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Oh, Brother! There are Christmas mornings and then there are Christmas mornings like this one: watching my brother, Rhys, swagger through our New York City apartment -- smiling. We are talking about Rhys, the detached, surly and annoying; the man who turned brooding into an art form. But he s not brooding now. No, he s practically threatening to pistol whip me for shakingOh, Brother! There are Christmas mornings and then there are Christmas mornings like this one: watching my brother, Rhys, swagger through our New York City apartment -- smiling. We are talking about Rhys, the detached, surly and annoying; the man who turned brooding into an art form. But he s not brooding now. No, he s practically threatening to pistol whip me for shaking hands with the beautiful, sweet, half-dressed creature named Jane who just tried to sneak out of his bedroom. Weird. And who knew Brother Grim even had a sex drive? But it isn t just the smiling and the sudden libido that has me freaked out. Something terrible happened last night, something that made my brother break his own rule and save the life of a mortal. Whatever it was, now he doesn t remember anything from the past two hundred years. He wants Jane so bad that he s forcing himself to forget he s a vampire, taking himself back to a time before he crossed over and our family was destroyed. He s sauntering around the place like a Regency viscount with an English accent, saying things like "I behaved like a randy, soused caper-wit." Did we ever really talk like that? So, Rhys doesn t know he s a vampire, and neither does Jane. This is what we call a problem. All I know is, this mortal woman has managed to touch my brother s frozen heart, and I, Sebastian Young, will do whatever it takes to help him keep her....

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Fangs for the Memories Reviews

  • Zeek
    2019-02-26 07:40

    I have seen Kathy Love's "Fangs" books around for awhile but, I must admit, I avoided them because of the silly titles. The other day I picked up Fangs for the Memories off our book swap shelf at work and I was hooked from the first page. (Which is saying something because though I love paranormal romance, I'm usually not a big fan of the vamp/chick lit hook.)This story starts out with Jane, our shy but determined heroine stopping at a seedy little bar in NYC after a rough first day in the big city. While there she encounters some dubious characters, including our hero- Rhys, a vampire who naturally is tired of drain of being a vampire. (pun intended). But rather than picking up on him to soothe her battered nerves, she turns to another and finds herself attacked in a dark ally after they leave the bar together.Rhys knows he should leave the attractive but decidedly innocent girl alone to her own foolishness, but his character demands he step in. He rescues her and walks her home safe and sound and that, as they say, is the end of that. (Oh he wants her, but he knows he can't have such a pure soul as this fetching young lady.) So he goes back to find the creep who attacked her to finish him off- and perhaps get alittle feeding in too.But Jane has realized she's lost a precious memento during her struggle with the creep and when she returns to the scene of the crime she finds someone other than the creep has overcome Rhys.The stranger, who is in fact NOT a stranger but Rhys's embittered brother Christian, puts her under a spell too. They awaken later to find his other brother Sebastian standing over them. Rhys also has some serious holes in his memory, chief among them- he thinks it's the time before his turning, the 1800's, and has no memory of being a Vamp.Sebastian knows something isn't jiving and he senses there is something more to Jane being there, so he brings them back to their home and promptly convinces Jane to stay til his brother's memories return.You can guess what happens in the meantime. Rhys and Jane fall for each other ... hard ... and she quickly finds herself hopelessly entangled in the web of these three brothers' lives.Jane is, of course, exactly where she should be, but letting herself remain becomes more difficult when she realizes she is in more danger of a broken heart then the very real physical harm lurking around the corner.A steamy, sensual read as well as quirky I'm giving this one a 4 out of 5 and I'll be looking for Christian and Sebastian's story as well!!

  • Heather G Gentle
    2019-03-17 14:04

    I would probably give the first two 2.5 stars. ( and the 3rd one 3)Ok-- quick comments on all 3 of these...They had a lot of cute humor-- more so as they went along-- but they were not nearly as humorous as I thought they would be. Reading the synopsis of the first one about a vampire with amnesia made me think I'd be rolling on the floor laughing. But they were only "okay" cute. Each book picks a different brother to find love....and each finds their "perfect match". The women in the stories are always a bit needy and a couple of them ( all except book 2) are a bit weak and of course these guys have to "rescue" them...unfortunately by intense sexual stuff in some parts which I thought was super overdone for what these were. The good news-- light easy reads and at least provides some mild entertainment and the 3rd one especially some decent laughs.

