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In Bed with the Enemy, 2Gérard Laurent has spent the past five years searching for a lost family heirloom. He’s tired of all the clues leading him nowhere and just when he fears he’s run out of leads his lover’s archenemy presents him with a lead he can’t turn down.Brokenhearted by his actions, Julianne is determined to make his life miserable any way she can. Revenge is bIn Bed with the Enemy, 2Gérard Laurent has spent the past five years searching for a lost family heirloom. He’s tired of all the clues leading him nowhere and just when he fears he’s run out of leads his lover’s archenemy presents him with a lead he can’t turn down.Brokenhearted by his actions, Julianne is determined to make his life miserable any way she can. Revenge is bittersweet but she succeeds until the tables are turned. Gérard steals a kiss reawakening her feelings for him, only he still won’t apologize.Julianne is ready to forget Gérard when a notorious art thief offers her a painting she fancies in exchange for Gérard’s amulet. It’ll be the ultimate payback if she accepts it.Will love conquer all?...

Title : Gerard's Quest
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Gerard's Quest Reviews

  • Liz F
    2019-04-14 22:42

    Review copy courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.Heroines are the bane of my existence this week. Great heroines can really elevate a crappy story and can sometimes make bad writing seem better. But sometimes, irritating heroines can really bring down a story. I feel like that's what happened here, in Gerard's Quest. If it weren't for the heroine, this book would easily have had 4.5 to 5 stars! But because I really didn't like the heroine, I had to lower my rating to a 3.5.Julianne... what can I say that's positive about her? Let me wrack my brain here... still thinking... still thinking... Yeah, I really didn't like her. Sure, she has a reason to be pissed. Gerard knew she wanted a piece of art and he essentially gave it to her nemesis. Maybe I'm not sufficiently into the art scene because I kept thinking, "Uh, it's just a sculpture, right? What am I missing?" I mean, this is the basis for a whole year of Julianne being a complete bitch in every way. She screws him over on every single piece of art he wants to buy. Now, I'm all for a little revenge. Or a lot! But a whole year of revenge? That made me think that maybe she's not a good person, like at all. Later on in the story, she keeps getting herself into trouble, deeper and deeper. But I never felt like I had a reason to like her. She's continuously trying to hurt the hero and lying to or holding things back from the hero and then gets in deep with a bad guy while trying to circumvent the hero in something else. Sorry, but I never felt bad for her, or sympathized with her. I never understood why she held SO MUCH of a serious grudge for SO long.The hero, Gerard, really made this story for me. He's a bit naughty and completely hot! I was definitely on Gerard's side for the whole book. I was able to see Gerard's rationale behind the sculpture debacle. It didn't make it okay, but it sort of mitigated my anger with him. I guess it also helped that I knew he still held a flame for Julianne. Later on, he sort of swoops in to rescue to Julianne a couple of times. But Gerard was also a little complex. He wasn't some kind of doormat for Julianne. There were a few times that she pissed him off so much that he had to walk away. Now I thought he would be leaving for good - and since I wasn't loving Julianne, I didn't blame him. But he always got his shit together, cooled down and came back. When he came back, he would have a discussion with her about what happened and how to keep it from happening again.... all before he ravished her! LOL! So he was essentially, sort of, the perfect boyfriend! Forgiving but able to put his foot down? Oh yeah!When Gerard and Julianne were together, look out! I mean, they really have chemistry. Usually, the only times that I actually liked Julianne was when she was making out with Gerard or following Gerard's instructions! No, I'm not a big fan of Julianne but I ended up being glad that they were together because Gerard really needs someone who is going to challenge him and I think Julianne is just that person.Even with the issues I had with the heroine, I really enjoyed this book! It had a bit of action, it had some intrigue and mystery too! I was really not expecting the intrigue and mystery, although I don't know why it was unexpected. But it sure was fun! It had me on the edge of my seat because I really could see things going either way! It would make a fun and interesting story not matter WHO got this mysterious amulet! So I won't tell you who gets it or how but I CAN tell you that the ending totally satisfied me. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who likes that addition of action or intrigue to a romance novel. But the romance doesn't suffer at all. There are great Sexy Time scenes and plenty of sweeping romance. There's definitely something for everyone in the book!

