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Rumors stir throughout the land: when the wielder of the black sword draws his dark blade, all who stand in its path are torn asunder...!Köinzell, the mysterious young boy who carries the black sword, undeniably wields it with exceptional skill, but can he truly be responsible for the bloody rumors? Pursued by the Traitorous Lances, four powerful warriors who were thoughtRumors stir throughout the land: when the wielder of the black sword draws his dark blade, all who stand in its path are torn asunder...!Köinzell, the mysterious young boy who carries the black sword, undeniably wields it with exceptional skill, but can he truly be responsible for the bloody rumors? Pursued by the Traitorous Lances, four powerful warriors who were thought to have been defeated by the Seven Heroes, the strength of the young swordsman will be tested to its limit. At battle's end, only the shocking truth of Köinzell's quest will stand above the corpses of his enemies...An epic fantasy on the grandest of scales!...

Title : Ubel Blatt, Vol. 0
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ISBN : 9780316336161
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 432 Pages
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Ubel Blatt, Vol. 0 Reviews

  • Sue Moro
    2019-04-01 05:46

    Ubel Blatt takes place in 3992 A.D. (Anno Donatio) on a world circled by two moons. It has the feel of an epic fantasy in a medieval setting with dragon airships lending an element of steampunk to the story. As the story begins, there are rumors throughout Szaalenden of a warrior who wields a black sword. All who stand in his path are utterly destroyed. The warrior is a young elfin-like boy, named Kunzell, who seeks revenge on the seven cowards who betrayed him and his comrades. Twenty years before the start of the story, Szaalenden was ravaged by a war with Wischtech, the land bordering the kingdom. Peace was apparently achieved by the successful completion of a mission by these seven cowards, now ironically known throughout the kingdom as the "Seven Heroes". Kunzell, however, knows what really happened on the mission and he will make them pay for their betrayal.Beneath Kunzell's exterior hides a fierce warrior with immense skills. His small stature and elfin attributes sets him apart from the other characters. At the start of the story I did not like his character very much. As more of his history is revealed through flashbacks, I began to better understand his motivations for revenge, and the character grew on me. I started rooting for him to succeed!Ubel Blatt is full of grandiose characters as is typical in many fantasy stories. There are also strange and grotesque creatures, some that morph their appearance and can partially disguise themselves as human. There are also power hungry humans who rule the lands and Monastery, and innocent citizens who seek to smuggle themselves out of the kingdom and into the borderlands. While hiding amongst some merchant goods about to be loaded onto a ship, Kunzell encounters a young girl nicknamed Peepi who is also trying to sneak across. They are both caught and about to be executed when a man named Wied comes to their rescue. He himself has been planning to bribe the monks of the Monastery to secure passage across the border. Wied takes the two "kids" to a bar hidden in the old Wischtech ruins beneath the city where he enlists the aid of the bar owner, a young woman named Altea. Soon the four become traveling companions as they head for the borderlands each for their own reasons. Many of the characters in Ubel Blatt are not who they seem at first, most notably Kunzell. His true identity is revealed within this volume, thus explaining his motivations to seek revenge on the Seven Heroes. There are comments dropped along the way that hint at some hidden identities for many other characters that I look forward to seeing revealed. The manga has a "parental advisory warning" for explicit content. This is NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG READERS since the images in some of the battle scenes are extremely gruesome and there is nudity and sex within the pages. I felt the nudity scenes were unnecessary to the progression of the story and would have preferred if they were left out. Ubel Blatt vol. 0 is 432 pages of fantastic storytelling and well worth the price! The artwork is amazing with bold shading and dynamic paneling. There are many full page illustrations throughout, and a few color pages at the beginning. I felt the characters were well developed even in this first volume, and the action was non-stop. I look forward to continuing with the series.

  • Mike
    2019-04-08 22:00

    Quick thoughts: A little uneven to start, but gets very good very quickly. Extremely dark, unsettling and graphic, but with strong plot and characters. The key theme of legend vs reality is fascinating and well executed.