  • Liz
    2019-03-02 13:41

    I don’t actually remember buying Fang for the Memories. It’s entirely possible it was a gift, but honestly, who knows? In any case, I do think vampire romances have been done to death. That being said, this one wasn’t bad. Rhys is an angsty vampire who bemoans his existence, feels bad that his two younger brothers are vampires too, and on Christmas Eve is sitting in a NYC bar looking for his next meal. Any member of the dregs of society will do. But in walks Jane, fresh from Maine who has just had the worst day ever. She’s out of the job she expected, the apartment she’d expected, and oh yeah, her purse got stolen. She’s ready to attempt to drink her problems away.After a couple dangerous run-ins with evil-doers, Sebastian, Rhys’ brother brings the two unconscious people to the apartment he shares with Rhys. The next evening neither of the victims are worse for wear except for the slight problem that Rhys now believes he is back to being a nineteenth century viscount who is engaged to the American woman, Jane. Sebastian plot-wanks (gives an explanation that makes sense in the story) that Rhys’ mind is skipping over the bits of the modern world that don’t fit with his delusion.Sebastian offers Jane the job of being Rhys’ caretaker. Since she’s homeless and jobless she accepts. Sebastian doesn’t let her or Rhys in on the fact that he and Rhys are vampires. Hijinks ensue.I rounded up from a 2.5 to 3 stars. It is an entertaining read and the plot rolls along quickly. However, nothing happens that isn’t telegraphed a mile away. I’d say it’s a starter romance, for those junior high girls just starting to take the plunge into adult romances after the Twilight series.Personal note: Thanks to the Twilight books, I can no longer use the word ‘twilight’ seriously, so I’ve been substituting the word ‘gloaming.’ Sadly, no one seems to know what the heck I’m talking about.

  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    2019-02-25 10:02

    Jane has just arrived in New York City to start a new life, only to lose her job before she's even started and with no where to live but a crummy hotel. So she does something she's never done before: go to a seedy bar for a strong drink.Obviously a bad idea for a young, innocent woman, she's saved from an attempted rape by a beautiful, brooding yet charismatic man called Rhys Young. Going back to the alley later to look for her necklace, she comes across Rhys again, this time while he is being attacked ... by a vampire.The morning after the attack, she wakes up in a lavish bed in a lavish apartment next to Rhys, who suddenly thinks he is the Viscount of Rothmere, is living in Regency London and that she is his American fiance. His younger brother, Sebastien, rescued them both and brought them to the apartment. He likes the new - or is that old? - Rhys, who laughs and talks and smiles and loves. Sabastien convinces Jane to stay to take care of Rhys and protect him from the real world until his memory returns, though he knows that Rhys has done this to himself because he could never enjoy Jane without suppressing his vampire self.This is a fun, entertaining, sexy romp - a little like Lynsay Sands but a bit more serious. It's a more original premise than most, and the characters are great. The prose is quick and precise, with none of those long-winded, syrupy lovey-dovey scenes that get so repetitive.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-13 13:54

    I will admit that I loved the whole idea of this book, but I was worried about how the author was going to pull it off. I was hooked after the first chapter I loved the degree of darkness and humor that seem to counter act each other, I read it in one night but and this is a big but I had no connect to the main characters what so ever, I connected more with Christian and Sebastian the two brothers than I did with the main couple. I mean yes Jane was strong and sweet but she was a complete idiot, I mean sure yes she thought this thing to be crazy and maybe she shouldn't have done it but really what smart woman would just accept what Sebastian was telling her. I mean really Dr. No, come on. I did however understand and get why Rhys would choose that time and reason to suppress what and who he was . He felt it the only way to be with her. Which was very sweet and sad. But almost the whole book was about Who he wasn't and how she fell in love with who he wasn't. That bothered me, and also the fact that she just stumbled upon all of the answers and didn't care. The part of the book where the brother Christian shows back up is the only reason I will read the next one. I hope its easier for me to connect to.

