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Anxiety-ridden New York investment banker, Cara Collins, has little to smile about on her twenty-seventh birthday between a hostile work environment and her impossible romantic situation with her longtime friend and first love, Dr. Kai Solomon. But before the day ends, she learns she has inherited $50 million—a windfall that must remain secret or risk the lives of those clAnxiety-ridden New York investment banker, Cara Collins, has little to smile about on her twenty-seventh birthday between a hostile work environment and her impossible romantic situation with her longtime friend and first love, Dr. Kai Solomon. But before the day ends, she learns she has inherited $50 million—a windfall that must remain secret or risk the lives of those close to her. As Cara unravels the truth surrounding her inheritance, she makes a startling discovery: angels walk among the living, and they’re getting ready to engage in a battle that will determine the future of the human race. In the midst of these revelations, she meets mysterious and sophisticated Simon Young, who offers her the promise of romance for the first time since Kai—but when Kai and his daughter are kidnapped by dark forces, Cara must choose: accept her place in a 2,000-year-old prophecy foretold in the Trinity Stones as the First of the Twelve who will lead the final battle between good and evil . . . or risk losing everything she holds dear....

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Trinity Stones Reviews

  • L.G.
    2018-11-14 15:11

    I started creating the plot for the Angelorum Twelve Chronicles and writing TRINITY STONES back in late 2009. At the time, paranormal romance / urban fantasy (adult & YA) happened to be the core of my reading list. Although I chose to write a series with paranormal or magical elements, my goal was to maintain a story in today’s world without creating a wide gaping hole in the fabric of reality. The inspiration behind this book is a phenomena that I can only describe in this way: "One soul’s promise ties it to another, defies both conscious logic and reason, and transcends time with a purity of heart in the highest form of love." Personally, I don’t believe in coincidences but that free will gives us choices that lead us to our destiny. When I stumbled across an amazing website called Angelology, my story developed using angel lore as the seeds of creation for the rules of my world. Woven together, these elements of the soul and the presence of angels secretly living among us are the heart of Trinity Stones and the A12 series.Now, onto Trinity Stones...For Cara Collins, life in Manhattan isn’t easy. Her boss is a misogynistic jerk and the love of her life, Dr. Kai Solomon, is married to someone else. Top that off with a creepy man in the subway and homeless woman on the street grabbing her and asking to be healed, and Cara’s panic disorder is rearing its ugly head. It’s her 27th birthday, just another day in her ordinary life—that is, until a mysterious letter appears from her long-dead grandmother, Hannah. It turns out Cara is part of a holy trinity that joins humans and angels to fight evil. Heaven and humanity are in danger, as the Dark Ones have been plotting to tip the scales in their favor using secretive genetic research. Cara must choose whether or not to accept her role as the First of the Twelve who will lead the final battle between good and evil.Cara's Nephilim Guardian, Chamuel, understands that she is the one person he can’t have as per the rules of the High Council of the Angelorum. Haunted by the past and under a self-imposed vow of celibacy for the last hundred years, he’s not worried about his newest assignment . . . until he sees her. Chamuel must choose whether to follow his heart or the rules.When the Dark Ones set a deadly trap for the Cara using Kai and his four year-old daughter, both Cara and Chamuel must make their choice—before evil decides for them. In doing so, Cara discovers it is not only her heart but also her destiny that is entwined with the two men in her life.Trinity Stones is meant to capture the eternal struggle of good and evil and the occasional need to bend the rules for the most important force of all: love.Trinity Stones is an adult Urban Fantasy (60%) / Paranormal Romance (40%) meant for audiences 18+ due to language and love scenes. Inspired by one of my favorite authors, JR Ward, Trinity Stones is told in 3rd person with multiple points of view to provide deeper character development as a foundation for the series.Hopefully, my commentary provides some helpful information for your consideration. If you've read this far, thank you! If you decide to add Trinity Stones to your shelf and read it, I give you my deepest gratitude...L.G.

  • Koeur
    2018-11-07 17:17 She Writes Press Publishing Date: April 2014 ISBN: 9781938314841 Genre: fantasy Rating: 1.0/5.0Publisher Description: Between a hostile work environment and an impossible romantic situation with her longtime friend and first love, Dr. Kai Solomon, disenchanted New York investment banker Cara Collins has little to smile about on her 27th birthday. But before the day ends, she receives a letter from her long-dead grandmother telling her she has inherited $50 million—a windfall that she must keep secret or risk the lives of those close to her—and suddenly she has a lot more to worry about. Review: The Cover art looks like two smirky WASP’ floating over some spilled jelly beans with crayon drawings thrown in. It is relentlessly bad and will keep you awake if you think on it. This novel was filled with and endless stream of dialogue . This author must subscribe the Nora Roberts School of Writing (NRSOW), where romance is loosely tied to a jumbled story-line. Our heroine, Cara, whom is an investment banker who went to Georgetown (of course) pines for a love lost years ago but they still have this “psychic” connection. She has not had sex in 5 years since the breakup with Kai, and still has erotic dreams about Kai. Kai, whom went to MIT and has a PhD. (of course) also thinks and dreams about her and feels guilty about it. He is now married with a kid living on the west coast. So how is this bad? There are literally chapters of Cara pining for Kai, or dreaming of Kai, and this “Deep Connection” that they have. Must be a real deep connection when he’s porkin’ somebody else 3,000 miles away. When the author gets around to the action, it is quite good. But then a new character is inserted into her life and we get page after page of dialogue. Not a bad thing, just not my cup o’joe. Everyone she meets or nearly so, she has a sudden “Deep Connection” with. Michael, her messenger (hottie martial arts expert, of course), after only an hour she is already touching foreheads with him, or curled up in his strong arms and talking about this “Deep Connection” between them. Constantina, one of the Angelora, comes by to train her in the ways of a Soul Seeker, heals her throat etc. then after a short-time in her presence she develops this “Deep Connection” with her. Her Guardian also has this deep connection with her as their “Souls touched”. Cara sounds like an insecure psychic slut.There exists within these pages a dialogue that is reminiscent of the NRSOW whereby the constant sense of high brow buffoonery resides. Every where she goes she notices the Rafael painting (her favorite, of course), or the chandelier, or a Philipe Patek watch (which costs more than a car!), enjoying her Christian Louboutin shoes, The Hamptons, Prada blah, blah, blah or some such high end item that lends relevance to the story-line somehow. Only it doesn’t. It comes off as being snobby and unrealistic. So asshat, er…..Cara is now a Soul Seeker being crafted to become who knows what by Constantina (lol). She has a guardian Nephilim named Chamuel (lol) who has the hots for her, only that is taboo-boo as Trinity Guardians are forbidden to engage in romantic conduct. Uh oh, see where this is headed? See Chamuel not only has a forbidden boner for Cara but also happens to own a high end Chefs kitchen and studied in Paris during the nineties (of course). Yada, yada, and we see that Cara just now realizes that Simon (Chamuel-lol) is her guardian and forbidden to her. Yet without Simon/Cham her heart and soul would never be complete. So several pages later of self-recrimination on both sides and we are ready for the grande finale. So guess what? (takes deep breath) One of the problems that mortals have in being with Nephilim is that they live so long and mortals don’t. But you see, Kai was working on a vaccine that he injected into her as she lay injured. Now Cham/Simon is on the operating table and she will do anything for him, including giving up her own life. So now it just so happens that Constantina is the mother of Cham/Simon (in another life) and that the newfound properties of this vaccine give her extended life like the Nephilim, so now she can be with him, like, forever. AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Shoot me now, Deus ex.Towards the end we get the sex scene where Simon “moves down to the slice of Heaven that lay between her open legs”. Only its not a scene but more endless pages of dialogue. Not on my recommended list of reads, for sure.

