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A tortured man...A fearless woman...A mistake that'll change their lives forever.Three centuries ago, Devin Moore sacrificed his sanity to save his sister. Every day since is spent in a constant battle of wills with the three crazed cats--lion, tiger and jaguar--he houses. Keeping his shattered mind together has taken its toll, destroying any hope of having a family, but hA tortured man...A fearless woman...A mistake that'll change their lives forever.Three centuries ago, Devin Moore sacrificed his sanity to save his sister. Every day since is spent in a constant battle of wills with the three crazed cats--lion, tiger and jaguar--he houses. Keeping his shattered mind together has taken its toll, destroying any hope of having a family, but he can't turn his back on innocents in need.When information on his pride's missing child reaches him, he rushes to bring her home. But the rescue mission goes horribly wrong. Lena, the human female who turns herself into bait in order to protect the little girl, is wounded and struggling to survive.In a desperate act, he saves Lena. But it doesn't erase his past mistakes. And for a broken man who's finally offered hope, there's only one thing left to do--prove his worth. The only problem? He'll never be whole. Or sane. But maybe...just maybe...even the damned can find peace.NOTE: The Royal Pride series is set in the same world as the Kagan Wolves series.This book was previously released. It has been revised and re-edited....

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Beautiful Mistake Reviews

  • Kate's Corner
    2019-02-23 08:26

    I’m the odd man out on this one. I can see that why a lot of readers loved and enjoyed this book but for me it was just too frustrating. For me there was no chemistry whatsoever between the main characters. The Alexander Pride is on the hunt for Megan’s twin sister Molly. Devin is looking for her as he understands kids what they have been through. They have a lead but they walk in to a trap. They follow a woman and catch with consequences. I’m the last person to say that sex isn’t necessary in a book but these two just spent too much time fixated on one another and not on the overall plot. I’m really bummed that I didn’t like this book and I’m really sorry Ms. Corrigan for the somewhat bad review. Book received in exchange for an honest review.Review can also be found at

  • Farrah
    2019-03-20 15:54

    A steamy and sweet romance, Beautiful Mistake was a lovely read. I really liked this book. It was thrilling, romantic, and enjoyable.Lena was a good heroine. She was very strong and very loyal to those she cared about. My one issue with her was that she was sometimes stubborn about the wrong things, which made her occasionally mean-spirited. But, for the most part, I liked her.Devin was wonderful. He was very sweet and determined to protect his mate and win her over. Unfortunately, this man knew nothing of wooing and it was both funny and adorable seeing him trying to do so, though I sometimes wanted to whack him upside the head for being so oblivious. But, he was really a sweetie and I adored him.The romance was super hot. The scenes in this book were scorching. Like, get ready to fan your face kind of hot. But, more than that, Lena and Devin were sweet together. I really liked the idea of Lena being the only one who could calm Devin's cats. My one problem was that these two seriously needed to work on their communication, because they seemed to misunderstand each other frequently. But, I still thought they were a lovely couple.The plot was fast paced and I was kept interested the entire way through. The rush of trying to find the kidnapped shifter cub kept me hooked. I really enjoyed the story and the ending tied up the romance, while leaving some questions about the shifter cub and Lena's sister open. I'm definitely curious to see what happens with them in the next book.Beautiful Mistake was a lovely paranormal romance. It was super hot, sweet, and thrilling. I really enjoyed reading it. Romance lovers, if you want something with a lot of spice, then you'll want to check this book out.*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-02-21 13:30

    Talk about characters that grab you and hold on. Devin is one of themost fantastically broken shifter males that I’ve ever met. Backed up by Lena’s need to care for those around her and her distrust and misunderstanding of shifter culture and you have a relationship that is both bittersweet and completely fulfilling. The plot itself was action intensive from the first pages. I couldn’t put it down and can’t stop thinking about it now. The rest they say, is in the details. And what fantastic details those are. From the smallest to the largest Corrigan brings them all to life in a big & intimate way. From her intricate and believable descriptions to her characters’ mannerisms everything is so real and easy to picture that I can’t help feeling as if I’m part of the story. All in all, this is an epically awesome dose of shifter love. It comes highly recommended from me to anyone who enjoys a hot, racy, action packed tale that keeps you on your toes. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-02-24 15:30

    Reviewed by VictoriaBook provided by the publisher for reviewOriginally posted at Romancing the BookBeautiful Mistake is the second book in the Royal Pride series by Nancy Corrigan. While this book can be read as part of the series, it may also be read as a standalone novel with ease. I chose this book because I enjoy reading shifter novels and I have not read this author before.Lena has one goal and its to protect a shifter child her family takes in. Lena’s biggest problem is she does not know much about the shifter world other than what she does not like. Lena has had her heart broken several times and seems bitter about it. Its also apparent that she has trust issues. Lena is a stubborn woman because if she was honest with Devin sooner the situation would have not spiraled out of control like it did.Devin is a royal shifter. He can shift into three different cats but he is not an alpha of a pack because of blackouts he has. Devin while did not believe he would ever find his mate still kept an open possibility in the back of his head. When he does find her, he will protect and win her over at all costs. Devin comes across as easy to like.The chemistry between Devin and Lena is blistering. They make a great match even when they are arguing with each other. I only wish they did not spend so much time arguing with each other and Lena gave Devin a chance sooner. The sex scenes were sizzling.I found this book is very well written with a very distinctive plot. The main and secondary characters were mesmerizing and enchanting. The ending of the story was a bit predictable but it was more the ride to the end that was more important. Overall, this was a great book.

