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The country is in the grip of a cruel, Dracula-like King, his ugly, fat Queen and half-witted, degenerate sons. The ordinary people find solace in binge-drinking, vandalising the streets, and salivating over scantily-dressed bimbo celebrities. The country is going to the dogs. Who can save it from collapse into anarchy? Is it the drug-fuelled, sex-mad, perpetually half-nakThe country is in the grip of a cruel, Dracula-like King, his ugly, fat Queen and half-witted, degenerate sons. The ordinary people find solace in binge-drinking, vandalising the streets, and salivating over scantily-dressed bimbo celebrities. The country is going to the dogs. Who can save it from collapse into anarchy? Is it the drug-fuelled, sex-mad, perpetually half-naked Mandy? Is it the cross-dressing, messed-up Jason, with his strange little black moustache, and hatred for everybody? Or is it the people’s whore, Beth..? Will she be able to bewitch a whole country with her beautiful, mesmeric, blue eyes..? Be warned: Revolution requires blood, murder, mania, lust, depravity, perversion, and even more blood…before the nation can be cleansed…and then will demand even more…and more and more…until......

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Good Queen Beth Reviews

  • Julia
    2019-03-31 01:27

    Written by a British author and set in Britain, this book transcends geographic, cultural, and genre boundaries. In all honesty, it transcends all possible boundaries, pushes all possible buttons, and ignores all concepts of political correctness. How refreshing. On top of all that, it also has a love story. Very creative, imaginative, and engaging.You don't have to live in Britain to appreciate this writer's humor and biting wit. You will be shocked to recognize people you know (or even yourself) in some of his characters. This entertaining and action-packed book may even help you rethink your own attitudes to celebrity worship and endless reality shows that seem to fill TV airtime and occupy our idle minds. Heck, this book may even help you change certain aspects of your life -- and isn't that what good literature is all about. Five stars.

  • Simon Okill
    2019-03-21 04:15

    GOOD QUEEN BETH by Alan Hardy will undoubtedly be declared a classic in its own time alongside such greats as Kingsley Amis and Tom Sharpe. Although not for the faint-heated or easily offended, this brave satire on the great British class system that still prevails today in this so-called enlightened society will have you convulsing with laughter and recoiling in shock.From the get go the reader is dragged through the muck of the upper classes and the grime of the lower classes with equal aplomb and with such tactlessness that the term un-PC does not even begin to scratch the surface. The sex scenes are extreme and very funny and are described in equal measures of gross-out in-your-face (this happens often) tie me down and spank me Johnny Rotten please you sexy beast fashion that leaves nothing to the imagination. Kudos for that Alan.But it's the story that ultimately grabs the reader and makes them think, well what if that did happen, after all it did for France and Russia. Perhaps? Okay let's all vote Katie Price for the new queen and even reunite her with Peter thingemeibob as king. Now if you want your entertainment like that then you'll get it by the truckload and more in this thought-provoking and provocative slice of British satire at its best.FIVE STARS for this highly recommended bluster tour-de-force satire.

  • Sharon Stevenson
    2019-04-08 22:29

    'Good Queen Beth' is the second highly original novel by Alan Hardy. Where 'Gabriella' was a wild mix of humour and erotica, 'Good Queen Beth' takes the class war theme further and adds severe brutality and depravity to the mix in this satirical story.I have to say I was really impressed with this work and thought it was even more brilliantly written than Hardy's first book. Serious points are made in extreme yet often humorous ways, as a love story unfolds that starts a revolution. The way the story is told is massively entertaining but there is much more to this novel than that.This is one of those stories that really stick in your head long after you've read it. The ideas are put forward in such a powerful way. I will warn that if you are easily offended you may not be able to see past the over-exaggerated displays of sexual depravity, brutality and satirical humour, to get to the underlying messages. The book is very shocking but it is also very thought-provoking.Overall this is an excellent read. Approach with an open mind and a sense of humour and you will be rewarded with a powerfully told story that will really make you think. Highly recommended!

  • Christoph Fischer
    2019-03-26 05:38

    "Good Queen Beth" by Alan Hardy is a great satire on British society, the class system and reality TV.With a very daring and edgy portrayal of both Royalty and the 'lower classes' Hardy takes a tough stance on a 'what-if' scenario that - at times at least - doesn't quite look so unlikely.What if the Monarchy was threatened by unqualified but popular TV personalities? Where are the limits of the current trends in society and on TV?However, all criticism or moral views aside, Hardy has created some very entertaining characters that pull the plot through some hilarious scenarios. I laughed out loud throughout the book as the Monarchs share their real views on the TV programmes they are watching, especially the new show, named 'Big Bully'.This is intelligent and witty, entertaining and at times sexually explicit. A fun read, although some lauighs may get stuck in your throat.Original and highly recommended.

