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**Fans of my short story, PICTURE PERFECT, will be thrilled to know that it has morphed into a full-length romantic suspense novel with a new name, DISTORTION. Enjoy!James White has it all, looks, brains, and a charming personality. But in his romance cover model's world, those blessings have become a curse. A colleague has blurred the line between life in front of the cam**Fans of my short story, PICTURE PERFECT, will be thrilled to know that it has morphed into a full-length romantic suspense novel with a new name, DISTORTION. Enjoy!James White has it all, looks, brains, and a charming personality. But in his romance cover model's world, those blessings have become a curse. A colleague has blurred the line between life in front of the camera and reality; distorting the truth, and turning a friendship into a dangerous obsession. Hope Evans had a dream job, working with sexy, hot photographs; turning authors' dreams into award-winning covers. When unexpectedly laid off, she must find her namesake in life ... some kind of hope for her future. Can a birthday wish give her what she truly desires? They say be careful what you wish for. Destiny brings Jamie and Hope what they've been seeking: each other. Fate also throws in a psychopath and her equally sinister sister, both hell-bent on making Jamie and Hope's world a living hell. A hero on thousands of romance covers; can he be one for real when lives are on the line?...

Title : Distortion
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ISBN : 20433680
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 228 Pages
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Distortion Reviews

  • Katrina
    2019-05-21 05:05

    Distortion offers a riveting plot , entwined within pages of Mayhem and sinister characters with a killer twist.A psychological thriller – with steamy romance, feisty heroine and a smexy hot hero. The story line is fluent flowing filled to the brim with suspense. Must read by Deena Remiel.Full review to come A riveting plot, sinister characters, and steamy romance fill this sexy page turner with a killer twist." Page Flipperz

  • W.H.
    2019-04-21 07:10

    I received an e-ARC copy of this book by the author in exchange for an unbiased review. Thank You Deena Remiel. I have also purchased a copy to support the hard work of the author.Wow! The Cover is absolutely gorgeous with those mesmerizing eyes. Speaks Read Me Loud and Clear, to me anyway.This story is chock full of suspense, mystery, love, betrayal, passion, tragedy, twisted turns, and steam! I almost devoured it in one setting... I was so absorbed into it that I found myself trying to turn the page on my Kindle like a paper copy. LOLJamie White is a romance cover model and likes to keep the lines clearly defined with his co-workers, but when one of them crosses that line, things start to twist and turn. Kept me guessing. Gotta Love that. Hope Evans is a cover artist who stumbles into his world by an unfortunate accident, making this read heat up with very tasteful steam. What I liked the most about this read is the development of the characters and how they were portrayed. Their backgrounds were well developed, making them tangible and believable. The dialogue between Jamie and Hope is down to earth, humorous, and HOT!My Recommendation: An 18+ Romantic Suspense! Go Get Ya Some!5 out of 5 HeartsLovetiggi's Book Reviews

  • Erika
    2019-05-03 01:53

    This book was yet another hit from Deena Remiel, she nailed it with this one. The storyline was wonderful and well written, she captured the animosity between the main characters and the stalkers. I loved Hope and James they were both real and wonderful and easy to love, Hope's parents drove me nuts though they were just ugh I don't know who was worse them or Brittany and Bethany. This was a suspenseful read that was funny and sexy all rolled into one. Ms. Remiel does a wonderful job bringing her characters and stories to life whether it be a paranormal read or a contemporary read she rocks it each and every time, she has yet to disappoint me with one of her stories and this one was no exception, absolutely amazing read.

  • Renee
    2019-05-13 04:01

    A delectable tale of clear intentions and blurred visions.It is daybreak and a manilicious, hunky, cover model rescues a beautiful, down on her luck cover artist on the beach in front of his home on the California coast. She has slashed her foot open on a wayward seashell and has fainted from blood loss trying to return to her cottage. Jamie, our manilicious cover model, spends the rest of his day taking Hope, our down but not out, cover artist, to the hospital to have her injured foot stitched up and then taking her back to her cottage and getting her settled in. His attraction to her is immediate and he cannot get her out of his mind.Jamie’s current co-model, Brittany, is a bit of a handful and has completely blurred the lines of their business and personal lives. She is positive that the cover photos they do together reflect Jamie’s true feelings for her and that he belongs to her. Jamie has never encouraged this behavior, in fact, he has told Brittany many times over that he is not interested in a romantic relationship with her. It has all fallen on deaf ears.Brittany watches every move that Jamie makes and as she sees the growing attraction between Hope and Jamie she drops over the edge into complete insanity. She begins stalking Hope with deadly intentions. This action only brings Jamie and Hope closer together, which enrages Brittany even more. Eventually she slips up and is caught and tried for her crimes. She is sent to live out her days in a mental institution. End of story, right?WRONG! Brittany has help on the outside. Help that is just as twisted, if not more so, than she is. This time the plan is that, not only must Hope be eliminated but, Jamie and his career must also be destroyed. Will Hope and Jamie ever be able to have a normal, happy life together, or will they succumb to the evil that seems to constantly stalk them? The plot lines in this book are incredible, with twists and turns that are totally unexpected and delightfully wicked. I was immediately drawn into the lives of Jamie and Hope and was rooting for their HEA from page one. Their personalities are genuine and their emotions are very real, it was a ‘can’t put this down’ read for me, an emotional roller-coaster ride. I highly recommend it.

  • Kristina
    2019-04-27 02:02

    I loved this book when it was Picture Perfect and I love it even more now that it is Distortion!My original review for Picture Perfect- essentially the first part of Distortion- was,"Deena Remiel has done it again! Picture Perfect is a fabulous short story that has the perfect mixture of action and sizzling romance. It's a fast entertaining read that will have you falling in love with the characters and will sweep you off your feet." While all of that is still very much true for Distortion, this story is even more amazing than the original one was. Deena took an already great idea and made it even better by adding a good deal more to the story. Not only is it longer, but it's filled with even more suspense and sexiness that will be sure to have readers hearts racing, palms sweating, and itching for more. It's a classic, read-it-all-in-one-sitting-, roller coaster, page turner. It'll make your heart soar and make your head spin at the same time. And at the very end, it'll have you in tears because despite all that happens to James and Hope- love conquers all.Deena's normal good vs. evil theme is present and stronger than ever! Terrifyingly wicked bad guys- and girls- and equally terrifying situations. Everything is told in detail- nothing too gory, but just enough to make your mouth dry. Likewise, the good guys are unbelievably good, and have to learn to face their demons at the end. Distortion is a captivating read with just the right amount of sexy and an HEA. Picture Perfect, if you ask me!

  • Diana Jacobsen
    2019-04-27 04:56

    Distortion is something different brought to us by Deena Remiel. With this newest book she has stepped out of the box and brought us a love story unlike any of her others. Hope, who stumbles upon the sexy cover artist James, suddenly finds her life immersed in danger. And without a doubt James must do what he has to, in order to keep her safe. Jam-packed with intrigue and characters you will love and love to hate, this book is a must read. I was engulfed from the first page to the last and look forward to what is next by this author.

  • Anne (Angel Anne Reviews) Nelson
    2019-04-30 06:10

    5/5 angel stars