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Lierin -- With no name and no memory, she awakens from a nightmare of madness into the lives of two strangers. One she desires, one she fears -- but both have claimed her heart. To handsome plantation owner Ashton Wingate, she is "Lierin" -- the cherished bride cruelly stolen from him by capricious Fate. The other calls her "Lenore" -- entangling the lost, tormented beautyLierin -- With no name and no memory, she awakens from a nightmare of madness into the lives of two strangers. One she desires, one she fears -- but both have claimed her heart. To handsome plantation owner Ashton Wingate, she is "Lierin" -- the cherished bride cruelly stolen from him by capricious Fate. The other calls her "Lenore" -- entangling the lost, tormented beauty in his sinister web of perilous deceit. But it is in the adoring arms of noble Ashton that her true destiny awaits -- as they join together to unlock the mysteries of a shadowed past... and to rekindle the flames of a glorious love once vanished but never forgotten......

Title : Come Love a Stranger
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Come Love a Stranger Reviews

  • Christine
    2019-05-17 07:31

    Usually a one-star review means I didn't finish a book, but for some reason I did trudge through to the end of this one. I think I was drawn by the potential, even though I knew early on that because of the rigid HEA structure of a romance novel, that potential could never be fulfilled. Not that I don't appreciate a good HEA, but there are some stories that can't be told that way, and this was one of them.It was utterly unbelievable, even if you forgive it for using the trite combination of convenient amnesia and identical twins. The rest of this review contains spoilers, although since I don't recommend reading the book, you may as well finish. :=)****Spoiler warning***So here's the setup: Man gets married in a passionate rush and woman seemingly drowns when pirates attack their riverboat. Three years later, he still misses her. Then one night, he gets into a carriage accident with a woman who looks just like his wife -- who he becomes convinced IS his wife. Yes, she has a twin sister, but he'd know her anywhere. This couldn't possibly be her twin.Of course, she wakes up with amnesia so she doesn't know who she is. No help there. He seduces her despite the fact that she doesn't even know her own identity. Of course, she is "drawn" to him. At every point he is utterly confident that this is his wife and doesn't even entertain the possibility that his loneliness might be making him want something that isn't so.Which, IMO, would have been the satisfying ending. I knew it wasn't going to turn out to be the ending, but not because of the way it was written. Every single clue was meant to mislead us into thinking that he had the wrong twin, but there was that gosh darn HEA hanging over our head, so we knew it was the right one. We knew it was his wife, even if that answer defied all logic and common sense and even though it might have even been a better love story if he had come to know and fall in love with the sister in her own right, and not because she was her twin.But I'm getting ahead of myself. We have yet another unbelievable twist -- a man comes forward, says this is her wife, and that she is not she but her twin. She gets tricked into going with him when he threatens to challenge the man she loves to a duel. After that, the eye rolling got a bit severe. This man who claims he's her husband, who is a rapist and murderer, doesn't touch our heroine in a remotely intimate way. Why? Not because it makes any sense, but because you can't do that in an HEA romance. Then when her hero parks his riverboat near their home in an attempt to win her back, this raping, murdering, fake husband of hers does not kill him. Oh, he makes one rather feeble attempt toward the end, but it was pathetic. So then comes the big reveal at the end. She didn't drown on the riverboat, one of the pirates saved her and told her that her husband was dead. Some time later, he convinces her to marry him but she catches him committing a murder and runs away on their wedding night (conveniently before they had sex because, of course, they can't do that in an HEA romance). Then her father and sister show up just in time to confirm that she is who she's supposed to be. Conveniently, they were gone during this whole convoluted story.Ack! Why do I finish books like this?