  • Brandt
    2019-04-21 06:13

    The characters in GOOD QUEEN BETH by Alan Hardy are some of the zaniest, most interesting I’ve read recently. What a wonderful look at celebrity, reality TV, sex, drinking, politics, war, etc. It’s a brilliant satire that had me laughing out loud over and over again. One plan to save the country has them following the U.S. into another war to give the young layabouts something to do, which will result in outburst of cheap sentiment. This book was clearly written by a smart mind (perhaps one with a slightly twisted side – I mean that in a good way). Plus, once you’re done (or even before) you’ll know all about the SK, SB, SS and SG and loads of other ironic and interesting tidbits. Tons of fun, entertaining and challenging (I also mean that in a good way), and highly recommended – 5 stars.

  • Michael
    2019-03-24 06:33

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first novel by this author, so when I heard news of the release of his second I knew I had to download it. I'm pleased to say it's not only on a par with the first, but goes above and beyond and is a non-stop satirical ride of laughs, action, raucous behaviour and romance. There are a lot more settings too than in Gabriella, his first novel, and I think this benefits the style of writing because of the freedom it gives the author to unleash his descriptive power. Alan Hardy is a smart, witty and talented writer and his writing is a breath of fresh air and his are some of the most original works I have come across in the Kindle world. Highly recommended for a light, entertaining and zany read.

  • Lorraine Carey
    2019-03-21 04:24

    Good Queen Beth is a package of humor, wit, sex, political unrest and yes, love. Who knew someone off the streets and becoming British celebs could upset the country so much as Jason and Beth. Awe, yes, Beth- giving Jason a chance for stardom but at what price? Who knew a reality TV show could become so powerful? One that has the monarchy in an uproar as well as the country! And to think the US has the Kardashians leading the spotlight! Hardy is a master at creating well developed characters who you can connect with and are waiting for their next move. This novel is different than anything I have read before and I will surely be looking forward to reading more books from author Alan Hardy!

  • Sonya Dodd
    2019-03-30 03:16

    This is the second book I have read by this author and he gets funnier each time.Abandoning any sense of political correctness or decorum, this tale weaves a hilarious story from the grand rooms of Buckingham Palace to the flimsy walls of a reality TV show.A laugh a minute, yet poignant too, the characters are believable and very real. Despite the craziness of the plot, this is an engaging read with unexpected twists and turns.I particularly love the freedom of this book, unrestricted by decorum and a real eye-opener to sexual inhibitions and dreams as the reader is drawn into a world not dissimilar to a modernist film set.

  • Sheryl Seal
    2019-03-31 03:38

    GOOD QUEEN BETH by Alan Hardy is another big hit! British society may never be the same again but maybe that is a good thing!Alan Hardy with his brilliant writing and great wit has drawn me into another book.Different characters like Jason and Beth, and all of the sexy army (with all of their great names) and the royal family, like Prince Farts, kept me turning the pages to see what hilarious antics would happen next. I really got wrapped up in the story-line which had many scenarios on how things should be run when one has power.There is plenty of war that I imagine at one time actually, was quite similar with the ruthlessness of the times. Sex? Mr. Hardy has that too, and plenty of it where at any time and any place it is acceptable.Just be careful who we adore on reality T.V. is all I have to say! Power can be given and taken away at the drop of a hat or the fall of a Kingdom!5 Sexy Kitten stars and highly recommended to all Warriors out there!

  • Matt Holgate
    2019-04-17 03:37

    It should be 'GREAT' Queen BethI have remarked on many occasion on social media that I believe Alan Hardy's prose is about the best there is out there, indie or not. I could not say enough about his first book, 'Gabriella', except that I wanted him to take the gloves off, as it were. Really dig in. Really show us the story and characters he could entertain us with, what he and they were capable of.Alan Hardy has done so, I don't mind saying. He writes his satire sly and with style, and even if this isn't typically your type of book, I suggest you give it a try. Upper class and lower class shenanigans (yes, shenanigans) have never seemed like so much fun, although some of the characters would be aghast if they knew you were watching.

  • Stefania Mattana
    2019-04-12 04:22

    Good Queen Beth is a satire novel about monarchy, TV and social classes in Britain. This is a book that every expat in the UK like me should read, in my humblest opinion. It's witty, funny and pictures a scenario which might be not so far from the reality if something would go differently somehow along british history. Some sex scenes are quite explicit as well as some language but it really didn't bother me: Hardy has the talent of astonish you and make you laugh out loud suddenly, along a sequence of situations that makes me think about how British people conceive their own society - which I obviously see differently as I was not part of them since 2012. Highly recommended if you don't have any heart issues! More please!