  • Christina
    2019-02-26 14:46

    4 Stars – 3 Flames Since this book has been revised, I’d like to point out that you shouldn’t base your purchase solely on the “old” versions reviews. All I can say is that I didn’t see some of the issues that were brought up. In fact, I thought that this was really well written. I might even go as far as to say that I liked this one more than the first, which is unusual for me. What a tortured soul Devin is. We got to see a little glimpse into the type of person he is in the first installment, Treasured Find, but now we REALLY get to know him and why he’s the way he is. I don’t even know if the word “tortured” is accurate enough. This poor man is…lost, at least until he meets and saves Lena. Lena is running. Running from shifters she was told were out to do evil things to her adopted sister. Now that her family has been murdered, she’s the only one that can protect her. So what does she do? She sacrifices herself, throwing everyone off the trail, to give her sister a chance. Too bad that sacrifice almost cost her her life, at the very hands of one who saved her. But why is she so drawn to her capturer? It’s like there’s something binding them together, but she just can’t put her finger on it. This read is JAM PACKED with nothing but awesomeness. From the first chapter you’ll be drawn into this shifter world and you won’t be able to stop herself from staying up all night to see what happens next. Speaking of next…I’m really excited to read the next one. Mira deserves happiest too, just like her twin. *I was given a copy of this book as a gift from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ana
    2019-03-08 11:38

    In book 2 the hunt is on for Megan's sister Molly the last of the White Lions. There are a lot of evil entities trying to get their hands on the very rare shifter.The Royals who have made it their mission to rescue kidnapped shifters are on the hunt for her and the very damaged Royal Devin is one of them.. He has a way with the rehabilitation of these kidnapped children since he lived his share of torture for decades which accounts for his damage. Working with these rescued shifters is the only thing that keeps his felines calmed. Until he meets up with the human Lena, who is responsible for Molly's escape.Devin realizes that Lena can calm his felines when he is around her, but he can't trust her, there is something very dire that she is hiding from him and he must find out what it is.Lena will keep these shifters away from her sister Gwen and Molly, there is no way that this very sexy shifter that does things to her stomach will get any information from her.This story is such a roller coaster of emotions, I cried, laughed and jumped for joy..You have to read this book and find out just who Devin is and why he is so damaged and how desperately he wants to be normal, will he finally find his true mate and will she be able to fix his damaged soul.I absolutely loved this story, so much heartache, and passion and hope.I waas given this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Monica Stillman
    2019-03-11 10:39

    I could not put this book down! I was constantly yelling at the characters and getting upset when they were doing stupid things, but that just shows how invested and sucked into the story I was. So this book we get to actually meet Devin and learn more about him and his relationship with his sister and pride. Lena is a strong and passionate person who sacrifices herself in order to protect Molly, the missing cub from Devin's pride. She draws all attention to herself so that Molly can escape. I loved this story because it was a constant tension between the two characters with many live's at stake. With each chapter, the story got more and more intense, and I was more invested in this book with each page.I cried, laughed, and yelled at each character to the point that people looked at me crazy. The sexual tension I could almost touch. The author did an incredible job sucking me into her world with so many twists and turns that I did not expect. I am hooked now. I have to read more and find out everything. This book is does not exactly have a cliffhanger, but it is part of a series that will continue in the third book of this series, and it does have many unanswered questions at this point.I was given a copy of this book as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Alison Jansen
    2019-03-13 12:26

