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Introducing The Chatsfield in this fantastic prequel, USA Today Bestselling author Melanie Milburne, invites you to step into the gilded world of the world’s most exclusive luxury hotel empire! Where secrets lurk behind every door… A whisper, a rumour, a scandal! Glitz, luxury and decadence – Juliet Montague should be having the time of her life. Her friend’s hen partyIntroducing The Chatsfield in this fantastic prequel, USA Today Bestselling author Melanie Milburne, invites you to step into the gilded world of the world’s most exclusive luxury hotel empire!Where secrets lurk behind every door…A whisper, a rumour, a scandal!Glitz, luxury and decadence – Juliet Montague should be having the time of her life. Her friend’s hen party is being held at the extravagant Chatsfield Hotel, London, but surrounded by perfect, ultra-stylish women, each with rings on their fingers, a fake fiancé seems her only defence.Until that very same fake fiancé arrives at the party! Now she must persuade Marcus Bainbridge, her older brother’s gorgeous best friend, not to give the game away. But as the charade deepens, will the lines between what’s real and what’s fantasy start to blur…?Welcome to The Chatsfield, London!...

Title : Engaged at The Chatsfield
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ISBN : 21401758
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Engaged at The Chatsfield Reviews

  • StMargarets
    2019-04-17 14:31

    Sweet little engagement of convenience story that introduces the Chatsfield hotel and (perhaps) some of the characters in that series. There is absolutely nothing new or unexpected in this story of an "ugly duckling" academic who invents a fiance to save herself embarrassment at her rich bitch friend's hen party at the Chatsfield. The only name that came to mind was the H, her older brother's childhood friend, and unfortunately, he turns up at the hotel to sell his yacht plans to one of the Chatsfields. H is a good guy and goes along with the fictional engagement. Since this is a short novella, there is barely any conflict. The black moment is whether he will keep a business appointment or be by the h's side at a dinner party. This was a free a while back and I never got around to reading it. It's a nice mental break if you're stuck in a waiting room somewhere.

  • Dee
    2019-04-09 12:37

    Julia attends a hen weekend held at The Chatsfield with friends that she had gone to school with, a group of ladies that she never felt she fit in with, a group that were the typical skinny well dressed women who all had super rich fiancé’s which of course she didn’t have. In order to feel part of the group Julia lies and says she has a fiancé and when questioned who he was she stumbles and gives the impression that her mystery man is none other than Marcus, a man who is well known to the group, a man who is her brother’s best friend, a man who she has loved since she was in her mid-teens……Unbeknown to her Marcus is due to arrive at The Chatsfield as he has a business meeting with the owner of the hotel, and once he realises what she has done he goes along with the lie and before they know it it all spins out of control.Obviously being a novella everything happens really quickly and it doesn’t really have a lot to do with The Chatsfield so quite honestly I struggled to see the point of the book. I found the story a bit annoying, having the typical spiteful member of the group constantly playing on Julia’s insecurities, Julia making up lies in order to fit in ….It all just reminded me of silly school girls in the playground rather than women who were supposed to be around 29 years of age!A bit of a shame really as I don’t think the story did the series any justice…..After all this was supposed to be the kick off to this grand series, a story to attract readers and convince them to collect all the books, unfortunately in my opinion it fell flat! ARC courtesy of Harlequin via Netgalley

  • Kaycee ❤️
    2019-04-06 11:35

    Perfect filler while I make up my mind what to read next!

