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"He s got her tied up, but she s got him out of control. "Glass artist Jen Kessler has hit the jackpot a cheap apartment in a charming Victorian house, complete with a sexy, intense, buttoned-down landlord who may or may not have a riding crop in his bedroom.She s not looking for a lover, but when her innocent, impulsive hug sparks kisses as hot as molten glass, it leads t"He s got her tied up, but she s got him out of control. "Glass artist Jen Kessler has hit the jackpot a cheap apartment in a charming Victorian house, complete with a sexy, intense, buttoned-down landlord who may or may not have a riding crop in his bedroom.She s not looking for a lover, but when her innocent, impulsive hug sparks kisses as hot as molten glass, it leads to bondage, spankings, and more naughtiness that, up to now, she had only tasted.His new tenant may have wild, dyed hair and an unconventional job, but Cornell math professor Drake Matthews admires the work ethic that got her out of debt. Then he s stunned at how quickly she destroys decades of his carefully cultivated self-control.Soon their sexual and emotional passions push them to the edge and beyond. But it s not all good, dirty fun. As Drake takes more and more control of Jen in the bedroom, her deeply ingrained independent streak pushes back. And it ll take more than a shared penchant for ropes, paddling, and coffee to overcome pasts that could unravel their relationship before it begins.Warning: Contains kinky sex, molten glass, geeky higher mathematics, family secrets, and irresponsible consumption of coffee. "...

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Out of Control Reviews

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-05-18 01:18

    Those who love geeky professors, this is one for you. Jen Kessler is an artist doing her best to survive. Her family discounts her ability to make a living because she wastes it on artwork. Still, Jen doesn't look for handouts or charity. She will make her way through her art pieces. She independent and doesn't need anyone. That is, until she rents a room from Drake Matthews.Drake is a guy who deals in straight forward logic. This follows with his math degree. Drake does have a kinky side which includes his need of control. He's into TPE which rubs Jen's fur the wrong way.The BDSM in this story is erotic and so good. Ms. Roberts does entices the reader with bondage and spankings. The chemistry between Jen and Drake is molten hawt. The focus seems to be more on D/s than it is on BD. There is little SM. Unfortunately for Jen, she's more interested in the BD while Drake is all about the D/s.The conflict in this story is Jen and Drake trying to make the relationship work. Their interaction is believable as they struggle to understand how they can have a relationship together. The give and take between two people who have lived alone for so long is amusing at times. Ms. Roberts does a good job of showing how difficult it is to adjust a schedule for two instead of one. The compromises each have to make is what makes this story so good to read.From a character building stand point, Ms. Robert excels. Jen and Drake are both believable and realistic characters. While Jen does follow some of the stereotypical traits of an artist, she's still grounded enough for readers to admire. Drake could come across as the stuff professor yet his kinky interests makes him attractive. What really stood out about this story, is how Ms. Roberts gives Jen a disability most people don't know about. I remember reading it as a disorder in my psychology class. I'm not sure how much research Ms. Roberts put into the particular disability. I can say that from a layman's view point, she did a fine job. How she incorporated it to Jen's everyday life and her art is fabulous. Within the first few mentions of how Jen sees people and how she interprets scents, it triggered the thought that Jen may have a special condition. For it to be validated and how Drake handle's Jen's unique view in life is heartwarming. Ms. Roberts really did a great job here and that's why I gave her a four star for writing. This erotic romance is recommended for readers who love geeky guys and artsy gals coming together.*provided by BDSM Book Reviews

  • Wollstonecrafthomegirl
    2019-04-29 01:12

    This left me cold. It was zero to insta-lust/love in 0.8 seconds and the hero was a Bit Much for me. Objectively it's reasonably well-written and there's an interesting synaesthesia element.

  • carol
    2019-04-25 08:26

    This is a lovely BDSM romance, with for me, an unusual perspective. Maths, university Professor, Drake who loves number, equations, control and order, also reflected in his life and love of martial arts. He takes a tenant into his Victorian home, Jess. Jess is an artist whose medium is glass and colour, she lives breathes and sees colour, in her surroundings, in sexual responses. I never thought of colour, sex, masochism and submission through colour before. I have to say I'm trying to focus and find if I can see such. Best is slightly yellow to white, certainly not the reds and purples this artist sees.Drake is a Dom with a history, parental problems, he does not wish to copy or follow in father's footsteps, yet they have much of the same needs and leanings. Here Jess listens and eventually gets through to him you don't have to be the same, and so the relationship grows and surpasses just sex, even hot BDSM kinky sex:)I like the story, had heard the ending was slightly up in the air, but I didn't think so, it was left with the way forward that will be enjoyed by romantics at heart.I enjoyed the blindfold, the trust, the dub con with shears, and yes, I would be terrified as Jess was at first point, good think we have senses to help us be aware of whom is in our surroundings. Loved the Shibari scene too, and the insight into a glass artist's world.Thanks to the BDSM group for having this as a BOM and introducing me to yet another good writer in this genre. It was good and I enjoyed it and recommend it. Not quite the wow factor for five stars so a good 4 stars from me.

  • Beanimous
    2019-05-03 02:31

    DNF Chapter 12.Shallow characters lacked depth. I had found Drake creepy, arrogant, controlling and nasty. I think he make a terrible Dom, there is little loving, care or respect with his treatment towards Jen. It is mostly about him being controlling, dominating and selfish.Jen is flighty and I found myself annoyed by her perceptual chirpiness, enthusiasm and happiness. Seriously, the girl is a little clueless. There is hardly any depth in her character and she did not possessed any emotions apart from excitement and smiles......Sorry I didn't like this book.

