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Unbroken (Shattered Promises, #2.5) Alex thought things were already complicated, but then Gemma shows up possessed by Stephan and she wants to kill him. Normally, he would eliminate someone in Gemma’s position to protect himself, but his feelings for Gemma won’t allow him to do that. She’s too important to him and he knows he has to save her without hurting her. But can hUnbroken (Shattered Promises, #2.5) Alex thought things were already complicated, but then Gemma shows up possessed by Stephan and she wants to kill him. Normally, he would eliminate someone in Gemma’s position to protect himself, but his feelings for Gemma won’t allow him to do that. She’s too important to him and he knows he has to save her without hurting her. But can he find a way to save her before someone gets hurt? **Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content. ...

Title : Unbroken
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ISBN : 20717365
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Unbroken Reviews

  • Plamena
    2019-03-11 16:23

    "She’s my... soul mate? Other half? I have no clue. All I know is that I need to be close to her."OMG...Alex is simply AMAZING! I love him soooo much LOL :DShort, sweet, intriguing...this is all I can say about this novella!!!Yeah...This series is awesome!!! I definitely recommend it. The only little thing about “Unbroken” is that it really reminded me of Jennifer Armentrout’s Covenant series. Doesn’t matter though...because I still loved it ;) "I miss her. Need her here—want her here. I've never wanted anything this badly before and it’s confusing the shit out of me."Gemma is possessed and her target- Alex! What she needs to do is to kill him O_o!!! Will she succeed or Alex will find another way. But what if the only way to save Gemma is to sacrifice his own life? For more reviews check our book blog: The Blue Owlary

  • Natasha (books_n_dreams)
    2019-02-25 16:21

    Ok for a novella this was really great and amazing, I'm definitely glad I read it especially after I started book three because it filled in a scene that explained a lot that went down. I also like how it was in Alex's POV it was nice to see a different side since we don't get to know him unless Gemma's around or thinking about him. So this was a nice change of pace. The feelings in this book are pretty intense especially from how everything affects Alex and all you can do is love him and want to help him.

  • Sarah Delgado
    2019-02-24 21:21

    So many grammatical errors that its distracting from the story. I keep having to reread sentences to figure out what the sentence should be.

  • Baetool
    2019-03-24 15:37

    love it.. and i love everything jessica sorensen writes <3

  • Shelley
    2019-02-26 20:29

    Gemma went missing and it is driving Alex crazy, he has no idea what has happened to her. The last thing he expected was for her to show up evil, trying to kill her. This is just a really quick short read about what happens after Stephen puts the evil mark on Gemma. What the encounter does reveal is that Alex realizes how deep his feelings are for Gemma and that he will risk his life to save hers.

  • Rebecca Wash
    2019-02-25 16:15

    I liked this novella. It's basically just Alex trying to save Gemma. I'm excited to see what happens in book 3!

  • Christina Marino
    2019-03-24 18:35

    Engrossing when I bought the first it was free. didn't realize it was a series. told myself just one book. needless to say read l 3.

  • Katie Winski kauffman
    2019-02-25 17:26

    Short and to the point... I kind of wish that it lasted a little longer though!

  • Jess
    2019-03-04 21:22

    First, whoever published the paperback copy of this novella really needs a new editor. There was a whole paragraph, like the important part where Alex and Aislin decide how to save Gemma, missing from the book. Generally I can look past editorial errors but this novella was full of them. Secondly, what’s with Alex’s sexual tension/desires. Never once in the first two books did I get that he was into bondage of any kind. So here it’s like while he’s trying to save Gemma from the Mark of Evil he’s also walking around with a hard-on cause she’s tied to the bed. #truelove? While the whole series is rather strange and underdeveloped, things from Alex’s perspective are way strange in this short story.

