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“Save the cheerleader, save the world” are the defining words of Heroes, the phenomenal series that has transformed television drama. They are also the cryptic marching orders for the show’s cross section of ordinary individuals united by an extraordinary bond. Each possesses a superhuman ability, and together they must prevent the course of history from taking a terrifyin“Save the cheerleader, save the world” are the defining words of Heroes, the phenomenal series that has transformed television drama. They are also the cryptic marching orders for the show’s cross section of ordinary individuals united by an extraordinary bond. Each possesses a superhuman ability, and together they must prevent the course of history from taking a terrifying turn. Now, in this original novel based on the TV phenomenon, in a thrilling story that will captivate even those who haven’t seen the show, one of these unexpected saviors steps center stage on a deeply personal quest that will test the limits of his gift, the depth of his love, and the ultimate strength of his will. Hiro Nakamura possesses the remarkable power to control time. And like his uniquely blessed comrades, he’s on a mission for the good of humankind. But another challenge awaits him: saving the love of his life from an unspeakable death. Charlene “Charlie” Andrews is the big-hearted, small-town beauty whose sunny smile and sweet soul knocked the shy Hiro head over heels. But when Charlie’s young life is snuffed out by a grisly serial killer, their budding romance is brutally cut short. Or is it? Thanks to his astounding newfound skill, Hiro has the means to do what no tragedy-stricken lover in history ever could–turn back time. And no matter how raw his abilities, or how many twists of circumstance conspire to foil him, he vows to deliver Charlie from the evil poised to claim her. He will be her hero. But what possible consequences might changing the past visit upon the future? How could saving one cherished life affect millions of others? And what ultimate choice will Hiro make when the power of fate rests in his hands?From the Hardcover edition....

Title : Heroes: Saving Charlie
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Heroes: Saving Charlie Reviews

  • Tom Rokins
    2019-06-12 10:30

    I had to debate whether to give this book a two or a three. As you can see, I settled on the two. I believe the only thing that made me lean towards the three was the connection to Heroes, as it focuses on two of my favourite characters from the show: Charlie and Hiro.The book is pretty below-par, for the most part. There are a few good moments (some of which are lifted wholesale from the TV programme) and a handful of nice bits, but on the whole, this is bog standard chick-lit. Which is odd, considering 99% of the readers will have surely only read it because of Heroes, which is all about superheroes and kinda, well, stereotypically "boy". I know it's about the six months Hiro and Charlie spent together, but did it have to be so... girly?It's hackneyed, full of your dime-a-dozen cliches (see what I did there?) I think literally every page has some terrible, awful, abysmal italics (I did it again!), and, whilst this thoroughly annoyed me at first, my eyes and brain learned to completely ignore the fact that one in every ten words was a bit slanty. It truly is an abominable use of italics though, no author should ever think it's acceptable to use it so often and so needlessly.Obviously, I knew what to expect at both the beginning and the end of the book. Little in the middle surprised me either, however, and this is somewhat disappointing. The writer had a love story involving a girl who can remember everything and a guy who can stop time, teleport, and travel through time, yet the middle - the bit that should be the most interesting! - is nothing more than tepid. I did feel attached to both protagonists, but I believe this is more to do with their on-screen counterparts than the characters in the book. Aury Wallington seems to try and make the loveable pair wholly unappealing at times: "Oh look, Hiro is comparing her to a comic book character again"; "Charlie has flipped out for absolutely no reason... odd"; "[insert nerdy reference/scenario involving major inexperience with females here] ad nauseum. It's tragic, because a couple of the moments in Hiro's past are quite touching. Almost.I could go on about this for far longer, sadly, but I shall leave it here. I shall merely complain about one last thing: the ending. I knew what was going to happen, but it was far too abrupt; the last few chapters seemed very rushed, shoehorned into a (short) page count. It didn't seem to ring true for either character: Charlie goes - so suddenly that I had to re-read the section twice more to make sure I wasn't missing anything - and Hiro just sits there and lets her? Bollocks to ye!In short: too girly, too hackneyed, too obvious. Fairly poor all round, and has saddened me somewhat. Not in the way it intended. I knew as soon as I saw the inside of the slip ("Writer of Sex and the City") that maybe this wasn't going to be what I thought it was. I want my Hiro and Charlie back.