  • Jan
    2019-03-26 07:55

    Book #1 of the Young Brothers series. Stories encompassing the vampire brothers Rhys, Christian, and Sebastian Young.“Fangs for the Memories” tells the story of the oldest brother Rhys; his self-loathing and hate of his vampiric life style. When a chance meeting in a seedy bar with a mortal woman on christmas eve and a devastating attack by another vampire in the bar alley out back; Leaves Rhys with selective amnesia thinking he’s mortal and falling in love with the woman Jane from the bar. A very fun and funny romance with plenty of sex. I know the amnesia angle has been done to death _pun intented_ . But the story is well written and flows smoothly with no slow spots. Something fun to read on that morning transit commute to and from work.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-05 09:59

    I'm loving this so far and I'm only on chapter 2!!O'MY LANTA!!! I couldn't put the book down! 3 hours later, I was done! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! It was funny, had a great story and a wonderful family of gorgeous vampires and of course my HEA. Thank goodness I got the entire series and I'm off to read the 2nd one now.

  • iamjenai
    2019-03-13 08:41

    This is the first book in the Young Brothers series. Fangs for the Memories tells the story of Rhys Young, the oldest vampire of the Young brothers who saves Jane from an attempted rape. He was about to head home but was attacked by another vampire and as a result of this attack, he woke up with an amnesia. Sebastian, Rhys brother upon learning of this situation, asked Jane to stay until his brother recovers from amnesia. A vampire with amnesia? I liked this book and the love story of Rhys and Jane. I love the dialogue especially when Rhys is talking to Sebastian. I was laughing every time they're together. I enjoyed reading this book though I have to mention one thing I didn't like in this book. The sex scenes are so over the top - never ending. I've read tons of books with mild to wild sex. Most of the time, they're needed in the story but in this book, I didn't think it was needed. I was already enjoying the story! I had to skim a couple of sex scenes because I got tired of reading them. Overall, this is recommended for paranormal romance lovers but if you are not into non-stop sex, then probably you shouldn't read this book.

  • Maryse
    2019-03-25 07:52

    This whole series is cute and very fun, but the books get better as they go. Actually, my favorite in the series was Christian's book.But this one was quite funny. A vampire with amnesia, who falls in love (or thinks he's already in love) with some random girl caught up in his mess. Yup, the book takes place in modern times, but he still thinks himself back in the Victorian era, and also thinks he's human (and the cute girl that seems to be "with" him must be his fiance, as arranged by his parents).Uh! Lucky Sebastian's there (his brother) to help things along. Or does he make things worse? A little of both I think. Fun stuff, great read!Fun quote from the book:But now Sebastian had the peculiarities of being a vampire to deal with. Being a vampire was easy. Being a vampire who didn’t know he was a vampire; that might be tricky. Rhys could end his existence with one short stroll in the sunshine. Or if his hunger wasn’t appeased regularly, Jane could die from one overzealous chomp.So read my full review on my blog:

  • Molly Mortensen
    2019-03-21 11:45

    I read so many summaries I forgot that this was an amnesia story. (So I got to be surprised.) But I initially didn't like the forgotten memory Rhys, he was too ordinary. (even if he thought he was a ninteenth century viscount.) I preferred the brooding vampire I'd gotten to know. Jane was a nice protagonist. Her character should've been flat, but she wasn't. (An accountant moving from a small town to the big city.) And although there was too much romance and not enough action for me, the romance was well done. Usually when the couple falls in love in a week it feels too quick, but here it actually worked. There was a villain and some excitement at the beginning and end, but the middle slumped a bit. (Too much sex and romance without enough drama and action!) Still, overall it was a good if not great book, and I plan to eventually continue the series.

  • Alisa
    2019-03-08 15:59

    I really liked this book. I'm sitting in the doctors office, I.V. in arm, laughing to the point they had to come in and ask me to keep it down because the people in the waiting room could hear me and were getting I laughed out loud and did a lot a giggling.. which in my opinion is always the sign of a book I will enjoy tons.

  • Laurie Garrison
    2019-03-15 11:52

    Very differnet then the same old same old... Rhys almost gets killed by his brother then ends up with parcel amnesia and his brother come after his new mate. Very good read with plenty of HOT sex plus humor in this book...

  • Jo
    2019-03-07 12:53

    I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard during a book. This was a very funny, sweet love story, and I enjoyed it very much.I can't wait to read Christian and Sebastian's books.

  • Nina
    2019-03-06 11:03

    Reminder that I have this book on my hated it shelf.

