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Julia Taylor works as a recruitment consultant for Paranormal Personnel in London. Her normal day at the office consists of seeing clients, searching for new vacancies, updating CVs and visiting employers.It seems as though she has an ordinary life but in reality Julia is half elf and she works for a recruitment agency for paranormals. She is normally calm, confident and iJulia Taylor works as a recruitment consultant for Paranormal Personnel in London. Her normal day at the office consists of seeing clients, searching for new vacancies, updating CVs and visiting employers.It seems as though she has an ordinary life but in reality Julia is half elf and she works for a recruitment agency for paranormals. She is normally calm, confident and is not afraid to stand up for herself, but when the meeting with La Caz Corporation doesn’t go as well as she hoped, she wants to bury herself under the ground and die. Nathaniel La Caz is a player and he wants to seduce Julia. The incredible sexual chemistry that builds up between them complicates her life to the point where she can’t control her magic. La Caz not only wants her but he also has a craving for her blood. Then her ex-boyfriend Jasper comes back on the scene and nearly exposes the whole paranormal world to humans when trying to protect her.It doesn't end well when vampires and elves mix. The problems start escalating when Julia witnesses the kidnapping of her cousin Claudia on the busy street. From then on things only go from bad to worst. More elves and fairies begin to vanish in London without trace and the police suspect vampires. Julia is determined to find Claudia even if it means she will get herself into more trouble.*Adult Paranormal Romance novel - contains adult situations, graphic sexuality, violence, suited for ages 18 and up*...

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£6.19 per Witching Hour Reviews

  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    2019-04-16 23:59

    0.5I planned not to be harsh and just say I didn't like this, but after I suffered through this to find a freaking cliffhanger I am more than angry. Let's see: the main character (Julia and her subconscious) is stupid. She gets these creepy calls for weeks and when her co-workers advise her to report it, she says she is too busy 'to worry about some nuisance calls'. And this is her behaviour regarding pretty much everything in this book.There are no spoilers here since everything is in the blurb anyway. In case you were wondering, Julia is one of those special characters. She is half fae and she smells great to vampires.The plot: someone is kidnapping fairies, Julia's ex is back, she is attracted to a rich dhampir. If Julia hadn't been this stupid, if the whole La Caz/Julia relationship issues hadn't been this pronounced, this might have been a decent story. Oh, who am I kidding! If the whole book is written in the first person, there is absolutely no need for occasional thoughts in italics. I got tired of her subconsciousness arguing with her.