  • Kelly Kittel
    2018-10-31 14:58

    I stayed up until 1 a.m. the night before last, happy at last to have no further interruptions as this book swept me away to its most satisfying, ahem, conclusion. The last time I read anything in the category of fantasy was probably Harry Potter but this book was a wonderful exception. I loved everything about it and couldn't wait to get into bed and read it every night, even while my whole family was visiting and my own book was launching! The characters, the setting(s), the Laboutin shoes (!), the fancy watch I'd never heard of, the plot, the premise, and the angels, which were definitely to die for. Liz is a fabulous writer who left no, um, stone unturned (somebody stop me!). The pacing was perfect and it's a real page-turner. She has started a great series here, I'm now on the lookout for angels among us, and I can not wait for book two!I am already the self-proclaimed President of the LGO fan club, so don't get any ideas, and that was before I'd read even one word of this book. So when the real fan club begins, I'll be waiting in the wings (!)

  • Goodlittlewitch
    2018-10-29 17:24

    Trinity Stones. A really interesting, fun, engaging book that includes opportunities for very deep thoughts. I was on the fence about a 4 star or a 5 star review. Since I didn't feel there was anything really disappointing about the book, I chose to give it 5 stars.Full Disclosure: The author provided me with this book as a gift, after I participated as a member of her beta team reading the second book in this series.I read Book 2 before Book 1 deliberately and by agreement with the author. She was looking for a beta reader to read the second book without any prior background. I really enjoyed Book Two, and was sure that I understood enough of the world that Ms. O'Connor has built without reading Trinity Stones first. Now, having read Trinity Stones, I have a new appreciation for the difficulty involved in giving a reader enough backstory to understand what's going on without including the entirety of prior books in a series! Kudos to series writers! That's tough to do! And I'm especially glad that I've read Trinity Stones now, as it answered several open questions from Book Two for me and really added a lot of texture to the characters' personalities.PLOT: Cara Collins, anxiety-ridden but successful investment banker hates the direction her job is going and has been carrying a torch for her college flame for nine years. That is, until right around her 27th birthday, when things begin to change. First, an odd encounter on the subway. Then meeting a stunning man where sparks fly while out to dinner with a friend. And then the inheritance of $50 million...well, control of $25 million of it, anyway. The other half is just in her care for the rest of her life. And then the really crazy stuff starts to happen! The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles are contemporary urban fantasy novels, mixed with romance, paranormal, theology and angelology. And the theme of the series is the epic and ultimate battle between good and evil. Cara Collins will play a key role in that battle. She is destined to lead the angelic side of the battle to victory. Along the way, there is emotional baggage to be cleared by Cara, by her Guardian and by her first love. There are souls that connect in ways that are unexpected.Trinity Stones takes an old, but always interesting subject, the ultimate battle between good and evil, and explores it in a way that is new to me; through the creation of a skillfully crafted world that is both recognizably our own, and eerily different (the author's evil characters are TRULY creepy and the stuff of which nightmares can be made). This is a world where angels and demons live and work among us, as do semi-angelic Nephalim, and humans who will participate in the battle for supremacy. There are destinies to be fulfilled, but there is also free will that can change the way we fulfill those destinies. This is a book that uses a great deal of religious background, but combines it with a modern sense of spirituality. And the characters...I really liked these characters. They are interesting people. They have interesting conversations (when not battling the forces of darkness). Even the forces of darkness are interesting characters. I want to know more about them all.One of the elements of the characters that I enjoyed the most was that they are all imperfect. Ms. O'Connor could easily have made the characters a little too perfect. But instead, they each have challenges that help the reader connect to them. After all, when you're reading about an unbearably beautiful man, with an 18 foot wingspan, or Ninja warrior skills, it helps that they also have very human weaknesses, like a fear of failure or irrational anger. When reading about an attractive, successful investment banker, it helps to see her fight her internal demon of anxiety, as well as the demons trying to destroy her in order to win their war. The evil characters have imperfection too...they (without realizing it) have genuine caring feelings toward one another. Which I am sure will cause some difficulties in a future book!I recommend this book for readers who are interested in exploring deep themes, in an entertaining and well-paced book, with relatable characters, that will pull you in and leave you wanting more!

