are able to find happiness and comfort in each other, it is worth noting that this is a romance to read when you're looking for a heartfelt but serious story, rather than a light pick-me-up.There is also a strong mystery plot in this novel, which winds into the romance as Sebastian finds himself questioning Isabel's role in the murders which he uncovers at Brantstone Hall. Our heroine, however, is as much a victim of these crimes as those murdered, and Sebastian must solve the mystery and save the day if Isabel and he are to find happiness.Given the circumstances, and their past traumas, Isabel and Sebastian do not get together until quite near the end of the novel, so there's not that much sexy time to be had in Lord Somerton’s Heir, but despite this they have great chemistry and develop an actual friendship, which I really enjoyed.Lord Somerton’s Heir is a heartfelt historical romance, which combines heartbreak and mystery, with friendship and just enough seduction.---More reviews at:

  • Miriam
    2018-10-20 20:22

    ***Received from publisher via NetGalley for an honest review*** After reading the blurb, I thought this would be a Cinderella type Regency romance that explores the ins and outs of London society with a newly discovered heir/heiress as the lead. It was…but not really. While this does have that theme, there’s so much more to this story than that.It’s about Isabel and Sebastian. She is a neglected Viscountess who, on the heels of her husband’s death and displaying very little despair over it, finds and brings to Branstone House the new Lord Somerton, Sebastian Alder. He is the stepson of a reverend from a small village, an English Captain who lost his wife to the French, and has no idea who the Somertons are as he has no memory of his real father. She is struggling to move toward fulfilling her dream but the memory of her unhappy marriage haunts her. He appears to fit right into his new role but there are secrets that come with it, secrets that do not want to be brought to light.I loved reading about Sebastian and Isabel. The attraction and romance between them developed throughout the entire story and it was beautiful to watch because it felt natural. Every part of their relationship, going from being strangers to acquaintances, from friends to wanting to be more than friends, and eventually to lovers. By the way, Ms. Stuart, thank you so, so much for writing their lovemaking toward the end of the story instead of before. Reading it then was so worth the wait!To be honest, the suspense is what kept me reading. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted Sebastian and Isabel to have their happy ending, but I was more interested in peeling back the multiple layers of mystery surrounding the Somerton name and house. Finding out the answers one at a time, that there was so much more than meets the eye, is what compelled me to keep turning the page.This is a well-paced, detail oriented novel that might be slow for some but was perfect for me. I’ve not read anything by Ms. Stuart before, but I guarantee this won’t be the last and I’ll be looking for whatever she writes next.

  • Sara
    2018-10-21 22:18

    This is the Regency romance you read when you want something a bit different because it also brings you a nice, but not too scary murder mystery. Yes, it gets a bit hairy at the end (no spoilers) but you know it will end with all being well because it's an Alison Stuart and that's the deal she always offers you. This is absolutely not the sort of murder novel that makes you scared to be home alone! I gave those up years ago. I read Lord Somerton's Heir in almost in one sitting because it was so enjoyable. A real world, with people who feel real and who behave in a real way, despite terrible trauma in their past (and boy do they have TERRIBLE trauma in their past) and a great story. If you want a well written Regency romance that is not run of the mill because it has a little bit extra then this is for you. It definitely was it for me.

  • Sandra R
    2018-11-16 02:09

    A very interesting, easy to read, dramatic and involved romance with a mystery of a murder (or two)weaving throughout the plot. I really enjoyed the last few chapters. Excellent writing and I adored the 'realness' of this story set after Waterloo. The romance was slow burn and fit in with the 1800s theme. I also thought the Historical details were well done and researched - it felt like you were right there within that time period, from the setting and the speech, to the way people behaved. Great job and I recommend this book.

  • Chris Kelly
    2018-11-19 22:30

    My Georgette Heyer hit.

  • ksstannard
    2018-11-17 02:19

    Nice twists in this taleNicely plotted tale of romance with a mystery. Strong characters we hope to meet in future stories. Happy endings are good endings.

