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Humiliated.That's how Anastasia Krupnik feels whenever she tries to climb the ropes in gym class. How come everyone else can climb up those hateful ropes?Since Anastasia has decided to become a journalist, it should be easy to answer most questions. Then why can't she understand about Daphne Bellingham's parents' divorce? And why can't she please Ms. Willoughby in gym clasHumiliated.That's how Anastasia Krupnik feels whenever she tries to climb the ropes in gym class. How come everyone else can climb up those hateful ropes?Since Anastasia has decided to become a journalist, it should be easy to answer most questions. Then why can't she understand about Daphne Bellingham's parents' divorce? And why can't she please Ms. Willoughby in gym class?Finally Anastasia thinks she has the answers! When a team of foreign educators comes to visit her school, she plans a big surprise that will amaze her classmates, Ms. Willoughby, and the visitors. What will she do when her big moment arrives?...

Title : Anastasia Has the Answers
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ISBN : 9780440400875
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Anastasia Has the Answers Reviews

  • Kricket
    2019-03-30 12:34

    "oh world! i cannot hold thee close enough..."

  • Emily
    2019-03-23 15:11

    Anastasia decidedly does not have the answers. Anastasia's Aunt Rose dies, which is dealt with rather insensitively and cavalierly by both the author and her characters, and Uncle George comes to stay with the Krupniks for a while. Anastasia wastes no time in trying to set him up with eligible females. Another subplot to the story is that most of the females Anastasia knows are man-less, something Anastasia sees as quite the travesty. For such a notably humanist author, this is a rather sexist worldview. The final thread of the story is that Anastasia is incapable of climbing a rope in gym class. This is prominent on the cover of every edition of this book, but largely a non-story. Anastasia can't climb a rope. She practices quite a lot, then learns to climb the rope. Obviously.Really, as much as I like the Anastasia books, I was not pleased with this one at all.

  • Rosie Flo
    2019-04-03 08:15

    Love this book!H my mother loved these books when she was my age, and recommended them to me. So glad she did! Lois Lowry is a genius! Would really recommend this book for anyone seeking a fun read.

  • Emily
    2019-04-18 09:16

    I honestly love all of the Anastasia books. They are funny, and relatable, and real and great.

  • Bradly
    2019-03-20 09:13

    Fun lil story about doing your best though the kids didn’t love it they were entertained enough.

  • Liz
    2019-04-07 09:20

    Another delightful story featuring Anastasia Krupnik. The neat thing about this book was her attempts at writing an article that answered the journalists questions of Who-What-When-Where-Why, which she did at the end of every chapter. Category: realistic, juvie fiction.

  • Katie Fitzgerald
    2019-03-26 11:29

    This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.In the sixth novel of the series Anastasia Krupnik is asking the important questions: who, what , where, when, why, and how. The answers ought to be simple enough, but things are complicated for Anastasia by her adoration for her gym teacher, her inability to climb ropes like the rest of her classmates and her little brother Sam’s fascination with reenacting the funeral of their recently deceased aunt. I feel like I repeat myself a lot in my posts about this series, but each addition is truly every bit as enjoyable as the last. The dialogue is spot-on, the characters are memorable and believable, and Anastasia’s positive attitude and sense of humor in the face of adolescent embarrassment are both entertaining and comforting. I was struck this time by how much I enjoyed Sam’s strangeness, and I found myself laughing out loud each time he found a new way of reenacting his aunt’s funeral procession and burial. This might seem morbid, but it rings perfectly true for Sam’s age and personality, and for the overall tone of the series. As a person who hated gym class as a teenager, I would have related strongly to this book had I read it in seventh or eighth grade. I also loved the fact that Anastasia’s gym teacher wears a sweatshirt bearing the name of my alma mater, Vassar College. The overall sensibility of the story is still very dated, but Anastasia’s awkward adolescent experiences are universal, and with the right book talk, I think certain kids could still be sold on the series. It would really help, though, if the books could get some decent new covers.

  • Heather
    2019-03-20 10:17

    At the start of Anastasia Has the Answers, we learn that Anastasia (who is 13 now) has decided she wants to be a journalist, which helps to give a pleasing structure to the book. She's learned that journalists should think about the "Who, what, when, where, and why" of the situation behind the piece they're writing, and should answer those questions near the beginning: each chapter ends with an excerpt from Anastasia's notebook in which she puts a journalistic spin on whatever's been going on, and we get to see her crossed-out initial drafts as well as her final result. As with some of the other books in this series, some of the plot/conflict centers around some ill-fated plan that Anastasia comes up with—though I was pleased that the plans in this book were less stressful than in some of the others. First: Anastasia's Uncle George, whose wife has just died suddenly, comes to visit from LA, and Anastasia decides she should try to set him up with someone, maybe her friend Daphne's mom (Daphne's parents are getting divorced). Meanwhile, Anastasia has been struggling to learn to climb a rope in gym class, and decides she wants to teach herself how and unveil her newfound skill at a demonstration her class will give to a team of visiting foreign educators. The first plan is not such a great idea, but Anastasia doesn't push it too hard: she's busier with the second plan, especially because she totally has a crush on her (female) gym teacher and wants to impress her. This was a fun and quick Sunday read for me, and I look forward to picking up the next one in the series at some point.