  • Patty
    2019-04-19 15:37

    4 starsFirst ImpressionI actually first came across Engaged at The Chatsfield while scrolling for new books on iBooks one night. After reading the synopsis I knew this was going to be a book I would love! Two nights later I was on NetGalley and came across the same book! I automatically requested it knowing I would love it and would want to share my review.Opening Lines"How many calories are there in a caramel-swirl cupcake? Juliet typed into her smartphone on the way to the Chatsfield Hotel for a hen's party hight tea."The GoodEngaged at The Chatsfield is a prequel in The Chatsfield series and while others may complain it's too short I actually highly enjoyed it. Melanie Milburne had me laughing many times while reading it. I think part of the reason why I enjoyed this so much is I pictured it as a movie, a chic-flick that you would catch on TV. 'Juliet?'It was as if an invisible wall had come down in front of her. She stopped dead. Froze. Then she slowly turned to face him. For a moment her face was as white as the polka dots on her cute retro dress, but then her cheeks went as cherry-red as the background fabric. 'M-Marcus?' Her voice came out like a squeak.Poor Juliet. She told a lie that completely snowballed out of control! Enter Marcus Bainbridge, good looking but always manages to say the wrong thing. I found the banter between them to be very entertaining. The development between Marcus and Juliet was well laid out, Marcus was trying hard not to cross the line while Juliet was basically instigating for him to give up control and accept the connection between them. With all the reason for Marcus not to give in he finally has a breakthrough of just how much Juliet means to him, I only wish that part was stretched out a bit more."Just because I'm not a size zero doesn't mean I can't find a man. If I wanted to I could go right out there now and hook up with someone.''Not while you're wearing my ring, you won't.'She swivelled back to look at him archly. 'It's not your ring, remember?'Marcus scooped up his wallet and phone off the writing desk. 'No, but it soon will be.'The Bad / The In-Between- NothingLasting ImpressionOverall, Engaged at The Chatsfield was a hilarious and entertaining read! I couldn't stop giggling and I loved the development between Marcus and Juliet. I'm highly excited and looking forward to this series! Give it a try, what do you have to lose? It's free on Amazon, B&N, Kobo and ibooks! Purchase links can be found above. Do I recommend it? Yes. Would I buy it? Double YES!

  • Fiona Marsden
    2019-03-26 14:35

    This is a great little taster for the Chatsfield series, introducing us to The star of the series, The Chatsfield Hotel, one of those smish places only the rich and famous and very discerning go to.Juliet is there by default, for a hens weekend with a bunch of girls she went to school with but never really belonged. All the skinny well dressed girls were able to boast of super duper fiancés so when Juliet is asked, of course she doesn't want to mention she hasn't had a relationship for years since her last boyfriends wrecked what little confidence she had.All it takes is a little white lie, and indication that there is someone, and she should be home and hosed. When they guess it's Marcus Bainbridge, her brother's best friend it's kind of awkward but he's somewhere in the middle east so not likely to find out.She doesn't count on two things. Marcus Bainbridge has just arrived back from the Middle East for a job interview at The Chatsfield. And social media. Before she has time to explain properly to Marcus what is going on, the news of their engagement is going viral.From there, there is only one place to go...the luxury suite at The Chatsfield appointed to the engaged couple.This is a fun story with Marcus and Juliet thrown together in the best way. There are lots of reasons not to give into their attraction...but even more reasons for them to succumb.

  • Amafle
    2019-04-19 11:17

    Otra serie multiautor que comienza muy bien. Ya quiero saber sobre ese hotel y sus dueños.

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-03-20 15:36

    prequel to the new Chatsfield miniseries!

  • Jan
    2019-03-29 15:09

    This is the prequel to the Chatsfield books. Short however such a delight. What does happen when a lie snowballs out of control? Poor Julie who has to count calories before a tea party. Always never felt good enough, not pretty enough, too fat against her 0 sized friend who was getting engaged or others already engaged. Wrong assumption, and a name and suddenly she was engaged to Marcus who was supposed to be in Dubai, so how could he possibly find out. Hello..... How easily one little white lie can create even bigger ones and yes the supposed fiance suddenly was there in the same hotel at the same time..... oops. Now she was in trouble. Will he understand? One will have to read to find out. I did enjoy this so much. First book out is Sheikh's scandal by Lucy Monroe. Followed by another Melanie Milburne book which was a fantastic read. Welcome to Chatsfield, the scandal, the passion, the hotels.....