    Wowzers, I thought I loved Jazz and Rafe in Unexpected Find - the first book in the Royal Pride series (check out review here - /Unexpected Find/ ) But I adored Devin and Lena. ADORED DEVIN!!!!!!! This series is seriously my new fave shifter book/series. (And that is a big call!!!!!!!) I found this series when I did a blog tour for the first book, recently the author Nancy contacted me and asked me to review her 3rd book in the series, so I thought I better catch up and read this one first. I was instantly reminded why I adored Unexpected Find. This book is fast paced, hot, romantic, amusing, and UNPUTDOWNABLE!!!!! I literally finished this book after midnight last night, my hubby even kicked me out of bed because I would not turn my kindle off! Lena is well aware of the shifter world (due to her stepfather being a shifter, and retired from Shifter Affairs, as well as having a baby sister who is a shifter). When her baby sisters life is put in danger by a bunch of 'single shifters' who want to sell the little girl for a mate, Lena puts her life on the line to keep her sister safe by acting as a decoy. The Royal Pride on the trail to capture the shifters who want to kidnap the young girl, catch Lena in what they think is a hand off of the young cub, and hunt her. Devin (the unstable Royal Shifter from book 1) catches up to Lena, just as the bad shifters get to her. His cats, having scented her and decided she is his "one" becomes enraged when they see her being mishandled by the bad guys and his cats take control. He blacks out, goes on a rampage and tortures them all, also accidentally injures Lena. In an attempt to save her life out of guilt, and his cats insistence he partially bonds with her. Lena wakes up and has no idea what happened, other than the fact that her parents have been murdered, her baby sister is out there somewhere being kept safe by her other sister, and a shifter thinks she is responsible for the cubs kidnap. Oh and the fact that the shifter keeping her hostage is the most attractive man she has ever met in her life, and something inside her calls for him. It does not take long for Devin and his pride leader Kade to realise they do not have the whole story, and Devin attempts to make Lena trust him so they can find the whereabouts of the little cub. Lena and Devin's attraction to each other is intense and insatiable, the connection they have is profound. And the first time in 300 years Devin's cats are settled, they know that Lena is the one, and they as well as Devin will stop at nothing to have her. Lena is such an awesome chick, she is so hard core, and although she has never felt an attraction or a cosmic pull to anyone before like Devin, she will absolutely not let him complete the mating process just because he feels guilty about hurting her. Having felt like she came second her whole life when it comes to men, she feels that she deserves a man who wants her for her, and not because of some misguided sympathy. Devin, does not care about why he has an attraction to Lena, just that he is, and his cats do, so he will have her as his mate. Devin is so funny, he really has no clue how to talk to women, and be in a relationship with them. There were times when I was thinking 'Devin stop talking!!! you are just digging yourself a bigger hole!!!!' It is so clear that he is in love with Lena, but he keeps accidentally pushing her away, he needs to learn that there is so much thing as too much honesty! He is so adorable thought, he deserves so much happiness after the torture he has lived with for hundreds of years, he is my fave character. I would love to read more about Devin and Lena they were so much fun!!!!!!So if you love shifter books, pick up this series, as you will not be disappointed! Watch this space for the review of Favorite Obsession - Royal Pride #3. "I'm sorry I hurt him but it would've been a mistake staying with him. You're the man I was waiting for." (Lena)"And you're the one I've waited for. You're my beautiful mistake and the best damn one I've ever made."(Devin)

  • Itsy Bitsy Book Bits
    2019-03-24 09:43

    Beautiful Mistake Book 2 in The Royal Pride Series By Nancy CorriganAnother great book by Nancy!Book 1 Treasured Find introduced the Alexander Pride led by Kade. Book 2 picks up pretty much where the last one ended. Devin Moore and Kade Alexander are on the hunt to rescue Molly from being sold into a Shifter trafficking ring. They wanted to bring Molly home and reunite her with her twin Megan that was now living with Josh. Nothing is as easy as it seems. When Kade, Devin and Xander arrive they find Molly and and a human woman surrounded by close to a dozen shifter males. The human's hand was twined with one of the largest lion shifters. A fight broke out and Devin took on quite a few of them by himself while Kade and Xander went in search of the little blonde haired girl they knew was Molly. They were unsuccessful in finding Molly but, a car flew out of the garage driven by the human so, Kade and Devin chased her down while Xander stayed back on clean up duty. They weren't sure if the human was part of the shifter trafficking ring or an innocent but by her hand being twined with a shifter, they assumed she was not there to help Molly. They chased the woman and found her car abandoned on the side of the road and went on foot looking for her but they weren't the only ones after her. The lion shifters chased her too and had a grip on her but Devin stepped in. He fought the lions off and ended up injuring the woman In the process. She was losing blood quickly so he did all he knew how to do, he cut his wrist and put it to her mouth but she was not awake and couldn't drink his blood. He didn't want her die....couldn't let her die. She was injured because of him. So he bit her neck, pushing a piece of his soul inside hers, linking him to her. You find out the human ( Lena ) is actually Molly's step sister and she was trying to save Molly from being sold. Molly was now with her other sister Gwen. The sisters had plans to follow if they got separated and the knew not to trust anyone. Lena didn't know it was safe to trust Devin. All she knew was him and Kade kidnapped her and wouldn't let her go. Devin started having feelings for Lena and wouldn't let her out of his sight. He mated her and now feels that bond. Lena just wants to get away and meet her sisters. In the time leading up to the day she is to meet her sisters, Lena's cuts get seriously infected. They bring her to see a witch but they aren't sure if Lena will make it Devin then licks her wounds and she is as good as new. Devin and Lena are not soul-bonded but Lena is his beloved human. She is a tough cookie and doesn't give in to Devin. She fights him on just about everything. The only thing she doesn't fight him on is finding Gwen and Molly. Lena is constantly thinking of how to get away from Devin. She is always turned on by him and always wants him close and doesn't understand why. She has no idea she is his "beloved human" or even what that means. She's always fighting her attraction to himI can't go into detail about what I really want to because it will ruin the book for you. We see some of the same characters we did in book 1 like Devin, Mira, Kade, Josh, Rafe and Jazz. There are some new characters too...Dante, Vader, Lena, Gwen and Molly.I'm interested in what happened between Vader and Gwen in the past? Hmmm!!"I'm glad you were brave enough to accept me, every flawed inch of me, especially after what I did to you. I'm sorry our meeting had to happen that way. That it took a deadly mistake to bring us together. But you are the best damn one I've ever made. My beautiful mistake."The book doesn't end in a cliffhanger but, for you to understand the why's and how's you should read the books in order