  • Canan^^
    2019-05-22 00:55

    ben böyle bir kitap görmedim......kitabın sonuna kadar heyecan doruktaydı... durağan bir noktası yoktu..okurken kesinlikle sıkılmassınız... Kitabın tanıtımındada gördüğünüz üzre Ashton eşini bir kaza sonucu kaybediyor...Yada öğle düşünüyor... Ama kader bu ya tam acısı azalmak üzereyken karanlık ve yağmurlu bir günde karsıyla karşılaşıyor... Daha doğrusu çarpışıyor...Ata binmiş olan Lierin Ashton'un arabasına çarpı hafızasını kaybediyor...Ashton Lierin'i evine götürüyor ve herkese onun karısı olduğunu söylüyor... Lierin hafızasını kaybetmişte olsa kendisine büyük bir sevgi ve şefkatle yaklaşan Ashton'la mutlu olmaya karar veriyor... Tam böyle mutluluğu yakalamışken Malcolm Sinclair -kitabın sonuna kadar nefret ettim- ortaya çıkıp onun Lierin değil de ikiz kardeşi Lenore olduğunu ..hatta kendisinin karısı olduğunu delilleriyle beraber Ashton'a gösterir..Ama Ashton çok sevdiği karısını ikinci kez kaybetmeye tahammül edemez... Ama Malcolm'un kanıtlarınıda göz ardı edemez..Ve Lierin-Lenore 'un peşini Bioxin-olması lazım-'e kadar takipeder..Zira Lierin-Lenore babası ve orda olacağını bilmediği Malcolmla beraber o evde yaşamaya başlamıştır... İşte asıl olaylar bundan sonra başlar...Hırsızlıklar..Saldırılar..Ölümler... ve en önemlisi bir satranç ustalığıyla..zekice planladığı yöntemlerle Ashton'un hamleleri... Kitapta öyle yerler olduki kadın kahramanımızın Lierin mi Lenore mu olduğunu çözemedim... Merak edenlere önerilir... Ben beğendim..mutlaka okumalısınız..Sinirimi bozan tek sorun kitabın bitişiydi... Bence biraz daha uzun olabilirdi... Birde benim sinir olunacaklar listem var... Listemin başını Malcolm alırken onu Ashton'un peşini bi türlü bırakmayan Marelda takip ediyor... Birkaç ufak tefek insanlar daha var...Ama onlarda o kadar büyütülecek tipte değiller... Son olarak söylemeliyimki bu yazar işini biliyor:)

  • Naksed
    2019-05-03 23:48

    Ridiculousness. I don't mind an OTT HR, even one with (view spoiler)[a drowned wife, her amnesiac twin, a burning asylum, and a clueless, bigamist hero (hide spoiler)]as long as I can enjoy the writing. I don't remember Woodiwiss'style in The Wolf and the Dove being so insufferably flowery and slower than a snail's pace. Her attempt at writing a gothic drama? Missed her humor and straightforward prose. Not my cuppa. DNF.

  • Misfit
    2019-05-10 06:32

    Entertaining Amnesia Plot, but slightly flawed 3.5 stars. 7 of 8 people found the following review helpful:Entertaining Amnesia Plot, but slightly flawed 3.5 stars, November 16, 2007 Newly wed Ashton Wingate and his wife Lierin are set upon by river pirates and Lierin is swept off the boat into the river and presumed drowned. Three years later Ashton's carriage collides with a woman on horseback and he is shocked to see that it is his "dead" wife, who recalls nothing of her past, including her husband. But is she really Lierin or her twin sister Lenore? Thus begins KEW's entertaining take on your basic amnesia plot. Woodiwiss does a nice job with the romance of Ashton and Lierin, plenty of mystery, suspense and evil villains -- albeit the villains were just a tad bit over the top for me. I give Ashton extra points in the hero category, despite his strong desire for Lierin, he gave her space to make her own decisions while she sorted out her lost memory of their past together. I have to admit about 2/3 of the way through the book I was onto at least a part of the big surprise, but there was more to it than I had guessed. My major quibble is the very abrupt ending to the book; I would very much have appreciated an epilogue to round the end out. All in all, a pleasant romance and while it's not a great novel it's still a worthwhile way to spend a rainy afternoon. 3.5 stars

