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"The committee has planned a task series for you, Alex..." With an alien aristocrat joining the crew, the Fourth Fleet Irregulars embark on a mission that will take them beyond the League's borders - and beyond their wildest dreams....

Title : XD:317
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ISBN : 20739136
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XD:317 Reviews

  • Zacharius Kioussis
    2019-02-23 18:28

    Great readthe story continues in the vein of the first two... if you find them ridiculous based on how everything comes up von strada then prepare for a massive increase in this tendency minus one small negative that lasts a whole page or twothat said if you like the first two for the decent grammar and ever improving story prepare for twists/turns and more delightful hints about the remarkable world being builtWhile the first had teething issues this series is continuing on its March towards being a hallmark of the field rather than kindle only dross ... I would argue its already there and probably on the way to mark the author as a giant of the entire field itself

  • Ed Tinkertoy
    2019-03-04 21:22

    This book was very slow and plodding. I was about half way through the book before the author revealed the story line. Up until that point it was verbose with descriptions of people and procedures on the space ship, and on land.The purpose of the space voyage was describes as going to an unoccupied area of space to test a weapon. Then it was to go to another area and clear up a dispute between planets that are members of the alliance of planets. And finally the ship was to try to make first contact with a new alien species. Now what was not clear was how certain people were considered alien and others were not. But that aside, the story line of the book, in MY opinion, could have been done in about three or four chapters. The rest is what I call fluff; stuff that's nice to know but does not move the story forward. In my opinion the author went down too many "rabbit trails". I was also disappointed at the end of the book when it just stopped with no further explanation, like a post-log or something. But I think the reason for that is the author is setting up the readers to read his next book in the series.

  • Nicole Plummer
    2019-03-13 21:32

    Very Captivating StoryLove the story. It grabbed me and held me to the point that I wanted to read it through in one sitting, at the same time lamenting reaching the end and having to leave Alex and his crew. The writing, though, was a bit hard at times. I had to stop and re-read many sentences, often having to add a word or two to clarify their meaning. Also, on multiple occasions, names were switched around, making me stop and re-read sections until I realized the name switch must have been an accident. I had the impression that the prose could have used just a bit more proof-reading and editing. Overall though, I love the storyline. I started with a free sample of XD:317, then bought it's full version and the two previous books and read them in order without much break. I am definitely looking forward to further adventures of the Fourth Fleet Irregulars

  • Sam harris
    2019-02-26 14:18

    Yet again Mac Donald astounds me. The "Fourth Fleet" series is just a wonderful science fiction story with Alex joining us again with an Alien Princess who is joining up with the Heron. In this story Mac Donald instantly captivated me with the concept of blowing up planets and an alien princess who wants to leave her world. after the crew gets over the whole "Alien" thing they interact well with her and they start off on a journey to destroy a planet, hopefully shoot a few starseekers and have a fun game of "trip" as crew traverses around the galaxy. This book is thoroughly longer than most of Mac's books but still has the wonderful outlook as if its only a few weeks. Yet many months pass by Mac has crafted the book to be excellent.

  • Michael Spencer
    2019-03-11 17:24

    Fourth Fleet Irregulars......An extremely well written sci_fi series that is technologically reminiscent of Weber, that has a distinctly Brit/Aussie flavor to it in the story telling.Set in the far distant future, after a disastrous downfall of civilization, humanity is well on the way to interstellar recovery but with a great fear of other races. The Fleet has its hands full! Three volumes so far....and I sincerely hope that SJ MacDonald keeps them coming. 5 Stars, absolutely.

  • Phil Cowin
    2019-03-10 22:25

    This is the third book in the Fourth Fleet Irregulars series, and I don't say this lightly when I saw it's even better than the other two books, both of which I rated 5/5.It's longer than the other two, and visits many more areas in the universe than the other books. I really enjoyed it, and if you've enjoyed the other two books, this is a must buy

  • Mick Bird
    2019-03-02 17:11

    Great seriesOnce again I have enjoyed reading the adventures of the crew of the Herron. This book has them making first contact with aliens. We see Alex run into a few problems with people who just want to cause him and his crew issues. But I will be interesting to see how the next book continues.

  • Wilco Roos
    2019-02-23 14:36

    Getting better and better, one of the best thing is the optimism, general goodness of people (with lots of deserved scorn on politicians), and open vision of the future.With all the distopian future stories lots of sf writers produce lately, it is a refreshing breath of clean air.

  • Douglas B. Hull
    2019-03-08 22:34

    The misadventures continueNo matter what he dose von Stubbing runs into misadventures that turn out for the better. Political, diplomatic, and sensitive are the normal for him and his crew. Great space opera with plenty of action and adventure.

  • Ajay
    2019-03-21 22:14

    Its a great read. Its better than David Weber Honor Series for sure.