  • Marlene
    2018-10-23 12:57

    Originally published at Reading RealityTrinity Stones is the first book in what could be a twelve book series. It has a LOT of weight to carry to set up this slightly alternate version of our world where angels walk among us, waiting for the proverbial Last Battle between angels and demons.Of course, they aren’t just waiting around, sitting on their feathered wings while humanity marches on oblivious. Although most of humanity is oblivious.Mixed in with the prophecy of that last battle are signs and portents. The story of Trinity Stones is what happens when the first of those portents finds herself part of something that she was never prepared for.Cara Collins is an investment banker who hates her boss and is in love with a man she can never have. Life sucks, right up until the point where she inherits $50 million and a whole lot of otherworldly trouble.$50 mil certainly solves the “hate the boss” problem, but doesn’t do a thing for the loving someone she can’t have bit. Although it certainly provides one hell of a distraction--including visits from demons who really do reside in hell.It’s not just that Cara finds out that her belief in a supreme deity has to expand to encompass more classes of angels than she thought imaginable, but also that she is going to be a front-line fighter in the war between heaven and hell--if she can manage to get out of her own way.Her new life leads to danger, but also to fantastic new friends and a purpose bigger than she ever dreamed of. She even finds someone she can love, a man who makes her forget all about the one that got away.Until she finds out that Simon Young is even more forbidden to her than her first love. Simon is assigne to be her Guardian as she fights the demons, and they aren’t permitted to let love get in the way of definding mankind against evil.Escape Rating B: There were a lot of things to like about this story, and a few that drove me a bit crazy. YMMV.There are, and there need to be, a lot of explanations for how this world is set up. Cara is supposed to be the first of the “Final Twelve” that portend the upcoming battle between good and evil. Which means there has to be tons of setup for the angels who help in the fight, and the people who are “assigned” to Cara as backup.The portrayals of the growing friendship between Cara and the people assigned to help her, particularly Cara’s platonic friendship with Michael, are beautifully done. It is terrific to see a friendship between a straight man and woman that is clearly never going to tease at a possible romance. You don’t see that often, and it’s refreshing. Also Michael is just plain a great guy.But there is a lot of necessary worldbuilding, to explain the angels, the soul-seekers like Cara, and the support network that they need. Occasionally there is quite a bit of info-dumping, and I still didn’t get the relationship between Cara’s “trinity” and the cornerstone, which is a person she needs to save from evil.The angels are almost a military organization. That Cara wasn’t allowed to be involved with her guardian felt a lot like the military anti-frat regs. They can be involved with anyone but each other, so of course they fall for each other. And there was a bit of fated-mate in the relationship that pushed things along faster than would have happened otherwise.Trinity Stones is a fascinating start to a series. I’ll be very curious to see what directions it goes in. On the one hand, I liked the fact that any belief system could lead to heaven, as long as the person lived a good, moral life. On that other hand, the story does presuppose acceptance of a lot of other traditional Judeo-Christian concepts, and I want the story to always be of primary importance. So far, so good.

  • Lucinda
    2018-10-20 12:20

    Eclectic, edgy urban fantasy with an original paranormal twist Refreshingly current and contemporary elements make this supremely magical fantasy tale relevant for a 21st century readership, and so interweaves a wide gaping hole in the fabric of reality to present day. Although easily slotted into the YA genre “Trinity Stones” contains is suited to an 18+ audience {due to the language & explicit scenes} and so I would categorize it more of an Adult/ New Adult Urban fantasy/ paranormal romance. Inspired *in the author’s own words* by JR Ward this story (written in 3rd person POV) contains deeply complex character development and extensive foundations {world building, characterization etc.} for a planned long series. Quintessentially encapsulating the battle between good versus evil and the strength of love, this extraordinarily remarkable debut of inspired vision and great premise is utterly breathtaking! Inspiration behind the narrative is a phenomenon described as… “One soul’s promise ties it to another, defies both conscious logic and reason, and transcends time with a purity of heart in the highest form of love”Free will presents us with choices that lead to our destiny (rather than the idea of fate), and ‘Angel Lore’ is the seeds of creation for the rules of this world. The elements of the soul and presence of Angels secretly living among us is at the heart of TRINITY STONES, and what I strongly believe to be an assured backbone for a planned series and atypical fantasy story. Full of heartfelt sincerity, courage, determination and above all a sense of firm resolve this striking story is incredibly well-written and of great substance. Book 1 in the Angelorum Twelve Chronicles: follows ordinary Cara Collins journey as her life transforms into something extraordinary. From a mysterious letter from her long-dead Grandmother, Cara uncovers the truth of her involvement within a Holy Trinity, which joins humans, and Angels together to fight evil. It seems that Heaven and humanity is in danger as the Dark Ones {using a form of Genetic research} are coming forth, leading ultimately to an epic battle between good and evil. To throw in another complication Cara’s Nephilim Guardian; Chamuel understands that he cannot entangle himself with her due to strict rules of the high council of the Angelorum. However, his heart tells him otherwise and soon Cara’s destiny becomes more uncertain as she is embroiled with two men. As the impending battle looms, she may just risk loosing everything that she holds most dear… L G O’Connor’s novel is equally as rich in lavish detail {regarding the extensive background history of the world and Angel Lore’s etc.}, as it is in imaginative conception and ideas. With a cast of colourful characters, I plunged headlong into a world that was reminiscent of The Mortal Instruments blended beautifully together with Charmed! As a fan of adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy, such as works by authors like Charlaine Harris and JR Ward and Patricia Briggs I was ever so excited upon encountering this electrifying new read. Action-packed and fast-paced, I was sat in suspense throughout completely engrossed within the highly engaging storyline and addictive plot. Here is certainly an author to watch!! * I would like to thank the author for providing me with an e-copy of her novel to read and give an honest & non-biased review on*

