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The maid of honor's to-do list for handling the best man:#1 Charm him.#2 Find out everything about him from friends and family.#3 Size definitely matters: especially when it comes to the ego. Tread carefully if he has a big one....Sabrina Millard has a plan and a list for everything, including her role as maid of honor at her BFF's wedding. The best man is a whole differenThe maid of honor's to-do list for handling the best man:#1 Charm him.#2 Find out everything about him from friends and family.#3 Size definitely matters: especially when it comes to the ego. Tread carefully if he has a big one....Sabrina Millard has a plan and a list for everything, including her role as maid of honor at her BFF's wedding. The best man is a whole different matter. She knows Connor McCoy is trouble--she once had a disastrous encounter with him years ago. Now that he's supersexy and supersuccessful, it's even worse. Especially as he's just proved who's in charge by shattering her legendary control...under the table at the rehearsal dinner!Connor's having fun seducing prim Sabrina. Which is so wrong--she's the ultimate good girl, while his past is...complicated. Only Sabrina has him breaking all his own rules.......

Title : 10 Ways to Handle the Best Man
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10 Ways to Handle the Best Man Reviews

  • Claire Robinson
    2019-03-01 14:08

    5 - "There's just something irresistible about a dangerous man in a tux..." Stars! Short, sweet & sinfully delicious.

  • Abby Green
    2019-03-11 08:40

    This is one smoking hot sexy January read. Connor* is to die for bad boy scrumptious, and Sabrina is every inch his counterpart - deliciously curvy and sexy without realizing it, and ever so slightly uptight, and just waiting to be ruffled up by someone who knows just how.This novella has to be the template for all Cosmo Red Hot Reads - it perfectly encapsulates the genre. A fast-paced story, well rounded and believable characters that you really fall for, and enough scorchio sex scenes to keep the winter blizzards away...Curl up with a glass of wine, or something stronger and indulge in this feast for the senses...(*Unfortunately I never met a Connor even though I was a bridesmaid 4 times....I live in hope)

  • Fiona Marsden
    2019-03-16 11:40

    This was a great read with heaps going on despite the short format. Connor is a best man to die for with lots of complexity for our heroine Bree to uncover and boy does she uncover.Bree is the super efficient Maid of Honour who always gets the job because she is so good at it. What she doesn't count on is the Bride deciding to give her the king of bedroom games as a gift to help her get over her skeezy ex. The half brother of the groom, Connor has history that makes his inclusion at the wedding problematic, even before she realises this guy is likely to undo her carefully laid plans and a few other things.OMG the smexy was hot. This is a red hot read in every way. While there were no real surprises, considering Heidi Rice's usual style, it worked really well. I loved the ending.

  • Lexie
    2019-02-26 14:07

    This third Cosmo Red Hot Reads has convinced me this subcategory of Harlequin is NOT for me. At all.+++Here's what I liked - ...Okay actually I don't think I liked much of anything in this book. Here's the thing - I am not against one night stands, flings, kinky times in the bedroom, hooking up, or being open about your sexuality. My problem lay in the fact that Connor didn't seem to understand there's a time and place for them. At the dinner rehearsal for your younger brother's wedding? Not so much the time to feel a woman up under her skirt. Especially when the bride to be OBVIOUSLY can see you doing it.And if your reason is anywhere in the league of 'My stepmother is looking at me as if I'm trash so why not act like it?' then I think you should rethink how you view women because using your brother's soon to be wife's best friend as a revenge toy is not exactly HEALTHY.Sabrina meanwhile annoyed me to no end. The less said about Connor and Sabrina's texting the better. No wait - I understand its more "natural" and "normal" to have people abbreviating and cut cornering and such when texting, but something about the way Connor did it irked me. The author also seemed intent on making Connor kind of like Christian Grey. He had a hard time growing up, being able to dominant in the bedroom/sexual life makes him feel more secure, doesn't seem to understand boundaries at all...I'll give both Sabrina and Connor credit. He does turn over power as it were at one point and I think that was interesting as far as the character went.But this story is rather short. 100 pages? A little more? And there just wasn't enough room to explore Connor's deep dark secret traumas, his present family issues (he resents everyone in his family, even his younger HALF brother to some degree or other), Sabrina's romance issues, both of their sexual felt so very disjointed and unappealing.