  • Peter John
    2019-04-18 02:23

    Full of satirical wit and great exaggerated observant humour.Not for the faint hearted Good Queen Beth is shockingly funny.A Britain gone to the dogs with no holds barred content but written with such a clever comedic voice it washes over, making you smile at the absurdity of an imagined world only a side-step from the truth.Class war satire at its best.GOOD QUEEN BETH

  • Hunter Jones
    2019-03-26 22:30

    As an outsider looking in, I found the satirical Good Queen Beth to be a fantastic read. It translates well even to an American. The humor, erotic ventures, plot - every thing about this book is imaginative and unique.Good Queen Beth is a brilliant look at today's class structure in in the UK. I highly recommend this if you are looking for something different on your Kindle.

  • Steven Atwood
    2019-04-18 03:15

    Exciting and funnyAlan Hardy made a great story about a royal family. This story is for a mature audience, but I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

  • Dennis Butler
    2019-04-05 05:11

    I’ve read so many books that I have found that it is a rare event when I stumble upon something truly original. Originality is what it’s all about. This was the second book I’ve read by Alan Hardy and too prove they are both unique and completely original, I don’t believe you can put either one of them into a category. With this book, author Alan Hardy has created his own category. I don’t know exactly how to describe it. It’s kind of a humorous-political-sexual satire. It’s biting. It hits British society a few inches below the belt. It’s hysterical. It’s sexually arousing but most of all it is a no-holds barred critique of British royalty, and the love of royalty by the common folk. This story will make you laugh and it may arouse you and it may even tug at your heart strings.Another sign of a talented writer is to develop a character that readers can relate to. If you can’t relate to the main character Jason then you probably aren’t being honest with yourself. Jason is a socially awkward oddball with s psychological form of impotence. The way the author describes Jason’s battle with his impotence is amazing. Jason’s sexual hang-ups run through the story like the wick of a candle but they are not the central focus of the story. Jason is complex and although I still haven’t decided if I like him, he does have a noble dream. Jason can’t be bought (or can he?).Good Queen Beth is more than a satirical look at British society. It is also a satire of the culture of celebrity worship found in many countries. It takes an unfiltered look at how celebrities are “produced” and sold to a gullible public (don’t want to mention any names like Kim what’s-her-name with the lovely twins). It takes a look at how totally lame the current rise of reality TV is.If you happened to be one of those people who hung around outside of Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds than you may be a bit shocked by this book but you will probably still laugh through most of it. As for those of us who live on the other side of the pond, I do wish Alan Hardy would write a satire of American culture. We have royalty also. There are nine of them. They wear black robes, they aren’t elected, they can do whatever they want and they are there until they die or retire.Did I mention there is a lot of non-stop action in the book and a nicely developed romance between two of the main characters? I highly recommend this five-star book to anyone who wants to laugh and be entertained. I look forward to Hardy’s next book. If you haven’t read Gabriella by Alan Hardy than you are missing another sexually humorous classic.

  • Regina Puckett
    2019-03-21 04:15

    Satire at its bestGood Queen BethAlan HardyAs an American, I’m always amazed by my fellows Americans love for the British royalty. Their every movement is watched by us with total fascination. I guess as long as we aren’t paying them taxes we’re allowed to worship the ground they walk on. (What does any of that have to do with Good Queen Beth? Plenty.) After reading Mr. Hardy’s novel, I may never be able to watch a news clip about the royals without wondering what sexual escapades they’ve been up to this time. I’ve never read a book where so many people were having so much sex in so many different positions and with so many different partners before. Good Queen Beth is page to page filled with sexual activity. Both the upper class and lower class are equally getting their jollies willy-nilly throughout the entire book, but don’t let me mislead you. With that said, this book is less about sex than it is about what keeps social’s framework running smoothly. Everyone on earth has an assigned place and function, so what happens when someone decides to get above their station in life? Anarchy and an all-out revolution. I loved how Mr. Hardy uses our unhealthy interest in reality television to get his point across. My favorite line in the entire book is, “I don’t agree to a truck.” You’ll have to read the book to see why it’s so funny.I think there may even have been wink-wink, nudge-nudge to how Princess Diana died. (Don’t quote me on that though) Great satire-great book.

  • Antonio Simon Jr.
    2019-03-23 22:30

    Shocking, scathing, satirical, and scandalous...This reviewer admits he did not know what he was getting into when he picked up "Good Queen Beth." Judging by the title and cover, one expects a period piece - possibly in a Victorian setting - about aristocrats and intrigue. Oh my, no. Fair warning: this book is not for the faint of heart, the easily-offended, or those who lack a sense of humor.The book presents a dystopian society up to its eyeballs in decadence. The muck has risen so high even the royal family is in on the crude shenanigans. With the country on the verge of collapse, the unlikeliest heroes step forward, each harboring his or her personal stock of vices.Brace for shock humor that will make you laugh as often as you'll cringe, as the book leaves little to the imagination. You get all the details, all the time, all in an in-your-face matter-of-fact writing style.And yet, when one sees past the extreme crudity this fictional society wallows in, it prompts one to wonder: could this be a metaphor? Many entertainment outfits (and perhaps some celebrities) might risk being tacky or scandalous to draw an audience. All this does is up the ante for their competitors, and leave the audience wanting "the next big thing." Putting some thought behind it, it makes one wonder whether one should laugh too hard when reading this book, at the risk of laughing at oneself. Very clever, Mr. Hardy. Well played.