  • Phuong
    2019-03-30 23:28

    Ever since I read Ariel's Song by Evie Knight and noticed the sparks between Gerard Laurent and Julianne Hoskins, I've wanted to read their story. I got my wish with her newest release, Gerard's Quest. Boy, these two were way stubborn for their own good. I adored Gerard because despite everything Julianne did to him out of revenge, you could see how much he loved her. Granted, he did her wrong when they were in a relationship and let his desire to obtain an amulet become more important than her feelings. I admit Julianne drove me crazy at times with her schemes and trying to out-maneuver Gerard at every turn. She even got herself in quite a mess and we got to meet an intriguing secondary character, AJ. I really liked how Gerard would not give up on his pursuit of Julianne in hopes of getting another chance with her. I liked how protective he was of her once he realized she's gotten way over her head with what AJ has involved her in concerning the amulet. I enjoyed the foreplay and sexy times but I thought the sex act ended too quickly; I would have liked the sex scenes be stretched out a bit more. I loved the romantic surprise Gerard gave Julianne which made me swoon. Overall, I enjoyed this story and it was nice to see Colin, Ariel and Logan making their appearance in this book. It looks like AJ will be getting his own story next but the story I really want is Logan's.

  • Lisa Filipe
    2019-03-30 23:56

    GERARD'S QUEST by Evie Knight was a mix of sexy, sweet, and suspenseful with a side of spicy...a little something for everyone!I am all about a heroine who doesn't let a man walk all over her, and Julianne certainly is a tough little gingersnap, funny enough I kept thinking of Julianne Hough from DWTS, and I think she is a great representation of this Julianne, a strong, determined woman, who wants to make her ex a little bit crazy with all her antics.Gerard was certainly misunderstood, I mean, a little selfish...YES...but atleast he can admit to it. He knows he was in the wrong, but with horrible communication between the couple, things just go from worse to better to worse again. I certainly enjoyed the "Making-Up" the couple engaged in...HOT!!Evie Knight has written a fun, exciting, sexy second book in the "In Bed with the Enemy" series, and I should have really read ARIEL'S SONG first, not that you have to, but I like to read a series in the correct order, so I recommend reading both. They are quick reads, and will keep you hooked from page one!!

  • Alexa Nichole Demers
    2019-04-21 03:41

    This book was a quick read that had you guessing. The love between Julianne and Gerard is complicated and sometimes dangerous but they get to find out if their love can handle any problem life throws at them. They have been in love since they were kids and only had been officially together for a year before it was tested the first time. After that Gerard was going to try anything and everything to get her back because he loved her.

  • Ava
    2019-04-15 01:30

    This book was all about the intrigue between Julianne and Gerard in the first book.And it was confirmed that the two were together. But ut wasn't only about their secret relationship but also in a kind of treasure hunting couplings with betrayal and back to back vengeance.The back to back wasn't too much and so I found it enjoyable. Wbat I truly enjoyed was the story gave opportunity for upcoming book about the others characters without being in the same theme. So here I will wait for Marissa/Logan, biancca/a.j./elle.

  • Kristyn Wilde
    2019-04-15 01:32

    Evie captures infuriating love perfectly in this book. While the characters continually hide the truth from one another, effectively creating tension between them, neither one can fight their feelings for the other. This makes for a roller coaster ride of a love story that will keep you guessing all the way until the end, which happens to have a few surprises.

  • Yazmin
    2019-04-14 04:51

    In Gerard’s Quest by Evie Knight, Julianne and Gerard both know art, and they were both in a relationship that they both really. But one night Gerard gave a piece of art she wanted to whom she considers her nemesis. Ever since then Julianne has made it her mission to thwart any and all attempts Gerard makes to get any piece of art he is interested in. even if it will cost her a fortune.Gerard knew that he would get in trouble with Julianne the moment he was giving her nemesis the what Julianne wanted, but it was the only way he could get more clues to find a family heirloom he has been searching for. It has been five years since that fateful night he lost Julianne, but he has not given up on them or on finding the lost family heirloom.Now Julianne and Gerard are still outbidding each other in art sales, but he still carries a flame for her, and will swoop in if she ever needs him. Which is how they spend most of the book, them arguing, him walking away, cooling down and then talking to her rationally to make her understand. And well, the makeup scenes are nothing to be ashamed of. But be ready with cold glass of water and a fan. The one thing I didn’t like was that Julianne was approached by an art thief to steal Gerard’s amulet, and she will get a painting she has been wanting for a long time. Which she accepted, because she thought she could get payback on Gerard with this. But there is a story behind the amulet which Gerard has been looking for and the art thief wants. A story you will have to read to find out.If you want a hot, fun and sexy read, don’t miss Gerard’s Quest by Evie Knight.