  • MissM
    2019-06-09 06:44

    A case of trying to hard coupled with mediocre writing, this book really didn't do it for me. The author even somehow managed to turn the single most lovable character in Heroes into an annoying, emotional, even whiny unlikable loser. I get that Hiro isn't perfect and that he's kinda been a disappointment to his father and all, but many times did they have to get into his utter lack of ever even managing to kiss a girl? Or, the need to bash us over the head with his extremely exaggerated emotional swings? (Since when is Hiro manic?)I just didn't enjoy it. I don't generally read books based on existing properties, but I thought it'd be a light, fun read. I mean, how could it go wrong? Hiro is just so gosh darn likable on the show. But this book didn't read like him at all. Clearly, the author didn't understand the character and that came through as you felt, reading the book, you didn't either.

  • James
    2019-06-14 05:26

    Set during the episode where Hiro goes back in time to save Charlie. This novel follows the back story that the episode didn't show. Unfortunately, it's a generally pretty tedious attempt to cash-in on the 'success' of the Heroes franchise. If only the series had been cancelled before this book got the green-light...

  • Hoku Ho
    2019-06-27 13:36

    The reason I gave this book such a low rating is because the scope of it's audience is really, in my opinion, limited to fans of the TV show, "Heroes". The other reason I rated it so low is because the writing is very, for lack of a better word, young. It reminded me of those books you read as a and fluffy writing that moves along and entertains, but can pretty much be taken at face value. Not that there's anything wrong with that...if you are looking for a light read and love "Heroes" this is a really great book...more of a four-star book (only four because it starts some story lines that don't really ever get resolved). It is sweet, suspenseful, fun, fast-paced, and heartbreaking in a bittersweet way. It adds alot of depth to the character of "Hiro" from the TV show, and it also reveals a little extra tidbit or two about the world of "Heroes", helping answer some questions about the concept of time-travel as it relates to the mythology of the show.My only criticism (besides a few dangling story lines) is that it puts Hiro in a few sexual situations that will make you look differently at the character on the TV's just a little weird. Nothing too graphic, but there is alot of reference to it. Just a little warning for those who feel that learning Hiro's sexual history might ruin their perception of him on the show. Consider yourself warned.On the whole, if you are pining for more "Heroes" now that our season was cut short (thank you, writers strike) than I would recommend this book. Why not? it's a fast read and it's a fun addition to the mythology of the show. If you don't like or know about "Heroes", or if you are looking for a serious read, look elsewhere.

  • Jon Arnold
    2019-06-08 06:29

    At least this as an interesting approach to a TV tie-in novel; instead of more exciting adventures with the characters from the series it’s a character piece based on it, a romance with superpowers. That choice is the best thing about the book though. What this story could have been is a tragic, doomed romance which, knowing the ending, breaks your heart. What it ends up being is a quick shallow sprint through what should have been a tender relationship. Hiro’s reduced from the lovable onscreen geek to a sketch of a geek, a pop culture obsessed virgin who can’t talk to a girl. And Charlie is a caricature of a smalltown girl. There’s no depth or impact to the tragedies of her life, they’re just things that have happened to her, from the death of her parents to her own death. The moments that should have sung, moments like Hiro using his powers for romantic purposes and a late reciprocation by her just occur with no visible impact. There’s no attempt to play up the culture clash between Texas and Tokyo never a moment where you can marvel at how strange it really is. And this is all wrapped in perfunctory prose which often seems to struggling to his a page count. Perhaps if this had been an episode the actors could have lifted it – the material’s certainly there for them to play the audience’s heartstrings like a violin – but what’s here feels better material for the screen than the page.

  • Nick
    2019-05-27 11:55

    Being a huge fan of the series, I literally bought the book the instant I saw it.I actually hoped it would go on beyond the series' canonical story about Charlie and Hiro, but it just encompassed the six months in which they gotten to know each other.Luckily, it is the fix for my shipping, junkie, fanboyish heart. It is a clear, good written story. However, it focuses heavily on their romance. Being as such, it could be compared to a fantastic plotted work of fanfiction.In essence being just that, I have no issue with it. Nonetheless, this may be discouraging for people who would not like this.

  • Kayla
    2019-06-18 11:34

    I picked up this book because I watched "Heroes" and Hiro was one of my favorite characters (possibly bested only by Sylar), but this book was a disappointment. It felt like a betrayal of Hiro's character--so sweet in the show--to read the dirty, lustful thoughts this author wrote into his narration. Hiro as played by Masi Oka wasn't like that, and it really irked me to see him portrayed that way.

  • Rey
    2019-06-06 06:28

    It's a cute story, but really a little less interesting than I expected given the great writing on the tv show. Then again, this wasn't written by a tv show writer because of the strike (that I fully support). They had me thinking it was going to end in a completely different way although I did enjoy the message about destiny.