  • Darlene
    2018-10-28 11:21

    Trinity Stones: The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles by L.G. O’Connor is a blend of fantasy, science, love, the battle between good and evil, and one fantastic read! I got caught up in this book from the beginning chapters and read it within a day and a bit. This novel is full of angels, demons, free will, and destiny and it’s sure to please readers who appreciate a fast paced and exciting storyline. I do have to say though that I don’t think the cover does the book justice. This book is much deeper than the cover leads one to believe.Cara Collins is turning twenty-seven and expecting a very quiet birthday with her best friend Sienna but that isn’t what she gets. Instead she receives a letter from her grandmother who has already passed on telling her that she has a destiny far from what she ever could have imagined. Cara follows her grandmother’s instructions and learns that she is actually a part of a holy trinity comprised of angels and humans whose goal is to fight evil. Really! She can’t believe it. She’s just a normal woman … isn’t she? No, it turns out she is a soul seeker. Things start to change quickly from this point and she meets Michael who is a part of her Trinity as Messenger and they quickly bond. Then there is her guardian Chamuel who she is forbidden by law to love and yet neither can deny the powerful connection that they share. As things heat up Cara is horrified to learn that not only her life is in danger but so are the lives of her friends and when her old love Kai is taken by the Dark Ones Cara knows she has to fight to save him and his daughter. Will her Trinity survive? Will Kai and his daughter be safe and why is Kai even involved in all of this to begin with? Can good conquer evil?L.G. O’Connor builds a great fantasy world. The beginning of the novel can be a bit confusing as the reader is introduced to a lot of different terms and names but as you continue to read it all becomes much clearer. I liked Cara though from the beginning because of her love for her dog and for putting her slimy boss in his place before she walked out the door. As the story progressed though I liked her even more for her willingness to give up everything for the safety of her friends and for love. While Cara was my favorite character I also liked her friend Sienna who was quite funny at times. Of course one can’t fail to mention the very hot men inhabiting the pages of this book and I certainly wouldn’t mind one of them walking into my fantasy. LOL. Ultimately the story is about the battle of good and evil and love conquering all.Trinity Stones is the first in the series with The Wanderer’s Children coming in the Fall of 2014 and I’m really excited to read it and see what’s next for Cara, Simon, and the rest of the crew! As a note there is language and sexual content in this novel that I know some of my readers are uncomfortable with – not a lot but some. As for me I thoroughly enjoyed Trinity Stones and anxiously await the next book!

  • Sara Strand
    2018-11-06 12:21

    I originally signed up for this tour because I love paranormal romance, but because this one involved demons, angels and everything in between. For the second book in a row, I loved all of the characters. Cara is sadly still in love with Kai and she feels such a connection to him that nobody else understands. Even after he gets married and has a child with his wife, the feeling is mutual. Then all of a sudden everything changes because as it turns out, Cara is a millionaire with strings and her entire life changes in that she's a soul seeker. Not to mention? She's part of a trinity with her guardian and a messenger. She meets the messenger soon enough and they become fast friends. The guardian... well the guardian turns out to be really attractive Simon (also known as Chamuel) and he makes her lady party feel delicious. She doesn't know he's her guardian though and therein lies the big gasp. As it turns out? Guardians are expressly prohibited to feel any kind of romantical way towards their trinity let alone a different species. Oh yes, because gorgeous Simon is Nephil so he's a half human/half angel hybrid formed in an immaculate conception, and poor Cara is just a lame human. And then all hell breaks loose and we get a really great ending and a ridiculous teaser for the next book! I knew this was the first in a series yet to come but I wasn't invested right off the back. Give me 10 chapters in (they are rather short) and I'm chomping at the bit for all of the next books. Also? As the first book in a series, I would like to think these are notoriously difficult to write because you have to give readers just enough information to keep them invested, but not too much where they can tell you where this series is going to go. I have no idea where this is going to go but you feel satisfied that you have learned a good portion of the base information. And for as much information that was given, you don't feel overwhelmed or that you're going to need to have a notebook handy just to remember the stuff. You just absorb it as quickly as Cara does. I will say, what in the mother hell is happening with Michael and Sienna? I feel like Michael and his bizarre, unknown past is going to be key in a future book. Mostly because toward the end it was mentioned that the power of love would be key in the epic battle and right away, I thought of Michael and his bizarre behavior. So I'll be interested to see where this is going. I absolutely loved L.G. Connor's writing, I loved this story, and now I can't even wait. Poor Matt was woken up at 2:45 this morning so I could give him a recap and he clearly doesn't care. He never cares about my fantastic stories in the middle of the night. I'm telling you right now that this would make a really fun summer read. Or a I'm-too-lazy-to-start-gardening read. You'll love it.

  • Eva Millien
    2018-11-01 10:07

    3 1/2 STARSThe first book in a new fantasy series is an intriguing and deep romance with a unique spin on angels and demons. On her twenty seventh birthday, Cara Collins gets an unexpected inheritance – one that must remain secret or people will die. As the truth is revealed about the windfall, she learns that angels walk among us and are about to engage in a battle that will determine the future of the human race. Care will have to choose… accept her place in a 2,000 year-old prophecy or… risk losing everything she holds dear.The first half of the book progresses at a steady pace keeps readers intrigued with lots of suspense, drama, some action and romance. The author brings the story to life with vivid descriptions and lots of intense details that make the reader feel as if they are part of the story. The characters are strong, compelling, easily related to and grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning. The second half of the story picks up the pace and the tension builds as the danger starts to escalate and the prophecy is revealed and even more characters are introduced.The attraction between Cara and Simon radiates from the pages, but the relationship is forbidden between the members of the Trinity, which causes some extra spice in the story. But destiny has a way of breaking all the rules all on its own.I found the story to be fascinating with lots of intriguing twist and possibilities to keep me interested and with the multitude of characters that play a part in the complex conflict and the intriguing prophecy I certainly stayed caught up in the story to the very end. The only problem I had was during the first half, the story seemed to drag in a few places, but this could be because the author had a lot of information and history to be imparted, which the reader would be lost without.

  • Joan
    2018-11-06 11:22

    In full disclosure, I was a part of the beta reading team and received a final complimentary copy the author, signed, of course :-) As an avid reader of both theology and admittedly, a lot of romance, I was intrigued by the concept of a novel written about Nephilim. Although I read a lot of paranormal romance, I haven't run across a lot of angel or nephilim based books. As a Christian, I liked how the author handled the Biblical references and respectful use of the subject matter in her world-building. It's a novel and takes literary license, yet doesn't offend my beliefs. In fact, she did an excellent job of making the demon antagonists almost likable and sympathetic. During the process, I couldn't wait to get my next installment and quickly fell in love with Chamuel who is not my normal type.I wanted to give it 5 stars, but know what else is coming from this author and I'm saving my 5 star rating since I'm a hard grader. However, make no mistake, this book to me, stands up to the established writers in the paranormal genre and is much better than some. Parts of the this book gave me chills as I read it. This is not a cookie cutter paranormal, and I find that refreshing. It was much easier to suspend my disbelief for this book because of the subject matter, and how quickly I came to love the world and characters the author developed. I would recommend it to my friends who don't normally read paranormal, but enjoy romance.Trinity Stones stands alone even as part of a 4 book closed-end series.