  • Heidi
    2019-03-26 03:52

    I received a copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion and a review. In Bed with the Enemy is book 2 of this series from the wonderful Evie KnightGérard Laurent has spent years tirelessly searching for one of his family lost heirloom. He has tired just about everything which has lead him nowhere and now he fears he has run out of any leads his lover’s arch enemy gives him a lead which he cannot turn down.When Julianne finds out she is broken hearted by his actions, so she decides to make him pay any way she can.But her revenge becomes bitter sweet as she succeeds until its all turned around, When Gérard steals a passionate kiss rediscovers her true feelings for him, only he will not apologize.Julianne is all set to forget Gérard when she gets an offer of a notorious art thief a painting she really likes in exchange for Gérard’s amulet. This could be the ultimate payback if she accepts, will she ?Or will love conquer all?I think Gerard was a misunderstood guy yes he was a bit selfish and a bit of an a hole at times but the couples communication wasn't the best and it can be easy to misconstrued things.But the way these two made up omg HOT as.....Julianne well at times i loved her as she is a tough ballsy woman but other times she made me mad as with her crazy schemes.Another great book from Evie Knight4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

  • Estella
    2019-04-12 21:43

    I was given this book for an honest review.Ok this book was off the hook! The only reason I give it a four is because it was just to short! This book is all about Ge'rard and Julianne. Ge'rard Laurent has been on a five year quest searching for a family amulet. He is very discouraged after finding nothing but dead ends. When he is just about to give up...his lover, Julianne's #1 enemy offers him a lead he CAN NOT turn down.After Ge'rard has broken Julianne's heart by his actions, she decides to make his life a living hell. Revenge is bittersweet. She succeeds until Ge'rard steals a kiss from her. The kiss awakens her deep feelings for him. When he doesn't apologize, she is so ready to forget all about him. Julianne is soon offered a painting she loves in exchange for Ge'rard's amulet she sees this as an ultimate payback.I know you want to know what's going to happen! Will love conquer all or will revenge when out? I enjoyed this book and I recommend that you get to one clicking this read!

  • Spider 2387
    2019-04-11 04:52

    I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Gerard’s Quest is a beautiful book. When reviewing it, I can’t skip the scenery. Ms. Knight has this tale taking place in some of the most beautiful places. I get a vivid idea of some of these places in London and Sydney and wish I could go there. I wish I could see pictures. It’s obvious that either a ton of research was done or that Evie Knight has visited them (in which I wish I was her).Next, the characters. I loved Gerard. He has an honesty to him that I found intriguing. He does everything for a purpose, and it has meaning to who he is. I wasn’t as fond of Julianne. I thought she needed some kick to her. The scenes were hot. Some of the most panty-wetting ones I’ve read in just kissing. The sex didn’t live up to the sexiness of the kisses though.Overall, I liked this book. If I could be Julianne for a day, not only would Gerard be mine, but damn, the places that girl sees!

  • Heather andrews
    2019-04-16 22:30

    I liked Gerard that boy is a naughty talker, "breaking the kiss, he grabbed her hand and guided her to his hardened c***. "It's been a long year and I want to be inside you so much it hurts." He cupped her sex; her heat slipped through the think fabric of her dress, branding his palm. "Soon, I'm going to make love to you again. Until then," he traced her lips with the tip of his tongue, "Jules, don't let another man touch you." He has a little jealousy issue, "yes. Aidan effing Judd. a.ka. AJ." Gerard raked a hand through his hair. "What are you doing Jules? Don't you know who he is or do I need to give you a list of his crimes?" I love the promises he makes to his woman, "when I say I'll eff your a**, I mean it." Gerard squeezed her a**. "But I won't do it until you're ready, until you want me to." I liked this book a little action and adventure was mixed in with the romance.

  • Ash P Reads
    2019-03-28 01:32

    I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was better than the first one. Intrigue and mistrust plaguing the relationship between Gerard and Julianne. What follows is a race amongst rivals to procure an ancient artifact. Caught between two men Julianne has to decide what is worth more; revenge or love.

    2019-04-09 05:32

    I loved this book revolving around Gerard and Julianne! It was neat to see some of my favorite past characters make an appearance-Ariel, Colin, Logan. This story had intrigue, turmoil, drama, and lots of sex. All wrapped up with a bow and happy ending. Loved it!