  • Paranormal Romance
    2019-02-27 08:07

    Meeting one night in a bar on Christmas eve, the hero and heroine don't know that their whole life is destined to change. For the hero, life has been one regret after another. Constantly living in darkness and wallowing in is own misery of having failed to save his sister from death and his brother from himself. It's this darkness and brooding that generally keeps people at a distance and the hero himself venturing out just to feed on the worse of society. He doesn't understand how the heroine finds herself in this bar all alone on the holidays but he can see she is the definition of goodness. Never before has he encountered a soul so pure and kind-it's almost blinding. So when her naivety gets her into trouble in the alleyway, he saves her. And he offers to walk her home-allowing himself that brief moment in time to connect with a person so much better than himself. The heroine isn't having a good day. She got fired from the job she left Maine for, lost her apartment, grieving the death of her father and now a nice man decides to try to rape her. Luckily she's saved by the most perfect and gorgeous man ever to walk the earth. But little old mousy her could never have a prayer of attracting his attention. That is until she suddenly wakes up to him doing very naughty things under the bed covers. She's shocked, not remembering how she got to his apartment the night before. And the beautiful man from yesterday has suddenly become a Viscount from historical London? It's clear he's off his rocker. His brother offers her an opportunity to get back on her feet, if she'll stay with the hero, watch him and save him the trauma of realizing the shocking truth-she can stay rent free and even earn a little money. Normally the heroine would feel too guilty to accept money as she horribly attracted to this beautiful crazy man and though she does feel bad, she knows she's out of options. The hero has repressed back to his life before the change into vampirism. after his own brother tried to kill him in that alleyway. In his mind, the only was he could be with this woman is to be the man he was before the bitterness and torment. At times, he's aware somewhat of what his mind is trying to deny but he's too damn happy to accept the truth. He's finally found happiness with a woman he loves and who loves him in return. As their relationship progresses and they fall deeper and deeper into the chaos of their own creating, the heroine feels worse and worse. She knows that without head trauma a man like him would never be with a girl like her. A shy girl with basic features and a tendency to think the best of people in every situation. And the hero knows, even in the middle of his delusion that without his memory loss, he has to give her up. So when he finally realizes the truth, he begins to fear for the heroine's safety. His brother is out for revenge and he'll use her to get back at the hero. But he doesn't count on his beautiful by shy love to suddenly and firmly stand her ground. That he loves her and she loves him and she'll never give him up. This was a very sweet book. There's something warming about the notion of a man so tormented in life that he almost wills his memories away to deal with the pain and believe himself to have a shot at love. The fact that he thought so little of himself was sad because no matter what he imagines to be the case, he was a good man who only wanted the best for his family. With the heroine he found a woman able to love him and he wanted desperately to have a chance of loving her back. The heroine was a marvelous character. Very sweet, and honest. She felt like she was taking advantage of the hero in his state but was weak to the feeling of have a man's attention. She too was low in self esteem and she was shy and timid throughout the book when it came to compliments and feelings. But when it counted, she was able to find that fire and fight for her man, regardless of if they were oddly matched. That being said....a whole lot of sex. To the point of boarding on erotic because of the volume of sex scenes. Granted there's not much else to do when locked inside an apartment but it made for a sort of boring plotline. What saved this book was the characters and their personalities and chemistry. I adored them and thought them super sweet and very much alike when it came to opinions of self worth and honor.