  • Tia Bach
    2018-10-25 13:03

    Cara is celebrating her twenty-seventh birthday, and it's turning out to be quite the day because of a letter she receives from her long-dead grandmother. Thanks to several new people who enter her life suddenly, and one who has always been there, she discovers the truth about who she is and what she'll need to face.There's a battle brewing, and Cara will be at the center of it. Fortunately, there are those who will fight with her--angels and their chosen allies. Along the way, she finds love; but this love is not only forbidden, it's also a dangerous distraction. Trinity Stones is a thrill ride from start to finish. In addition to a fast-paced story and intriguing plot twists, it's full of memorable characters and fascinating creatures. Every word adds to the complexity and richness of the story. If you blink, you've missed an important detail. When I reached the last page, I felt breathless but also excited to read the next in the series.Plus, I loved that it was adult without pushing into erotica (although I wouldn't recommend for teens based on language and situations). There was a maturity to the emotions and storyline I appreciated.If you are looking for an exciting read, but one that also has romance and captivating characters, this is a great option. Rating: 4.5 starsNote: I received a complimentary copy for review purposes. A positive review was not requested or guaranteed; the opinions expressed are my own.

  • Deborah Brasket
    2018-10-31 10:21

    I received an advance copy of Trinity Stones for an honest review, and I can honestly say this was one fast and thrilling, as well as super sexy, ride. I was a bit skeptical at first because urban fantasy is not a genre I normally read, my tastes running more toward the literary. But I do love a good thriller and a hot romance once in a while and this novel fully met both of those criteria. I was immediately drawn to the young heroine Cara Collins who discovers to her dismay that she is destined to play a leading role in the fight between good and evil coming to a head in contemporary Manhattan. Initially resisting her destiny, she is pulled into the battle when the life of a close friend, who also is the lost love of her life, is threatened. But things get even more complicated when she starts falling for the hunky guardian who is sworn to protect her. He, in turn, is struggling with his own lustful yearnings for his young ward, despite a vow of celibacy, and being strictly forbidden from becoming romantically involved with her. Add to the mix a despicably dastardly demon and his equally contemptible but gorgeous cohort, a fashionista BFF who wobbles to the rescue on stiletto heels, and the most adorable pooch ever, and what you have is a fun, smart, and thrilling adventure. And did I mention this was hot? Oh, yes. Hot.

  • Cindy Eastman
    2018-10-27 16:02

    Because I don't typically read this genre, I wasn't sure whether or not I could contribute a helpful review. I decided to go ahead and add my experience so I could underscore the fact that one does not have to be a fan of Paranormal\fantasy to enjoy this book. Full disclosure: I read it because the author is a friend (hence the unfamiliarity with the genre) but O'Connor is such a skilled storyteller, I found myself captivated from the beginning. Her characters have depth and substance and the dialogue is smart and believable. Once I began to read, it was difficult to put down, and when I finished, I wanted more. Always the sign of a good book.If you are a fan of this paranormal/fantasy, I suspect you won't be disappointed, especially as this is the first in a series. It looks like I will have to broaden my reading preferences so as to include paranormal because I definitely want to stick with the series to its ultimate conclusion.

  • Palus535
    2018-10-24 13:09

    I was given an advance copy of this book for review and after the first few chapters my thought was “What the hell have I gotten myself in to?” There were many difficult names thrown right up front and I had no idea what was going on. And then I was hooked! The detail turned out to be very positive and made the story feel real. The author did a great job on background research so the story really flowed. I felt the pull between good and evil expressed through the characters. There was plenty of meat to the story and it kept me completely involved – I even got up early a couple of mornings to see what was going to happen next. I came to care for Cara as if she was a longtime friend– and I absolutely LOVE the dog! I will definitely recommend this book to friends and I am eagerly awaiting the sequel.

  • Eileen Higgins
    2018-11-03 10:58

    When the author asked me to read an early copy of her book, I jumped at the chance. The story’s quick pace and engaging characters made for an exciting read. Much in the way that watching Seinfeld was enjoyable because everyone has an Elaine or a Kramer in their life, the characters in this book seemed real – quite a feat for a novel filled with angels, myths, magical powers, and dastardly demons. I loved following Cara on her journey as she accepted her new responsibilities in the battle of good and evil. The good news for Cara is she is surrounded by old friends and new on this journey…. and one of these new friends is so hot that it’s hard to concentrate! It’s a page-turner and I can’t wait for the next one!

  • Lesley Aman
    2018-10-24 13:05

    I received an advance copy of Trinity Stones for an honest review. My honest opinion is that this book was a lot of fun to read. A little bit of everything happens in the book - there are chase scenes, spiritual retreats, good friends, prophecies, humor, hangovers, angels and demons, romance and sex. Because there are so many different things going on, this book is a little hard to categorize. It's not pure romance, or thriller, or supernatural, it's a little bit of everything. But in the end I think the most integral theme of this book is romance. If you like romance and you're looking for something that's fun to read, I would recommend this book.

  • Gwendolyn Plano
    2018-11-12 11:17

    This is a “happening” novel, replete with mystery and magic, angels and demons, good and evil. It moves quickly and almost has a life of its own. Prepare to be taken into the unseen world of the paranormal, where lovemaking reaches heights that only an astute author can describe. While Harry Potter captures the attention and imagination of youth, Trinity Stones draws the adult reader into a fantasy world which grabs our attention within the first few pages of the book. There are hints of a sequel, and any reader will expect one!

  • Aimee Salter
    2018-10-19 13:06

    Perfect for adult fans of Becca Fitzpatrick.I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.It is well written, which is a relief in these days and times. The writer is clearly talented. The world is complex and promises to engage the reader for many books to come.Given the genre and focus on Nephilim, I'd recommend it to readers who maybe enjoyed Hush, Hush by Becca Fizpatrick years ago, but have grown up a little since *wink*.

  • Mkeyes
    2018-11-16 17:18

    Loved this book! I received a complimentary copy of Trinity Stones for an honest review and devoured it. It is a fast paced blend of science and religion with a strong female heroine. The dialog is smart, witty and captures the drama of life's unreal situations. The detail is delicious. You feel like you are there with Cara - and want to hang out with her friends. Can't wait for the next book.