  • Dianne
    2019-03-20 11:51

    Can a badly damaged royal shifter, struggling to keep his three cats under control find his salvation in the arms of a headstrong human woman who trusts no one? Isolating himself from most of the world to protect them from his tortured blackouts that turn him into a beserker, 300 year old Devin is a fumbling, knuckle-dragging male, unfamiliar with modern sensibilities whose cats have recognized their mate. Sworn to protect and save young shifters from the dangers of human scientists and dark shifters alike, Devin is on the hunt for a rare, young shifter who has been taken to be used as a captive breeder in the future when he chases down one of the suspected kidnappers, a human woman full of fight, fury and a strong dislike for shifters in general. Lena is trying to protect her adopted sister, five-year-old Molly, the same child Devin is searching for. Their worlds collide when he chases Lena down, blacks out and his cats accidentally flay her open. He does what he knows best to save her, but it forms a bond between them that is just shy of mating for life. Lena thinks she has secured the child’s safety, but has she? Trusting in this shifter is not an easy thing, but she may have to in order to get her sisters back. And what about Devin’s claims that she is his? Seriously, in the twenty-first century, he dares to claim ownership over her? While it angers her mind, her heart and “other” body parts are getting onboard with the idea, but first, the battle for Molly must be won. After, who knows? Is Lena the answer to calming the beasts in Devin? Holy “melt-my Kindle,” the sexual tension between these two may be a contributing factor to global warming, intense, often and hot! Beautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan is not for the shy, or for those who do not understand that shifters are NOT human! They do not think like humans, and the mating instinct is strong. At times, I will say, the angst, anger, and Neanderthal level got pretty high, but don’t many paranormal erotic tales? Ms. Corrigan cuts right to the heart of things, AFTER taking us on a twisted and character filled ride full of danger, love, heartache and lust! Her style is detailed without bogging down the flow, while often mirroring the chaos of the moment, setting the tone for each scene almost flawlessly. I must say, I did want to muzzle Lena a couple of times, sheesh, the woman can rant! 4.5 Stars!I received this copy from Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc in exchange for my honest review as part of the Nancy Corrigan's BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE Book Blast & Giveaway stopping at Tome Tender February 7-22, 2014.Series: Royal Pride, Book 2Publication Date: January 24, 2014Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing IncGenre: Adult Paranormal EroticaNumber of Pages: 327Available from: Amazon

  • Jody
    2019-03-17 09:28

    Devin's soul has been tortured ever since he accepted his sister's punishment in order to protect her. He's constantly on edge as his inner shifter halves war with each other and him for supremacy. This inner battle frightens him as he loses control when anger takes over. He becomes an out of control, bloodthirsty beast, winning to kill anything in his way. He keeps these episodes secret as he doesn't want to lose his place in the pack anymore than he already has. Devin is extremely loyal, honorable in his promises, and has a soft spot for protecting their young from nefarious individuals buying them for breeding purposes. While trying to save a young and unique shifter from being bought and sold he comes in contact with the human woman who completely changes his world. He has no love for human women though as they've lied to him before. He also has no desire for a mate who would have to deal with his rage issues and be put in harms way. Unfortunately, to save Lena from his inadvertent maiming, he must pour his essence into her and thus their bonding process begins against their will. Devin is the quintessential Alpha (who usually inhabits paranormal reads) who wants what he wants and must slowly and sensually convince Lena of the same. Theirs isn't an easy journey to HEA as she struggles to calm his inner demons and he learns to trust, but it's a very sexy and action-packed one and he had me completely drooling over him from page one.Lena is a strong-willed woman whose adopted sister Molly is in constant peril from those who want to take away her choices and turn her into nothing but a breeder. Lena vows to protect her and puts her life on the line to get her to safety but things don't go as planned as she ends up almost mated to an equally strong-willed shifter. Lena doesn't trust shifter so there's a constant battle between her hormones and her beliefs which got a bit old after awhile. Lena was more than happy to use Devin for sex but her trust took much longer to develop which left me frustrated with her. Where they definitely connected, and pushed the world away, was in their sexual interludes which were frequent and over-the-top HOT. I never felt that these scenes overtook the story though, rather they enhanced it by allowing Devin and Lena to connect in a believable way that pushed aside their fears and let them rely on one another.Not having read the previous book in this series didn't create any problems in enjoying this book. The storyline was compelling with the dark deeds and future plans of those sworn to protect shifters and the race to save Molly was pulse-pounding. The glimpses we got, and the interactions of, numerous secondary characters has me excited for future stories (and wanting to read the first book in this series too) as these characters are exciting and unique in their personalities. This was a fast yet immensely satisfying read that contains certain familiar plots but enacts them in a fresh way that completely immerses you in the storyline.