  • Kes
    2019-05-30 10:45

    This book was dopey! You would have to really like the series and totally like Hiro to even think it ok. I thought it was kinda sweet though in a romancey-pants kind of way, but I can be a douche bag.

  • Trevor Bradley
    2019-06-22 07:37

    4 stars only if you really like the little story of Hiro and Charlie from the show. Otherwise 3

  • Nicki Markus
    2019-06-14 06:44

    Saving Charlie was difficult to rate. In the end, I've settled on three stars, simply because I'm a Heroes fan; otherwise, it would have gotten two. The premise was good: what happens between Hiro and Charlie during their six months together. However, the writing was rather juvenile, as was the characterisation, which made Hiro a whiny, love-struck teenager. The author certainly didn't make enough out of the superpowers side of things, sticking with sickly romance. The scenes that popped were the ones lifted directly from the show; the stuff in between was far less engaging. I'm glad I read it, as part of my Heroes collection, but sadly, like many TV/Film-tie-ins, this book suffers from average writing that, at times, alters the characters so much they are barely recognisable. If you are a huge fan of the series, you'll get something out of it, but it probably won't mean enough to make sense to those who haven't watch the show.

  • Remy Marie
    2019-06-05 10:41

    This is one of the old school books that was collecting dust in my library. After rereading it, I fell in love once more with Hiro and Charlie. It's a good read for any fan of the tv series.

  • Be
    2019-06-13 08:45

    a very sweet story that gives all the details about what happened while hiro was with charlie

  • oxana
    2019-06-02 12:34

    Around 2½ stars, maybe... nothing to get excited about.I'll start by saying that I'm an avid fan of "Heroes" (the tv show this book is based on, in case it escaped anyone's notice). That said, reading this book was a must although it took me long enough to get down to it.Hiro has never been one of my favorite characters, although he brought a lot of interesting elements to the show, being the driving force behind many of the people who later stepped up their game considerably.It's been a while since I've seen season 1 (where most of this book takes place), which may have actually been a good thing, too, since it felt like this book offered very little to the actual storyline seen on screen, perhaps fleshing out a little where they had to cut to other characters' stories..The writing wasn't bad, but not good either - yet the thing that annoyed me most was that Hiro didn't sound like himself at all, for whatever reason. It might have to do with my own head!canon, getting in the way of things, but overall the whiny!Hiro got a bit tiresome after a couple pages.Sweet as this book was in Hiro's attempts to win the heart of the woman he fell in love with soon as he met her - and the determination to save her life, too - it just didn't win me over, much as I tried. In the end it sounded more like mediocre fanfiction, only I paid money to read this.

  • Faith Justice
    2019-06-22 06:45

    My daughter gave me this as a gift because we've been watching Heroes together. It's a good example of its type - novelizations of TV shows, movies, etc. I've read novelizations in several lines (Star Trek, Star Wars, Spiderman, etc.) and know they can run the gamut from insipid to inspiring. This one is closer to the latter. If you have good writers, they can take mass media characters and give them a depth beyond the flat 2-D of visual media and breadth beyond the ability of a 60 - 120 minutes of story telling. A bad writer (and I've read a bunch!) think the title will draw the readers and they don't have to put any creativity into the character development or plot. Bad editors will accept this dreck and thus give novelizations a bad name.Wallington does a good job of fleshing out the story of one of Heroes' most endearing characters (Hiro) and one of it's most poignant story lines. Can Hiro save the life of a pretty West Texas waitress with the power to remember anything that's happened to her or she's read or saw? Will the evil Sylar succeed in murdering her and stealing her power? Wallington crafts a tender love story in the shadow of this possible horrible fate. It's not Shakespeare, but it's fun.

  • Lisa
    2019-06-22 10:40

    I didn't even bother finishing it. At first I felt since I'd gotten halfway through it I had committed myself to it, but I changed my mind. It is 258 pages of crap. Aury Wallington's writing is so beyond mediocre it isn't even suitable for a Hallmark card. He could have done so much more with the story, especially in such a colorful world portrayed in the show. Now, I LOVE Heroes as a show, but this book was like reading a bad fan fic. I felt like I was reading something one of my nerdy friends would have written when I was 14, except they were better writers. The language used was a terrible attempt at being hip, the story was trite and uninteresting, and the book itself was incredibly immature. He made Hiro's character BEYOND pathetic. On the show Hiro is a nerd, yes, and at times he is socially retarded and incredibly awkward, but never pathetic. The only reason I gave it one star is because this site doesn't allow you to give a book half a star. I want $24 and 10 hours of my life back.