  • Julianna
    2019-05-04 23:40

    Reviewed for THC ReviewsCome Love a Stranger was a re-read for me, and although I did correctly remember the heroine's identity, there was little else about the story that I could recall. Although it didn't quite reach the heights of perfection for me, it was still a very good read, about as good as I remembered it being over fifteen years ago. I've only read a few of Kathleen Woodiwiss' books, the last one being about four years ago, which was before I started reviewing and really analyzing how each author writes. Either that book was different, or I had forgotten how dense Ms. Woodiwiss' prose can be. I usually like detailed narratives, but sometimes I found myself zoning out a bit during these long passages. At other times though, I could see the story playing out in my head just like a movie. Although I don't have a lot of experience with it, I believe Ms. Woodiwiss, at least in part, wrote the book from the third person omniscient viewpoint. She skips around a lot between an overarching narrative and the various characters' points of view, but rarely gets inside their heads to really let the reader in on what they are feeling and thinking. This often made me feel like I was experiencing the story at a distance rather than becoming immersed in it, and for that reason, I don't think I became as deeply connected to the characters as I typically like to be. Occasionally, there were also big time jumps from one paragraph to the next which could be a little jarring, and once the truth started coming out and the heroine began to remember her identity, the ending seemed somewhat rushed and confusing. I think I finally got everything straight, but had to sit and think about it for a few minutes after turning the last page.Ashton, the hero, was my favorite character. He is a rakishly charming seducer who had some really swoon-worthy lines. I love how he never wavered in his belief that the heroine was indeed his long-lost wife, Lieren, and even if she did turn out to be Lenore, he didn't care, because he loved her no matter what. It was very romantic how he followed her when she left to go back to Mississippi, and he persisted in doing everything he could to stay near her, not only to protectively watch over her but also to keep himself in the forefront of her mind. I loved how Ashton was able to drive Malcolm crazy by always remaining cool and collected, while the other man was livid. It made for some very amusing moments. Ashton was definitely a cocky hero, but in a good way.Lierin/Lenore, I don't feel like I got to know quite as well, probably because she doesn't know herself. Due to her amnesia, the author spends the entire story making the reader guess which sister she really is, and to which man she is truly married. Lierin/Lenore was a likable heroine, although I think perhaps she gave in to the notion that she was not Ashton's wife a bit too easily. However, I suppose I can forgive that since there wouldn't have been as much excitement in the story otherwise, and Ashton wouldn't have had the opportunity to show how deeply he loved her either. She was a fairly clever woman who managed to get herself out of a few difficult situations and start to piece together the events of the past when the memories began to return. I also like how she was drawn to Ashton like a moth to a flame and just couldn't resist his charms even though she couldn't remember him.When Lierin/Lenore awakens with no memory of who she is and Ashton claiming her as his bride, she is understandably frightened and reticent, but Ashton easily won her over with his gentleness. Once she started warming up to Ashton, they had a very sweet, emotional connection. I always enjoyed their scenes together. They shared some playful, teasing moments, and although the love scenes were pretty mild and bordering on being purple, there was an underlying sensuality to them which I found to be very sweet.Since this novel takes place in the Antebellum South, primarily Mississippi to be exact, Ashton is a slave owner, although I don't recall them ever outright being referred to as slaves. However, he is a kind man who treats them with the utmost respect and allows them to purchase their freedom through their work if they wish. Also, the black characters in the story speak with a dialect that I believe is considered rather demeaning nowadays. Although these things didn't bother me or affect my opinion of the story, I thought them worth mentioning, as I know some readers might find them troublesome if not outright offensive.Overall, Come Love a Stranger was an enjoyable re-read. Already knowing the heroine's true identity made it somewhat less suspenseful, but nonetheless, it was still fun to reconnect with the characters and go through the steps as they discover who she is. Although, not my favorite Kathleen Woodiwiss book to date, it is one that I would recommend and that in my opinion is one of her more underrated works.

  • Laura
    2019-05-15 06:32

    I couldn't get into this one. I enjoy some of Woodiwiss's books, but this one was so...bleh. It's dull, the characters are the most boring stock 1-dimensional archetypes you can imagine, and nothing happens. This is to say nothing of the racism, which became more and more difficult to stomach. Woodiwiss had this tendency to refer to black characters as simply "the black." She never says black MAN or black WOMAN; she never even refers to them as people! She did this same thing quite a bit in Ashes in the Wind, but at least the story was interesting. In this one, she has every black character address Ashton, the hero, as "Massa." Yes, you read that correctly: "Massa." And she doesn't even try to use it in an interesting or critical way. I understand the slaves would have been forced to address Ashton that way, but there is nothing suggesting the slaves in any way resent it; in fact, they seem thrilled to be serving white people. Every black character (or I should say caricature) revels in serving the white family, but has no existence of his or her own outside of the Wingates. There are some more blatantly racist white characters, and we know they're "bad people" because they use the n-word. Yet, the reason we're not supposed to like the racists' slurs is because we as readers know Ashton's slaves are indeed "good blacks" because they serve the white people with the altruism expected. Truly, this is one of the most racist books I've read in a while, and I'm shocked this was published in the 80's. As if the racism weren't enough, the two lovers were the dullest couple Woodiwiss ever wrote. They have no personality, no life, no real struggle. And I'm so tired of the jealous-evil-girlfriend trope. It adds nothing to the story and only serves to pit the women against each other. Even worse, we're supposed to like Lierin better because she's more beautiful and has a "fuller bosom." I don't know whether the girl called Lierin really is Lierin because I couldn't make it that far (I read about 170 pages). The fact that I really don't care speaks to how dull this story was. Overall, I still like Woodiwiss despite her shortcomings, but, Lord, this was bad.

