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One-off, moving on sex, wasn’t meant to be this hot…When determined singleton Shea Summers is persuaded to become the “wife” of the Lord of Edgerton Manor, the last thing she wants to do is play house with a stranger.Brooding playboy Brando Marshall is far from happy when Shea turns up at his sprawling estate with production crew in tow. Surely she’s just another woman aftOne-off, moving on sex, wasn’t meant to be this hot…When determined singleton Shea Summers is persuaded to become the “wife” of the Lord of Edgerton Manor, the last thing she wants to do is play house with a stranger.Brooding playboy Brando Marshall is far from happy when Shea turns up at his sprawling estate with production crew in tow. Surely she’s just another woman after his wallet? And if she’s looking for Mr Right, she’s definitely hitting on the wrong guy. Then again, after catching an unscheduled glimpse of her knickers, perhaps Brando needs to teach this “gold-digger” a lesson!She’s seizing the moment, he’s breaking the rules, and when bad boys can be so much fun, who can resist getting on the right side of Mr. Wrong…...

Title : The Right Side of Mr Wrong
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ISBN : 20871920
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The Right Side of Mr Wrong Reviews

  • Shona Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom
    2019-03-01 13:31

    I love reading books (especially when they are this good) but trying to turn the happy they give me into actual words that other people will understand is sometimes quite difficult. Right now my brain is smiling and sighing repeatedly throwing out the occasional 'oh how I loved it' comments. That's good though, right?I've had a hard time of reading lately, like my heart just hasn't been in it. Don't get me wrong I have found books that I really enjoyed but they didn't grab me, I could easily put the book down after every chapter and leave it for a few hours. But with this one? Not a chance.This book doesn't just draw you in, it grabs hold of you with two hands and refuses to let you go. So much so that I managed to read this entire book in less than a day. This is such an easy and comfortable read, its almost impossible to not fall into it. Linfoot has given us not just a romance novel that is fun and flirty, she gives us characters with real depth. Characters who live every day with their pasts, both of them feeling pain that is almost tangible, pain that is woven into their characters. And despite having characters that are damaged Linfoot still manages to give us this really enjoyable, happy read.This is my first novel by Jane Linfoot but it wont be my last.

  • Erin
    2019-03-18 11:31

    This book had me smiling from the very beginning. Although there is a darker subject matter - with both Shea and Brando having very personal demons to battle - the read is a funny and fast-paced, with just the right balance struck between the emotional story and the racier scenes. Shea and Brando are written to interact brilliantly with one another - I loved the sarcastic banter and teasing - and the ending left a big smile on my face. Definitely have to move Jane's other novel up my TBR list!

  • Desere
    2019-03-06 15:18

    All of us has a jealous streak that at the worst of times comes out of hiding and ruins a situation for us so badly that gracefully recovering from it, is something that will simply never happen. Even worse is afterwards when we realize we could have dealt with our jealously in a complete different manner and avoided a mess so much more shameful then when we accidentally exist the bathroom and along comes our undergarments on display for all to see!In this new read from author Jane Linfoot she takes us into the world of Brando. He's rich, extremely melt my heart attractive but he his also cautions of gold diggers. So of course when Shea shows up single and hopeful he goes into full defense mode. But when a little slip or rather breath of fresh air brings her underwear out to play, Brando cannot control himself. Only when he gets close enough does he realize he is jealous of her past relationship and no matter what he does he simply cannot get over it. This read was fun and delightful at times and other times very emotional. The author packed great emotion into her characters and showed them both as lost souls each having this issue from the past that actually is not really that big of an issue but it's what hold them back from each other. For when placed into perspective it can be overcome and thus holding onto it only prolongs the despair. I liked that the author gave each character a flaw , but that the flaws simply added to their uniqueness. Through the characters the author showed just how badly things can turn when we hang onto an issue from the past instead of letting it go and trying to stay open minded when facing a new challenge. I am recommending this book for any fan of romance that likes love found stories mixed with that little something special by an author that will make you wan to throw up your skirts, show off your kickers all in the name of finding a love just as special as Brando and Shea.4.5 star review" Living on the wrong side of love has never been more beautiful"

  • Jane Hunt
    2019-03-04 14:24

    Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+The Right Side of Mr Wrong is a delightful romp in rural England full of emotion, humour, spice and hidden secrets it has all the required ingredients for a compelling read.Brando, lord of the manor by default, so not in the market for a wife is horrified his younger sister who works in TV thinks he needs one. Bryony creates a reality TV show around finding him a wife and he agrees to pick the winner to keep his sister sweet and out of his love life. Shea a professional organiser works for the rich and famous. She wants to move on with her life and to prove she can she enters the TV competition. Much to her horror she wins. Friends and relatives concerned for her welfare push her into accepting a trip to meet Brando at his stately home in the English countryside. Brando agrees but intends to leave on the helicopter Shea arrives on. Running is what he does and he's an expert. A freak wind puts pay to his escape when it shows him rather more of Shea than he bargained for in public. He rethinks his plans and decides Shea is every man's dream. Her chic, contained ,calm exterior masks a sassy, sexy siren. More important in Brando's eyes she appears willing to indulge in commitment free sex with him . Shea denies their mutual attraction but his to die for physique and persistence makes her rethink. Hot, spicy sexual encounters in unexpected locations are inevitable.Shea is shocked by her wild, wanton side. Brando is intrigued. The more she runs the more he wants to stay until he realises he has broken his own unwritten sexual encounter rules and doesn't care. Brando's emotional barriers tumble with each passionate interlude until Shea knows all Brando's secrets but won't share hers. When he discovers what she's hiding he runs...Centred exclusively on the couple and their emotional journey this story is well paced and full of anecdotal humour. The scorching love scenes reveal more about the characters than they realise. Shea and Brando are realistically flawed but their love story is worth investing your time in. I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.Jane Linfoot

