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Parents will love revisiting a fond part of their childhoods when they share these classic Dick and Jane readers with their children. With charmingly innocent exploits and simple, repetitive declarations, these beloved characters helped entire generations work, play, look, see--and learn And now they're available for a whole new generation to enjoy. "Look Jane," said Dick.Parents will love revisiting a fond part of their childhoods when they share these classic Dick and Jane readers with their children. With charmingly innocent exploits and simple, repetitive declarations, these beloved characters helped entire generations work, play, look, see--and learn And now they're available for a whole new generation to enjoy. "Look Jane," said Dick. "Here is something funny. Can you guess what it is?"...

Title : Fun With Dick And Jane
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ISBN : 9780613725125
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Fun With Dick And Jane Reviews

  • Steven Phillips
    2018-10-19 20:47

    i didnt understand this book at ALL. what is dick running from? is he gay? why isnt he trying to bang this chick? why was i forced to read this book FIVE fucking times just so i could write a report on it as punishment for drawing in it? my art is way more fucking interesting then the stupid lame plot is in this fucking piece of literary dung...

  • Janet
    2018-11-10 14:52

    This is how I learned to read before starting kindergarten in the mid 1950's. It is probably the most important book I ever read. I was a fan of Dick, Jane and Spot. I enjoyed the illustrations, because they gave me context cues, and/or the reward for knowing that I read the words correctly.I will not criticize the book for gender discrimination, since the book reflected the social norms of the day. It was not until I was about age 6 or 7, that I caught onto gender discrimination. Around that age, my brothers both got Davy Crockett toy rifles as gifts. Because I was a girl, I was given a musket which was clearly an inferior toy weapon. I totally missed Dr. Seuss as a way to learn to read. When I first saw Dr. Seuss books several years later, I thought they were total nonsense, which of course they were. I am still not a fan of Dr. Seuss books. I am not a fan of the characters, the words, or the illustrations. Fortunately, by then I had moved onto Nancy Drew books leaving Dr. Seuss "in the dust."

  • Kylee Lockridge
    2018-11-10 14:10

    This is a fun simple read for kids that are starting out reading.

  • Jeanne
    2018-11-09 20:07

    Love all these books

  • Bill Daniels
    2018-10-31 14:13

    This was the very first book I ever read!!!!!!Of course, the edition was printed years ago before I entered first grade at Jefferson School back in 1955.Mrs. White taught me and my classmates to read. She was a dour sort. As I recall, she took us through exercises that involved combinations of letters and words for different sounds on oblong cards. Then, she threw us in the deep end and dropped "Fun with Dick and Jane" on us.I grooved on it all easily and enthusiastically. I was in the "Blue Group." We were the gunners.It was all easy and fun. I did not consider that these exercises had much to do with the Bigger Picture.Until one miraculous day, I picked up a piece of Fleer Double Bubble gum at the IGA grocery on the corner for a penny. I popped the gum in my mouth and went looking for a little girl a year older than me. She was the go to person in the 'hood to read the four panel comic and the usually inscrutable fortune wrapped around the gum.After all, what did a six year old in Wichita, Kansas during the midi-fifties need to know about "fortune?"As I discovered, that would come later.I couldn't find the young girl whose name I forgot long again.I looked at the text on the inner wrapper.It suddenly, overwhelmingly overcame me! That wonder continues to this minute!!

  • Aurora
    2018-11-11 13:51

    For more of my reviews check out my website If you don't know Dick and Jane the books than you are obviously too young to be my friend. No, I'm kidding, but really.. where have you been?Dick and Jane were my friends, they helped me learn to read. When it comes to interest, they weren't so good. The stories are a little bland but the repetition and use of key vocabulary and sight words make them a must have for new readers.There is a lot of history behind these two characters, they've been in a lot of homes and helped a lot of children. Originally published in the 1930's, Dick and Jane were developed to help with a juvenile reading program. They were largely popular from the 30's until the 70's, and made into a film in 1977 (with a Jim Carey remake in 2005). Plus, like any good classic, it has stirred up some controversy! With accusations of plagiarism and discrimination they have continued to strive, they did add characters of different nationalities in later editions but those stories aren't as well known.I know that these aren't going to really boost a kids passion for reading. It isn't going to grab their tail feathers and make them want to keep going but Dick and Jane are a tried a true classic that will always have a place in my heart.

  • Jill
    2018-10-29 21:00

    Published- New York : Grosset & Dunlap, 2004, c1940. ISBN- 0-448-43411-3 (pbk.) Genre- Realistic FictionReading Level- Kindergarten-1st gradeThis is an easy reader for sure. This story is about a family with a mother, father, brother Dick, sister Jane and little sister Sally. Each of the children does a specific action throughout the book. There are 6 chapters starting with "Look Up", "Who Is It", "Something Pretty", "Where Is Sally", "Jane Helps Mother", and "A Funny Ride". These chapter titles are very true to what the chapter is about. The chapter "Something Pretty" I found to be charming and yet very stereotypical. The mother has on a bonnet with flowers that the two sisters think is pretty. They go outside and take flowers from the garden and put them on their bonnets to match their mother. They show them to their mother and she tells them they look pretty. This book is definitely accessible for younger readers, but the story is very simple and frankly boring.