  • Helen
    2019-04-20 09:32

    This is a great story it is the prequel to the Chatsfield continuity and I very much enjoyed this one Juliet Montague is invited to the Chatsfield Hotel in London for a hens party weekend she has always felt a little beneath these friends of hers and when she tells a small white lie about being engaged to her brothers best friend Marcus Bainbridge this story really hots up as both Juliet and Marcus have always felt something for each other and when pushed together this makes them both realize the truth a sensual heartwarming story that I fell into.

  • Megzy
    2019-03-26 08:18

    2.5 stars And so it is.. the introduction to the Chatsfield world. The only thing that connects this book to the series is the story takes place in the London Chatsfield hotel.

  • Ash
    2019-04-17 14:24

    Was ok.Not that much of a story

  • Tessie
    2019-03-26 08:15

    This is one of those really short prequel novels (61 pages) that serves as an intro or a teaser to a Harlequin series. I have no idea where it came from, but it has been sitting on my shelf for years, so I figured I'd get it out of the way. The storyline isn't a bad premise for a Harlequin novel, however because it is so short, in time and length, nothing is believable. *spoilers* (view spoiler)[Juliet is an emotionally fragile girl with manipulative friends. She doesn't want to admit she is single, so she hints at a lover and then the "friend" jumps to the conclusions, Juliet doesn't correct her, and then the fake fiancé shows up. They argue, he buys her a real ring for her to wear to keep up the lie until the weekend is over, she admits she likes him, they sleep together, he realizes he likes her, he skips an important business meeting to have dinner with her and her friends, and later proposes for real. (hide spoiler)] Overall, I'm not sure I want to read the rest of the series.

  • Fanny
    2019-04-04 11:11

    Soy una gran fan de este tipo de sagas en las que conocemos a un monton de personajes que van consiguiendo su propia historia con el paso de los libros, hace que le coja mucho cariño a los personajes.Engaged At The Chatsfield fue una lectura rapida y entretenida, me sorprendio que me gustara tanto, quizas porque al leer la sinopsis no me parecio que la novela fuera a ser tan atrapante.Definitivamnete una gran precuela para una serie que tiene muy buena pinta ( y que continuare leyendo ).2.75 Estrellas!

  • Barbara
    2019-04-13 14:36

    This is the first in the Harlequin Presents series that I've read, and I've never read anything by this author before. Some of the English terminology made me chuckle. All in all, it was a quick read about a young woman with low self confidence trying to fit in with her society friends. Trying to fit in causes Juliet to invent a fake fiance, who just happens to show up at the same hotel where she is attending a "hen" party for one of her friends. Busted!

  • Laura
    2019-04-16 13:15

    algo raro que al ser introductorio de la serie no toque mucho el tema de la familia como se supondría pero a pesar de esto,debo decir que es de los que más me han gustado en lo que llevo leído

  • Karen
    2019-04-09 11:26

    I wished it wasn't so short, it was getting good and then it ended too soon.

  • Brie
    2019-03-21 15:35

    To be honest probably more deserving of 2 stars, but I gave it 3 because of how much I related to the heroine and the clear promise of better things to comeOk this book is just an 80 page prequel to the series and so I wasn't expecting a particularly great read. And that's a good thing. The book was decent, the story enjoyable and the writing clear, but overall it just didn't do it for me. This is one of the extremely rare occasions where I liked the heroine more than the hero. A lot more. Like to be honest, I kinda couldn't stand him. I never felt like he really cared for her or that anything happened to make him fall in love with her. And the way he kept changing his mind was very annoying. I mean sleeping with your best friend's little sister is obviously something you shouldn't just do without thinking of the consequences, but he kept going from frigid to boiling every other paragraph. He was the one who kissed her first then pushed her away then said nothing could happen then sought her out and purposefully seduced her then almost said the night before was a mistake then acted like he had never intended to hurt her then blew off a career-changing major meeting just to go to dinner with her and confess his undying affection for her. His emotions were one roller coaster I couldn't wait to get off. And the work thing was odd, if the meeting was that important I feel like their fling could have happened without interfering, it doesn't make sense that he would take the chance of losing something he's been working his whole life towards so he could get the girl, not when I feel like he easily could have gotten both with no damage done to either. The meeting was this important thing that was always looming (so much so that they even talked about it during sex) but in the end he just blew it off. He sounded hot but that's about where the attraction to him ended.Her on the other hand I actually rather enjoyed. She was the usual weak-willed, overly innocent and gentle heroine I've come to expect and shockingly like out of most Harlequin Presents novels, but so much of her character reminded me of myself that it lead to me kinda liking her weakness instead resenting it. She's supposedly a thicker girl (though not according to that cover, the girl on there is high grade pornstar material), she's very self-conscious, she lets her friends kinda push her around but still loves them, and she's a booknerd who just wants to spend every day in the library (definitely me). There was one thing she said and the second I read it I thought "ok no matter what happens from here on, I like her and this book and I'm giving it at least a semi-decent review."I do look forward to the other books in the series, they dropped several characters throughout this one that sounded interesting (especially "ruthless" Christos) and hopefully the next books with be better. This was a nice starter for the series, but I just couldn't love the hero and come on, when reading a romance novel, you kinda gotta have someone to swoon over ;)