  • Crystal
    2019-03-18 08:38

    I honestly do not know how to start this review, so I'm just going to jump right into it. I freaking LOVED this book! It is funny mixed with sassy mixed with sexy. For the most part of the book, Brando is an insufferable ass. And I absolutely loved him. He's sexy, brooding, and knows that he can have just about any woman. What he doesn't want is a wife, so when he reluctantly picks Shae, he decides to push every single one of her buttons. And he has a grand 'ol time ticking her off...until it backfires on him. Shea freaking rocked. When Brando goads her, she shoves him right back. She decides that she needs to get her past out of her system and basically uses Brando for his body. You. Go. Girl! I loved watching her take down Brando peg by peg. Never have I enjoyed watching a character crumble when it comes to falling in love. It was magnificent. I adored Brando and Shea, especially when they were pushing each other. The bantering between them fueling into desire... Holy moly! When Brando finally gets Shea where he wants her, I loved watching him try anything to get her back in bed. Talk about a man on a mission...The Right Side of Wrong is a fantastically witty book. It is a quick and funny book that'll leave you laughing. I like to pick my favorite quote and use it to open my review posts. With this book, I could not pick just one quote. There were so many hilarious one-liners flying between Shea and Brando, especially when he's trying to make rhymes with her name. I loved Jane's first book, How to Win a Guy in 10 Dates, but I think this one is my favorite so far. I can't wait to see what Jane has in store for us next.

  • Maryline M's Bookshelf
    2019-03-18 12:27

    This review was first published at M's Bookshelf - http://mssbookshelf.blogspot.beWhere NOT to read this book (personal experience here): on a train when there's on old lady sitting across from you. Or anyone, for that matter. Just don't read it on a train. In your living room when there's a parent sitting not that far away. In a doctor's waiting room. So where can you read this book? At home, alone. Or with a boyfriend present ;-)From the very first chapter the tone for the book is set: hot desire... from both sides (whatever they might say). Toe-curling scenes throughout the story. And just when I had enough of those meaningless (mostly fantasy) HOT scenes, romance swooped in. And it got even hotter.Although both Brando and Shea are doing their best to run away from their pasts and trying to convince each other that there's no (hi)story, there's definitely something there and I enjoyed learning more about both of them throughout the book - along with them.The Right Side of Mr Wrong is a very hot romance with two very interesting, intriguing characters searching for a new beginning and getting lost in the moment... and each other.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-23 10:28

    Originally posted on damn. Simply saying that I enjoyed The Right Side of Mr Wrong would be a complete and utter understatement. I LOVED, I repeat, LOVED reading this, and it is a gorgeous, flirty novel to add to your girly, romantic, chick-lit collection. Firstly, let's admire Jane's beautiful cover for The Right Side of Mr Wrong. That floral dress/skirt and those delicious heels are sure to hit a girl right in the heart. They are just perfect. I'm not going to lie, I would love a pair of those shoes, what girl wouldn't? And they're definitely eye-catching, that's for sure. I love everything about this cover, from the pretty feminine side of it, to the sexy, long-legged, heeled side of it. It just screams romance and attraction, and I adore it. Top marks from me for the cover, Jane! The plot behind Jane's story in The Right Side of Mr Wrong kept me entertained the entire way through. It was very entertaining and comical, as well as fiery and sexy too, which I loved. It kept me hooked and I really didn't want to be waiting too long before finding out where Jane took Brando and Shea next. It was definitely one of those "I just can't put this down" books, and those books are just the best. Shea Summers was a brilliant character. She was attractive, intelligent and just incredibly likeable, and I genuinely began to find myself caring for Shea and her feelings just after the plot really started to get going. I loved how Jane took Shea and placed her in this huge country manor with a charming, very dashing man. The attraction between Shea and Brando was electric, and watching their physical relationship bloom was the cherry on the cake. But let's be real, who would be able to keep their hands off and away from Brando? His swagger and confidence only added to his sex appeal, and when he found himself breaking his usual rules when it came to women, I couldn't help but say, aurwhhh. Because it adorable, but still hot and sexy, obviously. I loved EVERYTHING about this novel. The plot. The characters. The chemistry. The fact that Shea and Brando were complete opposites of each other from the get go. It was brilliant. A pure, chick-lit read that I would gladly lose myself in, again and again. Becca's Books is giving The Right Side of Mr Wrong by Jane Linfoot a fabulous rating of 5 golden stars. I'd recommend this book to anybody who loves hot, romantic reads with a great cast of characters.

  • Ailish Fitzgerald
    2019-03-22 15:37

    *Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review*Well firstly let me start off by thanking Jane Linfoot for very kindly sending me The Right Side of Mr Wrong to review. I have enjoyed all her books.First things first I have to comment on the fabulous cover - girls the SHOES!This was such an entertaining read that grabs you from the very first page when you know you are going to love this book. Our two main characters are Shea (that rhymes with day) Summers and Brando Marshall who are thrown together by a stately home based reality show. Shea was instantly a likeable character, feisty, fun, intelligent and the handsome playboy Brando who we see another side to thanks to Shea. While there is an immediate chemistry between the two of them with plenty of flirting and teasing, they both have a past and are trying to confront their issues. This is handled sensitively by Jane whose writing is very passionate and creates a very realistic atmosphere through the various scenes in the narrative. This was an uplifting read that never really faltered - the pace was fast right from the start. If you love a romantic read then look no further this is the book for you!