  • Pat Campbell
    2018-10-23 09:21

    Friendship, secrets, forbidden love, betrayal, angels and evil... This book was a new genre for me. I found the characters to be genuine and either endearing or frightful. I couldn't help but get caught up in the twists and turns that 27 year old Cara faced throughout the book. Well written and well paced. A good read. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

  • Carol Gardner
    2018-10-23 16:17

    I give this book 4.5 stars!The author captivated and held my interest from the beginning - I find I’m very attached to the characters – and am looking forward to the next book

  •  ♥♥Mari♥♥
    2018-10-19 17:13

    I became hooked on paranormal romance and urban fantasy some time ago, so I know a great read in either genre when I come across one. This novel is one of the very best that I've ever read, and I can't wait to start on the sequel, The Wanderer's Children! Without a doubt, O'Connor is an author to watch!This first novel of the series blends the romance with the fantasy action so well, they both captured -- and held -- my attention. The world-building was so detailed, so logically-developed and explained, that I had no trouble at all getting immersed in the story from the very beginning of the book. The characters are very likeable, as well as very realistic. They're by no means perfect, but their flaws are understandable, given their individual histories. Besides, these flaws are counterbalanced by their strengths. Cara Collins, for instance, has panic attacks, and is still pining for a former boyfriend, now married. However, she is also an extremely intelligent, very resourceful woman, as well as a very compassionate person, with a great capacity for love.Simon Young, the man she eventually falls in love with, is also flawed. He's not who Cara believes he is, but again, when his background is revealed, the reader can understand exactly where he's coming from.Speaking of Simon....I have to say that he's an incredibly great guy! I think any red-blooded female reader would swoon over him.... He's overwhelmingly attracted to Cara, and no one else. He's tender, sweet, loves to cook (such a huge plus!), and is all male. In short, Simon is my current book boyfriend.... I think I need to read this book all over again, just to enjoy those fabulous scenes in which Simon first sees and is smitten by Cara.....Needless to say, he, too, has a great capacity for love.The romance between Simon and Cara is just so sweetly perfect, and the main reason is because he never for one moment sees her as anything but his equal. For her part, she can only see him as a man who has pleasantly stolen her heart. She also admires him as a person. Of course, they are both exclusively devoted to each other, and yes, this is so ecstatically romantic, in a world full of soaring divorce statistics, and the rampant betrayals of world celebrities! This is, in other words, Romeo and Juliet as they should have been, minus the tragedy. I don't think I can say enough about how beautifully this romance has been depicted by this author, who now has my undying gratitude because of that!The world of the Angelorum is a wonderfully inventive concept; it's richly complex, with its own laws and councils, as well as tribunals. There's a hierarchy, but I was happy to see that women are top leaders in this hierarchy, just as much as the men are. Constantina is one of these. She's another of the characters that I just can't stop raving about! She's just all-around great -- a wise counselor, a gentle teacher, and a fierce warrior, as well. Once Cara has been introduced to her new life, she is lucky enough to have Constantina as her personal instructor.Now on to the action, which is fast and furious at certain points, as the Angelorum angels -- but specifically the Nephilim (these are a specially-produced breed of angels) battle the very fearsome demons allied with Lucifer. O'Connor expertly manages to introduce the raging war between good and evil on a New York subway, with nearly unbelievable ease, and from there, subtly weaves in hints of this ongoing war without pages of information-dumping. She's excellent at the description of the insidious methods of these evil forces, which are as well-organized as the Angelorum.There's also an element of science fiction as Dr. Kai Solomon attempts to delve deeper into a rather suspicious scientific project he's been working on, and the suspense intensifies....The demons in question are very well-fleshed out, too, if readers will pardon the pun, for they are indeed very physical, and very real. O'Connor imbues their activities with some humor, too, which is very interesting, and keeps the scenes in which these demons appear from becoming too much like the ones you would find in a horror novel. They also enable the reader to laugh at the stupid demons. Kudos to the author for that! The names for the two featured in this novel are very appropriate, as well -- Emanelech and Achanelech. Just what you would expect for denizens of the fiery pit!The action becomes very intense once Cara learns that Kai, her former love, has been kidnapped by the enemy, along with his daughter, Sara. The scene shifts quickly across the country, from one city to another. The Angelorum teams are very efficient, and are swiftly deployed; after all, the Nephilim warriors have wings -- breathtakingly-awesome and powerful wings. They also have incredible powers, perfect for battling demons. Going back to the characters, I also loved the secondary ones, especially Michael Smith, who was Cara's Messenger in her particular group, and Sienna, Cara's best friend, who has enough 'chutzpah' for a whole group of Nephilim! Both of these characters are totally devoted to Cara, and always have her back. Michael is very gentle and compassionate, reminding me of Simon, while Sienna, who appears to be rather rough around the edges, is really a softie underneath.There's one more character in this book I need to mention, although she never speaks. It's Chloe, Cara's dog. Although I'm not actually a dog lover (horses are my favorite animals), I love this one! She's adorable! Also, she does play an important role at several points in the narrative. I really cannot say enough great things about this novel, which I know I will re-read sometime in the near future. There was just one thing I disliked -- the occasional appearance of profanity. As for the love scene, yes, it was pretty graphic, but still, there was so much love and tenderness between Simon and Cara, I was nevertheless totally swept away.... Actually, were it not for these two aspects of the book, I would have thought that it was in the Young Adult category, because that's the feeling I got from it as I read. However, Cara is 27, not 16 or 17; also, she's an investment banker at the beginning of the book. The other characters are adults, too. Still, the whole plot did sound like something from a YA novel. That's another element of this book that I loved!On the whole, I am so thrilled with this book that I simply cannot rate it as anything less than a five-star read! Not only are the characters very compelling, the action and imaginary world completely believable and exciting, but the writing just flows, pulling the reader inexorably along, as page after page unfolds the fascinating world of the Angelorum.As I read, I frequently felt that I was watching a movie, or perhaps a very exciting new video game. I think this novel, as well as the entire series, would translate very well to either, or both, of those two creative mediums.If I had to pick what I regret the most about reading Trinity Stones, it would have to be the very sad fact that I can't enjoy it again for the very first time.... However, I can and will enjoy it again, for the second, third, and more times thereafter!For more of my reviews, please visit my blog, A NIGHT’S DREAM OF BOOKS.