  • Desere
    2019-03-31 09:30

    When Juliet shows up to a hen's party weekend at the luxurious Chatsfield, she has no idea her feelings of insecurity will get the better of her. But they do, and quite spectacularly too. She makes up a quick lie about being engaged to her brother's best friend Marcus.It is just for one weekend , there after she can make it go away right? Wrong! Marcus checks in at the same hotel minutes later. Of course he is outraged, yet silently delighted.He has always harbored a strong love for Juliet, but held back as who wants to get involved with a woman when her brother warns " Do my little sister and I 'll break your kneecaps". But when she comes walking out all dressed up and ready to get down and dirty with any guy that looks her way, simply because the engagement is as fake as can be, Marcus is not so dead set on keeping his distance any longer, he wants her naked and screaming his name all night long, friendship loyalty be damned ! This book is the prequel to the brand new Mills and Boon The Chatsfied series and starts us off by taking us behind the doors of rooms that hold great secrets, scandals and passion blazed sheets.I really loved this read, it was short enough to just, just give me enough glimpse into the Chatsfield world to let me know what type of scandals and hype will be coming in the series.The focus of the read is of course on our stellar couple Marcus and Juliet and wow what a story ! I fell head over heals in love with Marcus from the minute the man goes all "I' ll save the day' and buys a stunning engagement ring, completely melted my heart on the spot!Juliet was fun and exciting but also a very sad character, with trying to blend in all the time. I could understand her reasoning behind it, and it blended in very nicely in bringing her and Marcus together.The read was short and sweet as can be expected , it is only a prequel, but the author packed all the emotion, passion and intrigue needed to rope me in and make me beg for more, which is never easy to do when a book is only eight chapters long. Well done Melanie! I am taking away a message of life has it's little this and that moments but when the moment pops up, grab the chance and you might just end up in the arms of the one you have loved all your life.A fun, passionate, hot and very super sexy read, which I highly recommend !5/5 star review " Real diamond, fake diamond, who cares, this engagement is about to get wild and wonderful"