  • Sri
    2019-04-05 09:32

    ** spoiler alert **Anastasia kaget melihat pakdhenya ternyata mirip pria idamannya, Clark Gable, yang menjadi aktor utama di film Gone with the Wind. Lengkap dengan quote favorit, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Wkwkwk. Langsung sibuk dia mau menjodohkan pakdhenya yang baru saja ditinggal meninggal istrinya. Korban pertama, tetangga kesayangannya, Miss Gertrude Stein. Ms Stein menolak karena tau diri. Yang kedua, mamahnya Daphne yang baru saja bercerai. Ternyata mamah Daphne bersikap dingin dan sombong :D.Ih suka, di buku ini akhirnya Lois Lowry kembali menghadirkan tokoh2 lalu yang pernah jadi 'peran utama', selain Anastasia tentunya. Gertrude Stein, dan Daphne. Sesungguhnya, aku menanti-nanti hadirnya mereka kembali wkwk.Catatan akhir bab di buku ini tentang laporan Anastasia, sang jurnalis.Setelah di buku-buku yang lalu diceritakan kalau cita-cita Anastasia sering tak kesampaian (balet, dan lain-lain), akhirnya di buku ini diceritakan bahwa Anastasia ulet berjuang dan berhasil mencapai cita-citanya: membuat bangga Miss Wilhelmina Willoughby dengan menaklukkan olahraga panjat tali.(Kindle#2Book#10)

  • Medeia Sharif
    2019-03-23 14:16

    In the sixth Anastasia Krupnik book, the protagonist has a full plate, like she always does. Her Uncle George just lost his wife to salmonella poisoning and Anastasia doesn’t believe in wasting time setting him up with a new love interest. He does look like Clark Gable, after all. Also, there are so many single women around them.On the school front, Anastasia has a crush on her female gym teacher, but she feels awkward because she’s the only girl in class who can’t climb a rope to reach the ceiling. She’ll practice at home, in her garage, so she can impress Ms. Willoughby. Then there’s a group of foreign educators who will be visiting her school soon. She’s going to memorize a poem, so when the teacher calls on her during the visitation she’ll be ready to knock the guests' socks off. Anastasia makes a mess of things, like she always does, but it’s in the spirit of humor and learning important lessons. This book wasn’t as funny as other books in the series, but I did enjoy all the things Anastasia went through. She’s one busy young lady. This is a 3.5 for me, but I’ll go ahead and give it a 4.

  • HeavyReader
    2019-03-24 10:13

    This series goes on and on, which is fine with me. All of these books so far have been easy and enjoyable reading.This installment seems a little more modern. Anastasia has a big crush on her (female) gym teacher. That's a pretty modern issue for a book for kids to tackle. Her mom assures Anastasia that her crush on a female teacher is not so weird. Of course, there is no mention of bisexuality or homosexuality or fluid sexuality, which was a bit of a disappointment. This could have been a real teaching/learning moment. But I guess that would have been a bit much for a book for kids.Also in this installment, one of Anastasia's closest friends is having some problems because her parents are split up and probably getting a divorce. The friend uses a lawnmower to put a Nazi symbol in their front lawn and gives a risque performance at a school talent show. Whoa!Of course, in the end, everything turns out well for Anastasia.

  • george
    2019-04-05 11:12

    Anastasia is still thirteen and has more problems than ever. She can't, just can't make it up the rope in gym class--it's horribly embarassing, especially since she's in love with her (female) gym teacher. Daphne's parents are getting divorced; and Anatasia's aunt has died, thanks to Sal Monella. One the bright side, she has decided that she will become a journalist and she knows just the right questions to ask to get the perfect answers.I still think that the earlier Anastasia books were the funniest, although this had some good moments (I cracked up everytime she mentioned Sal Monella). Anastasia's adventures are always entertaining, and this is no exception.