  • Shanna
    2019-02-25 12:51

    Yes I gave a novella 5 stars, and here are the 10 reasons why: 1. Sabrina is a kick-ass leading ladyApart from being way more organized and caring than any one person should be, I love how Sabrina was just honest about everything in this book, she made sure her feelings and intentions were known at all times.2. ConnerJust so sweet and so sexy, and amazing he deserves and entire book, they deserve an entire book.3. Conner's awesome manhoodLibby called it awesome, Sabrina called it spectacular, I call its number 3.4. The rehearsal dinnerThat was a first for me, and I loved that Libby was watching the entire time.5. LibbyThis girl was awesome, the way she and Sabrina got along reminded me of my relationship with my BFF. And it was great.6. The sextingthose convos were just so funny, and so fun, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed the back and forth.7. The BanterI loved every moment that Sabrina and Conner shared even when they were being really mean to each other.8. For a novella this book tackled some heavy issuesI really wasn't expecting so much out of such a short book, but Ms. Rice was able to make it all work out so well.9. That dance sceneDude Conner should get an award for being the word's best dancer, that's for sure.10. The final sceneI loved that scene, Sabrina was just amazing, and Conner's ability to take a leap made this book just so unforgettable. I still wish that I these two got an entire book for their story, because clearly there is al ot more to both of them. And I fell pretty hard for them in these few pages.

  • Books With
    2019-03-24 14:59

    The benefits of reading 10 Ways to Handle the Best Man:This book presents a benefit to the romance readers who enjoy a story set in a foreign country. Connor McCoy travels from New York to England to attend his half-brother’s wedding and encounters the maid-of-honor and wedding planner, Sabrina Millard. Her take charge attitude rubs him the wrong way and they clash from the start. The fact that they are attracted to each other just adds to the conflict and sexual tension.The author came up with a clever way to start each section of the book with a “way to handle” the main male character. And Connor certainly needs a strong woman to handle him. This is a short afternoon read for the busy romance reader. I love to read sex scenes when the man knows his way around the woman’s body and Connor sure is talented in that regard!The only criticism I might have is that the characters are not very well developed. For instance, the author skims over Connor’s past, but doesn’t really explain his callousness toward women. He is a sex only and no relationship kind-of-guy. It appears that Sabrina may be able to change him but, again, the author gives us no hints as to their future after he asks her to spend a week in New York with him.Could there be a sequel in the works? It would certainly benefit those of us who are skeptical about their future. If not, at least we can appreciate the two weeks of fabulous sex that they share. Imagination running wild here! 4 starsARC Provided

  • Lynne
    2019-02-27 07:53

    I have to admit, I was a bit worried about this Cosmo Red Hot Read -- I'm a total fan of these little gems, but the title of this one, and premise, had me a bit worried. Oh ye of little faith. This was bang-on amazing. Hot, super hot. Funny. Creative. And, had some serious depth for a wee little novella. While I'm finding myself 100% satisfied with these Red Hot Reads, I dare wish they were full sized books so I can marinate in the stories and characters that much more. And, for a dicey concept (really, a bride trying to hook the Maid of Honor up with the Best Man) Ms. Rice handled this masterfully. Will definitely be looking out for more from Ms. Rice.

  • Patty
    2019-03-01 14:46

    Great plot, entertaining characters, and STEAMY!!! Update:Cosmo Red Hot Reads have been lacking lately but this one was HOT and STEAMY!! 10 Ways to Handle the Best Man had a solid plot with great characters you couldn't help but love! I got to the end and I was looking for more! This needs to be made into a full length novel!

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-03-01 13:02

    Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review4.5 STARS10 Ways To Handle The Best Man is another fine offering from Cosmo’s Red-Hot Reads by Harlequin. Yes it’s short, and there isn’t a build up to a relationship, and this is truly just the beginning of this couple’s story, but oh what a beginning it is! Maid of Honor Sabrina Millard is in charge of keeping Best Man and half brother of the groom, Connor McCoy, in line for the wedding of her best friend. Having met him briefly in the past, she knows this is going to be a huge job and she must get her hormones under control because Connor is all man.Talk about an unlikely pair; Sabrina’s past dictates that she needs order in her life and things done on her terms and Connor is a man who goes after what he wants and needs to be in charge at all times. It was like Clash of the Titans between these two which is all honesty translated to some great verbal foreplay. Sabrina is a little uptight and a lot sexually repressed but she has her reasons for both. Connor makes no bones about the fact that he likes to dominate his sexual partners (and that’s all they are) and enjoys some sensual discipline and light bondage. Being thrust together at a wedding, they decide to have one night of sensual, sexual fun.I flat out loved the communication between these two whether in person or via text but I must admit the texting was extremely fun. When these two finally come together it was pretty much like 4th of July and New Year’s Eve all rolled up into one intensely hot sensual ball of sex. Sabrina figuring out she enjoys that not so vanilla sex and Connor realizing that he can feel a connection to someone after all.Honestly I normally don’t rate books that leave me with so many unanswered questions this high, but I loved this book so much I couldn’t deny it the stars it deserves. I would really love to see a sequel to this book as this couple moves forward. 10 Ways To Handle The Best Man is an entertaining story that will no doubt give you some ideas to try with your own partner.