  • Scott Spotson
    2019-04-18 01:39

    Since I enjoyed the other book, "Gabriella" by the same author, I thought I would like this book as well. In "Gabriella" the sexual misadventures are raw, but occur in a relatively light plot in a short book, so they fit well. We didn't have to worry about Gabriella's upbringing and her crass manners, because this all happened in a "snobby rich" enclave, a cricket game, and everyone was so filthy rich, that we didn't worry about how they would survive this assault on their morals.Here, "Good Queen Bess" is a lot longer, a lot more raw, and involves a national crisis involving the Royal Family. For me, it just doesn't translate well. While it was easy to mock the one-dimensional characters in "Gabriella" due to the light plot, and the brilliant satire, here these one-dimensional characters are asked to take on more publicity and more responsibility, and they fall flat. Even in a satirical setting, it is very hard to imagine how any of the main characters could have gone as far as they could. Also, the humour becomes even more "ugh" and "yuck."If you want a better book, I recommend the original, "Gabriella."

  • Philip
    2019-04-16 05:14

    A real mix of feelings about this story. If you are squeamish, object to vulgarity, sex, cannibalism and just about every perversion going then this is not for you.Of course it is a comedy with some underlying political commentary but after 10 pages I almost stopped. Then I got into the swing of it and it was OK. It would have earned more stars if it hadn't become repetitive especially describing the violence. This is pornographic in a true sense and the author revels in the descriptions of death and destruction.Underneath the top story is an underlying political commentary on social class with some side-swipes at recent real events. Unfortunately this social commentary gets a bit lost in the mass of killings and sex.If you can take the violence, sex and bad language then you may enjoy it.

  • Jan Raymond
    2019-04-16 06:11

    For those who love a good satire and are not offended by erotica, pick this up. In fact, even if you are are offended by erotica, you could read it for it's humorous take on today's world. (Though you will miss some great moments if you skip the sex scenes) Alan Hardy Is irreverent, very funny and insightful. He delves into the various aspects of things that are going on in today's world, and has woven it into a completely different background. The characters are effortlessly funny and take you on a fun trip. I'm not sure whether he meant to, but Alan Hardy does make you take a look around at today's world and leaves you wondering as to where we are headed. A fine book, and a brilliant read!

  • Nance R
    2019-03-27 22:34

    Another Gem!I’m a fan of author Alan Hardy and have read everything he’s published. Why? Because he is a gifted writer! In this book the author satirizes the British Royalty, reality television, celebrity adoration, and the class system in England. All of this is done with humor and biting insight.A note to readers who are easily offended or shocked, this book has sex, drugs, and raw language, which are necessary for this story. I wasn’t bothered by it, but if that’s something you can’t deal with, read another one of Alan Hardy’s books. They are all excellent. Alan Hardy is a wordsmith who is able convey a story that engages, provokes, and shocks. I recommend this book without reservation!

  • Jennifer Loiske
    2019-04-06 03:34

    Sharp, shocking, a must read!A word of a warning before you start…even though this book is a masterpiece in satire it is not for the delicate souls. The author has a say about the ‘behind the scenes’, reality shows, politics, celebrities, etc. He’s comments are sometimes so spot on that it’s kind of frightening. Like he has this magical magnifying glass that allows him to see the truth behind the pretty cover. I loved the sarcastic touch of this book, was not expecting the rough sex filled scenes or the violent language, and truth be told, was surprised in a good way over and over again, as this was definitely the most original, thought provoking read I’ve ever read.

  • Chloe Thurlow
    2019-03-24 01:28

    A novel that crosses genres with its mix of eroticism, romance, satire, revolution and social criticism. It’s a vicious, no-holds-barred attack on present-day society with its love of celebrities, reality TV shows, and the British monarchy. It’s witty, ribald and scathingly venomous as it explores issues of perversion, murder, exploitation and degeneration. Not for the squeamish.

  • Karen Ingalls
    2019-04-19 04:35

    5.0 out of 5 stars Masterful, October 12, 2014By KAREN INGALLSVerified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: GOOD QUEEN BETH (Kindle Edition)A wonderful satire on the Royal Family and the lower ordinary classes of Great Britain. It is also a play on the obsession for reality television shows. Funny, sexual, and thought provoking.