  • Kathy
    2019-03-21 14:41

    Rhys and Jane... Rhys - 200 years ago evil Lilith turned Christian into a self indulgent, obsessed vampire, and then went for the rest of the family, blackmailing Rhys into allowing it by threatening his sister (but killing his sister anyway) - Rhys is the oldest - the responsible and feels the weight of his betrayal of his brother and the death of his sister... she tried to hurt Lilith by repeatedly drinking her dry as punishment, makingher crazy... but it further pushed Christian away from him and into Lilith's arms... Rhys spent 200 years brooding, depressed, only taking blood from lowlifes. Jane left Maine to start a life in New York... her mother died when she was 10, her father lived in fantasy where he continued to his wife and Jane was often forgotton, and he was a mortician with his 'shop' at the house. She has a degree in accounting, she sold everything, and in NY, she didn't get the job she accepted, she lost her apartment, and her purse with a great deal of money was stolen. she goes to a bar near her lowerend motel,, sees Rhys - an extremely handsome, brooding man. Rhys' senses are strong - he assesses everyone in the bar - the one just out of jail, the one who's wife died & he beat his wife, etc. Then in walks Jane who asks for a shot of tequila. He smells her goodness, her innocence, her lonliness. The newly released convict approaches her, teaches her about shots & limes, etc. she has 3 shots, goes outside with him... he takes her to an alley, and when she says no, he is ready to force her - and Rhys shows up, knockshim unconsious, and walks her back to her hotel. There is a connection between them, but he walks away. he goes back to the alley, finds a brken chain with two wedding rings on it and puts it in his pocket, drinkss the bad guy almost to the point of death, but doesn't... and then his brother Christian shows up - tells him Lilith is dead, and then Christian attacks him - taking 2 bites out of his neck... But Jane is retracing her steps looking for her parent's wedding rings and the 3rd brother Sebastian feels Rhys distress, and Jane startles Christian, and he leaves after hexing her to forget him and she passes out... and Sebastian shows up - smells Jane on Rhys and vice versa, and he carries them both home.Rhys wakes up not remembering being a vampire, back in the 18th century - and with Jane in his bed... he sees the rings, and believes this is his American fiance that his father arranged for him... and he lovingly touches her, waking her up with pleasurable touching. when they get up, Sebastian sees that Rhys is happy & relaxed, that he and Jane are getting entertwined, and that Rhys is living his prevampire days (though he does take in stride lights, and cds, etc) - and he doesn't have the heart to disabuse him of the lies. He convinces Jane to stay on to nurse Rhys, making up all sorts of rationalizations for both of them so that they accept thngs. and Rhys is very attracted to jane - both her body, and soul. Over the week, they fall in love - Rhys drinks from her, although she is just consumed with passion and doesn't quite figure out what happened. and they can read each other's thoughts (he is truning her slowly, as his mate). Christian comes to her when she is alone, as a mist, and Jane can sense him and the anger... and Christian decides to kill Jane to punish Rhys. And Rhys finally gets his memory back, and tries to push Jane away both because he doesn't feel he deserves her and to protect her. Jane goes out for a walk, meets upwith Christian... Rhys is overcome with passion and jealousy and takes her... and then she realizes he loves her. and she re=fuses to leave him, gets him to admit he loves her... and when she gets up before him, she starts to read through a vampire encyclopedia and realizes that Rhys fits many of the vampire characteristics... and then Christian shows up to kill her, and as he is taking her blood he feels her feelings, and feels her love for Rhys, and realizes he never had that with Lilith - and he stops just before she is dead, just as Rhys and Sebastian show up... and Sebastian realizes he is different and lets him leave...and Rhys must finish the conversion, though without her consent it is doubtful it will work... and he wakes up to her calling his name... she is turned, she is very comfortable with her new life, and they are happy... Rhys still broods a bit, but... ahhhh

  • Country Goose
    2019-02-28 09:47

    Overall, this was a pretty decent book. It passed time, and if you don't want to think. I think Janie's character could have been given more thought. I was a little annoyed with Jane because she was so dense, stupid (the last few pages, she apparently turns into a 1st rate researcher based on one book she read.), and so socially retarded I'm dumbfounded as to why she chose New York of all places to move to. She has a BA in accounting, but it never stated what her "almost" job was or why she was fired. Or maybe she just received a second interview and said to herself, "I got the job, sell everything, move to a huge city, live out of a suitcase, and I'll be able to buy more after the first week?!???!" Kathy makes it clear she knows nothing of social graces, and apparently had no friends throughout college or the time she lived in her hometown, though I suppose that's possible since she had to care for an insane father who really wasn't insane. But she compares Rhys to other men(?!?), and she's apparently not a virgin(?!?). Besides, I don't think her father was really crazy. He just talked to his dead wife. Jane probably just wanted to be the center of attention, and she mentioned several times she just wants to be taken care of. The more I think on it, the dumber Janes history seems, and more holes pop up to drown out the story itself. It's a shame, really. If Jane wasn't such an over dramatic pity party, she was a selfish moron, and add in the moments she became so overwhelmed with lust.... I just can't go on. The book was a cross between Karolyn Sparks with her modern vampires (with much less intelligent characters and wit) and Christine Feehan with her "there's only one mate for each vamp." Three stars is about on the money though, because I did like Rhys's story. His family ties and issues made him seem more like real broken home (minus the sharp teeth and added centuries). The whole Dr thing was annoying though, and for a mortician to not know what a blood bag is or looks like?...