  • Books A-Brewin'
    2018-11-12 11:13

    I received a physical copy from the author in exchange for an honest review and participation in a blog tour.I had never read anything but L.G. O'Connor and when presented with the review book options for future tours I selected Trinity Stones simply due to it's paranormal aspects. I had no clue if I would like it or not but the synopsis was intriguing. I decided to give it a shot and see how it went.Cara is just your regular, everyday investment banker with a bit of an anxiety issue. She is in love with her married ex-boyfriend and can't seem to find meaning or happiness in her life. She was okay with the way her life had turned out and accepted the normality of it. That was until learned she was part of a trinity of angels and their messengers. Her world was turned upside down with a large inheritance and the discovery of angels and demons actually existing. She is destined to be the person who tips the scales between good and evil. One of twelve at least. While navigating the treterous waters of her new world, she meets a man who seems almost too good to be true. Since her break up with her ex, Kai, she has not even entertained the idea of finding love, but in Simon she just might be able to.Kai is a genetic scientist attempted to sequence a cure for some sort of abnormality presented to him anonymously through his work. He has taken over after his predecessor was killed, but he is starting to see that maybe his mentor was not simply killed but murdered. As he starts digging into the research left behind things just don't seem to be adding up. Kai seems to have a vital role in this tipping point in Cara's new world as well. For some reason dark forces are determined to keep Kai working at finding the cure they so desperately want. They are even willing to resort to kidnapping his daughter if it keeps him on the straight and narrow.Cara and Kai always felt connected, but now they may discover they have more in common than just a past love. Add to that the desperation to free Kai's daughter from evil and Cara's new love interest and it makes for a very interesting world. Can good triumph over evil or will Cara and Kai fail miserably.I have to admit, some of the scientific talk in the story was a bit over my head. O'Connor creates a very detailed world and if not careful, things can be overlooked and forgotten that are vital to the story. The trinity stones were also another area I found myself confused over. What exactly are they and how do they predict future events?There was a major saving grace though and that was the love connection between Cara and Simon. I loved Simon so much. Cara was okay. She seemed to take everything rather easily where normal people would have freaked out several times over the course of the book. Simon seemed to be the most emotionally volatile of the pairing even though he wasn't supposed to be so emotionally driven.Overall, the book was fairly good. Review Posted on: http://www.ladybugliterature.blogspot...

  • Beth
    2018-10-22 13:17

    Trinity Stone provides an exciting new take on nephilim living among us. Combining modern day technology with the battle for good and evil. O'Connor weaves a tale that questions many biblical principals creating a fictional world where supernatural abilities can face up against the spiritual realm.Cara is a 27 year old investment banker that is about to discover she is a human with extraordinary powers. Called upon by angels to face an uprising of evil, Cara is immersed in this new supernatural world. Her only restriction is to stay clear of a physical/emotional relationship with her Guardian, the Nephilim sent to protect Cara from demons. But her Guardian seems to have other ideas and introduces himself as Simon, a man she meets in a bar and pursues Cara into the forbidden relationship.I found this story intriguing with a strong premise and lots of possibilities. I did however a have a few issues with this story. I felt Cara came across as a very young character, not a 27 yr old banker. A lot of the story was background and historical building which took away from the stories flow. I also didn't understand why Simon would put himself in an unattainable position and for their relationship to develop so quickly. Which brings us to Cara's and Simon's reactions when the deception is revealed, it just felt unjustified for both of them.In the end, I would like to see where this series will head next but hope that there is more time with character development and less time explaining the world building and fictional biblical background.I received this ARC copy of Trinity Stones from She Writes Press in exchanged for a honest review. This book is set for publication April 22, 2014.Written by: L. G. O'ConnorSeries: The Angelorum Twelve ChroniclesSequence in Series: 1Paperback: 366 pagesPublisher: She Writes Press Publication Date: April 22, 2014ISBN-10: 1938314840ISBN-13: 978-1938314841Rating: 3.5 StarsGenre: Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban> RomanceFind this book on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

  • Melody
    2018-10-21 15:12

    I was excited to start reading this story and however shortly after starting I felt overwhelmed with the amount of information that kept coming and coming. I was wishing for less info and more story. I also did not enjoy the character names, I know we're talking angels and demons here but still I started giving them my own nickname versions of their names because they were so difficult to read and didn't flow for me.I had a hard time staying connected to the story I would only make it a few pages before I couldn't read anymore. And sadly I only made it to 35% when I just couldn't force myself to read anymore. There wasn't anything that pulled me in and made me want read any further.ARC copy provided by NetGalley for an honest review.

  • Amy
    2018-10-18 12:14

    I just received my signed copy from the author by winning a Goodreads giveaway!!! So excited to read this book!! :D

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2018-10-18 10:14

    Cara was an investment banker and her main problems in life were a misogynist boss she hated and the fact her love life consisted of dreaming of Kai, her married best friend.Then she received an odd letter from her grandmother. It opens a world of vast wealth, a whole new home – and angels. Angels and Nephilim and gifted humans whose job it is to prevent the long banished fallen angels, the demons, from wreaking havoc on Earth. She has been called to serve as one of these gifted people and is part of a sacred prophecy, the first of the 12, leading up to an epic battle for the very sake of humanity.And she meets Simon – sexy, suave, rich, sophisticated and secretly her Guardian in disguise – and forbidden to her.Oh, I am torn over this book. Well, kind of.On the one hand, I am fascinated with the concept and world of this book. The Trinities, the three supernatural agents, each with their own niche (which I’m not sure of) and powers (which I have a rough idea of but not entirely) and role, all focused on a centre stone who is important (in some ill-defined way which may be different for each Trinity, though I’m not sure if every trinity has a centre stone?). The ability to gain insights into this future by examining the stones (something I didn’t entirely understand but got the gist of) is a wonderfully teaser way of driving the story. The constraints of free will (which I think they broke a few times but could use more explaining) makes for a nice little twist in both motivation and limits. Then there’s the unaffiliated Nephilim and the Seeker families that both suggest a wider world, activity and involvement beyond the Trinities (but this isn’t expanded upon leaving much up for grabs)And, of course, there’s a prophecy. I know, I know, clichéd but a good prophecy always adds power and texture to a nice apocalyptic story – and this, with its prophecy of 12 possible chosen ones (chosen for what, why and how I do not know) suggests a nice, long, slow build to an epic finale. On top of that we have a huge, ill-defined history full of ill-defined factions that may or may not be relevant today.The world has so much in it that I want to explore every part of it- because I can feel there is so much here. And all this world building has been presented in a way that makes me interested, which is impressive and speaks volumes for the world since it was presented in a series of info-dumping (albeit, it doesn’t reflect so positively on the writing).The dog’s also special somehow. I kind of gave up expecting answers by then.And the problem? Well, if you look above you can probably guess my problem – everything is vague and unfinished – the characters didn’t ask nearly enough questions to fill in the gaps, and they were questions that should have been asked and would have been asked. For most of the book I actually thought Cara was the Centre Stone of the Trinity (we’re talking the last 20% when I realised I was wrong). Everything is suggested but nothing is defined!So what do we have instead. Romance. And a romance that just made so little sense to me and had some belated and (surprise surprise) ill-defined woo-woo taped on top of it to justify it. First, let’s take our protagonist Cara. She is single when she starts the book but unlike so many Paranormal Romances, this breaks the mould by not having her be “Gently Used” or only had unsatisfactory relationships in the past. She had a wonderful relationship with Kai. 7 years ago. She now obsess about this relationship, dreams about him and waits hopefully for the day he will come back to her – he’s her best friend, is married and has a small child, but she’s still living in hope. More than slightly creepy desperation isn’t a good look on anyoneRead More

