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A short story, retelling the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa....

Title : Mistress of Serpents
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ISBN : 20511778
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 13 Pages
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Mistress of Serpents Reviews

  • Carol Kean
    2019-03-12 11:57

    Young Perseus is on a mission to claim the head of Medusa in exchange for his mother's freedom. Trouble is, countless men before him have tried and failed to behead the woman with snakes for hair. Their bodies, turned to stone, clutter the entry to Medusa's lair. What makes Perseus, a mere boy, think he can do what no man has done before?Read the story and you'll see that he was born with gifts of strength, speed, cunning, and other manly virtues. Make that "godly" -- for Perseus was indeed gifted.But there's another talent Perseus has, something all the other men lacked.The dialogue between Perseus and Medusa is stellar. The imagery is high-impact. A few of the metaphors are a bit jarring, especially in the opening lines, which show none of the sophistication of Noah Fregger's debut novel, "Gabriel's Watch." While this short story falters a bit at the beginning, unlike the novel, both conclude with a powerful, moving, and quite unexpected final scene. A little more editing, and this would easily be 5-star prose. For now, everything is still coming up roses--and if you read this little gem, you'll see that the murky opening line about an arrow protruding from a wall within the shadow of two "colliding stones" now fits. One thing I love about Fregger's writing: he strikes an emotional chord without the overt sentimentality of, say, Nicholas Sparks. This is no easy thing to achieve. Fortunately for Sparks, millions of women love the obvious tugging of heart strings. Unfortunately, writers who understand subtlety and understatement seem to get overlooked.