  • Crystal Smith
    2019-04-30 09:13

    I really liked it I just wish they added more to the ending I don't even know if that was his proposal or what? However, the story was good.

  • Grace
    2019-05-13 04:30

    This was a nice, fluff read. Light plot, mostly romance focused. I grew up in Western NY so many of the places the author discussed in the book are familiar. I don't know if that helped or hindered the read for me.The MC was so damn perky/upbeat, so I didn't relate to her much. The Hero was a professor who is into bondage. The sex scenes were ok, but not particularly memorable. It was a good book to waste time with.

  • MaggieReadsRom
    2019-05-15 03:35

    3,75 starsDelightful book! This is the kind of erotic romance that combines sex and BDSM with characterization and romance excellently. I was as invested in the sex scenes as I was in the characters and their back-stories and love story. I also loved the color classifications, they were instrumental in the visualisation of the sensuality and Jen's emotions in the book! However, th book lost a bit of steam after the first strong half but picked up at the end and overall I really enjoyed it. Memorable Scene:- the one where Drake tries to put on the brakes because he thinks it's going to fast and he's losing control > funny how amidst all the kinky stuff this scene touched me the most, both Drake and Jen made me feel all the feels!Favorite Quotes:Fire. The kiss was like the heat from her glass furnace. No, it was like the molten glass itself, malleable and flowing, suffusing her body from where their lips met.“I can think of a few things I could use a hand with.” She stifled laughter. She honestly hadn’t meant it to sound suggestive, but it came out that way.“I imagine.” Drake came closer and suddenly the room seemed very warm. Or maybe that was just her panties.You had to make things fall into place, whether you were talking about work or relationships. Create opportunities. The worst that would happen in either case was you’d fall on your face. And then you got up, brushed yourself off and tried something different.Drake ventured a smile. It was a ragged version of his usual cool grin, as if he was afraid something would break if he smiled too hard. Jen thought it might be the most strangely beautiful thing she’d ever seen in a lifetime of seeking the beautiful and the strange, this broken man trying to smile for her.Then Drake cupped the back of her head possessively, and somehow, improbably, deepened the kiss. He pressed his body to hers, and his lips were hard yet somehow tender, his tongue invasive, yet right.The kiss cracked something open inside her, then started to repair the crack with lust as hot as molten glass and love just as fiery.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-05-04 08:08

    Shadow‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewThis was a quirky, unusual love story, featuring two people who are polar opposites in temperament finding their way into a relationship.Glass artist Jen Kessler is thrilled to find a cheap apartment in an old Victorian mansion. In addition to the benefits of a stained glass window and a turret, the apartment comes with a red hot landlord.For his part, Mathematics Professor Drake Mathews lives a life of control, reaching the point of being a Dom and controlling his girlfriends in bed. He is instantly attracted to Jen, but her bohemian lifestyle leaves him with the strong need to provide her with some rules to keep her safe. Jen, however, doesn’t need or want someone running her life. As the two learn more about each other, the reasons behind their actions become clear. But can these two different people find happiness together?Both Jen and Drake are likable characters. Their motivation for their behavior becomes clear as they open up to each other-and the sex is fantastic.Expect some bondage , spanking, impact play, and robe suspension.This was a thoroughly enjoyable read by a new to me author. I will be looking for more from her.

  • Gem Larkspur
    2019-05-17 02:29

    Out of Controlis a fun read. The main characters a quirky and well articulated as they move from initial attraction to building a relationship. Jen's odd obsession with color and her complex life of an artist supported by her odd jobs gives the book a fast pace that matches Jen's schedule. Drake is all sexy alpha male with a mathematician's love of order and control. The sex is super hot and the romance intense. The only flaw in the book is that in the last two chapters the pace revs to hyper speed leaping Jen and Drake into a sudden Happy Ending that left me with a sense that we'd lost a few chapters somewhere.

  • LJT
    2019-05-17 08:15

    Review Posted on HarlequinJunkie.comOut of Control by Teresa Noelle Roberts: Jen is an starving artist and works a couple of jobs in order to make ends meet. Glass blowing brings in some cash, but not nearly enough to sustain a living on, at least not yet. She rents a small, affordable apartment in Drake’s Victorian home and within minutes of meeting each other, their sexual chemistry is acknowledged.Read More

  • Caitlin
    2019-04-22 01:22

    The only reason I didn't this book all five stars is because of the way Roberts goes out of the way to illustrate how Special Snowflake the characters are to one another. But c'est la vie in the world of romance! What I really loved the most is how Jen's submission did not always come easily to her and Drake's biggest fetish was control over all else. I love the incorporation and exploration of synesthesia. This is a super quick read with excellent BDSM scenes and I highly recommend it.

  • Serena
    2019-04-27 09:09

    Read for 02.2015 BDSM BotM.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

  • Katherine
    2019-05-17 07:24

    Oooooh. This is an amazing book. So much more than a BDSM new sub, experienced Dom, opposites attract story. The vividness of the characters is incredible. I fell a little in love with both the hero and heroine. Highly recommend. Bought from kobo.

  • Eurynome
    2019-05-06 08:19

    3.75 stars

  • Jackie
    2019-05-21 01:14

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