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I crossed a line with my boss and there’s no taking it back.Not that I’d want to.You see… Matt Connover? Well, he’s something else. Strong, magnetic, sexy as hell… but yeah, he’s still my boss.What am I doing? Why is he so irresistible to me? Maybe it’s because I finally saw a different side to him. I saw, for a brief moment, that Matt is vulnerable, possibly damaged. Is iI crossed a line with my boss and there’s no taking it back.Not that I’d want to.You see… Matt Connover? Well, he’s something else. Strong, magnetic, sexy as hell… but yeah, he’s still my boss.What am I doing? Why is he so irresistible to me? Maybe it’s because I finally saw a different side to him. I saw, for a brief moment, that Matt is vulnerable, possibly damaged. Is it wrong that it makes him even sexier in my opinion?I’m in deep and I don’t see any way out.I don’t want to find a way out.I want to find a way for both of us to stay involved in these Legal Affairs. ~ McKayla “Mac” DawsonLegal Affairs is a serial romance with a whole lot of hot and a little bit of funny. It has six volumes that will be released every two weeks.Legal Affairs – Objection – releasing January 10, 2014Legal Affairs – Stipulation – releasing January 24, 2014Legal Affairs – Violation – releasing February 7, 2014Legal Affairs – Mitigation – releasing February 21, 2014Legal Affairs – Reparation – releasing March 7, 2014Legal Affairs – Affirmation – releasing March 21, 2014...

Title : Stipulation
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Stipulation Reviews

  • Mo
    2019-03-17 12:27

    This was another quick, good read. Each book kind of feels like you are reading a chapter of a book.It was strictly business for Mac and Matt, or was it. Could they keep their attraction for one another in check?I take a moment before I open the door to do a mental checklist of how bad I look.No makeup. Check.Bad hair. Check.Frumpy clothing with an ice-cream stain on front. CheckFuzzy slippers that look like something my grandma would wear. Check.Oh hell … this is just sex, so let’s see how bad Matt wants it.Better stop now or my review will be longer than the book.

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-02-21 09:33

    ★★★★★! Legal Affairs, part 2 of 6. Young attorney is served a shocker when she meets her new boss aka member #134 in secret sex club!“I think with my dick, McKayla… not with my heart. It serves me well.”I read Objection, part 1 in the Legal Affairs serial, then I skipped over to the box setFor my spoiler-free review of part 1: Objection, Legal Affairs part 1For my spoiler-free review of part 2-6:Legal Affairs, part 1-6And then be sure to enjoy story from Matt’s POV in:Confessions of a Litigation God***Hero rating: 5 stars Heroine rating: 5 starsSexual tension rating: 5 starsSex scenes rating: 4.5 starsSex scenes frequency: 5 starsPlot rating: 5 starsDialogue rating: 5 starsStorytelling rating: 5 starsStory ending rating: N/ABook editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): 5 stars************************************************Overall rating: 5 starsWould I recommend this series: Yes.Would I re-read this series: Yes.Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

  • Denisa
    2019-03-15 11:35

    3.5 Gah, why would you write a chapter, then say it's a full book?!?!This series deserves a lot more than 3 stars, but I can't get passed the book-chapter thingie.

  • Joëlle
    2019-03-24 15:23

    No individual review but 1 for all 6 parts on

  • Wendy'sThoughts
    2019-03-06 08:26

    4 Jealousy and Game Playing Stars * * * *What happens when out of town depos take place... why drinking after... causing people to loosen up and get down and dirty again. That's right... after Power Attorney Matt tells Mac... their time together was sex and can't happen again... He gets stirred up and has another go with her while out of town. The out of town hook up leads to in town hook ups but no commitment from him to her. Eventually Mac decides she must stop these booty calls and tells Matt... no more. Will they stop... I am off to see what happens next.