  • Clair
    2019-03-31 06:04

    £6.19 per Witching Hour by Joanna Mazurkiewicz Disclaimer: a copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. I made it to 25% before deciding it wasn’t really for me. Naturally, this is only a review of the first quarter of the book. (75/300 pages.) I really hate giving up on books, but I really couldn’t get into £6.19 per Witching Hour. I didn’t want to keep putting it off, so I decided to throw in the towel when I’d gotten to a fair percentage to form my opinion. £6.19 per Witching Hour is set in a world where supernatural creatures live secretly among us. Point for originality there. However, our half-elf heroine Julia works for a recruitment agency in Croydon that specialises in getting work for unemployed vampires, witches, trolls, fairies, etc. The job sounds mundane, but when your work day is interrupted by a giant angrily bursting in with a chainsaw and demanding his late unemployment cheque, and you have to keep your composure shortly afterwards because you know you have to interview a fairy who wants a new job in the tooth-collecting business, it’s never going to be an ordinary day at the office. This could have been an extremely fun concept. From the outset, I was perhaps wondering if the world at large knew that these supernatural creatures existed, hence the need for such a recruitment office. Nope, the world is as secretive as ever, and people remain oblivious to that guy on the night shift having fangs, or that girl who doesn’t show up some days of the month because there’s a full moon in the sky. ‘Every creature understands they are living in the twenty-first century. We have our own clubs, gyms, and shops and we live among humans without jeopardising our own identity. Most of the employers who deal with us want to employ paranormal staff. They don’t like to employ humans, but sometimes they don’t have a choice.’ Alright, fair enough. That kind of reminds me of the UK version of Being Human, in which George and Mitchell work as night porters in the local hospital because finding other work isn’t going to be quite so easy. The main problem I found was that there’s a lot of really stiff dialogue, which is used a lot. Characters don’t seem to be able to use contractions in their speech, and I find myself completely taken out of the story every time I have to read: ‘”Fine, whatever. You are lucky that I am not dead,” I said. “See you later.”‘ ‘”Not yet. Rufus said we have to finish our shift and he sends you his regards.”‘ ‘”[...] I am seeing him tomorrow. He is a solicitor and he is gorgeous and I think that he might be the one,” she cheered, looking excited. ‘”I am tired of this dating but I want to be in a real relationship.”‘ ‘”You were right when you phoned me. I did put you and Jennifer in danger because I employed an incompetent person, a manager to be precise, so I am sorry.”‘ ‘”Calm down, Julia. I am not joking at all. I have been thinking about your promotion for a while. You have worked really hard in the past year, bringing a lot of business to the company.”‘ Along with the awkward dialogue, some of the descriptions can be a bit out of place or simply too obvious. ‘I couldn’t move. My body was in shock and I was paralysed.’ That second sentence didn’t really need to be there. We know that the giant with the chainsaw has barged into the office and scared the living daylights out of Julia, and her co-worker Jennifer. It’s only natural to assume that Julia wouldn’t be able to move, we didn’t need to know she was in shock. ‘Sometimes I got negative vibes off her, especially when she was staring at me with those Hungry eyes.’ (Thank you for the ear-worm, but I don’t quite see why ‘Hungry’ suddenly became a proper noun.) ‘I Hung up[...]‘ ‘I felt as if I was already sweating and my heart was beating too fast.’ To Mazurkiewicz’s credit, English is not her first language. The grammar is generally all right, and the novel does pick up a nice flow from time to time. However, I feel some proof-reading, editing and revisions could have really improved on the novel’s shortcomings. Another of these shortcomings was the fact that Julia just wasn’t particularly interesting as a character. She’s extremely passive, and I just could not get a feel for her outside of the fact that she works at a recruitment agency, recently broke up with a control freak, and her best friend and confidante is a human. But those are just facts about her; I want to see if she has some personality outside of those! Rather than giving us a window into the world that these characters inhabit, with little details of their lives described, and their interests outside of their jobs, £6.19 per Witching Hour just uses a huge amount of dialogue in place of description. It doesn’t help either that Julia’s thought process is written in this very informal and awkward way. The sentences are either too short and snappy, or they run on for a mile before smacking head first into a full stop. I was interested in the concept, and wanted to learn more about the world these supernatural creatures inhabit, and how it would translate into modern day London. The title itself is a play on the minimum wage in the UK (as if you needed me to tell you that), and so perhaps there could have been some clever insight into the terrible system we have in the UK for getting people into work. While I wasn’t able to press on any further, let me say that £6.19 per Witching Hour isn’t the worst book ever. It certainly had its moments, and perhaps if I weren’t tired of the whole secretive paranormal world trope, I might have looked on it a bit more favourably. As it is, the lacklustre main character and the stilted, awkward dialogue and sentence structure really hampered my enjoyment. Had it been edited a bit more, I’m sure I would have dug a little deeper. 2/5.

  • Barbara Mason
    2019-03-25 23:07

    I read the lead in for this story and thought it sounded good. I was disappointed. The first part of the first chapter started out well, but went down hill fast. Repeating the same words and thoughts over and over goes only so far, how many times can the main characters 'roar'? A lot. And I don't need told over and over the same things that were told in previous mother does not approve of vampsI also felt the main characters forgot to take their bipolar meds. Emotions all over the place making it impossible to connect with any of them. Lastly, throwing the f word in ruined the rest of the read. I have no problem with the word just found it did not fit. Would suggest a complete rewrite before I would recommend this. There is also a missing paragraph towards the end which makes it even more confusing.The idea of the story was good but the author did not bring it.