  • Suze Lavender
    2019-03-03 14:31

    In a television show Brando's sister has persuaded him to publicly look for a wife. Women were supposed to send a postcard if they'd like to be chosen. Brando is the Lord of the Edgerton Manor, he's handsome and he's incredibly rich. He's a good catch, but he isn't husband material at all, he doesn't want to get married. The person who has to go to the manor as the chosen one for the role is Shea. Shea organizes homes for a living and she's there to do a job. She's also not looking for a husband, only Brando doesn't know that. He thinks she's another gold digger.Even though Brando is reluctant to give Shea any attention he's also intrigued. Soon it's clear that there's a connection. They're attracted to each other, which is perfectly all right. They can have their fun and then it's time to go their separate ways. Only when he gets to know Shea Brando starts breaking his own rules for her. Is she really just an attractive woman he can flirt with or is there more between them than that?The Right Side of Mr. Wrong is a book filled with sexual tension and chemistry. For both Brando and Shea it's lust at first sight. Initially that might be all there is between them, but slowly they start to develop some other feelings as well. At first the story is fun and flirty, but later it becomes more serious. Both Brando and Shea are hiding something and they have built a wall around themselves. They don't want to feel and because of meeting each other that's exactly what's happening. The sex isn't just sex, it's also meaningful as every time it happens Shea and Brando are giving a bit more of themselves and they're healing because of it. I liked this a lot and think The Right Side of Mr. Wrong is a great romantic read.

  • Sophie
    2019-02-24 12:29

    [review also on my blog at http://beentherereadthatreviewedthebo...]The Right Side of Mr Wrong is the kind of flirty, fun book which puts a smile on your face from start to finish. Once I’d started reading, the humour and light-hearted writing made sure the only time my Kindle was getting put down was once I’d got to the end.I loved the chemistry between Shea and Brando – right from the beginning when Shea makes her grand entrance and flashes her underwear, the one upmanship started and this provided a lot of laughs throughout the book.As for other characters, I had kind of expected to see more of them, and especially see more of Bryony since she seemed to be important to the plot. However, Jane Linfoot really honed in on the relationship between Shea and Brando and it worked so well. From the saucy moments (and there’s a few), to the laughs and the endearing, sweeter moments, Brando and Shea were two characters I really cared for.The pacing worked great too – it was fast from the start and this never faltered. The Right Side of Mr Wrong never got boring. I also loved how everything was linked in – all the small things mentioned earlier on in the book which you think might have been forgotten towards the end never were – and from the title to the characteristics of Shea and Brando to their reservations and emotions, nothing was pushed aside. It all worked brilliantly.This book was just really refreshing and uplifting. It was nice to read a different take on a romance, one which managed to combine emotion without over-the-top drama and glum moments. The Right Side of Mr Wrong was a whirlwind of fun. 5/5.*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • Rachel Gilbey
    2019-03-24 16:43

    This is a hot and steamy romance between two people who don't want a relationship ever. When Brando appeared on a TV show as a favour to his sister Bryony, it set off a national competition, to find him a wife, which he knew nothing about, nor wanted to be a part of. Shea sent in a postcard entry along with her friend, and she made it clear she wasn't interested in becoming a wife..but she does work for an organisation firm.Shea is picked and arrives at Edgerton Manor in a helicopter, and whether they are willing to admit it or not, there was an instant attraction between Brandon and Shea. There is not a huge amount of depth in this book, but the romance and chemistry is sizzling, and reading this is a great way to warm up on a cold and wet afternoon. This is a fast paced, highly sexed book, and the discoveries into the reasons Shea and Brando are they way they are, are interesting, but I would have loved to have known more about both of them. Shea when introducing herself to Brando, she explains her name rhymes with day. Whenever Brando says her name, he goes Shea sounds like... and then using a phrase that rhymes with Shea. Each time he uses a different one which is a nice recurring theme. I really enjoyed reading The Right Side of Mr Wrong, and think for me its a good introduction to the author Jane Linfoot. I hope to read more of her books soon.

  • Chanpreet
    2019-03-19 14:41

    When you're looking for a great summer read you're usually looking for something entertaining. For me that's funny, dramatic, hot, and captivating. The Right Side of Mr Wrong is all that and more. Of course this anytime is the right time to read this book.Shea and Brando are two people who are not looking for any sort of "ever after" for various reasons. It was a hoot (I'm from the South) to see them try and deal with the unwanted attraction between them. I've got to mention that I love their names. They're unique and suit them well. It was really easy for Shea and Brando to steal my heart. I loved getting to know them. The dialogues are some of the funniest I've read this year; they're witty and sarcastic. Their attempts to out do each other were priceless. If I wan't laughing, I was guzzling ice cold water to try and cool myself from all the heat they generated. I did have to break out the tissues but it wasn't even close to a 5-tissue read. In the end, I was really glad my hunch I was going to love this book came true. I was surprised by not only how much, but by the content as well. The book is fresh. I would love to catch up with Shea and Brando in the future but already know I'll be eagerly awaiting whatever Ms. Jane Linfoot releases next.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-03-19 13:21

    Nothing like showing your knickers at a first meeting, "a freak gust tore at the pleats and blasted them skywards. Before she had time to react, the air hostess skirt had twisted inside out, and was billowing, wildly somewhere her ears. 'nice one!' Brando's face cracked into an, involuntary smile. Just what a guy needed to brighten a dreary afternoon. Maybe there was a god after all. Stocking tops, delicious dark knickers, he had enough time to make out the pattern of the lace. He gave a nod of appraisal. 'twelve out of ten for that bottom - at the very least.' A tug at the base of Brando's stomach, a constriction of denim in the groin area, indicated that the skirt wasn't all that was rising." I mean Brando isn't the only one that appreciates a good arse so doesn't Shea, "Shea heard the polished oak boards creak gently as Brando turned and sauntered casually towards the staircase. Wow! Rear of the year, or what? She let out a silent gasp of appreciation. Not that she was in the least bit interested, but a view like that could hardly go un-applauded." I mean the boy runs out of the essentials in a bad time, "hell no. Just off to get more condoms." Grins seldom came more wicked than the one he sent her now. "I seem to remember someone suggested bed later?" I loved this book.