  • Patty McKenna Van Hulle
    2018-11-13 21:21

    A story of the UNEXPECTED that will take all of my romance peeps on a rollercoaster ride of intrigue & also healing 2 broken heartsSebastian Alder was raised as a eldest son to a parsons & had a loving home with his brother & then his mom died after given birth to his sister. He joined up the army, work hard to became a Captain & after his father died all of his money went home to support his brother & sister. Sebastian did meet his beloved Inez in Portugal, married her & as she traveled to join him, her carriage was overtaken by the French. Poor Sebastian found her raped, beaten & bloody body & became a shell of a man, until his was wounded at Waterloo & shipped back to England.Lady Isabel is finally widow after her faithless hubby, Anthony, fell from his horse, coming back from his mistress' home, & broke his neck. After a loveless marriage, she can almost taste her freedom, but first she must find her hubby's heir, the new Lord Somerton. Isabel finds him in a filthy & unclean makeshift hospital in London at deathly door, explains that he is the new Lord Somerton & takes him back to his huge London townhouse to heal.Why is this crazy Lady telling him he is a Viscount, when his dad was a parsons? Sebastian is so feverish he tells his batman Bennett to follow, so at least he can die out of the filth. Isabel & Bennett work together to heal his body & she tells him the story that his mom was married to the Uncle of the deceased hubby, so he is the next Viscount & has a Grandma, aunts & many cousin to meet. Sebastian is shocked, but happy to have an inheritance to support his brother & sister. Soon he learns that the inheritance is debt, Isabel's widow portion was stolen by her worm of a husband & he must go to his estate, Brantstone Hall, take up the reins of his title. What awaits Sebastian at the Hall are free loading "not his" cousins, lazy Freddy & seductress Fanny, a huge staff, horses galore, & massive bills stacking on his new desk. Awaiting his brother & sister's arrival, he learns all things peerish, is dazzled by Lady Isabel grace, learns every single servants' name, discover not 1 but 2 mysterious deaths, uncovers blackmail & both Isabel & Sebastian's loneliness pulls them together like magnets. Theses 2 get some help from loyal valet-in-training Bennett, his brother & sister & absolutely no help from useless Freddy, always flirting Fanny, Anthony's old mistress, welcomed old friends & all gather for the most welcome & costly ball to introduce the new Lord Somerton. Can Sebastian discover if the mysterious deaths are actual murders? Will Isabel & Sebastian resist the magically & powerful force that is drawing them together? Can 2 lost souls heals 1 another hearts? Does Sebastian finally get rid of his free loading houseguests, Freddy & Fanny? But most importantly, PRETTY PLEASE, can I challenge Freddy to a duel for cheating at cards & give Fanny a broom & feather duster?This is my 1st Alison Stuart romance read, but not my last. Isabel was a typical heiress married out to money starved peer, but tragedy broke her world in half & that made her flawed heroine that I loved. Sebastian was not a typical anything, but lived his whole life for others & never himself, but he did want 1 thing just for him, Isabel. Ms. Stuart can weave a tale with crazy twists, sharp turns, shadowing evil & then down a lane that gave me chills. Now all romances, in my humble opinion, need pantie dropping scenes that make my Kindle spark. I got to Chapter 26 & realized so far only 1 kiss was exchange, but I didn't ever notice with all the suspense & that rarely happens to me & that takes a talented writer! Ms. Stuart did slightly singed a seaside cottage (parts of the cottage follow them) with Isabel & Sebastian's night of tangle sheets. Lots of intrigue, evil doers galore, blackmail & many other surprises awaiting the next reader & I highly recommend this to all my romance peeps, who love a story that take you to UNEXPECTED places. I give Ms. Stuart a score of 4 fingers up & 7 toes for this rollercoaster romance ride.NetGalley ARC given for my honest review.