  • Aude
    2019-05-02 00:51

    This book has a problem. Bear with me for a moment:The quiet peace of the moonlit river was broken by the hushed murmur of voices and the steady pulsing of pistons in a powerful engine.The rushing burble of water beneath a stout hull softly harmonized with the long sighs of these monster steam pistons and the chugging splash of water under the paddle wheel...There a frigging adjective. before. every. noun.Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against adjectives per se.I just dislike being told that peace is quiet, murmurs are hushed and a pulse is steady.Goodbye, Ms Woodiwiss

  • Kathrynn
    2019-04-27 23:46

    One of the better books by this author. Her earlier books were all wonderful. I don't know what happened to her later books, but I didn't care for most of them. Come Love a Stranger is a wonderful romance. If you have not read it and like romance, I highly recommend it. Be sure to check out this author's Shanna, too.

  • Vicky Beltz
    2019-05-07 02:00

    Great story by a favorite author.

  • Ah mine'l-aŞk
    2019-05-08 07:55

    ben böyle bir kitap görmedim......kitabın sonuna kadar heyecan doruktaydı...durağan bir noktası yoktu..okurken kesinlikle sıkılmassınız...Kitabın tanıtımındada gördüğünüz üzre Ashton eşini bir kaza sonucu kaybediyor...Yada öğle düşünüyor...Ama kader bu ya tam acısı azalmak üzereyken karanlık ve yağmurlu bir günde karsıyla karşılaşıyor...Daha doğrusu çarpışıyor...Ata binmiş olan Lierin Ashton'un arabasına çarpı hafızasını kaybediyor...Ashton Lierin'i evine götürüyor ve herkese onun karısı olduğunu söylüyor...Lierin hafızasını kaybetmişte olsa kendisine büyük bir sevgi ve şefkatle yaklaşan Ashton'la mutlu olmaya karar veriyor...Tam böyle mutluluğu yakalamışken Malcolm Sinclair -kitabın sonuna kadar nefret ettim- ortaya çıkıp onun Lierin değil de ikiz kardeşi Lenore olduğunu ..hatta kendisinin karısı olduğunu delilleriyle beraber Ashton'a gösterir..Ama Ashton çok sevdiği karısını ikinci kez kaybetmeye tahammül edemez...Ama Malcolm'un kanıtlarınıda göz ardı edemez..Ve Lierin-Lenore 'un peşini Bioxin-olması lazım-'e kadar takipeder..Zira Lierin-Lenore babası ve orda olacağını bilmediği Malcolmla beraber o evde yaşamaya başlamıştır...İşte asıl olaylar bundan sonra başlar...Hırsızlıklar..Saldırılar..Ölü en önemlisi bir satranç ustalığıyla..zekice planladığı yöntemlerle Ashton'un hamleleri...Kitapta öyle yerler olduki kadın kahramanımızın Lierin mi Lenore mu olduğunu çözemedim...Merak edenlere önerilir... Ben beğendim..mutlaka okumalısınız..Sinirimi bozan tek sorun kitabın bitişiydi...Bence biraz daha uzun olabilirdi...Birde benim sinir olunacaklar listem var...Listemin başını Malcolm alırken onu Ashton'un peşini bi türlü bırakmayan Marelda takip ediyor...Birkaç ufak tefek insanlar daha var...Ama onlarda o kadar büyütülecek tipte değiller...Son olarak söylemeliyimki bu yazar işini biliyor:)