  • Monica **can't read fast enough**
    2019-02-24 13:33

    This is book 2 in the Royal Pride series by Nancy Corrigan. When I read book 1, Unexpected Find, I had a negative visceral reaction to the requisite loss of soul for the heroine to fully become the eternal mate of her shifter lover. After posting my review to Goodreads, I had the very pleasant surprise of getting a response from Nancy Corrigan herself. Nancy was very kind in the face of my discomfort with the premise for what it would take for the couples to have a happily ever after. She thanked me for my honest review and said that it was not her intention that the act be taken the way that I had and in no way was meant to be an evil act. I was impressed that Corrigan took the time to contact me when I know that getting negative feedback on any part of one's story must be difficult and she was very gracious. Corrigan also informed me that the severing of the heroine's soul from her God will be resolved in book 3 which will be Josh and Mira's story. There will be some form of reconciliation of the heavens. Knowing this, I will definitely want to read book 3 and see how the resolution plays out. Now for my actual review of Beautiful Mistake! This was a heart twinging read. The alpha hero, Devin, is so burdened with his overly primitive and aggressive inner cats that you can't help but ache for him. Devin has taken on the punishment for a crime that his sister committed out of desperation and because of that punishment he is always on the edge of loosing control. When he comes across Lena while looking for an abducted shifter child he is immediately drawn and confused by her. Devin can not deny or ignore the immense attraction that he has to Lena and it is almost painful to read how great his need is for her and how desperately he wants to be able to give them both what they need. The scene with Devin and Lena's stuffed tiger is both tragic and humorous at the same time. This one scene has put Devin high on my alpha list! Lena is a strong willed and sometimes overly stubborn heroine whose main concern is protecting the family that she has left as well as her heart. Corrigan again gives her readers a nicely written and well laid out story with lots of passion and sex along with a "real" story to go with all of that steaminess. If you are a delicate flower and are sensitive to descriptive sex scenes this book may be a bit too much for you. However, I can personally handle the heat! I enjoy books where the author creates a fully fleshed out cast of secondary characters so that the world created feels more well developed and I believe that Corrigan has done that successfully with her Royal Pride series. Now that I have put my soap box away and have been reassured by the author herself that things will be well with the souls of these women I will hopefully be able to continue on with this series and enjoy the next books to come!

  • Eva Millien
    2019-03-08 11:49

    The second book in the Royal Pride series is a riveting read that keeps the reader on their toes. The author has created a fascinating shifter world with unique elements that adds spice to the stories and the wonderful captivating characters that really stand out and have the reader wanting to know more. I was completely enthralled in this thrilling story from beginning to end and I can’t wait to read the next one.See my full review at: review is based on the revised edition.He sacrificed his sanity to save his sister and every day since, Devin Moore is in a constant battle of wills with the three crazed cats he houses until he meets the one woman who can sooth the savage beasts in this pulse pounding paranormal romance.Lena will do whatever it takes to protect her sister including fighting her attraction to Devin and the reader can’t help but be drawn to these strong, charismatic characters as they both fight tooth and claw for their what’s theirs. The emotional turbulence can be felt with vivid intensity as it flows from the pages as both Lena and Devin are torn by the choices that face them and their past personal demons that have shaped their lives which grips readers by the heart while the sizzling chemistry between them spices things up and adds to their emotional angst and making Devin work extremely hard for his true mate in this fast paced, smooth flowing plot that thrills readers with suspense, excitement and romance.The search for the missing child adds spine tingling tension as well as adrenaline pumping excitement with lots of enemies searching for her as well which keeps readers on the edge of their seat and with the additional spice of some conflicts between friends due to a bit of jealousy, there is never a dull moment. The intriguing events keep the reader glued to the pages as the well written scenes paint vivid images that make it easy for the reader to become immersed in the story.Like I said in my previous review, I was completely enthralled in this thrilling story from the very beginning and with the revisions having slight changes and imparting additional scenes there was so much more to enjoy and I can’t wait Favorite Obsession to be released so that I can discover all the juicy improvements in it as well.