  • Tia Anderson
    2019-03-23 20:11

    AddictingAfter reading Fractured Souls, I was wondering exactly what happened to Alex to cause him to die. I'm glad she wrote this novella to show that he took his own life to save Gemma. I mean ya it sucks that Aislin want and to bring him back but hey that's what Gemma is for ya 😜

  • Erin
    2019-03-11 20:09

    ****3.5 stars****For those of us anxious to get our hands on book 3 in this series, Broken Vision, this was a spine-tingling tidbit to hold us over! Getting inside Alex’s head was a delicious treat, even though he found himself in great peril for nearly the entire short tale. He is connected to Gemma on a profound level despite all that lies between them, and as he faced the evil that was inside her he came to grips with his true feelings. This…this was a thrilling and painful leg of their journey. What I loved about this novella was that getting inside Alex’s mind meant seeing his flashbacks; his connection to Gemma started far before their reunion as adults, and I loved seeing him think back fondly about this woman he has grown to love. He was struggling with his emotions, thinking back to where they started and then seeing her body taken over by pure evil when he still loved her so deeply. And of course, wanted her with a fire that would melt buildings to the ground!! Yes, Gemma’s newfound other personality wasn’t afraid to try the sexy temptress angle in order to get Alex under her spell, and he was sucked right in with his crazy lust for her. But he was wise to her tricks, and willing to do anything to pull Gemma away from the darkness that was consuming her. We’re left with the major cliffhanger that will lead into book 3, so I’m excited to see just how dark things are going to get before they start to turn around. In the meantime, this was a great go-between read that made me love Alex all that much more!! Quotes:I immediately sense there’s something off about her. It definitely looks like Gemma, but there’s something missing…~Loc118It’s mind blowing, the way she makes me feel; the heat flowing between us, the sparks, near explosion. I’m one step away from ripping her clothes off and fucking her. ~Loc 364I’m stroking Gemma’s hair, lost in my thoughts, when her eyelids lift open. The sunlight from outside hits them, and for the briefest moment she looks like my Gemma, but as quickly as the look appears, it fades. ~Loc 570Find this and more of my reviews at:

  • Lisa B.
    2019-02-24 15:19

    The beginning of this 2.5 Book, made me check Book 2, again. So much of it seemed like total recall of previous books in this series and I wanted to make sure I was reading a NEW Book.We find Gemma has the most evil of all symbols permanently embossed on her arm and is ferociously possessed. She tries to kill Alex. Alex and Gemma are now definitely in a new scene that doesn't remind me of an old story.A lot of pieces start to fall together now, unanswered in the series. Alex knows and admits to Gemma that he loves her. Alex still true to character floods his entire being, his bond to Gemma since early childhood, strong admiration and loyal love and now during their adult lives, Alex's deep sexual desire and addiction to Gemma. The mature side of Alex surfaces while watching Gemma bewitch him. As a possessed temptress, Gemma is still violently trying to seductively seduce Alex into removing her restraints. At times, Alex loses it and starts to think the real Gemma is back, only to find the hellhound has been tricking him and reappears, trying to kill him.Alex convinces his sister Aislin, a witch, to conjure a potion that will cause Alex to permanently, kick the bucket. Alex positions himself over Gemma and explains the serum, she cackles then grows quite. Alex and Aislin are looking for the real Gemma to come out but it never happens. Gemma isn't Gemma anymore. Alex prepares Gemma to witness his serious death threat. Gemma's possession remains. As the final resort, Alex uses the potion and dies with Aislin crying histerically, rocking back and forth, holding Alex in her arms, as her reversal spell ... didn't work.NOW! ... the personal exorcism works! Gemma is frantic at what Alex has what she thinks she did while being possessed. Aislin unbinds Gemma for her assistance, but it's too late. Alex was willing to die so Gemma could live. It worked.Now, with the star glowing inside her, will Gemma be able to 're-start' the world alleviating it of all past misfortune and death ... including Alex's?Did the person entering this book into Kindle format leave an unfinished paragraph and several editing mistakes? Yes.Will love return to the world especially for Alex an Gemma?I've already pre-ordered Book 4 due out, August 2014. I can't wait!!

  • Lesley
    2019-03-04 16:24

    3.5. This novella meets its goal of tiding us over until Broken Visions comes out. I would have given it a higher score if the editing had been a little tighter. Plot:When we left off, Stephan put a spell on Gemma and instructed her to kill Alex. Realizing how much he cares for Gemma, Alex – with Aislin’s help – tries to find a way to save Gemma. Along the way, we find out even more about Alex’s childhood and Stephan’s abuse.Characters:I’ll focus on Alex. I am beginning to like him more and more. He’s really falling in love with Gemma. I think the cool thing about this novella is that the roles are reversed. Alex is the good one, and Gemma is … like Stephan. Don’t get me wrong. Alex is still a little crude, and the sex is still a priority for him. He’s just a little (forgive the pun) deeper here. Aislin is just like we remember her … ditzy, but always ready to help. Laylen, Stephan and Nicholas are mentioned, but they don’t actually appear. Writing:There were some punctuation errors. They weren’t so distracting that I thought I’d throw the book out the window. Also, while there aren’t as many steamy sex scenes as in the past books, there is still a LOT of heat, especially since Gemma is bad. The Bottom Line:I like Alex and Gemma (I might even like bad Gemma better than good Gemma), but I’m ready to read more about Laylen. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • S.F. Benson
    2019-03-06 21:07

