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An epic fiction series of royalty, romance, war, and hope. The Movement of Crowns The kingdom of Diachona is on the threshold of war. As Princess Constance is coming into power, she suspects that her growing love for one Commander Alexander may be ill-timed—especially if this is the end of the kingdom as they know it… The Movement of Rings Unrest is spreading across theAn epic fiction series of royalty, romance, war, and hope.The Movement of Crowns The kingdom of Diachona is on the threshold of war. As Princess Constance is coming into power, she suspects that her growing love for one Commander Alexander may be ill-timed—especially if this is the end of the kingdom as they know it…The Movement of Rings Unrest is spreading across the Mundayne empire, where Naona is an imperial servant. Can her heart survive intact, even enough for a chance at love with a foreign man?The Movement of Kings The young ruler of the Eubeltic Realm is faced with domestic and colonial crises, the bereavement of his family, and his curious attraction to a councilman’s modest daughter. Could everything in the king’s untried hands be on the verge of falling apart?...

Title : The Movement of Crowns Series
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The Movement of Crowns Series Reviews

  • Loretta Marchize
    2019-03-25 06:56

    This series is very well thought out. I know that writing a series of books (even novellas) is very time-consuming as you try to figure out when who was born and what year what book takes place and when this person did that. I think the second book is the best, my favorite character is Constance, and the ending was amazing.I love the way Nadine threads the faith of the people into her stories. (Also, the world feels so real. I think I could just go visit the Kingdoms.) The cultures are diverse but real, and AHH. I think I'm too happy about the series to write a reallyreallygood review... but let me just tell you that it is an amazing book and I think most people ages 12+ could read it as long as they are okay with kissing. (they do kiss, but not at all in a bad way)These books are just so sweet.I would definitely recommend them to all of my friends, especially my Christain friends. (It's such a good book and it's safe and I don't have to be wary and I'm so happy with how it ended, sorry.)As you can tell from my review, I this book made me very happy.Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review

  • Dana Kamstra
    2019-03-18 07:51

    This was a series of novellas that I found intriguing from the synopsis. The series took me quite awhile to really feel interested in. It felt a bit slow and descriptive for the amount of action that occurred. There were a few moments where I found there to be enough going on that my interest grew a bit. As a reader, I wish that there was a bit more of the faster paced moments to draw me in and keep my interest in the story–not to mention make me anxious to know what happens next.The setting of the stories were created well as were the characters. All of the main characters had enough depth to make them realistic and come alive in my imagination. Their emotions felt real, and that is important to feel connected to a story.Keels is a talented writer overall. This series is demonstrative of a very meticulous and deliberate word choice to convey the story. In some moments, the style comes off as eloquent, but other times it makes the reading pace a bit slower than I typically enjoy.**I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review**

  • Joyful
    2019-03-05 15:01

    A modern day fairy tale with a message that God has a plan for all of us. The book is full of family love, hope, and the princess coming of age falls in love. The princess will someday be queen. Who will be her prince? The storyline of the Queen needed more substance. I was given this book for an honest review.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-03-14 14:51

    “The Movement of Crowns Series” is the tale of a fanciful kingdom, peopled by unconventional characters, born with the will to make a difference. Read full review in the 2014 October issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • Alyssa
    2019-03-07 09:56

    Real Rating: 3.7 stars! Full review to come!

  • Christie
    2019-03-04 06:48

    working on review

  • Christine Jordan
    2019-02-27 08:58

    This book, for me, was trying to be something it wasn't. I picked this book up thinking it was a fantasy book. It's not. It was a straight up romance. It wasn't even good romance. I find the characters weren't very well developed and the story lackluster. The only character that was close to being well developed was Naona. I found her story to be disappointing though as she was from the other country and surprise surprise had the exact same beliefs as the male character. The three novellas would have worked better as 1 cohesive novel. I found the story didn't really have flow. Even as a romance there was no conflict. The romances were "perfect" and had no issues to stop them from happening. I was just really disappointed with this story.