  • Brenda Demko
    2019-03-04 08:30

    I recommend this to adults who like shifters, especially the kind with heaping helpings of steam!This series has the potential to be grrrrrreat! I haven't read the first book yet but that didn't impede my ability to read and understand Beautiful Mistake.Beautiful Mistake has an abundant amount of terrific characters, surprises, action, romance, serious amounts of steam, and scenes that will tug at your emotions and your heartstring too.Devin is a shifter that has three cats in his soul. He has a lion, tiger and jaguar. He is somewhat unstable because of something that happened long ago. He suffered to save his sister and is still suffering. How can you not admire that? I love him! He is so hard on himself.While looking for Molly, a missing cub, he comes across Lena and is taken by her smell almost immediately. He tries to fight the attraction and pull to her because he thinks that she is in cahoots with a rival clan who is trying to buy Molly.Lena thinks that Devin is a part of the group trying to take her "sister" Molly. She leads him on a chase and they encounter more of the rival Lions. Things spiral out of control when one of them starts to hurt her. Devin loses control of his cats and then has to decide whether to help Lena or not. There is no going back from the decision he makes.Starting out under less than stellar circumstances, jumping to the wrong conclusions, misunderstandings, miscommunications, lack of trust, these are all obstacles that hinder Devin and Lena.The chemistry between these two was scorching even when they were fighting with each other. I am eager to read not only the first book, but the third book in the series too. I sure hope it doesn't take too long to be released!I received an ecopy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion. I thought it was marvelous! Now if only Ellora's Cave would offer these books in print. That would make me very happy indeed!

  • Cindy
    2019-03-08 11:40

    Favorite Quotes: Desperate to distract himself and ease his cats’ angst, he said, “Jasmine is going to have a coronary when she sees all this blood in the vehicle she spent weeks restoring.”A splash of color darkened Kade’s cheeks. He ran a hand over his blond mane. “My twin’s mate is a vicious little human. She’ll understand as long as we bring our cub home.”Devin scrubbed at the palm print on the vinyl with the edge of his shirt and cringed. He only succeeded in rubbing the blood into the tiny grooves. “Yeah, but I don’t want to be around when she sees the state of…what did she call this hunk of metal? A sweet, rare example of what a car should be? I think she might’ve used words like beautiful and irreplaceable too.”“You’ve got a point.” Kade glanced at the seats. He shrugged. “Leather wipes clean. It’ll be fine.”The female’s eyes rolled back into her head. The time for debate had passed. He had to act. Devin sliced his wrist on an extended fang and pressed it to her lips. Blood dribbled down her chin. His heart raced. He cradled her closer in order to free his other hand and smacked her cheek in an effort to wake her.“Don’t die on me, woman. I need you!”This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. This book is the second book in the Royal Pride series and as the first one was is it an awesome shifter story. Like all the rest of the shapeshifters Devin is a hot sex cat. Devin has three, that’s right three cats in him. He feels he is damaged. But he will do whatever it takes to get the abducted children back. Even if that means using sex to do it! But best laid plans always fail, and that is what this one did once he has a taste of Lena. The heat between these two gets really hot and I mean hot. Even though there are secrets I love the interaction between the two. Cannot wait for the next book in the series… You have to love shapeshifters!!!FIVE CAT ANGELS

  • Kaylyn
    2019-03-08 11:51

    ~4.5 Stars~Holy hell this book is full of action. It starts at page one and doesn’t stop. Just when you thought you had time to breathe another problems comes into the picture. It is a great read and I highly recommend it if you like stubborn alphas. Or if you love males who will do whatever it takes to protect their “families.”Lena is so so stubborn that it actually caused her own heartbreak.. twice.. and almost a third time. I wanted to slap her and tell her to get over herself because Devin was crazy for her. I did love how she protective she was of Gwen and Molly. She was willing to be tortured and who else knows what to give them a fighting chance. I also pitied her because in a matter of days she lost her family. Yes she got a new family but the horrors and the guilt of how she lost will always be there.Devin is well he has issues. After being tortured at the hand of the Council he isn’t all there anymore but Lena makes him complete. He was drawn to her right away. While she was running from him he complimented her booty and her physical endurance. I loved how protective he was of Molly even though he never met her. Some of it was because of how much she meant to Lena but I think a bigger portion came from the fact he understood what it was like to have such horrible things done to him. Devin and Lena had A LOT of sex. I think it was almost too much. Lol I really liked the secondary characters in this book. Vader for one was hilarious. I don’t know if he was meant to be but I really found him humorous. I also really liked Xander. He seemed to get under Devin’s skin which I found kinda karmic. I also really hope Josh and Mira are able to be together. ~Special thank you to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.~