  • Brendy
    2019-03-09 08:19

    I love a well developed battle of jealousy!But Matt and! hahaha they really stole me some laughs with their antics.Matt is just a big kid there's no other way to put it!The whole reading I was: "what a coincidence. Me too. Gotta love that One Night Only." That tiny muscle in Matt's jaw pops back and forthas he stares at me, then he smiles at me. Almost evilly. "Definitely love it, although they should rename it Two Nights Only. It was that good of a weekend."This is sooo funny! XD

  • Anja
    2019-03-02 11:18


  • Kara
    2019-03-08 15:42

    Hook. Line. & Sinker. Love these quick novellas. Ms Bennett you already know I rank up as one of your top fans.... But these books. LOVE. Gah. This ended with me needing book 3 ASAP!

  • TORI
    2019-03-17 10:37

    3.75 Stars...and so it continues.McKayla and Matt are trying to do the friends with benefits thing.But when he has a date with (view spoiler)[Lorraine (hide spoiler)] and she meets (view spoiler)[Cal Carson (another hot young lawyer) (hide spoiler)], that damn jealous monster rears it's ugly head.On the next one.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Crazy for Books (Stephanie)
    2019-03-10 12:26

    3.5 Backbone StarsYou go Mac... Getting a backbone and ending it. It was only a matter of (short) time before Mac wouldn't be ale to keep her feelings out of her sex only relationship with Matt. When Matt tries to put his foot down about her going out with another lawyer ,Cal, she met at the law library. She realizes that things aren't equal in this thing and puts an end to it.

  • Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥
    2019-02-23 09:34

    This continues to be interesting, but so brief. I find Matt interesting even though he seems to be treating McKayla so badly. He seems to be in some sort of emotional pain. But I am still glad that she told him it was over. He needed a reality check. I hope she doesnt give in to his sexiness again unless he tells her what the hell is going on and gives her a chance at a real relationship.

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-20 14:45

    I need more!

  • Michelle
    2019-03-11 12:43

    One night doesn't seem like it will be enough for either of these two as they head to Chicago and things heat up. Purely addictive. Not only does Sawyer Bennett write fantastic full length novels, but she is kicking ass with this serial series. Matt appears to be harboring some secret that will be the key to unlock the reasons why he's so anti-relationship. But the question is, will Mac be willing to stick it out to find out? There are times when you read a serial and with the limited word count, you desire more story and want to scream if there are too many sex scenes... (seriously, that really happens). But the sexy time between these two was just explosive and I could not peel my eyes away. I devoured every scene, every word. I can't wait to see these two fight their attraction at the office and expect that Matt is going to be all kinds of an asshole.

  • S.M. West
    2019-03-20 13:17

    4 HOT JEALOUS STARSSo, Matt and Mac have come to some sort of arrangement of mixing business and sex. They can no longer deny their sexual attraction but it's just SEX as Matt says over and over again...but, it never quite works out that way. While Mac tells herself she's on-board with that, her pesky "feelings" start to get in the way and she starts to want more. We also get a glimpse of the green eyed monster.Really enjoying this! On to the next book.

  • Alp
    2019-03-05 11:21

    4.5/5McKayla, you're my ideal heroine!I really liked this heroine. Though she started having feelings for Matt or how much she was attracted to him, she had her pride and was smart enough to say NO. She wasn't going to be his doormat, wouldn't let him use her. She would rather say goodbye to great sex than be told that 'It was just sex!' again and again.I'd like to give her all a big round of applause.

  • Nadine Bookaholic
    2019-03-02 08:46

    Stipulation picks up where Objection leaves off, Mac and Matt are on a business trip to Chicago and while Matt is determined to keep things strictly professional he fails miserably.