  • Lierin
    2019-05-23 05:45

    This is the first romance novel I ever read, back when I was like 11? 12? Also, incidentally the one my name came from. I absolutely adore this book. I've come to...'outgrow'...the writings of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss- she was someone I read as a young teen- and as I have grown so have my tastes...but I can't pretend Woodiwiss hasn't set my bar high. Extremely high for romance and I find I can't look at the genre since. Every romance novel I pick up 'yeah, no, this isn't Woodiwiss.' I can FEEL the lack. I particularly am in love with this book, and feel like I'd love it even if it weren't for my name (you know, that does help it's case.) I won't pretend romance authors haven't, since, tried to recapture this plot in their own multitude of ways--- But Come Love a Stranger has always and will always own the Amnesia-Love-Story.

  • Serena Miles
    2019-05-10 00:57

    Este libro ha sido un tanto extraño... me ha resultado enredoso y raro, para luego tener un final para mi opinion, muy poco creible5/10

  • Jessica
    2019-04-28 06:56

    what a fantastic book. kudos to woodiwiss for hitting another one out of the park. if nora roberts is the queen of contemporary romances woodiwiss certainly holds the title for historical ones. she always manages to find the sweet spot in dialogue between modern and historically accurate speech giving it the proper tone without being hard to read. her plots are always well thought out gripping and brilliantly executed. the characters as always are extremely endearing or revolting (villains) and realistic. if you love historical romances you should definitely check all of her books out especially this one.

  • Kristi Hudecek-Ashwill
    2019-05-22 23:39

    I loved this book. It was exciting, action-packed, mysterious and romantic and you the mystery doesn't get solved until the very end.Is she Lieren or Lenore? I thought I had it all figured out before I hit the last hundred pages but no such luck. I totally missed the whole thing. I'm not good at figuring out mysteries anyway but I really did think I had this one nailed. Nah. The ending was a total surprise to me.The story was filled with twists and turns and even a few, "No ways" and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.I thought I'd read it years ago but after reading it, I must have it mixed up with something else. I would have remembered this if I had.So good!

  • Sylvia
    2019-05-13 04:50

    Esta historia desde el inicio me mantuvo con el suspenso de quién era la chica: Lierin o Lenore, aunque estaba casi convencida de que era Lierin, estaba como Ashton :)Muy buen desenvolvimiento de todo el trama, Kathleen me mantuvo encantada con la historia y personalidad de cada uno de los personajes. Lo único de lo que me quejo es que me esperaba un poco más en el final.Muy recomendable, y más si te gustan los libros de época...

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-05-02 03:49

    Another good story by Ms Woodiwiss. Not my favorite but one I still keep on my keeper shelf to enjoy again and again. Ashton Wingate loses his wife three years before and then one day his carriage collides with a woman on horseback who looks like his lost wife, Lierin. But there is another man who claims that she is not Lierin but Lenore.

  • Nihann~
    2019-05-11 07:49

    4,5 hatta 4,75 :)Full 5 yıldız olmama sebebi, bir resamın masterpiece'ini yaparken boyasının bitmesi ve resminin yarım kalması gibi bir sonu olması kitabın.(?!?)Ama gene de: Pardon daa Kathleen E. Woodwiss yani boru değil.

  • Julie
    2019-04-28 07:39

    absolutely fabulous a eondetful read have read about 20 times just love it

  • Alice Chimera
    2019-05-17 04:31

    Ashton Wingate trova sulla riva del Mississipi una donna svenuta e senza memoria, ma il suo volto lo riconoscerebbe tra mille: lei è sua moglie che credeva scomparsa. La povera smemorata però non è convinta delle parole del suo salvatore e come se non bastasse un misterioso Malcolm Sinclair dichiara di essere il vero marito della donna che sarebbe appunto la gemella della defunta moglie di Ashton.La Woodwiss è una maestra del romance storico, inutile dire che si rimane rapiti dai personaggi e si finisce dentro alla storia anche se a mio parere rimane una delle meno riuscite di questa autrice. La premessa misteriosa delle prime pagine a mio parere si perde non poco e l’autore spera davvero che Ashton sia il marito della smemorata rivissuta misteriosamente, eppure conoscendo i canoni di questa autrice l’attesa per scoprire la verità non si rivela affatto sofferta.Inoltre la protagonista non è pienamente padrona della scena e forse un po’ troppo in balia degli eventi e fino all’ultimo non ricorda nulla di importante, lasciando che la storia sia portata avanti dal solito tira e molla dei due personaggi maschili.In definitiva tre stelle. Ormai ho letto quasi tutto di questa autrice e mi spiace che ormai le scorte stiano finendo eppure trovo sempre meno romanzi appassionanti come il suo “Il lupo e la colomba”. In ogni caso questa autrice rimane la regina incontrastata del genere.