  • Marita
    2019-03-07 11:44

    I thought this was a really fun and hot short read. The chemistry between the H/h was off-the-charts and all the dirty talk was ridiculously sexy. Only to be outdone by all the dirty sex of course :DWhile I freely admit the idea of him playing with her under the table at her BFF's rehearsal dinner WITH HER BFF FULLY AWARE OF WHAT'S GOING ON was a bit o.O it still didn't pull me out of the story.I loved the dialogue between her and her BFF and could honestly have read a book just full of them bantering in thinly veiled euphemisms about Connor and sex in general :DObviously the book is quite short, so you have to suspend your disbelief a tiny bit for the emotional development you see in the characters, but especially Connor. Still, we got to see a lot of uncharacteristic emotional honesty and intimacy from him which helped us believe in their HFN. I thought the ending was very appropriate because it would have been crazily unrealistic for them to have had some glossy HEA after one night of no-holds-barred kinky sex, countless multiple orgasms notwithstanding.I really liked this read, and even though it was short, there was no compromise on sexual or emotional intensity. Another great Cosmo Red-Hot Read!

  • Kate Dirty Girls' Good Books
    2019-03-01 12:55

    10 Ways to Handle the Best Man by Heidi RiceB-, blaze, mild kink, contempSabrina Millard has taken on the monumental task of organizing her best friend's wedding, including the groom's half-brother Connor McCoy. But can Connor and Sabrina control the sparks flying between them until after the wedding?If you're looking for a low-conflict, fun and flirty read, this is the one. Right from the start, you get the tension that develops between Connor and Sabrina. With phrases such as "orgasma-geddon" that had me laughing out loud, this book kept me turning the pages until I reached the end.My one complaint was with how fast the characters jumped into the BDSM aspects of their relationship. I prefer the hero and heroine to have some on-page discussion about what's going to happen BDSM-wise, but there seemed to be zero conversation between Connor and Sabrina. That's probably just a personal preference of mine and may not bother most readers. If you can get past that, you'll enjoy this one a lot.

  • Elisha Heebner
    2019-03-04 09:53

    This was a delightful novella about Sabrina (a planner and maid of honor at her BFF's wedding) and Connor (the ultimate bad boy who wants to be good) and their relationship as it unfolds during the wedding week. I loved that each chapter had a title with a rule on handling the best man. This was a fun way to not only get to know the characters but to actually see how each rule applied (or maybe didn't apply) to an actual event of the main characters life. My favorite part of the book was the sexual tension between the characters. You fell in love with the male lead and you were cheering for the female lead. This was especially poignant when the characters were at the wedding dinner and there was some major foreplay going on. This was short, sweet and complete. A great read with some nice sex scenes. I liked the fact that the end was not if we could possibly see these characters in another book. My first time reading Heidi Rice and I enjoyed it immensely especially when I figured out that this was not written in the states. ;)

  • Cassandra O'Leary
    2019-03-26 07:44

    This was a quick, hot and spicy read, just like the relationship between the main characters, Sabrina and Connor. Poor Sabrina has been without love for about a year and suffering from a lack-lustre lovelife for far longer. Sabrina's best friend is getting married and gives her the 'gift' of Connor, the best man and Sabrina's wedding party partner in her role as maid of honour.Heidi Rice has such an engaging writing style that she pulls you in to the story, as though you the reader are one of the wedding guests. I laughed out loud quite a few times at the gushing praise of Connor's prowess from Sabrina's best friend. Great fun as well as hot. What more can you ask for?I liked the fact that the character of Sabrina comes out of her shell in the story and allows herself to loosen up and have some fun. She certainly learns how to handle the best man, while he learns that Sabrina might be able to offer him more than he had ever felt he deserved.Highly recommended.