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2018-11-08 13:59

    Trinity Stones. The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles. L.G. O'ConnorReview from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.So, always up for a challenge and in the mood for something different, I began this one. To be honest I restarted it several times, its such a complex novel, with so many different types of character that I just couldn't work out who was who, and how they fitted in the plot. That’s something that I struggled with for some of them right to the end, but as this is clearly a beginning to a series then I understand the problems L.G. had of trying to set the background to a completely different type of paranormal, and also make this story interesting. I guess that’s always a problem if you want to write ( and read) more complex novels that the usual gentle, paranormal romance. And I’m all for something a bit extra, something that makes me think, uses my brain rather then just letting the words flow into my head almost effortlessly. There's a place for both for serious readers, and I enjoyed the puzzle this book posed once I’d got past the initial barriers. The characters and settings – great characterisations, they all felt very real but I did think the whole glossing over to friends story about what had happened was just a little too simplified. I can't imagine my best friends just accepting the story given :) but that's fiction....The settings though – that's where I struggled a lot. First I got to grips with Cara's work problems – then they were over – then there's the move to an impossibly wonderful apartment, the dangers she faced and solutions were real but in a way clichéd – someone in the group has a wonderful power to overcome that danger...OK I get they're thousands of years old, but though I like to know what powers they have ahead of problems, I feel a bit cheated when first I learn is in the middle of what should be an impossible battle. Kai, that person bothered me – it seemed almost as if he was tweaking Cara to keep the dream of him just for his ego, and yet when we met him it didn't seem like that – complicated situation. The friction between Sienna and Michael felt a bit forced, I didn't really understand their problems with each other and each time they clashed it just felt unreal. So, parts I liked, parts I loved, but there's still so much I didn't understand fully even at the end. Maybe with further novels that will become clearer, but I really struggled here when I just couldn't work out who was doing what, and why. I need to know as much as I can, I like to work out alongside the story what's going on, and what may happen, but I felt I was working partly blind. There were occurrences and conversations looking back that I now think were possibly major reveals, and yet I glossed over them trying to work out other things. I think its one of those books that will open up far more on second and subsequent readings, for those that want to do that. I just wasn't engaged enough with the characters to do so :( Its a good long length which is needed as its so complex. Stars: three, a read that was really well written, but just didn't quite hook me in and absorb me fully.ARC supplied by Netgalley

  • Julie Dawson
    2018-10-23 11:00

    Trinity Stones (The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles) is yet another urban fantasy presenting a “strong” female protagonist who, despite all of her alleged strength, still ends up dependent on a man for her emotional stability. Part of the problem may be that the author could not decide whether or not she wanted to write an urban fantasy or a paranormal romance, so decided to cram both into one book. The end result is disappointing to fantasy readers but may appeal more to the romance crowd.The main character, Cara, strikes me as a bit of a Mary Sue. She’s not believable to me at all. She is supposed to be a 27 year old investment banker, but she acts much younger and immature for her position. She suffers from anxiety while pining for her married ex-boyfriend, but this feels like a contrived flaw in her character to mask the fact that she becomes so awesome in everything else. And, of course, this excess baggage sets up the pre-requisite love triangle that so often permeates the genre.The plot is needless convoluted in too many places, with most of the tension caused by characters not effectively communicating. This is one of those things I dislike in much Urban Fantasy; people keeping secrets because the plot requires them to keep the secret. Because once the secret comes out, you realize there was never a real reason for the information to be withheld beyond a doe-eyed “But I didn’t want to hurt you” or some other nonsense. It is a plot device that appeals to certain demographics, but for me it feels like something better suited for a soap opera.O’Connor is a talented writer. There is no mistaking that. She excels particularly with setting the mood for a scene and structuring her story with an even-handed pacing. Despite my irritation with Cara in general, O’Connor does a fine job of making the reader care about her on a personal level. All of this only makes me more frustrated with this book. This should have been an excellent stand-alone urban fantasy with an interesting protagonist. Instead, it is as if someone told the author, “Hey, paranormal romance serials are what sells, so write that,” and she took that advice to heart. In an attempt to cast too wide of a net in order to grab romance readers, the end result may alienate the fantasy readers the books claims are the target market.Reviewer Note: I was given a comp copy of this book for review.

  • Kari
    2018-10-21 13:00

    Trinity Stones is a unique take on the Angel/Nephilim genre. Cara's life changes when she finds out she has an immense inheritance coming her way. The catch is that she can't talk about it. Once she finds out the real reason behind it, she must decide if she will answer her calling. It turns out that she is a Seeker and part of a Trinity. As the Seeker, she will one day try to hep someone make the decision between good and evil. It's a bit convoluted, but as the story unfolds the idea becomes clearer. While a little slow at first, I ended up enjoying the story in the long run. In the beginning, I felt a bit disoriented and then there was a huge information dump. But once the real story got going, I loved it. I liked the idea of the trinity and stones. There is the Seeker, the Guardian and the Messenger. And in the middle is the Trinity stone, the one who needs the help. As I said earlier, it's a bit convoluted, but it makes sense as the story progresses. The characters were fun and interesting. I loved the bond between Simon and Cara. That their souls recognized each other was very sigh worthy. They were a lot of fun to watch. The book is filled with romance, science, angels and of course evil demons. This is a great debut book and the first of a promising series. I look forward to reading the next one!