  • Loz
    2019-03-20 12:15

    Easy and quick read, but not unsatisfying.

  • Charl
    2019-03-05 11:40

    She’s sweet, highly strung and definitely good and he’s restless, distant and definitely bad. Neither want a relationship but their instantaneous attraction means that a one-night stand agreement is reached when Shea realizes that he is the ideal commitment-phobic man to help her move on. Clichéd? Hmm, perhaps. Predictable? Yes. However, it’s light and enjoyable. Something which really pleased me was the dual narration from both Shea and Brando’s POV’s. I’ve noticed that this technique is appearing more and more in chick-lit books and I wholeheartedly appreciate it. Big up the boys! It certainly gives a more multi-faceted feel and allows the reader to understand and empathize with both characters. I had a big soft spot for Brando so it was good to read his thought processes and internal feelings instead of it being a one-sided story.The Right Side of Mr Wrong is not aiming to win the Nobel Prize for Literature so there are repetitive words, some moments that made me cringe and rather melodramatic actions. Initially, these points made is quite difficult to fully immerse myself into the story because I was overly focusing on them. Couple that with the fact that, as the reader, I was still getting used to the characters, and I’d say it took a good few chapters for me to be invested in the book. However, once I was there, I finished it within a couple of sittings because it is such an easy read.Both Brando and Shea have hidden secrets and insecurities which makes them more approachable - and likable - than if they were just astoundingly beautiful people having astoundingly hot sex. Their painful stories are slowly revealed and I definitely felt the character progressions and arcs (arguably more noticeable and successful with Brando). Considering the relatively few number of pages, you'd be forgiven for thinking that these important developments would be non existent or badly shoehorned in at the end, but they were definitely visible and definitely deposited at regular intervals. If the story was longer then they could have been explored to greater effect.Although some aspects suffered due to the short nature of the book (only 174 pages), I was pleasantly surprised by what was achieved. I was honestly expecting the ending to be disappointing or overly rushed, but that was the strongest part of the entire book. Well written, well thought out, in-keeping and satisfying. Let's face it, that's what we want from chick-lit isn't it?I liked the balance between the sex and an actual story, which sounds like a stupid thing to say but bear with me. Often, books in this genre can be like a bad 1970’s porno film, with numerous sex scenes padded out with sporadic bits of conversation and "storyline". In this case, the sexual attraction actually aids the tale rather than hindering it with numerous innuendos.Problems? Aside from the early reservations, the only other problem was the length (ahem). As much as it did work and do its job, there needed to be more depth and exploration of the characters’ backstories and potentially more of a build-up in the dynamic between Brando and Shea. It all moves somewhat rapidly yet it has the potential to be a full-length story. However, as a quick read, it does what it says on the tin. It's short but relatively sweet.Overall: The Right Side of Mr Wrong is undoubtedly predictable, but in the genre of chick-lit it’s the journey, as well as the romantic destination, which needs to appeal. I liked this journey. Fun, light (with nice bits of shade for contrast), easy to read and some sexy times included. There’s definite bumps in terms of some of the writing but I enjoyed it nevertheless.*Thanks to Jane for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  • Gaele
    2019-03-20 15:28

    I’ve found my next “must read” author. Jane Linfoot’s books are full of fun and funny, with characters that are accessible to every reader: you could know these people. Endearingly goofy in their missteps, these are characters that have flaws and troubles, but their relationship gaffes are ones that we all can relate to. In this story, a touch darker than her earlier How to Win a Guy in Ten Dates, both Shea and Brando are lost souls with huge trust issues. Realistically, Linfoot has managed to build the characters’ own obsessions with their pasts and bad experiences as huge elephants in each character’s life: every time something potentially good happens, they look at that elephant and retreat. What neither is willing or able to admit is the deep rooted desire to find their ‘one’: that one person that can slay their elephantine obsession and allow them to move forward, wiser and together. Shea is an organizer with a knack for everything having a place and being put there to maximum display or hideaway effect. Well regarded for her skill, she works with those who can afford her pricey dedication to eliminating their clutter and making their lives easier. Of course, an organizer must always look the part: pulled together, competent and polished, and Shea uses her professional appearance as armor: keeping the inner demons of insecurity and loneliness at bay. Brando is rich, powerful and SO not interested in committing to a woman. His reluctance to indulge in more than commitment free entanglements will keep, he thinks, the gold-diggers at bay, and he really is happy with the status quo he has established. Really. He is. His younger sister Bryony, however, thinks that big brother Brando is avoiding the simple fact that he is lonely and unfulfilled without a partner, and she will do all she can to find him the one. She is a television producer, and hounds, harasses and cajoles Brando into agreeing to her plan. She will craft a ‘bachelor-like’ show to find him a wife, and he reluctantly agrees to pick a winner: ANYTHING to keep his sister from meddling in his life. Told with insets from the character’s point of view, we are able to see their reactions, emotions and intentions. These additions push the story forward while providing insight into the characters and helping readers to find moments of “I Know THAT feeling”. From funny moments in thought and action, to truly emotional slips that reveal the turmoil within each character as they reach out toward one another, the relationship develops for the readers far before the characters realize that their chance for a happy ending is only a handbreadth away. And, the electricity between the two in the several steamy scenes should have given both characters their own aha moments, but they are stubborn and far too concerned with their own issues and hang-ups that their final moments of realization are all the sweeter. Linfoot has again created characters that you want to know, and can see yourself, your friends and even your family in. Funny, fast-paced and emotionally fulfilling, this book has firmly placed her onto my must read shelf.I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • Erin
    2019-02-24 13:30