  • Valerie
    2019-03-20 08:08

    I read book one of this series before I read this little prequel and I'm glad I did. I fell in love with the idea and went back to read this one. I might not have continued if I had started with this one.Here's what worked..I love the series idea of stories that are set around The Chatsfield hotel chain. It's beautiful places and beautiful people kinda stories - very escape oriented. The Chatsfield family is also very tied to the series and I'm interested to learn about the different kids. I'm already wondering about Lucas and what's up with him.I really love this premise. Girl pretends to be engaged with guy and guy shows up at the event. Yeah, that has fun written all over it.I love the idea of the sister falling for the brother's best friend. Those stories are always yummy. These two had a history and already cared for each other. The chemistry is there, at least since their Christmas almost kiss. Marcus is fighting the best friends sister issue and his commitment to his job. He doesn't see the possibility of more in his life. He needs convincing. What convinces him was perfect. It happened fast but I totally loved it.I so loved the scene where Marcus finds out that Juliet is pretending to be engaged to HIM. It happens in mixed company and he has to decide if he will play along. Totally cute.They are hot together and it's clear they should be together.Here's what didn't work...It was too short. It's a prequel and a novella but at only 61 pages, it was just too short for me. It does a good job of introducing the hotel chain and some of the family. It's clear that there are some interesting stories here but I wanted more of this story.I just felt like another 50 pages would have made this so much better. Maybe a little more awkward before they fell together and a little more trying to resist would have made it better. It could be the love of pretending in me that feels this way but I just wanted more pretending.While I love the cover, it doesn't match the story much. Juliet feels like she doesn't fit in with the elite she's hanging out with. Her clothes, her extra curves, her more plain looks are all part of why she made up the story in the first place. That women on the cover fits just fine in the world of The Chatsfield. I prefer covers that fit the story.

  • Les Romantiques
    2019-03-25 10:15

    Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherFirst official volume in the multiple authors’ series titled The Chatsfield, this short story was published on 1st May 2014. Except the name of the hotel and the fact we see from afar Lucca Chatsfield, the hero of the next installment, there’s no link with the other volumes. The reader can skip this story without being bothered in his understanding. The only thing to know is that it’s Melanie Milburne who is the author of the Playboy’s lesson, which is due this month too.I’m used to read short stories. It’s a style which allows me sometimes to test an author. But it’s also an exercise that’s not so easy and when the story is too fast, it means the author didn’t make a success of it. It’s the case with Melanie Milburne and the reason why I found the story average.On one side, the turnaround of Marcus Bainbridge, the hero, is too quick and sudden. What saves the novel from a bad rating is that the two main characters have known each other for a very long time, and that they’ve been attracted to each other for several months. The heroine even is in love with him.I also found Juliet Montague, the heroine, too naïve and she lets too easily people walk over her, included the hero. It’s for that reason she makes her girl friends believe she’s betrothed to Marcus. For the all story, I’ve not seen her even one time rebel against the nastiness of her so-called friends who accept her in their circle only because she’s the star of the moment’s sister. Quite the opposite, like a good naïve she is, she’s happy to be in the gang. Hum.So this story is average and we’ll retain few things after the reading. I still want to see what the author will tell us about Lucca Chatsfield, the first heir of the family to finally appear in this series. Indeed, I remind you that Sheikh’s scandal by Lucy Monroe tells us the story of the founder of the hotel chain’s illegitimate daughter, who therefore doesn’t bear his name.

  • Cynthia
    2019-04-08 10:07

    This is a wonder teaser for the Chatsfield series I totally enjoyed this short read. What a lovely read to give you a taste of this authors style. It was a story way too short, a wonderful read of love, misunderstanding, long, needs, and family. All it takes is one little lie to snowball into head shaking OMG what have I done. Then to get caught in the lie by you suppose finance was just too much. That just gets the ball started and lord does it roll, Marcus is one heck of a stand up man for not letting the cat out of the bag. He stood up for Juliet never letting her friends know she lied. Marcus has for months wanted Juliet, he didn’t act on that because of being a family friend. Juliet has wanted Marcus for longer then she can remember. She has made a fool of herself more than once over him, it doesn’t look like she is done, when Marcus is around the fool comes out in her. Juliet has a bad relationship that made her see herself as fat, unless with never finding a man who can love her as she is. Marcus might be the man to show her just how beautiful she really is. One thing is standing in his way, his friendship with her brother. They grew up together and he doesn’t want to hurt his relationship with her family or her. This was a delightful short story with passion, longing and needs to be fulfilled. It was way to short but a nice read that will keep you smiling one minute and then next saying OMG oh crap. It is the perfect way to bring Chatsfield series into focus. I highly recommend this if you looking for a short, sassy read that make you smile and give you chuckles. Nothing to serious just a read that is hot with style.At the time of this post this book is a few read.

