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Victim of both the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London, a homeless, penniless eleven-year-old must decide what direction his life should take....

Title : Master Cornhill
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ISBN : 9780140322552
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Number of Pages : 224 Pages
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Master Cornhill Reviews

  • Ann
    2018-11-29 12:36

    Good historical fiction for kids on the year 1666 in London.

  • Caitlin
    2018-12-05 16:44

    Normally, I would not have bought, on impulse, a book with the boring title of "Master Cornhill." However, Eloise Jarvis McGraw just so happens to be a favorite author of mine. I am so glad that I "didn't judge a book by it's cover" and gave this novel a chance. Master Cornhill was beautifully written, with wonderful descriptions that made you feel as if you had really visited London, realistic characters that could have jumped off the page, and a great story. The novel dragged a bit in the beginning, but I'm glad I kept reading! Highly recommend!

  • Kristine Hansen
    2018-11-26 17:29

    Whew! I read and read wondering when the fire would start, and found myself pulled into the story regardless. I found myself really caring what would happen to each of the characters and worrying, knowing the disaster looming. The author has a really amazing ability to make you feel like you're right there, and so the cluttered, dirty city became very real, and I sorrowed when at last the first flames ignited. Wonderful book!

  • Jenna Leigh
    2018-12-06 17:42

    Loved, loved, loved historical fiction when I was younger. This is one of the books that I read and reread several times. Eloise Jarvis McGraw wrote great books for young adults, and a couple of my favourite novels as a kid were written by her. This was one of the books that inspired my fascination for English history, and although it's set in the later 1600s, it inspired an interest in the Elizabethan era and the culture of that time period. Highly recommended!

  • Hannah
    2018-12-02 18:23

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  • Dorcas
    2018-11-26 15:16

    Love love love this book. There's a lot of excitement, the characters are well drawn and the feel is authentic. Quite a few scenes centered on the old London bridge. Great read.

  • Julia
    2018-11-14 14:36

    I've just finished reading this to my 10-year-old daughter - it must have taken us two months as it's rather long and detailed. But we both enjoyed it so much. The sense of foreboding gathers pace, and by the time the Great Fire breaks out, you are living the drama with the characters. We both cared immensely about their wellbeing. My daughter commented "I love Master Haas. He's so philosophical!". At the end of the book she asked if she could have a book all about the Great Fire of London, because this story really brought it to life for her. As an English girl living in France, it has ignited a passion in British history. This is wonderful because she won't learn this at school. A great book to read aloud to your kids, but hard going for them to read to themselves unless they're really confident, independent readers.

  • Todd Luallen
    2018-11-10 13:31

    The book was excellent in that I think it gave a great sense of actually being in London during the time. I think the author went to great lengths to make sure to describe accurately the buildings and places that were in London at the time . However the rather verbose descriptions of where things were tended to lose my interest quickly. In addition, the print version of the book had really small type and the spacing was also quite tight. It made for a difficult read.

  • Linette
    2018-12-08 18:33

    I really enjoyed this book. What was truly special was how Mrs McGraw helped you see London. Having been there I felt like I coud see St Paul's on Ludgate Hill. It also gave me a better perception of the growth outwards of the city.

  • Chloe
    2018-11-29 12:25

    I loved this book. It tells in detail about medieval London and the fires that often ravaged through, also about the plague and a bit about a rather undiscovered trade: map colouring. Also, it has a nice, satisfying ending where everyone can be content.

  • Lisa
    2018-12-05 17:44

    Historical novel for young children about the Great Plague that hit London in 1665 and the Great Fire of 1666 that destroyed much of the city at the time, including St. Paul's church. Rich in historical detail.

  • Melody
    2018-12-05 19:41

    Started at a slow pace, but was ultimately an engaging portrait of London in the midst of the Black Death and Great Fire of 1666.

  • Bob Collins
    2018-12-10 15:29

    A coming of age story set in 1666 immediately after the plague and before and during the great London fire. Compelling characters and well established historical settings. Recommended.

  • Skye
    2018-11-27 13:26

    Exciting, interesting. I learned about history I didn't know.

  • Dawn Roberts
    2018-11-13 13:25

    One of our favorite authors! Great characters and an interesting depiction of life in London before the great fire.

  • Tammy
    2018-12-06 17:21

    Riveting read. I enjoyed the characters a lot. Great way to learn history!

  • Emily
    2018-11-17 15:29

    Loved this story!! Am going to be reading it to my little sister ASAP :)

  • Daisy Paquet
    2018-11-21 15:39

    I need more Tom.

  • Michelle
    2018-12-06 12:43

    WOnderful historical fiction. This is one of my favorite authors for young people.

  • Abigail Rasmussen
    2018-11-14 14:36

    I read this book when I was 11 years old. It's a good book to read when learning/studying about the time period of the Black Plague.

  • Kyrie
    2018-11-12 13:36

    I learned so much about the plague, orphans, the Great London Fire and really enjoyed this story.

  • Tammy Bertelsen
    2018-12-03 20:28

    This is what I'm reading to my kids right now. It takes place directly before and during the Great Fire of London in 1665. It is an interesting way to learn about life in England in days gone by.

  • Tessa
    2018-12-09 20:34

    I love Eloise Jarvis McGraw!

  • Dave
    2018-11-14 12:24

    The most recent book I am reading to Clara. I don't remember reading this one before.

  • Jackie
    2018-12-10 17:19

    I had to read this for school and it's the sole reason I know and care about the London fire in 1666. It's excellent.

  • Starry
    2018-11-22 16:15

    (not available through library)

  • Meredith
    2018-12-06 18:22

    Worth the slow beggining.

  • Charity U
    2018-12-08 19:35

    Fun story for pre-teens! Centers are the Great Fire of London (is that what it's called?).

  • Karen
    2018-11-18 14:38

    This book was about a boy returning to London after the plague to only watch it be destroyed by fire. Good historical fiction.

  • Michaela
    2018-12-05 14:40

    really good. its about a little boy during the great plague in london around the 1800's.