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Every day it seems more difficult to explain to others what we believe and why. When our ideas and arguments fail to persuade them, what then? Is there another approach we can take? J. P. Moreland and Tim Muehlhoff offer a host of stories and illustrations from everyday life, history and pop culture to help Christians bolster their witness to friends and coworkers....

Title : The God Conversation: Using Stories and Illustrations to Explain Your Faith
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ISBN : 9780830834891
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 158 Pages
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The God Conversation: Using Stories and Illustrations to Explain Your Faith Reviews

  • Travis
    2018-10-20 08:32

    This is a helpful book to understand some real questions people may have about god and how you can answer them. How to have real conversations with people about Jesus.

  • Surea Njuki
    2018-11-04 13:23

    Very insightful examples of how to share your faith with others. I was truly blessed by this book.

  • Paul
    2018-10-19 13:22

    I thought this book was packaged rather misleadingly. I thought it would be more of a methodological approach to apologetic dialog. Rather, it's just another beginners apologetic book. It's just another way to package the same old stuff. Include some stories around beginning apologetic answers to defeaters or questions, and pretend you have something novel. Besides the level of answer being at that of junior high, I don't even agree with the majority of ways they went about presenting their particular apologetic answers. For instance, employing free will defenses, age of accountability, semi-pelagianism, and an incompetent deity isn't my idea of how to answer problems of evil. Not only that, the "illustrations" weren't that good either.There are far better introductory apologetic books - even ones from the particular philosophical and theological positions held by the authors - out there to learn from. Now, get one of those, and then include this piece of advice A:[A] Try to use stories and illustrations to make your point, conversation partners will be able to remember what you said more easily. You can find these illustrations in books, magazines, movies, music, and life in general. (Or get Mortimer Adler's How To Speak, How To Listen.)Now call the better introductory book, B. Using this formula:B + Ayou now have something better than "The God Conversation: Using Stories and Illustrations to Explain Your Faith."If you already have an introductory apologetic book, or you are aware of some that you want to get (and it's easy to find them), then do not get this book. It is a waste of money. The material is too simplistic and the attempt at a unique "selling point" was poorly done.This book is just a clever marketing tool to re-package the same old material that has been done to death, and done better, in other places. But if you want to be a "target market," then go ahead and drop the 10 bucks.

  • George
    2018-11-14 09:49

    Great introductory book to apologetics. I especially appreciate the fact that this is written for the church not the academy. That is highly laudable.Another plus is that they realise that theology matters. I am not on the same theological spectrum as the authors but i'm glad that they point out the fact that what you communicate will be informed by what you believe about the subject matter. I also appreciate the fact that they offer in the footnotes and bibliography varying perspectives within Christianity counter to their own which have considered the same objections to the Christian faith and which are worth reading for those who do not arrive at the same conclusions as they do.I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to share their faith with their neighbours, co-workers, shopkeepers etc. This is a highly practical book.

  • Jeremiah
    2018-10-31 08:47

    This book takes what the authors consider are the six greatest challenges to the Christian faith and shows the reader ways to integrate ideas, illustrations & examples from contemporary culture to more clearly and compellingly communicate the gospel message. If a reader comes to this book with a background in apologetics..well, not much new here; but that's not the point of the book. The authors integrate movies, current events, music, & pop culture to show the reader how to utilize the milieu that we all partake of to retell the gospel to a new generation.

  • Jennifer
    2018-10-27 10:36

    A good book if you have questions regarding God or faith, as it gives some good summaries of theological ideas. (and they quote CS Lewis a bit - how can you go wrong there?!) It just was not what I expected. I thought the illustrations would be more colorful story-like illustrations... like you hear in sermons.

  • Linda Smith
    2018-10-28 10:45

    Nope. Found this book unhelpful and annoying. Too fundamentalist for me. Presumes too much of the audience. Very disappointing.

  • Veronica
    2018-11-15 11:36

    My communications and rhetoric theory professor is the co-author of this book!

  • Jeffrey Backlin
    2018-10-17 14:33

    A collection of historic objections and problems to Christianity and analogies to help illustrate philosophical points.

  • Belebe
    2018-10-20 11:35

    An excellent book everyone should read! I felt more confident sharing experiences and stories with my friends now! And recognising opportunities and doors that God opens!