  • Erica
    2019-03-25 14:47

    Ahhh, I loved this one so hard! It was so stinking cute! Sabrina and Connor are the perfect pair, and I didn't want to put 10 Ways to Handle the Best Man down for a moment! Brace yourself, since Heidi Rice steams up the pages big time. The chemistry between Sabrina and Connor is positively scorching and man do they heat up the pages. I love any story centered around weddings, and Heidi Rice does the trope justice with this little tale of a maid of honor and best man. The characters are wonderful too - Jamie and Libby were a hoot. I loved seeing them, even though they were not the main couple in this one. Sabrina and Connor cracked me up - they had such a fun, witty banter going between the two of them for most of the book. I wish this one had been a tad longer - where it left off was good, but I would have been much happier if we had seen a little more. OR IF WE GOT A SEQUEL. I totally want to read more from Heidi Rice, as I just adored this one. A total must read.

  • Ipshita Ranjana
    2019-03-09 07:51

    10 Ways to Handle the Best Man by Heidi Rice delivers everything you expect from a Cosmo Red Hot Read. Connor is a sexy, successful and self made business man with an unhappy childhood. He is an arrogant playboy with all the bad boy qualities but despite his faults, you just can’t help loving (or lusting after) him. Sabrina Millard is the ultimate good girl with an I-can-fix-everything attitude and a carefully planned life. I loved her because she is confident and holds her own against Connor. When she discovers her reckless side with a little help from Connor, the story gets a lot more more

  • CL
    2019-03-18 15:03

    Things to love about Heidi Rice's latest1. Yay for Maid of HONOUR (I love Americans but what have they got against the letter 'U'?!)2. It is set in London so on my daily commute into work I can pretend that there is a sexy Hero waiting for me3. The F word. "I happen to know you fancy him" (Totally British)4. "And you only get arsy with guys when you want to shag them." (See above)5. It is scorching hot.

  • Danielle
    2019-03-09 12:52

    Pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this. I'm not usually one for short stories or novella's but I was intrigued by this ones premise. I do wish it was longer but that is only because I would love to see the author explore the relationship between the characters. I loved the chemistry between Sabrina and Connor. They have sparks and are definitely hot together. If the other Cosmo Red Hot Reads are as good as this one, I'm definitely going to have to check them out.

  • Janet
    2019-03-26 12:41

    It takes a really talented author to balance story, character development and sex in novella format and not have any area suffer. Heidi Rice is definitely up to the challenge. She has given readers a hot, short, sexy read with multi dimensional characters that will engage your emotions, a well plotted story and oh yeah, passionate sex scenes that move the story along. 10 WTHTBM was great fun to read. *I received my copy from in exchange for an honest review.

  • Diah Didi
    2019-03-11 10:53

    I'm not really into BDSM thing, but I really enjoyed reading this one.You got a glimpse how the two met in the past, how the chemistry worked just fine but both of them tried to ignore it. And 5 years later, bam! The chemistry between Sabrina and Connor was pretty intense. The whole thing at the wedding party, oh, howt!I wasn't sure what to expect at the ending, except that I felt something's missing. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it.

  • M.L. Smith
    2019-03-10 14:07

    I loved this hot read and the chemistry between Connor and Sabrina is sizzling. Connor is a gift from the bride to be and what a gift! The build up to the bedroom is delicious and the inner conflict they both experience is well written. I love the authors style of writing - It's sexy fun and young. Highly recommended!

  • Limecello
    2019-02-27 10:47

    cute quick story - nothing standout but nothing BADnice scenery actually and description considering that's one thing that i remember - the gorgeous house 5 months later... I didn't really care for the HFN ending but it does make more sense for such a short storyC-

  • Slick
    2019-03-27 08:03

    A 4.5 star read for me. I loved the characters and their unlikely union. This books was fun and very sexy and their text messages pretty priceless. Longer review coming soon to Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews.

  • Lisa stephenson
    2019-03-17 07:45

    enjoyed it, was really cheeky and Connor was such a alpha. The ending was okay wish there was a little more on how it ended.

  • Theresa
    2019-03-17 10:54

    This book was one hot sexy read.

  • Nakeesha
    2019-03-01 14:53

    Fully developed storyline and characters in such a short span of pages. The coitus was wicked! The end was a bit melodramatic for me. At the same time I appreciated the depth it gave to our hero.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-04 09:06

    Steamy and quick

  • Teresa Jones
    2019-03-25 10:51

    The kiss was magical. Best part of the book.

  • Sharon Redfern
    2019-03-01 14:52

    Very spicy! Quick but fun read.

  • Marissa Miller
    2019-02-26 14:07

    It was a great story. I just wish it was longer!

  • Natalie
    2019-03-18 15:41

    Cute little story....really enjoyed the ending....felt realistic but still a hea!!!!