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(First Time Gay)All I have to do is go on a date with Kris. He needs to use me to get at his father, I need a loan from him to take care of some things. Okay, it's a little complicated, I admit. The real problem is...I'm not gay. According to Kris, he isn't either. But if that's true, why does he look at me with such hungry eyes? Even worse, why is he so quick to want to t(First Time Gay)All I have to do is go on a date with Kris. He needs to use me to get at his father, I need a loan from him to take care of some things. Okay, it's a little complicated, I admit. The real problem is...I'm not gay. According to Kris, he isn't either. But if that's true, why does he look at me with such hungry eyes? Even worse, why is he so quick to want to touch me? I swear I'm not into men. I promised myself I wouldn't let him change me. Too bad promises are so easy to break....

Title : Twisted Together
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ISBN : 20497443
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 56 Pages
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Twisted Together Reviews

  • Riina Y.T.
    2019-02-22 19:03

    HOT & SEXY and so CHARMING ❤ Wow. I really enjoyed this well-written and incredibly sexy shortie. Did I mention how charming it is? =) I had a smile plastered on my face from beginning to end. Oh and Kris and Jack were just sooo hot together. Not to mention their chemistry. Good Lord, I just couldn’t get enough of Kris’ teasing ❤ Yummy Yum Yum! Seriously, that one scene in the car was just insanely sexy!“The gravity still existed, though. The pull of my heart, my melting core, towards his. That would never die.” The story begins with Jack going through the receipt of his parent’s emergency credit card which he royally maxed out the night before. You know with fun things like partying and some new gadgets which obviously wasn’t the idea his parents had when they handed him the card.That morning he runs into Kris, his handsome and very rich roommate. Jack realizes he doesn’t know anything about Kris except that he must be loaded. And with that he has that “brilliant” idea to ask him for a loan, that way he could pay off his dept without his parents ever knowing. He also wouldn’t have to worry about having to leave College, because his parents were the complete opposite of Kris’.Kris agrees to his proposal and will give him the money needed if he agrees to accompany him to The Gold Swan Event as his date. Jack learns that his roommate’s father owns Vanilla Pinings a famous Ice Cream company, which Kris is supposed to take over. Only problem: Kris doesn’t want to have anything to do with Vanilla Pinings. OK, so but Jack isn't gay, and neither is Kris, or so he says.  “I need my father to think I’m gay.” He claims, “That way, he’ll stop considering me for this ‘family oriented’ job. Then I’m free of that shit for good.”In Jack’s eyes this arrangement seems mutually beneficial and easy enough to accomplish. It was only a date, right? Jack doesn’t really worry even when Kris takes him out shopping; apparently new clothes were necessary to fool everyone at the party. So far so good, because Jack is not into guys and Kris claims not to be gay either. Nothing can really go wrong right? It’s just shopping, right?Except once they go out for drinks afterwards, because Kris convinces Jack some dating practice in public was a good idea, things begin to feel less right with each passing moment. And from then on Kris doesn’t hold back anything….Anything. “His compliments were poison, but I was already dying.” -----Being with Kris awakens something within Jack, something he struggles with accepting. I really enjoyed his journey from “no I can’t” to “I don’t want” and eventually “can I really say no any longer?”.“Every hint of his kindness made me seek more. Knowing he kept it locked away, displaying mere flickers, was taunting. “Kris is pretty cocky, snobby and makes Jack think he normally wouldn’t be good enough for him. Well, most of the time. Kris shows his softer side every now and then.What are Kris’ real intentions?Is he really as straight as he claims?Will Jack manage to earn his money without losing himself? “Kris owned me like no one ever had. It was an experience I'd never chased, never considered wanting. Now that I knew what it was like, I could never go back.” “Was there a way to fix what he'd done to me, how he'd morphed my heart to seek his out?“ “My entire body was pulsing, hearing and living for a beat I didn't want to admit.” ---I think I can say that Kris’ snobby attitude and twisted mind is what I liked the most about this shorty, as well as I already mentioned their sizzling hot scenes, the chemistry and the wonderful writing!!! “The battle between us was tense. Kris leaned up, and I didn't even have the pride to turn away from his rough kiss. I'd always been tender with girls, never leading or receiving such insatiable lips and teeth. He kissed me in a way that felt primal. Every fiber in me vibrated for him. Why was I struggling at all? Forgetting was becoming easier.” For me personally this was a real treat and definitely a future re-read & favorite novella of 2014.Despite the rather short (insert sad smiley here) length I feel that Twisted Together managed to capture a lot and serves as a very steamy, funny, charming  and satisfying erotica novella with very likeable, incredibly sexy and charming main characters (which literally scream for a S-E-Q-U-E-L! pretty please! ❤ insert the cutest puppy dog eyes here) "I get it. I'm broken from this, too." "I'm not broken from this. I was broken before. I just decided to drag you down to meet me, here, where I've lived so long."  ----“Love. What a concept in all of this. What a thing to find in such a twisted place.” ❤❤❤❤❤    

  • Brenda
    2019-03-17 23:49

    The cover: asdfghjksdfThe story: a bit silly.The characters: I don't even know their ages.Length: really short.Why I read it: I wanted to read a hot m/m for first time, I don't know. Opinion: He was like pushing him to agree to have sex. I don't know if that's how they discover their sexuality, I doubt.2.5 It was okay

  • Gabi Garcia
    2019-03-23 19:39

    Awesome and perfect! Sadly it ends to fast being that damn good! I couldn't stop reading even a second it was all in one go as I was trapped and locked by those boys chemistry! Short and delicious defensively worth reading again and again and hope for more!!

  • Hc Lynn
    2019-02-25 18:50

    Reading the blurb and reading the book through me off. I think I took away from the blog a different idea that they both were using each other without the other being aware.. clearly wasn't paying attention!But this turned out actually better than expected. I could have seen this being a longer book.. actually I wish it had been. This actually felt like a true straight to gay story. Not 'I'm gay but hiding it by making it look like straight' stories. He has never thought of guys before but Kris, perhaps simply by forceful nature switched an unknown button on. I didn't like where they had first full on sex and I also felt like the end left us hanging with where these two would go. The ending did not satisfy my book ending surges.

  • Alex
    2019-02-27 18:54

    Well written erotic tell. I felt intrigued by the book description and got it, really expecting a short erotic tell. And I'm glad to say that it's short but very satisfying. The characters were great and the sex scenes hot, it was well written and the plot was well developed.

  • Lillian168
    2019-02-24 17:02

    Those these characters were far from complete, the precipice of a revelation was there. Sometimes the hint of something is all it take. And this book certainly had that.