  • Mirjam
    2019-03-04 11:44

    The hot story of "just" sex with the boss contiunes...I really love the way this develops further with both of them playing games, it is lighthearted and funny. Oh, and here comes the best friend-gone-sour relationship. On to book 3

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-03-03 13:28

    3.75 Stars ~ 4 Stars

  • The Book Bar
    2019-03-04 09:45

    Before I get started, here’s a little breakdown of my reactions to Stipulation…SQUUEEEE!!! It released a day early!! OMG OMG OMG… One-click and begin reading. Work is going to have to wait. *Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside*Matt ~ Nice try, but I don’t believe you.Hehehe… jealous much?! Give it up Matt, you know you can’t resist Mac!*Melting* HOT HOT HOT!!!LOL Cracking up! I love it when books are realistic.Awww… a man doesn’t do that if it’s just sex.*****Interrupted by a work call*****“Hello, this is Kristin…” Grrr…This better be quick. Matt just showed up and I need to READ.Cracking up again! Again, realistic. ;)Lorraine, you suck!Damn you, Matt… You. Are. An. Ass. You’re lucky that you’re a fictional character because I’d love to smack you right now! JERK!I wish I could hug Mac. Good for her!Well, fuck me… it’s over already. Nooooo!!!! This is going to be torture waiting for each one!That was quite a whirlwind of emotions to have during something that took me less than an hour to read! I am completely hooked and am going to have a really rough time waiting for each volume to come out. Sawyer Bennett definitely did not disappoint with volume 2!This one had a more intense feel to it for me. There was more angst and emotion involved. It picks up right where Objection left off. Mac and Matt have decided to keep things strictly professional between them. They are going to Chicago for a week together to work on a case. They are both trying hard to show the other that they’re not affected by one another.That tiny muscle in Matt’s jaw pops back and forth as he stares at me, then he smiles at me. Almost evilly. “Definitely love it, although they should rename it Two Nights Only. It was that good of a weekend.”Bennett, Sawyer (2014-01-22). Legal Affairs – Stipulation (Kindle Locations 49-50). Big Dog Books, LLC. Kindle Edition.Matt snaps when he sees another man hitting on Mac. It doesn’t take long for their “keep it professional” rule to be thrown out the window. Mac can’t resist him and he’s decided to stop trying to resist her too. They agree that it will be nothing more than sex.“I know you lied for the same reason I did. We don’t want to admit this attraction, yet both of us are obsessed by it. You can’t get me out of your mind, just as I can’t get you out of my mine. I’m tired of fighting it, and I’m tired of jerking off when I’d rather be sunk deep inside of you. So I’m not fighting it anymore.”Bennett, Sawyer (2014-01-22). Legal Affairs – Stipulation (Kindle Locations 186-189). Big Dog Books, LLC. Kindle Edition.Like a lot of women, Mac struggles to keep her emotions under control. She starts having feelings for Matt and is hoping that he’s feeling it too.I haven’t heard from Matt, not that I expected to. On no less than three occasions after he brought me to a screaming orgasm, he didn’t even wait for my heart rate to get back to normal before he would lean over me with a worried look in his eyes and say, “You know this is just sex, right?” I’d dutifully say ‘right,’ and then gasp as he started kissing me again.Bennett, Sawyer (2014-01-22). Legal Affairs – Stipulation (Kindle Locations 229-232). Big Dog Books, LLC. Kindle Edition.Unfortunately, Matt continues to make it painfully clear that he’s not interested in more. In my opinion, the guy is a coward! Grr I wanted to slap him. I don’t blame Mac for starting to feel hope though. His words may say “sex only” but his actions imply more.“Enough,” I pant. “Stop doing that to me. I’m not your puppet.” “You are if I tell you to be,” he taunts with silky smoothness.Bennett, Sawyer (2014-01-22). Legal Affairs – Stipulation (Kindle Locations 501-503). Big Dog Books, LLC. Kindle Edition.See what I mean? Matt. Is. An. Ass. I don’t want to give away too much since these are so short, but man… it’s packed full of awesomeness! I can’t wait for the next one!