  • Lori
    2018-10-21 18:50

    Dick and Jane books have been a part of my library since I was a child. I like the repetitive structure the books have. By following Dick and Jane on their adventures, children learn about movement, colors, manners, and having fun. This a great book for the beginner reader. The words are simple and can be sounded out. The repetition of the words help children learn how to say and use the word correctly.

  • Christina
    2018-11-05 20:08

    (Decodable) This is a classic book for beginning readers. Students are able to follow the story of Dick and Jane and all of the activities they can do together. There are other characters like spot (the dog) and baby. The book is set up as a great way to sight read, with simple sentence structure. The illustrations are very helpful for struggling readers as well.

  • Amanda V
    2018-10-15 19:01

    This story is a classic introductory piece of literature for beginning readers and uses easy to sound out words and repetition to help students read. The story line is relatively simple, explaining all of the things that Dick and Jane can do together, but the illustrations are great and really help students make the connection between what they are reading and the story.

  • Linda
    2018-11-11 16:52

    One of the first of the Dick and Jane series, this book is very repetitious and introduces students to common everyday words including those related to play. Although some terms are somewhat dated, i.e. Father and Mother, the books can be readily understood and include terms all children should know.

  • Kirsten Cook
    2018-10-28 18:54

    I absolutely hated this book and series! I was taught to read when I turned four by my mother and I just hated the repetition, pictures, and everything of this book it did not spark my interest at all.I remember vividly sitting in our Ford Expedition on a rainy day in a Tom Thumb parking lot crying trying to read this book, to this day when I see this book I remember that memory.

  • Andrew
    2018-10-31 22:13

    I remember being bored by this book when I first read it, probably in first grade, though the illustrations are more engaging than the text. We had more interesting children's books at home, and my parents read them to us. 'Dick and Jane' did help me to learn to read. I sounded out the words but the story was bland after hearing Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm and Dr. Seuss.

  • Samantha Van Prooyen
    2018-10-19 21:11

    Literally the ONLY reason I read this was for the "moms favorite book" part of the 50 book challenge. I asked her for her favorite book and this is what she handed me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The other option was Apaches by Lorenzo Carcaterra but at this point in the year, I don't have time for lengthy books.

  • Vanessa
    2018-10-29 14:56

    Dang! I just can't seem to keep apace with Kevin and Heather's reading. Maybe if I try something more at my level I'll be able to read faster. Fabulous book! Clearly written, fast paced and a quick read!

  • Beth
    2018-11-10 16:02

    Gabriel can read! ~does the happy dance~ETA: As repetitous and boring to me as these books are, Gabriel is able to go through them easily and with only a little help which boosts his confidence greatly. I guess that was the point of these boooks, eh? :o)

  • Daniel
    2018-10-16 22:14

    I read ahead of the reading group. I asked my teacher what a word I did not know was. She told me I was not supposed to have read that far and to wait. I think that's when I began to wonder about the educational system.

  • Tony
    2018-10-16 21:47

    The first book I ever read. It's where it all started. Dick was a cool kid; he got to do all the good stuff while Jane just stood by and watched. Spot was the unsung hero. This was truly a WASP experience.

  • Andrew Pritchard
    2018-11-06 20:09

    This is the book from which I first learned to read, therefore I guess it is the book which actually hooked me on reading, though honestly as I remember it it was pretty dull and boring as far as plot went. Nonetheless, it is a good book for teaching children how to read.

  • Kevin Frost
    2018-11-01 22:01

    Kind of boring. Not that much happens.

  • Jessie Lee-jones
    2018-11-07 21:48

    Jane loves Dick.

  • Michele Lacroix
    2018-11-01 18:54

    this is the first book I ever read. yes it's simple,but for a five year old this book is pretty simple and that's what they need

  • Meagan Gamblin
    2018-11-08 21:03

    This is possibly the first book that I ever read, and helped me be able to read BEFORE kindergarten!

  • Rich
    2018-11-03 18:44

    Dick rocks but sometimes was a Dick Wad. Jane was too plain. What did he see in her?

  • Bethany
    2018-11-10 19:57

    The first book I ever remember reading. I was sitting at my desk in 1st grade and remember the words suddenly making sense.

  • Glen C
    2018-10-27 13:54

    My first reading book. A treasure.

  • Jakob
    2018-10-31 15:03

    Why Dick and Jane can't read is essential reading as to why these are not good books to teach children how to read.

  • Libby Provines
    2018-10-19 14:46

    This book taught me to read - I love it!

  • Michael Latimer
    2018-10-22 16:57

    first book I read

  • Blake
    2018-10-15 18:49

    Hey I was a kid and this was a book I liked.