  • Victoria Rainey
    2019-03-03 12:41

    Romancing The Book ReviewOriginal Review Published here: Mistake is the second book in the Royal Pride series by Nancy Corrigan. While this book can be read as part of the series, it may also be read as a standalone novel with ease. I chose this book because I enjoy reading shifter novels and I have not read this author before.Lena has one goal and its to protect a shifter child her family takes in. Lena’s biggest problem is she does not know much about the shifter world other than what she does not like. Lena has had her heart broken several times and seems bitter about it. Its also apparent that she has trust issues. Lena is a stubborn woman because if she was honest with Devin sooner the situation would have not spiraled out of control like it did.Devin is a royal shifter. He can shift into three different cats but he is not an alpha of a pack because of blackouts he has. Devin while did not believe he would ever find his mate still kept an open possibility in the back of his head. When he does find her, he will protect and win her over at all costs. Devin comes across as easy to like.The chemistry between Devin and Lena is blistering. They make a great match even when they are arguing with each other. I only wish they did not spend so much time arguing with each other and Lena gave Devin a chance sooner. The sex scenes were sizzling.I found this book is very well written with a very distinctive plot. The main and secondary characters were mesmerizing and enchanting. The ending of the story was a bit predictable but it was more the ride to the end that was more important. Overall, this was a great book.

  • Wendy-Book Lovers 4Ever
    2019-02-23 08:27

    Taking on the punishment for his twin sister after she killed her mate, Devin has blackouts and doesn't trust his own instincts anymore. Being a royal shifter, having three different cats sharing his body, Devin is emotionally unstable but still a fierce shifter when it comes to protecting his friends and family. While on a mission to rescue a small female lion cub he meets Lena. Lena is running for her life with her 5 year old sister, who is the lion cub that Devin is sent to rescue. To escape the new shifters, Lena sends her sisters away so they can meet up later.While chasing Lena on foot, Devin is overcome with a blackout that makes his shifter cats go berserk. Accidentally ripping her open he does the only thing he can to save her after realizing that his cats want her, that she could possible be their one mate. Being tortured and knowing his mind and the minds of his cats are not completely right, Devin thinks the Gods would never bless him with a mate. Royal shifters are the only shifters who can mate with humans and Devin is surprised that Lena could possibly be his one mate. Lena only wants to protect her adopted sister and trusting the sexy shifter is not something she is prepared to do. Being attracted to a shifter is nothing new for Lena, having gone through two broken hearts with other male shifters, she is not looking for a relationship that she knows will only end with her being hurt. Danger by the way of wild hyenas are all that are standing between Lena and her sisters. Love, tragedy and heartache all fill this book. I enjoyed this book just as much as I did book one, I'm again looking forward to the next one.

  • Bonnie Rediske-
    2019-03-22 14:53

    I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review. This book was a flawless continuation in the series leaving very little time having passed from book 1 to book 2. Devin is a sexy Royal (three cats live in him) who is determined to help his pride save the abducted children that are being used essentially as science experiments. Little does he know that his path will lead him to Lena, adopted sister of one of the children he is looking for. In the process of trying to find the child, Lena is taken captive. Lena is head strong and believes that Devin is just like every other shifter she has crossed paths with and is determined not to let him penetrate her walls. While she keeps the barrier up, she cannot resist the dangerous sexual energy that ebbs between them. What she does not know is that the things done to save her life will ultimately leave her with more questions than answers. The heat between the two lead characters was palpable. The sex scenes flawless, I love that despite how angry the two would get, it just amped the energy up that much more. There was so much angst in this book that I was on the edge of my seat to see what the next issue would be. I read this book essentially in one sitting and LOVED it as much as the first. This author is one of my new faves, not only because of my love for shifter novels, but because the writing style is flawless. I give this book 5 fangs and cannot wait to see what happens with Gwen and the men that want to claim her.

  • Heather
    2019-03-09 12:46

    This book is intensely misogynistic crap. I was so incensed I had to skim most of the book. If you like to read books where women are slaves and property of men with no rights, read this book. It's a shame, because I genuinely liked the heroine in the beginning, when she was a strong-willed alpha female defending her sisters. But when the jackass love interest (who almost killed her when they first met, then kidnaps and practically rapes her) enters the picture, she forgets everything that's important to her and let's him do whatever he wants, even when his selfish actions could literally send her soul to hell. I can't describe how much I hate that guy. She could do so much better.

  • Rochelle
    2019-02-23 14:43

    I really enjoyed Lena & Devin's story. Devin was a broken alpha male who had alot of issues and aggression and Lena was a strong, stubborn, independent woman who although was tough had a few issues of her own. There were alot of emotions that went through me reading this book, happiness, sadness, anxiety, jealousy, hate, love! So for me it was a very up & down read. There were aspects that I didn't like(but those are my preferences so I won't add them) but it was a really good story overall and I'm looking forward to book 3!