  • Jen
    2019-03-09 12:43

    Legal Affairs was a sexy, fun, quick read. Our male and female leads are lawyers. After a one night stand, we find the female lead newly employed at the male lead's firm. Despite the fact that they can't resist each other sexually, our male lead has some serious commitment issues and can't move forward in the relationship. This doesn't work for our female lead.The story has a bit of angst. The steam factor is medium. While it's a sexy read, it's simply not panty melting. It felt a bit contrived. It's like they can't be in the same room together without having sex or thinking about having sex. You can't even be touched without melting into a puddle?? No.The author still manages to engage you with the law firm drama and you find yourself wanting to reach our HEA to justify the time you spent reading this. I can't say I wasn't entertained. I have to place this between 3 and 4 stars. Because I use round numbers, I'll leave this at 4 stars. I'd say it's a great beach or vacation read. It ends happy and it's not heavy or emotional.Rating Legend:5 star-loved it4 star-liked it3 star-it was okay2 star-didn't like it1 star-hated it

  • Michelle
    2019-03-09 13:35

    Books 2 another great 1 the story just keeps gettin better an better I luv Mac/mackayla she is great I luv her character an Matt is still as gorgeous as ever dyin 2 see how things go xxx

  • ~Kristin~
    2019-03-01 15:22

    3.5 Stars

  • Michel Reinhard (Smut Book Junkie Reviews)
    2019-03-16 13:38

    ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.Get your one click finger ready. Legal Affairs Stipulation is about to release. The two week wait for part 2 in the Legal Affairs series (book) was worth the anticipation. Sawyer Bennett is taking the readers for an erotic journey that may be more destructive than beneficial for Mac and Matt.Stipulation picks up where Objection left off. Matt and Mac are working together on a case that leads to a trip to Chicago. They are determined to keep their hands off one another and focus on the job. After all it was supposed to be one night. They have slipped once and can’t do it again. Attraction over rules determination. They are in a full on sexual affair. The only problem is can they keep it purely sexual.It would seem that Matt has no problem in this department. He expects Mac to be there whenever he gets the itch. He expects her to receive him with open arms and no expectations. But Mac is a woman. Women have a hard time separating their feelings when an affair goes on for more than one night. She wants more from Matt. Most of all she wants to be important to Matt. She does not want to be his doormat. She will have to make the choice of being a dormat or hanging onto her self respect.New players are introduced and Matt experiences the attack of the green eyed monster called jealousy. He makes demands on Mac but refuses to bend to any of her demands. There seems to be no room for negotiation.This installment ends on a cliffhanger. The reader comes away from this installment with different feelings than the first installment. Instead of feeling heady from a sexy relationship that is leading to more, this relationship is on a downward spiral. The reader is angry with the way Matt treats Mac. The reader senses that Matt has deep dark secrets that could destroy them both. Where the next installment will lead is a mystery. I am clueless. Sawyer Bennett took us down a different path than what we expected from the first installment. Legal Affairs is going to be one of those series that takes the reader for an emotional ride. I am all in! I can’t wait for the next installment, Legal Affairs Violation – part 3 will be out on February 7, 2014. Only two weeks to fret. The title alone has me nervous and anxious.I highly recommend this series. Each installment is a quick read but leaves the reader feeling like they have invested their time wisely. These are perfect when crunched for time, on lunch hour, sitting in doctor offices, or sitting in the school pick up line.I happily give installment 2, Legal Affairs Stipulation 5 stars.

  • Amy Logg
    2019-03-01 16:27

    If You Love The Good Wife Your Going To Enjoy Legal Affairs REVIEW:The story:After the initial shock of discovering Matt is her new boss, Mac starts to settle into her new job. However working around Matt is proving to be quite the distraction and seeing each other everyday is making it difficult to deny their mutual attraction.What's really great to see is that the legal storyline is also developing nicely. It reminds me a lot of The Good Wife with the forbidden office romance mixed with an exciting legal story line! Watching Mac put so much passion into working this case was great and I'm hoping we get to see her battle it out in the court room.The characters:I love Mac, but I felt she let herself be used a little by Matt. She can't resist his charms and although she knows she shouldn't pursue anything with him, she can't deny her attraction. However I absolutely LOVED that she does eventually stand up for herself and demand some respect - that was awesome to see!Matt started to show more emotion in this episode, in particular his possessive streak. Although he makes it clear he doesn't do relationships, he can't stand the idea of any other man touching Mac. It's clear something has happened to make him so against relationships, but that's still unknown, which give Matt an air of mysteryThe romance:Mac & Matt try to suppress their feelings, but that doesn't last long before they're tearing at each other's clothes. However their arrangement is more of a 'friends with benefits' type of situation at this point and although Mac tries to convince herself she's okay it, she soon starts to feel a little used. The attraction between them is growing and it's going to be interesting to see if Matt can overcome his commitment issues before it's too late.The Writing:When reading the legal aspect of this story, it's clear that Sawyer knows what she's talking about. The court case is not just filler until the next romantic scene, it's a well developed part of the story, and I'm really enjoying it as much as the romance!FINAL WORD:This is guilty pleasure reading at it's best! With a sexy romance and and plenty of office drama, this an addictive series that you be able to enough of!CONTENT:Sexuality: medium-strong / several descriptive sex scenesViolence: noneLanguage: mediumDrugs & alcohol: mild More reviews at The Reading Realm