    Firstly thank you to Jane for getting in touch and sending me an ARC of her new book.Two things drew me to this book, firstly the blurb. I really liked the sound of the storyline so that piqued my interest and secondly the cover. The cover is really very girly and pretty and I’m a sucker for beautiful shoes!The story is about Shea who, in a bid to prove to her friends that she is ready to move on from the tragic event in her past, enters a competition to play wife to wealthy, aka mega rich, playboy Brando, not thinking that she would be anywhere near being chosen for the part. Brando is reluctant to acquiesce to his sister’s idea for filming a wife in his stately manner but can’t seem to say no to her. The story follows them as they both embark on this new territory together.I really liked the prologue. It set you up for Brando’s character and set the scene, reinforcing the blurb, for the entire story. It really made me want to read more. Unfortunately from there I started to feel like I lost my connection with the story.Shea’s character has this tragic event in her past which she’s determined not to let anyone know or talk about in this new experience as she doesn’t want preconceptions to be drawn about her and she doesn’t want to be treated differently. I felt like her situation could have been more developed using the start of the story to build up a stronger picture of Shea’s character as it felt like she was in the role of the main character even though it’s a dual POV. As it is I felt like her character sort of floundered around a little and there was nothing to connect to her with.Brando was much more developed and that’s probably because Shea and his sister’s focus was on him, so you are seeing him through their eyes. This compares with what I said about not being able to see Shea from her eyes or Brando’s as he knows very little about her. Shea impacts positively on Brando’s life which was good to see and I liked that he was knocked off balance a little by her.The dialogue between the characters was sometimes hard to read because it always seemed to end with exclamation marks which made me feel like they were shouting at each other all of the time. Also some of the language that Shea used, for example “Oh sweet peanuts” felt a bit childish considering what she started to use Brando for and how their relationship took a turn into passionate, however it does tie in with her character trait of having a really big sweet tooth so it might just be that I found this annoying.I did feel like I wanted to keep reading the story to find out how it was going to end for the characters and I liked that it was dual POV as I really enjoy this in a story. I would like to read more from Jane based on this.

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2019-03-18 11:41

    The Right Side of Mr Wrong. Jane LinfootReview from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.Sometimes you just want a fun, easy to read, straightforward romance. This book does all that with the added attraction of some gentle humour and some really emotional parts. Oh and lots and lots of hot, spicy sex too :) Shea takes a job understanding it's her organisational skills needed, Brando has agreed to let his sister film his sprawling estate for her TV programme. It was so popular and got so much fan mail that she wants to do a follow up- advertising for a wife for him. He's not happy, but little sis has a way of twisting him round her finger...and somehow he agrees, to his astonishment. Ah well... he thinks, I don't actually have to marry, in fact he plans to leave as soon as the gold-digger, would-be wife arrives. Then Shea turns up, and he doesn't know how, but instead of jumping on the helicopter that brought her and fleeing, he's carrying her indoors out of the mud where Those Shoes, the F Me shoes, got her stuck. Both Shea and Brando are hiding, escaping from their thoughts and pasts with constant action – he with running and jumping off trees and buildings, and she with her incessant need to keep busy. In fact it was only the drop out of a client that led to her being free for this job – then she finds out its a wife interview so to speak, and not an organisation of the estate and house that she's needed for. Brando does his typical playboy approach, over confident, cocky and certain she'll do for a quick one off fling, and she plays along with the wife scenario realising its the one way to get him to back off. She can see through him. Before they know it they're getting hot and heavy. How did that happen? Its almost as if neither intended it, but somehow the pull was too much to resist, then kissing becomes touching and touching becomes...and they're deep in the throes of passion, hot and erotic sex, and each time saying to themselves this will be the burnout time, when they can get back to normal. Its a fun, spicy read, some sad parts and some funny parts. I loved them both. and enjoyed how they grew and worked through their problems. Shea's sweetie obsession though – that wasn't funny to me, just really really irritating and each time I saw ref to pink shrimps or something it just made me cringe a little. Don't really know why that was there – it added nothing to her character or the story for me. Still, I’m a reader not the author, no doubt there's a reason that escapes me....If you want a fun read, this is excellent, it's a one off only for me but enjoyable. It's £1.99 for 174 pages so not a long book, perfect for those who want a quick read. Stars: three.ARC supplied by Netgalley

  • Elyse Lindsay
    2019-03-19 14:28

    I thoroughly enjoyed Jane’s How to Win A Guy in 10 Dates (not to be confused with the Kate Hudson movie) so I was ELATED when this gem showed up on Netgalley. I was a bit nervous – enjoying one book never guarantees that I shall enjoy another by the same author. But ohhhhh it was so amazing.Let’s start with the characters’ names. Shea and Brando. Marlon Brando is my favorite actor and he was super hunky so I had him in mind when reading this.Point, Linfoot. And Shea. I wasn’t totally in love with it but it grew on me. And it rhymes with so many things! Shea-rhymes-with-yay(-isn’t-this-a-great-book). I heart rhyming. I need a t-shirt with that slogan. Shea and Brando meet in a reality-esque-Bachelor-style way (aside: I’ve never watched the Bachelor but my understanding of the premise feels like this is similar.) Brando’s well-meaning sister Byrony went on a quest to find her brother a wife. (Probably not exactly how the Bachelor is set up but wouldn’t that be a cool idea? Siblings Pick Suitors?). Shea answers the call, not trying to actually apply but to show her friends that she can move on from a tragic past. Lo and behold, the powers (of fiction) that be put Shea with Brando on said show set in the stately Edgerton Manor.Upon their first meeting – her dress is hiked up by a helicopter giving Brando a shot of her knickers. What an icebreaker.While there are definitely sparks between the two, they both have this protective wall in place. With Shea, it’s redecorating and she has her work cut out for her in the manor. Brando’s into running, something he does a little bit too well.The supporting characters Byrony and Mrs. McCaul, don’t show up for much. They tend to show up in those moments when Shea and Brando’s heat is down to a simmer. Thankfully, those moments are scarce. *fans self* Those that have the most effect on Shea and Brando are their ghosts. They haunt that beautiful mansion that Shea is to redecorate/organize like the ill-fated Rebecca de Winter in Hitchcock’s film, Rebecca. Just to be clear – it’s not a paranormal romance. There are no LITERAL ghosts. Just FYI, if that’s what you’re expecting. Who needs ghosts when you have witty/sexy Brando and frustratingly adorable Shea as main characters?!They each let on that their chemistry and passion is temporary – since it won’t last long they don’t have to commit to anything. A fling to last just a little while until the flame burns out. But does it? I can say that for the 174 pages: IT DOES NOT. So yes, it’s short but packed with goodness.