  • Kayleigh {K-Books}
    2019-03-18 14:55

    Review posted on K-Books reading a lot of dark dystopian books, when I recieved this book in a swap I instantly wanted to read it. It sounded light-hearted and funny, just the type of book I needed to read after so many sad books. I was not disappointed. I loved this book.It follows Rhys, a 200-year-old vampire who has spent those 200 years cutting himself off from humanity only surviving on the blood of low-life humans who deserve nothing else but to be in pain. But even then he cannot bring himself to kill anyone. Then he meets Jane, a humble girl from a small town suddenly thrown into busy new york. He finds himself instantly attracted to her and doesn't understand why. Suddenly Rhys loses his memory and finds himself believing he is a English Viscount in Victorian London with Jane as his betrothed.I loved this book, it's a great love story and it was funny all the way through. There were multiple times when I was so glad I was reading at home because I couldn't help but laugh out loud. It's a great vampire book and I was so delighted to find out that it's the first in a series. I can't wait to find out what the others brothers get up to.If you are looking for a light funny book that it really sweet and makes you laugh and go awwww at the same time. Then this book is for you.I did give the book 4 stars because it is wrote it third person and though I have nothing against it, I find that I enjoy books wrote in the first person as I feel that you connect with the characters more when you are seeing the story through their eyes but it was still a great story and I loved it.

  • Laura Kaye
    2019-03-16 07:50

    This story managed to be hot *and* humorous - a delicious combination. Hero vampire Rhys develops amnesia after an attack on himself at the woman destined to be his heroine. His condition is truly more a mental health issue than a physical one - he despised his vampirism and was in century-long mourning over the death of his little sister, and so he represses all these memories so he can give him permission to finally find happiness with this human woman who's come to intrigue him. He believes, therefore, that he's in 19th century London instead of 21st century New York, and even speaks using language and vocabulary you'd be more likely to find in Regencies than Paranormals. The premise was unique and funny in execution, and the hero was likeable and compelling in both his modern/brooding and amnesiac/historical characterizations. I devoured the book in an afternoon and would definitely read more in the Young Brothers series. Couple of small issues I thought could've been improved: Rhys's brother too quickly feels he knows the causes/source of his brother's amnesia, but it's never really explained if vampires in this world can have medical problems; the heroine figures out the vampire thing a bit too easily/anti-climactically; and once she turns into a vampire, the book rushes to an ending and doesn't really show us what her vampire self/life looks like - I particularly regretted that her first feeding scene wasn't detailed a bit more. Still, I tore through this book, laughed out loud, and really enjoyed, so I can highly recommend!

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-03-19 14:00

    Ok. It had some good parts and some weak parts.I was chuckling several times. The characters and plot were good. Two parts were weak.Story brief: Rhys, Christian and Sebastian are vampire brothers around 200 years old. Christian hates Rhys and wants revenge. Rhys usually avoids mortals, but saves Jane from an attempted rape. Christian attacks Rhys and causes Rhys to have amnesia, which causes Rhys to think he is human. He and Jane fall in love while neither one of them knows that he is a vampire.The two weak areas are as follows. One: I found myself skimming through a couple of sex scenes. I’m not sure why. They didn’t grab me enough. Once or twice I also skimmed a couple of other scenes, somehow in a hurry to get through the book.CAUTION SPOILER:Two: I did not like Rhys deciding to break up with Jane after he regained his memory. He knew she was in danger from his vampire brother Christian, but he said she must live her life away from Rhys to be safe from Christian. This was not true because it meant Rhys and Sebastian couldn’t protect her from Christian. Many romance novels have the couple separate after they fall in love. I prefer better reasons than this.Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: seven. Setting: current day New York City. Copyright: 2005. Genre: paranormal romance.