  • Andrea
    2019-02-21 08:45

    I was extremely pleased to find the second installment of Legal Affairs in my inbox. In the opening, Objection, Sawyer Bennett established a snarky and fun heroine, a sexy lover, and a messy but sexy workplace romance. In Stipulation, we have Mac and Matt working together and trying to maintain distance. Of course, this is easier said than done, particularly when travel is involved. Matt insists on maintaining the sex only rule, and Mac agrees. But it can't be helped that when you like someone, can't keep your hands off each other, and respect them professionally, you'll eventually want more. And therein lies the conflict. What I like so much about the Legal Affairs series is that it is so much fun. I always knew Bennett had a great sense of humor, but in this series, she lets it fly, and she shines. Favorite Quote: My hands immediately go to Matt's shirt, trying to swiftly undo the buttons, but making no headway whatsoever. Never one to be worried about finesse or decorum, I grip the material tightly in my hands and jerk as hard as I can, expecting buttons to spray all around us and his glorious chest to be exposed. In my mind, I even see it happening in slow motion, because yeah...that's how it would happen in those steamy romance novels I like to read.Instead, the buttons hold firm and my hands fly outward, holding nothing but air. Matt pulls away from my mouth to look down at me, taking note of the failed attempt to strip him bare...and I'm sure the way my mouth is hanging open in disbelief.His eyes crinkle in amusement, and then he starts laughing. Hard.

  • Julie
    2019-03-17 14:33

    Stipulation picks up right where Objection left off. Matt and Mac are off to Chicago to work on a case. While there, they are determined to keep things strictly professional between themselves. That seems to be harder to do than they originally thought. After spending several nights together during their business trip, they head home and plan to go back to a strictly professional relationship. Plans do have a way of changing…..Matt finds himself seeking out Mac more often than not. Despite the ‘purely sex’ label they have given themselves, Mac has started to feel more for Matt than she would like to admit. After all, who can have sex this hot and not want more??Mac meets Cal Carson and entertains his advances just a bit. Matt exhibits his dominance and wants Mac to quit socializing with Cal. However, Matt does not want to pursue Mac in any way, shape, or form. He wants Mac there when he can’t get their crazy sexcapades out of his mind, but beyond that - he doesn’t want to date her. Mac experiences her own bit of jealousy when Matt makes a dinner date with someone. Can the duo stick to their ‘sex only’ relationship? Or will emotions get in the way?This is another installment in the Legal Affairs series that will leave you waiting to read more. Readers will find a whirlwind of story plot and emotion in each volume….right up until the very last page. I don’t want to give away too much, but things are heating up and I cannot wait to see what happens next!!