  • Laura
    2019-03-07 15:14

    The Right Side Of Mr Wrong is Jane's second novel and after seeing the gorgeous cover I was itching to read it! (Can I have a pair of legs like that please?) Meet Shea: a woman who wants to try and get over the awful things in her life. Meet Brando: (a really really really hot man) troubled by things in his own past. What happens when the two of them meet, each thinking they are meeting under different circumstances? Well, I tell you what...a LOT happens!The Right Side Of Mr Wrong is a sort of chick lit laced with erotica! It's certainly got the perfect chick-lit components but it is also a little steamier than your average chick-lit. I really enjoyed this merging of genres and thought the balance was brilliant; there wasn't too much sex, but there wasn't too little of was just right! Jane has written a pretty gorgeous character in the form of Brando. *Fans self* I did find him to be incredibly attractive and even though he was a bit of an arse at times I still couldn't help but love him quite a lot! Shea was the perfect female equivalent to Brando and gave as good as she got which meant there were some perfectly written scenes with each of them bouncing insults and sarcasm at each other (always really great to read). The weren't too many other characters that we got to know well...but that didn't matter to me that much...I liked being so trapped in the tension between the two main characters.This book was quite short, in the sense it wasn't full novel length, which I'm not sure is a good thing or not! I really liked how the story was told but equally I would have loved to have known more about both characters' pasts a little more. The plot was also predictable, but, hey! Show me a chick-lit book that isn't! I really liked the route it took, one that was a little different from where I had imagined it would. Jane has a great writing style that was shown off perfectly in this book. Whilst we saw things from both characters perspectives, she managed to keep a really smooth style and transition throughout which I was really impressed by. Her descriptions are really well developed and meant I could easily in envisage what was going on. This is a fun, quick read that will have you wishing you could be in Shea's shoes!

  • Jenny
    2019-03-12 11:30

    Note: I received this copy of The Right Side of Mr Wrong by Jane Linfoot for free through the #SexMeUpReadathon from Jane Linfoot. The opinions and thoughts I share in this review are my own.This is the first book by Jane Linfoot I have read and boy, was it a fab one. The story centres around the main characters of Shea (rhymes-with-day!) and Brando (who I unfortunately kept dying to call Brandon). Brando is a wealthy, parkour-addicted country-house owning insomniac playboy who likes fast cars and even faster ‘relationships’. His longest lasting an entire 5 hours. Oh and don’t bother wondering what her name or any of the others ‘hard and fast’ women’s names were – he doesn’t know or care – he won’t be seeing them again.Shea on the other hand is a sweet-addicted, workaholic woman with a secret. She isn’t looking to get married but in trying to convince her house-mates that she is ready to move on, enters a competition designed to find Brando a wife. Brando, convinced Shea is just another gold-digger out for all she can get, is all set to leave her…until he gets a glimpse of her knickers.This (rather erotic) contemporary romance was all I could have wished for. There were some extremely hot sex scenes which had me hot and bothered, along with some good old-fashioned romantic twists, turns, misunderstandings and a good-old heart-wrenching ending.Jane Linfoot’s descriptions of her characters, the settings and everything in between was marvellous. There were many phrases that I ended up highlighting (something I very rarely do!) because I loved them so much. One of which was:"He hadn’t bargained for being belted practically into orbit, nor for being left hanging in some crazy airless free-fall, that progressed into a glorious, gyroscopic tumble."I read this book as part of the #SexMeUpReadathon week, and it certainly lived up to my hopes in the play department. I even read the book in the staff room at work! It was on my Kindle I grant you but it was a small sidle forwards!I really hope you will give Brando and Shea a go. They’re an extremely hot couple in a fantastic book. A more x-rated copy would be loved but this one will be well enjoyed again and again.

  • Sienna Logan (Lost to Books)
    2019-02-28 14:15

    More reviews at http;// The Right Side of Mr Wrong is a tricky one for me to sum up my thoughts with. While it was an enjoyable read, it didn't feel blown away by it. The book was a grower but my opinion is still split so I apologise if this review seems a little disjointed, I'm having a hard time trying to put notes down.This book did take me a while to get into it. After the first few chapters I really was questioning whether or not I was going to finish it. At the 34% mark I was debating marking it as DNF and moving on as I just wasn't engaging with the story or the style. For me the characters felt very stiff at the start and like with the whole narrative they took a while to grow into their roles and personalities. I felt very distant from them at the start and there wasn't as much depth as there was by the end of the book.I think it was around the 65% mark that I started to connect with the characters and their story. I know it's a bit late, but better than never right? I felt that they grew up and developed into characters that I could feel for as another level of drama was added with the secrets they had been hiding. These weren't really developed at the start so found the writing quite repetitive and dragged until this was introduced. After this, I found that the relationship was more fluid, they were less stiff and things moved at a better pace. There was more development in the relationship and I did start to feel invested in it. By the end I really liked Brando and Shea but I think it was a shame I had to read so far into the book before getting to this.The concept of a 'test wife' and women writing in on postcards to be considered was original and I liked it. The setting was also nice and I liked how driven Shea was to fulfill the job she came to do.Overall The Right Side of Mr Wrong was a good read. It's worth sticking with past the slow, repetitive start as it gets better towards the end and although I don't feel blown away by it, it was an easy read to follow and relax with.