  • Kristen Lewendon
    2019-04-17 04:40

    A placement agency for paranormal beings is such a unique place to start a series from. And it’s populated with unique and varied characters. Julia is so independent and feisty, with a fine-tuned sense of justice. Even though she doesn’t have much control over her powers, she’s still prepared to use them to right the world’s wrongs. Nathaniel’s still a bit of a mystery. There’s a strong connection compelling the two of them together, but he’s even more independent than Julia. He’s a powerful, dominant man who’s used to getting his own way, and she offers him a delicious challenge at every turn. Kidnappings and corporate espionage bring them together, but is whatever’s between them enough to overcome everything trying to keep them apart? I’m now very invested in reading the rest of Julia’s story and look forward to the next book.

  • Angela Sanders
    2019-03-25 21:50

    Julia and NathanielFrom the very beginning, this book is completely action packed. I loved the dynamics between the characters, and the world building was impeccable. Julia and Nathaniel start off rocky, but something seems to pull them together - danger is lurking nearby and it seems Julia is always in the thick of it. She's determined to do whatever it takes to protect her family, but will she need to protect her heart from the vampire who has his sights set on her?I've read the entire original series (I own them all), but this rewrite is nothing short of amazing! I was thoroughly impressed; each of the characters come to life through written word. This is definitely a five-star, must-read! I can't wait for book two!

  • Linda
    2019-03-28 01:03

    Love and DangerIt is a complicated situation when a woman who is half elf finds herself attracted to her new vampire boss. Elves and Vamps don't mix. When danger is added to the situation, she has some tough choices to make. I liked the storyline. It keeps you guessing as to who is behind the attacks. The romance also keeps you guessing. You are not sure if she should give him a chance or not. The story is told only from her point of view so you don't really know a lot about his reasons and only tidbits about his past. It ends with a surprise and you wonder what is next for her and the other characters. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.

  • Ola Adamska
    2019-04-07 22:08

    Interesting, sexy, Full of action and surprises.Julia is an half-elf that help find Job other sups. Nathaniel is a sexy vampire and billionaire.What will happen when tenison is touchable and sparks are flying? And add kidnappings Ale together with constant refusal by Julia!Interesting book. Book 2 needed!

  • Sandy
    2019-03-20 21:59

    First let me state, I received an Advance Reader Copy, (ARC), but this in no way influences my review. I always leave an honest review.OMG!!! This story is awesome. I laughed & I cried & I was angry. This story grabbed me & didn't let go. Julia is so strong & her magic is quirky. Nathanial is hot & a playboy. Elves & vamps don't mix, but these 2 did. I recommend this read. 5 Thumbs up

  • Myrna Richmond
    2019-03-22 00:49

    ReviewThis is a great story, the idea of a paranormal employment bureau is really novel and I like it. The stories plot is excellent and kept my interest all the way through. I am looking forward to the next book.