  • Writer
    2019-03-02 12:25

    How much more exciting can this be?!!!This is even better than the first, now it's not all about sex and having one night stand. Realizing her one night scorching red-hot unforgettable sex with a total stranger is another lawyer and owner of a well known esteemed law office she's soon going to work for, sends Mac in a tail spin. She didn't think she can pretend they've never met before let alone have seen and explored each other's private parts intimately. She can't help having flashbacks of that memorable night while listening to him during the welcome meeting and feel the heat rise up her traitorous body. But not Matt, hardly even threw her a glance, determined to show indifference like they've never met before, sent Mac feeling unstable. Until at the end of the meeting and Matt told her to meet him at his private office at the end of the day. What happens next is another bout of sweltering blistering steamy sex that had Mac feeling euphoric but immediately took a nose dive when he tells her it's only all about sex to him and it can never happen again!Aah! I can't stand this cat and mouse sex game without going nuts! yet I'm excited and could hardly wait for the next book Such an exciting read, Mac's wit and her sensible way of thinking, her intelligence and independence is one of the many things I love seeing in a female lead. I'm counting the days for the next encounter of Mac and Matt and their highly sexually charged interaction.

  • Heather Reed
    2019-03-21 12:46

    OMG!!! So loved it. At this point I have a love/hate relationship for Matt. He can be sweet and let me tell you HOT in the bedroom among other places and after sex but beyond that he is a ass!!! I really do hope he can get his act together he does seem like he really does have feeling for mac but is so using her and he is definitely loosing her at this point. The most annoying part about Matt is he thinks he can just demand sex from Mac whenever he wants and she'll be his little sex toy or something. The song When you're Lonely by Jana Kramer comes to mind. Why do I have a feeling that he had sex with someone else at that sex club since he's like its none of your business where I was this weekend. this is why Matt is such a ass. The book does end on a cliffhanger Mac really didn't want Matt to go out to dinner with Lorraine(who is just the biggest bitch ever) but he refuses and demands that she doesn't go out with a co-worker but see that where we see Mac finally stand up for herself. Is it bad that I think it was funny when she ended "friends with benfits" matt was like what are you serious. I can't wait for 2 weeks to find out what happens. I honestly like Cal he seems to treat mac way better. I don't know I think they will hook-up or something. I really hope Matt doesn't go on this dinner date and comes to his senses because right now pretty boy is pissing me off and I really just wanted to punch him.

  • Julie
    2019-03-03 16:43

    These are very short stories about Matt & MacKayla, a one night fling that ends up being the best night of sex each of them have ever had. Then MacKayla finds herself working as a low-level lawyer for Matt's firm so essentially Matt is her boss. MacKayla enjoys working for Matt & finds herself learning many things from him in this installment. The worst part is that MacKayla is starting to fall for Matt & finds herself jealous when he doesn't contact her, her mind going into very dark places imagining him sleeping around. They have a couple of moments of weakness where they fall back into each other's arms. It seems that Matt really misses MacKayla - in his bed, for sex! He is a whole new level of jerk in this book as he repeats that their relationship is sex only. Who is he trying to convince I wonder? When he gets all territorial over MacKayla's friendship with another male lawyer, MacKayla has finally had enough and thank God! Someone needs to put Matt in his place & remind him that MacKayla is not some doormat just waiting at home for him to stop in whenever he wants to bang her! I hope the next book takes MacKayla to a different place where she is a stronger, more independent woman because Matt clearly takes advantage of her. He just touches her & she forgets to resist him & gives in to the passion which, sure, it is very hot! But Matt is still a jerk in the end.

  • Leslie
    2019-03-23 09:40

    This second installment in the Legal Affairs series is a great follow-up to the first. The writing continues to be a wonderful and fun. It was surprising how this book didn’t have as much sex (relatively speaking to the first) but I didn’t mind it. It went against my expectations that each book will be just filled with sex and the story will be just surrounding it. This second book took the time to build up the story regarding Mac’s growing feelings for Matt, building off from what the first book, Objection, started. Bennett did a good job of being able to tell the growing conflict within Mac within a certain number of pages. I felt I got the general idea from what was given.If there was one thing that I found slightly unlikeable was some of the word choices in Mac’s narrative. I know she is young, but there were times where sounded like a teenager and didn’t seem appropriate for her age. However, that could just be my personal opinion and fortunately her narrative isn’t filled with those kinds of immature-like words. This is not a big enough drawback to make this book unlikeable. As a whole it was a great second book and I look forward to reading the next installment.