  • Yada Lopez
    2019-05-05 02:36

    Realmente disfruté de este libro, aun cuando me tomó tanto tiempo terminarlo. La lectura en tercera persona no es lo mío, pero esta logró atraparme y adentrarme ena historia. ¡Definitivamente fue una montaña rusa de emociones!

  • Debra
    2019-05-04 03:50

    An entertaining historical romance, much like those I read 30 years ago. The Wolf and the Dove is, in my opinion, Woodiwiss's best work. She and Lavyle Spencer are my favorites of this genre

  • FeelNotFight
    2019-05-13 03:49

    I read it 6-8 year ago(2-3 gimnazjum/secondary school) and from what I remember I didn't loved it.

  • Elaine
    2019-05-11 07:42

    This is the second time I have read this book, and love it even more. I wish she was still alive to write more wonderful books.

  • Teecee
    2019-05-28 05:56


  • Bailey Peyton
    2019-05-24 02:35

    Oh my god!!! I want to give this ZERO count 'em, ZERO stars!!!! This read more like a soap opera than a romance novel. I know romance novels aren't exactly of the highest caliber, but this one was atrocious. Ashton was a weak romantic hero on his good days, but I give him a pass for treating his workers with respect. I could never understand why he didn't just order the ever present Woodiwiss vixen, Marelda, out of his house (since his aunts are always proclaiming how strong willed he is). The whole novel was convoluted to say the least, what with the ever changing perspectives without any warning ( a simple page break would suffice). This is the last Woodiwiss novel I will ever read. her others had adventure in their romances, this one was incredibly stagnant, there was no love between the characters Lieren and Ashton, they remained strangers themselves even after their connection was "established". I enjoy strong heroines, armed with wit or if they are quiet (such as the case with Heather from TFAF), she needs to know her own mind and know that the alpha hole is out of his. I guess amnesia and secret babies are my no sale options on historical romances. Maybe Ms. Woodiwiss was trying to right the wrongs critics had with her earlier novels of not fleshing out the antagonists, but instead it went way beyond the call of duty. Was she trying to make us feel sympathy for Marelda with her sob story of "I had him and lost him, and I won't lose him again" bit, after having this same woman storm into the invalid Lieren's room and accuse her of not standing a chance in Ashton's world, despite the fact that she "is" his wife? Overall, the novel was hard to get into, and even harder to keep at. I did every thing in my power to not DNF this: lower my page count to 50 pages a day, instead of 100, read it every other day, or restrict it to night reading. I'm so happy to be done with it and moving onto Christina Skye next. Hopefully, she and her heroines will kick some serious reading slump ass. (Scratch that. Ms. Skye was even more atrocious in retrospect).

  • Annette Summerfield
    2019-05-06 02:51

    I always have more then one book on the go. I read this one years ago and recently discovered it again and started to read it...forgetting until I got into it that I had read it some years ago--yes, I have many books around here.I started to read it, but I have a tendency to want to read everything and if I visit the library it is is when I picked up the other two books I have listed by Kathleen E. Woodwiss. I'll share some detail of Come Love a Stranger and I'll be back when I finish I can't remember the ending.Quick and simple: Ashton and Leirin marry quickly. Then on a ship they are attack. Leirin falls over board and as she struggles to stay afloat she sees Ashton stabbed and her skirts drag her under the water. Three years later, in 1833 a madhouse burns to the ground. A confused woman rides away and crashes into a carriage, knocked unconscious. It's Ashton's carriage and he takes her home. He can't believe his wife is back and where has she been. No one in his family had met her because of their fast marriage when they met someplace else. She wakes and can't remember who she is. The family is doubtful and could she have been in the madhouse and why? update...They made the woman way too dumb in this book...Yeah, I know, she had to stay with the mean guy so she could discover the body and her dad's picture in the attack and so on and so forth...But really, no one would stay with the mean guy to wait for her memory to come'd stay with the nice guy. Plus she meets a man in a store who remembers something about her, things she told him when she was in before she lost her memory and she ends up telling the mean jerk what the man in the store said...then she sees the nice man who she loves and is trying to help her out and she doesn't tell him. She can't even figure out that the mean man is trying to get her to sign her name so documents could be forged.It's a nice story, but all along your thinking 'why would you stay with him?'