  • Katie Kofemug
    2018-10-19 22:06

    I absolutely enjoyed Lord Somerton's Heir. In this romantic mystery, Sebastian Alder survived Waterloo, barely. As he recovers, a woman appears to inform him that now, he is Lord Somerton. Removed to better chambers and an increased hope of actual recovery, he finds the legacy a great deal more trouble than it seemed to be worth."The Somerton inheritance was a tainted privilege. In some ways he was no better off than he would have been if he had remained a penniless officer of the line on half pay. At least then he only had his siblings and himself to worry about. Now he had a household and an estate, all claiming pennies from a purse that looked decidedly the worse for wear.... Where had it all gone and how, in God’s name, was he expected to restore the family fortunes?He had thought the matter through in the tedious hours in the coach and decided that if he thought of the task ahead as being akin to a sudden promotion to Colonel of a regiment, it did not seem so daunting." Sebastian meets the new family, assumes his new responsibility and intends to make provisions for his brother and sister. As soon as he untangles the financial mess Anthony Kingsley left behind. There are hanger's on, wise granny, an aunt and dozens of cousins, plus tenants, retainers and servants to assess and get to know. Always near by, ready to offer assistance or subtle guidance, is Isabel. He sees her wounds, the grief she struggles beneath and that she is trying to reach beyond the sorrows and anger. Through Sebastian's eyes we observe Isabel's healing steps, stumbles and set backs. It was an interesting perspective because generally the socks are on the other foot.This story is slightly Gothic in tone, the writing smooth and gently reflective. There was an old-fashioned pace I really enjoyed. There was no rush of the romance, the story or the ending. The dialog kept you in the period without effort or cliches. Characters were believable, though slowly revealed. Personally I like that but others may find the bits and pieces revelation too old skool. Secondary characters weren't two dimensional though the villains were both over the top once their disguises were stripped away. I was disappointed by the second villain's big reveal. For all the realism it brought to the story, I felt manipulated and a wee bit resentful.I liked Sebastian, his siblings and Isabel. I appreciated how the tragic past was handled as part of the story, not a cudgel to wallow in and create more angst. They were the Ordinary Folks we all think we are until trials come our way and we learn not only is there more to us, but less as well. Confronting their own failings, they have compassion for other's. Mostly, it was absolutely wonderful to read an Awakening Story that wasn't all about the sexual attraction or trumped up conflicts that reduce hero and heroine to argumentative banter based on misunderstandings. They were cautious with each other, kind to themselves even. Taking time, giving support and space as needed, Sebastian and Isabel's story advanced even as the mysteries, debts and confusions mounted to a larger pile.I had a bit of difficulty with the last couple chapters of this book. It tied up "too neatly" for me. I like a bit of conflict left hanging, things to work through together in happily ever after land. In fairness, the financial situation is probably Huge Enough, not to mention the "secret" Sebastian has chosen to keep. I believe that will come back to bite them both in the end. Of course, it could simply be the fact I seldom like epilogues and this one was a bit too sweet for me. That said, I did enjoy 98.7% of the book, the writing style, characterizations, and well-handles story line. Definitely will look for other works by this author. I recommend Lord Somerton's Heir for when you're in a Traditional mood, looking for a meatier story with a gentle romance.~Note I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Originally posted at Romance Reviews Magazine