  • constance
    2019-03-16 07:38

    So this is going to be a short review. I wasn't sure about this one, it seemed like a hard premise to pull off, a vampire who has selective amnesia and doesn't remember that he is a vampire, but somehow still manages to survive on blood and avoid sunlight, all the while falling in love with a mortal who also doesn't know he is a vampire. Pretty far fetched, right? But Kathy Love pulled it off. It was a good book, a lot better that I expected. My only real problem with the book is that the end was just way too easy. I mean really (view spoiler)[ a book in the library that explains everything so perfectly that Jane accepts being turned into a vampire without her consent(hide spoiler)] talk about a deus ex machina.But anyway, it was overall a very entertaining read. It was funny at the points, but has some serious emotional parts as well. Both Rhys and Jane have been through terrible tragedies and they are both characters who you want to pull for because they truly seem deserving of a HEA. The other characters were very well written as well. Christian, our villain, was one who I hated to hate. I mean really, I felt for him because he really believed that what he was doing was right. I was very happy that he was somewhat redeemed at the end, and I look forward to reading his story which is the next in this series.

  • Fairyblood
    2019-03-21 14:51

    Ok, I've had this book for awhile, and I have to admit I kept putting off reading it. The title and the cover made me think this was more of a spoof story. But I am so happy to have read this book. Jane's first day in the Big Apple? She loses her job and her new apartment. So what else could she do on Christmas Eve but go out and have a drink. Turns out her day can get worse. Rhys is a vampire that has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Looking for his next meal in a dingy bar, he only feeds off of the dregs of the world. But when he sees this beautiful woman who is like sunshine, he feels more alive. When there is an attack, Rhys loses his memory and forgets the last 200 years of his undead life. His brother Sebastian talks Jane into staying to help Rhys, because he has never seen his brother so happy...ever. This was a heart touching story. Jane was a tender but a very courageous character and loved her a lot. Amnesia Rhys would melt the polar icecaps and turned me to goo. Sebastian is the lovable but very flawed brother who's heart is bigger than his head. All in all a very enjoyable read that had passion seasoned with some angst but very heart warming.

  • Jenni Ebba
    2019-03-04 12:48

    This is an intriguing series by Kathy Love. I haven't ever picked up any of her books and I'm happy I took a chance on this one. Love's style is definitely humorous and vividly romantic. This story is a fun, fast-pace, easy romance. If you're looking for depth this isn't for you, but it's still a darn good book. This is also the first in the Young brothers series about vampire brothers who have made peace in their own ways with being undead for eternity.This one fallows a vampire named Rhys, whom after a confrontation with his brother, loses his memory and meets his soul mate. With his short term memory gone, his usual brooding state is relegated to his old happy optimistic human self.... but he's not human. With his baby brother, Sebastian, playing match maker and Jane- his soul mate- playing along as his fiancee, it's only a matter of time before he's so in love that he won't want to brood even if he regains his memory once more.The characters are one dimensional and have little growth. The romance is straightforward, but I think Sebastian- the fun loving brother- more than makes the story interesting. His cupid angle is highly entertaining and will have you laughing out loud.3 Stars.

  • Missyb
    2019-03-03 16:07

    I like the characters, but the story is kind of boring. It did pick up a little after a few chapters, but not enough. The characters are interesting and draw you in, but the story didn't hold me enough. Maybe a little more action, or twists. The sex/romance was okay (bland but okay) and the humor was barely there. I'm going to try the next book because I like the characters. This book is about Rhys (the oldest brother) and Jane. She's had a horrible day. She's been fired, robbed, and spent hours at the police station reporting the robbery, and is living in a hotel room since she lost her place because she lost the job, and then she leaves the bar with what turns out to be a ex-convict. Rhys rescues her & walks her back to her hotel room, but her necklace is gone and she retraces her steps back to the bar & then into the alley and gets attacked again, while trying to find it. This time Rhys also has been attacked. From there the story goes to him having amnesia, and them falling in love, then him regaining his memory and them being attacked again, then them being together. I like the brothers, but other then Jane there's only Mick. Maybe a few more characters would have given the story more umph.