  • Korynn
    2019-04-28 07:51

    For those of you who adore romance about unmarried folk this is not the book for you. There are no moments of virginity nearly torn asunder until the final glorious consummation. We are given a protagonist in a woman without a name, who cannot remember anything(a old fiction standby). We have a man who is only too happy to name her his lost wife. They are, of course, both stunningly gorgeous people and are attracted to each other. But, the twist is, there is another man who is only to happy to name her his lost wife. At which point our protagonist only too clearly becomes an airhead. She claims she wants to find the truth - by abandoning the man she prefers. Then a long horrible period during which they both deny their need to be together in the face of her second husband who they both dislike. This results in such ridiculous scenarios that romance abounds with like public bathing scenes and woman-in-boys-clothes-and-oops-my-shirt-rips. The whole mess falls out in one of those epic scenes with everyone captive and threatened by the villainous second husband who explains his evil scheme (in this case, stealing the protagonist from her husband, convincing her he's dead and then marrying her himself so he could have her and her money, only she got away before the consummation, and really, raping her would have made more sense)and everyone is saved by the police. Whoop. Not painful, but not very good.

  • Joshua
    2019-05-15 07:31

    Expected more after reading The Flame and the Flower. Sad to say I was disappointed with this.The reason I like Woodiwiss is because unlike a lot of authors in the romance genre, she can actually write.You can tell she's been inspired by classics like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, she writes plot driven and descriptive stories. She's been a pioneer for historical romance and with good reason.Come Love a Stranger had an amazing premise, but it just didn't live up to its potential.There were random bouts of useless meandering. Too much plot. And while this was well written, the characters and dialouge are all very cartoon-ish and melodramatic. The ending was really entertaining but felt rushed. One too many twists to be believable.I wouldn't recommend unless you're a fan of Woodiwiss.Three stars for decent writing and entertaining read. I didn't hate it.

  • Halime Yazıcı Mimaroğlu
    2019-05-21 03:32

    satın aldığım 3 yılı aşkın olupta okumadığım yazarlardan biriydi kitaplığımı düzenleyince farkettim en az 50 ye yakın talihsiz kitaplarımdan biriymiş. çünkü okunmayıp beklemeyi hak etmedi. neyse sonunda okudum. güzel miydi güzeldi yazar biraz farklıydı fakat sonu daha farklı olabilirdi ne bilim belki bir kaç ay sonrası ya da bir yıl alıştık böyle şeylere konumuz malum kız oğlanı sever evlenirler sonra bir kaza sonucu kızımız sularda boğulur dahası öyle olduğu düşünülür .oğlumuz yasını tutarken kızımız tekrar karşısına çıkar fakat, kitap burdan sonra şekillenir gerizekalının biri çıkar derki o benim karım tabiki oğlumuz bunu yemez. neyse kitap böyle ilerleye dursun kızımız da sevimliydi ama erkek kahramanın hakkını yemeyelim o nasıl mücadeleydi öyle .ben bile hadi gerçekten böyle olur mu dedim. sonuçta güzel bir kitapdı epeydir ara verdiğim romance çeşitiydi :)

  • Roub
    2019-05-07 02:59

    the start was very promising but then the book got pretty boring n confusing wid all the characters involved ! what i really like abt the book was ashton n his firm conviction dat the woman before him was indeed his wife. he accepted her though he had found her in a nightgown on the streets after a small accident. this was compromising 4her, she cud be a fake. he cud easily have misjudged her or delivered her 2 the madhouse but he did not. he was devoted 2 lierin n i was glad at the end dat she was indeed lierin. ashton deserved 2 have his wife back. but then even if she had been lierin's sister, he wud have loved her the same. he was dat kind of man. he was a definite 5 star hero n i think i wud have liked 2 go 2 bed wid him lol :D it's the way the story was narrated which was 1 star. it was boring n slow paced