  • Kristen
    2019-03-26 06:06

    GENRE: Paranormal RomanceTHEME: ,Fae, Vampires, SupernaturalRECEIVED: AuthorBLOG: starsREVIEW:This is a series that holds nothing back, with suspense, mystery, romance, and anything and everything supernatural that will hook you right from the start. I had no idea what to expect, but Joanna Mazurkiewicz has gained a fan in me with her new series.£6.19 per Witching Hour follows Julia a young half human half fae who works for the Paranormal Personnel. She is a top consultant who helps supernaturals find work in a world where humans don’t know they exist. When Julia gets a promotion her first task is to handle their new client whom is looking for many supernatural employees. She meets Nathaniel La Caz the head honcho of the La Caz Corporation and a vampire who sparks something inside her. But when these two start to get closer dangers from each other’s past stir up trouble in their lives and in the supernatural world.Julia is your “average” girl who goes to work, goes home and just wants to read a book. But again she has fae blood and life in the supernatural world is anything but normal. She really enjoys her job and has to control her fae abilities at times when she’s nervous or stressed. I liked that no matter what she is an old fashioned kind of girl who likes have a real relationship and not just hit the sack with any guy. After meeting Nathaniel her life gets a bit more chaotic but their chemistry and banter just kept me hooked on these two and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. The readers also get to know Julia’s family, her human mother and fae father. Her father is very protective and is an officer for the supernatural side and we get some insight on his cases. But most importantly this story focuses on Julia and how she is trying to survive getting involved with a vampire. A fae and vampire dating is a big no in the supernatural world.Nathaniel is one smoking hot vampire, well kind of vampire. He is complicated and see’s Julia as an addiction almost. He cant resists her and makes sure she knows how much he wants her. The readers get bits of insight about him and his past and see even though he’s rich and “perfect” he has a lot of enemies. It was interesting to watch his character try to “grow up” and be a real gentleman toward Julia who was in no mood to be with a guy who cant commit. Plus being with him brings all kinds of danger to light. I was frustrated with him at times and I hope he can wake up and see how Julia can take on any challenge that comes to her. She is one tough girl.Overall I loved this story, it is one long book that doesn’t leave any details out and you’ll never feel bored. I was constantly trying to solve the mystery that is going on; Julia’s father has a particular case he’s investigating plus the twist and turns just kept on coming. I love the idea that the Supernatural world hasn’t come out yet to the humans and how much of a challenge it is to keep hidden. Plus the supernaturals are just like humans trying to survive and life a “normal life”. The ending was a bit of a shocker for me and now I’m suffering while waiting for the next book but I’ll defiantly be continuing this series. RECOMMENDATION:This is an adult novel with lots of sexual and adult content that is for mature readers. Fans of Hannah Jayne’s Supernatural Detective Agency series and Phillipa Bornikova’s Linnet Ellery series will love £6.19 per Witching Hour by Joanna Mazurkiewicz.

  • Che-che
    2019-04-11 05:59

    ARR- I was given this book in exchange for a reviewThis has become one of my favorite series and I have only read the first book but I am a true fan after reading this. However I am a lot hurt that this book ended in such a fantastic CLIFFHANGER...This book has it all, a cute half-elf who comes from a full elf father and human mother, to a rare breed of vampire and all the other super natural creatures in between. I was hooked from the first page and completely a mess by the last page because I was left wondering and WAITING for whats next. LOLI loved this book and OMG it was great. I don't want to give anything away but I will say please check this out because it is great and I can not wait till the next installment. O yeah and the sexually chemistry between the 2 main characters are off the charts she literally breaks glasses and blows things up because it is so good LOL(read the story to find out the details) I LOVE THIS SERIES

  • Kirsty Bassett
    2019-04-15 05:04

    It was very meh. And the grammar just bugged me so much, I felt like it needed a lot more editing. Male hero was annoying, he didnt seem to have any decent personality traits and really bugged me.I mean when your hoping something bad will happen to the male lead, I consider that bad writing. And the more I got into the book the more I wanted him to get hit by a bus or something.And the heroine, ohmygod I wanted her to please grow a backbone. Seemed like every 5 seconds she was breaking down in tears because he hadnt called/texted her. For gods sake he told her all he wanted was sex, did she really expect a flipping call?! And at the beginning she didnt want anything to do with him anyway! And the ending! "you cant leave me because its your fault ive been hurt and im all burned." What a load of crap! Terrible, just terrible.

  • Fiona (Titch) Hunt
    2019-04-07 02:53

    I've had this book for a while and thought I'd see what it was about. In my opinion there was spelling mistakes and stuff that never made sense in the sentences that was being written.Overall storyline was ok. Julia Taylor is a half Elf, Nathaniel La Caz is a drop dead gorgeous Dhampir (a half vampire). Julia works for Paranormal Personnel (a Personnel Agency in Croydon, even though they have branches in other places). Someone is stealing the fairies and elves, 1 of the elves that are missing is Claudia (Julia's cousin). Watch the sparks fly when Julia gets a contract from La Caz and the affair takes off. You won't be disappointed if this is the kind of book you want to read.

  • Mark Holborn
    2019-04-15 23:44

    This book was a fun read, well written and well put together. I would classify this book in the same genre as Kelly Armstrong's writings, an world of supernatural beings hiding in plain sight with the rest of the human race. It has a good flow and interesting plot and characters. So if you are a fan of Kelly Armstrong you should like this series.