  • Sonya Heaney
    2019-04-05 12:12

    Originally posted HERE.This was very short. I was expecting something short, but my copy ended at the 80% mark, so I got even less story than I expected!I’ve read some things by this author before, and she’s a solid writer who draws you in. It also makes such a difference to read something set in Britain that’s actually written by an author familiar with British English – the language is very different, in a very good way.The issues I had with this story were pretty standard because of the length. This is one of the fastest-moving relationships I’ve ever read about. We go from zero to everything in not much more than a few hours. Of course it always helps when hero and heroine have a past connection, as these two do. However it was still Very Fast.I do like the poor downtrodden heroine done well, and you are going to feel sorry for this heroine in this story. I would have preferred fewer references to how thin blondes were ruining her life. The other female characters were all a bit high school-cliquey, which is simply not my experience with grown women anywhere but also a staple of this romance genre, unfortunately.I would be interested in reading more in this series, preferably a longer story with a bit more to the relationship development. I was never much of a reader of the Presents line in the past, but recently I’ve found a few gems.Review copy provided by NetGalley.

  • Lynda
    2019-03-25 09:36

    Kendra Ashford’s bachelorette party invitation left Juliet Montague feeling inadequate and ashamed to be the only unattached female in the Kendra Clan. Dreading the pity looks and comments at the party, Juliet lied about an engagement with a friend of the family with no thought of possible consequences until her supposed fiancé appeared at the Chatsfield Hotel leaving Juliet and Marcus Bainbridge faced with media frenzy. To avoid harm to Juliet’s reputation and contain possible damage to Marcus’s business proposal, a compromise was reached with expected results.“Engaged at The Chatsfield” was a prequel to be followed with eight books from May to December 2014. The thin book can be easily read in a short length of time, especially good for people with a small window of time to read. Using a female character of average weight instead of the pencil-thin size and the desire to fit in an accepted crowd was easily relatable to many women. The characters were likeable and believable. Unfortunately because of the limited pages in the book, development of the characters were minimal, perhaps as the other books are published the characters will be further developed in stages. Contemporary touches of smart phones and social media played a role in the story.This review was based on the book I received free from Harlequin’s Facebook Giveaway.

  • audrey
    2019-04-07 16:20

    Juliet Montague desperately wants to be a part of Kendra's posh clique and being invited to her party at the luxurious Chatsfield hotel is more than Juliet could hope for. Not wanting to feel out of place Juliet tells a small white lie but it quickly snowballs into a comedic turn of events. Now Juliet must rely on her friend Marcus to keep up the appearance of them being engaged for the weekend or both of their reputations could be damaged. This is the prequel to The Chatsfield continuity series, it can also be read as a stand alone.Engaged At The Chatsfield is a short story that introduces The Chatsfield series from Harlequin Presents. I enjoyed reading the story, its lively prose keeps the tone light and engaging. It was amusing how each small lie led to more drama.I liked the setting of the Chatsfield hotel and it was fun to see glimpses of the characters that will be in future books. Both the main characters were likeable and I liked how their romance was allowed to gradually develop despite the strange course of events. The ending was abrupt though it hints at the course the couple will take. I wish the story had been longer because I enjoyed reading it so much but it made me excited to continue reading The Chatsfield series.[Disclaimer: I won a copy of this book through a Twitter giveaway.]

  • Anissa
    2019-04-18 16:30

    This was just okay and mostly that's owing to the main character, Juliet. Even in romance, I need a heroine that I can root for & even if not like, care about. Juliet was far too lacking in self-confidence, awareness and general self-esteem for me to cheer for her plight. The premise of Juliet telling the women at the hen party she's attending that she's engaged to the highley desireable Marcus was fine but it became very quickly irritating after meeting these women. None of them is actually a friend to Juliet and she herself knows that she's only been invited because of her actor brother being the flavor of the moment, so why she's so keen to impress these women is beyond me. The lengths she goes to to fit in is nothing short of middle school and I just didn't like, identify with or find it compelling. Thankfully, it's a short story and as the HEA was required, I have no quarrel with it. For what it is, it's fine. I did enjoy the setting of the hotel and while I'm no longer terribly eager to continue with the series (because I will not endure another main character in the vein of Juliet), I may give another in the series a read. For the right price. If you want a quick read & you're in the mood for standard romantic tropes, go for it.