  • Alex
    2018-11-19 02:11

    The Deal: Isabel, the now widowed Lady Somerton is on a mission: to locate her husband's next of kin and have him installed as the new Lord Somerton, and then finally move on with her life. The last few years she spent married to Somerton were not happy, and Isabel is really looking forward to finally being free.There is one small problem though, the man next in line to inherit the title is Captain Sebastian Alder, who is among the many injured following the battle of Waterloo.Yet, Isabel finds him and brings him back to Somerton, where against the odds he pulls through. Sebastian might not be well equipped to be a Viscount but he's an honorable man and Isabel is happy to see his duty is done. Until a series of events - among them the fact that there is little money left in estate, as Isabel's husband spent it all, including her widow's portion - keep her in Somerton, where things are rarely what they seem; putting her life and her heart at risk.My Thoughts: I enjoyed Lord Somerton's Heir, which was a bit odd for me since for the most part the story played like a mystery and there were plenty of lose ends regarding Isabel's husband and what happened to him; some stuff was easy enough to figure out but a few caught me by surprise, which is always welcome. The romance between Isabel and Sebastian is of the slow-burn kind, as they have both loved and lost before - Isabel married thinking she was pretty in love with her first husband, for example, only to have her dreams dashed as her marriage progressed - and they aren't eager to have that kind of emotional intimacy again. Watching them fall in love was a little odd though, sometimes I felt like there were scenes missing that should have better informed what was going on, plus the pace wasn't great. Early on I had the distinct feeling that Isabel and her husband (whose name, I'm honest, I can't seem to recall) had been married for a couple of years at most... but then it turned out it was close to 10 years in actuality and that threw me too. And there were many things like that, that just pulled me out of the story from time to time. The story is compelling though, even when it goes into "over the top" territory, which it totally does.

  • Krystal
    2018-11-14 19:12

    I was drawn into this story within the first paragraph. The attention to detail was wonderful, immediately capturing the readers attention and drawing them into the world that Ms.Stuart has created. Full of jaw dropping surprises and twists that I never saw coming, Lord Somerton's Heir was more than just a romance, and I found it incredibly hard to put this book down. It was one of those wonderfully written novels that makes you desperate to know what happens next. There was on aspect to the book that really perturbed me however, and that was one of the surprise twists at the end. While it was completely plausible to the story-line, I had the way that with one action lives were altered and friendships destroyed. Unfortunately, I can't say anything more without giving away some major spoilers. Overall, I would definitely recommend Lord Somerton's Heir to lovers of historical and regency romances.

  • Julia
    2018-11-17 19:06

    This was an excellent romance. The plot was really good, the writing was strong, and I loved the way the characters grew together over time. The only thing I felt conflicted over was (view spoiler)[ the decision not to tell Isabel that her baby had been murdered. I understand that she had recently reached a place of acceptance and he didn't want to disturb that, but if I was her I would have wanted to know. (hide spoiler)]I found this book really refreshing and I'm looking forward to reading others by the same author.

  • Suzanne
    2018-11-13 23:15

    Sebastian Alder was a veteran of the Pennisula Wars. At Waterloo his regiment was successful but his wounds were life threatening. Lady Somerton found him in a fetid hospital in London and moved him to Somerton House. She had documents that stated he was the next Viscount Somerton since her husband had died and their child. Sebastian had been raised as a parson's son since his father had died at age 2.

  • Dana
    2018-11-15 20:14

    After the unexpected death of her husband, Lady Somerton must locate the new heir and see to the needs of her husband's estate. She searches far and wide for her husband's long lost cousin, only to find him half dead after battle. Isabel quickly nurses him back to health the their journey begins. She must help this soldier learn to be a leader, no matter how hard it is!

  • Tricia
    2018-10-24 00:31

    Really enjoyed this romance cum murder mystery; the characters were rounded and believable. The author had done her research on the period so there were no glaring anachronisms; the plot twists and turns made it different to many of the usual formulaic stories that seem to be the norm for many authors writing in this genre. I look forward to reading more of her books.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2018-11-11 02:13

    “Lord Somerton’s Heir” is an old-school romance in the way horrible disasters keep befalling the already downtrodden Isabel.Read full review in the 2014 August issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • Jack
    2018-10-22 20:18

    Not so much...This book left a lot to be desired. Seemed very pat story without any humor, or honestly characters that were deep enough to care about.

  • Ann Pearl
    2018-11-15 23:02

    I've not come across Alison Stuart's books before, so this was an absolute delight.

    2018-11-11 22:28

    Review by: SusanLink to Review: http://www.romantichistoricalreviews....

  • Hilary
    2018-11-12 20:26

    Bleecchh. Did not finish.