  • Alex
    2019-03-22 21:47

    OriginalityA standard shonen epic fantasy with a dose of harsh medieval realism thrown in for good measure. Not a whole lot of explanation of the magical system is provided.ArtworkThe action, depiction of the different characters and creatures as well as the vehicles are quite detailed. I especially like the schematics of the dragon airships. The maps could use a little more detail; for example, to include the city of Rielde-Velem.StorySolid plot that has one major twist. The transition between one major time span to the next (from the flashback to Durch Bruch) could've been handled more explicitly.Content Warning: Nudity, sex scenes, including one that implies bestiality.CharacterizationNot terribly deep characters, but that's not the focus. For the most part, the hero, Köinzell vanquishes his foes through his fighting prowess and superhuman powers instead of his intelligence.Personal NotesThis world is a male-dominated one where fighting ability is the most important personal attribute. Women and children are, for the most part, relegated to supporting roles or mere chattel. In spite of the fact that it is hinted that some of the women characters could become stronger, I don't find the world appealing. Still a solid epic and where it lacks in originality it makes up with action and art.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-04-20 02:53

    I really enjoyed the story. Its really interesting and dramatic but I didn't like most of the female characters. They were all shown as weak and really creepy. I didn't enjoy any of the strange pedophilia aspects as well between the main character and various women. One was understandable because she was crazy but the last one, with the smuggler... it was just weird. I understand the main character Köinzell is not a young boy but the women he 'sleeps' with think he is and its just... I feel it was over done. I was originally going to give this 3 stars because of the pedophilia and the fact that most of the women characters so far were viewed as weak and spineless but the stories so good and intriguing I had to give it four.

  • Anne
    2019-03-21 01:00

    (3.5 Stars) About the story - it's really interesting, the start is kind of rough and there are 2 "side stories" in the middle that contribute to the character but at the sametime feels kind of random. The Story is very fast paced and exciting. The Visuals are amazing, the dialogue can get a little cheesy at times. I wish the magic system was a bit more developed (I'm sure that will happen in the rest of the series, but at times it was a little confusing especially in relation to characters, Köinzell seems to be the only non-human and I wish I could know a little more about elves etc. Also - We NEED a better "explicit content" warning - yes it says explicit content on the cover and having quickly browsed through it before buying it I saw some gore and naked women so I knew what to expect - that being said there is a lot more gore and a lot more (very graphic) sex scenes than I expected (especially in the beginning) - so I think some effort should be put into degrees of explicitly (if that makes sense) .

  • Julieanne
    2019-04-21 01:42

    This is actually a fairly good fantasy manga series and was enjoyable to read. The artwork is fantastic and character designs fairly diverse as well as the action really raring when it is called for and the style more subtle when required.

  • Kevin Clarkson
    2019-03-25 04:38

    story starts off pretty hard to follow, with a main character that's overpowered and shifts between childish and super serious. things start to pick up and become much more enjoyable about halfway through.

  • Sydney Baggins
    2019-03-29 21:54

    the art was dope but ive not read a book ive been this disinterested in since high school

  • Chris
    2019-03-21 04:45

    Good. I want to read the next one, but it's checked out :(

  • Lanie
    2019-04-19 04:58

    Wow.Ok! Do you like violence? Blood & guts? Bad ass fighters? Manga & epic fantasy?manga series like "black butler"? epic fantasy series like "Shadowdance" "game of thrones" & "wheel of time" You do? Great! Chances are, you'll enjoy this too! :) "Uber Blatt" is.... God, how to describe it? Violence. Epic. Fucking awesome? :D it's bloody and gorey and dark with this badass anti hero main character who I fucking adore! koinzell is my baby. I love this dude. Hugs and cookies and therapy are needed. But I SO want to help him on his quest! This is definitely the kinda fucked up psychopathic, but also sympathetic main character I can cheer on. :D this is a total revenge story too. Totally my kinda a book. A m.c. Driven by nothing but vengeance! This was a world, torn apart by war. Characters, heroes, villains, and thugs who are never really all they seem. Who's really the "good guy?" Who's really the "bad guy"? It's my favorite part of epic fantasy. No one is exactly clean of bloodshed, so ultimately it's the reader who picks. I mean, is Koinzell really a hero with how big of a body count he leaves in his wake? Well, to everyone else, probably not. But I think he's got good reasons to be so screwed up. >:) he's the hero of his own story anyway. :D plus, he's kinda adorable, so it adds to his likability, at least too me.The lesser characters are more flat, but there's definitely plenty of room to expand on their characters further down the road. I particularly like Peepi & Weid & the brother and sister we see in the beginning of the story.The artwork is wonderful! Sure to satisfy any manga lover. The main characters are all very distinctive & action scenes very well done. However, I wouldn't recommend it to you if women in over sexual outfits just for the sake of looking pretty though. (wether or not it's actually practical for a fight) It was actually the cover that drove me to buy it. Koinzell just looked so intense & determined, but so young. I had to know more about him, even if there was a plastic cover over & I couldn't look inside. -_- the blurb on the back and the cover art was enough for me! & let me tell you, as much as I may not agree with the plastic cover things over mature level mangas why there was good reason for this one. Sorry, going off topic for a sec, But seriously! why only mature rated mangas? Just because they have pictures? Shouldn't everything thats not kid/teen friendly have little plastic covers and warning labels? Don't they know kids can go in the Romance section of bookstores & flip through books till they find the "naughty bits" I've done this several times as a teen. Or how bout game of thrones? there's some totally r rated stuff there. Shouldn't that be covered up? Nope. Only mangas. Reading something naughty can be just as bad as pics. So stop discriminating books! Besides. Censorship falls on the parents shoulders. It's taking away possible customers to keep it closed up were we can't look at the book.Anyway! Back on topic! Not for kids!Not only was there bloody violence scenes on ever page, but there was also a lot of sexual content. Including a couple of rape scenes. Seriously not for kids. This book as been rated R by the nerd association of lanie -& rated By the publisher- for swearing, violence, and sexual content. But for older readers, I totally recommend! Especially fans of manga & epic fantasy! Can't wait for the next book!