  • Cinnamontea
    2019-04-14 21:59

    Probs one of the worst things I've ever read, I couldn't even finish it, talk about rape culture much? Was it even edited?

  • Kim O'Daniel
    2019-04-04 00:50

    Arrg I hate cliffhangers. Now that said that was an amazing book! It was so well-written and thought out. I love this new series and cannot wait for the next book.This is Julia's story. She is a half elf who has caught the attention of a vampire and is trying not to fall for him, But it is really hard not to. When her cousin is kidnapped right in front of her she goes on a mission to find out what happened to her. Even when her dad tells her, to stay out of it and let him so his job. As her dad is the lead cop on the paranormal unit. But things keep happening to her and you will be so shocked when you find out who was behind it and who was helping the bad guys. As well as her ex keeps popping up causing problems. And man she is tough with all that happens to her she just shrugs it of and her current boyfriend can’t seem to see she is okay and dose something stupid.Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do; they value your opinions too

  • Kristen Lewendon
    2019-03-27 01:41

    A placement agency for paranormal beings is such a unique place to start a series from. And it’s populated with unique and varied characters. Julia is so independent and feisty, with a fine-tuned sense of justice. Even though she doesn’t have much control over her powers, she’s still prepared to use them to right the world’s wrongs. Nathaniel’s still a bit of a mystery. There’s a strong connection compelling the two of them together, but he’s even more independent than Julia. He’s a powerful, dominant man who’s used to getting his own way, and she offers him a delicious challenge at every turn. Kidnappings and corporate espionage bring them together, but is whatever’s between them enough to overcome everything trying to keep them apart? I’m now very invested in reading the rest of Julia’s story and look forward to the next book.

  • Sairaika Naidoo
    2019-04-09 02:59

    A magical, fangtastic read!When the prey becomes the hunter…A deep connection with a vampire...And kidnappers on the loose...Will she risk it all to save her cousin?A really enjoyable read that is full of mystery and a forbidden romance.I loved learning about the MC's world, her magic and her desire for a certain male. Such an intriguing, stunning and alluring read that will make you sink your teeth into it. A worthwhile read that will leave you bloodthirsty for more...Plus, that ending (not a cliffhanger!) but I need more. More, I tell you!Full of various supernatural creatures, attraction, mystery, suspense, a forbidden romance, betrayal and magic.Perfect for readers of paranormal romances.

  • Kaya Primrose
    2019-04-01 05:59

    So soI read the book. Starts out well. Half elf meets Dhampir and has instant attraction. She can't control her magic and he craves her blood. This sets the stage for all romance angst while they try to solve elf kidnappings. I found the book tended to drag and the heroine tended to be more on the whiney why is me sort. Book picks up speed when the heroine gets stupid and drinks too much which leads to poor choices. To be honest I was happy I finished the book but I don't plan on reading anymore in the series. There is no HEA ending and no true cliff hanger that makes you want to read the next book. As much as I admire authors....this book would have been better if you removed the sex element and made it a young adult book.

  • Cortnie
    2019-04-10 21:51

    I loved this! Joanna Mazurkiewicz is an amazing story teller. Her words paint pictures in your head and flood your body with emotions. Her characters are complex and relate-able, and it is easy to get sucked into their world. Julia is the perfect blend of kick-a** and adorably goofy. Her life is a bit of a whirlwind, and the switch in her emotions will keep you on your toes as much as the action will. I really don't want to say anything about the plot, other than it is action-packed, full of emotional ups and downs, and there are surprises around every corner. I absolutely loved it and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

  • Sophie Koufes
    2019-03-25 02:54

    Love With Fangs (The Witching Hour Series Book One) is a spectacular paranormal romance novel with vampires, elfs, witches, fairies, mermaids, humans, and dark magic. The premise of the novel is highly intriguing and right from the beginning you are enchanted until the end. The writing is well crafted along with well seasoned character's. The dynamics between the character's is fabulous. The world building descriptions and settings are well detailed and descriptive. This novel is brimming with suspense, a bit of mystery, plot twists, sexy lust , romance, & magic. I am looking forward to reading the next novel in this magical series.