    Unlike some novellas, Jessica Sorensen's "Unbroken" is an essential element of the story between Alex and Gemma. It's not just back story or a 'behind the scenes' read.Unbroken picks up with Gemma's reappearance after her time with Stephan. Readers learn more about how Alex feels for her and his relationship with Aislen, his sister. When Gemma returns she is now a tool for evil thanks to Stephan. Unfortunately, Alex has to put emotion aside and deal with her. Only a potentially fatal Emotional Exorcism may erase his father's meddling.I greatly appreciated this novella. Alex becomes more complete. He turns into a character to really like and sympathize with. Gemma, now twisted, gains another facet to her personality and becomes a dimensional character. Sorensen adds another twist to the plot by adding a new character, Stasha. Remember Batman's Poison Ivy? Well, Stasha is a similar version. Instead of her lips being toxic, it's her hands. She can't touch a person without killing them. What a gift!"Unbroken" is a must read in this series. Readers will be better prepared for Book 3, "Broken Visions", after reading this tale.

  • Julie
    2019-03-16 18:23

    Gemma has the mark of evil on her arm & has come back to kill Alex. Their love was just budding & it ticks me off that Alex's father got in the way. This is a short book but it is still pretty good. Gemma is tied to the bed while Alex tries to figure out a way to get his Gemma back rather than let the current Gemma exist, basically a possessed form of the girl. Alex comes up with a desperate way to get Gemma to come back to him, to fight through the possession of evil and he is faced with the decision knowing that even if his Gemma comes back it might be too late - he might die in the process. No real physical activity in this book which is a bummer but there were some interesting insights. Alex was very turned on when Gemma would fight him & also when he tied her to the bed. He had to constantly remind himself that this wasn't his Gemma any longer because he wanted desperately to rip her clothes off! Just wish he would have but oh well...

  • Megan
    2019-02-24 18:10

    Can't get over how different these books are from the YA version… they are definitely "re-imagined." It's like the story line is similar, but they don't exactly connect… at all. Which is good and bad. Good because it doesn't feel like you are rereading the same story just with more sexual/provocative scenes and characters at a more mature age, but bad because the better, more sentimental and heartfelt scenes from the YA version are twisted and contorted into meaningless or less meaningful scenes, and I can't help but feel like that takes away from these versions of the book. They're still good, but at this point I think I prefer the YA version… with the exception of how sexy Laylen is in these books ;) Gemma can have Alex; in fact there is no one else in these books I would rather her be with. But I personally want Laylen… I feel like his character was made specifically for me (*I wish)…. Dude, I seriously have even had dreams about his character… just so hot!

  • Courtney
    2019-03-07 18:29

    I've never read in Alex's point of few, it's actually amazing. He's just as confused and complicated in his own mind as Gemma is in hers. I love that Jessica Sorensen wrote this, and allowed her readers to see inside of Alex's mind. He's such a great character that's it's refreshing to see things from his eyes. Gemma isn't herself in this short novella, clearly, but strangely enough I like it.It's a change from the emotionally controlled character that I've been introduced to. This version of Gemma is confident and sarcastic and cocky but she's entertaining to read about. This short novella is a definite read, it fills in the gaps between book two and book three of the Shattered Promises series and gives a little insight into the complicated character of Alex and his relationship with both his sister and Gemma.