  • Andre
    2019-04-02 02:48

    1) Deutsche Rezension2) English Review1) Deutsche RezensionAlles in allem ist es ein guter Band 0 und kann leicht als seine eigene Geschichte getrennt von den anderen Mangas stehen. Es hat ein gutes Maß an Spannung, guten Kämpfen, allerdings ließ es mich fürchten, dass es später nur noch Kämpfe geben wurden, das Magiesystem macht bisher Sinn (wie Fluchknoten und wie man sie nutzen kann um riesige Monster mit normalen Waffen zu töten und erklärt warum es nicht mehr von ihnen gibt), die Wendung(view spoiler)[, dass die drei Kriegsherren nicht jene sind, die sie vorgeben zu sein und das Keinzell der angeblich tote Ascherit ist, (hide spoiler)] war solide und es hatte sehr gute Zeichnungen welche die düstere Atmosphäre des Manga sehr gut einfängt.Allerdings hat es auch so einige unzweifelhaft dumme Momente welche Klischees und zweifelsohne reiner Fanservice waren, ala schmeiß so viele Titten rein wie du kannst.(view spoiler)[ Das offensichtlichste war Lady Güstavves "Anzug" welcher kaum mehr ist als Stiefel, Tanga und Schulterpolster und geht mit dem Stereotyp das je böser eine Frau ist, desto weniger Kleider hat sie an. (hide spoiler)] Die Geschichte hatte eine irre Menge an weiblicher Nacktheit und so einiges an sexueller Gewalt. Sex war alles in allem häufiger vertreten als man es vermuten würde von dieser Serie. Auch etwas mehr Blut (wie das eine fleischfressende Pferd oder wie Ascherit zu Keinzell wurde) als erwartet.Allerdings, die Geschichte von Ascherit am Ende des Bandes welches seine früheren Jahre zeigt, hätte vermutlich am Anfang sein sollen; am Ende wird es einfach fehl am Platz.2) English ReviewOverall this is a pretty good volume 0 and can easily stand as its own story separate from the other mangas. It has a fair amount of suspense, good battle related fighting, albeit it did make me fear it would all be battles later on, the magic system so far makes sense (like the curse nodules and how they can be used to fight the giant monsters with conventional weapons and why there aren't more of them), the twist(view spoiler)[, that the three warlords were not the ones they claimed they are and that Keinzell was the presumed dead Ascherit, (hide spoiler)] was solid and it had very good art that captures the dark atmosphere of the manga very well.However, this also has a few undeniably stupid moments here that are stereotypical and undeniably pure fanservice ala throw as many tits at the readers as you can.(view spoiler)[ The most obvious was Lady Güstavve's "dress" that is barely more than boots, thong and shoulder pads and adheres to the stereotype that the more evil a woman is the less clothes she wears. (hide spoiler)] This had an insane amount of female nudity and a fair amount of sexually-related violence. Sex was in general more prevalent here than you would expect from the main series. Also a tad more gore (like that one flesh-eating horse and how Ascherit became Keinzell) than that.However, the story of Ascherit that was at the end of the volume and showed his much earlier years probably should have been at the start of the volume; at the end it just looks out of place.

