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Her Name was Half Calf is a non-fiction short story about the life and death of a pet cow....

Title : Her Name was Half Calf
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ISBN : 20623133
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Her Name was Half Calf Reviews

  • Brenda Perlin
    2019-05-19 06:36

    Her Name Was Half Calf is a gripping short story filled with humanity.This emotional tale about a cow, Half Calf touched me. This is a heartfelt story that is filled with passion and heart wrenching devotion. The real life emotion fills your senses every step of the way. The writing is clear, to the point and the emotions shared are realistic and relatable. What a sweet moving slice of life!"We tried several more times to get her to her feet. On the last attempt, she screamed the most haunting, blood-curdling moo that we had ever heard come from a cow. It was her way of saying, "Stop. I am done. No more."

  • Gisela Hausmann
    2019-05-18 06:38

    Those of us who have experienced losing an important person or pet will love reading this story. It somehow brings closure to wondering what we could have done or should have done, when in fact sometimes there isn't anything we can do.First Sherry Molteni introduces us to Half Calf, her black Angus heifer. Sherry's descriptions are warm and relate the cow's special qualities as if they were a human's."... When she [Half Calf] was of breeding age, the neighbor's bull broke down the fence that separated the adjoining farm and introduced himself to Half Calf. Patching the fence and moving the cows could not keep the neighbor's bull away. Ultimately, after many interludes and repaired fence lines, the owner relocated the bull elsewhere..."Indeed, Half Calf becomes pregnant but it is not an obvious pregnancy. And, so it happens that Half Calf starts to deliver her baby alone, during a freezing night (in Florida). For hours there is nobody to help. Sherry's favorite cow never overcomes that exhaustion.It is a simple story of love, life, and death. Most recently I went through the same when my beloved cat Dixie developed a kidney problem. But, even though all of us know and have experienced this story, Sherry's words touch us. She is a gifted writer, who is extremely talented in describing the simple pleasures and big feelings.Gisela Hausmann, author and blogger

  • Norm Hamilton
    2019-05-02 01:31

    Her Name Was Half CalfThis short story is the tale of a pet cow, her life and her death. Written as a first person narrative, it describes the author’s experience raising and caring for Half Calf. The narrative is short enough to complete in one sitting with the descriptions bringing the reader into story. I think this tale would be a good story to read with adolescents to help initiate the discussion on life and death. There’s enough text to complete the story without dragging it on to a point where youngsters’ attention span would be over extended.The language is simple, straight-forward and to the point. An excellent short story.Norm Hamilton, Writer, Copy-Editor, ProofreaderAuthor of From Thine Own Well, Sarah’s Embrace, The Digital EyeWebsiteEmail

  • Nancy Silk
    2019-05-19 03:38

    "Heartfelt Memories""Half Calf" is the first born calf on the author's small hobby farm in Florida. I can well imagine the excitement when she was born. Obviously being the first born, she was very special being a black Angus heifer. She became a favored pet, even though she could not fit through a doggie door! Other than a few days struggling with a digestive ailment, she eventually grows to maturity and attracts the sordid attention of the neighbor's bull. Needless to say, she is pregnant. Hard times come for Half Calf, but the author and her husband do all they can to help her. A tender story, sad if you can relate to this Half Calf experiencing the loss of her calf. A short essay, very well written with much sensitivity. I would have liked to have read about some of the antics that calves often play with humans, such as sucking on your finger and then trying to get your finger released! Or, just time spent maybe brushing the calf and crooning to her. Try expanding the stories a little more with anecdotes. I'm glad I read this because it brought back great memories of my own with livestock.

  • Sara
    2019-05-11 05:28

    I know Sherry, but she knows as does everyone that I won't give a good review for a bad book no matter how good a friend I am to the author. Also, I rarely give five stars. Yes, I'm like that prof you had in college who rarely gave As.With all that aside, I loved this story. I am a sucker for an animal story, and I felt the love, the connection between Sherry and Half Calf. The story is beautifully written, but that aside, Sherry made me feel her anguish and reminded me that we have a responsibility to those animals (human or otherwise) we care for, that we have to choose to do what right for them no matter how sad it makes us.This story does an excellent job of portraying a woman who has enough compassion to put an animal she loves out of it's misery, as opposed to keeping Half Calf around for to assuage her own needs.Good job, Sherry!!!

  • Jada Ryker
    2019-05-04 08:37

    Heartwarming StoryReading the short essay Her Name Was Half Calf took me back to my childhood in a remote, rural area of Kentucky. As I read the heartwarming story of the pet cow, I could have been sitting in front of a roaring fire as Ms. Molteni told me the tale, alternately laughing and crying.Non-farm dwellers may find some of the passages gory and bewildering. For those of us well-versed in agriculture, the descriptions are business as usual. For those images, some readers may want to put a metaphoric hand over their eyes.

  • Rich Meyer
    2019-05-06 09:39

    This is basically an, really it's more a loving reminiscence of a farm animal that, like many, ascend to the level of a favorite pet. Exceedingly well-written for a short tale like this, I found it to be very poignant; you can really feel the author's emotions. Definitely worth a read.

  • Mkittysamom
    2019-05-21 07:45

    That was entirely sad and shortI love cows..I think this one broke my heart into pieces. It was so flat and factual. I get it was an essay...but I was hoping to hear a story about a cow. Now I'm just depressed. I hope half-Calf had some happiness in her life..none was mentioned...

  • Jess Schira
    2019-04-23 04:42

    A Holstein calf on the cover of a book about an Angus calf/cow might be a small detail, but it's one that drove me nuts, prompting me to drop my rating by a star.This is an extremely well written story about how no matter how practical a farmer might be, there are some animals who are special. It's also a non-fiction tale that does an excellent job of showing how life on a farm isn't all happiness and light. Reality isn't always fun.This is a really short story that can be read in just a few minutes.

  • H.L. Burke
    2019-05-06 02:19

    Sad, poignant story One of the few stories I have read in a long time that made me cry. Honestly and lovingly written.

  • S.A. Molteni
    2019-05-02 09:18