  • Silver Petticoat
    2019-03-07 14:54

    Read this review and others at The Silver Petticoat Review: The Movement of CrownsReview by Sara TenhundfeldThe Movement of Crowns series itself was a unique series of three intertwined novellas which shared interlacing parts that connected them together as each protagonist’s story unfolded. It is a third person narrative which weaves the individual stories together of three individuals, Constance, Naona and Alexander, who exist in countries within close proximity to one another and whose lives share a common denominator when they each find their countries at the brink of monumental change. Characters are tested and the essence of their very lives are pitted against overwhelming odds where the ability to maintain integrity while maximizing ingenuity will be their saving grace.Full of stratagems, The Movement of Crowns series brings romance and political intrigue to a personalized level as Nadine C. Keels wields an extraordinary ability to plait details together to provide a quilt of storied history and pull the reader into the world about which they are reading.But while the staging is expertly set, the perspective is conveyed as though the reader is on a personalized tour of each area more so than an invisible observer in the heart of it all. While the dialogue itself was very well written, there was little in the way which allowed the stories to differentiate themselves from seeming less like fictional documentaries that were expertly described and more like live-action realities. The latter of these would have provided fuller immersion for the reader and would have made each story itself more believable.The stories are each beautifully written with superb descriptions of each character’s life and times in their politically embroiled countries, but what was lacking from the stories was a sense of soul. The protagonists’ characters were described thoroughly and adequate background was provided to validate why and how they became who they were but the missing link is that each novella felt more like a biography of a character and city than an actual story.The attention to detail of each character was extraordinary; the backdrop of the country and characters was expertly set with no shortage of very believable political intrigue, all of which wonderfully aided in enjoying each story. The detraction in this, though, was that it seemed that the writing’s narration from the third person seemed a bit forced which ended up seeming like a dictation to the reader about what each hero or heroine’s character was rather than flowing in a way which let the reader decide for him or herself.While I enjoyed reading about Constance, Naona and Alexander, the link between each story was shockingly overt and so it would have been, or could be, better written as one actual novel. The quality of the characters is exceptional and each deserves to have a larger spotlight than the short showcase provided to them in their isolated stories. This also has the potential to be a viable (yet much gentler) counterpart to Game of Thrones but where Game of Thrones socks the reader with violence, Movement of Crowns assuages the reader with character integrity and unbiased perspective.Adaptation Recommendation: TV mini-series. There is a lot going on within all three protagonists’ lives which would make for a well laid adventure throughout a period of episodes.

  • Kasey Cocoa
    2019-03-14 12:47

    The writing starts out with complicated phrasing and unneeded elaborate choices for wording. As the book continues it gets a bit better. The world building is very well done with vivid imagery throughout the novel. The characters are a mixed bag of distant flat and dull, and thought out & interesting yet not well fleshed out. This makes it difficult to connect with them or feel anything during their experiences. Even so, I like that a female is shown as a strong personality. The plot moves along at varied paces, from a few sluggish parts to very well paced parts. Overall the book series is an enjoyable fascinating read even with the issues. I like that the religious undertones are not overbearing making this enjoyable by a much wider audience. I would recommend this to fantasy readers. I received an evaluation copy in exchange for an honest review. No compensation has been or will be received beyond the evaluation copy. This is my opinion which may not mirror your own.

  • CatherineWright (Cat's Guilty Pleasure)
    2019-03-17 10:06

    I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.While I did enjoy this series of novellas, it took a while for me to get into them. It was a little slow to start off with and it had alot of over description in some places for my taste. I wish there was a little more action to go along with the descriptions given and to keep me intrigued. While in some places the story was able to keep me intrigued, this just wasn't the book for me. The characters were well written and felt real.Review done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our fansite at

  • Nadine Keels
    2019-02-22 10:59

    Indeed, I read the proof copy of my first hardback ever. That went well.