  • Nancy
    2019-02-24 14:38

    First...that cover is great!Once again, like the first book in this series, we have strong characters, hot sex scenes, blood and violence and people in love.There is a lot of angst in this story. For me, there were times it got a bit much but that did not stop my over all enjoyment. There are a few issues left unfinished in the end and I'm guessing more about those will be continued in the next book.There are some characters I'm hoping to read more about; Kade, Xander, Vader, Dante, Mira and Josh.

  • Racy
    2019-03-03 12:42

    I received this for an honest review. Nancy Corrigan did a wonderful job. This is the second book in the series. I had fell in love with the characters in book one. We get to see more about Molly in this book which is Megan’s twin. Devin Moore was a handsome royal. Royals contain 3 animals within. We were first introduced to Devin in book one. He had a sister that was his twin. Devin had been through so much. He had suffered so much pain and was broken. He housed a tiger, lion, and a jaguar. Though he tried to protect his animals the best he could through the past abuse it still did not help. He no longer could trust them. He was always scared what they might do. He was so damaged he thought he could never be worthy enough to find a true mate.I loved how much Devin’s Alpha Kane and his friend Xander stood by him. Many probably would of thought he needed to be put down. His Alpha and friends protected him the best he they could. Kane shown so much trust in him and this had to shock Devin to some degree. I loved the character Lena Burnett which was a human. She was doing everything should could to protect her family. She had so much loyalty and compassion when it came to her family. She would even self-sacrifice if need to be. She finds herself facing a life and death situation but she faces it with no fear. She is stubborn and hard headed. Devin finds he has his hands full. He must do everything he can to save her, protect her, gain her trust, and win her heart.Lena is damaged as well. She has been in one bad relationship after another and finds that she does not trust man. She has no desire to have a relationship. As you read the story of Lena and Devin you will see how perfect they are for each other. They pretty much complete each other. Bad people are after Molly. This has to be a scary time for Molly only being 5 years old, but she shows no fear. She has a special ability that causes her to be greatly desired. Molly’s adopted family are doing everything they can to protect her, but is it enough? Will Lena ever trust Devin to let him help?Devin understands about being damaged and abused. So he is the prefect one to help Molly. It will be interesting to see his interaction with Molly in upcoming books. I am looking forward to seeing more on Xander, Kane, Vander, Josh, and Mira. This is a great series and know we are in for an amazing journey.

  • Symone
    2019-03-14 08:33

    This is book 2 in the Royal Kagan series and I did find it slower than the first. Not sure if it was because I was more familiar with the characters of if the story slowed down but It didn't hold quite the excitement that the first one did.I still love this different shifter world. The royals VS the single shifters is an interesting dynamic. So is the different type of bonding and the obvious trouble it is causing. I wasn't drawn to Devin as much as I was to Kafe from book 1 and maybe if his true mate hadn't also been a human and therefore faced with similar issues we addressed in book 1 it would of carried the same intenseness that I felt reading Kafe's story. I did like the continuation of learning about and rescuing Molly and Meagan. For a follow up book it holds a solid 4 stars and leads you to read the next because although we get a small ending with Devin the overall story arc is not finished.

  • Pam Foster
    2019-02-27 13:47

    Loved it!This is a fantastic follow up to book 1. Devin and Lena are wonderful lead characters with the dual POV story telling the reader gets a broader view of the story as it unfolds and it works perfectly. I really enjoyed the story it's fast paced with lots of twists and turns and wow it's so steamy!! I loved seeing characters from book 1 and how this story built on what started in the first book. I'm really looking forward to book 3. For me this is one of the best adult shifter series available on KU ☺

  • Lolita Nettles
    2019-03-05 14:53

    Quickly becoming addicted to this seriesLena and Devin cross paths in the worst way possible. But through an epic mistake they are given the chance that fate needed for Devin and his troubled cats to see they found their one true mate! And they need each other for a level of love and acceptance that they each never thought they would have. Can't wait to read Josh and Mira's story of royal rule breaking!

  • Joetta Spurling
    2019-03-19 07:27

    Wow Kindle unlimited purchaseThis is book 2 in the series... I'm so happy to read these books after all of them are out.. I don't have to wait for the next book to come out just keep on going... The Energizer Bunny has nothing on me... I'm just going to read and read you can't stop me... Well maybe I need to get some sleep... Nope I'm going to start book 3 NOW....

  • Cheri Pardue
    2019-03-24 11:26

    Love this series. This is book 2. Love the characters and it was nice to see inside Devin and find out why he's so dark & dangerous. I like further learning about the other characters entwined throughout the series. There were too many moments that dragged on & on in this book that I didn't care for, but onto book 3. 😊

  • Lizzie
    2019-03-12 14:51

    I liked it.I read the first book and just had to get this one. I loved the theme and the writing. I will be saving the money to buy the whole series. So I don't have to wait for answers.

  • Linda
    2019-03-06 09:30

    Amazing!Amazing read that gets all your emotions involved. Brakes your heart one minute and fighting mad the next for all the injustices you see. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.