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Welcome to the near future, where law enforcement has evolved. Attorneys are judge, jury and executioner in one. Police officers are free to investigate, interrogate and apprehend at will. Working together in pairs, they are called Lawgivers. Like all attorneys, Sarah Jordan delivers justice with a katana blade. Moderate offenses result in the telltale scar of a Lawgiver sWelcome to the near future, where law enforcement has evolved. Attorneys are judge, jury and executioner in one. Police officers are free to investigate, interrogate and apprehend at will. Working together in pairs, they are called Lawgivers. Like all attorneys, Sarah Jordan delivers justice with a katana blade. Moderate offenses result in the telltale scar of a Lawgiver sword through the palm. More serious crimes end with a blade through the heart. When a young girl stumbles into their office after witnessing her father's murder, Sarah and her cop partner Robert seek the murderer but soon find they're on the trail of a vast conspiracy revolving around a new drug that vaccinates against all genetic diseases. Going up against its creator, Integrated Life Sciences, would be the case of a lifetime. But against ILS and its shadowy backers, even the law offers little protection. Learn more about ILS at their website: http: //

Title : Lawgivers
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ISBN : 9781494894184
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 316 Pages
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Lawgivers Reviews

  • Brian Smith
    2019-02-22 13:45

    A new world emerges with "Lawgivers"A fascinating start with clearly defined characters and a descriptive setting. The author creates a highly imaginative world that is destined for failure. The story settles in with corporate secrets, empathetic victims, and the promise of a very capable hero. Her bond with a young girl keeps you riveted to the pages as she struggles to make everything right.Lawgivers is full of hand-to-hand combat with plenty of emotion to satisfy readers of various likes.Be sure to check out this website-- It's an awesome connection to the story.

  • Nicole Mcbride
    2019-02-23 09:52

    Review: I thought that this book had a really interesting premise with the Attorneys deciding the ultimate fate of the clients they take on. However, at times I had a hard time believing the scenario that they would even be allowed to be given all of that power. In the very beginning of the novel, Sarah kills a man that is being sent to an alternate universe, but does not really suffer any consequences for her actions. Even in a world such as this one, it would seem that she would still need to be held accountable for the murder after sentencing had been given. There also seems to be a lack of overall law in the novel, which makes it hard for me to see it as real. The "evil" in the storyline seems to have a very easy time getting away with things like murder, corruption, and other situations that are related to the pharmaceutical approval processes.What I thought that the author Chris Kohout did very well was his characterization. Most of the main characters were very well fleshed out and I instantly connected with Sarah. I also thought the back story was well developed for Sarah as well. There is spot in my heart for individuals that take the hard road, not because they want to be different, but because it is the right road to take. Even if they know that it will cause them to lose that what matters most to them. There were a few of the "evil" characters that could have been fleshed out a little more, only because they have quite a few scenes in which they are a part of.Looking at the novel from a editing point of view, there were a few areas that could have used a little help. There were a few areas where some typos happened. I think that every time that the word "God" was used, it should be capitalized. All the times it was mentioned herein the novel it was left lowercase, but the connotation that I got from its usage made me feel like it should have been treated like a proper name. Point of View of each section seemed to be difficult at times to follow, which is the place that I had the most trouble with. Sometimes it would jump to a different person for maybe two paragraphs and then go back to the character that started the scene. I'm old school in my thinking about this issue compared to most. The novel would have been a smoother read if it had stayed with third person limited for each section. All the information given was needed, but a story can be made stronger at times with the "show don't tell" homage. Lastly, the other pet-peeve that I have is when every sentence is started with "she", "he", "they", etc. It makes the flow choppy and repetitive in nature. Overall, I thought that this was a nice novel with a little bit of everything in it: mystery, murder, corruption, family, and a little of science fiction. At times the POV seems a little confusing making to story feel like it is not complete. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys futuristic mystery fiction. Those who like a tighter storyline that doesn't seem rushed at the end may not enjoy this book.Rating: 3.5 out of 5I was given a copy of this novel by the author for an honest review, I was not paid to give my review. (Pitched by Bostick Communications)

  • Michele
    2019-02-23 07:44

    Lawgivers: A Dystopian Techno-Thriller (The Lawgivers Series, Book 1) Another book that I could not stop reading until I was finished! Non-stop action in a world controlled by greed and by the lawyers who now act as judge, jury and executioner in partnership with a police officer: the pair are called Lawgivers. People's worth is determined by their social status and how much money they make which leaves only a very few in the top tier.Sarah is an attorney who grew up in a family of con artists. Her personal integrity led her to "overcome" all that and it is her innate integrity which ultimately determines the fate of a major biotech firm. You really have to read this one-I don't want to say too much more--but it is definitely the good guys vs the bad guys--and greed vs conscience. This is the first book in this series and I will be reading the second.Lawgivers

  • Ruby Ridge
    2019-03-16 10:28

    I was given this book complimentary from in e-book form in return for my honest review. Everything stated in this review is of my own opinion and I was not compensated monetarily for providing this review.My review can be summed in three words – read this book. I loved the heroine, she is human and can be beaten but you gonna have to work damned hard to do it. If you like Xena and Annja Creed (and I am a fan of both) you will love this girlDon’t want to go into the plot and spoil it but plenty of ups, downs and unexpected twists. I found myself picking this up every spare minute during the day eventually staying up until it was finished at 2.00AMI have no hesitation in giving this book the full five stars and look forward to the next in the series

  • Heather Langston
    2019-03-17 08:55

    I enjoyed this read for the most part. It did seem reminiscent of the movie Judge Dredd in some aspects but that didn't bother me any (and it was only some slight similarities, in my opinion). It was well fleshed out and had "the flow" throughout the story. Absolutely loved Sarah. Strong woman with a good sense of right and wrong and helping others. She's one who will do what it takes to make sure justice is served, someone you can really root for. The only thing I didn't care for was the profanity (but that is my own personal preference). That being said, will still probably get the next one and will look into more from this author.I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Dan Claffey
    2019-03-14 11:37

    I received this book for free through the Goodreads First Reads program.I could not put this book down once I started it. Very vivid, creative, dystopic world created by the author kept me glued to the pages. The one negative comment I could make is that every character (with very few exceptions) is described as beautiful and either purely good or purely evil, making interactions slightly predictable. Regardless I thoroughly enjoyed the book, story and world that was created. Would definitely read more of this author's work.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-28 13:50

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.I love this book. The storyline was flawless and the characters were well developed. This is one of those books that is very hard to put down. With the authors amazing, descriptive style you become a part of the story. Can't wait to read more from this author.

  • Niffer
    2019-03-13 10:32

    Meh. A reasonably decent futuristic sf/dystopian novel full of super beautiful people, super evil bad guys, stongly moralistic good guys and plenty of new age technology. Not a bad way to pass an evening but not something I'm likely to reread or wait anxiously for the author's next book.

  • Sweetpea
    2019-02-23 07:32

    Very entertaining book with lots of action. Judging by how it ended, I'm hopeful for a sequel.

  • Chris
    2019-02-21 08:49