  • Séverine
    2019-03-28 21:48

    Übel Blatt est un Seinen, Dark Fantasy si vous préférez. Mais autant vous mettre en garde de suite : ce manga est pour un public averti, même moi je ne le mettrais pas entre les mains de ma petite sœur, même du haut de ses 13 ans. Autant ce livre est gore, il regorge aussi d'images sexuelles très explicites. A la troisième page, je me demande si le cheval mange la jeune demoiselle ou si il la... Bref, vous aurez compris que ce n'est pas un manga à mettre dans les mains de tout le monde.Nous allons suivre tout au long de l'histoire notre héros, Koïnzell, un semi-elfe aux pouvoirs surprenants. Ce qui me plaît, c'est que les personnages ne sont pas japonais, on sort des rangs et des sentiers battus avec ce manga. Cette série ce situe dans un univers médiéval chevaleresque, sur fond de magie noire et de combats épiques. Je préfère quand l'univers médiéval est traité dans les romans, mais là je dois avouer que j'ai été agréablement surprise avec ce tome 00.Les graphismes sont banals, un peu ce que l'on voit partout dans les autres. Mais une mention spéciale à Koïnzell, qui à un personnage très travaillé, que ce soit graphiquement que psychologiquement. Avec lui, on sait où l'on va, dans quel sens va être dirigé l'histoire. C'est ça qui m'a le plus plu dans ce Seinen.Etorouji Shiono à tout d'un bon conteur. L'histoire tient debout, et ne se contredis pas du début à la fin. Les dialogues sont très bien tournés, et nous amènes à vouloir lire la suite au plus vite.

  • Karissa
    2019-03-30 05:01

    My husband actually got this for Christmas and I wanted to read it as well. It’s a massive manga volume. It has an intricate story with interesting characters and is well drawn.I was impressed by the excellent illustration. I enjoyed the characters and the story. It’s a creative story that is engaging and interesting.I did struggle a bit with how much the story jumps around. There are a lot of characters in here and the story jumps between different locations and past and present. Sometimes these jumps are noted at the top of the page and sometimes they aren’t. I ended up having to read this pretty slowly and backtrack a lot to keep track of what was going on. As a results this wasn’t the easiest manga to follow.Additionally I should mention this is a very adult manga. There are a lot of sex scenes, nudity, bribery by sex, and gory violence throughout. This is a manga I ended up reading after my 9 year old son went to bed because I didn’t want him coming up and peeking over my shoulder while I read it.Overall this was a strong start to this fantasy manga. There is a great world and story here with some intriguing characters. The illustration is excellent as well. I struggled a bit with following the story at times; it jumps around quite a bit. However, hopefully that will be better in future volumes. This is one I plan on continuing to read.

  • Marcelo
    2019-04-09 01:44

    From Suvi of IIDX, Heartfang and Hinokaze20 years ago, 14 heroes set out on a journey to stop the Wischtech threat. Three perish along the way and four abandon their mission and are labeled hence forth as the Lances of Betrayal. The remaining seven heroes destroy the Wischtech, fulfill their sealing mission and rid the world of the Lances of Betrayal. They return and become the pillars of support for the rebuilding of the empire. So forth the prestigious era starts.Although the Lances of Betrayal were thought to have fallen, they return and begin forming a powerful army on the frontier. They pillage the towns, ravage the lands, and become the object of fear within the empire. Only a young man named "Koinzell", holder of the "Black Blade", has the power to annihilate these "Lances of Betrayal". Who is Koinzell? What is the object of his journey? Where did he come from? Could he be connected to the "Seven Heroes"?--- nice manga, I recomend.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-12 21:55

    4.5 von 5 SternenSehr brutal, sehr pervers - but I love it^^Der Zeichenstil ist richtig geil und die Geschichte wirklich packend. Wer aber nicht auf spritzendes Blut und eine Unzahl an nackten Frauen steht, für den ist der Manga nun wirklich nichts!

  • Bertrand
    2019-03-25 04:36

    Pour l'instant, ce tome 0 fait énormément pensé à Bastard! avec l'humour et les références epic-metal en moins. Il reste tout de même un bon divertissement !

  • Kane Fedde
    2019-03-27 04:57

    actually one of the best ones I have read in a super long time.

  • Jenny Clark
    2019-04-12 02:44

    Art was pretty good, story was alright, just could not really get into it for some reason. I may continue, mostly dependent on if the person I borrowed from gets the rest.

  • MiM Metwally
    2019-04-02 05:02

    Didn't get the drift of the story, felt clattered to me. Drawings were good though...MiM

  • Ericka
    2019-03-28 05:52

    Great manga for fans of Game of ThronesGood story and characters. The art is nice, too. I will definitely buy the next volume to see what happens next.

  • Philip Bachman
    2019-03-31 04:45

    Really enjoyed the first volume of this series, I can't wait for the next volume to come out.

  • Corstua
    2019-04-16 04:50

    Here Begins a tale that shall take your breath away!