  • Mandi
    2019-03-15 18:32

    I liked the fact that we were able to see things from Alex's side. I wish there was a little more info on his ex with the death touch and what's going on with Laylen. But this was a nice filler book to read between the 2nd and 3rd book. I'm glad to see that Gemma finally recovered from being possessed but it was to late and she lost Alex. But with the way it ended I'm sure her father will help her go back and try alter parts of the past and hopefully stop Alex from killing himself. Can't wait for book #3

  • Janell Wheeler
    2019-03-07 22:19

    Ok so I have totally missed these characters. But this book was just mean (in a good way). It was a perfect teaser. I have always wanted to be in Alex's head so this was fantastic so see what he's feeling. I hope we get into his head some more in the next book. Oh and the ending oh my gosh could it have been any more perfect. I'm afraid to write to much I don't want to spoil anything. This just made me miss them even more and now I'm drooling for the next book. This was great. If you like the series this is just a nice little something to tide you over for a bit. Hope you enjoy.

  • Melyssa Winchester
    2019-02-25 19:34

    As it always is with anything Jessica Sorensen writes, this novella does not disappoint. It was brilliant. It explored relationships I'd been wanting to see more of as well as give even more of a look into the history of Alex and Gemma. Even though I knew going in that it was s shorter and would end with a cliffhanger, where you're just dying for more, I still experienced it and I cannot wait for book three in the series. Loved it!

  • Leda
    2019-03-26 17:19

    Have just finished reading the unedited version of this book because I couldn't wait any longer the suspense was killing me. Short point of view book from the main male character, Alex who is hot, sexy, strong, passionate, conflicted and all things most women desire. This will definitely have you hot and bothered and wanting more. You only have to wait another month for Gemma and Alex's next sexual steamy encounter and I personally am waiting with baited breath.

  • Deb Diem
    2019-03-08 18:11

    I didn't understand this book but I think it was because I didn't read the first 2 books of the series. Or maybe it's just not my type of book. I suggest reading the books that come before Unbroken (book 2.5 of the Shattered Promises series) first. This was my first Jessica Sorensen book. I may try another in a different series or stand alone. This book is part of a series and ends in a cliff hanger.

  • Valerie
    2019-03-19 22:31

    Oh geez!! I can't take much more of all these cliffhangers, lol! This book was quick and simple but very emotional. You get the POV of Alex and you get to understand a little more about him and why the way he is. I like the fact we get to see how he is feeling towards Gemma and that really helps bring his character to life along with the rest of the story! I can't wait to jump into the next book!!

  • Cindy
    2019-03-13 14:25

    While this was a fairly short addition to the Shattered Promises series, I really enjoyed having this quick read from Alex's POV. We pick up where FRACTURED SOULS left off and find out how Alex deals with Gemma's "little problem". This helped me get over some of my mistrust of him and helped me like him a bit better.

  • Maria
    2019-03-15 17:33

    Free from Amazon Kindle 11/03/2014Very short but straight to the point. It was good to see Alex POV Chapters because I always wanted to have a sneak how he is. Totally ass some times cold and hot at the same time but hey nobody is perfect right?Was nice to see devil side of Gemma and Alex being the good guy at this one!What an ending???!!!

  • Deborah Norris
    2019-03-12 20:19

    AmazingI honestly teared up in the end. I love all the fantasy piled up with reality in this book. so creative. you can visualize the connection or bond between Alex and Gemma. there is the star, bong for life, and her finding out the truth relative to a dream or fantasy. If you dont like this book then you have problems.

  • JJ Ranster
    2019-03-12 18:34

    I knew it was a novella, but I still wish it was longer. It seemed so short. But I have loved everything in this series and I would be sad without this part! The retelling as a NA novel series is so much better than the YA novel series... And that's saying something because the YA series was fabulously outstanding!!

  • Coryann
    2019-03-08 19:35

    Short but sweet! I'm not entirely sure this novella was necessary hence the 3 star rating. I love the series but I think this could probably have been combined into the third book. Nonetheless, I think it's probably a must read for the third book to make sense. I am curious to see where this series takes us!

  • phrantastica
    2019-03-26 14:08

    Il pdv di Alex ci voleva! Sono solo poche poagine da divorare alla svelta ma dopo due libri (e mezzo, visto che ho letto anche metà di Fallen Star non pensando fosse la stessa identica storia -.-) di punto di vista unico di Gemma, ci voleva assolutamente un po' di Alex. Inoltre aggiungiamo che narra uno spaccato importante... Aspetto trepidante Broken Visions <3

  • Michelle Thomas
    2019-03-09 16:36

    Oh wow what an ending!!! I need the next book like yesterday!!! I have loved this series from the beginning and love Alex. I can't wait to see what happens next and I'm also in need of some Laylen in my life again soon too! :)