  • Touloulou
    2019-04-19 10:17

    Quel plaisir de retrouver ce roman, dont la série a marqué mon adolescence.Anastasia et ses copines cherchent les réponses drôles aux problèmes qui concernent toutes les filles de leur age : comment gérer le divorce de leurs parents, impressionner une délégation en visite dans leur collège et apprendre à monter à cette maudite corde lisse.Dans la même veine que la reine du genre Judy Blume, Lois Lowry crée des personnages très attachants, tant les adultes qu'Anastasia et ses copines et aborde avec simplicité tous les sujets, y compris plus graves comme le deuil ou l'homosexualité...Ces livres mériteraient qu'on reparle d'eux !!

  • Michelle
    2019-03-29 15:27

    Oh, Anastasia, you never give up. You always try so hard, even to the point of near death.I was delighted that Anastasia's parents were in this book more than the last one. How sweet is her mom? Climbing ropes in the garage and telling her girl crushes are okay.I felt thrown off in the book because sometimes Anastasia is very mature...and then she's so not that it's unbelievable. Like really? Your aunt died, and though you didn't know her too well, the Sal Monella stuff was over the top. Then trying to set up your recently widowed uncle with the ladies in the neighborhood? Yikes. Loved the Rhett Butler and Gone with the Wind references, though.

  • Shelley
    2019-03-23 13:25

    This book hadn't been checked out since 2006, and that's just wrong. I flipped through it and only barely remembered bits, so I checked it out to read again. As always, love the Krupnik family. I always wanted a family like them! Here, Anastasia deals with an inability to climb ropes, a crush on a female teacher, Daphne reeling from her parents' divorce and her visiting Uncle George, whom she is determined to match make for despite the fact that he just buried his wife 4 days earlier.

  • Marna
    2019-04-07 09:40

    I figured I had already read these at one time or another. I got a batch that had belonged to a library and every time I thought there was one I hadn't read, I would flash back on something in the plot and remember that in fact, I had. I'm almost 100% sure that I hadn't read this one before. I think I would have remembered the thing with climbing the rope. Thankfully, we never had to do that.

  • Laila (BigReadingLife)
    2019-04-07 10:19

    Anastasia is just as awesome as I remember. In this, one of the later installments in the Anastasia Krupnick series, 13-year-old Anastasia tries to climb the rope in gym class, tries to fix-up her very recently widowed uncle, and realizes it's okay to have a crush on her fabulous female gym teacher! I loved this series as a kid and it's good to know they hold up.

  • Amber the Human
    2019-04-01 16:18

    Gotta love a book meant for preteens that tackles suicide in an awkward and somewhat inappropriate way ... see, Anastasia really wants to climb up to the top of the rope for gym, so she tried to rig up a practice rope in her garage ... well, you get it.

  • Jess
    2019-03-21 10:34

    I'm still laughing thinking about Anastasia's poetry recital at the top of the gym rope. These books never fail to make me laugh. I also love how quick they are - Lowry doesn't waste space or pad the stories, which I admire when I unpack box after box of thick novels.

  • Grifindor
    2019-03-30 14:32

    Another funny, relatable story about AnastasiaWe are working our way through the entire series of books Lowry wrote about Anastasia Krupnik, and they're all a delight. If you enjoy Judy Blume books, you'll enjoy these too.

  • Bee
    2019-04-13 12:30

    Loved these books as a kid. Even though I don't think this book is quite as good as some of the others in the series, this book is well worth reading if you're a fan of the others. Would highly recommend these books to any pre-teen girl.

  • 10-11 Karrin
    2019-03-29 09:19

    Two words... TOTALLY AWESOME! Explore the wonderful, odd, amazing,stressful, FUN life of Anastaisia Krupnick,13 through this wonderfully written book to enjoy yourself through a great easy-read book.

  • Carol Hardesty
    2019-04-13 09:31

    It's not as good as "Anastasia At Your Service" or "Anastasia On Her Own", but it's better than "Anastasia Krupnik". I really liked the subplot of Anastasia having a crush on her female gym teacher. It was my introduction to the concept of having a "girl crush".

  • Lindsaygail
    2019-03-31 12:20

    "O world! I cannot hold thee close enough!"Classic Anastasia. Not my favorite of the series, but still good fun.

  • Tracy
    2019-03-29 12:30

    Another re-read from childhood. Quick, fun, thoughtful, well-written. :)

  • Emily Von pfahl
    2019-04-19 10:19

    This is probably my favorite of the whole series. Her struggle with climbing the rope in gym class is priceless.

  • Cws
    2019-03-31 13:38


  • Christine Grant
    2019-04-20 13:20

    I think that I read this as a child and probably would have rated it higher at the time but re-reading it was just okay. It just hasn't held up that well over the years.

  • Jenne
    2019-03-29 13:15

    Ah, the one with the dastardly Sal Monella.

  • Michelle (FabBookReviews)
    2019-04-09 11:28