  • Tima
    2019-03-20 15:28

    Juliet has been in love with her brother's best friend Marcus for as long as she can remember. So while at a friend's hen party she lets it slip that Marcus is her fiance. She never expects him to show up at the hotel. He isn't exactly thrilled to be playing a part to her impulsiveness, but agrees to play along. I was given a paper copy of this book. So until the book arrived in my hands, I was unaware of how tiny the book would be. It is 74 pages long. So while the premise of the story is fun, it just felt way too rushed. The male character goes from barely knowing the female character existed to wanting marriage in just a couple of days. Because the story is so short, the characters lacked developement and none of the sub characters or stories were completed. It left me feeling frustrated that it ended so abruptly, instead of wanting to read more. And just a tiny pet peeve. The woman on the cover isn't even remotely close to the description in the book.I received this book free of charge from Goodreads in exchange for my honest review.

  • **✿❀ Maki ❀✿**
    2019-04-19 16:26

    This is a promotional prequel to the Chatsfield series.The overall concept reminded me a lot of the Better Date than Never series by Susan Hatler, in that the stories are more connected by the location than by the characters.I enjoyed the whole "pretend to have a fiancee, and then the guy actually shows up and has to pretend to be her fiancee" thing, but I felt that it moved way too fast, even for a novella.I swear I almost got whiplash from how quickly Marcus changed his mind about Juliet.You could also feel that the story wanted to focus on other things - certain characters who were barely mentioned in the story were given more attention than Juliet, at times. She ended up being completely overshadowed whenever what I assume are future characters showed up.As a promotional piece, Engaged did its job. As a story, it could have (and should have) spent more time on Juliet and Marcus.

  • Sue
    2019-03-27 13:35

    I won "Engaged at the Chatsfield", a Harlequin romance by Melanie Milburne through the Goodreads Giveaway Contest. I hadn't expected this book to be so short, but it was still a relaxing read on a Sunday afternoon.Juliet Montague is invited to an elite weekend, celebrating Klendra Ashford's bachelorette party, at the Chatsfield Hotel in London. In order to fit in with Klendra's snobby friends, she says she has a fiancé, so she isn't the only girl without an engagement ring. But the lie would be discovered when her big brother's best friend, Marcus Bainbridge showed up.For one weekend, Juliet would belong and mingle with the rich and famous. High Tea at the London Chatsfield was an event not to be missed.But how would Marcus react to the lie...and would he play along with it...or reveal the truth?

  • Trudy Miner
    2019-04-17 10:07

    Juliet Montague is invited to her friend's hen party at the Chatsfield Hotel, downtown London, only the most exclusive hotel around. Unfortunately, Juliet's friends are all super rich, beautiful, pampered and stylish which she is not. Put on the spot, Juliet declares that she's engaged to Marcus Bainbridge whom she's sure is out-of-the country until Marcus shows up at the same hotel! Marcus is her brother's best friend and she's had a crush on him all her life; now to convince him to go along with the charade until the weekend is over! But as they spend time together, it becomes less of a charade and more of the real thing.A very short novella prequel to the Chatsfield series, this would have been great as a full-length novel. As a stand-alone it left me wanting more. I won this novella through an online contest.

  • Hsiau Wei
    2019-03-21 11:14

    Juliet is attending a hen weekend with her girlfriends whom she went to school with at the Chatfield hotel. She feel inferior compared to them with their skinny bodies and dressing sense. Hence, when she was asked about her relationship, she told a lie. She said she was engaged to his brother’s best friend, Marcus knowing that he is nowhere near the hotel and is unlikely to find out. However, things changed when Marcus arrived at the hotel for a job interview with the hotel management. It is a short prequel story of the series that I find it too short to my liking. It have a pretty good plot but too short for it to developed into something more. Overall, it is a delightful reads for me albeit it is too short a story.