  • Davey 705
    2019-06-11 07:39

    This book is amazing. It takes a story that never affected the world and made it into a really meaningful text. Hiro devotes his life to saving Charlie, and in the end he throws away the months of persistence and allows her to die. It must have taken all his strength and courage for him to decide not to save her, but to instead follow his destiny. Also, Charlie was really brave to tell Hiro to save the world instead of her. She put the world into safety! AND died doing it! If I was her, and i knew i was going to die, I would tell Hiro to try to save me AND the world. But Charlie is the most selfless person alive, because she wanted absolutely 0% chance of her interrferring with Hiro's destiny (saving the world). This book made me think about teh issues of Abandonment, Love, and Death. Did Hiro's powers bring him to or interact with Charlie's powers? If they did, then he made a HUGE mistake letting her die.

  • Nick
    2019-06-08 11:36

    Aury Wallington couldn't write with the emotive cinematic intensity and drama of a black and white disney film. Anyone who enjoys the crescendos and excitement of the Heroes television show had better keep searching because this book is luke warm. Anyone who loves Hiro's character and wondered what happened with Charlie will not be rewarded because of the shallow plot. Anyone could write better. What's worse is the fact that it leaves so much more to be desired. Of all the places Charlie and Hiro wanted to visit, don't you think they should have had a few adventures in those places and times? Don't you think that they could have done so much more? This book is horrible.Last but not least is the way in the Heroes show that Hiro, as immature, adorable and naive as he is, is still thrown into dangerous adult situations. The show doesn't dumb itself down for Hiro. Here this book, this plot; the author's childish expressions are dumbed down. This book is for preteens.

  • Matt
    2019-06-15 12:43

    Being a fan of the show I figured this book would have at least been decent. However the book absolutely breaks away from the character of Hiro. Sure he does have a relationship with Charlie on the show, but this book turns Hiro into a whiney, pathetic character. The whole story ends up focusing on him wanting to have sex with Charlie(and save her). It just doesn't fit with the spirit and style of the TV show, or the character Masi Oka has made Hiro.Add to the butchering of the character that this book was written in such a way that I blasted it through it in about 2 hours. Yeah, 270 pages in 2 hours. How? The writing was very simplistic and lacked depth. It was all superficial and required no thought or insight into the commentary it made. I was able to skim paragrahs, nay, entire pages and not miss any important detail.Definitely a forgettable book.

  • Sammy
    2019-06-18 05:26

    I didn't really care for it. The writing and style was rather simplistic. I had to force myself to finish it. I'm not sure it is the author's writing style. I think it has more to do with I already knew what was going to happen because I watched the show. They really should just change the name of the to Season One of the Show You Used to Like.I think my comlaints are really stemming from the direction the show has taken. I thought Season One was genius. Unfortunately, I think they peaked during Season One. Yes, I still watch the show, but I do not know for how much longer. The plot lines suck, the dialogue is basic and boring. I might be the only one, who feels this way, I don't know. I reccomend the book to anyone who is a fan of the show and is not jaded by it. Otherwise, don't bother.

  • Lory
    2019-06-03 11:36

    This book was good enough. It is a quick easy read, although the target audience was clearly younger teens- there was a decent amount of slang and teenage expression, and every adult over 30 was fat or toothless or mean. It does fill in the gaps from the show nicely.Parents should feel OK about letting their 12 and ups that can handle a little gore reading it. There is some sexuality in it, but aside from one part where Hiro gets some boob, it pretty much always stops at kissing. There is one scene at the end where Hiro and Charlie (who are both virgins in their 20s) decide to have sex, but the blot line makes it clear that they make the choice only because they love each other and Charlie is going to die the next day. The book doesn't give any details of the sex, just that they decide to do it.

  • Bethany
    2019-06-18 11:27

    I am a big fan of the series Heroes so when I got this book for Christmas I couldn't wait to read it. I was disappointed. It was uninteresting, it didn't mention other characters and Hiro began to annoy me with his unthinking travelling. Also, I think that a story about Hiro losing losing his virginity is not really going to appeal to many Heroes fans. Well, I didn't find it particularly interesting. Has there ever been any mention of Hiro's virginity in any Heroes episodes. I don't think so and so why write a story about it? It's completely off the point. No to mention boring. Which is why I have given it 1 star- I didn't like it at all.I suppose if I had to recommend it to anyone it would be Heroes fans, with nothing else to read but only as a last resort.