  • Landslide
    2019-03-14 14:29

    *I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*The Right Side of Mr Wrong is a fun contemporary romance about a convicted bachelor and a woman who just wants to move on with her life, and has no interest in finding a husband. Brando Marshall knows he can never have a stable relationship so, when he agrees to be on the television show his sister Bryony is producing, and sees himself involved in a television contest to find himself a wife, he's furious, but he is incapable to say no to his sister. And that's how Shea Summers walks into his property and his life...Shea has absolutely no interest in finding a husband, and she never thought she would be picked, but she agreed to participate anyway, on the one hand to help Brando organize his property, since that is her job, and on the other hand, to get away from her own life...As is usual in these stories, the attraction between them is immediate, but since neither is interested in a serious relationship, they decide to make the most of the time they have together, with no expectations or future plans. You can see where this is going, right? But first of all they must overcome the ghosts of the past that they both have and accept that their life can be a lot different from what they believed had to be.I enjoyed this story and the author has a sense of humor that I really liked (Brando keeps calling Shea something that rhymes with her name and that is appropriate to the conversation they are having, like "Shea-rhymes-with-roll-in-the-hay" or "Shea-made-in-a-day" or"Shea-what-do-you-say") and I definitely want to read the sequel that is Briony's story.I only have one small quibble to point out (and that I had the opportunity to mention to the author on a twitter Q&A): I wished the scene when Brando and Shea make love for the first time (they had had plenty of sex scenes before) had been described and not just mentioned.

  • Simona
    2019-02-24 11:17

    *Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review*I was so happy when Jane asked me to review her book, because the blurb sounded great, thanks lovely xxShea is a lovely character, who has been dealing with a lot in her past. When she gets to Edgerton Manor we don’t see what she was dealing with, she is different and doesn’t want her past revealed.Brando, the male lead in this book is the typical playboy, so definitely no guy to marry and have a family with.When they both meet you hear and see the sparks flying instantly, the attraction between them is undeniable and I was only waiting for something to happen between them. It took a while, but the scenes in between were full of flirting, teasing and fun.Jane’s writing is really passionate and she understands how to create an atmosphere, especially in the various romantic scenes of this novel. Passionate through and through. Every single scene was different and still so gripping.Shea is discovering the right side of Brando and it was great to read about their feelings and realising what they want.At first only attraction and lust seem to lead them to their actions, but then… I loved how this developed and all these scenes were described in such a real and vivid way.It turns out that both of them have a difficult past and Brando trusts Shea and tells her. It takes her longer to do that, but it made me understand her character better.It got a bit complicated towards the end and I was a little annoyed with both characters, because I didn’t like the decisions they made.I adored the ending, so sweet and full of love.This wonderful novel shows that every one can change their opinions and emotions towards something. When the right person is there you just have to go for it. Jane is such a talented writer, need more…

  • Joanne
    2019-03-04 12:35

    Shea Summers arrives at Edgerton Manor having entered a competition to be the "wife" of Brando Marshall, to prove to her friends that she is capable from moving on from her past. Brando is a rich, handsome playboy who has no intention of settling down. He believes Shea to be a gold-digger looking to bag herself a rich husband so decides to teach her a lesson. When these two meet the chemistry is instant and the one-upmanship between the two is intense and leads to some HOT scenes...At 174 pages this is a short read which I think suits the hot, fast-paced, flirty style of writing this story has. I devoured this in around three hours as once you start reading it’s hard to put it down. In a way I wish it had been longer as I wasn’t ready to stop reading about these characters, however I think this may have ruined the pace of the book.I loved the way that the book focused just on the relationship between Shea and Brando, there were hints of other characters like Bryony and Mrs McCaul but we don't really get to know much about them. Keeping the story between Shea and Brando added to the intensity of the heat which develops between them as their reluctance to give in to their feelings drifts away.Brando's the perfect male character for this book being handsome and sure of himself, I can imagine any woman would fall at his feet just as he wanted. I love the way that he changes as Shea puts up some resistance and makes him work a bit harder for what he wants, which in the end works out well as this seems to helps him overcome his demons from the past and become more settled in himself.I’m glad I had the opportunity to read this book as I think I’ve found another author who could become a favourite, I really loved her fast paced witty style of writing and will definitely be reading her other books in the near future.Rating 5/5

  • Pam
    2019-03-16 08:26

    Brando doesn't want a wife or anyone in his business, He figures it will be easy to run off the gold-digger he picked to make his sister happy. He just wants to get this shamble over and get back to his life.Shea never figured she would get picked but when she does she is determined to help organize Brando's estate. She isn't looking for a husband just a job and a place where no one knows her past. Both can't keep their hands off each other but they never planned on falling in love. Brando seems at first like a jerk. He does do what his sister wants but it is only to get her to leave him alone. He doesn't trust easy and has huge walls up to keep people out of his life. He is very sexy and can at times make you want to smack him to get him to open his eyes. Shea isn't a gold digger even if that is what Brando thinks at first. She is a woman who uses her work to hide her own feelings. She does everything she can to show Brando she isn't looking for love but he has a hard time believing her. She has her own past she wants to keep hid from him and is afraid to share it even when she pushes Brando to talk. This was an enjoyable story. i laughed a few times especially when Shea first gets to the estate. There is lots of sexy parts as no matter what these two can't deny they want each other. I wouldn't say there is a whole ton of romance at first as they butt heads quite a few times. They both begin to help each other even if they don't know it. Shea is so great for Brando as she slowly gets him to open up. I love the little things Brando does like talk to Shea's mom and other little things. This is a great story about two characters who at first don't want it but do fall for each other. They just have to learn to let go of their past and move on.