  • Tonia Rodriguez
    2019-03-23 01:46

    It just stopped! I need answers!So I was reading this and enjoying every minute of it. Yes there's sections where the characters' speech is stilted. Yes there are times when you want to smack the crap out if the h/H but the storyline is entrancing up until the last chapter. Then the tale just stops. Stops! Smh. Overall a enjoyable read, but now I have to wait for more!! At one point I hated HATED Julia. I'm not sure on what to think of Nathaniel. We aren't really given enough on him before the end. There are so many unanswered questions. So many loose ends. * I voluntarily reviewed a Advance Copy of this title. All opinions are my own and honestly stated.

  • Rebecca Stigers
    2019-03-22 01:49

    OMG...a rollercoaster rideThis story has be bouncing from one emotion to another! I didn't know if I wanted to kill Nathaniel or kiss him! And Julia is such a strong half elf woman. But she's afraid she's just food for him. Even though he's told her he's going to change and try a relationship she's still not sure but gives him the chance. They are trying to find out who's kidnapping elf's and other paranormals ...Julia's father is head of the paranormal agency...he's trying to keep her safe. BUT.... If your looking for a good storyline and great characters this is it! Hang on for the ride!

  • Mel
    2019-03-23 00:06

    Fantastic book series! A MUST read if you like paranormal books!I have read all books in this series and I couldn't stop reading.For my part this series is one of the most gripping story I have ever read in a long time.The development is fantastic, the characters are amazing, the plots are phenomenal.I really loved the sexual tension between Julia and Nathaniel and you never can really guess what will happen next. There are a lot of characters that you will love in the next story.I couldn't put it down and bought all books in this series, you will not be disappointed!

  • Lisa
    2019-03-24 05:51

    Just didn't do it for me.Shallow characters, not enough plot development and too many editing and grammar errors. Here's a free grammar lesson. If you are referring to yourself and someone else in the same sentence you use the same pronoun as you would when referring to yourself alone. So you would not say, "Me and Julia went to the office." You would say, "I and Julia went to the office." Yes, really. My mother is a grammar fanatic. Perhaps you need someone like her as your editor.

  • Emily Dickson
    2019-04-11 02:10

    Julia was the main character who was an elf who had problems doing magic. She was a well developed character who was likeable and fun. Nathaniel was also well developed and the two had some hot chemistry. Throw in some suspense and mystery that had lots of situations that kept you guessing what would come next. Secondary characters were also well developed and the story was worth the read! Has a cliff hanger ending so I had to grab the next book as I have to see what trouble Julia can get into next. Loved it!!

  • Keoki Ki`Ili
    2019-04-13 22:52

    Small kind cliffhangerThe story builds slowly, letting you get a fell for the characters personalities. Julia has a very strong character but she can get a little depressed at times and mistrust herself. Nathaniel is a sweet jerk, typical alpha male but he seems to want to change until the ending. We'll see what happens in the next book but at the moment, Nathaniel has pulled a cop-out.

  • Charlotte
    2019-03-24 21:55

    2 1/2 star rating. I decided to finish the book, however it had so many problems it took me a while to muddle through it. The heroine was just sad and she made me tired. The hero wasn't much of a hero...other than being rich and handsome he never was shown in a good light. And then the ending was very anticlimactic and sad. kind of like Julia. Okay book but I will not bother trying to read any more in the series.

  • Cindy Carney
    2019-03-27 00:51

    Usually I can look past the misspelled word in a book, but this book went too far. With the misspelled words, there was also weird wrong wording. The author/editor also would totally leave several words out at a time. I did finish reading it because the storyline was decent, but I'm not going to buy another one.

  • Jenny Koch
    2019-03-23 04:42

    I read the updated(?) version of this book under the title "Must Love Fangs."DNF @ 33%The hero is too much of a controlling alpha for me to stomach. I really hate him and my hate got transferred to the heroine as she accepted his attitude and stood around fantasizing about him with just a token complaint.