  • Meg
    2019-06-04 11:53

    This book is a 260 page long SQUEE. For real. Hilariously awesome. It is impossible to put the book down and NOT be smiling, which is impressive considering (a) we all know how it ends and (b) uh, the ending isn't the greatest. But as we learn during the course of the book, while life may not be a fairy tale, and the endings are almost never happy, it's the middle that counts. Also, I'm sure the author got a kick out of writing the scene in which Kaito is vaguely annoyed by Hiro's Star Trek posters. Because George Takei is made of awesome in any form.Random note: the author also wrote a couple of episodes of Veronica Mars in S1. AWESOME.That's three uses of the word awesome, people. It's a fun read.

  • Jenny
    2019-06-03 05:49

    Hey, Heroes fans! If you can’t get enough of the show, then read this book. It’s too bad they didn’t make a 2-hour movie on this part of Hiro’s life. I’m sorry to say that if you’ve never seen season one of Heroes, then you probably won’t understand a thing that happens in the novel.I thought that it was a good idea of having a novel on Charlie and Hiro’s romance because I really loved Charlie!! She was on the show for, like, 3 episodes and then she gets killed off right away. That’s just wrong! Well, anyways, the author’s use of word choice really gives you a sense of how much Hiro loved Charlie and why she was so important to him. The words were so descriptive that you can envision everything that happens.

  • Sarah Yasmin
    2019-05-31 10:44

    Adventurous. Hiro's destiny is not to save Charlie but to save the world. It is a disappointment when the ending, Charlie is not saved. Overall, this book is quite interesting for me. I love the part when Hiro freeze the time for Charlie and a thousands of origami were floating in the air. Those moment are so sweet. Hiro had do his best to change the fate before Charlie's death. He didn't want Charlie to die. He think, he loves Charlie so much. His friend try to stop him, but he didn't care what his friend's saying. He'd been through hard time to control his power. Sometime, he depart to the past, where that time, his father is still kid. He didn't know how to control his power. Sometime, he time-traveled to the future.

  • Aj
    2019-06-07 13:54

    It is a rare thing, for me to set a book down and give up on it.This is an exception.I made it about 35 pages into it before the writing style made me want to gouge my eyes out with a spork. The writing style and narrative quality of this novel were akin to that of a teenager writing slash in an online forum. Using So. Cal. valley-girl colloquialisms, I felt that Hiro and charlie's story was being told to me by a middle-school girl on too much caffeine.As much as I liked this particular subplot in the show, I could not get into this book. For those who could, I hope you enjoyed it, and I applaud you.

  • Loran (Algonquiins)
    2019-06-23 12:35

    I am a huge fan of the Heroes TV show so when I stumbled across this book I was beyond excited. While it doesn't come close to capturing the magic of the show it was still a good read. Even someone unfamiliar with the characters or the plot could read this and follow along. I liked getting to know more about Charlie who was in the show for such a limited amount of time. Hiro was the same Hiro although I didn't always think the author did his character justice. All of that being said the end of this book did make me tear up and I did enjoy reading it. It wasn't the best book ever written but for fans of the show it was a quick peek into another timeline of the series and worth a read.

  • Cathrine Bonham
    2019-05-30 10:54

    This book was really just elaborating on the six months that Hiro spent with Charlie in Season One of the Television show "Heroes." And it didn't really tell me anything that I didn't get out of the TV show.This book is not the worst thing I have ever read but it came pretty close. I think the Author must have missed the "Show Don't Tell" Lecture in creative writing class. Guess if someone missed the first Season of "Heroes" and recently caught the Fourth Season and they found themselves wondering, "Who's Charlie?" Then they might want to read this book. But personally I'd just rent the Series.

  • J.
    2019-05-27 05:51

    Not bad, but not great. It was a quick and easy read, took me one sitting of about 4 hours. Though fans of the series already know how this ends, it was nice to see that, in spite of being super-powered, Hiro is still just a guy, you know? Hiro's "missing time" while he tried to save Charlie, the waitress, is fully revealed, mistakes and miscalculations all. And yes (oh horror), Hiro has sex, but it's not as traumatic as other reviewers seem to think. It's not the point of the story either. Aside from trying to live the Bushido code, he finds that he's not so different from his father as he always imagined. So you can't change the past. But you can make the best of it.

  • R.
    2019-06-11 12:48

    The story of what really happened during the time(s) that Hiro tried to save the life of that girl that co-starred with Kevin James in Paul Blart: Mall Cop, the girl that you thought was Anna Faris but wasnt'. What really happened? Short answer: Not a whole helluva lot, but this is still a compulsively readable novel that enfleshens some cracks in the Heroes universe. Apparently, you can save the cheerleader and save the world, but saving the waitress won't even save New York City. So keep practicing those human pyramids, ladies.