  • Dawn
    2019-03-11 09:39

    I was given an ecopy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review which I am more than happy to give. I loved the sound of the book and the cover is just fabulous, those shoes are to die for - I know a secret about them too, which has stopped me trawling the net for hours looking for them, thank you for sharing Jane.The main characters Brando and Shea are thrown together by Brando's sister and Shea's friends as part of a tv competition to find Brando a wife! Neither one wants to be there and both are just going through the motions to please everybody until they can both go back to their lives. This was one of those books that from the start had me laughing out loud, muttering to myself and blushing - you wouldn't want your mother in law reading over your shoulder - thank god mine's almost blind! Lets just say the lust was evident from their first meeting although both try their best to brush it off. Both Brando and Shea had past history that was affecting their behaviour and Jane slowly revealed this as the characters developed. It was lovely reading and watching the characters develop and grow. But, at times I wanted to shake them both - they couldn't or wouldn't see what was under their noses. Just being around each other they found themselves moving outside their comfort zones doing things and saying things that they hadn't intended.It was a light, fast paced read for me which I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters were likeable and real and I found myself caring what happened to them, particularly Brando and willing things to happen before they did - always a good sign! I'd recommend this to anyone wanting an easy read that delivers a bit of everything, humour, emotion and romance. Oh and don't forget the 'eye candy'!!

  • rhea
    2019-02-24 08:23

    ***Copy provided by HarperImpulse Publishing via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review***The Right Side of Mr. Wrong is a quick, fun and flirty read. I loved the cover and the blurb piqued my curiosity so I didn't think twice of picking this book for my next read. Though at the first 20% part of the book, I found the story quite slow and dragging that I couldn't seem to connect with the characters of the story. Honestly, I was about to give up and put it down but thank God, I didn't because halfway through the book, the story picked up and I found myself enjoying it. I was amused with the characters' antics and defiance towards each other and their failure to do so. Brandon Marshallis a total a$$ by the way. At first, he appeared cocky and rude but on the later part of the book, I get to know why he was acting that way. A character full of layers and mystery that I found myself drawn to him. Shea sounds-as-day is an intriguing heroine as well. She's a strong character who took refuge in the Edgerton Manor, hoping that a new environment where nobody knew her past, could somehow alleviate the guilt she'd been harboring for years. Both characters were dealing with their own personal demons and as the story unfolds, it felt good to take the journey with them as they found their happiness, forgiveness and healing through each other. It took time but it was all worth it.TRSoMW is predictable but nevertheless, enjoyable. Would love to read more of Jane Linfoot's creative works and see if I'd enjoy it as well.Thanks for the copy!

  • Alba
    2019-02-28 11:37

    Originally posted on: is an independent girl and the last thing she wants is a love life. She is really focused on her work so when she sees an offer to become the wife of the Lord of Edferton Manor, she decides to apply only to prove to her family and friends that she can have a life outside of her work. But she has no intention of becoming anyone's wife, she just agrees to go to Edferton Manor to organise the old residence of the Lord. The Lord of Edferton Manor happens to be Brando Marshal, a gorgeous playboy who only spends a couple of days per year in the Manor. His relationships usually last between thirty minutes and five hours and he is definitely not looking for a wife. Even less for a gold-digger like Shea. Given these two characters, you can see from the beginning that you are going to have a lot of fun reading about their interactions. And you are not disappointed. Jane Linfoot creates a fun and enjoyable read and her writting is refreshing and fast paced. And it garantees a smile in your face from start to finish.What I loved about the book is that little by little the readers discover that there is more to them than they thought at the beginning. Both characters had a difficult life and lived some heartbreaking experiences and when they get to know each other better, they begin to understand their actions and also the readers begin to love them for who they are now. All in all, The Right Side of Mr. Wrong is a sexy as hell story about love, overcoming your fears and obsessions, second chances with also some very steamy moments. What else can you ask for?

  • Lynn Marie Hulsman
    2019-03-21 15:16

    From the get-go I was happy to be reading this book. I saved it as my special bedtime treat: Like ice cream or chocolates, but better for me! I knew this would be light, fun romance with a chick lit feel based on the cover and Amazon blurb. I got what I signed up for, and then some.This book had me smiling and raising my eyebrows right away. The bad boy, Brando, was misbehaving right out of the gate, and our heroine revealed more than she'd planned as she entered the scene. I won't say more, but let me say it'll leave you giggling.The first pages hooked me because it was set in a fabulous country house, complete with all the trappings. For me, the house became a character and I loved reading about its details. Not to mention, Shea, our heroine had the dream job of being a professional organizer. I might not want to be one, but I'd sure like to employ one, so it was fun to follow her around while she did her work.The best part of the book for me was the tension. Shea and Brando sparked and sizzled, each holding back to the point of its being excruciating (in that good way). As I read on, I found out each had ghosts in their pasts that they were dealing with, answering the question, "Why don't you just DO it already?" and the more important question, "Why can't you see that you're so right for one another?"I especially enjoyed Shea as a heroine. She was more complicated than your run-of-the-mill Harlequin girl and was smart and sharp with her barbs. To me, that made her highly relatable. And as for Brando, there are a few images burnt onto my brain that won't go away soon. They're delicious, so I really don't mind.