  • Ana
    2019-02-26 15:02

    Rhys is one really unhappy vampire. His sister is dead, his brother is out to kill him, and he hasn't felt good for so long. Then on a Christmas evening he meets Jane and saves her. Unfortunately, he is also attacked later in the night. As a result he has amnesia, a far reaching one. He thinks it's the beginning of the 19th century and that he's a viscount. Jane life isn't going the way she planned. She moved to New York because she had a job guaranteed. Now the job is gone, so is her apartment, she is low on cash, and some creep assaulted her. She is grateful to Rhys for saving her. Grateful enough to accept the offer to be his nurse until he regains his memory.There is nothing really wrong with the book, but I just wasn't impressed. Maybe because I have problems with the plot - a vampire with amnesia - it sounds so silly. Don't take me wrong, the book isn't all like that, but I still had problems.And one other thing that annoyed me is Rhys's reaction when he regains memory. (view spoiler)[What's the point of breaking up with her to protect her if Christian almost certainly knows you're attached to her? (hide spoiler)]Rating:3 stars.

  • Rhapsody
    2019-03-07 14:57

    Naive Jane moves to NY from Maine to start her new life. Everything goes wrong her first day there and after she's assaulted in a back alleyway, she's rescued by Rhys, a grim, brooding vampire. When they're attacked by one of his enemies, he suddenly gets amnesia, thinking he's mortal again and back in England 200 years ago. Jane, he thinks, is his American betrothed, and his brother convinces her to stay and look after him in his confused state.It was cute, but somehow I was uncomfortable with a heroine who was willing to have sex with someone she knew wasn't okay mentally. If it had been the female suffering from delusions and amnesia, it would be totally unacceptable for any guy to take advantage of her condition. But Jane, with a few reservations but not nearly enough, lets herself get sucked right in, just because she's lonely and really attracted to Rhys. Still, it was an all right paranormal.

  • Caro
    2019-03-14 14:04

    This book was pretty good. I liked the characters and the plot. Ooooh! There were some good steamy scenes, not that the mirror needed fogged anyway! lol. I can't wait to read the rest of this series. The ending definitely left a smile on my face. Cheeky girl! Noble Rhys...great character and loved the amnesia. Perfect for his character...he's still perfect for that era. Sebastion was the perfect younger brother model. I can't wait to see his story. And Christian....what to say. He was really 'bad' but once the story's out...gotta feel for him. I definitely want to know what happens with him. Hope to see more of Mick too. Strong and silent...always a good story there. Dr. No/David would be a fun one. I loved all the characters (already said). This had me smiling, chuckling, holding my breath, and perspiring. ;) Hint, hint, wink, wink! On to the next...hopefully. Yay! Enjoy!

  • Ness
    2019-03-21 16:01

    Pardon the pun but I absolutely love (adore) Kathy Love’s books. This is the first paranormal romance novel that I have read by her and I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and their history. I loved the story. There are some slight twists on vampire mythology. Female character grew stronger as the book progressed and was not afraid to speak her mind in the end. It does irk me when romance heroines are virgins and the man is all like “oh I took that from you”. Seriously, we are in 2011! Sometimes when I am enjoying the build-up and the story I find that I really just gloss over some of the sex scenes. I think I enjoy the lead up to sex and then the trials that the characters face in their bid to end up “happily ever after”. There were some hilarious parts as well!I cannot wait to read the next couple of books in this series.

  • Becca Moree
    2019-03-13 12:49

    I was a bit iffy about reading this book after looking at some of the reviews on Amazon, however I am super glad I ignored those silly people!One reviewer said that Jane was so stupid they couldn't make it more than a few pages into the book. That she had no reaction to the events outside of the bar and that there was no explanation as to why Christian attacked. ...UMM WHAT BOOK WERE YOU READING?!?!Jane may be a little shy and slow on the uptake with common sense...but I didn't feel that it took away from the story at all. Oh and the other thing about no explanation. ..yeah I'm not a spoiler person so I will just say that it is very much explained....It's sort of a HUGE part of the freaking story line! Ok, enough about other people's reviews...I adored this book and immediately bought book 2 as soon as I finished it! I highly recommend it :)

  • Ruth Violet
    2019-02-25 10:54

    awesome story/book. i loved,loved it. i love the character of rhys he is such a sweetie. him and janie make such a great couple. all the story was great. he loses him memory b/c his brother(christian) tries to kill him. and then him and janie really become an couple. they sooo belong together. and how christian becomes better. was so very awesome. love conquers all. and it does. now i cant wait to read christian's book. at first i didnt like him too much. now i do. he deserves a woman/mate that will love him for him. awesome series. i did already read my sister is a werewolf. in that one they get to meet and have a relationship with their sister elizabeth. that they thought was dead. awesome book.